DBHW Chapter 48

Can I introduce everyone to Chinese nostalgia, cause this is a damn good song.


Amongst the crowd of panicked people, the eyes of two people met.

Qin Yao carried his sword and took step after step towards him.

Gu Yan knew that he should be pretending to be afraid at this moment. He could do it, but at this moment, he was unwilling to. At this moment, the arrogance had spilled out completely from his bones, he was unwilling to make even an inch of compromise.

He wanted remove his bindings and start a massacre. If not for this despicable human cultivator, it would’ve been much easier to conquer the human world.

But right now……To think he had to pretend to be an ant at this moment.

To act as one member of these ants……

He watched with his own eyes how the cultivator just killed a demon. He did not care about the life of those demons; he could kill himself, but he did not like it when a human did the killing.

This was a provocation to him!

Qin Yao was coming closer and closer.

The intent to kill and thirst for battle was being roused stronger than ever within Gu Yan! It was surging and bubbling in his chest! Come on! Raise your sword towards me! I won’t hold back at all this time! What plan? What disguise? Step aside!

All he wanted was a reckless battle where he didn’t care about anything! He wanted to vent!

It was almost impossible to suppress the bloodthirst of a demon. As long as there was a gap, an opening, it would all start to gush out!

“You should not be here.”Qin Yao looked at him and spoke in a grave tone.

Gu Yan looked coldly at him and clenched his fists. The chill and disgust in his eyes were practically unconcealed.

“It was very dangerous just now.”Qin Yao noticed the look on Gu Yan’s face, and his brows were knitted into a light frown. But he still explained:”That woman was not human.”

Instantly, Gu Yan’s expression stiffened.

Heh……What did he just hear? Was Qin Yao worried that he would misunderstand him?

What a joke. Wasn’t the person who had been suspecting him this hole time Qin Yao? But now, when he clearly showed no intention to conceal himself, Qin Yao actually believed him instead?

“I only believe what I saw, you just killed an unarmed woman. So, are you going to kill me now? What is the life of a human worth in your eyes?”Gu Yan spoke with a tone that was cold and sharp like daggers. Since this was the case, he did not mind countering his words with a jab.

He had been sick of Qin Yao for a very long time.

With the strong killing intent flowing through his veins, he still felt rather regretful that they could not fight.

“Many people saw how you killed a female star who showed no resistance, have you thought about how you’re going to explain that to the public? Even if you’re a cop, you still can’t do this, can you?”Gu Yan’s attack was swift and pierce, forcing him to the edge. Even though they could not fight, he could still mock him with words.”Are there even any rules existing in this world anymore?!”

Qin Yao looked straight at Gu Yan, and suddenly, a soft laughter broke out.

Even though he was insulting him, he was not angry. What did he feel when he saw Gu Yan again? Even he could not understand. He had clearly decided to give up on him, but would still think about him occasionally. So at this moment, when he saw him, he even felt a sense of joy, as if this was a pleasant surprise.

But he was still a little worried……That’s why he didn’t care about anything earlier. Even if it would cause a riot, he still wanted to deal with this demon neatly.

Perhaps, this was because he did not wish to see the death of the person before him.

Nor did he wish to see him get hurt once more; he could not make the same mistake over and over again.

If it was not from intention that he could bump into this same person over and over again, then it could only be a coincidence……And the strange thing was: he did not hate such a coincidence.

“Of course they don’t.”Qin Yao’s lips were raised into a smile as he looked deeply at Gu Yan,”Who’s going to ‘rule’ if there’s no king anymore?”

“……”To think that Qin Yao still had the heart to crack jokes, even Gu Yan was speechless for a moment.

“And besides, let’s say the king does exist, what then?”Qin Yao had on a frank smile and spoke in a fluttery tone,”Laws only bind the weak.”

Gu Yan could agree, and it felt a little like sharing words between friends. But at this moment, he certainly could not agree. He at least had to scoff at him,”For you to say that……Are you sure you’re not the black sheep of the police squad?”

“Oh……About being an officer, I myself would’ve forgotten if you didn’t remind me.”Qin Yao revealed a look of surprise, but his eyes were still filled with mirth,”I’m no longer a policeman.”

Gu Yan finally realized there was no way he could cause any damage to Qin Yao with his words, and he couldn’t raise his fists either. And so, he was not prepared to stay here to make himself unhappy. For him, he would make an exception to accept defeat from Qin Yao, he has not been one to aggrieveΒ himself. With his brows raised, he went on to say in a cheerful tone,”Well, that’s none of my business.”

“So what if you really are a murderer? If you’re not planning to kill me today, then……Goodbye.”

Gu Yan took a step back, and was ready to leave just after turning around.

Qin Yao suddenly stopped him:”Hold on.”

“What? Changed your mind?”Gu Yan turned back and shot him a provoking smile.

“If you don’t want to waste your time sitting in the police station all night, it’s still better for you to stay a while with me.”Qin Yao slowly said.

Gu Yan raised a brow.

Finally, a large group of police officers came rushing in.

The people fleeing everywhere were quickly put under control by the police. When faced with all the armed cops, most people would still feel a little worried even if they had done nothing. And so they all stood obediently without moving.

Not a single eyewitness was allowed to go, and they were all arranged to wait in a nearby restaurant.

Seeing that the situation was finally under control, Song Yun Zheng finally breathed a sigh of relief. He had just rushed over from the scene of crime, the Liu family home. The scene there was exactly the same as that of the hospital massacre case from before. That sort of bloody scene was sickening to see no matter how many times you saw it, making his scalp tingle……He never would’ve thought that famous female star would actually be a ferocious demon! He really was not able to sense a single clue before this! And right now, this demon was still in a shopping mall with large amounts of people coming in and out. Instantly, he could feel his whole heart jumping up into his throat. If things go wrong, this might become a large case that would shake the entire country! Facing such an urgent situation, he quickly send people to put the scene under control before immediately asking Qin Yao for help!

To be able to deal with a scary demon with such high levels of intelligence and power, only Qin Yao’s presence would be able to turn the tide in such a critical situation!

And during this time, he had seen Qin Yao in action twice. No matter how scary their enemy was, it was still nothing that could put Qin Yao in a pit. His strength was unfathomable, to the point where even he was suspecting whether Qin Yao was human or not. How could there be a human with such terrifying skills?

But he understood that perhaps, only a human like this would be able to help the world through this disaster.

Song Yun Zheng had been in the control room this whole time, and he was in a constant state of panic up till he saw the chaotic mess, and finally he quickly brought his men over.

Originally, he had already prepared to face a scene of tragedy. But who knew that the scene would end so cleanly? There was not even a single drop of blood, Qin Yao had dealt with it perfectly. It was almost hard to believe that no massacre happened, all the people were just hanging around like sitting ducks!

This issue had been solved perfectly. Not only did it end without a single death or injury, even the real witnesses amounted to only a dozen. For him, this was already the best result anyone could ask for.

And this was all thanks to Qin Yao.

Song Yun Zheng came to Qin Yao’s side and spoke to him in an extremely respectful tone,”Mr. Qin, thank you for your hard work.”

He took a look at Qin Yao, then at Gu Yan. He felt his heart jumped, thinking that he had walked into some big secret. But it turns out Qin Yao had some interest in the illegitimate child of the Gu family! He and Qin Yao could also be considered to have been dealing with each other for some time now, but he still saw practically no emotions on Qin Yao’s face. He had a noble and mysterious identity, and this powerful man was just like a cold and sullen iceberg. The only thing anyone could feel when looking at him was to show their admirations. But at this moment, this man was actually joking with Gu Yan.

There was still much he would have to rely on Qin Yao in the future, and since Gu Yan was the person Qin Yao had found interest in, he also must not forget to show his courtesy. It would be bad if he was bullied out of his own territory. In his heart, he secretly started to support Gu Yan’s future developments in Haiyun City. With him around, how could anyone dare to make a move on Gu Yan under his watching gaze?

Meanwhile, Gu Yan had no idea at all that another ‘backer’ had mysteriously appeared behind him.

He peered over to Song Yun Zheng for a peep. He knew that Song Yun Zheng’s identity was, he was a pretty powerful and famous character in Haiyun City. He even heard that he was a direct descendant of the Song family from the capital. But so what? He was still just an ant. Unless they mobilized their troops, Humans were still no deterrent to him.

Qin Yao gave Song Yun Zheng a light nod,”How do you plan to deal with the situation here?”

Song Yun Zheng pointed to the middle-aged man next to him with a cold face who was currently speaking to the witnesses,”That is the director of the National Security Bureau, Chief Zhao. Everything will be handed over to him, and this will all be hidden away under military secrets. They will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement just to give them a fright, then they naturally would not dare to start anything outside. We can control the net this way and the media. As long as we can grasp the general gist of things, a little rumour won’t be able to start any waves.”

The only problem was: this many people may end up working them till late at night.

“Mm.”Qin Yao nodded,”You can go back to your work, don’t mind me.”

“Okay.”Song Yun Zheng responded to him respectfully.

But in his heart, he felt like Qin Yao jsut wanted to speak more with Gu Yan. So naturally, as the third one on this merry boat, it was best he disappeared as soon as possible.

As for the issue of confidentiality, he would not try to warn Gu Yan since Qin Yao was around. Qin Yao already had Gu Yan covered, was that not so?

Seeing that Gu Yan was starting to look impatient, Qin Yao was also unwilling to stay around here any longer. What came after was none of his business anyway.

“Let’s go.”Qin Yao said to him, and an indescribable sense of gentleness could be heard in his voice.

Silently, Gu Yan followed him out.

The special forces stationed outside have already received orders from Song Yun Zheng, so they didn’t dare to block Qin Yao’s way at all. So the two was able to leave the mall without any issues.

As soon as they went out, Gu Yan was also too lazy to say anything more to Qin Yao, and walked straight to the parking lot.

Qin Yao followed slowly behind him,”I saved you so much time but you’re not even willing to even give me a goodbye. I thought we’ve already written off our earlier grudges……Could you still be angry?”

Gu Yan continued to walk without speaking.

“What took you so long to get discharged? Did the medicine I give you not work?”

Gu Yan was still silent.

“It’s better to stay at home as much as you can during nighttime, you shouldn’t come out if you don’t have any business you need to deal with. Did you know how dangerous it was earlier?”

As soon as he reached his car, Gu Yan readily reached out to open the car door.

But suddenly, a hand suddenly moved over to stop the door! His hand was placed directly on top of his, and he could feel the warm touch of his palm. A masculine aura suddenly came from behind him……Gu Yan’s eyes darkened, and a frosty coldness started to form.

Qin Yao leaned over to Gu Yan’s ears, and spoke in a deep voice,”I’m talking to you.”


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