DBHW Chapter 47

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The seventh floor was lined with food establishments, so there were constantly people coming out of restaurants after their meal. Everything seemed no different from usual.

Gu Yan’s expression was calm. Zhou Yu knew his identity, so she must never fall into the hands of humans; he would not allow that to happen.

He turned and walked into a Japanese restaurant, passing straight in to the toilet at the innermost area. The presence of his demonic blood was radiating from the women’s bathroom. Gu Yan frowned lightly and spoke in a low voice,”Come out, I know you’re there.”

After a moment, the door of the toilet slowly opened.

Zhou Yu came out from within. She wore a black dress that made her skin look as pale as snow. She looked at Gu Yan and out of instinct, a flash of fear went past her face, but gradually faded with time.

Gu Yan looked plainly at him:”You owe me an explanation.”

Zhou Yu nodded. Her expression was calm and natural without any hint of unwillingness or aggression within her eyes, there was only relief.

She walked towards one of the booths and sat down before smiling to Gu Yan:”What an honour, I did not expect to be able to see my lord before I die.”

Seeing her reaction, Gu Yan did not feel as angry anymore. This demon was very clear about the results of her actions, and has already made the preparations to die. And since that was so, there was no need for him to be petty with an inferior demon.

He was just a little curious, Zhou Yu’s performance right now was too unlike that of a demon’s.

There was no way a cornered demon could be this calm, it should be struggling desperately, and slaughtering all it sees. But right now, it was clear that Zhou Yu did not intend to do that.

“My lord, you must have seen the news recently. I’m very sorry for causing so much trouble, but please don’t worry, I have not revealed your identity to anyone.”Said Zhou Yu seriously.

Gu Yan looked at Zhou Yu and lightly spat out a single word,”Why?”

Even though he spoke very simply, Zhou Yu was able to understand Gu Yan’s meaning. He was not asking why she did not expose his identity, but rather why she would do this. With her ability, she could have avoided this situation.

After a short moment of silence, Zhou Yu responded:”Since my lord wishes to know, I will naturally not hide a single thing. But I’m just afraid that this trivial matter might waste my lord’s time.”

Gu Yan paused for a moment. It was true, it was not a must that he should know. This weak little demon already knew the mistake she had made, and was ready to give up her life for it, this was all he had to know. Before this, he would never care about such a menial issue.

But right now, he felt an inexplicable curiosity that drove him to want to hear her answer, because this development seemed very unreasonable to him.

After he came to the human world, it felt as if he was gradually losing control of more and more things.

And he did not enjoy this feeling.

“From the moment I was aware of what happened around me, I was already in the abyss of the demon world. I remember how long that had been, it should be ninety years now……In those ninety years, I have no even eaten a single demon. I was not unwilling, I was just too weak.”Zhou Yu slowly started to speak, and revealed a look of nostalgia,”I was so weak, that I could only live for the sake of survival……”

Gu Yan finally revealed a look of surprise. It really was hard to believe a weak demon like this could live until now. Not eating a single demon to survive in the cruel demon world……For him, that seemed like something that was completely impossible.

“But because of this, I realized that I was different from the other demons. I……could clearly recall some things. Even though they were very little, I would not remember it wrongly.”Zhou Yu said.

Gu Yan raised a brow.

“I don’t remember my name or my identity, nor any family of friends I might have had in the past……But I remember the person I hated. My hatred, my pain, my unwillingness……”She was clearly speaking in a self-depreciating way, but her eyes were bright and fiery as if she had found meaning in her life. Those were not the eyes of a demon. Her voice was clear,”Those memories……Made me feel that I must have been a human in the past.”

“That’s ridiculous!”Gu Yan scoffed. His eyes were as dark as an endless abyss.

Such a ridiculous statement was simply unheard of! If you’re a demon, then you’re a demon! He had been in the demon world for a thousand years and had seen all kinds of demons, but he had never once heard of a demon who felt that they were human. What were humans? Nothing but food!

But it felt as if there was another voice in his mind asking him: what about those dreams? What were they?

Were they really just dreams?

What truly are they?

Zhou Yu’s face was very pale, to the point where not a hint of the blood underneath her skin could be seen. She put on a smile, a smile that appeared just like a peony blooming before its imminent withering, laced with a hint of deathliness.

“I’m slowly losing my memories. Bit by bit, they start to disappear from my mind……Perhaps it won’t be long before I might even forget the one I hated. But……These things truly existed, I’m very sure. If I weren’t a human, then how could anyone explain these memories? Why did my hate and my pain feel so real? Why did I forget myself, but not the people I hated?”Zhou Yu continued,”What is the meaning of my life? Only for hate?”

Gu Yan’s lips were stiff, and his eyes were cold.

“I have also doubted myself, that perhaps these were all just hallucinations.”

“Demons are born to hate humans, they hate all that is good. The only instinct they have is that to kill. I am no different from them. If I had one difference, that would be that they hate everything, but I can clearly remember that the one I hate is that person!”

Zhou Yu looked towards Gu Yan, and her voice suddenly trembled with excitement,”Then……I met that person. No, I met his descendant……But I just know. I knew it from the moment I met him, I can smell it in his blood.”

I checked him and found information on his great-grandfather, it really was that person from my memories.”

“Tell me, don’t you think this is incredible? Those……were actually real!”

“They’re real……”

Zhou Yu’s eyes were bright and her voice was joyful. The hatred cut into her bones was now glowing on her cheeks,”To think I could actually come to the human world, and take revenge for myself! Even though he is already long dead, I still want to end his bloodline. I will kill his entire family, I want to destroy everything he has left! So what if he treated me in that way! They were still going to end up crushed under my hands! As soon as I think about that, I can’t stop feeling excited.”

“Men are all despicable and disgusting things. That man is, Zhong Jian Ye is, and Liu Ling Hui is no different. I just used a little trick to enchant him, I want him to fall from heaven to hell, I want the entire Liu family to be wiped out! Leaving not even a single dog in that household!”

“I want them to die in pain and despair!”

“I have that ability!”

“I’m so happy.”Zhou Yu extended her hands, her clean, beautiful hands like cut jade. She watched her hands and laughed softly:”When I think about the moment when I destroy all of them, that sorrow and despair in their eyes, their painful screams……It feels like all the pain has left me, only joy remains in my heart.”

In her absentminded state, she laughed for a moment, then she put down her hands and said:”I’m sorry, I’ve made a fool of myself in front of you. I just came out from the Liu family home. He said he wanted to take me home, and tell his parents he wanted to marry me, so I followed him there. At first, I thought I could play a little more with him, but I couldn’t help myself, so I killed them all. I lost control of my feelings out of my eagerness, so at the last moment when I killed him, he ended up finding the opportunity to make a phone call.”

After hearing this, Gu Yan finally understood why the place was surrounded by cops. Clearly, they were worried about how big the crowd was in the mall. They were worried that Zhou Yu would start a massacre, so they mobilized the troops……But this was not good news.

Because, this means that a human cultivator will soon arrive to settle this problem.

Zhou Yu’s identity had been revealed so she will not be able to escape death; and she was clear about this. Clearly, she did not care.

“I don’t think I have hate left in me anymore. I’m very happy I got to come to the human world.”Zhou Yu brushed her hair back behind her ears and smiled,”I’ve already killed them. I don’t think that killing anyone else can bring me any more entertainment or anticipation. It’s like……my life is finally complete. I can finally die in peace, I don’t have to……live that painful life anymore. I’m very happy.”

Gu Yan looked deeply at her:”But this did not mean that you’re human. You should know yourself, you’re just a demon.”

“I know.”Zhou Yu said,”That’s how I felt in the past, but it felt like I was just finding an excuse for my existence. But it doesn’t matter to me anymore. No matter whose memories there were, whose hate it was, it doesn’t matter what I am……I only did what I wanted to do, a demon would only follow their own instincts.”

“This, is enough.”

She took out a USB drive and pushed it towards Gu Yan,”I’m very sorry I can’t help you with anything anymore. I will give you this, and I hope it will be of help to you.”

Gu Yan was silent for a moment, but he put away the USB drive.:”Do you need help?”

Demons can’t commit suicide. If they were not killed by someone else, they would always, always……exist in the darkness.

“I’ve already given you too much trouble, I can’t trouble you any more than this.”Zhou Yu smiled,”No matter how I die, or whose hands I die by, there’s no difference.”

“Alright.”Gu Yan stood up. Much of his time had already been wasted, the human cultivator should be here soon.

“Good bye.”Zhou Yu spoke in a gentle tone and put on a smile.

Gu Yan turned around and walked with in a steady pace without any hesitation, his eyes were calm and indifferent. There were no such feelings as sympathy between demons, and he was not one of those people who cared about too much.

Zhou Yu felt that this was a worthy death.

This pitiful, lowly, inferior little demon, she has finally found her release.

So he would not be sad for her.

There was only disdain in his heart.

Perhaps……Only a weak little demon like this would cling to such irrelevant things. This so-called hatred……was too ridiculous. Demons, for them to actually feel hate for their food was no different from a human hating a pig or a chicken, laughable.

But what was even more laughable, was the fact that she had the thought that she was also food in the past.

Would humans also admire the existence of cattle, and wish to be an animal in their past lives as well?

He! Was an even higher, and an even stronger existence!

No matter where he came from, no matter what he was in the past, he was a complete demon from the moment he was born. He would not feel pain or sadness, he would not hesitate or waver, he would not regret, he would not be sad……He was an existence destined to make humans tremble in fear, to bring darkness to this world. This was the true meaning of his existence!

As soon as Gu Yan walked out of the restaurant, a figure walked past him.

With a silver sword on his back, Qin Yao walked directly towards Zhou Yu without even sparing Gu Yan a glance.

Gu Yan stopped and turned back to look. Through the glass, he just so happened to catch Zhou Yu smiling to him. Then, with a single stab, he watched as Qin Yao’s sword pierced through her chest. Her smile was solidified on her face as the darkness of death rose up. Inch after inch, her body disintegrated into the air.

This was a demon, they could not leave behind any hint of their existence after their deaths.

Only now did the people in the restaurant realize what had happened. Everything was silent as if a bomb was being disarmed in the room. Then, one by one the people ran out in a panic, the screams filling the entire seventh floor, turning it into one big pot of panic.

Gu Yan did not move. As the panicked people ran, many bumped into his shoulder.

He frowned. When he turned back, he found that Qin Yao had turned around, and was also looking at him.


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  1. This QY would bother my Yan Yan again???? Though I guess QA is ML, I still can’t like him being with my god yan yan. He’s a bit troublesome for yan yan and they r really eternal enemy to each other.I don’t want him to hurt my god.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter!!!

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  4. My theory is confirmed!!! Gu Yan was once a human…no the demons were. And I bet you that his past is connected with Qin Yao. Remember that in Gu Yan’s dreams he wants to protect something or someone or even perhaps the human world but he was deemed a sinner, a demon by those same people he wished to protect. The person Qin Yao missed is someone who wished to protect the human world and most likely dead in his knowledge but as fate willed it that person became a demon and it was Gu Yan.


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