RWSB Chapter 75

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Shu Heng leaned his head down slowly, approaching slowly, coming closer and closer. After two years of looking after him with care, his features had become even more fine and delicate, his skin still looked white and pure, the dense and curled lashes trembled faintly, he had clearly woken up, was he trying to test me?

Shu Heng was too wise, perhaps because of his cleverness, the relationship of the two were able to deepen without any cracks. He printed a light kiss on his lips, he did not deepen the kiss, nor did he push down, just a gentle touch, wonderful like a little dragonfly landing on a pond. Shu Heng did not expose Shu Ning’s ploy of pretending to sleep, and he released the hand that was squeezing the little nose.

Shu Ning breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, he hesitated in the past and didn’t dare to ask but not was a good chance. If he big brother……sticks his tongue in, that means something was wrong, if not, then it just meant that he did have a bit too much to drink. After all, although his brother usually likes to step out of line, he wouldn’t go over the limit.


He misunderstood.

Why didn’t he feel at ease at all? Instead his heart felt heavy, Shu Heng was too outstanding, he truly was, unknowingly, he had been pulled by the nose, attracted to him, and yet he didn’t know.

Shu Ning frowned and opened his eyes, looking at the perfect and flawless Shu Heng only a few inches away from him. Before he started to speak, Shu Heng actually started to smile first.

It was light, fleeting, as if he had seen wrong, that surprise in that quick moment did exist.

Shu Ning was slightly stunned, then he had also curled up the corners of his mouth:”Brother, what did you do just now?”

“Just waking you up.”

“Oh~”Shu Ning dragged his voice, and his little hand crawled up slightly, following Shu Heng’s abs up to his chest, then his neck, the tip of his fingers drifted past his chin, and landed a little tap on his lower lip, then naughtily, he squeezed his nose. His straight nose is quite nice to pinch, how interesting! Shu Ning put on a haughty look, and naughtily he asked:”Payback! Big brother won’t be angry, right?”

“If I got angry, what are you going to do about it?”


“Be good, are you thirsty?”

“……”Changing the topic just like that? ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

Only after having some warm water did Shu Ning leave Shu Heng’s warm embrace, huh? Wasn’t this downstairs of the foreman’s house? Uncle Pang was hanging around at home with his uncle during the New Year’s and they wouldn’t be going out, this……Shu Ning looked towards Shu Hen gin surprise and Shu Heng tapped on his own lips. Shu Ning who’s had the knot in his heart dissolved did not hesitate to give him a smooch.

“Oh no,”Shu Ning had gotten anxious, and started to turn in circles o(╯□╰)o

“The gift is in the trunk, as well as our rations.”

Rations? Big brother is top notch at making jokes, he’s really too considerate, Shu Ning nearly burst out in laughter:”Thank you brother, let’s get off the car, I wonder if uncle will be surprised to see me.”

“He definitely will, I bet he missed you.”

“Mm, I think so too,”Shu Ning followed Shu Heng down the car, and very naturally, the little hand reached for the big palm and gave it a squeeze while he was at it, he had already gotten used to it.

The bodyguard took out the gift as well as the food from the trunk of the car, and Shu Heng received it with one hand before bringing Shu Ning upstairs. Shu Ning wanted to help him carry them but Shu Heng wouldn’t let him, the bag of food was too heavy, and while the gifts looked to be plenty, the weight was not very heavy. Shu Ning was adamant, but it was easy for an accident to happen if the two were to bicker about in the corridor, so Shu Heng……landed a smooch onto Shu Ning’s lips.

The little one had gone quiet, and he lowered his reddened face, seeming to have gotten embarrassed.

Shu Heng brought up so many stuff with one hand up to the fourth floor. The doorbell was broken so Shu Ning knocked on the door instead. Uncle Pang opened the door with a cigarette hanging from his mouth, and muttered under his breath ‘who the hell’, coming over without an invite. Seeing that it was Shu Ning, he immediately took down the cigarette and ecstatically he said:”Come come come, come in quickly, it’s quite cold outside, oh and who’s this?”

“My brother, biological brother!”

Shu Ning hurriedly pulled Shu Heng in, worrying that the bags would be too heavy, it must be hard on big brother’s arm! Shu Heng had a poker face but he was actually quite depressed, his heart felt very stuffy, just ‘my brother’ was enough, why did you have to add ‘biological brother’? Isn’t this a strike to my heart? But Shu Heng still endured it gladly, and immediately let it go.

The sky had gone dim very quickly, Qin Yu Fu came out from the room and exclaimed in amazement, he immediately came to Shu Ning with a face full of smiles and patted Shu Ning’s shoulder, looking left and right happily. Shu Heng had seen the scene, the so called having your real feelings revealed was probably something like this. Shu Heng had never once seen such an emotion from Qin Yu Zhuo’s eyes, and he knew at a glance how close they were.

If you had the sincere care of those that were close to you, what would it matter to live through some bitter days?

Qin Yu Fu heard what the foreman had asked earlier, He held Shu Ning’s shoulder with one hand and turned back to look towards the tall figure by the door:”Good to meet you……sir!”

Sir? Ah my little uncle~ Did Shu Heng scare him with his aloofness?

Compared to Shu Cheng, the pressure exerted by Shu Heng was more full, powerful, and more deterring, with his black eyes as deep as an abyss, with one look at whoever~ they would all tremble in fear, he was high up above the rest just like an emperor, peering down on everything. Shu Ning hurriedly smoothed things over, Shu Heng was also willing to nod his head and give a bow. His thin lips parted, and earnestly he greeted ‘uncle’.

But Qin Yu Fu was too surprised by this, he still wasn’t able to relax and he was slightly stiff. Shu Ning was helpless, so he said he was hungry. As if he had been saved, Qin Yu Fu rushed over to the kitchen.

The foreman Uncle Pang:”……”

Shu Heng had already sat down and Shu Ning poured him a glass of water, he was only concerned about whether he himself was thirsty in the car, then went on to ponder about other things, he didn’t even think about whether his brother was thirsty or not, sometimes Shu Ning felt that he himself was too much, so heartless that he didn’t even care about “young” Shu Heng. Ah, I really can’t match with him, no matter whether it’s being a person or in other areas.

The foreman could also be considered to be well-informed, but facing Shu Heng who was like a mountain, he had also come short, feeling uneasy be it sitting or standing, as if his hands and feet felt uncomfortable no matter how he rested them. He kept moving about and his butt couldn’t stick to one place, he had originally wanted to fake a cough to disperse the awkward atmosphere, but unfortunately his throat slipped up several times, and even more so he didn’t dare to interrupt the conversation between the pair of brothers.

And so he went to busy himself with his own issues instead, the foreman took over the stuff brought by Shu Heng and walked into the kitchen.

Qin Yu Fu asked quietly:”Why have you come over?”

“That guy’s like some big official,”The foreman shrugged and put the stuff down, then opened it up to take a look:”Xiao Fu, some of the gifts are yours, and there’s some for me too. I’ll put the food in the fridge first, there’s Shu Ning’s milk in here as well so don’t misplace it.”

Uh, Qin Yu Fu gave the foreman’s head a knock:”I’ll be better off dead if I get it wrong.”

“No no no, don’t leave me alone and uncared for~”

“Alright, go wash the vegetables, we’ll make Xiao Ning’s favourites today and I’ll cook fish for you tomorrow.”

“Alright, aren’t you gonna ask what his brother likes as well?”The foreman frowned.

Qin Yu Fu made a move:”If you want to ask, then you do it, I can’t seem to get my words out looking at him.”

“That……Won’t it be hard for you to swallow your food when you’re facing him at the dinner table later?”

“Are you washing the vegetables or not?”The veins on Qin Yu Fu’s forehead was popping in anger, that is Ning Ning’s brother, how could you tease him?  ̄へ ̄

“Alright, I got it, I’ll wash it now okay?”

The two bickered in a quiet voice and their heads were leaning very close together, every so often you’ll give me a push, and I’ll give you a push, they were very open with each other. Shu Ning was able to see it from the reflective glass, he felt that it was pretty good this way for his uncle too. On the other hand, he himself was just so-so, he was influenced by his past life so he didn’t have much interest in making friends this lifetime around.

Shu Heng hugged Shu Ning around his waist and the handsome face stared at him, slightly worried:”What’s wrong?”Suddenly feeling lonely? Does he want to stick around with his uncle?

“It’s nothing, my uncle’s a bit stiff so I’m just very happy that he can have a sincere friend that treats him like this. Brother, what about your friends? Are you like that as well?”

“Xu Jin’s still alright.”

“Just right?”

“Sincere ones? Five.”

Shu Ning could kind of guess who they were, and there would be more int he future as well, these few were treated earnestly by Shu Heng, his charisma truly was too amazing, many people were eager to talk to him but it was too difficult, after all, in their eyes he is an existence that was similar to that of a hair from a phoenix or a unicorn horn, and each of them were similar characters like Shu Heng, big, strong, and dangerous.

“What about you?”

The question was returned to him, Shu Ning shrugged:”A lot, but I don’t know if they’re sincere to me or not.”

“No matter, I’ll keep an eye on them,”Shu Heng wasn’t joking, he tightened his arms and rubbed his little brother’s hair with his other hand.

Shu Ning narrowed his eyes, having his fur stroked and whatnot made him feel very good.

When dinner came, the table was filled with delicious dishes, they were all Shu Ning’s favourite when he was young. With his sleeves rolled up, the uncle put down the last bowl of soup on the table:”We can start digging in now.”

The foreman washed his hands and came out with some chopsticks, his face filled with smiles:”Come, come, we’ve got a table full of joy and prosperity, let’s have a good year and make a fortune, may all our dreams come through, hah.”

Ah, he had forgotten all about New Year’s celebrations. Shu Ning pulled Shu Heng over to celebrate with them, and Qin Yu Fu took out red envelopes from his pocket, the foreman had also taken out two of them. Qin Yu Fu had asked about how old Shu Ning’s brother was before this, seems to be about five years apart, he couldn’t remember clearly anymore. Speaking of which, why is this guy so tall? What does he eat? Qin Yu Fu felt a mess in his heart, if Shu Ning eats daily like him as well would he also grow so tall?

Third brother-in-law was born with a handsomeness that wasn’t like the usual, while his eldest son was even more handsome, how come my Shu Ning came to be like a little ball? They don’t look like a family at all. He was just wondering about it in his heart, after all Qin Yu Fu was no fool, as a chairman, how would he allow someone into his house if he weren’t his real son? they must’ve done stuff like paternity tests behind the scenes.

“Uncle, come sit,”When Shu Ning spoke, Qin Yu Fu was so surprised that he nearly threw the bowl to the ground.

Shu Heng ate with them silently, although he hadn’t entered any of the rooms, he could tell from the pattern that four people can’t fit in here. Shu Heng decided that he will leave as soon as they finish dinner since everyone seemed to be uneasy while he was around. There was no need to mention these simple people, even the younger ones from the Shu clan’s elite gathering was the same.

Shu Ning ate a lot, Shu Heng watched him eat and patted his legs with his hand underneath the table, telling him to stop if he was full, otherwise there won’t be a big brother to rub his tummy tonight.

Shu Ning was thinking to himself that his big brother was so bad, it was rare for his uncle to cook so much good food, whatever, open up your appetite and eat ~\\(≧▽≦)/~

Naturally, Shu Heng wouldn’t stop him, he took out his phone and sent out a text message.

When Shu Heng wanted to leave after the meal, only then did Shu Ning stand up in surprise, he was caught slightly off guard:”Why? Are you going back to the ancestral home?”It’s the middle of the night, uh, is this some kind of joke? Can’t I just come back to see my uncle anytime? When I come round in the summer I’ll end up staying for half a month, but once big brother leaves he goes for a long, long time, he’s too much.

Shu Ning had gotten unhappy on the spot, and his eyes were filled with blame and sadness.

Somebody knocked on the door, the foreman was close to it so he just opened it without asking who it was, it was a burly man in a suit, handing a bag over:”This is the second young master’s digestive tablets.”

The foreman received them subconsciously:”Thanks!”

“We’re only doing what is proper,”The bodyguard didn’t leave, he looked towards Shu Heng:”Young master, the car is ready.”

“Uncle, I forgot that the house can only fit three people, I’m worried about brother staying in a hotel by himself, so I’ll come back to see you next time,”Shu Ning calmly looked towards Qin Yu Fu and the smile on his face was still present as usual:”I’ll come over again soon.”

Shu Heng was expressionless, but his pupils shrunk, his little brother was angry……

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RWSB Chapter 74

As He Yu’s words fell, Shu Ning widened his eyes at the moment when he pressed over abruptly, and panicked inwardly. A loud bang sounded, someone has kicked in the door, All Shu Ning could see was the constantly magnifying image of He Yu’s face so he wasn’t sure if Shu Heng was the one breaking in, what kind of face did he have, and what will he do after this?

Of course Shu Heng’s fury was indispensable.

Who could’ve ever imagined that He Yu would  be so bold? Shu Ning was the proper second young master of the Shu clan after all, he’s simply looking too highly of himself, doing whatever he wants like that.

Someone barged in, so naturally He Yu stopped what he was doing. He immediately turned around vigilantly, and he hadn’t even seen clearly which gutsy bastard interrupted his business when he felt a pain on his cheek, he had been knocked down to the ground by a punch and the corners of his mouth was cut on the spot, his front teeth broke off and blood was pouring out. But this wasn’t the end of it, Shu Heng stepped his foot down as well.

There was suddenly the noise of a ghostly wailing coming from the washroom, many of the passing guests were curious and wanted to look, but the bodyguards had already closed up the door and kept watch outside.

Shu Ning didn’t catch anything, He Yu who had been sticking himself over in front of him had suddenly disappeared, then his big brother’s big hand covered his eyes, then the sounds of He Yu’s screams came one after the other, then…… Then…… Then…… The hand moved down, the worried face of his brother appeared before him, looking incomparably livid.

Shu Ning had never seen Shu Heng this way before, truly, he had never seen it even after living over thirty years in his past life, he had always had a prideful look, he was aloof and arrogant, as if he would never keep anything in his sight, he was reserved and serious, nobody dared to be impudent in front of him, they may not even have the guts to raise their voice.

Shu Ning quietly gulped down his saliva, his big brother was furious this time, it was more serious than he had anticipated.

But whose fault was that?

He Yu, oh He Yu, if you like me you can pursue me, and it’s alright if you just want to go on a date, but who allowed you to go straight for it? Bastard, you’re doing something stupid and dragging me down as well, but speaking of which, where’s He Yu? He had already been dragged out like a corpse, and the blood on the ground was wiped off by the bodyguards who poured in! Shu Heng was very thorough with matters, he had never personally done anything for many years, but now he knocked him out cold, he didn’t spare him even a little.

There were only two people within the washroom, the look on Shu Heng’s face right now was extremely dangerous.

Shu Ning was really frightened this time, his eyes were red and puffy, glazed with a soft layer of mist, just looking at him stoked Shu Heng’s flames.

“He kissed you?”

“……”Shu Ning was startled.

“Where did he kiss?”

This voice of his was filled with anger, as if the air that came from his mouth was laced with poison. Shu Ning swallowed his saliva, he was frightened:”He didn’t.”

“Where did he kiss?”Shu Heng got even closer, that handsome face of his was practically plastered to Shu Ning. Regardless of whether it was his tone or attitude, even the look in his eyes were full of murderous intent:”Where?”

“He didn’t, he really didn’t.”

“Let me see.”

Shu Heng took Shu Ning as his own, doing whatever he pleased with him. First he gave him a sniff, the tip of his nose touched those soft lips, this is my little pudding, nobody else can touch it. Shu Ning leaned on the wall like a fool motionlessly, his eyes were wide and his mouth was gaping from confusion, and his heart was convulsing in shock, did big brother kiss me?

It was different than usual, he was very careful this time, very gentle, licking attentively, pressing down, he had even taken him in his mouth, he did not let any part go at all. Big brother seems to have brought an intention to “taste”, could he be trying to catch He Yu’s taste? This idea seems too much like a joke, but everyone had their own unique taste, and He Yu was a smoker, oh, that should be it.

But……Shu Ning had still trembled, trails of electricity flowed through his entire body, it felt very comfortable, very strange, as if he was being deeply cherished, and it seemed like he was kissing intimately with his big brother, a real kiss. The smell of alcohol was very dense on his brother’s body, has he gotten drunk? Is that why he’s so strange today? Shu Ning was still very afraid, he was afraid that Shu Heng would lose control.

Only a minute had passed at most, but it felt like a century had gone by.

Shu Heng still has not had enough, and Shu Ning was the same. It was a shame that brothers would always be brothers, there was no way for them to cross that wedge, Shu Heng was a straight man, he was straight through and through, Shu Ning knew that he would definitely get married in the future and have children, so it was even harder for him to have any guts to expect anything out of this, he would try to find a reason to put out even the smallest kindle of fire in case the fire grew more intense, then there would be no way for him to drag himself out in the future, ruining their brotherly relationship, ruining everything, including himself.

Shu Heng’s gaze was dazzling like a thousand sun rays, it was even more stunning than the night sky, this was the first time Shu Ning had seen this unique and charming big brother of his, he was being sucked in deeply, and he found it hard to avert his gaze. It was such a rare occurence to be able to see his big brother’s expressions, so naturally Shu Ning wasn’t willing to let this chance pass.

Big brother seems to have calmed down?

Shu Ning started to speak hesitantly:”Brother……I didn’t get kissed by him, you checked it yourself, so you should believe me now, right?”

“That’s not enough, clearly I saw him……”

“He didn’t kiss me, really, if you don’t believe……you can take another whiff!”As Shu Ning spoke, his tears had rolled down his cheeks, he wasn’t sure whether it was out of dread or maybe he was crying at himself.

Shu Heng immediately held onto Shu Ning’s waist with one hand, securing him tightly, as if he wanted to absorb him into his own body. With his other hand, he clutched onto the back of his head, not allowing Shu Ning to move, and he really kissed him.

This time, they both closed their eyes, they were incomparably serious, even Shu Ning had tried to return the kiss. This was the first time he had done so, the first time they had been so close, the first time he allowed himself to indulge……

Big brother was drunk, he had drunk way too much, he was pressing down on my body because he couldn’t even stand properly anymore.

We’ll just try this once, there will be no more misunderstandings in the future, I want to properly find a boyfriend and stop longing for Shu Heng’s gentleness, he will only be my brother, that will be so now, and it will be so in the future. Shu Ning’s tears fell, he bravened himself and opened up his little mouth, hoping that Shu Heng could enter, it was fine even if this was a mistake.

A shock ran through Shu Heng’s body, he opened his eyes abruptly, this was too surprising! What is little brother trying to do? Opening up his lips like a fool with a flushed face, could he really be trying to prove his innocence?

In his heart, he felt slightly sour, but whatever, it was good that they could have this one chance, now he could ease up the lovesickness that had plagued him all this while, thank heavens he drank a bottle of wine deliberately, thank heavens!

WIth something so delicious put in front of them, one wanted to indulge this, but the other wanted to possess him madly. At this moment, they had forgotten the time, forgotten the place, and forgotten everything, they only had each other in their minds. Enter, exchange, entangle, and not let go of each other, I am in you, and you are in me. Several moans leaked from Shu Ning’s mouth, he was extremely forgetful of himself, the sexiness exerted by him every so often made it hard for Shu Heng to stop himself.

I really like you, I love you, my Ning Ning, grow up fast, bloom into a beautiful flower for me, I will clear up the secrets of my birth at the right time, then maybe my little brother will understand that my protection of him is not because of our relationship as family. If I told him now, maybe there’s no way Shu Ning would believe it, or maybe he’ll depend on me completely? There’s no big brother in this world that was just like Shu Heng, forcefully trying to control his younger brother’s life.

Following the passing of time, the feeling became even more wonderful and Shu Ning’s body had softer and softer, Shu Heng had become even more greedy, trying to siege him completely, he wouldn’t even let off the deeper part of him. Neither of them wanted to stop, Shu Ning’s hands were constantly curled around his brother’s waist, he didn’t let go even when he had run out of oxygen. The vision before him turned black, Shu Ning didn’t know how to breathe with his nose in the middle of a kiss, so just like a fool he fainted in the intoxicating depths of this sea of happiness.

The little hand drooped down.

Only then did Shu Heng stop, his eyes were filled with love and pity, filling up with affection. He carried up the little guy gently, this little brother of his was too pure, too wonderful, what am I going to do with you if you’re such a good boy?

For the sake of Shu Ning’s reputation, the hall from the washroom to the stairs had already been cleared out, the bodyguards were on standby on each of the private rooms to prevent any accidents, even the surveillance cameras were taken down, they were extremely strict. Shu Heng strode out in big steps, he was very worried about the condition of the little one. His jacket was wrapped around Shu Ning’s body, in case he catches a cold.

The manager of the Food City had already found out, the whole process had been settled without any slack, news were blocked from being spread, they had even deleted all the recordings since Shu Heng and Shu Ning entered, they did not leave even a single trace. When Xu Jin rushed over, Shu Heng had already left, his gaze was extremely gloomy, his good friend had come into trouble in his territory, now where are the perpetrators?

He Yu? The guy filled with injuries had been thrown to the backstreets, just like a dead dog, he had no reactions at all, he had already been sent by his bodyguards to the hospital.

When the He clan was in the spotlight, they had stepped down on many people, and swallowed up a lot of industries, they were ruthless in their actions and without limits. But right now the He clan had fallen into misfortune, naturally everybody would want to chuck stones at them.

He Yu’s “beauty shots” had already been taken by numerous people with relish. They didn’t dare to publicize it, but it was still okay to share it amongst their friends to admire.

Shu Ning fainted due to lack of oxygen, it was extremely shameful, he glanced around after he had woken up in his brother’s arms, was it tomorrow already?

Oh no, the kiss had already gone past their lips, how am I going to go outside after this? No matter, big brother was drunk so he might’ve forgotten _(:зゝ∠)_

This was the ostrich style! He had to make considerations based on the worst possible scenarios.

Shu Heng was such an amazing guy with such superb memory, Shu Ning was even wondering whether or not he would never forget it? He had been naive for a moment, maybe it’s better to think about what to do next? Playing the fool was the best option, but fifteen was already considerably old, do you think you’re still thirteen? This uncle in his thirties was down to the pits as if a cloud of gloom was floating over his head.


Shock! Can I say I’m not awake? Shu Ning who had just wanted to escape didn’t dare to move, he stared at Shu Heng and widened his dazed eyes. Did big brother just sober up from being drunk? Shu Ning’s heartrate increased, should he test it out? That sounds even dumber, but if he doesn’t do that, he would continue to be anxious, as if there’s a knife floating above his head. He had indulged himself yesterday, he had his fun, but now the pain has come /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

“Brother!”Pretend to be wronged.


Oh my god, big brother tightened his arms. In a moment, Shu Ning’s entire body had stuck over, and there almost seemed to not even be a crack between their bodies, and something hard had even appeared between his legs, it would even twitch every so often. Shu Ning was completely petrified, it was as if he had been struck by lightning, he couldn’t get back to his senses for a long time, his whole body was frozen stiff.

Shu Heng’s lower body did not move, he closed his eyes and nestled his nose against Shu Ning’s neck, smelling his fragrance, Shu Ning did not have any sort of natural fragrance but Shu Heng liked it, it felt clean, like there was no corruption within it. Subconsciously, he gave his neck a kiss, the person in his arms shuddered, did he feel it? Did he not like it?

Shu Heng did not move, and Shu Ning did not either.

It’s time to try to push it, Shu Heng stuck out his tongue and teased the little bob on Shu Ning’s throat that wasn’t very visible, he would nibble on it every so often, and right at that time, Shu Ning resisted aggressively, he wasn’t willing anymore? Shu Heng could only let him go, hearing the sounds, Shu Ning had run into the bathroom. Shu Heng didn’t move, he pretended to sleep, his eyes were still closed even when Shu Ning returned.

Shu Ning’s heart was beating like mad, is big brother asleep or not? He had to go calm himself down in the bathroom, an uncomfortable feeling had overtaken his whole body, he wanted it badly, but……his partner definitely could not be his brother!

He extended a hand tentatively and touched Shu Heng’s hair, then his arm, Shu Heng frowned, seemingly in discomfort.

“Brother?”A hangover? Damn it, what was I thinking about earlier? Shu Ning hurriedly rang the landline over to the kitchen to get them to send some hangover soup over, then he put on some proper clothes and covered Shu Heng up with the blanket, just in case their naked bodies were seen.

Shu Ning’s possessiveness in his subconscious was exceptionally strong, even he himself did not realize it.

The door sounded, Shu Ning went over and brought the hangover soup to the table, then gently pushed Shu Heng:”Brother~ You should drink something, otherwise it wouldn’t be good if your headache gets unbearable.”

Shu Heng pretended to squint as if he had just woken up, and sat himself up while using Shu Ning’s hand as a support, and on his back was an upright pillow. His little brother was so considerate, and such a good child, he was simply too satisfied with him.

Shu Ning hugged his brother with one arm and held onto a spoonful of soup with the other and gave it a blow. He tried a sip, it wasn’t too hot, the kitchen has probably prepared it early on, how proper of them.

Shu Heng drank the hangover soup fed to him personally by Shu Ning, and felt an incomparable warmth in his heart. After finishing the soup, he arched his head to the side and leaned down to bunk on the little one’s shoulder. It’s a bit small, but I don’t mind.

Thankfully Shu Ning doesn’t know, if he knew he would definitely get angry.

“Brother~ Do you feel better now?”


How could that be? He had just finished drinking it, big brother is coaxing me! Shu Ning sighed and rubbed Shu Heng’s temples.

Neither of them spoke, Shu Heng was uncomfortable and it bothered Shu Ning very much, it should be my turn to take care of him now. Both Shu Cheng and Shu Gao did not come over, Shu Ning did not even think of that to be a problem at all, only after Shu Heng returned to normal at noon did Shu Ning remember that yesterday, He Yu seemed to be……very badly injured, was he alright? Shu Heng had been so heavy-handed at that time, but he had drank too much then, would there be any troubles?

At such a crucial moment, Shu Ning should be covering for him, this had only happened because of him. Grandpa had a heart disease so it would be best to keep it from him. He should look for his dad instead, Shu Cheng was more reliable now than in his previous life, he also cared much for Shu Ning, he would definitely be furious if he found out that He Yu did that to his son.

But……it’s best to take a good look at the situation first, the best case scenario was that He Yu would stay quiet.

Shu Ning secretly called the restaurant when he went to the bathroom to ask about the situation, and checked the bill.

Shu Heng really did drink a bottle of alcohol with high alcohol content after Shu Ning left, he probably did that because he didn’t want Shu Ning to drink, he has worked hard. When the manager said that the surveillance cameras had been broken and they never took the time to repair it, Shu Ning couldn’t help but raise up the corners of his mouth, things are going so smoothly even though he planned for so much! Give a like, and while we’re at it let me light a candle for He Yu.

Shu Heng was drinking coffee in a refreshed manner, he picked up his phone and opened up his texts. As expected, the He family was furious, they were already on the way to the Shu clan’s ancestral home.

The little one’s matters definitely must not come to light, if there’s anyone to expose, it would have to be He Yu himself.

If he’s crippled then so be it, nobody asked him to take interest in somebody he shouldn’t, it’s not easy to step over the Shu family either. It was just that the little guy was too innocent, he would definitely be uneasy if he were to know. Shu Heng put down his coffee and picked up his clothes, then knocked on the door of the bathroom. Did he think he wouldn’t leave a trace if he just hid in there? This little guy really is getting cuter and cuter.

Shu Ning came out:”Brother? Why don’t you lie down for a little while longer?”

“It’s fine, I’m going out for a ride.”

“Okay, I’ll come with you.”

The corners of Shu Heng’s lips curled up, he raised his hand up to give his brother’s hair a rub, it was so soft, smooth and silky, it felt very ticklish when it brushed between his fingers.

The two went out like that, the drivers started the car with the bodyguards in tow, and off goes three cars driving in line. And what were they out for? To visit the uncle, only Shu Ning didn’t know, Shu Heng understood how good their relationship is and he also wanted to give Shu Ning a surprise. Shu Ning hadn’t asked about what happened yesterday, and Shu Heng knew that paper couldn’t hold back a fire, so he found a way to disperse the flames.

The He family’s troop of cars hadn’t even arrived when Shu Heng had already brought Shu Ning “off into the skies”.

Shu Gao had also been drawn away by Shu Cheng, Sun Lin took his suitcase and left before Shu Heng started to move.

Shu Cheng sat calmly atop the sofa, watching the He family come in in a bustle. His lips were hooked into a smile, they’ve come at a good time, it’s about time to settle some things.

He let the He family speak first, he couldn’t stop them from talking now could he? We have to follow proper etiquette.

After that, Shu Cheng took out a lot of interesting evidences, for example, He Yu was a homosexual man and he had been following Shu Ning around at the horse track, and even trailed him over to the Food City, then made a move in the washroom. In the end, he had been defeated by the drunken Shu Heng and thrown to the backstreets, just a meter away was a pile of trash, filling the place with a foul odour.

Was it disgusting?

Was it embarrassing?

And you still have the face to come to my house to talk about this?

He Yu didn’t take any alcohol so he lost, he could only blame himself for having mediocre skills compared to the other. He wanted to have his way with Shu Ning, that made him even more guilty, that is the genuine young master of the Shu family right there, Shu Cheng’s biological son! Not only that, there were even traces left behind in the capital that He Yu had been stalking Shu Ning. These things had been arranged to be gathered and sent to Shu Cheng by Shu Gao, everything had been turned upside down in just one night.

He Yu who was just fine had been crippled, the He clan wouldn’t let things go just like this, it was too much of a face slapping.

But the He clan had been too unlucky these days, those at the capital had also been crumbling down recently, they’ll definitely be implicated if they don’t find a good way to settle this.

Since it was impossible to drag the Shu clan down into the water, then even more so they shouldn’t be offending them, otherwise the situation would become even more worrying.

The He family immediately played out a good show, showing their great distaste for their homosexual grandson, saying that they wanted to cut off their ties with He Yu, and apologized on the spot, Then, they left with heavy hearts, but they were actually very upset and angry in their hearts, just you wait, Shu clan! They would never take such a big humiliation sitting down.

They were just compromising with them for the time being, everyone knew that this had been no big deal for Shu Cheng at all.

He Yu had just woken up and he found that he couldn’t move any part of his body, both his arms and legs were encased with plasters, and his whole head was wrapped up like a dumpling, making him look as if he was some sort of mummy.

“Wu wu wu wu……”He wasn’t able to speak properly anymore? He Yu was very shocked and very afraid, his anxiety made his brother and mother by his side break into tears.

“My son, my son……Shu Heng has gone way too overboard!”Han Yu was too heart broken, choking through her tears, she could barely speak.

He Jiong also doted on He Yu very much, he cared very much for his brother so he had been taking note for a long time, and has already noticed that something wasn’t right with He Yu since a long time ago, he had also spoken to him in private. On the surface, He Yu would promise him, but then he would never change, and right now the He family was caught up in so many issues, there were so many people eyeing on this nice slab of meat, so he had to speak with him as his big brother, but He Yu really was too badly injured, he won’t be able to live his life properly in the future.

Shu Heng, other people can’t understand why you could be so cruel, after all the two families would occasionally cooperate, how could you hurt someone so badly after all these years of harmony?

But He Jiong could understand, if He Yu had been raped at a place that he could not see, He Jiong may have gone mad, and he may even have killed someone.

“Big brother, why don’t you say something, your younger brother is so miserable now, you definitely can’t let Shu Heng go! And that Shu Ning, he can’t be let off either.”

Shu Ning was innocent, after all he had not even matured yet.

He Jiong narrowed his eyes and watched with much pain in his heart how his brother could only cry and not speak, his voice was exceptionally hoarse and ugly:”If you don’t want to change, then don’t, that child will be yours if you want him, as for Shu Heng, big brother will find a way to deal with him, you should just recover your body properly, and your face……We can just settle that with plastic surgery.”

Plastic surgery wasn’t big in China yet, all the celebrities were all natural! The fresh ones hadn’t gotten popular either, if they wanted to get plastic sugery, they had to go overseas. On one hand it was to get away from the limelight, and the other, you could say they were just trying to forget their worries. It was better than just staying here and not daring to go outside, and what’s more, rumours were springing up outside and they were all talking about how He Yu had been beat up and sent to the hospital after making some drunken trouble, all the paparazzi were on their feet trying to take first edition shots of him.

This is what happens when your backing falls through, they were also being pushed around at the capital, and each day was getting worse than the previous.

He Jiong gave Han Yu a comforting pat on the shoulder:”Mom, just take good care of grandpa at home, I’m around for all the other matters.”

“Do you have a plan?”

“Aren’t I not married yet? Depending on the He family at the capital is no different from changing the main house, and the Wen family at the capital has a daughter, she’s not bad.”

After a slight startle, Han Yu was agitated and stood up abruptly to clutch at her son’s collar:”Have you gone mad?”

As a mother, she was roaring in the face of her son’s future, not caring about her image as a wealthy mistress at all:”That girl is slow in the head! Everybody knows this.”

“Mom, the times are changing, the Shu family is getting in front and all the other families are falling behind, if it could be He Yu today, then it might be He Ran tomorrow,”He Jiong gave his mother a hug, and wiped away the tears from her cheek with his thumb, the tears that she shed for him:”Mom, I’m already old now, don’t worry over me too much, alright?”

“Jiong Jiong~”

“There’s still He Ran in the He family! The bloodline won’t end here,”He Jiong saw his mother shake her head slightly, he knew how much she hurts, and so he told her of his future plans:”I will find someone to surrogate a child, we can put him under He Ran’s name then adopt him as my own later, it’s the same.”

Han Yu’s eyes brightened up, she was relieved, He Yu on the bed also breathed a sigh of relief. Just you wait, Shu Heng, and Shu Ning as well, it’ll be your turn to cry soon!

Those in the ward had been too happy too early, they thought they had checked it over, did they think that their conversation wouldn’t be exposed if they just had people keeping watch outside?

On the highway, Shu Heng was holding the little one who was having his nap in the car, an earphone was worn in his ear, he had heard everything, the secret agent did well, ten points to him.

High risk comes with high returns, Shu Heng would naturally reward those who put their lives under the line to obtain information for him, he would never be stingy with this.

After several hours, they’ve reached the place, now how should he wake the little one up?

Shu Heng thought of the kiss from yesterday and felt himself heat up a little, and so with one hand, he held the little one’s ear, and lowered his head…….


RWSB Chapter 73

I’m not dead i just went outside! But I went outside for too long I apologize. Although my mom is dragging me off for work tomorrow, I will resume my daily updates promptly.


“Of course I like you,” Shu Ning spoke sincerely, there was no ripple in his words at all.

“Really?”Shu Heng was very excited.

“Mm, I like you the most, I only like my big brother,”Shu Ning felt that in this world, if there was someone he could say he trusted, and if Shu Heng was not a choice, who else could he choose if he didn’t like him?

Dad Shu Cheng loved Qin Yu Zhuo, otherwise what could that woman use as a capital?

Shu Gao was doting on Shu Yao, kissing his little grandson, the one to be raised by his side was the most favoured one.

After the natural deaths of these tall mountains, what else did Shu Yao still have? Qin Yu Zhuo? She can’t hold on for too long either. Shu Ning was still unlikely to make things hard for the baby, the future will just have to come on its own. As for Shu Heng, he was great, really the best, Shu Ning was willing to share weal and woe with him for the rest of his life.

Shu Heng had mixed emotions, his little brother’s like, was not exactly the like he wished for……

The horse track was not far away, it was a big place, and very professional, there were already people riding horses over there. Shu Ning looked over, almost all of them were people he was familiar with, he just hadn’t met them in this lifetime. Although the horse track did not display a clear price, the high costs of the place still discouraged normal people from visiting, some people had even specially raised their own purebred horses here that were tall, strong, and beautiful, showing off their distinguished status.

Shu Heng did not have any hobbies of playing around with horses, he had only come today for his little brother to have a good time. They chose two of the most eye-catching ones, the staff at the farm were also riding horses as they accompanied them while holding onto the ropes. Shu Ning actually already knew how to ride a horse, he had a better than usual mood today so he was sitting quietly, enjoying the time he could spend with his big brother.

When they arrived at the side of the mountain, Shu Ning’s pupils shrunk, he actually saw He Yu and He Ran!

He Ran had been hanging about the field of snow for so long, so other than the occasional cold, he rarely had any other illnesses, whereas Shu Zi Hui had a fever and wasn’t even able to get out of bed. Shu Gao was a great god, he just had to pull a little trick to stop He Ran from daring to hop about, Shu Zi Hui had also understood where she stood, the old head of the He family wanted to build up hype with Shu Zi Hui, but they had no chance. After Gu Ya found out, she understood even more what she had to do in the future, she should be educating her daughter properly, and keep her greed on check in case she got trampled to death by these elephants, then there’ll be something to cry about.

He Ran’s eyes brightened up, but he held himself back, Shu Heng was the top dog amongst the youngsters of C City so he wouldn’t give him any face, so he simply decided to wait outside the changing room, he’ll definitely bump into Shu Ning there.

He Yu had also noticed Shu Ning, the little one was riding a white horse in a full suit of white, making him look even more delicate and pretty. Although his features were not alluring, and not very pretty, he had an unparallelled temperament that nobody could match. Both of the two brothers were calculating, with a gleam in their eyes, but they did not go forth. Shu Heng had a high reputation with his edge was all on display, he wasn’t an easy guy to get along with.

After riding for a while, the little one still seemed down in spirits. Shu Heng simply decided to turn over and sat behind Shu Ning, he sent off the staff and giddied up the horse.

The wind whistled past their ears, and the feeling rose up.

Shu Ning who knew how to ride a horse naturally wouldn’t be content with the speed of a slow trot, running wildly like this is where it’s at!

Winter days were very cold, but he had his big brother’s warmth on his back, and his sturdy chest, it made him feel very comfortable. Shu Ning narrowed his eyes, he hoped that time could stop, and he hoped that he would not leave too fast years later.

Shu Heng had good riding skills, bringing Shu Ning, he brought the horse to a halt under a big tree and hooked the little one’s chin over with a finger, a leisurely look was present in his eyes:”You’ve got quite the guts.”

“Cause you’re here.”

“That little mouth of yours sure is sweet, makes me want to give it a try.”

Brother ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Is this how you’re supposed to joke with your little brother?

Shu Heng endured it, there were surveillance cameras all around the horse track, they couldn’t be sure that the trees could block them even if there were trees everywhere. Shu Heng brought Shu Ning back, they’ve started to sweat so he was worried that his little brother would catch a cold, they should be changing their clothes now. The Shu family had their own exclusive room, Shu Heng brought Shu Ning in, this made He Ran who was watching outside stop in his tracks, he simply decided to run out.

“Ha ha ha, Shu Ning, long time no see~”Uh, that’s now what I wanted to say, blame it on Shu Heng for having such high pressure, this was what He Ran was thinking to himself.

“He Ran?”Shu Ning pretended to be ignorant.

“I came with my brother to ride horses but he’s off to the washroom, oh that’s right, are you here to ride horses as well? How about we take a trip here together next time?

Shu Ning was just about to speak but Shu Heng had already started to speak:”Anything you need?”

Oh shit, the corners of He Ran’s mouth twitched and he stayed silent, he had only shook his head.

Shu Heng raised his head to hold Shu Ning’s shoulder, and walked in the room with him, several of their bodyguards were stationed by the door so even if He Ran could turn into a fly, he wouldn’t be able to get in.

At the entrance to the washroom, He Yu who had heard everything touched his chin, it seems quite difficult to get close to this little beauty, but this is interesting, as his prey, he would taste the most delicious if he took things slowly, He Yu had patience.

Shu Ning took off his clothes and immediately got in the shower. His big brother was right next door with a board between them. Shu Heng asked Shu Ning what he wanted to eat, and Shu Ning replied that he wanted to eat hot pot, a super spicy mala hot pot! Since it’s a New Year’s wish, Shu Heng might not refuse wouldn’t he? o(n_n)o

After the two came out from their shower, He Ran had already disappeared, He Yu also did not show himself, could they have run off? Shu Ning rolled his eyes, since they’re afraid of Shu Heng and didn’t dare to come out, how about I give them a chance? And so Shu Ning found a random reason to send off Shu Heng, so how about…… He Ran?

If he was going to leave, it was natural for him to tell his friend about it, right?

He Ran was mysteriously shot while lying down, and even the look in Shu Heng’s eyes had gone dark.

Shu Ning found He Ran in one of the other lounges. He Ran was even quite surprised, and it showed on his face:”Oh damn, and here I thought I wouldn’t get to play with you.”

“I came to ask about yesterday.”

He Ran raised an eyebrow and patted the seat beside him. Shu Ning leaned on the wall and did not go over, there was a rather sharp look in his gaze.

He Ran pouted, he was slightly dissatisfied:”What’s up with you? Didn’t I just get interested in…… Besides I dont like Shu Zi Hui anymore, I’ll give that to you straight.”

“That girl’s only fourteen.”

“Isn’t Shu Zi Hui fourteen as well? I can do with that just the same,”He Ran did not see anything wrong.

What? Shu Ning’s eyes were widened into circles:”You and her……”

He Ran nodded and shrugged, he spread a hand out:”Sorry but, it was her own will, don’t make it sound like I’m bullying a little flower girl, but that little lady with the pink skirt last night is quite a spicy one, she dared to offend even me, actually……I quite like that.”

“He Ran,”Shu Ning called him by his full name, and a dangerous look rose up in his gaze:”Shu Zi Hui stuck over by herself, and the second house was willing, she’s different from Shu Yin. In the past, although my brother didn’t care for anyone’s face, but it was you two who was wrong first, I admit that in order to force you into submission, the second houses did use some underhanded methods, One lady of the Shu family had already been spoiled and us of the main family won’t blame it on you, but if you provoke a second one, don’t blame me for not reminding you, be careful.”

He Ran was no fool, his brows were knitted into a deep frown:”I’m already sick of hearing things like this.”

“Whatever you do, you’re on your own.”

“Hey hey hey, you’re leaving just like that?”He Ran rushed to catch up to him, and held up Shu Ning from the front:”Alright alright, I get it, okay?”

“My brother is waiting for me, see you next time!”

He Ran:”……”Seeing that Shu Ning left, he felt that he definitely had a place in his heart, if not why would he specially come over to give me a warning? He Ran suddenly thought things through and stopped pondering, but where has his second brother gone? How strange.

Shu Heng followed Shu Ning up to the car, Shu Heng did not make a single sound, Shu Ning was thinking: Was his big brother angry? He wouldn’t go that far, and so he stayed silent as well, pondering over some matters.

The Food City of the Xu Jin family was huge, both the first and second floors were seafood restaurants while the third floor were homely dishes, on the fourth were the hot pot restaurants and the fifth were cafes and the like, the tenth floor was a western restaurant that was very famous. Shu Heng had the bodyguards book a room under their name, he reckoned that it wouldn’t be more than an hour before Xu Jin would arrive. Naturally, the service staff recognized the young master Shu Heng, so they would definitely inform Xu Jin.

No matter how much of a pair of bros they are, there would still be times where they wouldn’t want to see each other, their tacit understanding lied within their names.

The room wasn’t too big, there was a window and the layout was very quiet, feels pretty good. Shu Ning had come here before, so naturally he sat down familiarly and flipped through the menu. Shu Heng was already used to it and had already started to order, one of each, if that wasn’t enough they could order more later. Shu Ning ordered some alcohol, Shu Heng raised a brow but did not stop him, there was no problem with him having a glass of fruit wine with only seven percent of alcohol.

Shu Ning’s heart was drumming in his chest, how come big brother had no reaction? Didn’t he say that I’m not allowed to drink before I’m a legal adult?

The yin yang hot pot had already heated up, and stacks of food were placed on the table, as well as a bottle of wine. Shu Heng uncorked the wine and poured a glass for Shu Ning, and one for himself. Shu Ning was quite surprised, he even thanked him.

While they were eating the hot pot, Shu Ning was finally satisfied, this was the super spicy one, wa wa wa wa~ So exciting~ Give a like to my big brother.

Shu Ning’s body was very good right now, he had no illnesses or any disasters, he had already caught up to the normal standards of a fifteen year old boy, naturally his resistance and whatnot had also raised considerably so Shu Heng stepped back a bit, he could let Shu Ning have some fun during the New Year’s. But speaking back to it, this really was quite spicy, Shu Heng endured it but little drops of sweat started to form on his forehead, he was still sitting calmly, at the very least the little cutie peeking over wouldn’t find out.

After that, Shu Heng would occasionally eat some spicy ones, but most of the time he would opt for the non spicy version, while Shu Ning was constantly eating the super spicy one, he drank water, and drank wine, the only thing lacking was a wagging tail.

Shu Heng narrowed his eyes and personally peeled a prawn, and passed it over to Shu Ning. After Shu Ning opened his mouth and ate it, he suddenly reacted, uh, what’s big brother doing? He hasn’t forgotten?

“I’ll only eat what big brother feeds me in the future.”

“Good boy.”

Oh no, he really remembered, Shu Ning rolled his eyes in his heart, and only forgot about it after rolling his eyes countless times and continued to eat, doing this just meant that big brother cared for me o(n_n)o Shu Ning was pleased, he passed him a fishball, this yummy little thing has already been bubbling about in the pepper pile for a long time, its appearance had almost turned red.

With a calm exterior, Shu Heng opened his mouth and ate it, then slowly chewed, and swallowed.

So you’re really not afraid? Shu Ning believed him, Shu Heng’s palm had actually started to sweat as he ate a few mouthfuls of vegetables indifferently, before Shu Heng picked up his glass of water……

It must be said that he was very calm, Shu Heng was the best at keeping a poker face, Shu Ning was not as great, the disappointed little expression was in clear view. Shu Heng had a leisurely look:”Don’t eat too much, it’s too spicy.”

“Big brother thinks it’s spicy?”( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Didn’t seem like it~

“Mm, this is the first time I’ve had such spicy food, you shouldn’t eat so much either, you’ll get a stomach ache at night.”

“I know my limits, don’t worry big brother,”Shu Ning’s heart was fulfilled, and the smile on his face was even deeper, he was back to his lively self and naturally he knew when to stop, he had also peeled a big prawn for his big brother and brought it to his mouth.

Shu Heng deliberately knocked his fingers into Shu Ning’s, and Shu Ning pulled his hand back abruptly, feeling slightly embarrassed, but thankfully his big brother didn’t mind. he peeled another and fed it to Shu Ning. It felt weird, Shu Ning took a deep breath, but he did not put it to heart. After that, Shu Heng poured another half glass of wine for Shu Ning:”This is all you can have this year, you’re not allowed to drink anywhere I can’t see you doing it, understand?”


After some wine, this little brother of his was kicking and making a mess, he was completely a little devil, Shu Heng enjoyed this very much so naturally he wasn’t willing to let anyone else see this side of Shu Ning. Especially that fascinating and charming side of him, it made Shu Heng unable to stop himself, he was caught by it time and time again, his pole had already risen up to the skies, the days of only being able to use his hand is too difficult.

Shu Ning had a small appetite, he was already full. Big brother was still eating, so he went to the washroom, but he didn’t expect that he would bump into He Ran’s brother here, He Yu.

They had just met at the race track earlier but that was by accident, but to call this another accident didn’t seem right, he actually followed me over to Food City, oh heavens, how daring!

“We meet again.”

The evil aura surrounding this person was great, he flashed him a smile and his eyes were filled with aggression, and a strong one at that?

Shu Ning pretended to not notice and he kept a calm look in his eyes:”Mm, long time no see, the odour here is very strong so I’ll take my leave first.”

The floor in the washroom was almost so clean you could use it as a mirror, and the smell of roses were floating about, how could there be any odours? This little thing doesn’t like me, He Yu laughed:”Hold on, I have something I wish to speak with you about, alone, I’ve booked a private room so why don’t you come have a seat? He Ran is also there, he was making noise about wanting to see you earlier.”

That’s a lie, Shu Ning had already specially went over to speak with He Ran before he left, he wanted to give He Yu a chance to get caught by Shu Heng, and have him open the door to the “other world” for him.

But in the end, this bastard was too good, he didn’t dare to show himself at all, but if he hung around too long within the washroom, his big brother would come over, wouldn’t he? Shu Ning made some plans, he had to pull his chess pieces back and put on a good show, he wrinkled his brows:”Let’s just talk here.”

“Are you sure?”

“Mm,”Shu Ning nodded, his face was very red and pretty since he’s had some wine to drink, his gaze was hazy and slightly misty, it made him look very innocent, his lips were also bright red from the spicy food he had earlier, very delicate and filled with temptation.

A maintenance sign was set up outside. In this little space with only the two of them, He Yu narrowed his eyes and step by step, he got closer. Shu Ning was forced to step back, up till his back reached the wall. When Shu Ning turned his head back to look, his hand stretched behind him very naturally and he long pressed the buttons on his phone, while He Yu took another step forward, leaning very close to him.

Oh shit! He’s the active type.

Could it be…… he likes to use force? And here I thought he was a noble prince, naturally Shu Ning wanted to evade him, but with a stretch of the man’s hand, he blocked his side, the handsome face had already lowered down:”What are you running for? Are you fifteen this year?”


“Have you started to try meat?”


“He Ran grew up alongside you but he’s already had a taste, but you’re still a vegetarian it seems~”

So he’s laying it bare, Shu Ning’s attitude turned cold:”What are you trying to achieve with these words?”Shu Ning had already thought of the countermeasures when he saw He Yu, the call on the phone in his pocket had already connected, all the numbers were set to that person, it was easy to see how much Shu Ning thought about him, it was quite clear who the call was to. At such a crucial moment, it all depends on what He Yu was going to say, but don’t you let my plans down.

Shu Ning may have on a look of indifference, seemingly quite angry, but he was actually quite anticipant.

He Yu really was amazing, he curled up his lips and his smile had turned even more evil:”Take a guess~”

“I don’t know, go away, I want to go back.”

He Yu’s idle hand pushed to the front, and caught him in his arms while shocking Shu Ning at the same time, his wicked aura was overbearing and his gaze was vicious:”Hey little one, don’t refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit, Shu Heng ain’t anything much, I, He Yu, had never had him in my eyes, come on~ I’ll receive your first kiss!”

When He Yu said have you started to try meat, he says “have you ended your vegetarian diet” and I’m pretty sure y’all know what he means yall nasty bastards

refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit : if you refuse a toast and you get a forfeit so you still have to drink\

first kiss my ass shu ning lost his kissginity ages ago nice try he yu

RWSB Chapter 72

Oh man I think this is the last of the 10k chapters, thank you again everyone who supported the project on ko-fi~ o/


Shu Heng entered in a big stride, and the atmosphere that had originally been lively was taken over by a rush of a cold stream. It was instantly quiet with nary a sound, one by one their eyes turned towards Shu Heng as if they had been caught by an infectious disease.

He had always been so outstanding, just like a phoenix amongst a crowd of chicken.

The crowd parted by itself, and Shu Heng looked straight towards Shu Ning with a focused gaze like that of an emperor’s, and step by step he walked forth to stand before him.

“I’m back.”

“Brother~ The trip must be tiring, let’s go upstairs?”

“Alright,”Shu Heng agreed, he raised his hand and gave Shu Ning’s head a pat, then turned to look towards Shu Cheng:”Dad, happy New Year’s, I’m going to go see grandpa first.”

Shu Cheng raised his hands, and seeing his sons, his smile had reached his eyes:”Go ahead.”

Shu Heng stretched out his big hand and took Shu Ning’s very naturally, and the two walked towards the second floor. Everywhere they walked past, there were many people giving them New Year’s greetings and the like, Shu Heng responded to them one by one but his attitude still remained indifferent, and seemingly even haughty, but everyone felt that this was a matter of course, they’ve already gotten used to it.

The two left in such a showy way just like that, while He Ran was watching the scene as he stood by the corner, feeling slightly pleased, his friend was a big shot and it made him feel proud too. After having some food, he wasn’t as hungry anymore, with furtive glances he observed the good looking little lady in the pink skirt. He pulled up his collar like a gentleman and walked over in a graceful stride, he hadn’t even extended his claws when the little lady was being brought upstairs.

Shu Yin was flattered, Shu Ning was very aloof and he didn’t care for anyone, after just a few words with him he would ask them to help themselves and they wouldn’t even get the chance to start another sentence, they were all around the same age so clearly they were at the right age to get along. Shu Ning wasn’t around so the maid who led the way bowed slightly, and asked her to choose a scarf.

Unexpectedly, she had dirtied her cuffs. The girl’s face was slightly red, but she was also happy about Shu Ning’s attentiveness, she picked one in pale pink and circled it around her shoulders, feeling just like a butterfly who landed on top of a flower, bringing a hint of naughtiness within her beauty, it looked good. After Shu Yin gave her thanks, she wanted to leave, and the maid accompanied her.

When they were about to go down the stairs, the maid exclaimed in confusion.

Shu Yin was curious:”What’s wrong?”

“Isn’t that He Ran? Miss Zi Hui’s fiancé, it’s not the day for outsiders to come give their New Year’s greetings, so why had he come? I’m sorry Miss Shu Yin, I have to go check on the kitchen now.”

“Go on~”

Shu Yin was no fool, this was to remind her. As expected, she had only taken a few steps when He Ran had stuck himself over.

Shu Yin was a nice young lady, upright and sensible, the type of people she hates the most were the frivolous type like He Ran. With a turn of her eyes, she gave him a humph and walked straight away.

He Ran paused for a moment, but he became even more enthusiastic:”My name’s He Ran, what’s yours? You’re quite the little lady with a personality, I like that.”

Shu Yin hurriedly walked away but He Ran chased after her with jest. In desperation, Shu Yin hid behind Shu Kai, and who was Shu Kai? He was a mean tough guy, he would even dare to offend Shu Zi Xuan for Shu Heng. He could feel his clothes tighten at his back, he was caught by a little missy, wasn’t this Shu Yin? Cute, innocent, romantic, and likeable. At this moment, Shu Yin had a face of impatience and it was obvious she was looking for a big brother to come to her aid.

“What’s wrong?”Shu Kai chuckled, he brought Shu Yin into his arms and comforted her.

Shu Yin glared at He Ran with an angry huff:”He’s pestering me.”

Shu Kai raised and eyebrow, and the look in his eyes turned fierce:”Who’re you? Hey now, isn’t this He Ran? Shu Zi Hui’s fiancé, what are you chasing after my little sis for?”

He Ran was used to the big scene so naturally he was very direct with his words:”I bumped into her on accident earlier, so I’d like to pay her an apology, but she seems to have misunderstood!”

Shu Yin sucked in a breath:”You were clearly……”

“Wanting to apologize,”He Ran said with a smile, looking rather handsome:”Since I’ve said what I had to say, I’ll be taking my leave.”

This was a place where he shouldn’t be causing trouble in, and since he couldn’t get his hands on the pretty little girl, it was better to escape first in case Shu Zi Hui gets entangled into this.

Speak of the devil and she shall show herself, Shu Zi Hui was barely holding onto the smile on her face, the people at the surrounding area had all overheard the earlier mess, and the results of that was no good. Shu Zi Hui was, after all, the daughter of the second house, she was a little princess with a higher status than those of the other houses, she must not embarrass herself here. And so she raised her chin and stepped forward.

“What happened?”

Shu Kai narrowed his eyes:”Nothing.”

Shu Zi Hui wouldn’t let it go just like this:”Shu Yin, tell her.”

Shu Yin was sensible, year by year her family’s status was deteriorating, so naturally she wouldn’t dare to do anything to Shu Zi Hui, even if she told the truth, a moment of victory would still be kept as a grudge in the future. She pursed her lips, for the sake of the family she will have to endure it.

Shu Zi Hui smiled coldly and grabbed He Ran’s shoulder:”You are also a daughter of the Shu family, you should learn some manners when you return, don’t be an eyesore.”

Shu Kai was already twenty this years, two months younger than Shu Heng. He was the big brother after all, so it was hard to say anything bad no matter how poisonous the tongues of these two little sisters are:”Alright alright, It was just a misunderstanding, You didn’t see anything just now, Zi Hui, so there’s no need to be so domineering, tone it down a bit, let’s not keep any grudges then we’ll be able to get along the next time we meet.”

“Brother Kai, was it my fault? She was clearly the one talking nonsense, if things don’t get explained properly, what am I going to do if this makes my fiancé look bad?”

“Didn’t you hear what I just said?”Shu Kai started to get angry.

Shu Zi Hui clenched her teeth:”……”

For the sake of reputation, she has to step out in this crowd! To fall out with her relatives with no turning back! He Ran who was about to go felt touched, but a fierce look appeared in his gaze, he was after all the genuine third young master of the He clan, he had the vigour, the ability, and the backers. Normally, He Ran was the most capable, he has already seen that look plenty of times:”I say, bro, for the sake of Zi Hui I’ll call you bro, they’re both your little sisters so you should treat them the same, right? Zi Hui, you too, now why would you have to bicker with someone under you? Let’s go, I brought a gift for old grandpa Shu on behalf of my grandfather, how about you follow me up?”

The ones who were allowed upstairs were no ordinary people, and their status must definitely not be bad!

The old head of the He family was died and they held a very grand funeral, and now the He clan was in a worrying state because the next generation was still young.

Things were all about business in the C City side, and there was nothing he could do to help out at the capital. It was fine if he was lacking in finances, as long as he asks for it, the old man, He Ran’s grandfather, would pamper him with care. He was hospitalized some time ago, if their influence over at the capital were to be swallowed up by the other families in the capital, their backing will be gone, and they would also be affected by the by it, hopefully his nephew can hold on!

When He Ran mentioned the old man, Steward Sun Hao Ran immediately told Shu Cheng, and naturally the calm head of the family wouldn’t put it to heart. With a raise of his hand, he let He Ran and Shu Zi Hui go up.

But who was Shu Gao?

Newborn calves aren’t afraid of tigers.

Hopefully they won’t get any nightmares when they go back at night.

Shu Cheng looked like a gentleman but actually, he had his eyes on the He family since a long time ago.

Several of the relatives with high statuses raised their glasses respectfully, Shu Cheng curled up the corners of his mouth and knocked glasses with these brothers of his, and chatted with them.

Inside the room on the second floor, Shu Heng immediately went to the bedroom to bathe after bringing Shu Ning up to see their grandfather, Shu Ning who didn’t even need to bathe yet was stripped of his clothes by his brother, and forced to accompany him _(:3ゝ∠)_

He’s way too overbearing.

But as a gay bottom, he enjoyed this quite a lot.

To be able to so intimate with his big brother was Shu Ning’s favourite! He picked up the bath sponge and helped his big brother wash up. It had to be said that Shu Heng really was too loved by God, seeing his smooth skin, his big, strong muscles, his narrow waist and sculpted serratus muscles, and perfect eight pack abs. Shu Ning stared blankly at him, and moved his gaze down.

Shu Heng was washing his hair so he didn’t know.

Shu Ning narrowed his eyes, big brother’s butt is so perky, his face was slightly flushed and he could actually feel his throat getting parched, Shu Ning swallowed his saliva, and continued to observe him greedily, big brother’s legs seems to have gotten longer, he’s not going to grow taller is he? That’s crazy, can’t you give a man a break? /(tot)/~~

However, those legs were just too eye-catching, they were long and straight. Big brother’s body was the best, there was no trace of loose flab on him, it was all nice and firm, and a nice thin layer of skin covered his muscles, they were simply God’s most perfect masterpieces.


Shu Ning was shocked, at that time he was trying to swallow his saliva, and so a tragedy happened. Hic~ Hic~ Hic~ he hiccupped, his body trembled again and again along with the sound, making him look quite pitiful.

Shu Heng rinsed the bubbles on his head, with a stretch of his alluring legs, he sat into the water. Splash~ the water poured out from the edges, and the awkward atmosphere still remained.

Little brother is so cute, he’s getting cuter and cuter. Xu Jin had clearly complained that it won’t be fun to play with their little brothers anymore when they grow up, but that didn’t apply to Shu Ning, he was still so silly and adorable, and he even had his own angelic aura.

In Shu Heng’s eyes, Shu Ning who sat with his hands on the edge of the bathtub had such rich a rich array of expressions, and a fascinating figure looming under the water, it was so exceptionally attractive, so beautiful and looking so delicious. He knew that giving him a fright could stop the hiccups but Shu Heng couldn’t bear to do that to him, they’ve separated for so long and they were just able to meet up again, he had to pamper the little guy properly.

Shu Heng leaned over abruptly, and when Shu Ning returned from his daze, his head was caught by a pair of hands and his face lowered down for a kiss, he ground down, turned around, and even gave his lips a little lick.

Shu Ning was overly shocked, his eyes were wide and he was completely petrified.

Shu Heng knew when best to stop, but in truth how could he be willing to part with it? Thinking about being able to get rowdy when Shu Ning fell asleep at night was the only way he could endure it:”There we go.”


“Your hiccups are gone.”

Bro, can you be more normal? My heart pretty much stopped earlier okay? Σ( ° △°|||)︴

I want to complain, write a letter, I want to snitch……This big brother is definitely a fake one, he’s a fake one, he turned stupid from studying too much abroad /(tot)/~~ Give me back my aloof male god~ Sob~ Sob~

There were so many relatives downstairs and as a junior, it was no good for him not to make an appearance. After finishing their bath, he put on a black suit leisurely, it made his entire person seem dark and mysterious, with an even more dangerous atmosphere, people would be scared to even look at him.

Shu Ning had also put on a grey suit, matching his brother. On his body it looked so damn cool, even a model couldn’t achieve such a high class visual with a suit. It could only be considered handsome when worn on Shu Ning’s body, bearing an elegant air. Shu Heng picked up the tie given to him by Shu Ning previously and walked to his little brother, did he still have to say what he meant?

There was a rather warm feeling, nobody could bear to break the moment, neither of them talked.

After receiving it, Shu Ning gave it a touch, it was good as new just like it was when he had just bought it, this means that his big brother had been treasuring it, it should be time to buy him some more gifts.

Shu Ning was slow and unhurriedly, paying attention to every step, and making sure his tie was tied perfectly. His little hands touched the tie again,seeming as if he could touch the person through the tie, this person who could make one so imaginative.

He is the big brother that belongs to me, he doesn’t belong to me……Shu Ning erased the words from his heart, and showed a slightly bitter smile.

“What’s wrong?”

Big brother’s gaze was like a burning torch as he stared straight at him, Shu Ning could tell without even looking, and another smile curled up around the corner of his lips:”We just got back together and we have to separate again, I was just feeling out of it for a moment, let’s go, we shouldn’t let grandpa wait.”

Shu Gao had said that he would go down to sit around for a while to take a look at all the youngsters, so Shu Ning and Shu Heng had to go down quickly in case they made their elders wait for nothing.

Downstairs, Shu Gao had already come down several minutes early. He was seated on the host’s seat and Shu Cheng was very filial, he sat at the seat next to him. Everyone was surrounding them and they were all very happy, everyone was chatting with each other and were generally very talkative, in the arms of the profound Shu Gao was a little child, it was Shu Yao. He looked white and clean, and didn’t cry, a very loveable child.

As for the child’s mother, it was surprising but nobody asked about it. If she were around, naturally she would’ve come out to greet the guests, but if not, there was no need to bother themselves to say anything about it.

Even if they wanted to curry favour with someone, they had to see whether that person was worth it!

Right now Shu Yao was like a small little ball, he was already fifteen months, two years old. His big and adorable eyes were looking curiously at everything, wearing beige coloured cotton clothes, there was no need to even mention how cute he was. This child seems to be very valued, everybody was making guesses and seeing Shu Gao and Shu Cheng’s attitude, it was as they expected. During the time when the second young master had just returned, nobody knew how he was treated, there weren’t any banquets nor announcements, but after that they may have slowly started to like him, so they gradually paid more attention to the second young master. Everybody actually felt quite diffident about the treatment the third young master received, because they didn’t celebrate his first full month nor his birthday, nobody could find any clues about it and they weren’t able to find the reason.

Shu Heng took Shu Ning’s hand and was currently walking down the stairs, Shu Ning was secretly laughed.

Shu Heng looked over with his sharp gaze:”Tell me about it.”

“I’ll tell you at night.”

“No can do.”

“Brother, you’re getting more and more overbearing.”

“You don’t like it?”

“……”Shu Ning 囧 for a while, and chose to change the topic:”He Ran went to see the old man earlier, I don’t even know how that worked out.”

“He’s digging for a jade pendant in the snow.”

“Huh? What happened, tell me quickly.”

“I’ll tell you at night.”

o(╯□╰)o Replied so quickly? This caught Shu Ning off guard, wasn’t big brother a soft man? How could he bear to make me worry? Shu Ning may have been too spoiled from his pampering, he simply shook off his big brother’s hand. As expected, Shu Heng gave in. He took his hand again and there was an obscure look in his eyes:”Grandpa accidentally lost something he treasured, so he had Shu Zi Hui go out to look for it.”

Shu Zi Hui had been too over the top today so naturally she would be disciplined, if not she wouldn’t be behaving properly in the future. She had made too much of a mess and He Ran was her fiancé so naturally he would hae to follow suit, and so the two were to become “snowmen” in the field of snow ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

The He family hadn’t even fallen yet, was this really fine? But of course, with the Shu clan’s actions, all the wildly ambitious people were like cats who had smelled some fish, they’ll definitely make a move. Shu Ning figured out the key point and gave Shu Heng’s hand a squeeze, it caught his interest:”I laughed earlier because I was thinking that big brother had to go down to greet guests now.”

Greeting guests, catering to guests, there wasn’t anything strange about this but it was still nice to cater to people on some occasions~ Erotic, and with a slightly warm hint.

A smile actually curved up on Shu Heng’s lips, although it was just for a moment, it was still enough to surprise Shu Ning, big brother was too handsome, he really makes both mortals and gods angry. Shu Heng had already leaned over and his lips was stuck by the little one’s ear, his warm breath carried a strange feeling, and Shu Heng’s voice was exceptionally husky:”Master~ Can I serve you tonight?”

Shu Ning shivered, and was dumbfounded, he was petrified into a statue.

Shu Heng seems to have gotten addicted to this, he continued to exhale deliberately:”I can warm the bed~”

Shu Ning ran down the stairs in a fluster. Everyone was by his grandpa’s side and there were several large bonsai plants by the stairs so nobody saw him in this embarrassing state. Shu Heng was following behind him and Shu Ning didn’t even dare to look back, he wanted to run but he controlled himself, and came to the area the crowd was gathering at:”Grandpa, brother is bullying me!”

How could he say that? Everybody perked up their ears.

Shu Gao chuckled and hurriedly handed Shu Yao to the servant, then he spread open his arms:”Come over and let grandpa see what he’s done, ah, you’re all pouty, seems you’re real angry this time, Ah Cheng, what do you think we should do?”

Shu Gao’s style changed all of a sudden, it was too abrupt, it was hard for some people to accept in such a short amount of time, this person who had always been so dark had suddenly turned into a warm baby, and he still knew how to make a joke?

We must’ve started the conversation wrong, this was what many relatives were thinking.

Shu Cheng was holding a tea cup and a smile was playing about his eyebrows, this smile was different from the one that lacked feeling he had shown to the others earlier:”Just give him a red envelope, if not, we can just give Xiao Heng’s red envelopes to him this year as well.”

With a twitch of Shu Ning’s eyes, he was already sitting by Shu Gao’s side, hugging his grandpa’s waist, feeling slightly gloomy:”So dad knows too, Brother~ I complained.”

Shu Gao laughed out loud and Sun Lin hurriedly passed him a glass of water, Shu Gao refused to drink because he wanted to tease his grandson more, but Shu Ning was very thoughtful, he took over the water from the old steward’s hands and put it to his grandfather’s lips.

He had already brought it to that point, so how could Shu Gao not drink it?

Gu Ya was the first to speak:”The second young master really is sensible, the old master really is blessed.”

My grandson was praised, naturally Shu Gao was very happy and he took a look at Gu Ya, just like a switch had been turned on, everybody joined in as well, they were all praising him and tried hard to praise Shu Ning to the skies. Shu Heng came over, and they all stopped again, and they watched him with smiles on their faces. This is the true child of the heavens, he had already entered the board of directors, it was still too late no matter how pampered Shu Ning was, he had already lost at the starting line.

Shu Heng hankered for Shu Ning, but he wasn’t going to just pull him back from his grandfather. He sat in the seat directly across Shu Cheng with a look on his face that was hard to discern:”I’ll give all my red envelopes to Ning Ning.”

Shu Cheng wasn’t a joker, he had really taken out Shu Heng’s red envelopes and given it to Shu Ning to coax him. Shu Ning took it and gave his thanks:”Dad, are you sure you won’t give brother another one later on?”

“Definitely,”Shu Cheng laughed.

Shu Gao had also taken out a red envelope:”If Ning Ning likes it, I’ll give it all to you.”

Shu Heng really didn’t mind, both Shu Cheng and Shu Gao could tell, Shu Ning understood as well. After receiving everything he would still ask his brother about it at night, if he really doesn’t want it, it will all go to himself. All the outsiders were deep in thought, and they started to talk with each other. Shu Gao invited them to sit down, although it was respectful to stand up, but there were children mixed in here, they were the pillars of the future.

Shu Yao should be drinking his milk now, he had started to cry. Only then did Shu Ning look over, so did Shu Heng. Shu Cheng had a heart to take a look, he specially took a look at his two sons before standing up.

Ah……What is this

The spectators started to imagine things again, there’s some good drama in the main family, there’s definitely something tricky going on!

Shu Gao had also stood up:”Alright, I’m getting tired so you all have fun.”

Everyone started to compliment the old man again. Shu Gao didn’t come downstairs last year, so it was easy to imagine how much more grand New Year’s was this time around. Shu Heng stayed for an hour along with Shu Ning, all the red envelopes were gladly accepted, and Shu Heng’s income was zero.

The crowd dissipated at night, and the ones who were willing to stay, stayed, only half the ones staying in C City left, the rest all stayed at the old ancestral home.

Shu Ning who had returned back to the room was crouched on the bed, opening his red envelopes while half of Shu Heng was pressed onto Shu Ning’s body, smelling his fragrance, feeling slightly out of it.

Each red envelope generally contained a thousand, the older generation had mentioned not to give too much before, it was just a bit of fun to them. But other than the thousand bucks contained in Gu Ya’s red envelope, there was also a check worth five hundred thousand, this was definitely on purpose. There were actually quite a few people like Gu Ya today, moving along with the minority and turning a blessing into something filled with conspiracy, it was truly a shame.

While Shu Cheng and Shu Gao’s red envelopes were the most plump and thick, they were checks worth millions.

There were rarely stuff secretly stuffed into Shu Ning’s red envelopes, but they were present in each and every one of Shu Heng’s, one by one he took out the checks, and altogether they were worth about several millions. Along with Shu Ning’s own, as well as the one given by his dad and grandpa, he nearly had ten million.

Actually, the family gathering wasn’t much, the big bosses would directly send cars and villas during business gatherings, Shu Heng had extraordinary knowledge so he liked to coax this inexperienced little brother of his with red packets.

But why did Shu Ning actually not receive any villas or luxury cars? It was only because Qin Yu Zhuo was too strict and took them all away, wasn’t it a sort of sincerity? Naturally this required compensation.

“Are the red envelopes better or your big brother?”

“Naturally my big brother is the best, without my big brother, where would I get so many red envelopes?”

“So this is all I’m good for,”When he spoke, Shu Heng leaned close and kissed Shu Ning’s ear and his little lips.

Shu Ning was slightly stiff for a moment, and out of spite he gave Shu Heng a few smooches, leaving saliva all over his face. Let’s see if you’re still going to kiss me in the future.

“Well aren’t you daring today, you need a spanking!”

Oh shit, if big brother says he’ll do it he’ll definitely do it, wasn’t that so? Shu Ning wasn’t as strong as other people so it didn’t take much for Shu Heng to strip his pants off, and his little butt was also considerably perkier than when he was fourteen. Pa pa pa pa he spanked him, it wasn’t painful, but……it was strange. Shu Ning didn’t beg for mercy either, with flushed cheeks blushing to his ears, he was pressed down to the bed so he could only bear with it.

After giving him ten spankings, Shu Heng hadn’t had enough but he stopped, and with his big palm he gave the left side a little rub, then a little squeeze on the right side. In a sombre voice he asked:”Does it hurt?”

“Doesn’t hurt~”Shu Ning’s voice was also strange, and slightly grieved:”Big brother’s a bully, and all the red envelopes got messed up, you have to help me pick it up!”

Shu Heng pampered Shu Ning and took off the little one’s shirt and stuffed him into the quilt. He was actually not small anymore and he had gotten quite a fair bit higher, and heavier as well, he had a hopeful future, it made Shu Heng quite happy. He picked up all the pieces of money dropped on the ground slowly, with elegant movements, there was no hint of anger at all.

Shu Ning watched him work and felt slightly sorry. His big brother had been sitting on a plane for ten hours, it was so hard but he still had to accompany guests, and I’m actually still making him work. And so Shu Ning hurriedly got off the ground with his quilt wrapped around him, Shu Heng put down the money on the table and with a stretch of his big hands, he took Shu Ning into his arms.

“The floor is cold.”

“So big brother knows~”

“Are you sleepy? Big brother will sleep with you.”

“Okay, it’s the same even if we pick these up tomorrow.”


The two fella sleep just like they said they would. Shu Ning looked forward to this very much, it had been a long time since he had felt the warmth of his brother’s body, he had missed it a lot. Shu Heng had already taken off his suit and was only wearing a pair of underwear, then he crawled into the bed. Shu Ning felt slightly 囧, how come I have to be naked but you get to have underwear? That’s too unfair. Shu Heng stuck closer to him, Shu Ning was throwing a tantrum and pouting his lips.

“What’s wrong?”

“Take off your underwear~ We have to be fair.”

There were movements on Shu Heng’s side, and a little rustling, it filled him with countless imaginations, he really wanted to see him take it off. Shu Ning blushed instantly.

A pair of underwear was thrown to the ground by Shu Heng, they were also black in colour. Shu Ning looked on unconcerned and felt very strange. For example, his own clothes were scattered all around the floor, and so were his brother’s, just like a……Love! Affair! o(╯□╰)o For an inexplicable reason, he was in a good mood. Shu Ning immediately send himself into his big brother’s embrace and nuzzled against him. It was really warm, and his chest was so wide, even his physique had gotten a lot stronger, he was already a man now! Big brother was twenty, and I’m already fifteen now.

Shu Heng lowered his head with an indiscernible gaze and kissed the top of the little one’s head while his hands smoothed all over his body. After all they were sticking together, Shu Ning’s slightly trembling body made Shu Heng feel rather nervous:”You’ve finally put on some meat in your shoulders, but the little muscles on your legs are gone, you stop training once winter starts and you’ve still got time to be envious of me, look, you’ve got a little belly now, and your back……”Shu Heng spoke softly, and his tone was very gentle.

So then Shu Ning slowly eased up, and docilely he allowed Shu Heng to touch him however he pleased. Up and down, touching and rubbing, those words were actually in vain, it was just a camouflage~

Shu Heng knew that he couldn’t rush things either, he gave his little face a kiss and bit down on his ear.

“Brother! What are you doing!”

“I like you, so I’m going to give you a little bite.”

“It’ll hurt!”

“No way.”

“……”Shu Ning’s eye twitched, so it’s not going to hurt huh? Let me have a bite too. With one hand he pressed down on Shu Heng’s chest and didn’t allow him to move, then Shu Ning leaned over and opened his mouth, and gave it a nibble~ There wasn’t much flesh on big brother’s earlobes but the shape was very nice to look at, Shu Ning’s gaze was leisurely, the teasing thoughts overwhelmed his mind and he simply gave it a lick.

The ear……was a sensitive point for most people, just touching it would make them tremble subconsciously.

Shu Heng trembled, he really did, Shu Ning snorted out a laugh, I won I won, see how you like that! Ha ha ha~

But who was Shu Heng? How could he let go of such a good opportunity? He immediately turned his body and pressed down the little one beneath him, and his arm that were strong as iron bars wrapped around him in an instant, with his other hand he held onto the back of the little one’s hand, and on his ears he gave it a nibble and a lick, making Shu Ning plead for mercy. His entire body had gone numb as if a trail of electricity had run through his entire body, even his skin had gotten red, and he started panting. It was very embarrassing and shameful, a gay person shouldn’t be teased like this. Shu Ning’s eyebrows were locked into a frown and his eye were closed, pleading for mercy was useless so he could only give his big brother’s face a kiss as a way to please him, and that would be his apology.

Sure enough it worked, Shu Heng stopped:”That was fun!”

Huh ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Shouldn’t he be saying I shouldn’t act like this in the future?

“Your face is red, feeling hot?”Shu Heng was lying down by the side. He was quite reluctant to come down from the wonderful body, he rested his head on one arm and his gaze was exceptionally profound:”Do you want water?”

“Mm~”He nearly got a reaction from earlier.

In fact, so did Shu Heng, this was the true reason he stopped. Naturally, the temperature of the room was much cooler than in bed. Shu Heng walked over to get some water in the nude and brought it to the bed. Shu Ning’s little eyes were swerving all other the place, there was a big lump between big brother’s legs. He held one side of his face and his heart was jumping like crazy, oh god why do I like looking there so much? He hurriedly drank some water to press down his shock _(:3ゝ∠)_

No that’s not right, I only like the male god’s legs, nothing’s wrong, long live!

It wasn’t convenient during the winter and they had to put on a lot of layers, if he wants to touch him he’ll have to do it now, if not his big brother will go out to jog during the morning again, wouldn’t that be too regrettable?

Shu Ning finished drinking his water and put the cup by the end table next to the bed. Shu Heng had already laid down with the quilt covering around his waist, he was holding his phone, looking at texts. Shu Ning leaned over and felt like a little bird resting on a man. While resting his head on Shu Heng’s shoulder, he held one hand over his waist and the other uh…… slid down. Ah~ Big brother’s legs are so firm, so smooth, so sexy.

Shu Heng extended an arm and grabbed Shu Ning’s shoulder:”You want to massage it?”

“No, I’m sleepy, go to sleep brother~”

Shu Heng returned a text message and put down his phone, he slid his body down and rested himself comfortably on his side. His skin was stuck to Shu Ning’s and their limbs were tangled together.

Shu Ning felt rather itchy, he closed his eyes and slept while listening to the familiar heartbeat, and smelling the familiar fragrance. Shu Heng opened his eyes, and his eyes were filled with a burning gaze. Softly he leaned closer but he didn’t do anything extra, until ten minutes later and Shu Ning was completely asleep, little by little……

This night was exceptionally warm, but at the same time it was tantalizing. Even if Shu Heng’s self-control was very powerful, the column between his legs still shot for the skies in front of the one he loved. Squeezed between his legs, just moving a little could ease the pain of his lovesickness, but unfortunately Shu Heng did not do that, he endured it and didn’t move. When he couldn’t endure it any longer, he went to the washroom and used his hand to deal with it……

The next morning, not knowing of the “dangers” by his side, not knowing that he had been thought about for a whole night, not knowing that he had nearly gotten boned, a certain uncle was awake.

The man over thirty was only fifteen at this moment, with a face that could deceive everyone, he rubbed his eyes, huh? The person next to him didn’t go away! In a moment flowers were blooming in his heart! Shu Ning quickly wrapped around him, half his body pressing against Shu Heng’s body, he was so happy and so excited, did big brother not go for a run because of me?

Or could it be snowing outside?

Whatever, it must be because of me, it has to be~ ~\(≧▽≦)/~

His little brother was so enthusiastic! Shu Heng’s whole body was stiff, after he returned to his senses, he quickly held him tight and his big hand gently smoothed down the little one’s back. You stayed quiet, and I did too, just like that the two stayed together quietly with their eyes closed, until Shu Heng’s phone rang. It’s probably grandpa, it definitely is, he would always find ways to have his grandchildren turn around his axis.

Shu Ning knew that Shu Gao still only had a year in his life so naturally he wouldn’t complain. He may not have had enough of this but they had a long future ahead of them, grandpa was more important.

Shu Cheng was very filial, so raising Shu Heng, he had also become very filial. Shu Heng and Shu Ning’s thoughts were the same, they hurriedly got up even if they were reluctant. The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and they both smiled.

“Brother, you look so good when you smile.”

“You too, I love it.”

Shy~ Shu Ning cherished Shu Heng’s smiles very much because he wasn’t someone who enjoyed smiling much:”You should smile more brother~”He tried to act spoiled and see if it would work.

A smile curled up on Shu Heng’s lips, although it was very quick, it was satisfying for Shu Ning.

They quickly brushed their teeth and put on some clothes. Shu Heng fixed up Shu Ning’s collar before the two left and headed over to the fourth floor. Shu Gao was too lazy to go downstairs to eat, he didn’t enjoy going out much during the winters and didn’t like meeting up with his old friends either. Shu Cheng had already arrived, he was drinking tea and chatting with Shu Gao, talking about the reconstruction of the pond in the back garden.

The pond did get built and in the end it had instead become Shu Cheng’s favourite place to think about his father.

Shu Gao pointed to the position beside him, and Shu Ning went over to sit down. Shu Heng was sitting next to Shu Cheng and after the family of four had their breakfast, the servant came over with Shu Yao in arms. The little guy who had just finished drinking his milk was very adorable, and super cute. Shu Gao immediately brought the little thing over to his arms and looked at Shu Ning, and Shu Ning knew what the old man was trying to say to him.

But…… It’s impossible.

I won’t hold him, not even if I die, he had taken care of him until he had grown up in his past life, he had even been used and died because of him, as long as they were human nobody could’ve forgiven that. It was impossible to say that Qin Yu Zhuo did not tell Shu Yao when she made her move, it was simply nonsense, Shu Yao was bad through and through. Just like the time before Qin Yu Zhuo abandoned Shu Ning, she would discuss everything with Shu Ning.

Shu Cheng’s eyes were slightly dark, after all he was the chairman, he wouldn’t show his mood on his face while he’s out but he would still show some expressions in front of his children. Shu Ning didn’t like Shu Yao, everyone could tell, especially Shu Gao, he sighed silently, and he wasn’t too happy about it.

The little one was sitting ignorantly within the old man’s arms looking left and right, children usually liked other kids, and Shu Ning was the second youngest in the entire house, and so he tried to extend his two hands over to him.

Shu Ning couldn’t just look at him indifferently in front of so many people, so he put on a dry smile and retreated backwards:”I don’t like kids! Don’t come to me.”

Shu Cheng laughed and acted in concert with Shu Ning, and the atmosphere eased up a lot.

Shu Gao understood that this couldn’t be forced. Right at this moment, Shu Yao’s eyes actually turned red and he pursed his little mouth, with eyes that looked very wronged, it seems he’s going to cry!

Look! You’re so young and you’re already scheming, Shu Ning looked down at him so naturally he would think of it negatively, he was only fifteen months old, what kind of schemes could he have? Shu Ning felt like he had been corrupted by the poison of his past life, and couldn’t get out of it!

Actually, it was hard to say. The human brain was very complicated and Shu Yao knew that he only had to cry, and definitely someone would hold him~ He would get anything he wanted~

Shu Gao coaxed the Shu Yao in his arms carefully. Shu Cheng signalled with his fingers, he was afraid that his dad would get tired. He glanced his eyes over to the Shu Ning who was constantly smiling, and he felt slightly surprised and suspicious. Thankfully Shu Heng was also indifferent, otherwise Shu Ning’s performance right now would stick out too much.

After all he was his brother and his mom wasn’t around, how could he not put it to heart?

Shu Yao cried very sadly, to the point where his little nose was slightly trembling, Shu Cheng’s heart had completely melted. Shu Gao finally managed to coax his little grandson, the child was too young so just crying once made him sleepy, he closed his eyes and slept in the old man’s arms.

Sun Lin came over but didn’t see the mutual exchange between their eyes:”What’s wrong? The little young master doesn’t normally cry, who messed with him?”

Shu Gao told him:”He wanted his second brother to hold him, but Ning Ning doesn’t like kids so he didn’t.”

“There are many people who don’t,”Said Sun Lin with a chuckle, he didn’t think too deeply about it:”If the little young master cries because of this again next time, just pretend to hit the second young master, it’ll definitely produce instant results.”

Shu Heng looked over with a leisurely gaze that was exceptionally dark. Sun Lin was one of Shu Gao’s men so Shu Heng gave him quite a lot of face, but no matter how much status he had, how much he respected you, as a servant even the most basic of his duties were gone, then he wasn’t a servant anymore, but rather a bully, he should be better off looking for another job.

Sun Lin didn’t know what happened but he was also understood such an expression well, Young Master Heng’s anger was very clearly written on his face, and this was very rare. Cold sweat immediately covered his back:”Ah, I’ve said too much, my apologies young master,”This Young Master Heng was too frightening, he was just so young but the pressure he could make one feel was even greater than the old man, Sun Lin’s heart felt shocked.

The smile on Shu Ning’s face had disappeared, and as time passed, and the scenes of the past sprang up again. Qin Yu Zhuo was like this as well, every time Shu Yao was unhappy, Qin Yu Zhuo would pretend to nag at Shu Ning, Shu Ning cooperated and pretended to be afraid, and Shu Yao’s tears would immediately turn into a smile, looking very proud. Shu Ning was the big brother so he didn’t care about these trivial matters, and Qin Yu Zhuo would also praise him after that, saying that he had the looks of a big brother! Very handsome, and due to that, even more so he would not keep it at heart.

Looking back now, Shu Yao had never had Shu Ning in his eyes, wasn’t that out of habit? However, no matter how used to it he was, he still couldn’t lose his conscience and murder someone. Speaking to the end of it, it was still Shu Yao himself that was inhumane. Shu Ning was a sincere big brother who loved him, he was even willing to write his name down as the beneficiary for his shares and property, but he couldn’t take the good of others for granted, that wasn’t the reason why he hurt Shu Ning.

Shu Cheng quickly came out to brighten the atmosphere:”He he he, Ning Ning is going back to school in a few days so it’s better to hit me instead~”

Shu Heng stared straight at Shu Ning:”Want to go horse riding?”

“Sure!”Even if Shu Ning was angry, he still kept his proper etiquettes and manners:”Grandpa, dad, I’m going out to play with big brother.”

“Alright,”What else could Shu Cheng say? He was slightly worried:”Come back sooner, nights come early in the winter.”

Why was the second grandson so angry? Shu Gao has seen countless people, so what couldn’t he figure out? Shu Gao who took note of Sun Lin the most usually did not help his old friend out, he took out a paper bag from under the desk and passed it to Shu Ning:”This is a house by the sea, the scenery there is nice, when you grow up you can go over there to relax.”

Is this compensation for earlier? That’s a big one, Shu Ning smiled reluctantly which was still better than no smile at all, and left with his brother after receiving it. While holding hands, Shu Heng gave his hand a squeeze and Shu Ning’s mood was immediately lifted considerably.

“Dad, let me hold Shu Yao instead, Be careful of stressing out your arms,”Shu Cheng carried over the little guy from Shu Gao’s arms and left. The servants who took care of Shu Yao normally left with him as well.

All of a sudden they had all left, and Sun Lin who had made a mistake was standing quietly, waiting for his reproval.

“Do you know what you did wrong?”

“I do,”It was just a joke but everyone took things differently, Sun Lin understood:”Young Master Heng is just so young and he’s already like a flying dragon in the sky, it’s wonderful, but as for Young Master Ning…… What should we do?”

“His mom had already been sent away so shouldn’t he be throwing a tantrum? This is good too, better than being bored for the whole day, it makes me worried too.”

Sun Lin finally smiled:”Old brother really is blessed, What still makes you worried?”

“You are also a man with a child, so naturally you know how I feel,”Shu Gao took a sip of his ginseng tea and narrowed his eyes:”Look at you, you’re so old and you still misspoke.”

Helplessly, he showed him a bitter smile, and Sun Lin shrugged:”If I were a talented man, old brother you wouldn’t have to keep me around the house.”

“I’m sorry, this is all I can do.”

Those words seems to have made Sun Lin slightly hurt. He sighed, who asked his generation to be so overly ignorant? He simply wasn’t fit to go out to deal with people at all, and he couldn’t say anything either. Who asked us all to be too young? Some things happen too late, when it passes, it’s passed. As long as they are both doing good, and had their own goals, happy and satisfied, they would have no regrets. They’re already old, what use would they have to think about all that?

“Brother, the old He family’s head is holding a banquet, should we go?”

Shu Gao also shrugged like Sun Lin:”Not going, that old scoundrel is definitely using that banquet to announce about Shu Zi Hui and He Ran, they’ll even arrange for reporters, then they’ll be dragging the Shu clan into the boat. Don’t forget, the old Mou family also had tons of contacts with the capital, so they can help the He family out.”

On the other hand, the space within the car was clearly very large, but this pair of brothers liked to stick together. Shu Ning wasn’t in a good mood so Shu Heng was holding him on top of his lap, he kissed the top of his head and his little face, and with his big hand, he stroked his back gently:”You don’t have to like third brother, it’s fine as long as you like me~”


RWSB Chapter 71

Sorry for the wait!


Their four eyes were locked onto each other with seeping tenderness.

Shu Heng was thinking, when will you be able to understand my feelings?

Shu Ning was thinking, how great would it be if big brother was my boyfriend? I would have no regrets dying.

Hold on a minute! Brother is leaning over slowly, he wants to kiss my mouth ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Shu Ning’s mind was in a mess and his logic was fighting against itself, but……I want it! What do I do? Badump badump badump, oh no, if I mistake my perfect big brother Shu Heng as a lover, I’m not going to be able to marry in the future!

Shu Ning was gloomy, his memory of messing around after boozing last night was still lingering in his mind, so he simply decided to submit to his big brother.

The soft tactile sensation was truly wonderful and romantic, just like a jolt of electricity. Shu Heng knew the limits and the little one was quite energetic and didn’t seem to hate it, so he gave him a few more kisses, gave it a little grind, and separated.

Shu Ning sighed, it was so short.

Shu Heng was thinking the same, he just didn’t show it on his face. Right now Shu Heng was studying his little brother’s expression, might as well learn about psychology. It didn’t feel like his little brother didn’t like it, but rather he seemed to be worrying about something, but what? Sex? Age? Family? Or identity? But regardless of what worries he had, Shu Heng would not allow it to exist!

The overbearing president mode has already been activated, but too bad Shu Ning missed it so he didn’t know. His head was constantly lowered, indulging in the kiss from just now. That was a kiss, and it wasn’t one for a greeting. Shu Heng was only eighteen so he would only do this as a joke or because of familial affection, he knew nothing about what a gay felt at all. Naturally, Shu Ning who was already over thirty could separate one from the other, they were still able to hang out as brothers in the past, but that was because he was always 囧 and embarrassed, so he didn’t feel anything, but what about now?

The feeling was getting more and more intense, Shu Ning pursed his lips, unconsciously he licked his lips……it has big brother’s taste.

For breakfast he had porridge and eggs, they didn’t serve salted vegetables at the hot spring resort so when Shu Ning was still asleep, Shu Heng specially send the driver out to buy some. It was freshly made and very appetizing, Shu Ning drank his bowl of porridge and even chowed down on a chicken wing. Shu Heng loved to eat rice, he had been raised by Shu Gao to have a habit of eating rice since he was young and he didn’t like snacking much either, unlike Shu Ning who doesn’t eat his rice properly and his mouth was always filled with snacks.

If Shu Ning were to know how Shu Heng thought, he would probably cry without tears, when did I eat so many snacks? Which one of your eyes saw it happen →-→ In your dreams~

After that, Shu Heng had to deal with some company work. Several of his assistants were sitting in the living room discussing about something together. Shu Ning layed around the bed in the room. There was a bowl of fruit and a glass of water beside the bed, he ate the fruit as he wrote in his notebook. Actually, he was looking at stocks, they were rising again, but in three or four days they’re going to fall again. Shu Ning’s memory wasn’t omnipotent, so he planned to sell them tomorrow and buy something else.

The notebook was a New Year’s gift from Shu Heng, Shu Ning liked it very much. It was a simple black notebook which wasn’t too thin, people will generally be using super thin ones in twenty years for convenience.

After lunch, Shu Heng brought Shu Ning out to skii. The first times he went skiing both in his past life and in this life was very novel, Shu Heng brought Shu Ning over to the rookie area to play, he nearly fell over several times but his big brother would be there to support him every time, so he never embarrassed himself. Now he was able to skii forward slowly for quite some distance, his improvement was rapid. Shu Heng was an expert so even his posture wasn’t ordinary, it was too handsome, he could pull everyone’s focus no matter where he went.

Not long after, Shu Ning said he was tired, but it was actually because there were always girls crowding around the distance, some even deliberately spoke loudly to try to attract Shu Heng’s attention.

Unhappy  ̄へ ̄

Shu Heng didn’t know that Shu Ning was jealous, but he should be getting tired soon as they’ve been playing for two hours. He directly plopped down the little one on his shoulders and skied back.

Shu Ning…… You’re making your own life hard~ o(╯□╰)o

They’ve reached the hotel and Shu Heng was in a good mood, he returned with his brother back to the room and he went to the bathroom to prepare the hot water, and when he recalled the scene that happened just now, his eyes softened considerably. Shu Ning didn’t know how to stop, when he was about to fall over he would yell and call out to his big brother, it was cute and silly, Shu Heng would be in front of him every time a critical moment appeared with his two hands open wide, waiting for his brother to send himself into his arms.

Sometimes Shu Heng would deliberately fall to the snow with Shu Ning in his arms as his meat pillow, and have a nice warm moment. Naturally Shu Ning wouldn’t be hurt on top, his little worried expression was completely unconcealed as he sat foolishly on top of his waist, moving about, he nearly had a reaction from it. Shu Heng who was preparing the bath raised up the corners of his lips unconsciously, he liked his little brother very much.

After playing together for five days, Shu Ning was reluctant to leave. He went shopping with his brother in matching couple outfits, played dress up in bed, soaked in the hot springs, and even learned to skii, there was still a lot of fun things to do at the hot springs resort. Shu Ning hadn’t had enough but unfortunately Shu Gao gave him a call and said he missed his grandchildren. The winter holidays for a high school student was very short, it lasted about a little over a month, so it was normal for Shu Gao to be so anxious.

Shu Gao had actually wanted to call them since a long time ago, it was rare that he had such a long break and Shu Heng was also willing to take Shu Ning out to play, so he endured and didn’t bother him, after all there was Shu Yao around so it was able to ease his bitterness slightly. Five days were already the limit.

Shu Heng bought the flight tickets and brought Shu Ning home. The ancestral home was decorated with brilliant lanterns, the New Years were coming soon, they had already started to prepare for it.

Shu Ning was the baby of the family, so Shu Gao and Shu Cheng had appeared with presents as soon as he set foot in the house.

New Years wasn’t even here yet and he had already received a round of gifts, Shu Ning was very happy, nothing of this sort had ever happened in his past life, but of course nobody mentioned Qin Yu Zhuo, and Shu Ning had also forgotten about her. Everything was great at home, and everyone’s faces were filled with joy and harmony, there was no intrigue or scheming.

And Qin Yu Zhuo?

Everyone liked gathering together during the New Years, everyone got together and had a New Year’s Eve meal, and have a chat! Firecrackers were set off and the atmosphere was booming.

On the isolated island, Qin Yu Zhuo was standing in front of her window, the beauty of this place was exceptional and yet she felt exceptionally lonely, she was the only person here and the servants were all foreigners, she was lonely just like a ghost.

Shu Cheng……I gave you two children, and this is how you treat me?

Even in her dreams, Qin Yu Zhuo did not expect that she would be locked in a hospital after that day when they got into a fight, what they filed her under was a mental illness due to her pregnancy. The bodyguards watched after her 24 hours a day, even a fly couldn’t enter, not to mention the Qin Yu Zhuo who had some inconvenience. So you want to escape? Dream on. The nurses were also people under the Shu clan, even the entire hospital was under the Shu clan.

This is too much!

Since Qin Yu Zhuo lost contact with the outside world, she didn’t even know how all the talented people trained by her had been doing, Shu Ning didn’t make a fuss either. If he did, with how much Shu Gao dotes on him, he’ll definitely let me out. Mental illness? Like hell I’m mentally ill, Qin Yu Zhuo had even made fun of a rich young lady in the past because she was acting out of place, she had been deliberately detained in a mental hospital for a year, and after she was discharged she repented, and obediently she didn’t dare to derail anymore.

When she was about to give birth to Shu Yao, she made a fuss, and unfortunately it was useless. The flow of doctors and nurses were all like wooden dolls with a cold face, if the oral warning was ineffective, they would tie her down directly to the bed.

When the baby was a month old, Qin Yu Zhuo was really about to collapse. Her child was right downstairs and Shu Yao was still so young, he needs his mother’s love! The Shu family was a prestigious family so there were definitely a lot of visitors, this was a chance, but there was no chance for her to make use of it at all. She didn’t even know if the nurses were doing this deliberately but she said the second young master was going to come today, you better be honest!

My Ning Ning~ Mommy is here, the hearts of a mother and her child is connected, you can definitely hear my plea, right?

Please beg your dad and your grandpa for me, they’ll definitely let me out!

This was the last chance, Qin Yu Zhuo was extremely eager, she had even attacked the nurse and ran to the window. With a shrunk of her pupils, she saw Shu Ning, Shu Heng was also with him, oh heavens! Get away from him, Shu Heng will harm you, Shu Ning, my Shu Ning. No matter how much yelled or hit the glass, the soundproofed room had trapped her in her hysteria, it was no use.

In a blink of an eye, a little over a month’s time had passed, Qin Yu Zhuo had already been here for over ten days, the interior of the room was clearly as warm as springtime but what she felt was instead exceptional coldness, her heart was encased in ice, nothing in her eyes could give her any feelings anymore.

The island wasn’t large and there were yachts coming in and out, no land could be seen all around as if it would take an hour to reach the shore. Qin Yu Zhuo knew how to swim but she couldn’t make out north to south. Even after much dedication, day by pay passed with no progress, and day by day she started to lose hope. Shu Ning, did you ever try?

Qin Yu Zhuo’s relationship with Shu Cheng was extremely complicated, it was a mix of both love and hate. Hate can start to disappear with the flow of time but love could run even deeper, and yearning could make a person go mad. She thought about all of Shu Cheng, thinking about his strength, his embrace, his gentleness that she couldn’t bear to release herself from.

As for Shu Ning, Qin Yu Zhuo was extremely disappointed, even the last bit of affection she had for him was gone.

A child that wasn’t born by her side was no good after all. And he wasn’t very bright, being turned in circles by Shu Heng, he was a fool to his very depths. He didn’t even deserve to be a footrest for Shu Yao, my Shu Yao, he is my lucky star, he had just formed and Shu Cheng whom I’ve had a crush on for so many years finally married me into his household, to live through a happy future together.

Shu Heng should die, he should have never been born.

Shu Ning even more so, taking up space but he couldn’t finish even a single task……

Qin Yu Zhuo stuck her face to the window with an empty gaze, muttering to herself endlessly as if something was wrong with her head. Actually, she was just unwilling, unwilling to take this loss like this, unwilling to leave the bustling city and her child…… A sinister darkness emerged within her eyes. In order to fight back, she had to stay alive and return successfully.

As long as she can get the Shu clan, Shu Cheng will be able to compromise with her, to welcome her back with a smile, just you all wait, just wait……

The ancestral home of the Shu clan was bustling with activity.

Dinner lasted for two hours and Shu Gao was finally willing to go upstairs to rest, Shu Cheng should be leaving to settle some business matters as always, and Shu Heng had his own work to worry about. When Shu Ning reached the doorway to the study on the second floor, he gave his big brother a push:”You should finish up your work, I want to open up the presents for a while!”

His “for a while” was heavily emphasized and filled with a playful hint because the New Years were about to come soon, and many gifts came from all over the place. The bodyguards had already checked them with the proper equipment and found nothing dangerous in them. Shu Ning’s room was piled with presents, there were a ton of them all in different sizes, with what his grandpa told him, he may not even be able to finish opening up all the presents by tonight.

My little brother is so naughty, how cute.

Shu Heng raised his hand and gave Shu Ning’s little nose a pinch, he took advantage of this opportunity to put his hand behind his head, and lowered his head to plant a kiss on his lips.

Shu Ning was dumbfounded, he had frozen in place. How did our chat turn into this? ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

Shu Heng’s voice was leisurely and his eyes were like electric:”Wait for me to return before you bathe.”


“You’re not allowed to sleep first.”


Shu Heng walked into the study while Shu Ning sat by himself in the room for a while, thinking about his big brother’s gaze from earlier, the way he spoke, the warmth in his voice, holding my face with his two hands, it felt warm. Shu Ning closed his eyes with the corners of his lips slightly upturned. When Shu Heng came back, it was already over eleven at night.

There were two other people with the little one in his room sitting on the floor with their jackets off, going at their work enthusiastically.

Shu Ning had the bodyguards help him open up the wrapper before he opened them up himself to see what was inside and sorted them. He kept the ones that were useful and kept the ones he didn’t need for the people he thought had more use for, Shu Ning had never been a stingy person. The bodyguards reminded him that the young master had come and Shu Ning finally raised his head:”Brother, come look, there’s everything here!”

“Is there anything you like?”

“There is,”Shu Ning was very happy, to think that opening presents was this fun, it was like he had opened up a small little world of his own, no wonder girls liked online shopping so much in twenty years……online shopping? Hmm, now there’s something he could he could try his hands at, he remembered that the founder of Balabala had a very hard time when he had just started, he couldn’t even afford a box of takeout, he’ll seek him out and invest in him, ha ha ha ha~

“The corners of your mouth are going to reach your ears soon.”

“Brother! Don’t you make fun of me!”With a move from Shu Ning, dolls flew all around the rooms, like a pile of bombs~

The dolls should’ve been for Shu Yao, he wondered whether they’ve gotten their names wrong, there were all sorts of them placed in one box, for Shu Ning’s room to be filled with these dolls that made sounds when you squeezed them made him feel quite gloomy. Shu Heng’s didn’t dodge them, but the lethality of a bunch of dolls couldn’t be anything worth nothing, he was just doing it for his little brother’s amusement.

The two bodyguards immediately started to sweat, even their backs were drenched. They lowered their heads and continued their work, they didn’t dare to look around, their hearts were so shocked that they were already broken.

Shu Heng looked towards the gifts, they were alright, you could say they put some heart into it, Shu Ning could use about eighty percent of them. Shu Heng didn’t pay attention to the expensive luxury products among them, but he thought that the person who sent over study materials was quite an interesting person. It was the manager of the sales department, a young and promising land with a good character and work ethic, he can pay more attention to him.

“Don’t look at them anymore, you should be sleeping soon.”

“Okay,”Shu Ning knew when to stop. He patted his hands even though they were not dirty at all.

Shu Heng told the bodyguards to open up the rest of them, there was no need to sort them as Shu Ning will do it himself the next day, all the fun will be lost if everything is already done for him.

Shu Ning was very happy, his brother is becoming more and more thoughtful, he should ask the kitchen to send over two snacks for the two bodyguards later.

Within the master bedroom, the two had just finished their bath. Shu Ning took out a gift and Shu Ning happily took it into his hands and took a look, it was actually a very adorable set of pajamas. After putting it on, it was in fact pretty cute, he just had to move for a little and the tail would start to sway for a long time, it felt very interesting. Shu Ning lowered his head to take a look, and gave his butt another few wiggles. Seeing the scene made Shu Heng’s throat feel dry, his little brother was so adorable, he extended a hand out to touch the doggy tail, it was simulated to look realistic, white and fluffy, very cute.

There were puppy ears today, Shu Ning wasn’t too willing to wear it so Shu Heng could only coax him by saying I’ll wear it too okay?

Shu Ning’s eyes brightened up, and he didn’t hesitate to put the puppy ears on his head! The young boy reflected on the mirror had a fresh and pale complexion with exquisite features, wearing a fluffy bodice with his shoulders bare, on the lower section of his body was a fluffy little pair of underwear of the same colour. From the front they looked normal, but the side and back was transparent. He gave his butt a shake and the tail swayed left and right, Shu Ning felt that the effect was pretty good, his big brother will definitely be able to make a big sale out of this.

“Not bad, I wish you good fortune.”

“This is a collector’s edition,”How could Shu Heng be willing? He put on a set of black fluffy pajamas with two round little ears on his hat, it was actually in the shape of a black bear.

Shu Ning stood with his mouth open, he didn’t even know what else he could say anymore. However, the one worn by Shu Heng looked very normal, it just looked like a bigger version of kid’s clothing, he didn’t even know whether there was a tail behind. Shu Ning was curious and wanted to see but Shu Heng hid his back naughtily, but could Shu Ning give up just like that? He chased and he ran, but things just didn’t go as he hoped. The tail of the bear was small, unlike the one on his own back which was big and hard to hide.

 ̄へ ̄ Big brother is a bully, Shu Ning sat down spitefully by the bedside and refused to look at Shu Heng.


“You think?”

“Do you want to see?”

“Will you let me or not?”Shu Ning was pouting angrily like a chibi version of a squirrel.

“I’ll show you if you give me a kiss!”

Shu Ning pursed his lips for a moment and hesitated, but his logic had been smashed through. He extended his hands and curled it around Shu Heng’s neck, Shu Heng lowered his body and waited. After a minute, he finally got his wish.

Shu Ning immediately separated himself from him as soon as he landed down a kiss and he watched Shu Heng quietly with a glare, there was no expression at all within his eyes, as expected……

Ah, he lost interest. Shu Ning lowered his head and crawled up the bed, he pulled open the quilt and crawled in feebly. Shu Heng didn’t know what he did wrong, his little brother was just fine earlier. He followed behind and also crawled him and scooped the little one into his arms. Shu Ning wiggled slightly, he closed his eyes and his hands held onto his big brother’s waist out of habit.

It was the same as usual, there should be nothing wrong, but then what happened to him?

Shu Heng thought about it for a long time but he couldn’t figure it out. After Shu Ning fell asleep, he went to the study to learn more about psychology.

Time flew by quickly, and the outside of the ancestral home was decorated with big red lanterns, the New Years has come and everyone was very happy, one by one red envelopes were given out, and the number of red enveloped Shu Ning received could fill a whole tray. Shu Heng did not receive much, they were quite thin, but Shu Ning knew that there were definitely checks inside of them →-→

Shu Yao was quite a little thing and he didn’t cry much, a maid was carrying him and beside her was another maid holding a tray with red envelopes piled on top. A bunch of thickly packed red envelopes were put in a pile, it was no small amount.

At night, the gongs rang out for quite a long time. After they’ve had their dumplings, Shu Ning and Shu Heng bowed together and gave their New Year’s greetings together, and so they received their red envelopes.

After returning back to their room, Shu Ning stared audaciously at Shu Heng’s red packets, grandpa and dad gave out many red envelopes in quick succession, they’ll definitely be very generous! Shu Heng gave him a faint smile that was made him look exceptionally handsome. Shu Ning was stunned for a moment, his soul had been taken away by his beauty, when he returned to his sentence, all of Shu Heng’s red envelopes were in Shu Ning’s arms.

Shu Ning who was sitting on the sofa didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry, his legs were covered completely by red envelopes:”I don’t want to see it, what if there’s a secret inside?”

“What secrets are there between us?”

“Even the closest people have secrets they don’t want to talk to each other about. It’s not that we can’t say it, but we keep it from each other for the benefit of the both of us, big brother, do you have something like that? I do, but if you find out some day before I get to tell you, you’re not allowed to get angry!”

I have to ease him in, ease him in~

Shu Heng nodded:”You’re right, there are things even amongst a father and his son that they can’t talk about, I understand. When you grow up, there’s something I’d like to share with you.”

The company? No need for that, the English tutoring academy was already open and was fully packed, the parents who wanted to sign up were scratching their heads thinking of ways, trying to get contacts, all for one spot!

Work by the city side should be ending now at the end of the year, it’ll definitely be a big hit immediately after the university students move over!

Thinking to this point, Shu Ning had the heart to buy the empty plot of land nearly as well, but he didn’t have enough money. Shu Heng’s red envelopes are so thin, there are definitely large checks inside! The temptation was just before him, Shu Ning picked up the red envelopes and put them to the table, these are his big brother’s belongings so he definitely can not contaminate them! Besides, he has his own red envelopes anyway.

One by one he opened them, there were checks and banknotes, five million was quite a hefty amount.

Seeing how much Shu Ning liked money, Shu Heng knew that it was caused by how much suffering he had to go through in his childhood, and so the the red packets he opened up which included checks, one by one he took them out and put it in his little brother’s hands, and immovable property such as real estate, he would leave it for himself for future use. Shu Heng doted on Shu Ning so he didn’t care:”You’re not allowed to spend it recklessly.”


“Do you hear me?”


A sound that was just like a little kitten, so soft, he seems to be touched? Shu Heng lowered his head and leaned over. Shu Ning closed his eyes and his little lips were kissed, his big brother even gave the tip of Shu Ning’s little ear a lick.

Shu Ning was frozen stiff on the spot.

Shu Heng curled up the corners of his lips into a smile, his handsomeness was unparalleled:”Such a good boy~”

“……”Shu Ning whose face was filled with black lines was utterly confused.

Shu Heng pulled off his tie and stripped off his shirt, then went to the washroom to brush his teeth, it was quite a moment before Shu Ning was able to regain his senses. He touched his nose thoughtfully.

Big brother……is a little devil ╭(╯^╰)╮

Shu Ning went to the washroom to brush his teeth as well. There was already toothpaste on his toothbrush, his big brother was so thoughtful.

Today was too tiring, it was too noisy, Shu Ning fell asleep as soon as he layed down, and Shu Heng took a photo of this moment as a New Year’s commemoration. He gave a light kiss on Shu Ning’s nice lips, nose, chin, his face, and his earlobe, when will he be able to treat him like this openly? Shu Heng closed his eyes and tightened his arms around the person in his embrace.

The Shu family was too big and they had a respected position within C City, the people who came to celebrate New Year’s with them were very many, generally they would leave after sending some gifts and having a chat, only the flow of friends coming in would stay for a chat and a meal, and to send gifts. The family members who were married off would end up staying a day or two when they came, Shu Ning had just shown his face for a bit and he went back to his room to hide and didn’t go out.

He had no interest in the company in this life so he had no energy to pretend to be courteous to those people. Moreover, those who have moved out tend to be hiding a lot, and he didn’t have the strength to deal with that.

Shu Ning was just a living example of a big villain’s goal!

They’ll have to successfully ally together to take out Shu Heng before they can obtain the Shu clan. Shu Ning? He was still outside of their radar.

The second house has come to visit. Gu ya brought her two sons and her daughter as well as some New Year’s gifts. Shu Zi Hui had a sweet smile on her face, she wanted to look for Shu Ning. As a steward, it was natural that Sun Hao Ran was all smiles as well, but the words that came from his mouth weren’t as nice, the second young master’s body is not well so he is not seeing gusts! He has already fallen asleep at that moment.

No matter who asked for the second young master, Sun Hao Ran would say that he had fallen asleep, he would only call Shu Ning upstairs if the ones who came were Shu Gao’s peers. That’s right, it was the fourth floor, Shu Gao was of an exceptionally high position within the clan so he didn’t need to see to the guests.

Shu Cheng was sitting on the hall in the first floor. After all he was the head of the family, so he just had to take it as improving relationships with friends and family. This was the same every year, Shu Heng was present as well, he was aloof and everyone was already used to his indifferent personality, and they didn’t dare to say anything about it either.

Shu Zi Hui wanted to sneak upstairs but it was unfortunate that she wasn’t able to find an opportunity to. Until nighttime came, and Gu Ya brought her two sons back home, Shu Zi Hui wanted to stay for two days before going.

Shu Heng was very busy so there was not much time during the holidays for him to spend time with Shu Ning, and Shu Ning didn’t ask what he was busy about either. In a blink of an eye, it’s time for school again and Shu Heng had already taken a flight out. Shu Ning took a look at Shu Yao before leaving. He was a soft, pink little pile, he already stopped looking like a monkey and he was instead rather adorable now. Shu Cheng and Shu Gao loved him very much, just taking a look at their eyes was clear enough.

The corners of Shu Ning’s lips curled up. The more he is pampered, the bigger the disappointment will be when he’s grown up, let us all wait and see.

It was extremely cold in F City, Shu Ning went over to see his uncle. The villa has already been sold, Qin Yu Lan and her family had nowhere to go, neither did his uncle, so he went to live with the foreman in his home. After all they never work at the construction site during the winter, and his uncle didn’t like to just idle around so he found a job doing deliveries, while the foreman found a place to work as a security guard.

“I say, Uncle, why didn’t you get a job as a security guard too?”Shu Ning reached at night, and both the foreman and his uncle was there, right now they were having a chat.

His uncle touched his hair nervously:”I wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle.”

The foreman shook his head:”When people are riding their bicycles, he’ll be watching, and when they ride their motorcycles he would ride the bike, when everyone else is buying cars, he’ll get on a motorcycle, he’ll never catch up with the times.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s fine as long as you have a car.”

“……”The sharp-tongued foreman was actually silenced by Qin Yu Fu.

Shu Ning stifled a laugh, they really are a pair that enjoys bickering. While his uncle was doing the dishes, Shu Ning went over to the foreman:”So what happened to that woman?”

“Don’t bring her up anymore,”The foreman frowned, he brought his cigarette to his lips and took a drag before he was willing to continue:”You got it right on the money, that woman’s got a bit of it in for Xiao Fu, but her mother was too caught up with conditions, she said your uncle was from the countryside and too old, so he needed to take out fifty thousand as a betrothal gift, and he needed to have a house.”

“This is common, it’ll happen even more in the future,”Naturally, Shu Ning knew, the betrothal gifts in some places go by pounds →-→

“Thankfully, Xiao Fu doesn’t feel that she’s sincere enough, so he gave up, he cut them off completely and even changed his number.”

“No worries, my uncle deserves better.”

Qin Yu Fu had finished washing the dishes and was coming over while he dried his hands off:”What are you saying about me now?”

Shu Ning shook his head like a clever little boy, the foreman shrugged:”You should sleep with me tonight, let Shu Ning stay in the small room.”

There was a single bed in the small room, the one who normally slept there was Qin Yu Fu. Shu Ning felt slightly regretful, after all he was in someone else’s house so he couldn’t chat with his uncle through the nights anymore. Nobody was around during the day but it was quite lively during the nights, Shu Ning had only stayed for three days and he was back on the road heading to the airport again. The capital was so cold, and the wind was even colder. In these days without his big brother, his hands and legs are always cold.

In a big bed during the night, was a little person laying down by himself as he stared off into space, Shu Ning couldn’t sleep. Thankfully, his big brother gave him a call and they chatted for ten minutes before Shu Ning finally felt like sleeping. The days passed by day by day and in the blink of an eye, the flowers were blooming. His big brother was attending university in M Country but he would return every so often, and leave after a few days.

Shu Ning felt as if he was his mistress, when he comes back on a business trip he’ll be pampered for two days ╮(╯▽╰)╭

However, Shu Heng had Shu Ning in his heart so no matter how busy he was, he would give him a call and even send him a gift every so often, took note of Shu Ning’s studies and he was always in contact with the bodyguards, he knew what Shu Ning was eating, whether he was healthy, no matter whether it was the big things or the little ones, he would remember them even better than Shu Ning. Occasionally when they mentioned the details, Shu Ning would stutter a bit in confusion.

The project started and everything was going smooth, Pang Qian was experienced and this was also his first time cooperating with Shu ning so naturally he would be very careful about things, he wanted to do his best in the capital. Shu Ning went to visit several times, he had the rich experience from his past life so he could tell whether or not Pang Qian was cutting corners in one glance, and whether he was doing everything earnestly and properly.

This is good, the person recommended by uncle Pang was not bad.

In the afternoon, Shu Ning surveyed the surrounding areas with Pang Qian. Pang Qian felt that the area was a bit simple, the place was filled with rows of old houses without very many people. The young master should have some inside information right? If not he wouldn’t be so interested in this area. Pang Qian had seen the world so he didn’t have to ask, and he wouldn’t say more than needed either, he’ll do whatever Shu Ning asks him to do.

Shu Heng gave Shu Ning fifty million, of which thirty million of it was a red envelope from Shu Gao, after all he had given the shares to both Shu Ning and Shu Yao so this wasn’t a lot as compensation.

Shu Cheng was very filial so naturally his red envelope wouldn’t be heavier than his dad’s, he can’t steal his thunder, and so he gave him twenty million. His elder son was rich and wealthy but as a father, he would still give him what he should.

Shu Ning only received a total of five million ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) This is the gap between an adult and a minor!

To buy a plot of land that nobody cared about, fifty five million was still a considerable amount. After some bargaining, he still hadn’t bought it, the other party wanted sixty million so Shu Ning said he would take two days to consider it, and he gave Qin Yu Zhuo’s men a call when he returned. This was a number given to him previously by Qin Yu Zhuo, Shu Ning still remembered it, he had only swept a glance at it last time but this person was naturally one of Qin Yu Zhuo’s confidants, he was also used by Shu Ning in his past life so his number had still been within his mind, he didn’t forget it even after his death.

The other party was very excited, because the “head” was gone, he finally had some backbone.

It was just like Qin Yu Zhuo had evaporated from the human realm!

After some words of comfort from Shu Ning, he gave him his first order, which was to manage Qin Yu Zhuo’s finances properly and report back to him on a regular basis, his salary will stay the same. As for the disposal of Shu Heng, he had to keep himself behind the line. The other party agreed, he was very obedient and cordial, this was related to whether Qin Yu Zhuo could return or not so naturally he didn’t dare to make a mistake.

At the end of the call, Shu Ning smiled. He took out the card given to him previously by Qin Yu Zhuo, five million obtained! The bill won’t be sent to Shu Cheng, Zhang Feng will deal with that.

Zhang Feng was the person he had just talked to.

Having said that, Zhang Feng was still Qin Yu Zhuo’s university student, he had always been loyal. ALthough he took instructions from Shu Ning, he was also monitoring him secretly, he will tell Qin Yu Zhuo immediately if he ever finds anything wrong. He never noticed it in his past life but now thinking about it, it made his chest feel stuffy, he was after all her confident so naturally he would treat him sincerely. This person was the one in charge right under Qin Yu Zhuo, he took charge of a bunch of talented people and worked hard for Qin Yu Zhuo.

The land was bought, but there was no way for him to work the land at this moment, he will start to choose the site next year after the two universities were open. After the wind starts to point to this direction, the prices of houses would rise sharply. Although it seems to be useless to buy them now, it was actually the most suitable time to buy them! There was still a large plot of land left in the surrounding area, but the cost was hundreds of millions so he could only keep an eye on it. Within his memory, this plot of land will be taken by a real estate company that ranked first in the capital, it was a high-rise building with elevators.

Shu Ning only did rentals, most university students liked to live outside so when the street with all the commercial buildings is developed, things will be bustling pretty soon.

His money was all invested into it, and the profits would only start to roll in after a few years, the only thing that was earning him money now was the English tutoring academy, it’s probably a good idea to open an internet cafe.

It was easy to start an internet cafe, and it was better to buy one rather than do retail, he’ll simply open another investment company and recruit a bunch of men for himself. Although Pang Qian was a capable guy, he was only good with storied buildings, right now he was watching over the construction site during the day and he would return during the night to spend the whole night studying, he wanted to get his qualification certificate. It’s good to have an ambition, once a man loses his passion, he’s all done for.

Shu Ning closed his eyes and ventured through his thoughts, and thought about his plans in the coming years. But of course, nothing was absolute, it was always good to plan ahead.

Shu Ning did not spend too much money usually, and the money he used was the allowance given to him by Shu Cheng, clothes and necessities were all purchased by Shu Heng. His future was starting to come into shape and the money was rolling in fast, immediately after he received his profits he would invest it all on his projects, he felt like a little rich man, but in reality he did not have much in his accounts _(:3ゝ∠)_

He felt a bit poor, but he was full of energy and it was very fulfilling.

At night, Shu Heng gave him a call, it has already been several months since he had last seen him so Shu Ning cherished very much the time they had to talk, he wouldn’t let go of even a second!

A year passed by just like flowing water, Shu Ning was already fifteen, he returned to the ancestral home for the New Year’s. THere were many people standing around in the living room, they all had very enthusiastic attitudes towards Shu Ning. After all, Shu Ning was just like a precious baby, he had been hidden by Shu Gao in the city so it was hard to see him “live”, naturally they would have to try to get close to him! Shu Ning was too lazy to deal with him, but his big brother was about to come home soon, there was no way for him to wait quietly in the room.

Shu Zi Hui was very languished, she had went passionately overseas to stop He Ran, but in the end……she wasn’t even able to find his shadow, where on earth has he gone? For an entire year, He Ran’s attitude towards her had gotten more and more bland, as if he was bored with her. How could this do? They hadn’t even gotten married yet, Shu Zi Hui knew that He Ran cared about Shu Ning as a friend so she was thinking about whether or not she could make use of Shu Ning.

Seeing the outstanding Shu Ning, her eyes were lit on fire, Shu Ning had helped He Ran out this year as well, passing was just like a curse, he was clearly just the tail of the crane, but everybody would praise its beauty, whereas Shu Zi Hui was clearly extremely outstanding but she was completely ignored by the rest. It was still alright from the start, she could butter him up with this and that, but even Shu Zi Hui started to doubt her life after so much time had passed, what on earth have I been doing day by day? Losing myself like this, was it really worth it?

Shu Ning who was being surrounded just like a bunch of stars around a moon had grown up considerably. Shu Zi Hui curled up the corners of her lips and walked over to him together with her brother, Shu Zi Xuan.

“Long time no see~”Shu Zi Xuan was even more outstanding now, with just a light smile he was able to make people feel very good.

“Hello Brother Ning~”Shu Zi Hui had also become even more beautiful, she already had some grace in her with long flowy hair and snowy skin, He Ran’s a lucky guy.

“Cousins, Happy New Year~”Shu Ning was smiling on the surface but not beneath, he had been saying it a lot so it came out naturally just as he opened his mouth, and he didn’t care whether they were good or bad either ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Shu Zi Xuan noticed it and knew that Shu Ning didn’t care, he was slightly gloomy:”Where’s Brother Heng?”

“He’s reaching home soon,”Only when Shu Heng mentioned was Shu Ning willing to say a bit more:”I still have some things to do, you guys can help yourselves to anything!”

How could Shu Zi Hui let Shu Ning go so easily? She still wanted to try to improve their relations, so she immediately pouted gloomily:”Brother Ning, you never pick up my calls and never go out to play with me and He Ran, have we started to drift apart? Or……did I do anything to offend you?”

“How could that be?”Shu Ning’s eyes widened, looking very innocent:”Where’s He Ran? He’s your fiancé, so why didn’t he come?”

“……”Shu Zi Hui stopped for a moment, that’s right, why didn’t I think of that? With Shu Ning here, he should be hopping over energetically right?

A glint flashed past Shu Zi Xuan’s eye and he put on a smile:”Cousin, you seem to have a good relationship with He Ran?”There’s something worth digging about here.

“We used to be from the same school. I’m going to go get a drink, help yourselves.”

You shouldn’t do something more than three times, he had already asked them to “help themselves” twice and everyone around them heard this, this pair of siblings will be making themselves look bad if they still insist on pushing it. The ones who came to visit during the New Year’s were all relatives, and they all came to try to deepen their relationship with the main family. If they were too possessive, it would cause a public outrage, Shu Zi Xuan knew and Shu Zi Hui did as well.

Shu Zi Xuan wanted to get closer to his cousins, he was already the side character in the Shu clan for the rest of his life.

Shu Zi Hui followed behind Shu Ning, she took out her phone and gave He Ran a call but he didn’t pick up. She was very angry but it wasn’t appropriate in this occasion so she could only endure it. She continued to send out text messages with a smile still on her face, maintaining a good image. He Ran saw the text message and was ecstatic, Shu Ning asked me to go, now that’s what I’m talking about.

He Ran was mental, if there’s anything he wanted to do, he would do it immediately, there was nothing his family could do about it either, in a bustle he went straight towards the Shu clan!

The servants of the Shu family stopped him outside, Shu Zi Hui knew that He Ran would come so she was already waiting there to welcome him. In a moment her face turned sour and she had a frown on her face:”Let him in.”

“I’m sorry miss, you don’t have the right to make that decision,”The one overlooking the door was a professional okay? Please give him some respect.

Shu Zi Hui suppressed her anger, after all this was the ancestral home, and the ancestral home was a big shot, humph.

He Ran put his two hands on the carved iron gates trying to squeeze his head through like a fool, he looked nothing like a young master from a rich family at all, he had a face full of scorn:”I say, Shu Zi Hui, Shu Zi Hui, didn’t you get adopted? Why aren’t they listening to you? This is too funny, when I get home I gotta tell my mom this, pfft~”

“You’re misunderstanding things,”Shu Zi Hui was anxious, if she knew this was going to happen, she wouldn’t be waiting here for this fool, she was just making things awkward for herself. So now the only thing she could do was look towards Shu Ning for help, after all he was the one who brought this up. Shu Ning’s phone wouldn’t go through, He Ran had already tried it just now. So with a dark face, Shu Zi Hui got on the car and rushed towards the hall.

After Shu Ning received the report, he had the guards let him in, Shu Zi Hui hadn’t reached when this happened.

He Ran got on his own car and it was quite a while before he reached the ancestral home. There were dazzling lanterns decorating the place and there were any moving figures inside, the men were wearing well-ironed suits, and the ladies were wearing long skirts or a two-piece, everybody was cheerful and it was lively. But of course, it was similar in He Ran’s family too, all his aunts from both his mom and dad’s side were here and they were able to come over to have a meal using their status as their relatives, they were simply annoying.

Because there were so many people today, Shu Zi Hui who was in a hurry didn’t see He Ran enter, she lifted up the hem of her skirt and walked off quickly, in a hurry to go pick him up.

Many people didn’t know who He Ran was, and the ones who did know him found it very strange, this wasn’t the day for outsiders to be coming to celebrate New Year’s.

He Ran was able to find Shu Ning at the most showy area, the two of them went together to a corner before He Ran was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief:”Your house is like some kind of fortress, it’s damn hard to get in here.”

He was just making a joke, Shu Ning understood:”Nothing we can do about it, special times calls for special methods, it’ll be bad if a thief slipped in.”In his past life, He Ran had framed Shu Ning and said that he had stolen something, and they found the stolen items with him. He had been hiding it for three years but he got a slap from Qin Yu Zhuo when she found out, it was easy to think of how Shu Ning felt as he said these words at this time.

“What’s nice to eat around here? I just so happen to be hungry,”He Ran’s gaze drifted through the crowd of beautiful little ladies of the Shu family, and nearly drooled:”Who’s that girl in the pink wool skirt?”

“Dunno, I don’t care much for catering to people at all but all the food is on the left, so help yourself to them, there’s too many relatives so I have to go take care of them now,”Shu Ning spoke honestly, then he raised an eyebrow in curiosity:”What brought you here?”

“Didn’t……”you call me out here? He Ran was secretly shocked, could it be that Shu Zi Hui was starting things again? No wonder she came out to greet me personally, so she wants to use me to get the limelight? Or is there some sort of conspiracy going down? Shit, damn that woman!

“What?”Shu Ning was superb at playing the fool.

“Nothing~ Go ahead and do what you have to, as the head of the family you should be showing your guests good hospitality~”

Shu Ning was too lazy to care about him, he walked to the front of the hall and waited, after half an hour passed, he finally saw the person he was waiting for!


A crane’s tail is to describe somebody who is lagging behind in class. I’d change it to something else but the way it was described mentioned the “beauty” of it so there we go.

RWSB Chapter 70

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Dealing with the calm Shu Heng with an aggressive approach is useless, but Shu Ning was different, Shu Heng was willing to cooperate and he also wanted to know what Shu Ning intended to do with that glint that flashed past his eyes earlier.

Definitely something interesting~

Holding Shu Heng’s hand, Shu Ning was just about to walk to the exit when Shu Heng magically took out a scarf and carefully wrapped it around Shu Ning’s neck and also pulled up his collar, it’s very cold outside so it won’t be good if he caught a cold. Shu Ning felt very warm inside as he waited quietly for his brother to settle everything before taking his hand and leaving the building. The bone chilling air of the cold winter was exceptionally warm because he had the affection of his big brother.

The Rolls-Royce is already parked outside, the two of them got on the car and headed to Hot Pot City!

There was still one hot pot per person available at these times, shabu-shabu was currently popular in the capital so it’s probable that in less than a month, they would be available everywhere.

They ordered a bunch of vegetables and all sorts of seafood balls, beef, mutton, meat slices, sausages, and so on, there were about a total of over twenty items. Shu Ning was quite hard-pressed that his big brother ordered so much, it was way too much, this is such a waste! Fortunately they were eating in the room, if not this would be too shameful.

“Eat up!”

His big brother put in some vegetables into the pot. Shu Ning narrowed his eyes, hm, is he really not afraid of spiciness?

We ordered the spiciest one so don’t fail me now, let’s see how it goes.

Shu Ning wasn’t afraid of spicy food, he grabbed a bite with his chopsticks and tried it, but it was depressing, this is just slightly spicy okay? He wasn’t allowed to eat ice cream, and when they went to have some earlier he just had one scoop, now even the delicious mala hot pot has shrunk in size, how am I going to live like this? Shu Ning wanted to chuck his chopsticks but fortunately he remembered his big brother was sitting in front of him, so he endured it.

Shu Heng saw his movements, the little one is biting his chopsticks? That’s too cute, he gave the sliced mutton a swirl and put it in his little brother’s bowl, then poured him a cup of water and put it by his side:”Eat up, if it’s too spicy it’s not good for your stomach.”

“Brother, tell me the truth, can you take spice or not?”


“I’m your little brother! It’s okay to tell me,”Come on, tell me, even a great god would have weaknesses right? I won’t laugh at you, but actually I’ve already laughed:”Tell me~ Tell me~”

“You really want to know?”

“……”Uh, is that going to cost me another kiss?

“You have a new pair of pajamas tonight! The tail is designed in an arched shape, when you move on top, the bottom will sway along as well, it’s quite interesting.”

Shu Ning knew he was wrong, he lowered his head and ate, if he chatted with the great god he would get a bunch of his brain cells killed at any moment.

Shu Heng was victorious, but that was no joke, he had already prepared three sets, and each was great in its own way, they were put in the room at the ancestral home, as the little one had been having fun for a whole day and they had to leave by plane at night, he’ll definitely get sleepy quite early at night, then……it’s my charge, Shu Heng had already planned everything:”Try the mushrooms.”

“You should eat too, brother, don’t just busy yourself with me,”Shu Ning also picked from food for his brother to eat.

A bite for you, and a bite for me, neither of them was tired with this, Shu Heng was still eating when Shu Ning was full, he had even eaten for quite a while.

Shu Ning supported his chin with two heads, with a slight smile curling around the corners of his lips, he stared as Shu Heng ate elegantly with bright eyes, it’s enough for a man to be handsome but he was so elegant even when he ate, he wasn’t affected at all by the heat of the hot pot, he was like a clear spring that gave people a refreshing and calm feeling. Shu Ning didn’t ask why Shu Heng was able to stay around for a few days, but he was worried that he’ll leave early while they’re in a good mood.

It was almost three o’clock by the time they finished their hot pot, Shu Ning was stretching when his phone rang, it was He Ran calling.


“Wanna go out and play?”

“No can do, my mom just gave birth,”Shu Ning’s free hand was taken by Shu Heng and they walked together to the car. When they got in, Shu Ning was still speaking on the phone:”Shu Zi Hui? What did she do this time?”

“She’s too sticky, she’ll try and follow me wherever I go.”

“Heheh, you’re like a delicious cake.”

“Huh? Isn’t this the first time you’ve praised me? Music to my ears, when are you coming back? Come over for a visit, I know quite a few people so how about we go out and have some fun together?”

“Sure, let’s wait till I’m free though.”

“You’re trying to leave me dry again, humph!”

So he’s not a fool, Shu Ning sneered:”I think you just like her, if not how could she possibly follow you all the time? Forget it, I’m not gonna quibble about this, I’m hanging up.”

As the call ended, Shu Heng extended an arm out and pulled Shu Ning in:”He Ran’s bothering you?”

“If he is, what are you planning to do?”

Shu Heng had an obscure look, his eyes were so dark that one couldn’t see the depths of it, and his tone had a slight hint of cruelty:”I’ll make him disappear.”


“I’m just throwing him abroad to study, where did you think I was going to bring him?”

“……”I don’t believe it, Shu Ning knew that Shu Heng would make him dead if he made his move, that’s why his enemies don’t dare to be impudent:”Are we going back?”

“We’re going to watch a movie.”

“……”Shu Ning peeked up at the handsome face, why does this feel kind of like a date?

They bought quite some clothes today, they had ice cream, they went shopping, bought shoes, had lunch, watched a movie, could it be they’re going to go for a ride on the Ferris Wheel after this?

Right now the two were wearing coats but they were wearing sweaters beneath with the same design, just like a couple set, even their shoes were the same. If they took off their coats, they’ll most likely turn quite a lot of heads on the road!

In the cinema, they picked out a comedy, laughing happily the whole way through, it’s hard to believe that the aloof Shu Heng still had this side of him. The cinema was packed and it had a good atmosphere, his big brother was holding a bucket of popcorn in his hands and he would also pass over a bottle of water from time to time, Shu Ning had received very good service so he was very happy.

The sun had not yet set when the two came out, Shu Heng took Shu Ning’s hand and they got in the car and rushed to the airport, while they were waiting for their flight, they had some steak.

A few hours later, a Bentley sent over to welcome the two young masters took them back to the ancestral home.

Shu Gao was already quite old so he couldn’t stay up too late at night, and Shu Cheng was at the hospital. It was quite late at night so it wasn’t very convenient to go over directly to see his children. But Shu Ning was very happy, he knew that his big brother must have done this on purpose, with him in the lead it was fine even if he came home late. With a yawn, Shu Ning wanted to continue sleeping, Shu Heng watched the sight of it and lowered his head to give a tender kiss to the little one’s forehead and face, he covered him properly with the blanket and wrapped him up well. The bodyguard opened the door, and Shu Heng walked towards the living room with Shu Ning in his arms, he didn’t let Shu Ning bear any of the cold wind at all.

The bath can be skipped today, the little one is too sleepy for it. He took over a warm wet towel and wiped him down, then covered him up with the big black quilt, only then did Shu Heng take his clothes off and rushed off for a quick shower. WHen he returned to the bed, his phone was lit up, there was a text message. Shu Cheng was asking about them, Shu Heng replied and said that Shu Ning was doing very well, and to not worry. Only then was Shu Cheng able to ease up a little, Shu Yao was just a baby so he didn’t understand much, but Shu Ning was different, was he okay not seeing his mother?

He hoped that Shu Heng could take good care of Shu Ning and not let him be sad. Shu Cheng had to receive a lot of visiting relatives who came to see the baby, the congratulations came in an endless stream, it was quite busy.

Shu Heng took a new pair of pajamas from the bottom drawer of the closet and put it on Shu Ning lightly without waking him up, then hugged him to sleep.

When Shu Ning woke up the next morning, Shu Heng wasn’t around, he had gone out for a jog. He rubbed his eyes and smoothed his hand across the space beside him, it was warm, big brother had just left a short while ago. His heart felt very warm, he decided to turn over since he wasn’t around, and lay on the spot his big brother slept on, ah, as expected it’s different, the warmness is nice.

After daydreaming for ten or so minutes, Shu Ning lazily sat up, uh……Ahhh……

This is too perverse Σ( ° △°|||)︴

How could he have me wear……wear……such sexy lingerie? These can’t be considered children’s clothes any longer, they’re clearly meant for adults!

Shu Ning couldn’t get used to it so he just ripped it apart directly, and threw it to the bed, as soon as he got to the ground he saw the clothes they bought yesterday nearly placed there!

Angry~ Still angry but not as fussy anymore, he put on the undershirt and underpants prepared by his brother, and after the trousers and shirt was on, Shu Ning looked at himself in the mirror, looks quite handsome, Shu Heng has quite a good eye, except for that corpse on the bed! ╭(╯^╰)╮ His team’s designer hadn’t started designing adult products has he? It was quite profitable.

Shu Ning went downstairs but Shu Gao was on the fourth floor, so he could only bring the gift up. Shu Gao was currently watering flowers and the atmosphere within the room was warm like spring.

“What’s this?”Shu Gao loved Shu Ning’s gifts the most, they weren’t expensive things nor antiques, but it still sways your heart, such as something like a letter, or a health log. The contents of the box right now seemed rather light, but Shu Gao knew that it was definitely something substantial, and as expected it was a gym card.

“I’ve already paid for it, so you have to go, I’ll be checking it!”

Well isn’t this fellow pleased? Shu Gao gave his second grandson’s nose a little squeeze, and he was all smiles:”Okay, I’ll go, alright? Let’s go visit the hospital later after we’ve had our meals, Shu Yao is seven point eight pounds, that’s huge, bigger than Shu Heng. When Shu Heng was born he weighed only seven pounds, it would’ve been so great if you were born by my side!”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m fine anyway.”

“That’s right and I am very grateful to those who cared for you.”

“Grandpa,”Shu Ning hugged Shu Gao’s old body, hoping he could live up to his hundreds:”Big brother is here.”

Shu Gao was currently enjoying his time holding his grandson, but hearing this he raised his head and looked over, Shu Heng who was wearing his track suit with a towel hanging over his neck was walking over. This child was ten times more outstanding than Shu Cheng in his youth, that’s very good:”It’s cold in winter, so don’t go out when the weather’s bad, it’s the same if you exercise in the gym room.”

“Yes, grandpa,”Shu Heng’s obscure gaze swept over to Shu Ning for a moment, the little one was angry.

Shu Ning had only narrowed his eyes when he heard his voice, then he stopped paying attention. Shu Heng was sitting by the side, pouring a cup of water for himself. Only when Sun Lin came up to invite the three downstairs to eat did Shu Ning speak, but it wasn’t to Shu Heng, he was greeting Sun Lin.

With a wave of his hand, Shu Gao said:”No, forget it, we’ll eat on the fourth floor!”

And so the servants set up the table on the fourth floor, there weren’t too many dishes and there was a bowl of soup in the center. After the three of them got on their seats, Shu Gao picked some meat and vegetables for Shu Ning, he knew that Shu Heng was a cold guy and didn’t like it when other people pick food for him so he didn’t pick any for him, but rather it was Shu Ning who felt like he was in a tight spot, being angry was one thing but seeing how pitiful his brother was, he picked a piece of fish for him.

Shu Gao and Sun Lin watched them quietly, and looked at each other without saying anything.

Shu Heng did not disapprove of his actions, and naturally that was never going to happen. He opened his mouth and ate it, he was extremely calm as if he were used to it. Shu Gao looked at Sun Lin again, but secretly they were very happy, they smiled so happily that the flowers were blooming.

This is family harmony, other than that bitch Qin Yu Zhuo!

She had been staying in a hospital at C City all this while until she gave birth, the management was private and they watched her very strictly, even more strictly than a mental hospital. She will be going abroad after the baby reached a month old, Shu Cheng had bought a little island before this with very beautiful scenery, there was a villa there with speedboats and gardens, everything was good, the only thing bad about it was that you weren’t able to contact the outside world.

She’ll be sent to the island to reflect on herself, after all Shu Ning was around and Shu Cheng wasn’t willing to divorce her, he still wanted to give her one more chance because of the children. Shu Yao would still look for his mother when he grew up, and nobody wanted to be resented by Shu Ning, she would be there for two years at most before they bring her back, and continue being the rich young mistress. If she tries to lay a hand on Shu Heng again, she will have no more chances left.

Shu Gao looked through the recording sent over by Shu Cheng, the contents of the video was the opening of a suitcase, amongst the bunch of gifts contained within were watches, pens, a new mobile phone, and they had all been modified, they could record Shu Heng’s actions with video and audio recording quite conveniently, Qin Yu Zhuo was trying to use Shu Ning’s ignorance to destroy Shu Heng!

Shu Gao wanted them to get divorced immediately, if they don’t get divorced they weren’t allowed to return, if nothing happens in five years, they can get remarried, the outside world didn’t know about this anyway, if something really happened Qin Yu Zhuo wouldn’t even receive a single penny. Shu Gao was quite embarrassed since the rumours from the outside world were very toxic, but Shu Cheng followed his feelings more, after all he really liked her.

If Shu Ning could see Shu Gao in his youth, he probably wouldn’t dare to be so mischievous.

When they reached the hospital, Shu Cheng came out personally to receive them, he kept feeling as if he owed Shu Ning, he opened his arms and held his two sons in his arms, and even gave them a kiss filled with fatherly love. Shu Ning felt a bit surprised over his actions, he hurriedly opened his arms and hugged his dad’s waist tight. So firm, he’s big and fit, very burly.

“Did you miss your dad?”

“I did!”

“How much?”

“My heart, liver, and lungs, all missed you.”

Shu Cheng laughed and let go, then he gave Shu Heng a pat on the shoulder before speaking with Shu Gao:”What did you all come over so early for? It’s so cold outside, your body is very important, dad, I’ll bring Shu Yao back in a few days.”

“Of course I won’t do this for just one grandson, but now I have three!”Shu Gao took one on each hand and walked in.

Both of Shu Cheng’s hands were empty, he looked at Sun Lin with a slightly helpless look, Sun Lin had a face full of smiles:”You can carry the little young master.”

“That’s the only thing I can choose.”

The Shu family relatives came one after the other, there were the old and the young, Shu Cheng sent people over to take care of the arrangements and he brought his dad and his sons over to the big glass screen, there were rows of babies inside. The nurses bustled about and one of them carried one of the babies and walked over to the glass screen, she faced everyone and announced that this was Shu Yao.

Oh~ So small and soft, he had already forgotten what he looked like from his past life, but now seeing the baby with flushed skin, he did not feel anything.

There were many people around so it was inconvenient to ask, so Shu Ning took out his phone and sent a text message. Shu Heng took out his phone and looked at it, then replied. Shu Ning opened up the text and secretly peeked at it, ‘pft’ he accidentally laughed, Shu Heng actually said that Shu Yao looked like a monkey, ha ha ha ha o(n_n)o My tummy hurts.

Shu Cheng was very worried about Shu Ning:”What’s wrong? Are you that happy?”

“Happy, I’m happy!”Facing Shu Cheng, Shu Ning’s face was stiff, this is a monkey, dad! Then what was I? What was Shu Heng? He turned back his head abruptly, Shu Ning glanced over to Shu Heng with narrowed eyes:”Are you happy?”

“I’m happy.”

 ̄へ ̄ Shu Ning sent over a text message to ask: Really?

He thought Shu Heng would ignore him, but unexpectedly he replied immediately: Not happy, he’s ugly.

Shu Ning: Who looks good
Shu Heng: You look good.

In a moment, Shu Ning’s mood was blooming, the smile on his mouth couldn’t be hidden, even his eyes were bright: Big brother is actually very handsome too, the handsomest.

Shu Heng went with the flow: I’ll allow you to give me more kisses tonight.

Shu Ning put his phone back into his pocket, he didn’t have the heart to delete the message immediately so he’ll leave it for a while……just a while……

Shu Heng knew that Shu Ning had the habit of deleting text messages, but right now the reluctant little look on his face was too cute, he really wanted to pick him up and pet him.

Seeing that Shu Gao stopped looking, many people immediately came over to talk, there was only a little over a month left before the new years, they came over to ask about his future plans and whatnot.

Shu Cheng was also surrounded by a bunch of uncles and aunties, they all had a lot to talk about. Whereas Shu Heng took Shu Ning and left immediately just in case they were also surrounded, although they weren’t as young as the youngsters, the fighting abilities of the aunties were very strong, Shu Heng didn’t want Shu Ning to be gawked at. While Shu Ning was also happy to be free, the air outside was cold with snow covering the ground, they would even see a few snowmen every so often, how pretty.

“If you like it we can make one.”

“Not interested,”Shu Ning was already over thirty years old, his only interests were to earn money.

And so early the next morning, there were a pile of snowmen in the yard, each of them had their own style……what should Shu Ning say about this? His face was filled with black lines but his heart felt very pleased.

Shu Heng opened the curtains and wrapped Shu Ning up with the quilt, then he carried him over to the window to take a look. After about five minutes, he put him back to the bed.

“The snow is too white, even if it’s nice we can’t look at it for too long,”Shu Heng muttered, he wanted to open up the quilt but Shu Ning held on tight and wouldn’t let go.

“Brother~ Aren’t you getting more and more overboard?”Changing my clothes while I’m asleep or what not, that’s enough you.

“It’s not for you, it’s just to try it out.”

Please don’t use lame arguments alright? Shu Ning stared at him openmouthed, he simply did not expect Shu Heng to say that. The clothes were on him right at this moment, and he had even slept in it for a whole night, does this not count as wearing? Then what counts? Do I have to roll a few rounds in them? The corners of Shu Ning’s mouth twitched and his face was filled with gloom, the way a great god’s brain works truly is different from the rest.

“Looks pretty good.”

Which part? The thin shoulder straps were transparent, the hem is cropped short, it’s black, and a big snowy white section was left bare, the back strap was also transparent, it’s like I’m not wearing anything, below that was a little pair of briefs of the same colour, the front looks normal but the back was transparent, thankfully there was a tail, peh, it’s even more alluring without it alright?

“Brother, tell me the truth, are you selling sexy lingerie?”

“Cosplay underwear.”

“……”Fuck~ I’m too tired for this, I want to die.

“If you don’t like it we can change to something else, do you like thongs? They’re popular overseas!”

He actually dared to ask? Does he not feel shame? Shu Ning was furious:”Brother, why don’t you wear them?”Shu Heng actually came to this development, it was simply hard to believe, it was too incredible, too shocking, I should take some medicine, even the hints Shu Ning was putting down was ripped off.

Shu Heng suddenly went close and his breath was on the little one’s face, it brought the slightest hint of peculiarity and hotness, he had even held his breath subconsciously, Shu Ning didn’t dare to blink, his heart was beating like mad.

“Do you want to see me wear it?”

Big brother’s voice was so husky, it had a sexy feeling that made one want to commit a crime. Shu Ning swallowed his saliva and pressed down the pressure and his reasoning, he nodded his head.

Shu Heng looked at him from above with a mysterious look, and his eyes were deep and profound, just like that of a beast.

Although he had some regrets, Shu Ning couldn’t say it. Shu Heng turned over and got off the bed, he took off a new pair of underwear from the closet, and put it on after taking off the one he was wearing. He came back to the bedside and his attitude was still as cold and arrogant as before:”How does it look?”

His nose felt hot, it felt like……he was about to have a nosebleed.

Shu Ning glanced up and down, big brother’s physique was too perfect and he only had a thong on him. His shoulders, pectorals, abs, serratus, glutes, as well as his straight and long legs, a handsome guy who stood a meter and ninety centimeters tall, naturally his body was exceptional, he simply could not explain the feeling, it was too strong, it felt even stronger than seeing him naked.


Shu Heng hurriedly jumped onto the bed, he had never been so panicked before, his eyes were filled with worry and concern. Shu Ning laughed heartlessly:”Brother~ What’s wrong!”

Shu Heng had already grabbed some tissue paper:”Don’t speak, your nose is bleeding!”

“……”Oh no o(╯□╰)o

“I shouldn’t have let you eat soft-shelled turtle last night!”

Oh my god, grandpa’s soft-shelled turtle has taken the blame. Shu Ning was delighted, he shouldn’t let his big brother find out the real reason now can he? The lethality of sexy lingerie is truly too strong, no wonder his big brother cared about it so much, he would use my body to do comparisons at any chance he could get, he’ll probably earn a good profit wouldn’t he? Originally for the sake of his image, he didn’t want him to sell it, but what happens now that he’s interested as well? Damn it, having him wear it in exchange for me wearing it, it’s great!

The nosebleed stopped, but Shu Heng still called over a doctor. Shu Ning secretly peeked a glance at Shu Heng, his face looked very dark, so scary.

The doctor rushed over very quickly and did a body check while he was there, his development has finally started to catch up, he has finally caught up with the rest of the healthy thirteen year olds. Shu Heng was actually happier than Shu Ning, it wasn’t clear on his face but Shu Ning could feel it. His big brother’s hand kept squeezing his own as if he was so delighted he could hardly let go.

It was normal for a big brother to care about his little brother. Ah……why do I feel a bit lost →-→

Shu Gao had come over and he hurried over to the bedside and sat down, he raised his hand over and lifted his grandson’s chin, then looked left and right, seeing that he was fine, he could rest assured. Shu Gao had also asked about his condition from the doctor, the doctor quickly explained the situation. Right now Shu Ning was wearing a normal set of pajamas and the quilt has also been changed, if not Shu Gao’s chest would feel uncomfortable if he saw the blood.

Although they it was a bit over the top, being cared about like this still felt very nice.

Not long after, Shu Cheng had also come, and his complexion wasn’t too good. Every time the new years rolled in, all the companies would become super busy, he had to run back and forth between the hospital and the company so he was very tired.

If Qin Yu Zhuo was around, he wouldn’t have to work so hard.

Shu Ning was just like a panda, surrounded by a group of the most outstanding men. It felt a bit awkward, but he kept a smile on his face.

The good days always pass so quickly, it was already time for Shu Heng to go abroad on Monday. Shu Ning had also flown back to the capital, he was sitting in class with a cold face, Shi Lang was indignant and kept on wanting to start something, but he would be paralyzed every time Shu Ning looked over to him. While Shi Shuai had come over quite a few times, he wanted to befriend Shu Ning. He Ran had also come jumping over to bother Shu Ning for one simple reason, their exams were coming soon.

In a private room within the tea shop, He Ran was filling up some test papers. With a headache, he raised his head to look at the calm Shu Ning, and immediately dropped his head to solve his questions.

Shu Ning had a good view of the scene, He Ran’s phone was vibrating again. The only one who could harass him like this was definitely Shu Zi Hui.

“Is it fine if I bring her here?”

Shu Ning shook her head:”I’m not too close to her.”

He Ran ruffled his hair in irritation with a bitter look on his face:”I’ve just never seen such an annoying girl before, she kisses up to everyone and they all like her.”

“Are you sure?”

“……”He Ran was stunned, and he knitted his brows tightly together:”Huh?”

“Just deal with it by turning off your phone, and also, I don’t like being bothered, just you is enough.”

“Alright,”He Ran was very happy, I really am special in Shu Ning’s heart after all, he will only tutor me alone, ha ha ha. Uh, why are these questions getting harder and harder, this is too difficult, I want to spit blood. Studying lasted three hours, He Ran was so tired that his hands hurt and was taken away by his family pitifully, and his family was still thankful towards Shu Ning.

There wasn’t anything they could do that their naughty child didn’t like to study.

Shu Ning was supposed to prepare for his exams but He Ran just so happened to come charging over, wouldn’t he be sorry for himself if he didn’t torture him?

After getting off school the next day, He Ran came over again and snatched him away from Shi Shuai who had come a step too late. Shu Zi Hui had secretly followed him from behind and the bodyguard reported this to Shu Ning. Shu Ning immediately blinked towards the bodyguard, the bodyguard understood the hint and secretly warned He Ran, if his “family” does this one more time, he should just stay home next time.

But that won’t do, his brother had already promised to bring He Ran over to M Country for a holiday! He had to pass all his subjects, he has to.

And so He Ran walked over to a normal looking car in a huff and knocked on the window. Shu Zi Hui who was caught was nervous, but she came out in an embarrassed manner:”I couldn’t stop worrying about you~”

“You wanted to know which slut was with me right?”

“No, that’s not it, I trust you!”

“Shoo shoo shoo, I’ll throw you aside and go on a holiday by myself if you don’t pass your exams.”

“What? How could you do that?”Shu Zi Hui wanted to cry, the lethality of a beauty was still quite strong but a certain someone seemed to already be sick of it.

“Big brother has already spoken, what else can I do?”

“Then I’ll study with you.”

“No no no, when boys are hanging out girls aren’t welcome,”He Ran forcefully pushed her back into the car and pulled open the door on the passenger side, then yelled angrily:”Go, quickly!”

“Yes, young master!”

The car left, He Ran came back to Shu Ning’s side with a good chuckle:”That should be fine right? What do you want to eat today?”

Shu Ning ordered a big meal then booked a room in a quiet place to study. He Ran was about to go blind, with the great Shu Ning in charge, he didn’t even dare to raise his hand! He finished paper after paper, and his head was getting dizzy, he really wasn’t cut out for studying. He had even tried to provoke Shu Ning when they first met, but now he instead feared him.

Three hours had passed, and He Ran breathed a sigh of relief. Instead, Shu Ning slammed two test papers down in front of him:”Return these to me tomorrow!”

“Not this……where am I going to find the time to do this at night?”

“Are you a fool? One at night and one in the morning, you fool.”

He Ran:”……”He was stunned.

The person who came to get He Ran today was his brother, the second brother, he was a very handsome man, albeit slightly wicked, he had even given Shu Ning a gift. When they got in the car, Shu Ning curiously opened up the gift and smiled, this second brother of his is quite interesting, he actually sent him a pair of handcuffs →-→ Is he trying to imply something? Maybe I’m over thinking things ╮(╯▽╰)╭

After school the third day, He Ran came early on to take Shu Ning out to play. After having lunch, they went to study. They worked hard for four hours today and He Ran was starting to feel numb.

Shu Ning was ruthless, he gave him an exercise book:”Take this home and do it, don’t look for me anymore, we’ll talk on the phone.”

“Huh? Why?”He Ran had just gotten used to this high pressure way of studying, but thinking about it, studying at home was still better, he could still have a stretch if he got tired:”Alright then, I’ll agree reluctantly.”

Shu Ning actually enjoyed torturing He Ran, he had suffered under his bullying in his past life, but right now his second brother was waiting in front of his car while smoking, they could see him from the window on the third floor. Shu Ning narrowed his eyes, and thought to himself that something was wrong, this guy seems quite strange. Maybe there were many within the circle who liked little boys. Little boys hadn’t matured yet so they were tender and pleasant, Shu Ning came from a good family and he had good manners, he was raised well, way better than the ones raised outside.

Shu Ning wanted to test him, he had He Ran go down first telling him not to let his brother wait, he told him he still had two questions to finish up before going.

He Ran didn’t find anything suspicious, he just left happily. Shu Ning sent a text message over to the bodyguard telling him that if anyone were to enter, they should knock on the door after three minutes. And as expected, He Ran’s second brother came up. He was quite a powerful guy, he was called He Yu and he was twenty some years old, it seems that he has been helping out at the company while he was still studying. He knocked twice on the door and came in. He Yu carried a very handsome smile on his lips that had a hint of evil.

“Hey little genius, you should take a rest!”

“Hello Second Brother He.”

“It’s getting late, I’ll send you back and we can get some snacks along the way.”

“No need to trouble yourself, the driver is waiting downstairs,”Shu Ning packed up his stuff and He Yu had already started walking to his side. Right at this time, the sound of the door knocking came from outside, Shu Ning picked up his book calmly:”See you tomorrow.”

He Yu opened the door for him:”Alright, see you tomorrow.”

Shu Ning walked out and the two bodyguards standing outside were big and stall, with a very strong aura. The two of them left with Shu Ning.

As expected of someone from the Shu family, he thought he was a little bunny but expect that it was a kitten with claws, interesting, very interesting. He Yu’s interest had been perked up, however……he never got the chance to see the little guy after the next day, He Ran studied at home all day. Shu Ning gave him an exercise book filled with test questions, was this coincidence or did he plan this?

He Yu sat in front of his computer and stroked his chin, his gaze flickered, he really couldn’t take this sitting down!

Two days before the exams, Shu Cheng came to visit. He stayed with Shu Ning up until Shu Heng rushed back before he left reluctantly.

Shu Ning was very happy, and he cherished the time they had together:”Brother, are you busy during the holidays as well?”

“Not too much, do you want to follow me?”

Of course, I really want to, but Shu Ning didn’t dare, he was afraid that he would be mixed into the corporate dispute just like in his past life so he could only endure it and shake his head.

A glimmer shone past Shu Heng’s eyes, he knew why his little brother decided so:”When you’re done with your exams, I’ll accompany you for three days, okay?”


After his exams, Shu Heng had been staying with him non stop these past few days, he was waiting right outside the school. Shu Ning’s exam results weren’t too bad, he had the confidence to be within the top 100 in the school. But of course, these results are simply not enough for Shu Heng to be satisfied, they were too average. On their holidays on the 21st of January, Shu Ning was hanging about with Shu Heng, and suddenly his phone rang while they were enjoying themselves in a hot spring.

He Ran had succeeded in barely passing again! Everybody was ecstatic and they wanted to invite Shu Ning out to eat, but how could Shu Ning agree? He had casually asked about his holiday plans and He Ran blabbed it all out to him. Shu Zi Hui messed up her exams, she passed her main subjects but fell back on the rest, but what the He family required was a pass in all subjects.

It seemed to be very low standards but they were quite tough!

Shu Zi Hui hated Shu Ning to death, he actually helped He Ran out by tutoring him, what do I do now? He Ran happily started to prepare going abroad to have fun, and out of desperation Shu Zi Hui contacted Shu Ning again and again. Not a single time did the call go through, could he have blocked me? That’s impossible, right? And so Shu Zi Hui tried to use the landline to call, and it was just as she thought.


“Shu Ning? I’m Shu Zi Hui, can you hello hello hello?”

Shu Zi Hui was dumbfounded when she heard the beeping noise……he hung up on me? Why? Isn’t our family allied with his mother? This won’t do, Shu Zi Hui wasn’t an adult yet so she couldn’t act on her own, she could only call Shu Zi Xuan. After hearing his sister’s complaints, Shu Zi Hui laughed confidently.

“Which country is He Ran going to, what time is the flight, tell me everything, I’ll do all the paperwork for you, this is nothing!”

Shu Zi Hui smiled, a person in desperation will truly try anything. Relying on the in-laws was no use, her brother is still the one she can count on.

Shu Zi Hui hummed a song and didn’t stick to He Ran anymore, she was just thinking that they felt like newlyweds again. And so she went out to shop, she planned to buy several pretty dresses, perfume, hats, shoes, and the like, she’ll dress up all pretty and appear in front of He Ran and shock his shoes off, ha ha ha. Shu Zi Hui went out the door and invited a little beauty out with her, the conditions of her family were quite good but the key point was, she wasn’t as pretty as herself!

The atmosphere in the hot spring villa was quite good, Shu Ning was skinny dipping but he didn’t feel any shame, he was already used to it. Shu Heng took a sip of his drink and stared at him with narrowed eyes, and the colour within his pupils were exceptionally deep, he really wanted to……turn him over and press him down.

The new years will be here soon, and his little brother will be fourteen, when I return after going abroad for two years, he will be sixteen.

Damn it, there were still two years. Shu Heng swirled the alcohol in his glass while Shu Ning swam around, his little body appeared in and out the surface of the water, and his exceptional snowy skin made him look just like a beautiful mermaid.

The sight gave Shu Heng a reaction, and a pillar stood erect towards the sky. He calmly fixed his towel and walked out, and a long while had past before he returned.

It was littered with bodyguards outside so there were no safety issues, but Shu Heng had still forgotten something, alcohol!

Seeing his brother leave, Shu Ning cocked his head to the side but didn’t think too much about it. When he swam to the side of the pool, he just so happened to notice the alcohol left behind by his big brother, a cocktail? Is this alright to drink in a hot spring? Big brother drank half so I will gladly accept the rest of it ~\\(≧▽≦)/~ Shu Ning who hadn’t had a drink for a while enjoyed it pleasantly in slow sips.

When Shu Heng returned, his soul nearly flew away, his little brother was leaning back on the chair with a flushed face:”Brother~ You’re back?”And here I thought you fell into a hole, ha ha, when that time comes I can scoop you up with an ear scoop.

Shu Heng quickly strode over to the chair and took the little one into his arms, he touched his forehead then his face, and leaned over to take a whiff:”You drank alcohol?”

“If you drink it why can’t I? Co……it was just a few small sips!”Oh no, I nearly said cocktail!

Shu Heng raised an eyebrow for a moment and stared steadily at him, Shu Ning quickly pretended to be ignorant and pure, pretend to be innocent!

“It’s time to sleep.”

“I’m not tired~”Shu Ning smiled foolishly.

Shu Heng didn’t care whether Shu Ning was tired or not, this little guy was already drunk, he wasn’t allowed to drink so he’s doing it secretly, he needs a spanking. He wrapped him up with a big towel and bathed him after they returned to the room, he changed him into a new pair of pajamas and when Shu Heng picked up the blanket, Shu Ning turned over and got on the floor:”I’m not sleepy, I don’t want to sleep, you can sleep if you’re sleepy, I’m not sleepy I’m not sleepy, go away I aahhh~”

He picked him up horizontally, and threw him to the bed!

It wasn’t painful or anything, the bed was too soft, Shu Ning was only surprised. Immediately he sobered up a lot, big brother is so overbearing and violent, I like it!

Shu Heng looked down at him, he had really gotten angry!

“Brother~”Shu Ning stretched his hand out grievingly, big brother was so gentle, when did he transform into a big wolf?

“Shu Ning!”

He pouted, he had drank too much and his body was heating up, it felt like he was burning up inside but he felt very light and floaty. The corner of Shu Ning’s eyes were damp, big brother is being so fierce with me!

Shu Heng didn’t do anything more, he lowered his body and held his little brother:”Does it feel uncomfortable?”

“Nope, it feels like fairyland!”

Shu Ning was in a drunken stupor, he was a mischievous little nuisance as he held onto Shu Heng, he would even press him down and give him a kiss from time to time, give him a few pokes, grope around, mumbling, Shu Heng could only hear something along the lines of yours or mine, forever and ever and whatnot, it was incomprehensible. He had done everything he normally didn’t dare to do today, this may be Shu Ning’s way of venting or perhaps it was his indulgence.

When they woke up the next morning, Shu Ning sat up abruptly and thought to himself, am I crazy?

His memories came out like a bomb and he could hear a buzz, and everything came out like it was set to fast forward, shit……head hurts! Damn it.

Shu Heng sat on the bed with his back against the pillow, his hands were held around his chest and an incomprehensible look was present on his face. His gaze sharpened:”You’re awake?”

Uh, his voice came from behind, did big brother not sleep at all? That’s not possible, Shu Ning slowly turned over with a few pauses, and as expected big brother was wearing the bathrobe from yesterday!

“That……I was wrong.”

Shu Heng didn’t speak, his handsome face was frosty as he stared quietly at Shu Ning.

“Brother, I know I did wrong.”

“Come over.”

It’s fine if he was willing to speak, Shu Ning breathed a sigh of relief but he paused for a moment, he looked down and he was wearing a set of animal underwear this time, the super wild type. Might as well crawl over to coax his big brother?

although it was embarrassing, Shu Ning still put down his hands and crawled over slowly, and greedily he sat directly on Shu Heng’s legs. His big brother was back to his warm self, it worked! Shu Ning was secretly happy in his heart, he put his hands on the wide shoulders and tried to slide himself forward to hug him around the neck, he tilted his head to the side and layed down on top of his brother!

Shu Heng pulled over the blanket and wrapped it around the little one:”You can drink alcohol when you grow up.”

Uh, he could actually hear the little leaks in my words. Although he wasn’t satisfied, forget it, it’s more important trying to coax his big brother:”I promise.”

“Good boy.”

That’s it? Shu Ning was very satisfied.

Shu Heng’s gaze was obscured and his hands were moving around inside the blanket, he gave the two little mountain peaks a little knead but he made sure not to over do it, and he moved his hands to his waist to hold him, he didn’t continue trying to take advantage of him.

His butt had been squeezed, Shu Ning’s body stiffened up, and while he was enduring from getting angry, his big brother withdrew his hands. Right when he breathed a sigh of relief, he felt something hot on his cheek, big brother’s daily kisses has begun. He could kiss anywhere he wanted, it was still fine, but kissing the lips……it gave him strange thoughts, thinking that his brother liked him.

“Brother, normally people only do one for morning kisses!”

“Are we in a normal relationship?”

“That’s not it, uh, that wasn’t what I meant! Don’t change the subject.”

“Then let’s talk about your drinking.”

“Forget it.”

Shu Heng raised up the little one’s chin with a finger and looked at him carefully, Shu Ning’s eyes had also linked with his brother’s extremely focused eyes, that strange feeling that made his heart rate speed up started again, and in a moment both of their faces had flushed red to their ears.

Huff~ Huff~ Huff~ Huff~

Shu Ning was running desperately forward, there was a big wild boar chasing behind him, so scary! Don’t come here~

There’s nowhere to run in front! Shu Ning picked up a branch and turned over, his soul was scared out of his body immediately. The wild boar jumped up and opened its big mouth to reveal sharp teeth……

Ahhhhh, Shu Ning was woken up by the nightmare, Shu Heng just happened to lean over when Shu Ning unconsciously kicked a leg out, big brother fell to the ground.

Shu Ning ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) He was wide awake now.

Shu Heng turned around to look at him after staggering a bit, and his face was gloomy and horrifying……

Shu Ning looked towards the sky: Author mama, remember to burn joss paper for me on this day next year~

The director crossed his legs and took a drag of his cigarette, with an arrogant attitude he spoke:”Hey hey hey that guy, come over, take this lunchbox and go, don’t let me see you in the future!”

The stupid author cried in a wail, I had only accidentally wrote the main character to his death /(tot)/~~


Cocktail: Ji wei jiu
few small sips: Ji xiao kou

RWSB Chapter 69

I’ve forgotten all about these but, the following chapter contains rude language!

And also thank you again for everyone who supported the project on ko-fi, I’m still going to kinda hide the link haha maybe I’ll do something different when I change to a proper domain.


What’s going on?

It wasn’t apparent on Shu Ning’s face but the uncertain feeling was playing about in his heart, could it be that grandpa contacted dad? That’s not possible, grandpa won’t complain to him just because of a small matter, and Sun Lin had also never left.

Then why was Shu Cheng so angry?

All the company’s affairs were handled within the company, he won’t bring them home to vent to his family. If it’s something big he’ll deal with it in the study, not in front of his son. Could it be……because Qin Yu Zhuo took the shares?

That seems even more off, Qin Yu Zhuo had just taken it away, she hadn’t even done anything yet!

Actually Shu Ning had underestimated the situation. Knowing that the little one was going to return, both Shu Gao and Shu Cheng had been keeping their eye on Qin Yu Zhuo, they wanted to know what exactly she was going to do and say, whether she really planned to harm Shu Heng! Actually, on the days where Shu Heng wasn’t around, Qin Yu Zhuo had been trying to find a way to enter the study on the second floor to take a look, but the security was too tight so there was no chance at all.

But of course, these movements of hers were kept secret, she had only consulted with two of her confidants and did not leave behind any tracks.

Until Shu Ning returned, and Qin Yu Zhuo had a chance to go about the second floor, only then was she exposed.

Naturally there were no surveillance cameras within the room, but they were in the hallway. Qin Yu Zhuo plastered her door to the door and listened, then hid, and rushed in when Shu Ning left, after a short moment she came out and the bottom of her clothes seemed rather unnatural, there should be something hidden inside.

Shu Heng gave a call to Shu Cheng on the day when he brought Shu Ning away, he told him that the little one decided to give up the company and decided to take care of the house instead, Shu Cheng was very gloomy, so he went looking for Shu Gao to discuss with him, anything could be said between the father and son pair. Shu Gao pursed his lips without speaking, the second grandson was indeed very smart but he wasn’t quite as bright as Shu Heng, it was quite normal for him to misunderstand if he tried to imply something while speaking to him, after all Shu Ning didn’t know that Shu Heng wasn’t his biological brother, the family business could never belong to Shu Heng.

Shu Cheng had always taken Shu Heng as his own son, so he wouldn’t let the truth be exposed, and as a father, Shu Gao respected his decision.

Shu Gao knew that he was wrong but he doted very much on his grandson and he didn’t want his son to misunderstand as well, so he told Shu Cheng about the shares.

Shu Ning just so happened to be visiting his grandpa during the holidays, so Shu Gao happily took out the shares to fawn on him. Shu Ning just had to receive it and that was the end of that.

Shu Cheng knew, so after seeing the surveillance footage, he was thrown into a fit of rage, there was no way for him to hide it at all.

At the dinner table, Shu Gao understood his son well so it wasn’t hard to guess what was going on without even asking, he hurriedly took Shu Ning’s hand:”Your dad should have some business matters to deal with, if we stay around and more people come things are going to get noisy, grandpa just planted some new flowers so let’s bring you over to have a look.”

It’s not too proper for a child to see the scene of their parents fighting, Shu Gao brought Shu Ning away immediately, Shu Ning who was so hyped about digging pits for his mother also decided to stay low-key, so they grouped together, and it’s time to go.

Ha ha ha……

Qin Yu Zhuo was actually quite amazing, really, she had done pretty well in her past life, she was the mistress of a rich household, and as Shu Cheng’s last woman she enjoyed so much glory, sitting at the top stop amongst the rich ladies of C City, everyone had their eyes on her no matter where she went, the flash of the reporters and paparazzi were all chasing towards her, she had been in magazines and charity drives, helping the poor and supporting university students, making her image look perfect, she was a winner in life and she was the real life version of Cinderella!

Now all she’s lacking was an autobiography.

The only thing that kept her in place was Shu Heng.

Qin Yu Zhuo had fallen into misfortune over and over in this lifetime, doomed time and again, and this was all caused by Shu Ning, he had been laying down traps specially for her, karma bites back hard, and she should bear it.

In the room on the third floor, the married couple were fighting, and every so often crying sounds would trail out. Shu Cheng was a gentleman so no matter how angry he was, he would never lay his hands on a woman, and even more so he wouldn’t throw things around, he tried to suppress his anger and control his voice, after all Qin Yu Zhuo was still pregnant. But of course Qin Yu Zhuo naturally would have hundreds of excuses, she blabbed on and on, and kicking things as she pleased, Shu Cheng hated this the most, if she’s got something to say then why can’t she say it properly?

“Get up!”

“No,”Seeing that the soft approach didn’t work, Qin Yu Zhuo changed into a tantrum throwing attitude instead, the warm image she had always kept was thrown aside, and she also got angry:”What did I do? Shu Ning is still so young so shouldnt I be keeping the shares for him? What did I do? Do you think I was going to sell it or something? Let’s not even mention that dad gave Shu Ning his shares, wouldn’t your shares go to him in the future too? You’re making it sound as if I’m greedy, What have I hankered over?”

“This is unreasonable.”

Qin Yu Zhuo did intend to do that, but she was able to remain victorious in this sticky situation, this was all a set up by Shu Gao, he had been using Shu Heng to thread the needle and controlled Shu Ning to deliberately trap me, Qin Yu Zhuo had already figured out the cause and effect so naturally she tried even harder to persuade her man:”I’ve already locked the shares into the safe, you can look in it if you don’t believe me.”

The safe in their room was shared, but Shu Cheng barely touches it. Earlier Qin Yu Zhuo had wanted to go downstairs earlier so she could wait for Shu Cheng to have breakfast together so right after she put the stuff in the safe, she went downstairs hurriedly without even touching the food in the room.

Shu Cheng opened the safe, they were really in there.

Qin Yu Zhuo was crying as if she felt very wronged, but Shu Cheng did not feel bad about it at all, he was not satisfied with Qin Yu Zhuo’s excuse, if she really weren’t greedy she could’ve just openly asked for it from Shu Ning, what can’t they talk about between a mother and her son? And what’s more Shu Ning was indeed very young, it was very normal for important things to be kept and managed by his parents.

But! You could definitely not steal it.

Qin Yu Zhuo could just tell Shu Ning after she took it away, even a fool could understand, it was taken away anyway so Shu Ning could only bear with it, if not what could he do? Whine about it?

Taking actions first and talking later, there was nothing Shu Ning could actually do, but it wasn’t as if everyone else there was dead either.

They’ve already been arguing for an hour, Qin Yu Zhuo who did not seem to be repentant at all had disappointed Shu Cheng completely, he was too lazy to quibble with her so he just took the shares and left, he was very upset. He took out his phone and gave his dad a call.

Shu Gao took out his phone to look at it, but cut it off instead of picking it up. Shu Ning saw the scene, his grandpa was dissing dad, it’s the woman you chose so you have to bear with it yourself. With a roll of Shu Ning’s eyes, he went to the bathroom to call his dad, he wanted to comfort him a little.

The depressed Shu Cheng hesitated for a moment, but he picked up.

“Dad, are you done with work?”

“It’s settled now, are grandpa’s flowers pretty?”

“They are, it was taken care of so properly so naturally they would be pretty,”Shu Ning added some implications within his words, he curled up the corners of his mouth, dad’s not a bad guy, now he could pretty much say that they were in the same boat, how pitiful:”Dad, do you want to come to the greenhouse? A bunch of purple flowers bloomed and they smell quite nice, I think it’ll help clear the worries from your mind.”

Shu Cheng sighed silently, and agreed. Naturally if he could go on a date with his son that would be a blast!

The sun was shining and all sorts of beautiful flowers were in bloom, the beautiful scene could make one feel very carefree and cheerful. The father and son pair were holding hands walking around the garden, you’ll smile as you look at me, and I’ll show you all the kindness I can give you, how wonderful. A hidden pair of eyes were staring at the scene gloomily, ah that makes one envious, can’t wait to dig out two holes!

The corner of Sun Lin’s mouth twitched:”Old brother, if you’re envious just stick yourself in, that’s your own son and your own grandson, there’s no need to put on airs……”He’s just living to suffer.

Shu Gao:”……”

If they were a few years younger Sun Lin would’ve definitely pushed Shu Gao out there, but right now he could only pull that one over:”Ning Ning, come drink some water before playing.”

It was just an excuse, but Sun Lin really was holding up some tea.

Shu Cheng touched his nose, humph, ignoring me and now you’re here to join in on my fun. But who was Shu Gao? Even if Shu Cheng farted he would know what it smelled like, he immediately rolled his eyes and personally poured a cup of tea for his grandson. After a while, the three man line started, with Shu Ning in the middle, he had one on his left and one on his right.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed, it was as if Qin Yu Zhuo had disappeared. The reason Shu Cheng gave to him was that she’s been feeling bad lately so she went to the island to relax, so it wasn’t too convenient to talk on the phone, after a few days your mom will contact you.

Shu Ning pretended to believe it, but actually not even a ghost would believe that →-→

The cleaning aunty accidentally noticed the paper bag so she handed it to Shu Ning, Shu Ning didn’t ask any questions and just pretended it really was an accident.

After returning to the capital, Shu Ning went to school every day and teased Shi Lang, but He Ran had only given him a call, he didn’t come over to play, it seems that the old man really can’t hold on anymore, the rumours had already been spread outside of the family. Shu Zi Hui still came, she was just like a fly, she didn’t even care if the egg was cracked, she would still come over to see how it smelled, and whether it tasted good or not, she wasn’t afraid of getting poisoned.

Meanwhile the foreman and his brother, Pang Qian, had already finished with the inspections, the land wasn’t too big so they couldn’t do any projects that were too big, he had already researched over things with Shu Ning and they started work immediately, Shu Ning had about two million on hand at this moment, one million of it was stuffed to him by Shu Gao, and Shu Cheng also gave him one million, probably as a thank you, some things were quite inconvenient for him to tell Shu Ning, such as the matter with Qun Yu Zhuo.

After all that was his mother, Shu Ning would probably get angry if he found out, and what if Shu Ning was actually willing to let Qin Yu Zhuo handle the shares? After Shu Gao and Shu Cheng discussed it with each other about it, they just decided to separate this pair of mother and son!

Shu Ning who didn’t know that all this was going on was very happy, he was busy working on his first project, the prelude had already been passed quietly and the loan was already in place, Shu Cheng had even given him some allowance, there was also Qin Yu Zhuo’s gold card in his bag, he would use it every month. While playing the stocks, Shu Ning would watch the real estate prices as well while looking at the English tutoring center, classes can officially start on winter.

Pang Qian really was a very competent guy, there were no delays even while working on two construction projects. Time went by just like flowing water, and in the blink of an eye even Shu Yao was born.

He didn’t even know what Shu Heng was doing in F Country, he had returned once midway through, but he flew back again after knowing that Shu Ning wanted to return to look at the baby.

Winter was here, it was the 7th day of December, Shu Ning waited as he stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, anticipating, and finally he saw the Rolls-Royce pull into the yard.

He should be going out to greet him but his legs just wouldn’t move, who asked him to leave for so long?

Shu Heng walked through the falling snow and entered the house, there were still little pieces of snowflakes on his hair, and the exceptionally handsome face was covered in frost that was colder than the winter air, the oppressive feeling surrounding him was almost explosive, he seemed even harder to get close to now.

Good chap, he’s gotten more amazing while he was away somewhere I couldn’t see  ̄へ ̄

Shu Heng hurried over in big strides, stripping off layers as he walked, the servants followed behind him to pick up his clothes and his bag, by the time he reached Shu Ning, Shu Heng was only wearing a sweater on his torso, making his body look even more slender, handsome, and perfect, especially those long legs of his, they were long and straight.

“Did you miss me?”

When Shu Heng spoke, he had already circled his arms around Shu Ning and picked him up, now they could exchange proper eye contact.

Shu Ning’s heel lifted off the ground, his face was slightly flushed and his heart was beating fast, what is he doing! Really, are you trying to show off how tall you are, you telephone pole?

“Did you miss me?”

“I did.”

“Which part of you missed me?”Your heart? I want your heart so bad, Shu Heng narrowed his eyes.

“My whole body missed you.”

This sentence was too exciting, Shu Heng couldn’t endure it and wanted to suck in his breath, he simply decided to sit down on the sofa together with Shu Ning while carrying him, He let the little one sit on his lap as he held him around his waist, there was almost no space between the two of them, even the tips of their nose were touching. Shu Ning and Shu Heng pored over each other silently, observing all the differences of the two of them.

“You’ve grown tall, and heavier now too.”

Shu Ning pouted:”What does that mean? You don’t want to hold me anymore? Am I squishing you?”Do you not like me anymore?

“How could that be? Give me a kiss!”

Shu Ning obediently gave Shu Heng a kiss on the forehead, he could fool himself no longer, this guy got manlier and manlier as he grew up, his voice was deep and pleasant, the oppressive aura surrounding him was on point, you could say he had basically grown into a dragon.

“On the mouth.”

“The maids are watching,”How could Shu Ning be unabashed? His little face had flushed red.

“Take a good look.”

Shu Ning turned his head around uncertainly, there really wasn’t anyone there, this place is haunted o(╯□╰)o

“Go on.”

Shu Ning had only hesitated for two seconds, really, it didn’t even go past two seconds. Suddenly, as if the earth and the skies had turned over, he was pressed down by Shu Heng to the sofa, Shu Ning wanted to struggle but Shu Heng was too strong, he was subdued just like that while kisses landed on his forehead, the tip of his nose, his face, then his lips, Shu Ning voiced out several whimpers and stopped completely.

His hands couldn’t move, his legs couldn’t move, and the back of his head was held in place by a big hand. Shu Ning closed his eyes as his heart rate sped up, he could feel his brother’s lips grinding down on his, and it was like a jolt of electricity was being passed to him through their lips. All the way until Shu Heng stopped, Shu Ning still hadn’t recovered from his daze, the after taste was still lingering on his mouth, and he even thought about how great it would be if they could continue.

Ah, why did he have to be my big brother? /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

“We’re returning to C City tomorrow morning, there’s something I need to tell you now, it has something to do with your mom,”Shu Heng’s tone was very gentle, seemingly afraid of inciting him, it was different if he were to find out when he returned to the ancestral home than if he were to tell him now to prepare him. Shu Ning watched him blankly, and Shu Heng said slowly:”Your mother gave birth prematurely, and her body’s not doing very well right now, she has to go overseas to recover for several years before she can return, you’re in high school now after skipping grades so you won’t be able to catch up with your studies if you go overseas to visit her, so how about I bring you over after you graduate from high school?”


“I’ll be going to M Country for two years, and I can also take care of your mom there.”

What? M Country for two years? Things are starting to get in line. How many degrees was Shu Heng planning to get, doesn’t two years seem rather short? He had just wanted to ask when Shu Ning shut his mouth, who was Shu Heng? He’ll definitely have no issues, we’ve only been separated for a month and I’m already missing him like mad, if I had to wait three years won’t I really go crazy? Shu Ning stretched out his arms and curled them around his brother’s neck.

“Okay! I promise you,”Sigh, Shu Ning was a little disappointed:”Mom likes perfection the best, so she definitely wouldn’t want me to see her when she’s in such a state, I understand,”Like hell~ It’ll be great if I never have to see her for the rest of my life, she was definitely exiled, ha ha, this is good, living on the other side of the ocean, thinking about her kids and the Shu clan’s family business, not caring about food or drink, getting insomnia at night, Qin Yu Zhuo you have to hold on, if you go crazy you’re going to lose everything.

Shu Heng misunderstood, after all that was his mother, not anyone else, Shu Heng immediately held him tight:”I’ll be here for you.”

“Who told me they wanted to separate for two years?”

“……”Shu Heng’s gaze darkened:”I’ll come back earlier.”

“Okay, I’ll believe you, but no matter how busy you are you still have to give me a call! I’ll allow you to make me wait two days in between calls, where are your thanks?”

“I’ll thank you in the room.”

Shu Heng simply leaned over Shu Ning, pressing heavily down on him, the sofa was very soft so he won’t hurt him. Shu Ning liked this a lot, he observed him with narrowed eyes and combed through his brother’s hair with his little hand, every so often he would touch his neck, caress his face, and naughtily he stuffed his hands into his collar, touching the fiery hot skin on his back.

He’s real, this isn’t a dream……

The hem of his clothes was pulled out, Shu Ning went stiff, a pair of big hands entered and was moving all around the place, Shu Ning’s pupils shrunk and his breathing was getting disordered.


“You started it first.”

“I was wrong.”

“Too late.”

“Ahhh……that tickles……ha ha ha, I was wrong……aahh I was wrong~……”

The greatest pleasure in Shu Heng’s life was playing with his brother. Shu Heng hadn’t had enough, but he was only willing to stop after seeing his little brother starting to sweat, he picked up the little one and went upstairs for a bath. It’s been a while since he’s seen his naked body, and a long time since he was able to touch all over his body, bathing together was one of the most intimate things they did between them, Shu Ning had already gotten used to it so he didn’t mind it, Shu Heng was very happy but he was also quite sad.

The little one had grown up quite a fair bit, he obediently allowed Shu Heng to take off all his clothes and the two sat together in the water, the smell of the soap bubbles filled the air, coupled with all the mist, it felt like they were in Wonderland. Shu Ning let himself fall back and leaned into his big brother’s embrace, his little hands fell naturally on his thighs and he gave it a squeeze, the male god really is the male god after all, this muscle……bouncy~

“You’ll get it too.”

“You say that all the time,”Shu Ning turned back to look at him, and his naughty hands touched his brother’s pecs and abdominal muscles, his abs were his favourite, eight pack!

Shu Heng reached the focal point, and Shu Ning spread his legs……

His little hole was still so small, like a pink chrysanthemum in bud, waiting for bloom. Shu Heng saw it but pretended he didn’t, if not he would get a reaction. He quickly cleaned that part and took a breath, when will he be able to enjoy it?

Meanwhile Shu Ning felt that his big brother was the best, he knew that it was awkward for me so he cleaned up that part very quickly, unlike the other areas, he can take as much time as he want.

His brother seemed like an amnesiac, his chest had already been washed thrice ╮(╯▽╰)╭

He took him out and wrapped a big towel around him, Shu Heng had only wrapped a towel around his waist and he carried the little one out.

Shu Ning’s head was drooping low, and his wicked eyes swept around like an x-ray, big brother’s naked body is so fit:”Hey~ How tall are you now?”

“Measure it yourself.”

“……”How am I going to do that? Shu Heng was laying down properly on top of the bed, Shu Ning was dumbfounded, and the corner of his mouth twitched, isn’t this too childish? Are you laying down so I can try to figure it out? God, might as well just guess:”Over one meter and ninety centimeters?”


“You’re so tall!”

“Do you like it?”

“Of course I like it, if I could grow to a hundred and ninety centimeters, no, even a hundred eighty wu wu wu wu……”Why did you cover my mouth!

“You’re not allowed to talk about unlucky things,”Shu Heng couldn’t stand it, his gaze was extremely sharp and quite frightening.

Shu Ning cried without tears, he nodded his head and the hand holding his mouth withdrew, Shu Heng picked up another towel and helped Shu Ning dry his hair, Shu Ning pouted and didn’t speak.

His little brother is unhappy, but instead Shu Heng curled up the corners of his lips:”We’re going back tomorrow night.”

Huh? Weren’t we leaving in the morning? It immediately caught Shu Ning’s interest:”What are we going for?”

Still not too much of a fool, what a good little brother, Shu Heng had a look that was hard to discern, and dealt with it easily:”We’re going to buy you some clothes, the ones you have on are getting a bit small.”

Are they? If you say so, only now did Shu Ning cheer up a little, this big bad wolf Shu Heng actually caught his interest. Oh no, it’s animal underwear, but……isn’t this too……that?

“I turned up the temperature for the air conditioner, so just sleep like this tonight.”

Shu Ning would’ve dared to retort if Shu Yao wasn’t born, why did he have to go as Shu Heng says? After all he was the one wearing it, he had to struggle to the end.

“Arms up!”

Shu Ning was stunned, and so a pair of cute ultra-thin cute kitty cat pajamas were put on him, there were ribbons on the shoulder strap, and a pair of briefs below, naturally the tail wouldn’t be lacking, on his chest was a little kitty paw jutting out, it wasn’t too big, it was a nice finishing touch. Below the hem of the clothes were two little cat paws, they should be the hind legs.

“Crawl over and let me see how it looks.”

His face was covered in black lines, Shu Ning thought to himself secretly hell no, it’s not like I had an obligation. Unexpectedly, Shu Heng coaxed him warmly, and after some persuasion he agreed.

Shu Heng did not rush him, he sat there waiting quietly. Shu Ning smiled bitterly, what am I hesitating for? Ah, Shu Ning took a deep breath and crawled up the bed in all fours like an animal, step by step he was very slow, after all it felt like there was a tornado in his heart, it was like his whole person’s worth had dropped, all the dignity he had was all extinguished by Shu Heng the second he decided to hug his thighs.

Shu Heng’s gaze looked very obscure with a flame hidden within, just that Shu Ning had his head lowered because he was embarrassed, so he didn’t see.

At this moment, Shu Heng really wanted to pounce on him, he was only able to endure by clenching his fists.

Shu Ning crawled to Shu Heng’s side and sat down, a helpless look on his face:”Satisfied?”

“Mm, looks very cute, it’s quite a shame the tail doesn’t move, move it a bit, I want to see.”

I’ve already given you face, Shu Ning was angry, he grabbed the towel that was used to dry his hair earlier and threw it to Shu Heng’s face! He pounced over bravely, I just don’t believe that I’ll still lose with this opportunity.

Oh shit!

The world turned over and Shu Ning fell to the bed, he was pressed down by his brother.

“Had enough?”

It was still fine if Shu Heng didn’t say that, but as soon as he said it, it was like a fire was lit in Shu Ning, he was enraged, he refused to admit defeat, we’ll all find out who the winner is.

Once, twice, thrice……After ten or so times, Shu Ning had no more strength, Shu Heng could play with him however he wanted to, this was not fair.


“Mm?”Shu Heng massaged Shu Ning’s arms and legs gently:”Want me to comfort you?”

Comforting means a kiss, so forget it, Shu Ning was extremely gloomy:”Brother, how did you grow so big?”You’re so strong, it makes things hard for the others.

“I eat rice, you eat porridge.”


“You want to have another go? I’ll let you use two hands!”

“Roll outta here!”

Oh my, asking me to get off? Shu Heng was at a loss for a moment, and Shu Ning was also dumbfounded, how could he speak out his heart like that? This was Shu Heng, the god! Quickly explain yourself, you’re going to be doomed, even Shu Ning’s cold sweat was leaking out, he was shivering and nervous, he was slightly frightened and hadn’t thought about what to say yet, when Shu Heng started to roll around Shu Ning’s little body, one circle~ two circle~ three circle……

What the fuck……

“There, I rolled, did that feel nice?”

“Mm, go to sleep, brother,”Come on, I’m begging you, you are the moon in the sky, the stars, and the sun /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ I was wrong~


Shu Heng went to the bathroom again, Shu Ning stared up at the ceiling like a corpse, he was thinking that if you compare yourself to others, you are just bringing death to yourself. Shu Heng returned with a warm wet towel, he helped Shu Ning wipe his face, neck, his hands and legs, and so on. It felt nice after all the sweat was wiped off, this big brother really is too warm and gentle. Shu Ning’s eyes grew blurry, if my boyfriend was like this I wouldn’t have any regrets even if I died.

While they were holding each other, Shu Heng didn’t want to sleep, Shu Ning didn’t either, they both closed their eyes, inhale, exhale, it felt as if they were breathing the air of each other into themselves, it was warm and felt very good. Shu Heng stuck his ear to Shu Ning’s chest, he had also fallen in love with the sound of his heart beats, beat, by beat, he really wanted time to stop.

Shu Ning opened his eyes:”What’re you doing?”Big brother’s hair was so soft, and so silky, feels very ticklish.

Shu Heng didn’t speak, he listened quietly, no wonder little brother liked sticking to my chest so much, so this was the reason.

Shu Ning who was wearing a small skin-tight vest had his arms and legs bare, big brother was only wearing underwear so their skin were sticking to each other, it felt extremely intimate, even a pair of lovers wouldn’t be this close, it was too sticky, Shu Heng was love deprived but he was also his big brother, if not Shu Ning would’ve thought that he had fallen for him a long time ago.

Just thinking about it was embarrassing, he was such a good big brother, would he be heartbroken if he found out I was gay in the future?

He’ll find out sooner or later, he’ll try to get in slowly bit by bit before he grew up, to try to ease him into it in case he couldn’t take it if he brought his boyfriend home. If he objected, it would make me sad. Thinking about his future partner, Shu Ning recalled that he would be so happy and anticipating in the past, but he didn’t know why his chest felt so stuffy and unhappy, as if there was a shadow covering his mind.

“What’s wrong?”

Suddenly regaining his senses, Shu Ning’s eyes were slightly evasive of his:”No……nothing~”

His heart rate suddenly sped up, that was a lie. Shu Heng got closer to Shu Ning’s little face, it was red and seemed to look slightly puzzled, could it be there was a girl he likes? I’ll never allow it. Shu Heng narrowed his eyes dangerously, it looked very terrifying:”Tell me, who were you thinking about?”

“You,”It was the truth, really. Shu Ning was innocent, he blinked his eyes, and again, big brother was so sticky:”I swear of it.”

Shu Heng halted, he watched Shu Ning until the little hand touched his face, and Shu Heng regained his senses:”Really?”


“Then give me a kiss as proof.”


“I thought you were thinking of me? A lying little kid will be spanked.”

Where is my aloof male god? Are you supposed to be saying that? Shu Ning’s heart felt very wronged, he closed his eyes and kissed him, mua mua mua, is three times enough? He didn’t know why but his heart felt sweet like honey. Shu Ning’s breathing went into disorder and his little hand was holding his chest, this is weird, it’s getting weirder and weirder.

Shu Heng watched his movements and was ecstatic inside, he caught Shu Ning’s little hand and gave it a little squeeze, then stuck his head back to his chest. As expected, the little one’s heartbeats was chaotic, and also very fast.

Did he have an enlightenment? Or did he just find out about love? No matter, I’ll wait for you. Shu Heng closed his eyes and finally had the mood to sleep, besides the one he was holding in his arms was his lover for the rest of his life, he felt peaceful.

Shu Ning slipped his body down to curl into his brother’s arms. He arched his body slightly, searching for the most comfortable position to sleep in. THe night is long, he wasn’t sure what kind of clothes his brother would choose for him, I’m all good as long as long as it wasn’t a skirt.

Unknowingly, Shu Ning had gotten used to these weird clothes, just like the one he was currently wearing, they were clearly for girls and it was also slightly sheer, everything beneath was half visible, are all girls so open these days?

With some suspicion, Shu Ning fell asleep with his limbs entangled around with Shu Heng’s, it was almost unclear which belonged to whom.

Early the next morning, they had their meal and sat around until it was ten o’clock before they left. Shu Heng brought Shu Ning shopping to buy some clothes, then they went to eat, just like a date. In fact, it was a date. When they return to the ancestral home, many eyes would be watching them, so they could only sit around in the room. If it happens too much, Shu Ning would get annoyed, going out every so often was good, just look at how happy his little brother was.

They looked through quite a few men’s stores, a sweater that had been popular recently caught Shu Heng’s eyes, he ran his hands through it and the texture was pretty good, it’ll definitely feel very comfortable for the little one to wear this. They could buy two of the same design as a couple outfit, that’s not bad. Shu Heng had an obscure look in his eyes, and the staff in the store quickly came over to introduce the product, Shu Ning had also come over.

“Big brother has good taste, this is simple, stylish, and open.”

“You like it?”

“Mm,”I like anything my big brother gifts me, Shu Ning was sincere.

The clerk was super fast, she immediately took one of a smaller size and handed it to Shu Ning. Shu Ning gave it a touch and was very satisfied with the softness. While trying it on in the changing room, Shu Heng had also asked for something from the clerk. Shu Ning who was done dressing stepped out, he took a look at the mirror first, it fit him well with a V neck collar, it looked very good when matched with the white shirt inside, he had just turned around when someone familiar entered his sight.

Shi Lang’s mouth twitched and he had a nasty attitude:”Are you kidding me? I see you everywhere I go, that’s so unlucky.”

A very pretty girl angled her head, seemingly quite curious:”Who’s this? You know him?”

“I do know him, but more than that, enemies really are destined to meet!”

When Shi Lang spoke, several boys walked in with Shi Shuai in the lead, they were all Shi Shuai’s friends and each of them were handsome, tall, and of good birth. A few pretty girls were tagging along behind with branded handbags in their hands, wearing leather pants, skirts, and what not, boots, and light makeup, they looked like popular girls no matter how you looked at them, they had also come to shop.

Shu Ning? Shi Shuai had some impression of the little genius.

Shi Lang was annoyed to the breaking point, with a frown his tone of speech was also coming on pretty strong:”I say, little guy, can you even fit in the clothes here? This is a men’s clothing store! Do you have the right body for it? Why don’t you go around the kiddie stores downstairs instead?”

Several of the girls covered up their smiles and checked Shu Ning out, but they didn’t dare to quip at him directly. First off, they weren’t fools, and secondly, they didn’t want to offend anyone either, the clothes here were pretty expensive and the ones who could shop at the top floor were all rich people, so they couldn’t look down at him.

Whereas Shi Lang’s girlfriend was a brain dead, she looked down at him with her chin raised:”Hey kid, where are your parents? It won’t be good if you lost them!”

Shi Lang was laughing with his girlfriend, Shi Shuai frowned and wanted to speak, but the door to the changing room opened.

Shu Heng came out!

This man was too outstanding, no matter whether it was his appearance or temperament, they were all unparalleled. He also had a superior attitude of aloofness and arrogance, every person his gaze swept past turned their eyes away, they felt that the iciness was too prickly, and lacked emotion, they were nervous and didn’t even dare to take a bigger breath.

So strong!

This would only ever happen when they were facing the most powerful seniors in their families, for him to have such power at such a young age, he definitely wasn’t a simple character, who the hell is he?

Shu Shuai’s pupils shrunk, he had some impression of him as if he had seen him in the birthday party of any of the big families, although it was just a quick glimpse, this man was too outstanding, and the impression it left on him was lasting.

“Young Master Heng?”Shi Shuai tried to call out to him, the other person ignored him and was looking elsewhere.

It was the little genius, Shu Ning, oh shit was this someone he knew? The clothes Shu Ning and Shu Heng were wearing were the same, even a fool could tell that their relationship was close.

“Brother, I’m thirsty, should we go downstairs?”

“Alright,” Shu Heng took Shu Ning’s little hand and looked him up and down, the sweater looked very good on him.

Shu Ning was also looking at Shu Heng, and secretly he was in a good mood. Big brother was too handsome, truly a man who incurs the wrath of both god and men, peh peh peh~ o(╯□╰)o

As for Shi Lang and the rest, Shu Ning did not care about them at all, he can just deal with them slowly. Recently, Shi Lang kept stepping out of line, he was actually still dumb enough to not know he had been punked, he and Shu Ning had never been in the same line at all, whether they could play or not was based on their mood. It was just like that rainy day, Shi Lang ran a few words over at Shu Ning out of annoyance, and indignantly, the class monitor put in a packet of sanitary pads in Shi Lang’s bag……

And one could expect how that ended, when Shi Lang noticed something strange in his bag and he took it out for a look, everyone including the teacher was around, and their faces were all covered with black lines and they were dumbfounded……

This guy still didn’t know what was going on, he even opened it up to take a look, and finally he realized, he was so scared that he hurriedly threw it away and it just so happened to land and stick on a male teacher’s shoe.

What is sadness? Shi Lang’s entire body was~ Actually it was quite hard to find somebody as dumb as him, his lethality was in negative numbers.

Just because Shu Ning didn’t care, didn’t mean Shu Heng didn’t. Although Shu Heng didn’t say anything, he took a look at Shi Lang, he’ll definitely remember this. Shi Shuai’s cold sweat was already flowing down, this attitude of his already proved that this was Young Master Heng. Damn it, this dumbass Shi Lang is giving me trouble again. He couldn’t just pretend to be ignorant, Shi Lang’s surname was also Shi, so if I’m here I had to do something about it.

The corners of Shi Lang’s eyes twitched, damn, what brother was this, should be the biological one. Just as he was about to open his mouth, a fiery pain shot out on his face, his body had turned to the side and he nearly fell down:”Brother!”Did you hit me? Was that a slap? Am I dreaming?

Shi Shuai had a face full of rage, he was very angry:”Apologize!”


Pa, it was very loud, Shi Shuai did not hold back at all:”Did you hear me? I told you to apologize.”

Both sides of his face was swollen, Shi Lang pursed his lips as if he was going to cry. Shu Ning saw the scene and was quite surprised, logically, the Shi family was very powerful so why did they have to give Shu Heng face? Shi Shuai had come to the class before and didn’t care much for Shu Ning, but right now he put justice above his family, he was definitely afraid of Shu Heng getting revenge after this.

He touched his chin, that’s strange, did Shi Shuai recognize the wrong person? In the future big brother would just be the head honcho of C City, but of course he had businesses in the capital too, but it was always lacking. Could it be he’s hiding something I don’t know of? Triad boss, national agent, some kind of legendary heir?

I’m thinking too much.

Shu Ning spunked up because Shi Lang was given another slap, and apologized reluctantly.

Shu Ning nodded, he was too lazy to deal with him right now, so he’ll take it as an apology:”Brother, let’s go.”

When Shi Shuai hit his cousin, Shu Heng was settling the bill, after all his brother said he was thirsty, naturally he wouldn’t delay for even a second:”Alright, let’s go.”

The clerk had a very good attitude and sent them out passionately:”Thank you, please come again, we will send the clothes over tonight!”

Shu Heng ignored everyone , he took Shu Ning’s hand and gave it a squeeze, so squishy, although he had grown bigger, taller, and heavier, his body still fit his satisfaction. Actually, it didn’t matter what Shu Ning would grow into, there was no way Shu Heng’s feelings for him would change anymore, his feelings had taken root deep into his heart, and it’ll never be change!

Shi Shuai didn’t dare to stop them, he could only put on a smile and say some pleasantries, his attitude was neither haughty nor humble, after all he was the young master from a big family so he would never bow down.

Whereas Shu Heng……With an “mm”, that was the end of that.

Too badass, too handsome, too cool, it’s too much!

Shu Ning’s eyes were starry, he admired Shu Heng a lot, there was no need for him to worry about things since he seemed to find everything so insignificant.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,”Walking on the marble floor tiles, the two figures seemed to blur together as if they were merging into one, Shu Ning smiled:”I just think that big brother is the best.”

“You only found that out now?”

Shu Ning didn’t speak, he gave his big palm a squeeze and naughtily curled up his fingers and gave it a scratch, expressing his feelings.

Shu Heng’s throat bobbed up and down, he was getting slightly thirsty. Growing up day by day, Shu Ning’s charm was increasing by the day as well, Shu Heng’s self-control has started to become quite unreliable:”Do you want to eat ice cream?”To put out the fire.

“Brother, you’re the best!”

The little one was happy, Shu Heng was as well, such a naive little brother, what am I going to do with you?

Shi Shuai stood in the distance and watched the two as they disappeared into a corner. Shu Heng, Shu Ning, from the same family, god damn it why did I never notice this? He should’ve investigated it early on, then he wouldn’t have to be embarrassed today. If there’s anyone he could blame, it would have to be Shi Lang, however nothing was absolute, as long as I make good use of him, they may even be be able to be friends.

A thing such as fate, can be quite wonderful sometimes.

Shi Lang was sniffling and crying as if the sky had collapsed, his partner was coaxing him but she got a slap instead, the brain dead girl ran off in tears.

Shi Shuai ignored it, and he didn’t care either, he stepped gracefully over to the passionate clerk:”I’m acquaintances with that person from earlier, can you help me out?”

In the restaurant on the first floor sat a pair of brothers, the big brother was handsome and aloof, just like a prince, the little brother was pale and petite, with refined features and an elegant hairstyle, very cute.

Several older white-collar workers were watching them secretly, occasionally they would smile, beautiful and moving, they were pleasing to the eyes.

“You like them?”Does little brother like the big sister type girls?

“What made you think that?”I was just afraid that you’d be snatched away, it’s no good to underestimate the power of a mature beauty, a simple smile from them could snatch away the hearts of any single romantics. Gloomy, but Shu Heng wasn’t that kind of guy, if not he would’ve gotten married early on in his past life. Damn it, why am I hoping for him to not marry? It would be great if he could stay with me forever.

That’s too selfish.

Shu Ning quickly fed a spoonful of ice cream to Shu Heng, he was acting rather diligent, after all the goodies he had received today were all given to him by his brother.

Shu Heng’s gaze was leisurely, it’s fine as long as he didn’t like beauties, that’s a relief, his little brother was so cute so it was naturally for him to catch someone else’s attention, Shu Heng fed a bite of ice cream to Shu Ning.

This was an indirect kiss, when would Shu Ning realize?

After finishing their ice cream, they went to look at some shoes as well, they woke up rather late in the morning so they had their meals late as well, it was almost one o’clock soon, the little one should be hungry now. There were lots of good food on the first floor but there were too many people, Shu Heng looked towards Shu Ning:”What do you want to eat?”

Shu Ning didn’t like how crowded it was as well, you even had to line up at some of them:”How about hot pot?”

Generally they wouldn’t eat hot pot at home, Shu Gao felt that it was unsanitary for everyone to use the same pot, this must be due to that wicked Qin Yu Zhuo again. Shu Ning understood, and he put on a smile, naughtily he wanted to cause trouble again:”Could it be, big brother is afraid of spicy food?”

【Omake mini theater】

The stupid writer climbed over the mountains, climbing, rolling, and jumping, and finally reached Shu Heng’s villa, Shu Ning was woken up at twelve o’clock in the afternoon.

“Come and drink~”

“Author mama?”Shu Ning brightened up, but the bubbling liquid on the spoon was very scary:”What’s this?”

“I won’t harm you!”

That is right, the protagonist had an immortal aura, Shu Ning felt pretty good after drinking it:”Can you tell me now?”

“Ripening feed~”→-→

Shu Ning:”……”Σ( ° △°|||)︴


Roll = Fuck off

also we all know Shu Heng doesn’t want time to stop, what he wants is a time skip

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