DBHW Chapter 70

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Ever since the birthday banquet, Song Shan thought that he was able to peek into some of Qin Yao’s thoughts, so he would always report to Qin Yao about Gu Yan’s situation, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Qin Yao did not reproach him for this behaviour either, so he just figured he guessed right. From then on, he paid extra attention to any news regarding Gu Yan. So, after learning that Wang Duo went to look for trouble with Gu Yan, Song Shan immediately reported to Qin Yao.

When he heard about this matter, Qin Yao was furious. He had heard about that unruly brat from the Wang family before, but this was the first time his fist itched so much at the mention of that child. But after considering the fact that Gu Yan had already given him a lesson, he decided to put these thoughts to rest.

Qin Yao knew what Song Shan was thinking as well, but strangely, he had never refused any news Song Shan could offer him. Perhaps he really did want to know deep in his heart.

He wanted to know whether Gu Yan was doing well, what he has been up to…….He knew that perhaps this had come out of some selfish reasons that he wished to see something come out from Gu Yan, to satisfy something of his desires, to allow him some comfort of his festering heart. But he could not control himself.

Something had already sprouted within his heart, and was growing uncontrollably.

But he did not wish for this to be discovered.

Take for example now, he had clearly come on purpose to see Gu Yan, but instead, he said:

“What a coincidence, we meet again.”

Gu Yan looked at Qin Yao, and suddenly revealed a smile. A profound tinge seems to be swirling within his black eyes:”Indeed.”

Such a poor cover-up, did this human fall in love with him? But he had no intentions of exposing him, this was amusing. He was the only clear-headed observer here, was he not?

Because a heartless demon would only watch as the others fall, and they would remain indifferent.

“What brought you here?”Gu Yan cocked his head slightly to the side as he looked at him with a curious light in his eyes.

“I just happened to have some business here.”Qin Yao’s performance was calm and steady as if this really was just an accidental encounter.

Gu Yan nodded:”Oh, then I shall be leaving first.”


Qin Yao watched Gu Yan’s back as he left, and after a moment, he let out a soft chuff of defeat. He had also started to turn strange, he should’ve been content after seeing that Gu Yan was doing fine, but just a few words of greeting wasn’t enough for him.

He shook his head and prepared to leave, but Gu Yan suddenly turned back to speak with him:”Oh, that’s right, are you free right now?”


Then Qin Yao left with Gu Yan. The two walked for a bit and sat down at a cafe nearby.

Gu Yan stirred the coffee place in front of him, and after a moment, he raised his head to ask:”Actually, there’s something I’ve always wanted to ask you.”A look of anxiety appeared within his eyes, but he also seemed hesitant.

Qin Yao straightened his posture,”What is it?”

“When me and my mother got into danger that time in Haiyun City, we could’ve been dead if you didn’t come out to save us.”Gu Yan gradually began,”I was really down at that time, and I didn’t want to get into trouble, so I never asked you.”

“But recently……”Gu Yan lowered his eyes and revealed a soft look,”When I returned home recently, I found that both my parents have always loved me a lot, they just didn’t know how to express it. We had a lot of misunderstandings in the past……I cherish my life right now a lot. Every time I recall what happened, I would often be woken up from my dreams……Please don’t laugh at me, I’m a little afraid.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let any harm come to you.”Qin Yao’s voice was firm.

“Mm……”Gu Yan hummed in acknowledgement, but his smile seemed forced, as if nothing Qin Yao could say would be able to comfort him, he just did not rebuke him out of politeness,”I know you must be someone with some mysterious capabilities that allowed you to kill those monsters……But, you have your own things to do, right? Protecting us is not your duty.”

Qin Yao paused for a moment,”Did you wear the amulet I gave you?”

Gu Yan pressed his hand lightly on his chest, and smiled:”I’m not a fool, I know that you meant nothing but good for me, so I’ve always been wearing it.”

“That’s good.”Qin Yao smiled.

Gu Yan leaned forward and focused on Qin Yao’s eyes,”But you know……This alone can’t put me at ease. I have family, friends, and so many other people I care about, I don’t want anything to happen to any of them……I just want to know, are you able to protect this whole world?”

Qin Yao was silent for a moment, he knew that he would not be able to dismiss Gu Yan easily.

“I can.”Qin Yao responded without any reluctance, his confidence was clearly presented on his face.

“They’re just some monsters who came from a different world, everything will be fine if I kill them all.”Qin Yao responded to him bluntly,”There aren’t many of them, and it’s not easy for them to come to this world either, so you don’t have to worry too much.”

“Really?”But Gu Yan seemed as if he did not believe him that much. A small shred of disbelief was visible within his eyes,”Did those monsters……really come from a different world?”

“Mm, you could say that.”Qin Yao was clearly unwilling to go any deeper.

Gu Yan blinked,”So, are there many others like you just like what we see in those movies, quietly fighting the monsters to protect the world?”

Qin Yao could not help himself from laughing,”I guess you could look at it that way.”

“Really? You guys are like superheroes.”Gu Yan’s eyes brightened up,”Are there many of you? Why have I never met any before? Are they all as amazing as you?”

“Well, no.”Qin Yao said,”There aren’t many of them.”

“Oh?”Gu Yan looked at him curiously.

“They are generally not as powerful as I am.”Said Qin Yao with a straight face.

“……”Gu Yan was stunned for a moment,”Don’t you know how to be modest?”

“I’m just speaking the truth.”Qin Yao looked helpless.

Gu Yan waved his hand and put on a look as if he was saying ‘alright, you’re the most amazing’,”So turns out our Mr. Qin is a great expert. Oh, that’s right, how do you usually notice those monsters? Will they hide their identities?”

“Yes, they look no different from humans when they’re disguising themselves, so you have to be careful.”Qin Yao told him seriously.

“If they’re no different from us, how would I find out?”Gu Yan raised a brow,”Or would you have any ways of differentiating these monsters from humans?”After saying that, he stared at Qin Yao with enthusiastic eyes, showing his interest in the topic.

Qin Yao paused for a moment,”Actually, they are not that hard to distinguish.”

Gu Yan put on an eager stance.

“Monsters are by nature different from humans, they are just pretending, they can’t live exactly like a human. Humans are their prey, and you come always find some differences in the way they act. And besides that, most of them possess very low amounts of intelligence and can’t control their urge to kill, it’s easy for them to be discovered.”Qin Yao continued,”Even if some of them conceal themselves better than the others, as long as they get into contact often with humans, small changes in their behaviour would eventually be noticed by those close to them. When you put all of this information together, and after a quick process of elimination from everything we know, you can still achieve very high accuracy in finding them this way.”

Gu Yan put on a look of amazement and looked at Qin Yao:”So unless they avoided humans completely and isolated themselves, these monsters won’t ever be able to escape your eyes?”

Qin Yao nodded, and in his heart he thought ‘I suspected you a lot too in the past’.

His intuition had always been very accurate, and this was the only time he had ever been wrong.

“Alright, I got it.”Gu Yan seems to have finally let this go,”Then, can you tell me about your heroic deeds? Don’t worry……I won’t tell anyone.”


Both Gu Yan and Qin Yao chatted for a very long time before they finally went home.

Even though Qin Yao spoke very carefully, and did not reveal too much information, Gu Yan was still able to get a lot out of it. The goods news was, the number of human cultivators in this world was very limited, and those at Qin Yao’s level were even rarer. No wonder he always looked so peerless and lonely. The bad news was, the humans’ information network was even more powerful than he imagined. It was generally very difficult to avoid the eyes of the police if a demon was to live in human society. The best way to do about this was to lie low and change their appearance, as well as reducing the amount they interacted with humans as much as possible. They should temporarily stay down just for the sake of being able to stand proudly in this world in the future.

On that night, Gu Yan sent both Tong Tong and the plague demon back to Haiyun City, and gave them all proper orders.

The capital has always been a place ripe with mythical energies, and was not suitable for demons to move around in. But things were different in Haiyun City. After such a long time, he was gradually able to build up a foundation, and his preparations were also just about done. The hellhound had been left behind in Haiyun City, so sending Tong Tong back this time was also to check if there was any progress, and to warn the other demons to be careful in their movements, it would not be good for them to be caught right at the critical moment.

After this was done, Gu Yan also prepared to return.

The next day, Xu Ming came over to apologize to Gu Yan, saying that he should not have talked to him in such a way. He had only done that because he had been too tense at that time……

Gu Yan had always been too lazy to even bicker with Xu Ming, since this human barely had enough brain cells to begin with. He was a very straightforward guy that did not do things with bad intentions, but he did not have much tact either. With someone of his character, he could handle some pretty general stuff, but he would not ever leave him with anything important. Fortunately, he had several other demons under his control now. They could continue on looking for other demons, so he should not have any lack of subordinates for now.

As for Xu Ming, this human would just be kept next to him as a mascot. With him, getting about in human society was more convenient.

During this time, Gu Yan attended one of the product launch conferences for the car he endorsed, then, he familiarized himself with the script before he quickly entered the shooting for the new movie.

Since the preliminary preparations had already been going on for a long time, they could start soon after Director Zou finalized the candidates.

Gu Yan was clearly having an easier time with his character this time around, and he had pretty much been acting out his true nature. His character was the great antagonist of this entire novel, the demon lord. He was both fierce and ruthless, for him, human lives were no different from the weeds on the ground. The story of the novel was very long, and it told a tale of how some grassroots teenager became the world’s number one sword cultivator, and finally defeated the villain to protect the world. Between that, side plots of friendship, love, and family could be found……sprinkling in several millions of words in here and there. But the movie would last only two hours. So, they had to shorten and condense the story. Considering how popular Gu Yan was right now, they added more scenes with the demon lord, so he still had a pretty big role in this movie.

There was no need for Gu Yan to do much of anything else either, his character only required him to look cool and handsome. This may sound easy, but it was actually pretty hard. Firstly, he had to have a high face value, and with that, he needed an impressive bearing. Gu Yan had both of these, and was simply a natural for this role. Playing the role of a demon lord was as easy to him as breathing, but in truth, he was even scarier in real life. At least this demon lord was still a human, and did not eat humans, right?

Gu Yan continued on his acting while he controlled the movements of his subordinates within Haiyun City with his phone. All in all, his days passed by very pleasantly.

As Tong Tong cooperated with the hellhound, they eventually found quite a lot of demons that have yet to be found out by the humans, and gathered them all up, reducing the frequency of their activities. The construction of the demonic array at the mountain villa was also going smoothly. As for the other demonic lands, he had things planned for them as well. After all, they were just there for support, it was not much trouble for him to arrange things in those areas.

Gu Yan was very satisfied with everything so far. After the shooting was done today, he left the studio and prepared to return to the hotel, only to find Wang Duo waiting in front of his car.

He had just taken a slow drag from his newly lit cigarette when he noticed that Gu Yan had come out. He spoke to him directly:”How about we try it out?”

Try? Gu Yan’s brows slowly knitted into a frown, and he scoffed.

Has he not cleaned this brat up enough? For him to dare to come looking for trouble. He had to make it clear that he had never once been afraid of a challenge that comes knocking at his door!


DBHW Chapter 69

It was very late at night when Xu Ming finally came back defeated, he was unable to find Tong Tong at all. When he entered, he saw a small pair of muddied pink shoes, and his eyes brightened in an instant. He asked Gu Yan who was currently reading a book:”Did Tong Tong come back?”

Gu Yan gave a faint hum in reply.

Xu Ming quickly went in to look, but even after going one full circle, he was not able to find her. He turned back and asked:”Didn’t Tong Tong come back?”

“Left again.”Gu Yan’s voice was slightly cold.

“Left? Where can a little child like her go? Why didn’t you stop her?”Xu Ming was anxious.

Gu Yan shut his eyes, he could feel a small spark of rage peeking its head. He thought he had already gotten used to how noisy Xu Ming was, but right now, he realized that he had barely cultivated any patience for it at all. This stupid human being was bothering him to no end,”Her dad came back so she went home, is that not allowed to happen?”

“……”Xu Ming was dumbfounded. He had never thought about this possibility.

Gu Yan had no interests in answering any further questions he had. He got up and left for his room, shutting the door behind him with a slam.

Gu Yan sat on his chair and could not help but recall all the things that have been happening since he came to the human world.

Even though he had not been here for long, his memories of this world was much richer than those of the demon world. Life in the demon world has always been boring, you either kill, or devour other demons, hunt or be hunted……until that one day where he finally reached that level of strength, where no demons were any threat to him any longer. There was nothing left to do, he just drifted through life. There was no longer any need for him to struggle for his survival, to the point where he even felt that there was no point in it……This was how all demons were like, there was nothing unusual about it, and he was no exception, nor did he find any issue with himself.

But for him to actually think now, what really am I? Where did I come from?

And what were those mysterious dreams he had been having? Could it be, just like Zhou Yu said, those were the memories he had during his time as a human?

Gu Yan clenched his hands into fists, his thumb held over his index finger with much force.

Heh……For him to actually wonder what the meaning of his own existence was……

After a good moment or two, Gu Yan suddenly broke out in a laugh. For him to actually have such insignificant thoughts, he had gone mad.

Why did he need to know what he was in his past life? He just had to know what he was now, and that was all he needed. He understood himself very well; he knew what he wanted to have, what he wanted to do……The him of now had finally found something to live for, was that not so?

Just think about this beautiful world, with all this wonderful food, endless amounts of it easily available to him. Was there anything more exciting than this?

There was no need for him to hesitate at all, he just had to follow his heart.


Their shooting had been interrupted halfway through that day, and since the equipment had all been destroyed, they lost all the footage they got on that day. The crew quickly received compensation from Wang Duo, and the amount they got was twice as much as what their equipment cost in the first place. Young Master Wang was not a man short on money.

Soon after, Gu Yan received the notice for the advertisement’s re-shooting.

Since they’ve already done the shooting once before, they were much more successful this time around. Nobody came to mess anything up either, so they were able to finish everything in one day. Then, the only things left to do was to edit the photos and add special effects.

For the sake of catching up with the heat recently surrounding Gu Yan, the new advertisement was rolled out in just a little over a week, and was quickly broadcasted on the major TV stations.

Gu Yan’s 360 degree no dead angle beauty as well as his abstinent yet wild yet sexy, ever-changing looks made many of his fans tempted to lick their screens. His Weibo fans had successfully broken through the 10 million mark, and he had instantly became a hot topic. All the previous scandals and criticisms from the past had also been pulled out, but it was no longer a one-sided situation. Any topic about Gu Yan could easily attract a huge fan battle. Some of Gu Yan’s old candid shots from the streets were also published on the internet. As long as it was related to Gu Yan, it was ready to turn into a hot topic at any moment.

His fame at this moment was simply unparalleled, and since he was too famous, Gu Yan had to put on a mask and sunglasses every time he went out. If he was not careful, he might still be recognized. This ended up causing quite a lot of trouble for him.

And so, Gu Yan did not decide to go out as often anymore. If he really had to go, he would change his appearance and avoid getting too close to people.

Another few days passed when Gu Yan received a call from Director Zou out of nowhere.

Director Zou had been preparing to take over another big production recently that was adapted from historical fantasy novels. The movie had actually been in the preparation stage for several years, and the novel itself was a very famous original story with a large reader base. The idea of adapting movies from novels just was not ripe enough in the market these past few years, so for the sake of maximizing profits, the company had been pressing down this project until now.

Now that the movie market was in good shape, this project was now pinned on their agenda. Director Zou had been invited to direct the movie, and he was also quite interested in it. Most of his films went with the literary path, and they’ve received countless rewards. Even though the pay was good, it was still a tad lacking when it came to fame. Even so, he did have some interest in this commercial fantasy blockbuster. Moreover, the budget proposed by the producers were also very sufficient. They were able to agree to all his demands, so he eventually decided to take the job.

The first thing he did after taking the job was to star the characters. A very important villain of a demon lord was present in the movie’s source novel. The moment he saw this character, all Director Zou could think of was Gu Yan. And so, he immediately decided for Gu Yan to come for an audition, which ended up with this call with Gu Yan now.

But what he did not say was that Fu Zhe Chuan was, as usual, one of the investors. So, as long as Gu Yan was suitable, he was not worried about any other problems.

After thinking about it, Gu Yan agreed. He had already worked with Director Zou before, and the two could be considered on familiar terms, so they would not have many issues working with each other.

Gu Yan was not interested in all in acting the part of a human. His principle in doing anything at all was to save as much effort as possible. Instead of finding a different job, he might as well just take this one. Besides……this might not take up too much time anyway.

The two quickly decided on a time.

The next day, Gu Yan went to see Director Zou. The two had arranged to meet at the movie studio.

Director Zou had on a face as proud as a spring breeze. The box office for 《Sins of the Heart》 had already broken through the 1.5 billion mark, and the momentum had still yet to diminish. No other big movies was able to pose a threat to him in the past month, so even breaking through the 2 billion mark would be no issue. This was actually the most successful movie Director Zou had done in the past few years, this proved that he was allowed to have both artistic freedom and money. Moreover, the film had been shortlisted for several awards recently, even Gu Yan received a nomination for the best newcomer.

“You’re here! Great.”Director Zou patted Gu Yan’s shoulder happily, and deliberately kept him in suspense:”Xiao Gu, have you heard anything passing through the winds recently?”

Gu Yan glanced at Director Zou’s hand, but decided to forget it. He would be magnanimous today for just this once. He shook his head:”No.”

“Really nothing at all?”Director Zou asked again, he was just like a child.

Gu Yan looked at him expressionlessly.

Director Zou sighed:”You’re this year’s best newcomer, don’t you even keep up with your own news?”He seemed to be reproaching him with his tone, but his eyes showed great appreciation. Now here’s a guy who can hold his own weight. Don’t even mention the impetuous youngsters they had these days, even a guy at his age could not dare to say they didn’t care about their own fame.

But Gu Yan could do it. He cared only about acting, nothing else, he really was among the rarest of the rare. With this mentality, he would have no limits in the future. Director Zou couldn’t help but think back to the time when they first met. At that time, he also had his biases against Gu Yan. But now, thinking back to it, he felt like he had been too shallow.

“Alright, I’m not going to nag you on any longer. Do a good job, I’ve got a good feeling about you. Get changed first.”Saying that, Director Zou pushed Gu Yan into the dressing room.

While he was doing his makeup, Gu Yan flipped through the script in his hands. This was what Director Zou passed to him earlier. It was only two sheets of paper with a simple summary of the character, as well as several of his lines.

He memorized it with just one look, and he just about had an idea on how he would go about this in his heart. This type of character……really did not require much effort to play. Director Zou had good taste.

The makeup artist secretly looked at Gu Yan. At such a close distance, she was able to see that Gu Yan had wonderful skin, even better than any star she had worked on before. That texture……was simply too good, he was even better to look at in real life than on television. instantly, she had turned into a fan. She gave it her 120% and finished Gu Yan’s makeup, and put a wig on him……After tossing about for more than an hour, she was simply amazed when she looked at Gu Yan again. With a blush on her cheeks, she asked:”Can I take a photo with you? Don’t worry, I’ll just keep it to myself……I won’t post it anywhere.”

Gu Yan didn’t care, he let her take one.

The makeup artist was very happy. She was saying thank you, but her hands had been tapping away incessantly. Then, holding her phone, she put out a sigh of satisfaction.

Director Zou was drinking tea outside, and when he saw Gu Yan walk out, he nearly burned himself with his tea as he rushed to get up in his excitement.

Gu Yan wore an ink coloured robe with a silver sash around his waist. His black hair was allowed to hang freely down his waist without any extra decorations. His skin was a very fair shade, but the curve of his brows and eyes were deep, within which you could see an indifference that was laced with a sinister flavour. Even so, his appearance was beautiful enough to be enchanting. Those who set eyes upon him clearly knew he was poison, but they could not help themselves from wanting to get close to him……

He did not speak, he just stood there quietly. But even so, it felt like his cold indifference could be felt. He was high above the rest, watching down on everything else with disdain at the corner of his eye……

Director Zou knew that Gu Yan would fit this character very well, but he never would have expected him to fit this well. It was practically tailor-made for him.

He understood in an instant, that nobody else was worthy of this character but him.

Gu Yan looked at Director Zou, and after a moment, he raised his lips up in a mocking smile:”What is it, do you not recognize this honourable lord any longer?”

“……”Gu Yan was clearly only speaking the lines, but Director Zou felt like even he himself had nearly got into character! He was simply the same as the demon lord of his dreams, okay? No……He was even better, his act was even richer than his imaginations. Only after seeing Gu Yan did he feel that this was how a demon lord should be!

Instantly, he had a newfound understanding of the entire movie, and could not wait to start.

Director Zou came back to his senses and looked at Gu Yan in satisfaction:”Good, very good, I don’t think I even have to try anyone else, we’ll just go with you. Do you have any issues with your schedule?”

Gu Yan shook his head:”None.”

“Alright, I’ll talk to your agent about this, just wait patiently for the shooting to start. I’ll ask someone to bring you the script later, take a look at it first.”Director Zou said.

Gu Yan had no comments.

A half hour later, Gu Yan took off his makeup and left with the script in hand.

But he did not expect that he would bump into Qin Yao as soon as he left the studio. What a coincidence, Gu Yan said to himself in his heart.

Qin Yao was leaning on a tree. He raised his head and looked over, in his heart he said, you’re finally here.


DBHW Chapter 68

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The group of silver-spooned rich kids went quiet in an instant.

It would be too shameful for them to call the cops, they couldn’t do it. The was always a hidden rule between all of them during fights, and that was not to call the cops. What’s more, there were too many rich second or third generations in the capital, and they all still had a bit of background so the police didn’t dare to interfere too much either. Whether they did care or not, there was no right choice, so none of them liked to get themselves involved.

Zhang Qin was huffing on the ground, unable to muster any word. His face was twisted in pain, and the only thing he could feel at this moment was his painful organs that felt like they may have shifted in his body.

He regretted this all very much right now. Why did he have to be so stubborn? Did that Gu Yan brat get possessed by an alien or something? Not only did he not get worse after being driven out of their circle, he even came back stronger. Having driving skills like that was one thing, but he was even crazy in fights. One against seven or eight! Does he think he’s part of the special forces or something? Damn!

After the dust settled there, the other guys who were bustling about finally managed to open the car door, and carefully got Wang Duo out.

Wang Duo had some flesh wounds, but his bones were fine. He could still manage to stand with some support.

He looked coldly at the guys on the floor, and he spoke with a voice that was quiet, but left no room for doubt:”Let him go.”

The others quickly rushed over and retorted, saying we can’t do that, Young Master Wang, bro, no. He was way too much! They had to deal with him today! They have to let him know where he really stands!

Wang Duo frowned impatiently, and yelled:”Shut up!”

The place finally turned quiet.

“If you want to gamble, then you have to be willing to accept your loss.”Wang Duo swept them a glance, and finally looked deeply back at Gu Yan,”As per the agreement, you win, everything that happened in the past doesn’t matter anymore.”

Gu Yan looked at him, and curled up his lips,”That’s not enough.”

Wang Duo raised a brow.

“Did you destroy all that for nothing?”Gu Yan asked.

Hearing this, all the director wanted to do now was to cover that brat’s mouth! When things have already reached this stage, who else even cares about those cameras! They’re already being very nice if they’re letting you go! What are you trying to do, do you want to die an early death?! He could not wait to run over there and clear his relationship with Gu Yan, but there was simply no space for him to even speak……

Zhang Qin was laying on the ground, and he stared at Gu Yan with shock.

Everyone there thought that Gu Yan had gone crazy.

They all turned to look at Wang Duo, waiting for Wang Duo to suddenly rise up in anger and murder Gu Yan in the next moment.

Wang Duo was also a little surprised……But he had already been ignoring the rules of the capital for a decade now. Even though he had done his fair share of ridiculous things, he was still followed their rules and kept his word. Humans cannot survive without trust and honesty, stabbing someone behind their backs was something Wang Duo would never ever do. Gu Yan’s request seems to be going over the line, but it was actually within the boundaries of reason. He won, so naturally, the loser should compensate for their losses.

Wang Duo paused for a moment:”I’ll send you all the losses suffered by the crew tomorrow.”

Pata pata, everyone’s eyes fell to the ground in an instant……

Gu Yan seemed to finally be satisfied. With his head raised and eyes looking down, he shot a glance to Wang Duo, then he turned around and left.

At this time, the sounds of the ambulance cars and the police had finally arrived.

Gu Yan went past the director and chuckled softly:”Let’s go, you’ll definitely get your share of the compensation as well.”

The director fixed his chin back up. Earlier, he thought they were done for. But who knew that Wang Duo would agree to it in such a carefree manner? He even let them go……

Seems like Gu Yan wasn’t that simple either.


By the time Gu Yan returned to the hotel, it was already very late.

Xu Ming hurried over early the next day to look for Gu Yan, and told him that Tong Tong did not return all night yesterday. He didn’t even know what time she left!

“Oh.”Gu Yan made a single sound as if nothing happened.

Xu Ming was mad with worry. He had not the slightest idea when Tong Tong left, he just knew that she was a little girl no more than a few years old, and had the look of an angel. What was he going to do if she got kidnapped and sold for money! His eyes were wide with worry:”What do we do? We should call the police!”

“It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet, the police won’t file a case.”Gu Yan laughed.

Seeing that Gu Yan still had the mood to laugh, Xu Ming really could not help himself in this time of anxiety. He pointed a finger at him and said:”You! How could you not even be worried at all! Are you even human?!”

“I’m not.”Gu Yan said in a serious manner.

Xu Ming was so angry he nearly smashed the table. Since he wasn’t going to do anything, Xu Ming took it upon himself to go out and look for her.

Gu Yan was drinking his morning tea in a relaxed and carefree manner. He was not at all worried that anything would happen to Tong Tong, he didn’t even have any plans to seek out her position. If she really was a demon that could end up in trouble so easily, then she might as well just die out there.

However, before Xu Ming could even return, Tong Tong herself had already come back.

Carefully, she took off her dirty shoes and hopped into the room with her bare feet. As soon as she saw Gu Yan, she instantly put on a respectful appearance in front of Gu Yan:”My lord, you’ve returned.”

Gu Yan dropped his eyes down to look at her, and without any expression, he asked,”Where were you?”

Tong Tong revealed a sweet smile and responded proudly,”I went to find a new underling for my lord!”Following that, she called out behind her,”What are you waiting for? Come in and greet our lord!”

Only now did Gu Yan realize that someone was standing behind Tong Tong. After probing with his sensors, he immediately discovered that it was also a demon.

From the looks of it, this was an adult man who wore a hooded jacket that covered half its face. The parts that were exposed were still covered with a mask and a pair of sunglasses. Both its hands were gloved and on its feet were a pair of tall boots. His whole body was covered in a very reserved manner, not a single inch of its skin was exposed to the elements.

Tong Tong looked intently at Gu Yan, her face looked as if she was saying ‘I’m so useful, right? Quickly praise me!’

Gu Yan gave her a cold look, but he remained silent.

Tong Tong’s face paled instantly as if she did not know what she had done to offend Gu Yan. After thinking about it, she turned back to say to the man:”How dare you not get on your knees in front of our lord! Are you looking to die?”Saying that, she revealed her sharp fangs, and her eyes had also turned red. Fiercely, she continued,”Take off your hood as well!”

After she was done speaking, Tong Tong turned back with a fawning smile to Gu Yan:”He’s just a low-tier monster, so he’s a little stupid, please pardon him, my lord.”

Only then did Gu Yan let out a soft hum,”Get up.”

“Thank you, my lord.”Tong Tong finally sighed in relief as if a burden had been lifted off her.

“Don’t make any rash moves in the future.”Gu Yan gave her a look. He did not speak with a stern tone, but being looked at in such a way still gave Tong Tong the chills. She quickly nodded.

With stiff movements, the man took a few steps forward and knelt down in front of Gu Yan.

He slowly reached over to pull down its hood, revealing a sparsely populated head of hair that looked as if it had been infected with favus. The entire thing looked extremely disgusting. Then, he took off its sunglasses and its mask before slowly raising its head.

Beneath all of that was a horrifying face. Not a single inch of decent skin was left on its body, with most of it festered or bruised. The mixture of yellow, red, black, and purple was extremely terrifying. Both its eyes were swollen , and a pair of dull, murky yellow-brown coloured eyes could be seen beneath its heavy lids……How could this be called a person? He was simply a disgusting monster that looked as if its entire body was rife with deadly viruses. It really was no wonder why he had to wrap himself up like he did.

Still kneeling on the ground, he raised its head to look at Gu Yan with its turbid eyes. With an expression of devotion, a shattered and hoarse voice spoke,”My lord, I will help you bring your nightmares into this world, and I am willing to die a million deaths for your cause.”

Gu Yan’s pupils shrunk. With a crack, he had turned the armrest he had been clutching into a thousand shards of scrap!

A sharp surge of pain suddenly hit his forehead, and his vision blurred. A strong feeling of grief and helplessness overtook his heart……It felt as if some sort of pain or sorrow that had carved itself into his bones finally could not hold itself in anymore, and broke out violently. It wanted to mess up his mind, leaving him no routes of escape.

It was like the scene of a bloody sea filled with thousands of corpses suddenly appeared before him. He stood on top of the city’s walls, and beneath him was a mountain made up of nothing but bodies. There were those he knew among them, but also those he did not. There were the old and the weak; women and children; and also strong, young men. Both civilians and brothers in battle alike……They should have been alive and well……He wanted them to live, but he had no other choice but to kill them with his own hands. Because of that terrifying……contagious plague.

That city he had spent so much protecting had now turned into a hellscape in the blink of an eye……

No……It was actually no plague at all. It was a demonic poison, a curse.

But he was powerless. The only way he could stop it was to kill……Kill all those that have been infected, he had to destroy the roots of evil right then and there!

His hands were covered in the bloods of all his compatriots, but why was he still alive at the very end?

Wasn’t he the one most unworthy to live?

“My lord! My lord! What happened?”Tong Tong’s shouts finally woke Gu Yan from the nightmare.

Gu Yan lowered his head and saw Tong Tong’s worried and fearful face. He was unable to control his own breathing earlier, and that might have scared this pitiful little demon silly. Gu Yan had to stiffen his face so as not to make himself appear overly grim.

That plague demon seemed to not have noticed anything, he was still kneeling quietly where he was.

The only meaning of its existence was to bring death to the human world. Its very death would serve to become the start of the humans’ nightmares. A plague demon was no more than a low-tier creature in the demon world, but for humans, they were something far more terrifying than an existence such as a high-tier demonic being. Because their entire bodies were covered in poison, and only a small bit of this poison had to be transferred onto a human being for them to turn into a demon themselves with no possible cure. Once turned, they would become beings who knew nothing but to kill, and those who were bitten or scratched by them would also lose all manner of their reason, and start to crave the flesh and blood of other humans. It was easy for them to raze an entire city with just one touch.

This was something far more terrifying than some simple epidemic.

But what just flashed into his mind a while ago? After Gu Yan came back to his senses, he found it a little hard to focus back on it.

It felt just like flashes of light, but he wasn’t able to catch anything.

Still, it did not feel very good. Perhaps this was the consequence of coming too close to a plague demon.

When he was at wit’s end, a plague demon was in fact a pretty good weapon to use against the humans. There was nothing a human could do about it, because no matter what way they chose to kill him, the poisonous mist would still spread out. The only way to deal with it was to kill off all the infected humans. It was just a mere low-tier monster, but it would always manage to make the humans pay out in hefty sacrifices.

Gu Yan did not think that it was currently a good time to mobilize this plague demon. An infected human tastes just like food that had been dropped into sand, they taste extremely disgusting.

If possible, he would prefer to be able to open the channels between the two worlds without much struggle. When that time comes, everything will be theirs, there would be no need to use something like a plague demon. They were just as disgusting as a bunch of rats from the sewers, and they would even contaminate their food.

Gu Yan looked at the man with disgust, and said to Tong Tong:”And this is the only thing you found?”

Tong Tong realized that Gu Yan was unhappy, so she started to tremble,”I……I just happened to notice him, and figured that letting it run around like this wasn’t the best idea either, so I might as well bring it back. Maybe it might even be of use to my lord……”

Gu Yan closed his eyes and spoke with an indifferent tone,”In that case, you better not go out anymore. Just stay here and look after him.”

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DBHW Chapter 67

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“Sure”Gu Yan quickly agreed.

When they heard that Gu Yan agreed to race Wang Duo, Zhang Qin and the others looked at Gu Yan as if he was an idiot. They all had smug looks on their faces as if they could already see the look on Gu Yan’s face when he loses the race, and had to leave the capital.

How amazing was Wang Duo?

Wang Duo was a very capable guy. As a silver-spooned prince, you basically had a variety of a single toy if he liked to play with it, and racing was one of his favourites. But he just had to be different from those other silver-spooned kids……Some people are born pampered by God, and even in envy, the gap between you and them would feel too great for you to even begin catching up to them. And Wang Duo happened to be that type.

He excelled in everything he did, always going up and above all the rest, and would always come out first in a race. If he tried to gamble, even the casino would kindly ask him to stop……Wang Duo’s ability in racing was world-class, but he did not actually mean to bully anyone when he proposed a race.

He did not think it was anything, nor did he think he was that amazing either. He just thought it happened to be convenient at the time.

And the Gu Yan in front of him did not seem like a person he should look down on.

If he looked down on Gu Yan, he would regret it——Wang Duo had a hunch.

Unconsciously, he had already started to regard Gu Yan as an opponent who was equal to him. Even though this thought felt ridiculous even to him, it was a fact.

Wang Duo pointed to the front,”We’ll go from here to the petrol station about ten kilometres at the front, then we’ll turn back. Whoever reaches here first is the winner, you got any problems with that?”

Gu Yan shook his head indifferently.

Wang Duo nodded:”Then let’s start.”

He returned to his own car and got in. The moment he put his hands on the steering wheel, his eyes instantly became focused. He drove a white Koenigsegg, nicknamed ‘Ghost’. This was one of Wang Duo’s favourite cars, and had accompanied him as he sped through the roads on breakneck speeds for countless times.

Gu Yan had never gotten down his car from the start to the end of this entire ordeal. He started up his car casually and a roar came from the deep blue sports car.

Wang Duo looked over to him, and all he saw was Gu Yan’s sharp profile.

After a moment, he retracted his gaze.

Zhang Qin had already long been standing ready at the side. Seeing that both of them were already ready to go, he gave a loud yell:”Go!”

Both the white and blue cars sped out like two flashes of lightning!

The director and the crew could do nothing but watch at this moment. And at this point, they have all already figured out that this all happened because of Gu Yan. All the good impressions he had of Gu Yan previously was now gone like the wind. Facing the competition between these rich kids, they did not know whether they should stay or leave.

Later, when one of the staff members tried to sneak away, they were stopped. When they tried to force their way past them, they ended up getting beaten up instead. Seeing that, they all got rid of any ideas they had, and hung around obediently. It seems like it would be best if they did not have any fancy thoughts before this race ended.

Zhang Qin sneered and looked in mocking at the crew.

Originally, they could’ve just ignored the crew. Just destroying their equipment was enough, but they just wanted to see Gu Yan in a tough spot. As long as he could make life even a little bit harder for Gu Yan, he was willing to do it. With this, it would be hard for Gu Yan to even stay in the entertainment industry in the future.

Everyone knows that those who provoked their Young Master Wang would be driven away from the capital!

If you didn’t want to end up like that, then you should stay far away from that plague Gu Yan!

But strictly speaking, Gu Yan had only gotten his driver’s license for less than a year. According to the regulations, he was not allowed to even use the expressway, much less something like street racing. But nobody here cared about any laws in the first place. Their speeds were already hitting 200 miles per hour and it was still constantly on the rise.

Besides competing in speed and reaction time, street racing is also a test to see whether you feared death or not. Fortunately, not only was Gu Yan not afraid of death, he also had great reaction speed. The numbers on the speedometer were constantly rising up, and the scenery on both sides had already turned into mere lines. He was going so fast that you practically could not see anything.

But Wang Duo was even faster.

Wang Duo had been playing around with the cars at home before he even reached adulthood, and he became even wilder when he got his driving license. At the end of all this, normal cars could not satisfy him anymore, and he gradually got into race cars.

For him, a car was already something that blended in with him as part of his identity. When he was in his car, it felt like it was part of him. And he had never cared for his life when he raced on the streets. None of those lackeys of his ever dared to race with Wang Duo.

After a long time, Wang Duo also started to feel bored. But he would never have expected that Gu Yan would actually give him a hard time today. Instantly, Wang Duo had to give it his 120%.

Stepping down on the accelerator, Gu Yan’s car made a roar as it strove to catch up with Wang Duo’s car. Soon, with Wang Duo at the front and Gu Yan behind, they both reached the petrol station.

Wang Duo made a beautiful turn, losing almost no speed as he did, and started to head back. Gu Yan followed closely behind him, but he fell a little behind at the curve, and they ended up a car’s length apart. If you compared their driving skills, Wang Duo was indeed the more skillful one. He had spent more than a dozen years of his time and effort on this. But for Gu Yan, cars were something he had only came in contact with just after he came to the human world. Driving every so often was fine, but he could not be as familiar with a car as Wang Duo’s car was to him. The one thing a strong demon felt the most familiarity with was themselves, not some tool for transportation.

Despite this, Gu Yan’s skills could already sweep the floor with the majority of the humans. But when compared to an expert who had gone through countless races, he was a tad behind. This actually made him feel slightly displeased, just like how an adult human could easily pinch an ant to death, but ants were considered one of the more hardiest creatures when you compared them with everything else in this world.

Gu Yan’s pupils sharpened as his car started to drift bit by bit away from Wang Duo’s car.

He can’t lose.

In the distance, Zhang Qin was craning his neck and looked nervously at the front. Even though he felt that Wang Duo would definitely win, it still scratched at him if he did not see it with his own eyes. After a good while, he finally saw the figures of the two cars that were currently driving back.

What he saw was extremely different from the scene he expected of the blue car being completely out of sight. The two cars were very close to each other with only the width of a car of space separating them. Even though Wang Duo was at the front, it wasn’t an assuring distance, and it even seemed like he was unable to shake him off!

Zhang Qin was shocked. He knew Wang Duo’s level, and it was definitely at the level of a professional’s. Nobody dared to play with him in this circle, even the famed expert in their country was nothing to him. Winning Gu Yan in a race was supposed to be something unsuspenseful, but he never would have thought……

No matter what, he just had to win now!

They would definitely drive Gu Yan out of the capital this time! Zhang Qin’s eyes were determined.

Seeing that they were only a few hundred metres from the goal, winning would come in just the blink of an eye at their speed!

In the eyes of the others, the outcome had already been fixed!

But Gu Yan did not think so. A sneer curled up his lips.

Suddenly, he pressed down hard on the accelerator, and turned his steering wheel to the left! It was very dangerous for him to make such a turn at this speed! But Gu Yan did not care. The blue car instantly hit the side of the white car!

Everything happened very quickly. Before Wang Duo even realized what happened, all he could feel was a shocking vibration!

Gu Yan’s car smashed the side of the white car, directly pushing the white car towards the guard rail. At the incredible speed of his acceleration, he pushed the white car over a distance of more than a hundred meters, emitting a harsh screech of friction! Spars were flying everywhere! And the guardrail was bent in!

Then, Gu Yan stepped on the brakes abruptly, pulled the hand brakes, and forcibly stopped the two cars that were sliding along the guard rails. The back of his car spun around, and finally stopped!

Since he had crashed into Wang Duo’s car, the bumper of the blue car had practically fallen off, and the tail of his car had surpassed the white car by about a dozen centimetres. When the car stopped, it just happened to land on the line!

Zhang Qin and his group as well as the director was dumbfounded at the sight, their hearts jumped in their chests so hard it practically reached their eyes.

Is this the real life The Fast and the Furious?

What did they just see? For Gu Yan to actually hit Wang Duo at that speed, was he insane?! Is he tired of living?! Was he trying to kill Wang Duo? Zhang Qin could only feel a cold breeze tingling at his heart. What a lunatic, he was suddenly starting to feel afraid……Their lives were precious to them, it was not worth it to die together like that……

The director could only feel his legs shaking. Even though he did not know who Wang Duo was, he knew one of the younger members of his family. That kid had an amazing family, so it was not hard to figure out Wang Duo’s identity……If anything happened to Wang Duo, even he would probably be dead……

After thinking of this terrible consequence, everyone held their breaths. It felt like the entire scene had been paused, nobody was moving.

At this time, Gu Yan was the first to move.

He opened his car door, but since it was a bit bent out of shape, it was stuck. He used a bit of force, and the car came off with a ‘crack’, finally making way for him.

Gu Yan fixed his collar and stepped out with his long legs, taking step by step over to Wang Duo’s car. He said:”I win.”

Wang Duo’s vision dimmed. The suddenly impact was out of his expectations, so there was nothing at all he could have done. Even if he was able to react to it in time, he still would not be able to do anything…… He was secured in place by his safety belt, and his car was hit so hardly that even his airbag had popped out. The back of his car was completely deformed from the crash, and if not for the extreme safety measures installed in this sports car that was worth over a dozen million yuan, he would’ve already died.

But now, even if he did not die, he was still in a very bad condition.

He forced himself to open his eyes and saw Gu Yan standing right in front of him. That cold face without the slightest hint of an expression was looking at him, and he told him he had won.

The brains of Zhang Qin and the others seemed to just have been turned on as they gradually started to react to what had just happened. They rushed over in a swarm, quickly trying to save Wang Duo!

If anything would’ve happened to Wang Duo, even they would not have gotten out of this easy!

Thinking about this point, they were all starting to feel scared.

But since Wang Duo’s car was between the blue one and the guard rails, the damage it received was more severe. That group of people all had thin and lanky arms with no energy, and even after a long day’s work, they still were not able to open the car door with their weak arms.

Several of them stood around the car door and struggled with it while some had already taken out their phones to call for emergency.

The remaining few looked at each other, and all swarmed Gu Yan as if a spark went through all their minds at the same time. They were all onlookers to what went on today, but Gu Yan was the perpetrator! Since Gu Yan dared to do such a thing, he shouldn’t even think of running away. It would still be alright if Wang Duo was fine, they could leave Gu Yan here so he could vent when he was out. But if anything happened to Wang Duo, Gu Yan would had to remain here for his family to vent!

Amongst them, Zhang Qin felt the most afraid. Wang Duo had come under his suggestion, so if anything were to happen to him, there would be no way he could escape from the Wang family’s rage. They definitely had to pin the blame firmly on Gu Yan’s head this time, and make sure it sticks!

“What are you waiting for?! Get him! For him to actually dare to go for Young Master Wang’s life, we definitely can’t let him run!”Zhang Qin yelled out fiercely.

Everyone’s thoughts were just about the same, and instantly, they all rushed towards Gu Yan in a group!

Gu Yan revealed a mocking grin. He spread his arms and went towards them like a tiger entering a sheep’s pen! In just a few simple moves, he sent this group of pampered rich kids all falling tot he ground! This fight ended with no suspense at all, and everything came to an end very quickly. He controlled his strength very carefully so he did not actually hurt any of them. There was no need to listen to how much they were screaming, it was just a small flesh wound. But he took special care when dealing with Zhang Qin, that injury was enough for him to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks.

Things would be no good for Gu Yan if they all ended up in the hospital, but it was no big deal if only one of them ended up in the hospital. When these rich kids fought, some of them would end up with just light injuries, and sometimes they would end up with worse injuries, this was normal. Besides, nobody lost their lives, you win some you lose some when you gamble, it was justifiable.

Gu Yan stepped on the chest of one of the guys closest to him, and leaned over slightly. He looked cheerfully at their angry and pained faces, and after waiting for them to be done hurling their insults at him, he slowly said:”if you want to, you can call the caps on me too, no?”

DBHW Chapter 66

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If not for Wang Duo’s sudden appearance today, Gu Yan would never have thought about this matter. But for him, it did not matter whether Wang Duo came or not. Because if this was the place he chose to stay about in, then nobody can make him leave.

Right when Gu Yan was thinking about how he was going to deal with the problem without leaving behind a mess, the people from the crew had already reacted to the situation.

The director quickly rushed over and frowned at this scene. Instantly, he felt his head throbbing with a headache. This group of rich kids who idle about all day only know how to eat, drink, and have fun, can’t even achieve a single thing in life……But when they were looking for trouble, they were all experts, you could not just offend them easily.

And each of them had their individually profound backgrounds, so if they really wanted to mess with him, then even if the advertisement was done, e could make it so that it never sees the light of day. And if they took this more seriously, it would even affect the sales strategy of this entire brand in the country, making it hard for you to do anything at all.

So, the director did not dare to offend these people.

You could tell with one look that the prim and handsome youngster at the very front was their leader. The director paused for a moment, then he approached them with a smile.

“Hello, is anything the matter?”

Wang Duo took a drag of his cigarette, not even sparing the director a glance before he spat out two words:”Scrap it.”

Behind him, all the colourfully dressed young princes rushed out with a yell, with several of them surrounding the photographer, and soon, they destroyed all the cameras! There was even one of the staff who secretly took pictures with his phone, and even he was not spared, his phone had been thrown on the ground and crushed under their heels. In the blink of an eye, all the video equipment was destroyed! All the beautiful ladies were shouting out with excitement in the car, turning the scene into nothing short of a carnival!

The director quickly tried to stop them, but was hit a few times under the chaos. He muttered in pain and he was so scared his face had turned pale. These equipment were all very expensive! Such a huge loss……If he asked them for compensation……

Faced with such a situation, both his fear and anger intertwined. The director pointed a finger at Wang Duo angrily:”You, you, you!”

Wang Duo returned the cigarette to his fingers and looked up, as if he had just noticed the existence of the director. He smirked,”I’m here.”

“What you’re doing here is illegal!”The director was so angry that he was starting to feel light-headed, even his tone was no longer kind. How could anyone be so lawless! Coming to destroy everything without even saying a single word! Isn’t this too unreasonable?!

“You can call the cops on me if you want to.”Wang Duo raised a brow, and his voice held a slight hint of mocking.

The youngsters all around him echoed in laughter as if they had just heard a huge joke.

Which police officer dared to catch them? Without any cameras, witnesses, or evidence, what could they do to them? The fearlessness of having thought this out was clearly written on this face, and their lack of care was easy to see.

The lips of the director trembled, but his words would not come out. But after a moment, he returned to his senses and could feel nothing but that tingle on his scalp.

If the equipment was destroyed, then that was the end of it, it was just a matter of money. But what if he got himself beaten to death?

He could not help himself from stepping back……

Gu Yan looked at this scene with full indifference.

He did not have a care int his world what these people wanted to do, what did the video equipment have anything to do with him? Did he have to offer his body and take responsibility for it just because he was the cause of all this? What a joke, that was something only righteous people with nothing to do would actually do. Why would Gu Yan care about the lives of others?? He only cared about himself.

But as for how he was going to deal with this trouble, Gu Yan was not fully without worries.

Take for example the arrogance of this group in front of him. THey had the backing for them to do that, and the backing was the power of the families they had behind them. Those behind this group were practically the representatives of the most deep-rooted powers within the country. Perhaps they may be some rich kids with the least power in this world, and did not do anything on their usual day except for fighting with each other. But if you killed them, the forces behind them would definitely not let this end peacefully.

So killing them was easy, but the consequences was not worth doing it. That would easily turn all that he had achieved so far into dust.

Gu Yan sneered.

Since he could not kill them, then he could only deal with this using methods between silver-spooned princes.

Wasn’t it easy to just clean up a bunch of ants among trash like these?

When they saw that u Yan was unmoving, they even thought he had gone silly with fear. They started to snicker and point fingers at him.

A scorning smile was revealed by Wang Duo’s lips, it really was hard to even keep his eyes on an incompetent rich kid like Gu Yan. Not only did he feel nothing if he stepped on Gu Yan as he was now, he might even be suspected of bullying. He thought it was better to just forget about him since he had left the capital at that time, and gradually, he even forgot what Gu Yan looked like.

The great Young Master Wang had seen too many people in his life, Gu Yan was as insignificant as an ant to him.

So at first, he did not know that Gu Yan had returned.

This matter had been told to him by Zhang Qin just yesterday. At first, it was due to that pianist that Zhang Qin ended up in a big fight with Gu Yan, and ended up with bitter grievances. The Zhang and the Gu family had also been in a sore spot, they were both competitors in the same business. Since Gu Yan dared to come back, Zhang Qin definitely would not let him go. There was no need for him to do anything at all when they cleaned up that Gu Yan at first……

But Zhang Qin told him that not only did Gu Yan come back, he even returned with glory. Not only did he get to star in Director Zou’s movie, and became famous throughout the entire country, Song Shan had even ended up driving his niece away because of him on Gu Zong Han’s birthday after a great display of his!

As for the thing with Qin Yao, you could not blame Zhang Qin for being so unclear about it. Qin Yao’s identity was a mystery as firstly, those who saw the scene did not dare to just talk about it outside. And secondly, they simply did not know what to say. Finally, the limelight of the banquet had ended on top of the heads of both Song Shan and Gu Yan, many different versions of the story had also been made up as it got passed around.

With the Song family’s support, Zhang Qin did not have the confidence that he was able to deal with Gu Yan right now, so he could only ask Wang Duo to do it.

Wang Duo was very clear on what Zhang Qin was thinking, but he did not mind. He didn’t care for the Song family, and did not think that the Song family would dare to go against the Wang family for the sake of Gu Yan. Since this was a matter between juniors, they could just settle this by themselves, the elders would generally not make their moves so easily anyway. Zhang Qin was one of his men, and he could have just let it go if Gu Yan had returned with his tail between his legs, but for him to appear in such a high-profile manner, didn’t it mean he was afraid of Gu Yan if he just ignored it?

This was definitely impossible. He, Wang Duo, had grown to this age in his life, and his will and position was greater than both heaven and hell, he had never once been afraid of anyone.

He did not care about Gu Yan, but he cared about his reputation.

So when Zhang Qin proposed they come, they came.

Wang Duo dropped the cigarette between his fingers and put it out with the soles of his shoe. Then, he started to approach Gu Yan.

Sitting in front of his deep blue car, Gu Yan kept still the entire time, as if nothing that happened in front of his eyes had anything to do with him.

He saw that Wang Duo was walking over, and his cool and clear eyes turned slightly to look straight at him.

Wang Duo did not get a clear look at Gu Yan since he stood too far away earlier, but now that he saw him up close, he could not help but feel a start.

This Gu Yan was not the same as the one in his impression.

Even though Gu Yan had also been handsome before this, he looked like a hollow shell from all his alcoholism. He was stingy, liked to bully others, but jumpy when faced with someone stronger. He had listless eyes with a face that was easy forget, and he even found it hard to remember for a while, he just remembered a rough outline of him. But the Gu Yan right now was like a sharp dagger even if he was just sitting there without moving. He exuded a fierce aura with his deep, profound black eyes, mixed with his indifference when faced with all this. It was hard to forget, as if it was carved deeply into his heart.

It was the same person, but it did not seem the same.

Wang Duo wasn’t someone who had yet to see the world, he had also seen his fair share of people with strength and imposingness. But even amongst them, Gu Yan was extremely special. This Gu Yan……Did not seem like he was afraid……

Wang Duo’s eyes turned deep. Silently, he looked at Gu Yan and gently knocked on the hood of his car. He leaned forward, and with a deep voice he spoke:”You’ve got guts.”

He watched Gu Yan closely, and his words were laced with both probing and intimidation.

He wanted to see whether this Gu Yan was just pretending, or was this really him……What did he have to fall back on now?

Gu Yan was also sizing up Wang Duo.

Wang Duo was very tall with long, straight legs. He had strong, sharp brows, eyes as bright as stars, deep, three-dimensional features, bronzed skin, and sturdy muscles looming beneath his T-shirt. He did not look like a rich kid who drowned himself in pleasure, instead, a cool and strong soldier. And these were things the original Gu Yan had never noticed before. He did not know who Wang Duo was, he just knew that he had accidentally end up getting beaten due to his eyes being blinded by love, and brought great disaster upon himself.

But the original host had still heard much of Wang Duo’s legends. In the original host’s mind, Wang Duo was simply a monster who fucked ten women a night, drowned himself in alcohol, and had great power. He was the goal of all the rich princes in the capital that they all wanted to follow. The image of him was so demonized that he could not help but laugh.

Gu Yan thought it was funny, and he actually ended up laughing. The sound of his laugh was very soft, but it was a very striking sound in the quiet night.

“You flatter me.”He said.

Wang Duo stared at Gu Yan, and the look in his eyes became dangerous. The curve of his lips had now formed a straight line,”I’ll give you once chance, leave before tomorrow morning.”

“And if I refuse?”Gu Yan gave him a look from the side of his eye.

Wang Duo was silent for a moment. Then, he spoke with a cold voice,”Are you sure?”

Gu Yan nodded. Not a single hint of fear was present on his face. No……It should be said that there was no expression present on his face at all.

Wang Duo suddenly realized that Gu Yan really was not afraid, this was not an act.

Zhgng Qin had been paying attention to them this whole time. He shouted in a cheer,”Young Master Shao, just give that idiot a good beating and he’ll know his place! If playing nice doesn’t suit him, then just lay it on him straight out!”

“Yeah! For him to even dare to refuse Young Master Wang, does he think he’s some big shot?”

“What are you still wasting your time with him about!”


“Alright, alright. What do you guys know? Who do you think Young Master Wang is? Do you think Young Master Wang needs to bicker with someone like him?”

“Kick him out, kick him out!”

“Hey come on, Young Master Wang, just let us deal with him! Why do you need to do it yourself?”

Gu Yan swept his gaze over with scorn. He could kill these drunken fools with the wind of his breath if he wanted to. If not for those behind their backs, why would he even bother?

“What do you plan to do if I stay?”Gu Yan turned back to look at Wang Duo, his eyes ripe with provocation.

He did not have the interest nor the patience to clean up each of these brats. As long as he settled Wang Duo, nobody would dare to even speak back to him.

Wang Duo revealed a look of interest in his eyes as he watched Gu Yan, this made him think.

If this was the previous Gu Yan, he would probably have already been crawling on the ground in fear. But the current Gu Yan looked as if everything was just a farce in front of his eyes. It really was such a dazzling sight that it was hard to look straight at him……Even he could hardly ignore the urge……

Of course, this Gu Yan……Was worth his time to give him a good look. Since he was asking for a fight, what reason did he have to not accept?

They just happened to have some great conditions on hand right now. Wang Duo leaned over and smiled:”Then let’s go for a race. You win, we write off the thing. But if you lose——I’ll make it so you can’t ever stand straight in the capital. How about it?”


DBHW Chapter 65

Thanks to Director Zou’s great wealth of fame and the strong advertising campaigns they did at the early stages, the seats were packed during the movie’s release, and they even managed to score over hundred million in the box office on the first day!

Through word of mouth, things quickly spread on the internet, and those who saw the premiere all expressed their admirations for Director Zou. As expected of Director Zou, the movie was clearly from a niche genre, but he still managed to keep the attention of the audience the whole way through, not a single person left for a toilet break throughout the entire movie! And not only was the camera and editing work splendid, the actors also performed very well. No need to mention Jiang Cheng, even the flowerpot Xu Qian’s performance was remarkable. But the most striking one was still the newcomer Gu Yan who had never acted in a single movie!

In his first performance, Gu Yan had already landed a high-difficulty role of a villain with multiple personalities, and his performance was also very good. The movie had everything anyone could ever ask for, and countless fans emerged in a single night! It was simply stunning!

Due to news of the movie being passed around by word of mouth, not only did the box office not decline in the next few days, it was even on the rise!

They had already broken through 1 billion on the first week!

Gu Yan’s worth in the entertainment circle practically doubled, and numerous endorsements and invitations were sent to his door. But they were all rejected by Xu Ming, the company would only choose the ones suitable for him.

At this time, the car endorsement they had agreed on had finally entered the shooting stage.

This was a long-established car brand that produced cars of superior quality, and all their sports cars have always been known for their beautiful appearance and strong performance, it was a brand deeply loved by car enthusiasts. Even though the price made it so that only those with sufficient financial strength could afford one, it still did not stop the brand from reaching this reputation and status with their countless fans.

Gu Yan did not know much about cars, but even if he didn’t, standing in front of the dark blue sports car provided by the manufacturer now, he could still tell whether it was a good or bad car.

A deep blue colour not unlike that of the night sky with streams of lines on the frame that made the car look beautifully arrogant, and at the same time, wild and aggressive. No wonder humans liked these things, they could satisfy their interests and show off their style at the same time.

This was the flagship model that was worth millions at the very least.

But Gu Yan had the money, and immediately told Xu Ming to buy him one after his work was done. Even if he was just pretending to be a human, he would still not mistreat himself.

You could not enjoy such pleasures in the demon world, the only thing given to the demons by God was their strength and the instincts to kill. With all that, they were not left with the ability to admire beauty at all. The palace within the territory of the demon world was already considered a luxury, but compared to what humans had, you could not even compare it with a normal building on the streets. The only it could compare with them was its size……It had to be said that humans were not completely without their redeeming qualities.

When the time comes……Grouping the humans up and making them serve him still would not be a bad choice.

Gu Yan pulled up his tie and revealed a slight curve on his lips.

With a black striped double-breasted suit, a meticulously done deep blue tie, pressed collars and cuffs, black, shined leather shoes, his hair neatly combed back, and a cool and stern curve upon his eyes, he appeared just like a mature and elegant traditional British aristocrat who exuded a contrasting charm that was both abstinent yet attractive at the same time.

Gu Yan had a great body with his wide shoulders, narrow waist, and big long legs, his image when put along with the car he leaned of formed a perfect image.

The director looked at Gu Yan with satisfaction, and the final thread of worry finally disappeared from his heart. When mentioning how Gu Yan got this contract, he was 100% sure he had done it through the help of his contacts. If not for the Fu group being a shareholder of this car brand, and how the entrance of this brand was also supported and operated by Fu Zhe Chuan himself, the candidate for this endorsement would definitely not be Gu Yan.

Even though Gu Yan’s appearance was good, there was no shortage of good-looking people in this world. Even so, not everyone had the right aura to endorse this car.

The director was feeling worried since the shooting had been delayed again and again, until the movie 《Sins of the Heart》 was released recently. After watching the movie, he had a big chance of heart in his impression towards Gu Yan. In addition, Gu Yan was very popular now, he was no longer the nobody that no one cared for previously. For them to be the first to release this advertisement was enough to turn a lot of heads, and they were able to occupy a big advantage.

The only worry they had was that Gu Yan might not be suitable for the car. But now it seems that he had been worrying too much.

When put together, the image they created was perfect, and they both complemented each other very well.

It could even be said that Gu Yan’s style was the reason the image of the car improved.

The shooting and design for the advertisement did not take too long since this was just the advertisement for a car, so naturally, it was time to drive.

There was nothing you could complain about with Gu Yan’s driving skills. After a test drive, the director immediately insisted that they would not need a stunt double to replace him, just Gu Yan was fine. Be it shifting, sprinting, or drifting, he was able to do it all smoothly in one go. He was not any worse if at all compared to the professional stunt driver.

Gu Yan sat within the deep blue sports car while the photographers took shots of him from all angles with a helicopter hovering right overhead. After getting shots from several angles, they will all be clipped into pieces at the very end.

The director called for action, and Gu Yan immediately sped out with a step on the accelerator!

With his eyes focused straight ahead and his lips taut, his unsmiling face showed a look of indifference. The hand of the speedometer on the dashboard was turning fast, but he seemed as if he was gradually feeling dissatisfied with the constraints. He opened the rood of the car and allowed the cold breeze to flow in that buzzed next to his ear, and messed up his meticulous hairstyle.

He reached over to pull away his tie, throwing it out directly before undoing the top two buttons of his shirt, revealing a slight glimpse of his firm chest. At this moment, his hair had already been blown into a mess……Messy strands of hair fell on his face, but his sharp eyes were revealed between them. The way his lips slightly curled into a cold smile now showed a great disparity from his previously abstinent appearance, and his look now was both wild and sexy.

The director was watching the footage from the camera, and could not stop yelling his cheers.

The only thing in his mind now was that there was nobody better than Gu Yan for this advertisement, and thank god their company did not reject the candidate provided to them by Fu Zhe Chuan. It seems that Director Fu was not using his power for personal gain, but rather, he could see things others could not.

The shooting was going on very smoothly, and Gu Yan turned the steering wheel according the plan. All he had to do was turn at the front and go back.

But when the car just reached the left turn, more than a dozen sports cars of various models suddenly appeared at the empty road in the front, blocking the road off completely! Ten beams of light shined towards Gu Yan. He narrowed his eyes slightly and slammed on the brakes as he looked coldly at the front.

For the sake of this advertisement, the crew had already called the local traffic control department early on. This was also situated in a very remote area, so generally nobody would come here.

Sot his was definitely not a coincidence.

What’s more, this had the heavy taste of someone picking a fight……Even a fool could feel it.

All sorts of colours could be found in that formation of sports cars, from red, white, to black, all luxurious branded sports cars. Even the lowest grade out of all the cars was worth at least one million. There was the newly released Porsche 911, and also a new model from Bugatti. From appearance alone, you could tell many of them were modified cars. The roar that burst out at this moment was deafening……There were some who came over to enjoy the show, and also those holding their beautiful babes and making out in their car.

At the forefront was a white Koenigsegg Agera, and from it came a young man dressed in a black windbreaker with a neatly cut short crop. As he walked over leisurely, he lit himself a cigarette.

Following his steps, the other vehicles were turned off, and the area became quiet.

Gu Yan pondered on it for a moment before he finally realized that this was someone the original host had known. And thinking about this now, he even seemed to have come with some ‘vengeance’.

The realm of the capital was littered with high officials, and the wealthy were as plenty as the dogs. Of course, you could also not forget that group of rich and lawless young masters. The idlers were plenty, so naturally, all sorts of fights would break out amongst them. But even so, if they had to pick a leader out of this group, then it could be no one else but Wang Duo.

The Wang family stood at the top of the wealthy families in the capital, and were a step further than even the Song family. After all, the old head of the Song family had a weak body, so he had already retired for many years. But the old head of the Wang family was still healthy and going strong, even appearing often in the news. There were also plenty of capable people on the coming generation, so their power was set in stone.

But when it came to the generation of their grandchildren, there was still a single black sheep, and that was Wang Duo.

So even if you only looked at his family, taking Wang Duo as the leader was also reasonable, but the reason everyone submitted to him was not just because of that; he still had his glorious record of running the city for ten years since he was only sixteen years old.

Ten years, that was long enough to start dozens of legends.

Compared to Wang Duo, with Gu Yan’s level among these silver-spooned princes, he, as an illegitimate child who could not see the light, was not even qualified to be a lackey. Take for example right now, if you were to mention the elders of the group of youngsters behind Wang Duo, you could easily be scared to death. Each of them had amazing family backgrounds that were no less than the Gu family.

Therefore, a silver-spooned prince with even bit of brains would know who they could provoke in the capital, and who they could not. Such as Wang Duo, they could definitely never afford to offend him. If you ever bump into this group of people, you would definitely be forced to stand down. A bunch of lawless madmen were scary enough, but a bunch of lawless lunatics with a deep background was only to be provoked if you’ve had enough of your life.

But it just so happened……That the original Gu Yan was a brainless silver-spooned rich boy.

As a simple illegitimate child, he had a limited view of the world. He had also been spoiled silly by Gu Zong Han, leaving him with little to no knowledge of society, and thought himself to be the greatest lord under the skies.

As a silver-spooned prince, he did not have any special hobbies, it was nothing more than eating, drinking, hitting on chicks, and gambling.

It was not like he did not go out much either. For some time, he had been particularly obsessed with the pianist at Tianhe Bar. That woman was indeed quite pretty too, but the original host was so madly in love that he ended up fighting for her affection quite often with other men. Until one day, he ended up fighting for her with Wang Duo.

Speaking about that, it had been quite an embarrassing scene.

After all, Wang Duo was not even interested in that pianist, he still had pretty high taste. But it was by coincidence that one of his underlings heard about the fame of this pianist, so they had the idea to ask that woman over to drink with them. And in the end, they were noticed by the original host. The original host had been chasing that pianist for a good month or so, and did not even get to hold her hand. At the end of all that, he found that the goddess of his heart had been pulled over to drink with someone, how could he bear that? He started a conflict with those people on the spot, and got into a fight.

Wang Duo had been waiting all day long and did not see her appearance, so he went out to see what he was going on, just to find that his own underling was fighting with Gu Yan until they were both bloody messes.

Gu Yan did not know who Wang Duo was either, he just thought he was someone the other party had found to help him out. His mind was so filled with anger at that time that there was no brain juice left for him to think of anything else, so he rushed over with bloodshot eyes. Wang Duo’s guard was down for a moment, and ended up taking a punch for him!

Does he still even have any space to live?!

How many years had it been since anyone has last seen even a single stand of the young master’s hair be touched? What kind of idiot is this, even daring to hit their Young Master Wang? Everyone went up together and beat the original host until he was half dead.

And even told him to get the hell out of the capital!

It ended up in quite a big mess. When Gu Zong Han saw how badly his son was beaten when he was sent back, he could not bear the pain in his heart. But when he heard about what happened, that pain soon diminished.

Don’t even say that Gu Yan was not the one firs tin the wrong in this case, even if Gu Yan was the one responsible, he could also do nothing but swallow his anger. After what happened that day, Gu Zong Han was worried that Gu Yan would be offed if he let him out, so he could only shut him up in the house. But the original host did not appreciate it, he got angry instead. He felt that not only did Gu Zong Han refuse to help him, he even shut him up in the house. And due to how hurt he felt, he decided to run away from home.

With that one trip, he ended up taking himself to Haiyun City and became a small-time star, and in the end, died by someone else’s plot.

Gu Yan raised a brow. He had some idea now after knowing all this why Wang Duo would suddenly appear here.

As the great Young Master Wang who kept his promises, he had asked the original host to get the hell out of the capital before, and he did, but now that he dared to come back in such a high-profile way, then that would just mean a slap in the face for him. How could he tolerate that?


DBHW Chapter 64

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Gu Yan was stunned for a moment, then he turned his head to the side,”Nobody asked for your help.”

“I wanted to show you my concern, but I ended up causing you trouble in the end, and even failed to notice your feelings, I will apologize to you for this.”Qin Yao said,”I will take note in the future.”


Gu Yan closed his eyes, and a look of ridicule swept past his face in a quick flash, quickly disappearing once more.

It seems that no matter what person it was, be it an ant or someone strong, they would not be able to remove their special human characteristic of being full of themselves. He will one day realize that a demon like him did not need the kindness of anyone.

“Well then……I will take my leave.”Seeing that Gu Yan was not very welcome of himself, Qin Yao smiled and turned to leave.

Gu Yan did not stop him either, he was busy drinking his own wine.

He swayed the glass of wine in his hands, and watched as the red liquid sloshed around within the glass, reflecting his dark eyes that shone with a cold light.

After the banquet, the Gu family all returned together to their mansion.

Gu Zong Han called Gu Yan to him and looked at him with an expression filled with love and affection, the appreciation within his eyes could hardly be concealed. The smile playing about his lips was huge,”Yan Yan, it took a lot for you to come home this time, I hope you don’t run off again.”

“But my work requires me to be away, I can’t always stay in the capital.”Gu Yan smiled innocently. How could he sit around at home and do nothing?

But Gu Zong Han was slightly unhappy about this. He was still rather traditional in thinking, and felt that being an actor was not a decent job, so he was just preparing to tell Gu Yan to quit. But after thinking about it, it was better for him to work than gamble and drink his life away. This was at least better than he was in the past, it might not be a bad thing. Besides, he was not very demanding of Gu Yan to begin with.

So he changed his tone:”Oh, that’s right, how did you meet Mr. Qin?”

As soon as he said this, both Gu Yan De and Gu Yan Xin were staring intently at Gu Yan, their faces tense.

Bai Ya on the other hand was sitting at the side with a smile on her face. There was no need to mention how pleased she was today, not only was Gu Yan both obedient and sensible today, he even managed to raise her reputation. Just look at those wealthy ladies who did not like to talk to her in the past, aren’t they all surrounding her now? This was the treatment she had never dared to wish for in the past.

Even just invitations were piling up her mailbox, she was not able to squeeze herself into these events even if she tried, but now she could even choose whether she wanted to go or not. There were so many that she could not even go to all of them.

Gu Yan put on a smile. He did not even spare a glance to his two brothers, he just narrowed his eyes lazily,”He is also a fan of mine.”

“……”Gu Zong Han.

“Oh, that’s right, he even asked for my autograph once, then after seeing each other more, we just got familiar with each other.”Gu Yan said this easily and in a carefree manner.

Gu Zong Han had decided that he would look at Gu Yan’s works later! Could it be that he had even be ignoring his son’s talents?

Both Gu Yan De and Gu Yan Xing had on a look as if they had just fucked a dog, and almost could not help themselves from yelling ‘who are you trying to fool here?!’

“Cough cough……”Actually, even Gu Zong Han had felt it hard to believe that statement, but he looked at his youngest son with difficulty and felt that it would be impossible for him to meet someone like Mr. Qin with his IQ……As for him being his fan……Mr. Qin did not look like a person with such cheap taste, perhaps it was for some other reason, such as Gu Yan’s straightforward personality?

“Since you got to become friends with Mr. Qin, then there must be something he looks up to you about. You better keep in contact with him in the future, he will be good help to you, do you understand?”Gu Zong Han was afraid that his youngest son would end up a fool and accidentally provoke Qin Yao, so he was nagging him now to prevent that.

Gu Yan gave him a meaningful look,”Mm, I know.”

“That’s good then, this is a good opportunity for you, so don’t let it go to waste.”Gu Zong Han said.

Gu Yan nodded, and suddenly, Gu Yan leaned over shamelessly in front of Gu Zong Han and said:”Hey, old man……I ended up spending all my money so I could buy you a gift, so……”

Gu Zong Han was both pissed and amused. As expected, it was hard for him to change his character. He raised his voice as if he was angry:”What, you want me to give it back to you?”

“Come on, you know I don’t mean it that way.”Gu Yan rolled his eyes:”I’m not asking for much, just a little for emergencies. I won’t even bother to ask if my pay came.”

“Then don’t you know how to leave some emergency funds before you buy something?”Gu Zong Han asked.

“My mind was full of what I was going to buy you at that time, who’s going to think about that much?”Gu Yan’s face showed his unhappiness.

Gu Zong Han laughed out loud. Even though he spoke with unhappiness, his heart was overjoyed. As expected, this youngest son of his was caring after all.

Gu Yan De was still slightly calm, and was quiet, but Gu Yan Xin was trying to hard to endure it his face was distorting! He just knew that he was putting an act in front of his father, but everyone knows you’re the real schemer here! Do you still take yourself as a child? How can you even live until this age without such common knowledge? And still live this well?

And besides……To hook up someone like Qin Yao on his rod, who does he think he’s fooling, calling him a fan?

But for Gu Zong Han to actually take the bait! Gu Yan Xin gritted his teeth in anger.

But no matter how much he hated it, he did not dare to say anything……

Gu Yan was way too lazy to even spare a glance at Gu Yan Xin, but Bai Ya noticed it. The words Song Yuan yelled before she left today felt as if they had been carved into her heart. She just knew that Gu Yan Xin would not be able to get Gu Yan go. She never had any evidence for it in the past, but now……Moreover, with the expression on his face at this moment, how could Bai Ya still be unclear? She would never just let what happened today pass! What if Gu Yan Xin tried to harm her and Yan Yan again? He was just trying to frame someone this time, but what about the next?

No matter what, she had to get justice for Yan Yan today. If not for Mr. Qin’s sudden appearance, Yan Yan would definitely be badly wronged today. Just thinking about it made Bai Ya very sad. She looked at Gu Yan Xin and revealed a cold smile,”What’s wrong with you, Xin’er? Are you not feeling well? Why does your complexion look so bad?”

Gu Yan Xin choked. Even if he wanted to keep away the expression on his face, it was already too late. Who knew that this bitch would actually come for him? He put on an ugly smile:”I’ve worried you, Aunt Bai, don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Gu Zong Han frowned. He had also seen the malicious look on Gu Yan Xin’s face that he was unable to cover up in time. He sighed in his heart. It seems like this matter really was inseparable with Gu Yan Xin. He did not want to believe that such a thing was happening between his sons, but with everything laid out in front of him, he really could do nothing but believe it. He also knew what Bai Ya was trying to do, she was just trying to get justice for Gu Yan.

If this was before, Bai Ya would just swallow her anger down and ignore it, all so she could remain in the Gu Family. And because of that, she tried very much to butter up to the two older sons, but now it seems she was really well pissed.

Even though he cared very much for Gu Yan, he still felt regretful in his treatment of his two older sons. Besides, what happened today could not be said to be a big issue after all.

He had no idea that Gu Yan Xin wanted to take Gu Yan’s life, he just thought that the two could not get along, and just ended up in a small spark. No matter what, the two of them were his flesh and blood, this would be a hard one to settle.

Bai Ya has been by Gu Zong Han’s side for several decades, so how could she not understand him? With just one look, she could tell what he was thinking. Instantly, she coughed to get his attention:”You know, thinking back to it……Our Yan Yan really is a simple-minded child, he doesn’t understand all the plotting and intrigue at all. If not for Mr. Qin’s appearance today, I wonder what would happen to him? Though he’s a bit stubborn, he’s a good boy. Even so, there will inevitably be people who can’t see his good points……Thankfully Mr. Qin is here, whoever dares to bully him in the future better watch themselves!”

Bai Ya kept on mentioning Mr. Qin, to the point where even Gu Yan Xin’s face had turned green.

Gu Zong Han was also feeling slightly awkward. But Bai Ya did remind him of one thing: Now that Gu Yan has received Mr. Qin’s care and attention, this might even have an effect on their family in the future, and perhaps it may even be a blessing……This was all something that relied on Gu Yan, they really could not afford for him to have a change of heart.

Gu Yan Xin was in fact the one who was in the wrong in this matter, and it was not like he wasn’t angry at all.

Gu Zong Han looked at Gu Yan Xin,”Xin’er, do you know what Miss Song called out to you for today?”

Gu Yan Xin opened his mouth, but his face seemed to show some embarrassment:”I saw Miss Song today and thought she was beautiful, so I went to speak with her, and even told her that she could come and look for me if there was anything she needed. Who knew that she……This is also the first day that we’ve known each other, so I really don’t know what she needed from me. That was just a guess from me earlier as well.”

“Only that?”Gu Zong Han asked.

“Yes.”Gu Yan Xin smiled bitterly. He had already put away his hatred, okay? He really didn’t dare to have any more thoughts!

“That better be it.”Gu Zong Han gave Gu Yan Xin a sharp look.

“It really is so.”Gu Yan Xin’s forehead was laced with cold sweat.

Gu Zong Han looked coldly at him, then he turned his gaze away, now to look at Gu Yan instead with a look of affection. He had no proof of this matter, so he could only give a warning to Gu Yan Xin. But he still needed to give Gu Yan some compensation. And so, he decided that he would give the shares to Gu Yan in advance, as a means of stopping Gu Yan Xin’s thoughts right then and there.

“Yan Yan, didn’t you say you needed money earlier?”Gu Zong Han chuckled.

Gu Yan raised a brow,”Yeah, are you going to give me money?”

“I don’t have money, but we have some stores in the family, what do you think about the chain jewelry stores of our family?”Gu Zong Han asked.

“Pretty good.”Gu Yan’s look was carefree.

“How about I give it to you?”Gu Zong Han said.

Gu Yan finally revealed a look of surprise,”To me?”

Gu Zong Han nodded seriously,”I have 80% of the shares with me, and I’ll give them all to you.”These were all the shares Gu Zong Han had that he had originally intended to leave some to split between Gu Yan De and Gu Yan Xin, but now he had decided to give it all to Gu Yan as his way of compensating him.

“But I’m no good at business……”Gu Yan showed a look of embarassment.

“No worries, I don’t expect you to manage it anyway.”Gu Zong Han continued in exasperation:”You just have to bother about getting money from it, just don’t screw it up.”

“Oh, that won’t be an issue!”Gu Yan chuffed.

With just a few words, the father and son paired had settled a handover worth over 100 million yuan. Even though Bai Ya was dissatisfied with Gu Yan Xin’s behaviour, she knew that Gu Zong Han could not actually do anything to him just because of Gu Yan. Since Gu Yan had also received such a great advantage, she did not say anything more about it.


At the very end, Gu Yan still did not stay in the Gu family home. He used the excuse that he had the endorsement to take care of, and returned to the hotel.

The first thing he did was to arrange for Xu Ming to find a lawyer tomorrow, and get the shares of the jewelry store under his name. He did not have to get involved with this either, but as the main holding shareholder, anything he needed after that would be easy to handle.

Then, his first movie was finally released nationwide.


DBHW Chapter 63

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“Gu Yan Xin!”

Song Yuan’s scream was sharp and fierce, sounding relatively ear-piercing as it echoed in the spacious hall.

The people who were leaving stopped to look back. Was she still not done causing a commotion? There was still the second young master behind her? Things really were getting more and more exciting……

When Gu Zong Han turned back to look, his brows were knitted into a frown. He was feeling slightly unhappy, this Song Yuan really was lacking in education. But as soon as he turned, he found that Gu Yan Xin was missing. He had scurried off into some corner some time ago, and seemed to be trying to sneak his way out of here. Gu Zong Han’s heart jumped in fright. Could this matter have something to do with Gu Yan Xin? Was he the one who lured Song Yuan into targeting Gu Yan?

Although the two brothers were usually not on very intimate terms with Gu Yan, but they still got along with each other harmoniously. Could that all just be a facade?

Even though Gu Zong Han was very dissatisfied with Gu Yan Xin, this was still his birthday banquet after all, he did not want his family to end up in great embarrassment.

Song Shan’s face sank. Gu Yan Xin’s matter had been arranged for him to do by Qin Yao, so of course he was clear.

Right now, Qin Yao was standing right at the side. No matter what, he could not let Song Yuan ruin Gu Zong Han’s birthday banquet, he was very regretful now for bringing Song Yuan here today. He immediately called his secretary, and spoke in a grave tone:”Send the lady home.”

The secretary stays by Song Shan’s side year-long, and was best at deciphering the situation, it did not take long for him to understand Song Shan’s meaning. He rushed over at once and pulled Song Yuan away without leaving any room for explanation, he could not allow her to speak anymore.

And the discordant voice finally disappeared……

Even though everyone was curious to see the ruckus, it was clear now that they would not get to see it. But even without the extras, what happened today was already quite splendid. Nothing else should happen today, right……?

Gu Zong Han also sighed in relief. He gave Song Shan a glance filled with gratitude. It was best if this matter was dealt with by himself, she was part of the Song family after all, it was no good for an outsider to get themselves involved. And it was also quite fortunate he was in good shape, else how could he not end up in a heart attack after the endless rounds of messes happening today?

It was just a pity that his birthday banquet was doing well before, but now everything feels a little off……

At this moment, Qin Yao suddenly took two steps towards Gu Zong Han, and was able to attract everyone’s attention from the previous farce. Nobody dared to look down on this young man anymore, even if he did not say a single word, he was still like the star of the crowd. His each and every move attracted everyone’s eyes.

Nobody wanted to offend a person who received this much respect from Song Shan. Even though they did not know him, they were still very polite with Qin Yao.

None of them were trying to get any merits out of this, they just wanted to keep their noses out of trouble.

It was not known when it happened, but a long box suddenly appeared in Qin Yao’s hands. He passed the box over to Gu Zong Han and said:”A small gift as a token of my sincerity, I hope you can accept it, uncle.”

Gu Zong Han looked surprised. He did not expect that Qin Yao would actually prepare a gift for him. Fortunately, Gu Zong Han was also a wise man who had seen countless storms in his life. Since Qin Yao called him uncle, then accepting a gift was nothing. Moreover, for Qin Yao to be so courteous proved that he attached great importance to Gu Yan, which was a very good thing for the entire family.

Gu Zong Han accepted the gift happily and opened the box. It was a traditional ink painting. The painting depicted tall mountains and flowing rivers, magnificent and exceptionally profound. When you looked at it closely, it almost feels like you could see the rivers flowing slowly……

Gu Zong Han blinked his eyes, and the flowing waters returned to their rest. He moved his gaze over to the corner, and instantly jumped in shock.

He quickly spoke in an upright manner:”Mr. Qin, this gift is too precious, I cannot accept it.”

As soon as this was said, everyone’s curiosity was perked. There was not a single person lacking in money here. They weren’t at that level where their wealth as plenty as the dirt on the ground, but they still could not be shaken by numbers under the millions. Nobody cared about the gift when Qin Yao took it out, what they cared more was this mysterious Mr. Qin’s attitude towards the Gu family. Even if the box contained only a sheet of white paper, they would still have to keep it with care.

But of course, such a possibility was very slim. Something that could come from Mr. Qin’s hands definitely would be no normal object.

But to say that it was precious enough that even Gu Zong Han could not accept this, this was rather strange……

Some people still had their restraints, but there were others who could not help themselves from looking over probingly. They were all curious about what sort of precious the mysterious Mr. Qin had taken out. From the looks of it, it was a painting, at most it would just cost about 10 million, right?

But thankfully, Gu Zong Han did not leave the others to wait too long. He quickly revealed the mystery,”The last piece of the Seven Hills by the Sanhe Daoist! I can’t accept this gift.”

Everyone present sucked in a breath of cold air, and they all looked in shock at Qin Yao.

The Sanhe Daoist was a renown Confucian scholar from three hundred years ago, said to have assisted two emperors in his lifetime. His legendary career has been written down as a great achievement in history. They say that he was most adept at landscape paintings, but they were rarely handed down to the next generation. Among them, the one best preserved was the seven mountains. They come in a set of seven, and each of them depicted famous mountains and great rivers, altogether they had a very high collective value. Out of them, six have surfaced in this generation, all collected by museums and private collectors. The one most recently found had been auctioned off just last year, and the winning bid was the price of a whopping 100 million in US dollars! It had since been crowned the peak if painting and calligraphy antiquities.

As for the mysterious seventh piece of the collection, not a single person has seen it, some even suspected that it did not exist at all.

If this painting really turned out to be the seventh piece, then it would definitely be worth at least 100 million US dollars, and that alone was just a simple quantitative price. In fact, the artistic and collection value alone of the painting was far more than that. It was a precious piece of art you could not even buy with money! Not to mention bringing it out and giving it away.

If Qin Yao had taken this out at the very start, nobody would’ve believed him. But now……Nobody dared to question whether it was fake or not, this was the halo brought about my his status. Even if there were still a few people who had doubts in their hearts, none of them dared to speak out about it.

For something offered by Mr. Qin, even if it was a fake, it had to become real.

Song Shan was the one who trusted Qin Yao the most here, so he would not find anything that Qin Yao could take out to be unusual. What’s more, it was just a painting.

But he was still a little surprised.

Qin Yao had no interest in figuring out what anyone was thinking about, he just waved his hand casually:”Please take it, uncle, as a token of our friendship.”

Gu Zong Han was a little hesitant, but he was also a great fan of antiques. But this was too precious, he couldn’t……Why was Qin Yao doing this? Is there something the Gu family had that was worthy of being bribed by him? No, right……?

“It’s just a painting, you really don’t have to worry too much about it, uncle.”Qin Yao’s voice was carefree, as if he had just given him a forged copy worth ten bucks.

But he really did not think of it as much. He had way too many things in his collection, and the ones least valuable were these lifeless objects. Even if it was an antique, it was worth little to him. He had also just accepted this casually since that little Daoist insisted on giving it to him, he would never expect it to come to use now. Even if he had taken something else, the others may still not know what it was, so he might as well save on the effort and just give him this painting……

Gu Zong Han observed Qin Yao and ascertained that he was not faking it, so he could only keep it away carefully.

This young Qin Yao’s face seems to become more and more profound and unpredictable the more he looked at him.

Song Shan came out to try to calm down the situation, and the atmosphere had come into harmony once more. But as for what everyone was thinking about deep inside, nobody knew.

After that, no more surprises popped up.

Qin Yao was not a fan of such noisy occasions, so he went over to stand at a corner after he was done offering his gift, and nobody dared to disturb him either. And so, an empty zone with a radius of several meters was formed around him.

Gu Yan was also not interest in meaningless chatter with the others, but there were always those who would come to talk to him. They all came over to ask about Qin Yao, and their attitudes towards him had also taken a 180 degree turn. Gu Yan could not be bothered with this, so seeing that Qin Yao’s side seemed peaceful, he simply decided to just go over with his wine glass in hand.

He gave Qin Yao a meaningful look,”Thank you, even if I am just an illegitimate child, I have somehow turned into a favourite.”He thanked him, but the expression on his face clearly showed his displeasure.

“Is that not good?”When Qin Yao was facing Gu Yan, his cold eyes finally turned soft.

“What do you think?”Gu Yan looked at him with a brow raised.

Qin Yao chuckled softly, and said after a moment:”If you don’t like to bother with them, then you don’t have to, you just have to be yourself.”

Gu Yan looked at Qin Yao’s carefree expression that looked as if he was saying ‘you can do anything you like, I can cover for you regardless’, and a mysterious sense of unhappiness rose up within his heart. He was not faking it, he was truly displeased.

He should be happy since Qin Yao’s actions proved that this human cultivator had already put his guard down against him completely, and even included him within his circle of protection. He had already achieved way more than he had planned for, but the truth was——He did not feel the satisfaction at all that he had gained anything out of this.

Gu Yan thought about it, and decided that he was just too used to being strong. At the end of it all, he was still not used to playing the weakling, he still felt that weaklings were the most disdainful in his heart, so there was no way he could tolerate himself becoming just like that. Why did he have to disguise himself in such a way? Is it because of the threat this person could bring him?

So this was not truly him, and he did not like the him of the current day.

He——was not someone who needed to be protected!

He loves to slaughter, to use people, to gain what he wanted with his own hands, he loved all of this, but he just could not enjoy being cared for by someone else.

What good is it to be offered what you want by somebody else? Things are only interesting if you got it with your own hands!

And what he enjoyed the most was the process of that plundering.

“Even if you did not come, I would still be able to settle that problem by myself.”Gu Yan’s voice was cold and distant, just like the time when they first met.

Since this game was no fun to him anymore, there was no need to continue on with the act. The crisis had been lifted for now anyway, and Qin Yao is no longer any threat to him. So why would he still need to continue his act? This was not his style of doing things.

He admitted that he was slightly worried of Qin Yao’s existence, but this did not mean that he was a little ant that required help at everything.

He was completely capable of achieving his own goals with his own power.

The smile gradually dissipated from Qin Yao’s face, but he did not reveal any anger nor scorn, instead, his eyes were calm. He said:”I know.”

Gu Yan shot him a cold smile.

“I knew it from the start.”Qin Yao looked at Gu Yan,”I know that you can take care of yourself, and that you won’t go down easy. In fact, you’re very strong. Even if I was not there, you still would not be defeated by the malice of others.”

“But the idea that just because you can do it yourself, you don’t need the help of others——You should not think like that.”

“Strength should not become a reason why someone could hurt another casually, but a strong person is also qualified to be treated with kindness.”

“And I care about you, this has little to do with whether you are strong or not, it is just because it’s you.”


DBHW Chapter 62

Even those who stood at the very top when it came to name and reputation were dumbfounded at the moment, and their jaws had fallen on the ground with shock. They really could not understand what situation this was.

Song Yuan was also shocked silly. Things should not be like this……Why were Song Shan’s expressions and words so scary? Even though her uncle was not one to joke usually, and kept an air of indifference, he had always been a calm man, and would rarely show his anger like this. And with Song Shan’s position, he should not be moved by such a trivial matter.

Fear suddenly rose up in Song Yuan’s heart, as if everything had suddenly fallen out of her control……

“It, it was nothing, actually……”Song Yuan’s tears started to swirl around her eyes, making her look grieved and sad. Actually, she really was rather hurt if you had to mention it, as would be expected since her uncle was suddenly questioned her so ruthlessly……

He had clearly been treating her very gently just a while before.

“Are you sure it was nothing?”Song Shan looked at Song Yuan with grave eyes that were filled with both disgust and disappointment.

Song Yuan’s tears finally flowed down. She pursed her lips and whimpered,”I’m sorry, I just wanted to apologize to Gu an, I never thought that not only would he not accept my apology, he even……he pushed me……”

“I didn’t embarrass you on purpose……”

“Sorry……I’m sorry……”

Even though she was apologizing, her appearance right now looked more and more pitiful, it was as if Song Shan had done something bad to her.

Song Shan’s face darkened instantly, and he was so angry that his body started to shake. The Song family had always been rigorous when it came to disciplining the junior, how could they raise something like this! He had always thought that Song Yuan was a well-behaved and obedient child, but turns out it was all just an act! As expected, she had been spoiled too much outside of the Song family!

“I will give you one last chance, tell me everything that happened here.”Song Shan took a deep breath, and slowly started. Even though he was already extremely disappointed in Song Yuan, she was still his niece whom he himself had chosen to bring, so he still wanted to give her one last chance.

Song Yuan paused for a moment, and continued to cry:”You don’t even believe me at all, what else do you want me to say!”

She really doesn’t know where to stop! Acting as if she was the one being greatly embarrassed and humiliated.

Now, everyone was also looking at Song Shan strangely. What on earth happened to Song Shan? How could he make things hard for his own niece for the sake of an outsider? Gu Yan was clearly the one at fault here, is he really trying to get her to admit to doing something she’s never done?

Was the Gu family really worth Song Shan’s actions? Impossible! Even the one with the most power today could not get Song Shan to compromise with them without any care for his reputation!

What’s more, the one Song Yuan offended was Gu Yan, not Gu Zong Han.

What was Gu Yan even worth? He was just an illegitimate child.

Song Shan looked at Song Yuan’s appearance, and could not help himself in his anger. Facing Song Yuan, he raised his palm up high!

Song Yuan’s face was overtaken by shock. She looked at Song Shan in disbelief, she could not believe that Song Shan would actually put a hand on her! How could this be?!

With a straight face, Song Shan’s hand was already up in the sky, but when he saw the look of fear on Song Yuan’s face, he suddenly sighed deeply, and slowly put his hand down. At the end, he did not hit her. But his eyes revealed a deep disappointment that could not be concealed.

Sadness could be heard in his voice as he spoke:”It’s not your fault, your father has not educated you well.”

Song Yuan stood dazedly where she was, and did not know what to do. For Song Shan to act like this was even scarier than the aggressive him from before. It was as if……As if he had lost all confidence and hope in her and her father……They had been given up on completely.

And for Song Shan to give up on her, meant that the entire Song family had as well.

“There is no way to weasel yourself out of this, I believe in Mr. Qin, he would not try to frame you.”Song Shan enunciated each word with great force.

His look and tone were both clear, there was no way anyone would dare to suspect that Song Shan was being unfair, they would only believe that he truly felt that Song Yuan was wrong, that was the reason why he would become so angry.

And only a single person gave him this decisive judgement.

But who was this Mr. Qin?

Everyone present was confused……

Gu Yan Xin had already come back to his senses, his face turned as white as a sheet. He looked at Song Shan in disbelief, then at Qin Yao. His face now looked even worse than a corpse.

Not even a single trace of struggling was left in his heart.

“Don’t be like that.”Song Shan looked at Song Yuan with disappointment. He sighed:”With Mr. Qin’s standing……There is no way he would make things hard for you if you did nothing wrong. You…..Better watch out for yourself. I will arrange for someone to send you back tomorrow.”

He was basically saying that there was no way Qin Yao needed to frame her at all. The great disparity between the two of them made it so that her words were no different from thin paper, easily ripped to shreds with little effort.

But what made Song Yuan even more afraid was the fact that Song Shan wanted to send her back. This proved that Song Shan had given up on her completely, he was not even willing to even spare some effort on saving her anymore.

She suddenly regretted everything, for the sake of getting a jab at Gu Yan, what she got was not worth it at all. If she could have just admitted her wrong early, Song Shan might still have helped her for the sake of her father, but she wasted that opportunity. When she finally realized this, it was already too late.

Song Yuan’s face was devoid of all colour. She wanted to open her mouth and plead, but when she saw Song Shan’s eyes, those cold and scornful eyes……She did not know what she could ever do to change Song Shan’s decision. Anything she said now would only turn back on her.

But why did it turn out like this? Why did things have to come to this?

She did not understand.

But those who did not understand were not only Song Yuan.

Even so, nobody dared to ask, because they have already noticed the strangeness in the atmosphere. A person who could make Song Shan trust them completely, and show his submission to them……If it was Old Song, then that was understandable, but this was some Mr. Qin nobody had ever heard of. Thinking back to what Song Shan had said earlier, this mysterious Mr. Qin that seemed so distant was the very man who stood up for Gu Yan earlier.

This was even more incredible.

Qin Yao was still standing there casually, but the eyes everyone saw him with were now different, they were now filled with deep fear.

Song Shan was not even willing to spare Song Yuan another glance, he was too disappointed in her to do that. He had felt so much care and pity for this niece of his earlier, but now that was all replaced by nothing but disappointment. It seems that his younger brother has not been learning well outside of the family, for him to be able to raise a child like this. He had always been disobedient since he was a child, and he thought he would’ve had some improvement. But with how things look, that was just an illusion……

Song Shan approached Gu Yan and showed a look of apology,”I’m sorry, Song Yuan is not sensible enough and has brought trouble upon you.”

“It’s nothing.”Gu Yan responded frankly, it really was nothing to him. This was all cause of Qin Yao again.

Then, Song Shan looked towards Qin Yao. He knew that Qin Yao did not like attracting attention, so he had stopped him under the eyes of the crowd earlier. But now, it was obviously bad to be too obvious, so he could only say it vaguely:”I hope you are well, Mr. Qin, I’ve bothered you with this matter.”

Even though he was being as casual as possible, the subtle expressions and the changes in his tone had still been caught by everyone.

As long as they had eyes, they could all tell who Song Shan really cared about. And it was because of this person that not only did he yell at his own niece, he even abandoned his identity and apologized to Gu Yan!

Nobody here was blind, instead, they were all wise. After the shock, they had all slowly begun coming back to their senses.

When they looked at both Song Shan and Qin Yao’s attitude right now, and thinking about what happened earlier, they all found an explanation for all that did not make sense just now.

The reason why Song Shan was so angry at the beginning was not because of Gu Yan, but rather, he was angry at Song Yuan, because she should not have offended Gu Yan in the first place. And the reason for that was because this ‘Mr. Qin’ was standing beside Gu Yan.

Just seeing what Song Shan had said earlier, it was practically impossible for Qin Yao to point any fingers at Song Yuan. Because he did not have that need, there was no need to bother! Compared to him, Song Yuan was nothing more than an ant! Even Song Shan himself had to respect him. With just the shake of his head, Song Shan didn’t even dare to speak!

At first, when Song Shan walked towards Gu Yan, he had originally planned to speak with that ‘Mr. Qin’, didn’t he?

What a scary thought!

Some people had taken a few steps back in fear, putting distance between themselves and Qin Yao as if he was some kind of terrifying monster. Sometimes, when the golden thigh is too thick, people would still hesitate to hug it, in case it crushed them to death. From that, a sense of respect emerged within their hearts.

When they turned their gaze back on Gu Yan again, for him to be able to kiss up to such an amazing character! Seems like nobody would ever dare to question anything he did in the future!

A look of envy appeared in the eyes of countless people.

Gu Zong Han had seen a great deal of things in this world, but today, the way things turned around still made him a bit confused.

His eyes swept between both Song Shan and Qin Yao for a while, and he finally understood, but still did not dare to believe it. However……This was still a good ending, wasn’t it! Not only did Gu Yan not end up in trouble, he even made such an amazing friend! He would never have expected this little bastard to have such luck.

Gu Zong Han thought about it, and could not help laughing. The look of unease had been swept clean off his face.

He approached Song Shan and spoke cheerfully:”Forget it, she was just a little insensible, there’s no need to make a fuss about it. It’s fine as long as everyone is well.”

Everyone was scorning this old fox in their hearts. Why didn’t anyone see you saying anything earlier? And now you’re pretending to be a nice old man after the dust settles. But thinking about it, they felt extremely envious, and they looked at Gu Yan with very complicated eyes.

For this silver spoon boy to have such luck……What else but envy could they feel when they returned home, and looked at their own silver-spooned sons? They were completely useless! When they compare them, all they could do was piss themselves off to death! Even their own silver-spooned sons could not compare with others!

Song Shan was still relatively polite with Gu Zong Han, because Qin Yao cared very much for Gu Yan. And since that was Gu Zong Han, he in turn had to respect Gu Zong Han as well.

“Oh dear, my family is not rigorous enough in bringing up the juniors, and ended up causing a ruckus in your birthday banquet, I’ve really embarrassed myself.”Song Shan told him.

“It was just a little misunderstanding, there is no need to be so polite with us, Brother Song.”Gu Zong Han was cheerful. Then, he turned to Qin Yao and spoke politely:”Nice to meet you Mr. Qin, you have come from far away, and I’m sorry I did not greet you.”

Qin Yao had always exuded an aura of ‘don’t come near me’, but seeing that it was Gu Yan’s father, his face softened,”Thank you for your courtesy, Uncle.”

“Don’t worry about it.”Gu Zong Han’s eyes narrowed in a smile.”Since you called me uncle, I hope you can come visit us more often in the future, we welcome you.”

Without refusing or accepting, Qin Yao smiled.

“……”Song Shan had received a shock! Mr. Qin actually called someone else uncle! Who can save him now! Even his father greeted Qin Yao as if they were of the same generation! Could he now have become two generations under him?

Nobody knew how deep the shadow was in Song Shan’s heart at this moment.

Seeing that the whole ordeal had come to an end, nobody looked at Song Yuan any longer. They all acted as if she did not even exist, all continuing on with their merry night.

Sometimes, really is cruel, and nobody would care about the loser.

Song Yuan was stunned as she watched the crowd disperse. It felt as if a layer of gauze had covered her sight, as if she was not only going further from those people, but of the glamorous upper circles of the world……No, she could not accept this ending.

Why did she have to pick a fight with Gu Yan? She had never intended to do this, but what prompted her to make such an irrational decision……

Song Yuan’s body went soft. Two waiters at the side came over to help her up, but then they turned to leave immediately after. Their movements were soft, but this was nothing short of rejection.

She had lost all the strength in her body……And looked dazedly in front of her.

Suddenly, she saw Gu Yan Xin. Gu Yan Xin just so happened to be sneaking about at the side, as if he wanted to stay far away from Gu Yan and Qin Yao, lest he be noticed……Song Yuan suddenly understood many things.

She was not truly a fool, she had just been blinded by her anger.

At this moment, her eyes were once again filled with a deep hatred, but not for Gu Yan; it was for Gu Yan Xin.

How dare he! How could I be the only person who was rejected by the rest?!

Song Yuan’s eyes turned red, and her expression was terrifying. She looked like a dying beast who wanted to grab onto everything she could, dragging them all to hell with her!

She suddenly yelled:”Gu Yan Xin!”


DBHW Chapter 61

Gu Yan looked down at his hand that was being grabbed by Song Yuan, and his eyes turned colder. Without hesitation, he shook her off.

Actually, putting into consideration the place they were in, the amount of strength he used was not great.

But Song Yuan seemed to have retreated quite a few steps in a fluster, the wine in her hands had also been poured over herself. Her current appearance looked very pitiful.

Gu Yan did not move.

If Song Yuan dared to splash her wine on him, then he would definitely prevent that at all costs, just like last time. But now, Song Yuan was pouring her own wine on herself, so he did not have any interests in stopping her.

An ant like this amongst the humans were truly the most laughable, for them to hurt themselves as a way of hurting others.

It really was too much of a waste for her to use this ridiculous tactic on him. Because he……did not care at all about being gossiped about.

Their movements at this moment finally attracted the attention of the others at the side, and they were now all looking over.

They looked over to the pitiful SOng Yuan, then to the straight-faced Gu Yan, and in their hearts, they all echoed ‘it was that illegitimate child after all’.

Gu Yan swept his glance over, and could not help laughing.

If these people dared to take a jab at him, then he would think that even that was a courageous move. But they did not dare to do anything at all, they did not even dare to say anything in front of him. They only dared to sneer at him and scorn him behind his back.

Did they really think that such a cold method of ‘violence’ could really hurt him in any way?

“I’m sorry……”The chest area of Song Yuan’s clothes were dyed red with the wine. With her clothes stuck to her body from the dampness, revealing her delicate curves, she appeared extraordinarily attractive. But she seemed to not have noticed this at all, she was only watching Gu Yan nervously as if she would not leave as long as Gu Yan would not forgive her.

Gu Yan smiled with a brow raised, an evil twinkle playing within his eyes. Since she wanted so badly to play with him, then he will play along till the end. His dark eyes looked straight into Song Yuan’s eyes, and as if they exuded a strange, bewitching magic, it made it hard for her to turn her gaze away……

Song Yuan was still as she looked at Gu Yan’s eyes, all the hate and disgust suppressed within her heart was suddenly bubbling up! She wanted to yell out, and tell everyone how much she hated him! Say it, say it! Make fun of him, scorn him! Scold him, hit him!

Tear apart everything that he had now!

Gu Yan raised his lips in a mysterious smile, looking straight at her. Yes……Just like that……Spill out all that is in your heart, let these people the filthy and ugly insides beneath that weak and pitiful appearance of yours……

Let them all see……

What kind of person you really are!

A hand suddenly reached over to grab Gu Yan’s hand, and pulled him back.

Gu Yan turned back angrily, and averted his gaze from Song Yuan.

Which despicable human dared to step in!

As both his eyes turned cold, he saw the man standing beside him.

It was Qin Yao.

Gu Yan slowly put down his hand and spoke in a slightly cool tone:”What? Are you going to stick your head in someone else’s business?”

Qin Yao looked helpless. This really was a guy who forgot about all manners of friendship in the blink of an eye. Seeing his tone and attitude, his position in Gu Yan’s heart really had turned back in just a single night.

“So what if I am?”Qin Yao asked.

Actually, he just could not bear to see someone causing trouble for Gu Yan, and did something on impulse……He could settle a small matter like this with just the snap of a finger. But seeing how Gu Yan had misunderstood him, and how little trust he had of him, he felt a little unhappy, and could not help feeling the need to tease Gu Yan a little.

Song Yuan looked at Gu Yan and Qin Yao, and felt cold sweat lacing both her palms and her back.

What happened to her just now? She actually felt the urge to blurt out everything in her heart without a care for anything. Just thinking about the consequences of that……She suddenly felt a strong fear in her heart!

Thank god……Thank god for that man’s sudden appearance. He managed to break the stagnating atmosphere, otherwise, she really did not know what she would end up doing……

The people around them watched on with bright eyes as more and more people came over, they were all curiously awaiting for gossip. How could a matter like this happening on Gu Zong Han’s birthday banquet not attract anyone’s attention? With the third young master and Song Shan’s niece caught in a conflict in public, this was enough to become the talk of the day for months to spare!

But speaking back to it, who was that man who suddenly appeared? He looks new……He couldn’t have been another rash fellow who had come over from somewhere else, and wanted to stick his head out like a hero trying to save a beauty, could he?

Gu Yan looked at Qin Yao for a moment, and spoke bluntly:”You better not butt into something that does not concern you.”

And finally, Qin Yao let out a bitter laugh. Was he really that untrustworthy within his heart? Was Gu Yan really not able to guess by even the slightest who he came for today?

Seeing that Gu Yan’s face was turning more and more sour, Qin Yao could only temporarily give up on his notion of teasing Gu Yan for now. He still clutched onto Gu Yan’s hand, unwilling to let go, but he looked towards Song Yuan, and his eyes instantly turned cold,”Are you really trying to apologize to Gu Yan?”

Song Yuan was a little confused at what Qin Yao was trying to get at, but she could only stand firm on her ground lest she ends up slapping her own face:”It’s true, I really want to give my sincere apologies to him.”

“Then why did you pour your wine all over yourself?”Qin Yao looked at her in mocking.

“I did not do it on purpose, everyone else saw. It was all because……because he pushed me……”Song Yuan hit her lips, and her eyes started to redden as if she was being terribly wronged.

“You yourself know whether you’ve done it on accident, or on purpose.”Qin Yao said.

“It, really was an accident……”Song Yuan looked as if she was about to cry, but she was extremely pleased within her heart. Even though Qin Yao stood at Gu Yan’s side, his attitude right now was extremely bad. Those that were still hesitating at the side could not do anything but pity her now!

Just look at how arrogant Gu Yan wa, and his friend was so unreasonable!

These two men did not have the slightest air of a gentleman at all, how could they force such a pitiful young lady!

Song Yuan was a bit close to Gu Yan earlier so nobody could get a clear look at her actions, there was simply no evidence nor any witnesses at this moment. With her standing on the position of a victim, she would definitely win this!

At this moment, they have finally attracted Song Shan’s attention. When she looked over, his heart jumped in an instant. With a big change of his face, he went over!

Nobody noticed but his footsteps were slightly unstable due to the tension.

As soon as Song Shan made a move, Gu Zong Han’s gaze had also followed over. And as soon as he saw the scene at that side, he could not help but frown. Did that brat Gu Yan get into another mess?

Gu Yan Xin followed behind them and felt secretly pleased. For Gu Yan to even dare to bully Song Shan’s niece, didn’t that just mean he was slapping Song Shan’s face in public?

For him to start such a big mess as soon as he got home, let’s see how he’s going to get out of this!

And what kind of character was Song Shan? Even if he did not ask Gu Yan to settle this debt, Gu Yan would still end up with nowhere to go!

Since Gu Yan Xin was walking at the very back, he did not see Qin Yao standing right beside Gu Yan since he was blocked by the crowd.

Seeing that both Gu Zong Han and Song Shan had walked over, the people at the side all moved away to make a path for them.

The quiet sounds of whispering could be heard all throughout the crowd, and the situation turned tense in an instant.

It had originally just been a little bickering between the juniors, but now it had raised into a conflict between two families.

If this was not settled properly, then this would cause a great change within the capital itself.

Seeing Song Shan’s appearance of discomfiture, you could easily tell he was extremely angry. Everyone at the side were already beginning to mourn for Gu Yan. You should take a look at where you were if you wanted to cause a scene! And now you’re getting what you bargained for, aren’t you?

Only a single person did not think that way right now, and that person was Gu Yan Xin.

When Gu Yan Xin saw Qin Yao standing beside him, he could not help sucking in a breath of cold air!

The devil himself had actually come!

Just thinking of how terrifying Qin Yao was last night, Gu Yan Xin could only feel his scalp turning numb, and his legs going soft. If he could, he would rather dig a hole and bury himself into a ground, and hoped that nobody noticed him today!

But unfortunately, it was already too late……

He could only comfort himself for doing everything very covertly. There was no way this matter could be pinned on his head today. No……He had done practically nothing, he was just playing the part of a respectful brother, Song Yuan was the only fool in this situation!

And with Song Shan here, the best case scenario was if destruction could be dealt to both sides with that man surnamed Qin……

A flash of hope emerged within Gu Yan Xin’s eyes……

Gu Zong Han noticed the expression on Song Shan’s face, and could feel his heart jump a beat. Instantly, he felt angry, he wanted nothing more now than to give Gu Yan a good beating. But this was not the right time for this, he will deal with his son behind closed doors, where it is appropriate. Firstly, he should deal with things here before he did anything else. Song Shan was the head of the Song family at this moment, and the Song family was the top of the top wealthy families within the capital, whereas the Gu family could only kiss up to them on a usual day……Seeing Song Shan’s expression, you could tell he cared very much for this niece that had suddenly popped up, but the Gu family could not afford to just lose all their face today. Since things had come to this, it really was going to be a hard one to settle, even Gu Zong Han was feeling a bit worried.

But he never paid much attention to Qin Yao. He thought Qin Yao was just one of Gu Yan’s delinquent friends that came today with one of his seniors.

Even though he was quite handsome, he was still classed as one of the insignificant younger generation.

When Song Yuan saw Song Shan coming over, she felt slightly nervous. Towards her uncle who had always been rather mighty, she felt both respect and fear of him, and had never once dared to show her arrogance in front of him, she showed her respect as much as she could. But right now, Song Shan’s face was green with anger. For such unconcealed anger to appear on his usual indifferent face, it really was a huge shock to Song Yuan, but joy also started to appear within her heart. It seems Song Shan really does care a lot about her. When they’re out, for someone to bully her meant slapping the Gu family’s face, so Song Shan would definitely come to support her!

Not only was Song Yuan thinking that, these were also the thoughts of everyone else present around the scene. At this moment, all the eyes looking at Gu Yan were filled with pity……

The third young master of the Gu family has finally dug his own grave……

Gu Yan frowned. How troublesome, you beat the younger one and the older one comes running. It would be great if he could finally round all these humans up, and eat whoever dares to disobey him.

Song Shan turned his head slightly, and his gaze finally landed on Gu Yan. He headed straight to him with a dignified look.

Things suddenly became so quiet that you could even hear a pin fall to the ground.

But Song Shan had only taken two steps when he finally stopped.

Because Qin Yao suddenly moved.

Qin Yao took a step forward to stand in front of Gu Yan. He looked firmly at Song Shan, then, shook his head slowly.

Everyone was shocked silly by what they just saw, and their attention moved towards Qin Yao once more. Who on earth is he? For him to still keep his determination at this moment, is he a fool? Or was he just some idiot who had run over out of nowhere, and did not recognize Song Shan?

Gu Zong Han’s unhappiness showed on his face. He was racking his brains out on how he was going to cool down the ruckus, and deal with the aftermath. What was Qin Yao stepping out like a guardian for? Did he think he himself was not worried for his own son? But the key point was, this was a hard matter for him too!

Just when everyone thought that Song Shan was about to burst into anger, they saw Song Shan bow slightly to Qin Yao, and actually seemed to be extremely respectful to him!

Then, he turned without hesitation towards Song Yuan, and watched her with eyes filled with anger. Song Shan spoke to her with a harsh and cold voice,”What is going on here!”