Helli’s Chinese Corner

Character types:

傲娇 Tsundere – Acts like they’re not into the other person but they are

绿茶婊 Green tea bitch – A scheming bitch who acts innocent

白莲花 White lotus – Innocent mary sue type characters who are soft and weak

复黑 Black belly – They may appear to be nice but are actually wicked as the belly in the term means a hidden part of them.


戴绿帽 Wearing a green hat – Being cheated on by your spouse

螳臂挡车 Mantis stopping a car with its arm – A useless effort

卖萌 Selling Meng – Acting cute (generally to achieve something)

基友 Gay friend – Not necessarily gay, used to describe close friends (generally male)

熊孩子/毛小孩 Bear child/hairy child – a little kid, generally naughty

撒娇 Act spoiled – Acting pampered and needy, not necessarily in a bad way

打call Support – From Japanese origins in music performances where people swing light sticks around to support

怼 Stab – Can mean a variety of things, to stab, to eat, to stuff something in somewhere, generally it’s going somewhere

狗血 Dog blood – Mainly used as a genre or an expression, means a dramatic, over the top, or unbelievable, or very fake scene. Some say it comes from Hong Kong TV dramas where people spray dog blood for exorcism, then it was overdone and is now a meme. Others say that it started out as 够shit where 够Gòu means sufficient or enough, used in slang as very.

刷 Brush – Commonly used in gaming communities to mean grind, or just playing the game normally i.e brush boss/dungeon

老子 Laozi – Gruff way of saying I, Chinese people have to respect their seniors so calling yourself laozi(old person) is like saying ore in Japanese, it’s not polite but commonly used.

爸爸/爷爷 Dad/Grandpa – Sometimes people will tell each other “call me dad” or even “call me grandpa”, as mentioned in the previous phrase seniors are respected, so the older the better, being called dad or grandpa is like a friendly and humorous sign of respect

大大 Big big – If you respect an artist or an author or someone, generally someone that creates content, you call them da da

高福帅/白富美 Tall, rich, handsome/Fair, rich, beautiful – Self-explanatory, male and female variants

富二代 Rich second generation – Kids who spend their parents money lavishly

小白脸 Little white face – A man who depend on others for his livelihood, a gigolo

杀马特/SMT Shamate – Smart, an edgy type of Chinese scene fashion made popular by a visual artist called Mai Rox who took pictures of herself in vkei inspired fashion.

傻逼/傻B Stupid cunt – Can be used both in a friendly way or a derogatory manner

牛屄/NB Badass – Can mean an arrogant person or as an expression when someone does something very impressive

闷骚 Man Show – A man who is cold and dignified in appearance but warm and passionate within.

他妈的/TMD His mom – Damn or fuck or whatever you yell when you’re angry

卧槽(我操)/woc Fuck me – Holy shit, what the fuck

Hold不住 Can’t take it anymore – Can’t control yourself, can’t stay calm

坑爹 Pit father – Being cheated or swindled, fucking someone over

我母鸡啊 I don’t know – In Cantonese, don’t know is pronounce 唔知 mm ji where as hen is pronounced 母鸡 mu ji

虾米 Dried shrimp – What? From the Hokkien pronunciation of 什么

人妖 Human fairy/spirit – A trap, a man who looks like a woman or man who plays a female character

妖人 Fairy/spirit human – A reverse trap, a woman who looks like a man or woman who plays a male character

伪娘 Fake girl – A trap, less offensive term

蛋疼 Egg pain – Ball ache, something depressing

操蛋 Fuck egg – Something bad, unpleasant

草/艹 Grass – Fuck

给脸不要脸 Give face don’t want face – Something like you being given a good opportunity but you act like a fool, acting like a bitch, making a fool out of yourself, acting proud for little things

乐色 Trash – Pronounced Le Se, derived from the word trash/garbage (La Ji) from the Beijing dialect, 垃圾 La Sa

单身狗 Single dog – A person without a partner

狗粮/撒狗粮 Dog food/sprinkling dog food(on the ground) – Dog food for single dogs means the affection between couples, to chuck dog food at a single dog is to display your affection with your partner.


2 – Stupid

2333 – Laughter, ha ha ha

555 – Crying, wu wu wu

666 – 一溜,very amazing

88/886 – Bye bye, with the 6 meaning lo, a spoken full stop of sorts.