Turn Out I’m Crazy


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Alternative names: 我原来是个神经病, TOIC
Author: 西子绪
Genre: Modern Rebirth


Chapter 1: The Past
Chapter 2: Who am I?
Chapter 3: That Lu Zhengfei is Gone
Chapter 4: Melding
Chapter 5: Provocation
Chapter 6: A Strange Combination of Circumstances
Chapter 7: Not in a Good Mood
Chapter 8: A Real Nightmare
Chapter 9: Provocateur
Chapter 10: Provocateur (2)
Chapter 11: Discrepancy
Chapter 12: Exposed Flaws
Chapter 13: You Reap What You Sow
Chapter 14: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Chapter 15: Can’t Get Hard, What to Do
Chapter 16: Chocolate’s Too Bitter
Chapter 17: Idiot
Chapter 18: Yuan Zhitao
Chapter 19: Haunted House
Chapter 20: Ferris Wheel
Chapter 21: There are Two Types of Cold in This World
Chapter 22: After That
Chapter 23: Cousin
Chapter 24: Family Conflict
Chapter 25: Don’t Mistake My Patience
Chapter 26: Come On, Tear It!
Chapter 27: Going Back
Chapter 28: First Update
Chapter 29: Second Update
Chapter 30: Third Update
Chapter 31: Love Came Too Fast
Chapter 32: Illusion in The Mirror
Chapter 33: Husband, Come Out Quickly
Chapter 34: I’m Moving Out
Chapter 35: I Heard Your Name is Xiao Hua
Chapter 36: Love is not You
Chapter 37: Nice Aim
Chapter 38: Exposed Truths
Chapter 39: The Cracks of Your Face
Chapter 40: Fulfilling Your Dreams
Chapter 41: Happy New Year!
Chapter 42: I Want to Kiss You
Chapter 43: Matters are Settled
Chapter 44: Going Home for the Spring Festival
Chapter 45: Happy New Year to Everybody
Chapter 46: You Have to Take Medicine if You’re Sick
Chapter 47: The One Who Left
Chapter 48: I Think I’m Sick
Chapter 49: I Heard You’re Out The Closet
Chapter 50: Snowy Days
Chapter 51: The Negotiating Two
Chapter 52: Encounter with Love Rival
Chapter 53: Drunk People are Stupid
Chapter 54: Advance of the Green Hat Corps
Chapter 55: Trickery of Fate
Chapter 56: Everything Will Get Better, Right?
Chapter 57: Death Is Like an Extinguished Flame
Chapter 58: After Going Abroad
Chapter 59: I Wish You Happiness
Chapter 60: That Person in the Storm
Chapter 61: We Meet Again
Chapter 62: Wings of a Butterfly
Chapter 63: The Truth of the Past
Chapter 64: Xiao Lu is a Scumbag
Chapter 65: Hello, Classmate
Chapter 66: Assholes Deserve to Get Beaten
Chapter 67: Please Exchange Rings
Chapter 68: Another Year is Coming
Chapter 69: Little Sister, What are You Doing
Chapter 70: I am Not Me Anymore
Chapter 71: I Heard Chen Qianqing Went Overboard
Chapter 72: I Heard Someone is Trying to Prank Me
Chapter 73: Non-stop Falling
Chapter 74: Do You Like This Story? ^_^
Extra 1: After Marriage Extra (1) Lu Zhengfei’s Dream
Extra 2:
Extra 3: Original Chen Qianqing Extra, I Hope This World Treats You Well
Extra 4: After Marriage Extra (2) Childhood Friends

Soon to be available in Indonesian by Zo Arai