DBHW Chapter 14

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Zhu Huan Wei closed the door and smiled to Han Chang,”I am Gu Yan’s agent.”

Han Chang’s face suddenly changed, as he expected, Gu Yan really wasn’t going to just let him go? His voice was tense,”What do you want from me?”

“Don’t be so nervous, I just have something to say to you.”Zhu Huan Wei’s expression was genial.

“There’s nothing for us to talk about.”Han Chang’s eyes flickered.

“How could that be?”Zhu Huan Wei helped himself and pulled a chair over in front of Han Chang,”Right now……Aren’t you curious about what Gu Yan thinks about all this?”

“He……”Han Chang gritted his teeth, and finally lowered his head,”I was the one in the wrong before, and I’m willing to give him an apology.”

“For all you’ve done, just an apology wouldn’t be enough now, would it?”Zhu Huan Wei smiled.

“I, I’ve already apologized. I’ve already withdrew from the crew due to my injury, what more does he want?”Han Chang looked mortified, he had never lowered his head in such a way before.

Zhu Huan Wei looked at him calmly from where he sat.

Han Chang felt his scalp tingling and couldn’t help but shout:”He shouldn’t be going overboard either! Doesn’t he just have Fu Zhe Chuan as a backer? There’s nothing for him to act all proud about! Yes, I was the one who sent someone to clean him up, but who knew that he was so good at fighting? Those people were the ones who got cleaned up before they were able to touch even a strand of his hair! And I even fell and broke both my legs……He didn’t lose anything out of this at all.”

“I got it……”Zhu Huan Wei smiled:”I hope you get better soon, I will be leaving now.”

Huh? Han Chang looked at him dumbfoundedly.

“Don’t worry, I will help you convey your apology.”Said Zhu Huan Wei with a smile.

Zhu Huan Wei walked out of the ward, and his calm face was now replaced by one of deep jealousy. He had not been Gu Yan’s agent for a while now, and he had even been expelled by the company. Even though he knew that Fu Zhe Chuan was Gu Yan’s backer, he still wanted to confirm how far Fu Zhe Chuan would go for him. But he would never have expected that Fu Zhe Chuan would go as far as to offend Madam Song for him, it could be seen that their relationship was not that simple……And this was also the first time he had heard of another important piece of information——Gu Yan was good at fighting.

But this was impossible, Zhu Huan Wei had been Gu Yan’s agent for more than a year, he had long learned everything about that young man who lacked subtlety, he was just a wine and wenching piece of waste. He was supposed to be weak……When did he get so capable? And seeing the horror in Han Chang’s appearance, it was clearly not as simple as just being ‘good at fighting’.

It couldn’t be that Gu Yan had been acting this whole time, could it? Then why wasn’t he acting now?

Zhu Huan Wei frowned. He thought that this was going to be a quick and easy job for some good money, but now, it seems like he himself may be jumping into the pit he dug if he took one wrong step. Gu Yan had already left his control, he may have to bring it up with that person.


After staying around at home for a few days, Gu Yan received Director Zhang’s notice, and the shooting started up again.

The temporary replacement for the male lead was the B-list actor, Du Chen. Du Chen had a decent appearance and has been working for a long time since his debut. He was a bit more popular than Han Chang, but has been going downhill over the past two years so that was why he took the job. He also needed to bring out more works to the public audience.

Before he came, he had also heard about the incidents happening within the crew, and so he has been very humble the entire time, he didn’t want to go down the same road as Han Chang.

The crew was finally in harmony, the director was overjoyed, the shooting progress was also finally picking up.

In just the blink of an eye, half a month had passed. Today, Director Zhang has arranged for them to film outside of the set.

n this scene, the staff of the company are sent out for outdoor training, and both the female lead and the supporting male lead was present at the scene, it was one of the more important parts of the series. The location they chose was a resort villa dozens of kilometres away from Haiyun City.

Everybody thought that they would be able to have some fresh air and some fun, but when they arrived at the scene……They all revealed looks of disappointment. This villa was desolate and depressing, you could tell at first glance that it wasn’t well taken care of.

Director Zhang smiled awkwardly,”The crew’s funds are limited, so we should save up where we can.”

Everyone expressed their understanding. Actually, everyone understood, it’s just that television dramas were always so glamorous, but most of them were just the layout of the scene and post-production work. During the actual shooting, things would generally be more difficult. It wasn’t easy to get a sponsor, so everyone was used to saving.

Gu Yan walked in alone, leaving the rest of the crew behind. The air in the mountains felt almost extraordinarily cold.

The holiday resort was not old, and it looked to have been built not very long ago. All the proper facilities were available and luxurious, it just lacked popularity. If you took a closer look, you would find that all the flora in the area looked listless. It was clearly a while before autumn, but some of the leaves on the trees had already started to turn yellow. With all this, it gave people a feeling of desolate depression.

Du Cheng went up to Gu Yan and spoke cheerfully:”I know this place, a big boss came over three years ago from Taihai to invest in this plot. At that time, he proudly announced that he wanted to build the most luxurious resort in Haiyun, but who knew that his luck would be so bad since construction started. Accidents happened without end, and the guests never returned after their first visit, nobody what he tried, the place just wouldn’t prosper. The boss found a lot of feng shui masters to take a look, but they all said this place was no good……The big boss was very angry and said he found a feng shui master to check the place before construction, and he was told that not only did this place have no problems at all, it was even a gold mine for feng shui, so why did things end up this way?”

Gu Yan raised his eyes to look at the dark skies just ahead, then turned back to look at Du Chen:”And then?”

“I’m not very clear about what happens next, to be honest.”Du Chen smiled,”I just know that not long after those incidents, the big boss sold this place off for cheap and returned to Taihai. Since then, rumours of this place’s bad feng shui leaked out in the industry……Now it’s just barely being maintained, here only to attract some uninformed tourists.”

“And Director Zhang still chose to send us here?”Gu Yan raised a brow.

Du Chen shook his head and revealed a bitter smile,”Because it’s cheap. The expenses of the crew aren’t small, so how could we afford to squander? And besides, even though rumours say the feng shui is bad, no life has ever been taken here, business has just been bad. We’ll only be here for two or three days, it shouldn’t matter.”

Gu Yan nodded and smiled to him,”You know quite a lot about this place.”

“The current owner of the place is a friend of mine.”Du Chen chuckled:”At that time, he thought he could take advantage of the cheap price and just bought it, but who knew that after so any years……Things didn’t look up at all. He couldn’t make ends meet, so now he’s even considered closing the place down.”

Gu Yan revealed a thoughtful look.

“Oh, so you guys were here.”Director Zhang panted as he ran over,”The rooms have already been arranged. You should rest early tonight, we have to get up at five tomorrow.”

Du Chen turned to Gu Yan and smiled:”Let’s return?”

“Sure.”Gu Yan responded.

Director Zhang handed them their room cards with a big smile,”I still have some things to do, the two of you should get back early and rest.”

Gu Yan and Du Chen’s room cards just so happened to be linked with each other, so the two went back together.

This was a townhouse surrounded by rockery, it was a very quiet and beautiful place. Behind the villa was a man-made garden brimming with lush greenery, it was very different from the outside.

Gu Yan took a deep breath and his pupils narrowed slightly. He dispersed the expression on his face before speaking with Du Chen:”I’d like to take a walk by myself, you should go back first.”

“Okay, you shouldn’t stay out for too late either.”Du Chen left after he was done speaking.

Gu Yan walked along the garden path. There was a stone well in the deepest area of the garden, and the side of the well was covered with fine pebbles, the entire thing was hidden behind the lush greenery and easy to pass by. He walked up to the well and looked down. The water in the well was clear, reflecting his face, the cold and handsome face with a pair of deep, dark eyes. He raised up the corner of his thin lips, revealing a smile.

Gu Yan reached out and lightly stroked the edge of the well, a cold and rough feeling coated his palm. His expression deepened as he released a small trace of magical power. Instantly, the stones under his hands turned hot, as if it were repelling something! Immediately, the water in the well started to boil!

The boiling well was no longer clear, it was now a dense, murky black……

It was a magic spring!

Gu Yan leaned his body forward slightly and narrowed his eyes, looking fixedly into the well……

“What are you doing?!”A surprised voice suddenly rang out from behind him.


DBHW Chapter 13

With eighty million easily obtained, Gu Yan returned home in a good mood. For him to take on an acting project would only earn him several tens of thousands or so……How could they even be compared? He was right after all to make that decision on that day. With eighty million, things would be more convenient now.

But of course, he did not intend to give up his profession of being an actor at this moment. After all, this was a good disguise, but he would not be wasting too much time on it.
The next day, he received Director Zhang’s call as he expected. He was told that due to Han Chang’s injury, he will have to withdraw from the crew, and he also asked whether he would like to take over as the male lead. But Gu Yan rejected him outright. Director Zhang tried to advise him otherwise, but he could only give up. He only told him to take a few days of rest in wait for them to adjust the positions before they inform him later when they were ready to continue again.

Gu Yan hung up his phone without care. If you told him to play the role of a man with deep feelings, gentle, no regrets in anything he does, a man who was impossible to find in real life, that would have been the real test of his skill. Right now, the role of the third supporting male character was fine, he didn’t need to hide any of his inner desires so it was an easy role to play. As for how unlikeable his character was, it only showed how hypocritical humans were……Humans are the greediest and most shameless creatures in this world, but they would never ever admit how filthy they are inside.

And if you compared them, even the savage and violent demonic beings would look cute next to a human.

He just so happened to be free today, so after some thought, Gu Yan decided to call Xu Ming over.

After coming over, Xu Ming found out that Gu Yan wanted to learn how to drive. This was a simple task. It was too bothersome to go all the way to a driving school to learn, so he just rented a car for training. When he was done learning, he could just directly register for a driving test.

But Gu Yan stopped Xu Ming from hiring a driving coach, and he said:”You can just teach me.”

After some thought, Xu Ming agreed. This really wasn’t anything hard, he had also pondered on this thought previously, he was just afraid that Gu Yan wouldn’t be too happy about it, so he mentioned to hire a proper driving coach.

It didn’t take long for the car dealers to bring the car over, then Xu Ming brought Gu Yan with the car over to the suburbs.

“Actually, all you need to pay attention to are the brakes, the throttle, the clutch, as well as the proper gear positions……”While demonstrating, Xu Ming continued:”You can watch me drive first, then you can ask me anything you’re confused about.”

First, Xu Ming drove straight, then came the reverse, U-turning, parking on a hill, and demonstrated them several times. Then he said:”Give it a try.”

Gu Yan sat himself on the driver’s seat and paused for a moment after starting the car. He was in no hurry either, so after getting a feel of it, he started to drive.

At first, he wasn’t driving too smoothly, but he started to drive extremely well after only ten minutes of practice, you couldn’t tell that he was a new driver at all.

Xu Ming:”……”

“Can I take the driving test now?”Gu Yan turned to ask.

“You still have to take the test for the rules and regulations on the road, have you looked through the book?”Xu Ming asked.

“I have it memorized.”Said Gu Yan plainly.

“……”Xu Ming replied:”I’ll go and sign you up, then we’ll see how soon you’ll be able to take the test.”Even though learning how to drive was simple, learning so fast was still going to make people envious, alright?!

Gu Yan was quite satisfied with Xu Ming’s work ethics, then he started to drive the two of them back personally. For him, driving such a simple machine took no effort at all, any magical weapon you could find would have been many times more complicated to use than this.

However, if you want to make use of this vehicle safely, you would have to get a license.

But only after arriving at the traffic management office did he realize that things weren’t going as smoothly as they would have hoped. His driving test would take place after a month.

Xu Ming looked at him with shame:”I was the one who didn’t realize this was going to happen, but fortunately we’re not in a rush……”

Gu Yan raised a brow. Human rules are truly bothersome after all, he feels that he is always teetering further on the choice between whether he should endure or not with each coming day.

But just as they were about to leave, his phone rang.

“Mr. Gu, are you at home?”Asked Zhang Han respectfully. He had only found that he wasn’t around after going to the set, so he could only give Gu Yan a call.

“I am at the traffic management office.”Said Gu Yan.

“Oh?”Zhang Han felt rather surprised,”Are you there for something?”

“I came to get a driver’s license, but I will have to wait a month for the test so I was just preparing to leave.”Said Gu Yan.

Zhang Han suddenly laughed,”That’s simple, wait there for a moment and I’ll come over immediately.”

“Sure.”Gu Yan hung up the call.

Xu Ming looked at Gu Yan and asked with some slight embarrassment:”I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do here either……”

“Don’t worry about it.”Gu Yan sat down and swept Xu Ming a glance without mind.

Xu Ming was surprised, but he didn’t dare to ask too much so he could only wait by the side. After about a minute had passed, they saw a young man hurrying in from outside. After he saw Gu Yan, his eyes lit up:”Mr. Gu, you’re here!”

Gu Yan nodded.

Zhang Han took out a gold card directly from his bag and handed it respectfully to Gu Yan:”This is what Director Fu asked me to hand to you.”

When Xu Ming saw the word, his had nearly gone cross-eyed, what on earth happened yesterday? Why did Fu Zhe Chuan give Gu Yan a bank card? And it’s even the top gold card from XX bank! It was said that only accounts with more than ten million within can request for it……

It couldn’t be to pay him back for saving his life, could it? As expected Fu Zhe Chuan really was a righteous and generous gentleman……Such were Xu Ming’s thoughts.

Gu Yan put away the card and turned back to reveal a smile,”Thank you for your hard work.”

“Don’t mention it, it’s just part of my job.”In front of Gu Yan, Zhang Han had always kept himself low, he was just like a secretary running errands for him,”Please wait here for a moment, leave the driving test problem to me.”

After he finished speaking, Zhang Han went into the traffic management office, and returned after several minutes with a middle-aged man. Following beside Zhang Han, the middle-aged man displayed an appearance of respect and flattery.

“This is Chief Hu.”Zhang Han introduced him to Gu Yan with a smile.

Chief Hu was quite surprised when he saw Gu Yan, but he immediately extended a hand cordially:”Nice to meet you, Mr. Gu, we can start the driving test now, and you’ll be able to get your driver’s license on the spot once that is over. I guarantee it won’t take up too much of your precious time.”

As expected, human affairs were best handed over to other humans for convenience, Gu Yan has learned something new. He nodded and went with them out back to the test venue.

The test was very simple, be it the written test or the road test, he passed them both on his first try. Seeing this, Chief Hu felt relieved. At first, he was even worried that Gu Yan wouldn’t be able to pass so he may have to move some strings around with his connections. But now, Gu Yan had no issues at all, so with this, everything that came after would be very easy to settle.

Zhang Han stayed at the side the whole time until Gu Yan finished getting his driver’s license, then they came out together.

“Even though I am only Director Fu’s secretary, I can still handle some simple errands like this. If you ever have any trifles you need help with, you can call me anytime, Mr. Gu, you don’t have to be reserved with me.”Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Alright.”Replied Gu Yan.

You really aren’t reserved at all, huh……Xu Ming really wanted to complain, but he had no place here to do any of that……

Zhang Han did not appear unhappy at all, instead, he even looked very happy. After that, he bid him farewell very politely and left.

When Xu Ming returned home with Gu Yan, he had a lot of things he wanted to ask about but Gu Yan had on a look of ‘get away from me’, if he were to ask, he would just banging his own head on the wall. The curiosity that clawed at his heart felt very uncomfortable……


Within a high-class ward of Haiyun’s Third People’s Hospital, both of Han Chang’s legs were wrapped in plaster and hoisted up with slings. His handsome face was pale and ashen, and a bruise could still be seen on his face.

He had just received a call from his agent and notified of his being kicked out of the crew. Immediately, his eyes couldn’t help but shine with his resentment! A bunch of useless garbage, garbage! They can’t even deal with a single Gu Yan! And there was that woman, Song Yuan, here he thought she was a powerful one! But she actually couldn’t deal with a little small-time star?!

Right at this moment, the sound of footsteps rang out from outside. Han Chang immediately dispersed the hatred in his eyes. Seeing that the one who entered was Madam Song, he immediately put on a look of gentleness like spring waters. Smiling to his eyes, he called out to her:”Yuan Yuan, you’re here.”

Han Chang was ten or so years younger than Madam Song, but such intimate greetings came from his lips easily. His gentle and kindly appearance had always been a favourite of Madam Song’s. But at this moment, with his face still bruised, his smile looked extremely strange, and recalling that he may have been lying to her……Madam Song’s countenance turned cold.

“Yuan Yuan, you must have been tired today, come sit down and rest.”Seeing her reaction, Han Chang’s heart jumped, but he still kept the gentle and caring tone in his voice.

But Madam Song did not sit down as she usually would, but rather, she looked condescendingly down at him from above.

Only now did Han Chang realize that something was wrong, but he decided to play the fool, smiling,”Why aren’t you coming over?”

Madam Song looked at Han Chang with a cold sneer at her mouth,”You told me that Gu Yan pushed you down the stairs because he was envious of you, is this true?”

Han Chang’s face changed slightly:”Of course it’s true.”

“Really?”Madam Song already understood with one look at his expression. She was mad at herself for being used, it seems she had been too indulgent with him.”This is the last chance I’m going to give you.”

Han Chang’s expression was slightly stiff when he responded:”Of course it’s true, how could I ever lie to you? I’m better than him in everything, he’s just an unpopular star without any skill or power, you aren’t supposing that I was framing him, are you?”

Hearing his words, Madam Song sneered mockingly at him,”You sound assertive, it seems you have no idea that he’s one of Fu Zhe Chuan’s people.”

“How could that be possible!”Han Chang shouted out. His mouth was gaping from surprise, and there was terror in his eyes. With the right side of his face covered in an unsightly bruise, how could that newly popular handsome twink star still be seen? He was now just a normal person who was ugly and frightened.

Madam Song was tired of this, she plainly said:”Seeing that you’ve been with me for some time, I will give you a warning now, you better watch your back.”

Han Chang watched as Madam Song left, and he knew that she would not be returning anymore. He pleaded incessantly:”I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was wrong, please don’t go, please?”In his strungle, he rolled out of bed and screamed in pain, but Madam Song did not even turn to look at him.

In the end, Madam Song had still left. Han Chang sat on the ground, his heart filled with fear. Gu Yan who was backed by Fu Zhe Chuan was not the only one he was afraid of now……He had always been an arrogant person and offended many, without the shelter of Madam Song, even if Fu Zhe Chuan didn’t come to find trouble with him, he would still have no chances staying in the entertainment circle anymore. No, perhaps he should say that it would be difficult for him to run anywhere!

Han Chang’s face was as white as a sheet, why did he have to meet Gu Yan? Every step of how everything was developing had strayed from his expectations. Brother Feng’s men were beaten up by Gu Yan until they were a sorry pile of losers trying to run away, and at first he thought being able to fight was the only thing he was good at. With Madam Song’s appearance, he would definitely find himself cornered, but who knew that he actually had Fu Zhe Chuan as a backer!

Why did he have to go and offend him? Couldn’t he just have done his own part in his own role? It’s not like Gu Yan was threatening him for his role as the male lead anyway. But now that things were at this stage, it was already too late to regret it. He hated it so much, but he didn’t dare to even think of doing anything to Gu Yan anymore.

Without any further news from Madam Song, two days passed. Han Chang tried to call, and tried to message her, but seeing that the curtains had already been pulled on him, he finally gave up.

He smashed his phone furiously to the ground! And immediately it crashed into pieces.

“You’re seem quite angry.”A surprising voice sounded out.

Han Chang raised his head to see an unfamiliar man enter. He kept himself on his feet:”Who are you?”


DBHW Chapter 12

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Seeing that Gu Yan was walking back, Meng Ying quickly put her peeping eyes away.

Gu Yan shot her a meaningful glance. He could just about understand what Meng Ying was thinking about, but he had little interest in humans.

No, it should be said that the only interest he had in humans, were that they still excelled at being food……

Seeing Gu Yan’s return, Director Zhang had on a radiant smile. He was now even more diligent than before as the last bit of unwillingness in his heart had turned to dust. He even pondered on the notion that perhaps getting tangled up with Gu Yan wouldn’t be a very bad idea, if at all, then he could borrow Gu Yan as a means to get closer to Fu Zhe Chuan……Director Zhang was an ambitious person, he had the skills but he could never get a big sponsor, not being able to take the next step forward really was the biggest pity in his life. But right now, his chance was here……


And because of that, everybody was now treating Gu Yan even more politely.

When Deng Jia Ning came over this afternoon, he noticed that there was a strange atmosphere floating around the crew. It felt as if overnight, Gu Yan had turned into the centerpiece of the crew……

Meng Ying saw that he was at a complete loss, so she came over to gossip:”Hey, did you know? Madam Song came this morning.”

“That woman?”Deng Jia Ning’s look changed. It was said that Han Chang’s backer and sponsor was her.

“Yeah, Han Chang broke his legs so he’s in the hospital. he told her Gu Yan was the one who did that to him, so Madam Song came to stand up for him.”Meng Ying nodded.

“What do we do now?! I told Gu Yan earlier that he should keep himself low-profile.”Deng Jia Ning didn’t expect so much to happen this morning, so his countenance was now completely changed.

“Isn’t he low-profile enough? Han Chang is the one looking for him to trouble, he’s just making things hard for himself.”Meng Ying rolled her eyes.

Deng Jia Ning:”……”Is the topic really turning in the right direction?”

“He has Fu Zhe Chuan backing him up, and it’s not like he killed anyone, does he still have to be afraid of a gigolo like that Han Chang?”Meng Ying laughed:”Han Chang will be withdrawing from out crew this time.”


“I wonder who’s going to be the new male lead……It would be great if Gu Yan could do it. There’s even a kiss scene, just thinking about it makes me feel kinda excited……”



When Gu Yan returned once more, he found Deng Jia Ning looking at him with strange eyes. With that, he realized that he must have found out what had happened today.

It seems everyone thinks his backer is Fu Zhe Chuan now.

Gu Yan felt displeased, does he need a puny human to be his backer? If not for the fact that he had to maintain his identity as a human for now, not even both Han Chang and Madam Song added together would be enough to be any trouble at all. They should be expressing their gratitudes now that they were allowed to continue living……
Regardless, everyone had a lot of things in their mind after such an episode, so Director Zhang decided to just let everyone off for a break, then he had also hurried off elsewhere after taking a call.

Gu Yan put on his coat and went downstairs, but not long after, his phone rang. It was an unknown caller.

He hesitated for a moment before accepting the call, and raised his phone to his ear.

“At about a hundred meters to the front left, do you see me?”A warm voice came from the receiver.

Gu Yan turned to look and saw a black sedan with its windows rolled down. Fu Zhe Chuan smiled and nodded at him.

“I see you.”He returned his phone to his pocket and went over.

With Fu Zhe Chuan’s ability, getting his phone number was nothing hard, so Gu Yan was not surprised.

He went over and took a quick sweep over the car. This was not the same model as the one he had previously seen during the accident, but it was still a low-profile black sedan. There was no driver in the car, Fu Zhe Chuan himself had taken the car out to get him. He turned to him and asked with a smile,”What do you like to eat?”

Humans, of course. Gu Yan raised his eyes to look at him,”Anything’s fine.”


And so Fu Zhe Chuan drove him to a high-class French restaurant nearby.

It was obvious when they entered that Fu Zhe Chuan was a common patron to this establishment. With a smile, the waiter brought them to the private room. The atmosphere of the room was quiet and elegant. The ground was covered with exquisite hand-made carpets, and if you opened the windows, you would be greeted to the hazy night lights of the city.

As a gentleman, he very politely pushed a menu to Gu Yan’s side of the table,”You can order first.”

Gu Yan swept a glance at it before pushing the menu back with his brow raised:”I’m not familiar with these, you should order.”

A menu written fully in French……The brain of the original host did not come with this skill.


Fu Zhe Chuan was stunned for a moment, but then he pursed his lips after a moment so as not to reveal an impolite smile. Wouldn’t one usually pretend to understand, and simply pick two items under normal circumstances? Ignoring his subordinates and the women who were trying to get closer to him, they would all try to show the best side of them to him. Even if they were just normal friends meeting up for a meal, they would still be more reserved. For someone as straightforward as Gu Yan in his display of his ignorance……This really was a first for him.

“My apologies, it was my negligence.”Fu Zhe Chuan took a look at Gu Yan, then he picked up the menu quietly and called the waiter over. The waiter nodded and noted down his order before leaving with the menu.
Now only two were left in the room.

Fu Zhe Chuan watched Gu Yan, and after a moment, he said:”I believe you already understand what I asked you out for today, I would like to personally give my thanks to you.”

Gu Yan nodded without any hint of modesty, we’ll see if you dare do otherwise!

But Fu Zhe Chuan did not know what he was thinking, so he continued:”If not for you, I’m afraid I may not have the great fortune to sit before you today. You’ve saved my life……This is truly a favour that’s hard to repay……”

“That’s simple.”Gu Yan’s lips curled into a smile,”Just give me money.”


Gu Yan looked plainly at Fu Zhe Chuan. If he would get nothing out of it, why would he bother himself to save a human?

Fu Zhe Chuan’s mouth twitched as he looked at Gu Yan. He had already gotten the feeling that Gu Yan was a very straightforward person from before, but he never would have expected that what came next would so easily trump the prior……

After a moment, he slowly sighed:”You really are the most straightforward person I have ever seen.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”Gu Yan had also felt that he was more direct than those hypocritical humans.



For Gu Yan to ask for money was not out of mere whims, but rather an answer after deep thought. If he were to complete his plan, then funding would be an indispensable part of it. Even if he had not been in the human world for a long time, he still understood the role of money here. Although being an actor was a high-income occupation, such a small-time star as himself would find it a heavy task to accumulate a lot of money in a short amount of time. Whether or not he could become famous or not was one problem, but the process of that would still be a long one. An even faster way to get money would be to rob or to kidnap and ask for ransom, but if he had done that……Then why would he still have to disguise himself with this identity?

With that, he decided that the fastest and most safest way was to get money from Fu Zhe Chuan.

Firstly, Fu Zhe Chuan was filthy rich, and secondly, Fu Zhe Chuan owed him a favour.

Even though he would be able to get more benefits and money if he were to maintain a good relationship with Fu Zhe Chuan, it was completely outside of Gu Yan’s scope of considerations. And firstly, it was because it required time, secondly, his nature prevented him from trying to act nice towards humankind. The disguise he had at this moment was nothing more than just his last resort.

His goal was to open the channels between this world and the demon world as soon as possible. As soon as that was done, the human world would cease to exist, so what would that extra bit of money be worth?

He has to use the fastest method to achieve his goal in the shortest time possible, the rest was irrelevant.

As for the humans’ perception of him? Heh……What even is that?


Fu Zhe Chuan looked at him, and he could see the indifference in Gu Yan’s eyes. He suddenly realized that Gu Yan was not joking with him, he had only……spoken out simply and bluntly his own desires, and he did not at all have any wish of crawling up the social ladder through him. Realizing this, Fu Zhe Chuan didn’t know whether he should sigh in relief, or feel disappointed. His only attraction to Gu Yan was money.

There were many people who wanted his money, but someone as direct as Gu Yan was a first.

Fu Zhe Chuan was silent for a moment, but after some hesitation, he slowly spoke:”I wonder……how much it is you believe is appropriate?”

“How much do you think your life is worth?”Gu Yan raised a brow. How would I know how much you’re worth? Have some awareness! You foolish human!

“……”Can we still keep up a pleasant conversation?

Fu Zhe Chuan took a deep breath and raised his hand to massage his temples. He had never thought that he would one day sit here, and discuss calmly and reasonably with someone else the worth of his own life. If not for the fact that he was convinced the person before him was the one who saved his life……He would probably suspect that he was currently at the scene of a kidnapping.

But for him to not have turned to leave immediately, even Fu Zhe Chuan wanted to praise himself for his calm.


Gu Yan knocked on the table, a flash of impatience in his eyes,”Have you figured it out?”

Fu Zhe Chuan raised his head and smiled,”I don’t think the worth of anyone’s life can be measured with money, because the living can make money. But as soon as they die, no amount of money can bring them back……”

Before he could finish, he could see Gu Yan’s eyes turn cold,”Are you trying to go back on your word?”

“No, that’s not it, I just wanted to say that life is a priceless treasure. It is reasonable to say that I would not be able to repay you even if I fall to poverty.”Fu Zhe Chuan was not hurried,”But the businesses that I own are quite a lot, if we really want to get a clear number, it is not something I can bring out in an afternoon.”

“So what do you plan to do?”Gu Yan’s brows were knitted into a light frown.

“I can give you eighty million in cash for now as a display of my sincerity. This money is part of my personal savings, so it will not need to go through the permission of the board of directors, I can have it brought to you very quickly.”Fu Zhe Chuan continued,”I believe……You may be in a bit of rush to get money.”

Gu Yan nodded.

“Of course, it was definitely not enough to buy my life with just eighty million, it can only be counted as a mere gift of sincerity. So if you ever have any needs in the future, or perhaps……you are short on money, I will definitely do my best to help you.”Fu Zhe Chuan smiled.

Only now did Gu Yan reveal a look of satisfaction. This human was still a sensible one, if not, he would have countless means prepared to kill him with.

He managed to get his cash, and his promise. Seeing how well this human was performing today, Gu Yan raised his chin and revealed an arrogant smile,”You’re not bad, if you ever have anything troubling you in the future, you may contact me.”


What was this scene of an underling showing his sincerity, while his boss pats him on the shoulder in praise, proclaiming to cover for him in the future?!

With a stiff face, Fu Zhe Chuan attempted a smile.


Right at this moment, the waiters had come with their food. A variety of exquisite dishes were brought to the table, instantly dissolving the strange atmosphere.

Gu Yan really wasn’t a picky eater. He had spent a thousand years in the demon world, a place lacking in resources, barren and empty, there was only an endless stream of demonic beings. The demon race was one that killed each other, and with his current status, what he sated himself with the most was still a variety of demonic beings. But the flesh of a demonic being was disgusting, it was hard and sour, hardly comparable to what humans tasted like. Mm……they weren’t even comparable to human food.

Gu Yan ate very quickly. After a while, he raised his head and found that Fu Zhe Chuan barely ate, but he did not mind.

“I will be returning now.”He wiped his mouth and stood up.

Fu Zhe Chuan had also stood up. He smiled to him:”I will ask Zhang Han to bring you the money tomorrow, but you have my number as well in case anything happens.”

Gu Yan nodded.

Fu Zhe Chuan saw Gu Yan to a cab before driving himself back.


After Zhang Han received the notice, he had already reached Fu Zhe Chuan’s villa early on to wait for him. To tell the truth, he was still quite curious. The bees buzzing around Fu Zhe Chuan was simply too many, but he had never paid attention to any of them, there wasn’t even a single scandal surrounding him! But for him to actually invite Gu Yan out to a meal with only the two of them, he could see his concern to Gu Yan was not as simple as one towards the person that saved them……Could it be, he really took an interest to Gu Yan and wanted to know him……better? For a while, many ideas swam through his mind.

But ideas were always beautiful, whereas reality was cruel. The first thing Fu Zhe Chuan asked him to do was:”Go prepare eighty million, bring it to Gu Yan tomorrow.”

“Huh?”Zhang Han was stunned, eighty million! So much on the first date?

“What are you thinking?”Fu Zhe Chuan looked at him coldly,”This gift is my thanks to him for saving my life.”

Zhang Han finally returned to his senses and his mouth gaped in surprise,”He came to ask for money?”

Fu Zhe Chuan was quiet.

“He really asked you for money?!”Zhang Han raised his voice. How could he have been so blind and impatient? Settling with only eighty million! No, that’s not right, this is not what he should be thinking about, what he should be focusing on instead was that Gu Yan had actually done it for money! That was too superficial! Too vain! Too disappointing!

“What are you making a fuss out of this for?”Fu Zhe Chuan frowned,”This is the money he deserves. He’s just a bit direct, but what’s wrong with that?”

“……”I’m more surprised that you’re telling me this, okay? I haven’t even said anything and you’re already trying to put in a good word for him. Zhang Han put his jaw pack on,”I’ll prepare it at once, I ensure you that it will reach Gu Yan’s hands by tomorrow!”

“Mm.”Fu Zhe Chuan nodded.

“Oh, that’s right……”Zhang Han put away the exaggerated expression on his face, and revealed a dignified look. He whispered:”The investigation on the car wreckage has been completed, someone has indeed tampered with the fuel tank.”

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DBHW Chapter 11

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Madam Song shot her sharp glance towards Gu Yan,”He should know!”

Director Zhang looked at Madam Song, then at Gu Yan, hesitating before he spoke:”What actually happened? Can you elaborate, Madam Song?”

“Somebody pushed Han Chang down the stairs yesterday, breaking both his legs, and now he’s in the hospital.”The anger in Madam Song’s words were hard to suppress. Han Chang was one of her men, so for him to be targeted was no different from giving her a slap on the face!

Both Director Zhang and Meng Ying were both shocked, turns out the reason Han Chang did not come today was because he was in the hospital nursing his broken bones! Recalling how Han Chang had been bearing a grudge against Gu Yan these days, an absurd thought had been aroused in both their heads. Could it be that Han Chang wanted to deal with Gu Yan, failed, and even gotten himself hurt?

Madam Song humphed,”Director Zhang, such a wicked incident had happened within your crew. Somebody actually dared to hurt someone due to envy! You even have the guts to make use of such a person?”

Hearing these words, Director Zhang laughed. If you said somebody could “hurt someone due to envy”, the only person who would do that in this entire crew was Han Chang! Thinking back to Han Chang’s moral quality, he was clearly hiding the truth from Madam Song, using her to make a stand for himself. As for who it was that hurt him, Han Chang may be the only person who really knows.

“Madam Song, I’m afraid there may be a misunderstanding.”Director Zhang spoke profoundly:”I think it’s better to ask for more details before we point fingers at anyone.”

“What are you trying to say? Are you implying that I’m accusing him?”Madam Song frowned.

“Madam Song.”Meng Ying couldn’t stand it anymore, and thus spoke up,”Gu Yan wouldn’t be envious towards Han Chang, much less harm anyone. I think Han Chang is the one feeling envious towards Gu Yan……”

“Are you kidding me? You expect me to believe that Han Chang would feel envious towards someone playing a supporting role with such a notorious reputation?”Being retorted against continuously, Madam Song was furious,”If your crew continues to mix up right and wrong, even protecting a criminal, then are you really not afraid of all the pressure you’re going to get from public opinions?”Both crimnals and public pressure was being brought out, she was clearly going all out in threatening them!

Director Zhang’s expression changed, but he still chose to stand by Gu Yan’s side after just a quick thought. Needless to say, Gu Yan still had blackmail material against him, but Gu Yan wasn’t a man without any backers! Though Madam Song was a powerful person, as long as Shihe decides to stand with Gu Yan, there was still room to move around in this incident. After all, Madam Song can’t cover the sky with just one hand.

“Madam Song, catching criminals is the job of the police……Before the truth is revealed, our crew will never wrongly accuse anyone.”Said Director Zhang.

Madam Song laughed in her rage,”It seems my reputation amounts to nothing today!”

Director Zhang tried his best to maintain his expression. If not because he had no other routes, how would he be willing to offend Madam Song? Why was Han Chang the male lead? It was because this drama was sponsored by Madam Song! If Madam Song insists on withdrawing her funds, then things really won’t be easy!

But he had no way out either……


Gu Yan curved up the corners of his lips, revealing a cold smile. He had just did a tiny little trick so that Han Chang would fall down himself from fright, he never saw him at that time at all. Therefore, what Han Chang said to Madam Song could have been fabricated just to frame him……He really never gives up, and he actually still dared to pick a fight with him. It seems his lesson this time had been a bit too light.

Zhang Yuan was a relatively tactful person, but still, this was not something he could help. Gu Yan got on his feet, and just as he was about to leave, he saw a man walking over from the side. His eyes moved to him, and he halted his steps.


“You better give me a good explanation for this!”Madam Song was aggressive.

“What kind of explanation do you need?”A clear voice rang out in question.

“Hand him over!”Madam Song pointed to Gu Yan, her eyes laced with frost. He had pretty good looks, so it wasn’t a bad idea to take him in after some disciplining.

“I’m afraid I can’t agree to that.”The man said.

Only now did Madam Song realized that these words were spoken by the man at the side. As soon as she turned around, she saw the slender man standing at the side, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses with a gentle smile on his face. The look in her eyes changed, and her voice turned softer,”So it’s Director Fu, you’ve been joking more and more these days.”

“I’m not joking.”Though Fu Zhe Chuan’s voice came with a hint of mirth, but his eyes lacked any trace of amusement.

Madam Song’s expression finally turned grave as she pondered on her next words,”This matter has nothing to do with Director Fu, can’t you just give me a tiny bit of face and not intervene?”

“Who told you this had nothing to do with me? Gu Yan is my friend.”Fu Zhe Chuan spoke with no hesitation, showing that he means to go through to the bottom of this!

Madam Song’s countenance turned for the worse, Fu Zhe Chuan’s attitude had really caught her off guard. For those in their circle, it was common for them to play around with a few stars, but those were just games, nobody would oppose a business partner just for the sake of a little celebrity, just like how nobody would turn against their friend for the sake of a pet.

Fu Zhe Chuan insisted on protecting Gu Yan, that proves that Gu Yan’s relationship with him was not that simple. And since that was the case……Then Han Chang was no longer important. If she had known from the start that Gu Yan was one of Fu Zhe Chuan’s people, then she would never have come here in the first place!

“Since he is Director Fu’s friend……”Madam Song put on a smile,”Then what happened today may have been due to a misunderstanding.”

What she implied was that she would not be investigating deeper into this matter for the sake of Fu Zhe Chuan, so Gu Yan would do well to remember this. As for Han Chang, what about what happened to him? Madam Song didn’t care, what she cared about was only to retain her reputation. For the sake of her own self and for her reputation, it was nothing embarrassing to lower herself to Fu Zhe Chuan.


Both Director Zhang and Meng Ying could finally sigh in relief.

Director Zhang was getting more and more astounded by Gu Yan, he would never have ever expected that Gu Yan’s backer could actually be Fu Zhe Chuan! And recalling how their crew had actually managed to rent this place as their set, perhaps it was also due to Gu Yan? He never thought that the one with the strongest backing was actually Gu Yan in this crew, it really didn’t show at all, he was low-profile, way too low-profile! It really was a wise move to stand by Gu Yan’s side! Director Zhang suddenly felt very admiring of his own judgement.

But Meng Ying’s expression was that of regret. If her opponent was Fu Zhe Chuan, then it seems she may not even have the tiniest bit of a chance……

Of course, this was not the most important points at this moment. The most important point was, that Fu Zhe Chuan actually liked men! If this type of ground shaking news were to be reported, how many girls would be heartbroken! And to say that he was just a friend? Do you think she’d believe it?

Not even a hundred Gu Yans were enough to be Fu Zhe Chuan’s friend.


“Thank you.”Fu Zhe Chuan nodded with a smile.

Madam Song had also revealed a cheerful smile. If she could get on Fu Zhe Chuan’s good side, then it would be worth it even if Han Chang had gotten hurt. When she returns, she can just make it up to him some other way. But before she could even be happy, she heard Fu Zhe Chuan continue:”I think this has to be a misunderstanding, but it’s fine as long as Madam Song can understand.”

Madam Song’s smile was instantly stuck stiff on her face.

“Since it’s a misunderstanding, then Han Chang must have deceived me.”Madam Song’s red lips parted, but closed again, and she coldly continued:”Since he dares to lie to me, I will definitely get to the very bottom of this!”

Fu Zhe Chuan nodded before responding plainly:”That would be the best.”

Madam Song’s face was still stiff when she coldly huffed:”Good bye!”

And she turned to leave after she finished speaking. Even though she wasn’t willing to offend Fu Zhe Chuan, she was not afraid of him either. But today, she really didn’t want to stay for even a moment longer! Madam Song gritted her teeth.

Seeing Madam Song leave with a cold face, Gu Yan couldn’t resist putting on a faint smile. It didn’t show on the surface, but Fu Zhe Chuan was quite the wicked man beneath……He wouldn’t need to waste his own efforts anymore.


Seeing as Madam Song had left, Director Zhang immediately turned to Fu Zhe Chuan and took his hands with enthusiasm:”It’s all thank to you today, if not, our little crew may have gotten into quite a bit of trouble!”

“Gu Yan’s problems are my own, it was only proper of me.”Fu Zhe Chuan smiled reservedly at Director Zhang.

Director Zhang’s eyes were sparkling. Ah, as expected things aren’t as simple as they seem. He immediately revealed a resolute expression,”You’ve seen it yourself, our entire crew stands firmly behind Gu Yan, nobody will be giving him any trouble on our watch. So Director Fu, you can rest assured that Gu Yan is in good hands in this crew!”

Thank you very much, Director Zhang. As for the follow-up on Han Chang’s matters, I’ll have Zhang Han get in contact with you.”Fu Zhe Chuan smiled.

“Yes, that’s fine! Everyone says that you’re the most righteous person in town Director Fu, you’re the number one of our Haiyun City’s business world, and you really deserve that title!”These were the words Director Zhang was waiting to say. He had finally stuffed the words into his stomach, but he still threw it out shamelessly. Hehe, with a golden thigh as thick as Fu Zhe Chuan’s, who would even covet Han Chuan’s chump change of an investment? And he even wondered, since Han Chang won’t be doing any acting with his legs, then should he just push Gu Yan up to the role of the male lead? He could definitely do it.


Gu Yan really couldn’t stand the sight of that any longer. He turned his head to the side to look at Fu Zhe Chuan.

Fu Zhe Chuan immediately understood. He turned back to Director Zhang with a smile:”Well, you should continue, no need to mind me, I’ll be leaving after saying a few words to Gu Yan.”

“Oh, alright. Take your time, we’re not in any hurry here.”Said Director Zhang with a big smile.

Meng Ying watched on as Gu Yan and Fu Zhe Chuan went to the side. With a sigh, she threw the pink lunchbox into the trash.


Fu Zhe Chuan looked seriously at the young man in front of him. Strictly speaking, this was the first time he had seen Gu Yan besides during the accident.

Gu Yan in person looked even better than on the photos. His fair skin was flawless with pearlescent pink lips that were beautifully curved. The curves of his face were very clear, and his deep, black eyes set neatly below his brows had a powerful attraction, just like a vortex. He stood there, seemingly bored, exuding a sharp temper like the edge of a blade……Handsome and sharp. Such a unique aura had to be seen in person, this wasn’t something a photo could capture.

“Is there something you would like to speak to me about?”Fu Zhe Chuan spoke with a smile in his eyes.

Gu Yan raised a brow, and he responded plainly:”I thought you were the one who had something to say to me.”

Fu Zhe Chuan was stunned for a moment, then he raised his hand to push up his glasses. In his eyes was a glow:”Yes, actually. I came today just to ask if you would like to have dinner with me tonight.”

“Sure.”Gu Yan easily agreed.

Fu Zhe Chuan’s lips curled into a pleasant smile,”I’ll pick you up tonight.”

Gu Yan nodded indifferently.

“Well, I’ll leave you to your work, see you tonight.”Fu Zhe Chuan shot him a gentlemanly smile.

“Mm.”Gu Yan’s eyes were faintly narrowed.

Though human beings were only food in his eyes with barely any difference, this particular food was quite the smart one, and amongst food he was also one of the better looking ones.


DBHW Chapter 10

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Following chapter contains profanities

“Thanks Bro Feng, sorry for troubling you. I’ll buy you a meal next time.”After ending the call, Han Chang sneered. He was clearly the male lead of this drama, but Gu Yan had been robbing the limelight everywhere he went. Do you think I’m just a flower pot and won’t deal with you?

Han Chang left the business centre. Just after waiting outside for a while, he could see a group of youngsters wearing black jackets with colourfully dyed hair riding over on their motorcycles.

A white-haired young man with a septum piercing jumped off his bike in front of Han Chang,”Name’s Ah Hua, Bro Feng asked us to come, who do you need dealt with?”

“Someone from the same crew as me, I’ll bring you to him.”Said Han Chang.

“A star as well?”Ah Hua frowned,”If you try to make things hard for a celebrity, you might even get yourself in trouble if you’re not careful.”Clearly, he appeared to be slightly unwilling.

Han Chang quickly laughed,”Don’t worry, he’s just a newcomer without any backers. And besides, he had tons of scandals just before this, it’s nothing even if he gets more.”

“Alright then……What do you want to do with him?”Ah Hua nodded reluctantly.

“At the very least, put him in the hospital for three months, maybe more.”A sly glow brimmed in Han Chang’s eyes. With this, the only thing Gu Yan could do is to quit the crew, and there will be no eyesores appearing in front of him again.

“Wow, how vicious.”Ah Hua laughed,”Get on, let’s go!”
The dozen of so black motorcycles zipped through the streets, attracting the looks of passers-by all around them, sighing that this pack of damned rebels are out and about again, but they just weren’t sure who the unlucky target was.

When they arrived at the outside of the community where Gu Yan lived, it was close to midnight, and they found Gu Yan very successfully.

At this time, it was nearly twelve so there weren’t many people on the sidewalks, but Gu Yan went out of the community alone. Seeing him, a sneer curled up Ah Hua’s lips, while two guys from behind rushed over to his side, blocking Gu Yan’s escape route.

“So you’re Gu Yan?”Said Ah Hua coldly, and he looked at Gu Yan’s thin body with eye full of pity.
A hint of coldness emerged in Gu Yan’s eyes for just a flash of a second. He saw this group of people squatting around downstairs from above, and resisted the impulse to clean up this pile of garbage. He waited for two whole hours before coming down, all so he could solve this problem without attracting any attention. But if this was the demon world……Heh, he wouldn’t have to be so cautious.

“That’s right.”Gu Yan’s eyes were indifferent.

“Wow~ You’re a calm one, did ya know you got yourself in some trouble?”Ah Hua laughed.

Gu Yan put on a smile and said plainly:”Do you plan to solve this here?”

Ah Hua’s expression turned angry and he responded coldly:”Since you’re so eager to die, then don’t blame us. There’s a quiet place to the side, we can have our little chat over there.”

After he finished speaking, he turned to head towards the area.
After walking for a few minutes, they arrived at a hidden alley nearby. Gu Yan thought about it to himself that these local tyrants were actually quite familiar with this place, seems such jobs hadn’t been scarce for them.

But for them to bump into him, now they were the ones who were really eager to die.

“This place is quite enough, right?”Ah Hua smirked.

Gu Yan nodded, revealing a pleased smile,”Indeed, it is quite appropriate for our problem.”

“You punk! Do you still not understand what kind of shit you’re in?!”This was the first time Ah Hua had ever seen such an arrogant person, he was so pissed that he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Don’t I?”Gu Yan narrowed his eyes,”I think you’re the ones who don’t understand.”

“Alright then! You’ve got guts!”Ah Hua looked at him coldly as he tapped his steel rod on the ground,”I’ll show you who’s the one who’s really confused about what’s going on here!”Immediately after he finished speaking, he shot a glance at his group, and they immediately mobilized to surround him.

Gu Yan scoffed.

One, two, three, four……A total of thirteen, each of them weak and pitiful, they can’t even count as a meal for a low-tier demonic being……And it was because they were too weak, that Gu Yan had to put some thought on how he was going to solve this issue without killing them. It has been over a thousand years since he has seen such a puny weakling, he might not be able to control his strength.

That’s right, he did not intend to kill anyone. For so many people to die at once, even if they were just a group of lowlives, he would still attract the attention of the state.

In just the moment it took for him to think, someone behind him had already raised a foot that aimed towards him!

Gu Yan raised his hand to caught his foot by conditioned reflex, and with a light twist, a loud ‘crack’ sounded out, then an ear-piercing scream as the man rolled on the ground while holding his knee.

Gu Yan’s mouth twitched. He had already restricted his power as much as he could, but he did not expect that these people were even weaker than he thought.
This moment seemed to have shaken the others, and for a moment, nobody came forward.

Gu Yan had also figured things out at this moment. If he planned not to kill anyone, then wouldn’t it be fine as long as he avoided their vital points? If a leg or perhaps both their legs were broken, then the fighting ability of that person will be nonexistent, it actually took him so long to solve such a simple question. And it was all his fault for thinking about it from the wrong direction. In the demon world, even if their arms and legs were broken, you still couldn’t underestimate any demonic beings. Because, even if only a head was left, and only a single breath of life left in them, they still had the ability to bite a chunk out of you……But these humans, this thought really was an overestimation of them.

A scornful look appeared in the depth of Gu Yan’s eyes. These weaklings are destined to be the lowest in the food chains!
Ah Hua and the others were all watching Gu Yan, and nobody knew why, but a cold breeze rose up from the depths of their heart. The pained howls of their comrade still echoed in their ears, and they had barely even seen how it all happened……

Maybe Gu Yan’s calmness from before was not faked, nor was he a fool, but he really had the confidence to take them on? No……It had to be a coincidence. We have so many people, how could we be afraid of one guy! You dared to hurt our brother, so we’ll give you hell!”Get him!”Ah Hua shouted and rushed over, brandishing his steel rod!

At this time, he did not think about going easy at all, the inexplicable fear in his heart drove him to want to defeat the enemy before him even if he had to use all his strength!
Seeing that the steel rod was closing in quickly, Gu Yan’s face still did not change. It was too slow, how could such a slow movement ever hit him?

The sound of wind rose up, and a hint of excitement rose up within Ah Hua’s eyes. He was going to hit Gu Yan! Just a little bit more, just a little……But in the next moment, the steel rod in his hand halted. Even though he exerted all his effort, it still did not get a single inch closer to Gu Yan. He looked at Gu Yan’s calm, black eyes, and it felt like he was falling from heaven into hell. The last bit of luck in his heart had disappeared, and fear spread across his face.

Gu Yan held the steel rod with one hand and pushed forward, Ah Hua had to stumble a few steps backwards before he could steady himself. As soon as he raised his head, he saw his steel rod flying over! The steel that came crashing on his body felt like it weighed a thousand pounds! Pain shot out from his shoulder as his arm hung backwards in an unnatural position.

In the next moment, he looked stunned at Gu Yan as if he were a sheep that had wandered into a tiger’s den. Left and right his comrades fell, screams echoing in the skies……

After a start, he finally came back to his senses!
“Stop, stop! Stop right now!”Ah Hua’s eyes were bloodshot as he screamed,”You mother fuckers, I told you to stop!”

Actually, even if Ah Hua did not shout, they were already scared shitless. Hearing Ah Hua’s yell, they all came back to their senses, and fled. They all had the same thought in their hearts, they had to get as far away from this demon as possible!

Ah Hua looked a Gu Yan with fear in his eyes,”Sorry, I’m sorry, we’re the ignorant ones, I’ll pay you back! I’ll make it up to you!”

Gu Yan did not say anything, he just looked at him coldly.

“I……As, as long as you let me go, I’ll tell you who sent me!”Ah Hua was gasping, he didn’t even care about promises anymore, he could only think of strangling that Han Chang to death right now! This was the non threatening little star he was talking about?

“Did you think I wouldn’t know who?”Gu Yan slowly spoke.

His gentle voice drifted to Ah Hua’s ears following the wind, the screaming around them had also quieted down, seemingly afraid to alarm anything, and the alley was now quiet. Despair shone in Ah Hua’s eyes, he had no more chips to bet with. Looking into Gu Yan’s calm eyes, this was the first time he had ever felt so close to death.
In the suffocating silence, Gu Yan laughed.

To kill such a thing would do nothing more than to dirty his hands. He raised his hand to check his watch, no more than two minutes had passed.
He turned and walked straight out of the alley.

Clear, crisp steps, tap, tap, tap, step by step he walked, and it felt like he was walking right on Ah Hua and his gang’s hearts. Only until Gu Yan’s figure disappeared did Ah Hua finally showed a look of disbelief.

Gu Yan actually let them go just like that?!
Another moment passed, and he confirmed that Gu Yan was not returning. Only then did the people who had tumbled onto the ground finally start making noise again.

Ah Hua supported his right arm and stood up, then with gritted teeth, he made a phone call, telling his other brothers to come get them. It was impossible for them to get back by themselves in this state.

A lackey came over from the side and cautiously asked:”Hua Bro, are we going to leave it at that? Shouldn’t we bring the guys……”They have guns too!

Ah Hua raised his left arm that was fine, and with a slap, landed a hit across that lackey’s cheek. He roared:”Keep what happened today to yourself! Don’t drag me in if you want to die!”He has been by Brother Feng’s side for a long time, and seen a lot, he wasn’t like these ignorant fools. He understood that in this world, there were people you should not provoke……

The lackey held his face and felt very wronged:”I’m scared that we can’t explain this when we go back too, after all, this is Brother Feng’s friend’s……”

“I’ll tell him myself, you don’t have to worry about it.”Said Ah Hua coldly. He raised his head and looked at the house at the front right direction,”As for Han Chang……That punk won’t have an easy life, stay away from him.”
Han Chang turned around abruptly and sucked in a cold breath, a flash of fluster running through his eyes.

He had actually secretly been watching the entire scene play out from nearby in the dark room, nobody could see him but he could see the figure in the alleyway, illuminated by the moonlight. He just wanted to see with his own eyes how that Gu Yan was going to get screwed! But instead, he was welcomed to a horrifying scene……

This won’t do, he can’t stay here, he has to get away, now!

Han Chang did not dare to open the lights, and he felt his way in the darkness down the stairs. When he turned around a corner, a cold breeze suddenly came from behind. And as if something had pushed him, his foot slipped and he rolled straight down the stairs!


Director Zhang looked at the time, it was already ten in the morning. The sun was shining brightly outside of the windows, but they still haven’t seen Han Chang’s figure. They tried to call him more than a dozen times, but nobody picked up.

This damn brat, he doesn’t have any notion of time at all! Director Zhang scolded him in his heart, but a smile bloomed on his face as soon as he turned around to Gu Yan and Meng Ying. He told them:”Let’s shoot your parts first for today.”

“Sure.”Meng Ying answered first with a smile decorating her lips. Compared to facing that old bag at home, Gu Yan was simply a million times more pleasing to the eyes, and she went to work every day filled with motivation. As for Han Chang? How was it any of her problem whether he came or not?

Gu Yan had no comments on it either.

Seeing that none of them had any objections, Director Zhang turned back to direct his staff to arrange for the scene. Due to the temporary change of plans, everything was messed around again, and his dissatisfaction towards Han Chang was also rising.
Meng Ying came to Gu Yan’s side and took out a pink lunchbox,”Here are some cakes I made myself, they’re for you.”

The piercing eyes of jealousy of the female staff all turned over, they also prepared gifts for Gu Yan, okay! And not once did he accept any!

“I don’t eat cakes.”Gu Yan’s voice was calm with nary a ripple.

The collective glances of all the girls moved over again. Heh, we just know that our prince charming wouldn’t make any exceptions! We can rest now!

Meng Ying pouted and put on an expression as if she had been wronged,”Then what do you like to eat?”

Gu Yan raised up the corners of his lips, I want to eat you instead. How could a pile of sweet and tasteless pastries compare to the hot, fresh deliciousness of a delectably cute little lady’s flesh……If you knew, would you still dare to stand so close to me?

Meng Ying looked at Gu Yan with confusion, she felt that his eyes seemed a bit strange. But she didn’t mull over it. She prepared to continue talking, but Director Zhang had started to call for them.

“Alright, places everybody!”Director Zhang clapped his hands.

“Let’s go!”Meng Ying could only give up. She grabbed Gu Yan’s hands and hurried over to Director Zhang. After taking a few steps, her heart suddenly started to beat faster, Gu Yan did not shake her hand off!

But unfortunately, the distance was too short……They soon reached Director Zhang.

Meng Ying released her hand and tidied up her own hair, silently repeating her lines she would have to say in a moment.
Right when they were about to begin, the door to the hall had suddenly been opened, and a woman walked in.

Director Zhang looked over angrily, what are those people doing outside? How could they let irrelevant people just break into the set! But when he had a clear look of her, he was suddenly jumping in fright. His words of accusation had turned into polite greetings,”Madam Song, what brought you here?”

The woman came over dressed in a graceful outfit, her hair flowing down simply behind her back, revealing earrings made of jade the size of a fingernail. Her delicate makeup looked extremely beautiful, but if you looked closely, you could still see the crow’s feet at the corner of her eyes, revealing that her true age may not match with her appearance.

He red lips parted,”Am I not welcome, Director Zhang?”

“How could that be?”Director Zhang would never dare to offend the woman in front of him, and he continued with a smile:”I can’t welcome you enough. You should have told me you were coming, Madam Song, then I could go out to receive you.”

“I wouldn’t dare trouble the great Director Zhang with such a task. I came for Han Chang today.”Madam Song’s tone came with a hint of iciness.

Director Zhang felt furious to hear this, wasn’t Han Chang just a little boy toy pet of yours? They were just filming a drama and he put himself on an even higher shelf than some big shot. Even his figure didn’t appear today, what’s that denouncing attitude for? He gave a fake laugh:”Han Chang isn’t here today, you may have to visit another day, Madam Song.”

“Aren’t you very clear why Han Chang isn’t here, Director Zhang?”Said Madam Song.”

Director Zhang’s heart jumped, and he put away the smile on his face,”What do you mean, Madam Song?”

“You really don’t know?”Madam Song scoffed and turned her head, looking with her piercing eyes at Gu Yan,”He should know!”


DBHW Chapter 9

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Xu Ming felt like he was developing a complex for abuse, he was so used to being verbally abused that even though Gu Yan’s tone was just slightly better than usual, he felt shocked and flattered……And then all his temper was gone.

But thinking more about it, he felt that there really was no need for him to get angry. Even though Gu Yan seemed just as hard to deal with than before, but when it came to handling matters, he was way more reliable than before. Even if it was on something he couldn’t get a handle on, he was still able to go through it smoothly, it really makes him worry less. As for the rest, what else can he expect?

Take right now for example……

He sent Gu Yan to the crew first thing in the morning, but even though Gu Yan stood there surrounded with a pressure that kept people away from him, not only did he not act like a big shot, he didn’t throw a temper tantrum either, he did whatever the director told him to do and even finished his task superbly without any mistakes. He memorized every single word in the script without error and passed on the first take, he really took a load off their minds!

In fact, it was far more than that, even the rest were being compared to him now!

Just look at that fresh meat Han Chang who had just gotten popular, he couldn’t remember his lines even after going through several takes, all he could do was flaunt his good looks. Just a single scene was riddled with countless NGs, even Director Zhang’s face was twisted with displeasure.


Gu Yan sat leisurely on his chair, and took a sip of coffee. How boring.

“Hello there.”A handsome and gentle-faced man came over and showed Gu Yan an amiable smile,”I saw your performance today, you really shone on that set.”

“Thank you.”Gu Yan smiled to him. This was the man who plays the second male lead of the series, Deng Jia Ning. He heard people say that he was ‘a thousand years a supporting male character’, so this wasn’t his first rodeo at such a role.

Deng Jia Ning blinked his eyes and smiled back to him:”When this drama is released, I’m sure you’ll definitely be popular.”

Gu Yan replied with a chuckle, and did not answer.

Clearly, Deng Jia Ning was a very talkative person, so he quickly moved onto a separate topic. He spoke with amazement,”I didn’t expect Director Zhang to be able to rent this place as our shooting venue, it feels unreal.”

“Oh?”Gu Yan looked at him.

“This business center and its futuristic concept was built by the Fu Group with a ton of money, and it’s the most famous project in the country. It’s construction was just completed recently and will only be open to the public next year.”Deng Jia Ning continued,”You may not know, but though the head of the Fu household, Fu Zhe Chuan is famous for being a scholar and a businessman, his sights are usually set really high so a small crew of ours probably can’t ever get his notice. The crew had also expected to be rejected, but they gave it a try anyway, and they didn’t expect that Fu Zhe Chuan would actually agree for us to enter his business centre that was still unopened. For us to be able to use the venue, the results of the shooting will be way better than in any other place. After all, these romance dramas were shot for women in the end, and women liked pretty things. Put in a few handsome men and it’ll be hard for the series not to get popular.”

Gu Yan nodded in agreement. When he had first arrived, he was also quite surprised. He would never have expected that the humans would actually have developed to such a degree in just a thousand years, their construction process really was a sight to behold. For such a large and grand place that was at the same time, exquisitely decorated with an elegant yet creative feel, it was indeed a place that would easily attract attention.

“I heard that he had invested tens of billions into the project, and all the members of the design team were top experts from overseas. Even a single pane of glass is used to make a statement in this building, tsk tsk.”Deng Jia Ning lamented:”Even if I work on a year’s worth of acting, I still wouldn’t have earned enough money to buy even a single store here.”

Gu Yan put down his coffee and revealed a hint of a smile. It seems he has underestimated how rich Fu Zhe Chuan really was. However, this was good.

The two chatted in a one-sided conversation, and though strictly speaking Deng Jia Ning was mainly the one doing the talking, and Gu Yan the listening, they still seemed to be having a cheerful moment.
Meanwhile on the other side, Director Zhang had just yelled for a cut again. He was furious at Han Chang,”What the hell is wrong with you?”

Han Chang’s face turned white for a moment, and green the next. He had actually been preparing for the entire night, but who knew that he would make a mistake every time he got nervous during the shooting? And in the end, the more mistakes he made, the more nervous he got, and the harder it was to get into his role. After so many NGs, he still performed as poorly as he did for the first take.

“Let’s end this here, we’ll continue this scene tomorrow.”Director Zhang’s tone was not very good,”Go back and prepare for it, we’ve only rented this place for a month, and I don’t want you to waste everyone’s time.”

His words had been extremely rude, and Han Chang’s face was distorted with the humiliation, but he did not dare to refute him.

Director Zhang scoffed and turned to head towards Gu Yan. Immediately before he arrived, he quickly put on a diligent smile and asked politely:”Brother Gu, have you rested up? How about we continue with your scenes?”

Han Chang was able to see from afar how Director Zhang’s face changed faster than he could flip a book. Thinking about how he had just been humiliated, the eyes he looked at Gu Yan with had instantly filled with hate, his fair and handsome face had become very vicious. If Gu Yan’s performance hadn’t been so eye-catching, how could he have gotten so nervous and made so many mistakes? How could Director Zhang have been so dissatisfied with him after just a few NGs?


“Sure.”Gu Yan stood up. He was happy to be able to end work early since it was too boring to hang out with a group of humans.

Director Zhang said cheerfully,”Old brother Gu is the most reliable one after all. Jia Ning also happens to be present today, so let’s just do your rivalry scene with him.”The more Director Zhang looked at Gu Yan, the more pleased he felt. Whether it was his appearance of personal ability, they were all extraordinary. With his years of experience within the entertainment circle, he can tell that this young man will soon be a big hit, not to mention he even had a background that was anything but simple! He had clearly been caught in a difficult just before, but he managed to turn things around and get the full support of his company. Which one of the stars under Liu Wei’s handling wasn’t a super big shot? Gu Yan already had his own skill as a foundation, so if you combine that with the strong boost he would get from the company, it would be hard to even be anything but famous.

Before this, he had been used as cannon fodder by Zhu Huan Wei, but it was still slightly depressing that he had now fallen into Gu Yan’s hands. But right now, he was really trying his best to get in a better relationship with Gu Yan, he probably wouldn’t make things hard for him. These were Director Zhang’s quiet thoughts to himself.


Deng Jia Ning was unlike Han Chang, he had been in this business for quite some time and he was both a modest and diligent man. He stood up with a smile, and after fixing up his makeup, the two were ready to start acting.

His role was that of the second male lead, and he was both the senior of the female lead in school and in the company. He was a very popular person in the company, and he cared very much about the female lead who was his juniour at work. Gradually, he was moved by the innocence and cuteness of her, and secretly fell in love with the female lead. After being abandoned by Gu Yan’s character, the third male supporting character, she was very sad, so he went over to try to console her and learned of the cause and effects. With that, he became very angry towards Gu Yan, and he felt that he had a bad personality. And so, after the two met again in the company, a conflict happened.

Deng Jia Ning’s role was that of the head of one of the departments in the company, while both Gu Yan and the female lead were working under him.

Director Zhang directed the crew to ready the lights and cameras, and stuffed a folder into Gu Yan’s hands before yelling action!


With the folder in hand, Gu Yan came to the door and gave it a knock.

A calm voice sounded out from behind the door,”Come in.” Deng Jia Ning raised his head, and as soon as he saw Gu Yan, a faint and indiscernible frown knitted across his brows for a moment.

Gu Yan put down the project papers on the table,”Manager Chen, this is the business plan you needed concerning the coming clothing exhibition.”

“Let me see.”Said Deng Jia Ning. He flipped open the folder in his hands and looked through it very carefully. Strictly speaking, this wasn’t a bad plan. For a newcomer, this was an acceptable result, but remembering that this was the person who abandoned the innocent and cute Xiao Qing for riches, he felt unhappy. So he pointed out one of the parts and said:”I think you need to put more consideration on this part. Since it is impossible to determine the number of guests that will be visiting on that day, it is necessary for us to make several alternatives to be fully ready to cope with any possible accidents.”

But how would Gu Yan knew how he was thinking at heart? He thought about it over and over,”It is my negligence, I will prepare the amended plan now.”

Deng Jia Ning pointed out that this was a common mistake among newcomers, and it wasn’t anything big. But unexpectedly, seeing that Gu Yan was just about to leave, he added on coldly:”Bring me the completed document by today before you get off work.”

Gu Yan frowned, this would be slightly troublesome. Even though he didn’t understand why a person who would usually treat his subordinates very generously would suddenly make trouble for him, he was still a very arrogant person, and immediately responded with:”There is still more than ten days before the activity begins, is there really a need to be so rushed?”

Deng Jia Ning kept a straight face,”After you resubmit the plan to me, it will still need to go through reviewing and revising, and then handed over to management for checking. After the finalization, it will then be handed over to the staff for preparation, we are already running short on time.”

There were no leaks in what he said, and it was perfectly reasonable. What could Gu Yan still say as a newcomer? Unless he didn’t plan to continue working there anymore, he could only leave with his folder. After closing the door, he scoffed and stood there with a cold expression, this was the first time the curtain was pulled for the two of them.


“Good!”Director Zhang called for a halt and spoke with a face full of smiles,”Very good, very good! Both your expressions and your tone was perfect. Let’s continue the next scene.”

Gu Yan smiled, and Deng Jia Ning had also walked out. After changing their clothes, the two moved directly to the next set. Gu Yan’s memory was impeccable and there was not a single flaw in the recitement of his lines, but Deng Jia Ning did not have that ability. Even so, he was a diligent person with a good attitude, so even if he couldn’t get a pass on the first take, he was still able to go through it after only two or three NGs. The both of them were very successful in their performance.

Han Chang did not leave immediately. He stood there for a while but nobody gave him any attention at all, they were all surrounding Director Zhang and Gu Yan. Not long after, he left with a bitter face.


The day went by quickly, and the shooting for the day ended at sunset.

Deng Jia Ning looked at Gu Yan, and after some hesitation, he told him:”You might have offended Han Chang.”

Gu Yan did not expect that he would tell him that, so he looked at him thoughtfully.

“Anyway, you better watch out for yourself, Han Chang has a backer.”After all, it was no good for Deng Jia Ning to say too much, so he could only remind him as this newcomer Gu Yan seemed to be a pretty decent guy.

“Got it, thank you.”Gu Yan looked at him.

“Right then, I will be taking my leave. See you tomorrow.”After giving him a smile, Deng Jia Ning left.

Gu Yan retracted his gaze and the expression on his face had slightly frosted over. Of course, he had also noticed Han Chang’s expression, but he just did not care at all. Don’t even mention the fact that this ant was glaring at him a little, even if he wanted to come for a bite, he could just crush him with a single step, he didn’t have that much energy to care about such trifles. But he just did not expect that Deng Jia Ning would remind him, they had just met today.

Such unnecessary kindness……But even this did not change the despicable nature of humankind.


When he returned the next day, Han Chang’s performance was clearly better, and Director Zhang’s face when he looked at him was not that bad anymore. But he had always been afraid of being compared. Seeing the smiles and praises Director Zhang showered on Gu Yan, as well as the whispering of the female staff about Gu Yan with their bright eyes, the eyes Han Chang looked at Gu Yan with were getting darker and darker as time passed.

Deng Jia Ning had kindly advised Gu Yan to stay low-key. After all, he was just a newcomer, so it was better not to have enemies. But Gu Yan had turned a deaf ear to his advice, and so he said nothing more about it.

Another day of their shooting ended. Meng Ying ran to Gu Yan and said cheerfully:”Do you have any time tonight?”

Even though Gu Yan had never showed her any expression worth a look at, he was labelled the aloof handsome guy, so one had to be patient if they wanted to hook him up! She had to be aware that every woman in the crew was her rival! Don’t look at how each of those stars on TV were each more handsome than the other, they only looked that way from the makeup and editing, their looks when you saw them in real life couldn’t even be compared to one tenth of Gu Yan’s good looks. Gu Yan’s tall and perfect figure, his well-defined face, cold but slightly naughty character, and his skin……Even without any makeup, it was perfect without any flaws. No matter when and where, he was always so handsome, he even made her as a woman feel self-conscious of her own looks.

“I don’t.”Gu Yan said.

“Are you busy again?”Meng Ying pouted, this was not the first time she had hit the wall. Watching Gu Yan as he left, she was left with the glamorous figure of his back.

She couldn’t help but sigh. When she turned around, she saw Hang Chan standing some distance away, looking at her with an unkindly look, but he suddenly sneered.

With Han Chang and his gigolo look, as well as his role as the tall, rich, and handsome president, he wouldn’t be able to fit the appearance of an emperor even if he were dressed in the dragon robe, only a shallow and wealthy woman would find an interest in him. For him to actually dare to try attracting her attention, he really needs to take a look at himself.

It was a pity that she wasn’t interested in the one who was interested in her, while the one she was interested in was just ignoring her. Meng Ying scoffed, leaving only the sound from her high heels as she left without even sparing Han Chang a glance.


Han Chang was so angry that his face paled, what a shameless little bitch! If not for your sugar daddy, do you really think you’re worth anything? How dare you not be interested in me! Han Chang took a deep breath. I can’t clean you up, but don’t I still have the ability to take care of that little boy toy, Gu Yan? A cold smile emerged from his lips as he took out his phone to make a call.

“Hello? Brother Feng? It’s me, Han Chang, I have something I need your help with……”

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DBHW Chapter 8

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Gu Yan had been able to recognize Zhang Han from the beginning, he was Fu Zhe Chuan’s young assistant who had come that night to the scene of the accident.

He did not see any news related to Fu Zhe Chuan’s accident during that period of time, it seems that matter did not get reported on the news. Zhang Han was also speaking with very vague terms, so naturally he would go with the flow as well. But regarding Zhang Han’s attitude, he was still quite pleased with it. Sure enough, it wasn’t his loss to make a move on that day, it’s a decent idea to send away some flies with this every once in a while.

“Please tell Fu Zheng Chuan that there is no need to be so courteous.”Gu Yan’s lips lifted up into a smile.


Dai Hong’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat, he did not have any guts to neglect Gu Yan anymore at this moment. With an enthusiastic smile, he said:”Xiao Gu, what was that all about just now? Don’t worry, just tell me if he’s giving you any trouble, I will definitely back you up.”He stared so nervously at Gu Yan that he didn’t even leave a single glance for Zhu Huan Wei! Even the way he spoke went on a 180 degree turn.

Not even a hundred Zhu Huan Weis added together was worth enough for him to offend Fu Zhe Chuan.

“Oh, you finally saw me, Manager Dai.”Gu Yan’s tone was airy, and a faint smile of mockery was visible in his eyes.

These words made the veins on Dai Hong’s forehead pop. Gu Yan really wasn’t giving him any face, but he really didn’t dare to offend Gu Yan right now, so he pretended not to have heard the sarcasm and smiled to himself,”Ah, you’re still angry huh? Xiao Gu.”

Humans really are a league of their own when it came to shamelessness, even Gu Yan was too lazy to continue with him. He raised a brow:”Not only did Zhu Huan Wei cancel all my casting notices, he even told me to drop the TV series gig I just received, suggesting instead that I should try to keep myself out of the public eye. What do you think about this, Manager Dai?”

Zhu Huan Wei was sweating hard:”It’s only a temporary thing, just temporary……”

“Shut your mouth!”Yelled Dai Hong in his rage, and he faced Zhu Huan Wei imposingly. Just temporary? Are you a fool? Not only are you not trying to find a remedy for such a third-rate star’s scandals, you even planned to give bury him in the snow. If nothing unexpected, he might not be able to enjoy the life of fame for the rest of his life. if this was before, he would not have cared about such a matter, but this was not an option to him now.

“Manager Dai……”Zhu Huan Wei’s face was pale and he shot a vicious glance at Gu Yan.

But Dai Hong did not look at him at all, he was speaking earnestly to Gu Yan:”I did not know anything about this before, and that is my negligence. But don’t worry, I will make sure to arrange everything properly, you definitely will not have to suffer any grievances! How about this, I will ask Liu Wei to contact you, he is the best gold medal agent we have in the company.”

In just one short conversation, he had switched Gu Yan to someone else’s care, and Zhu Huan Wei on the other hand was completely ignored.

Gu Yan nodded indifferently and gave Zhu Huan Wei a profound look,”You guys can continue, I will be taking my leave.”

Seeing that Gu Yan was going to leave, he quickly tossed Dai Hong aside and caught up quickly,”I was just about to leave as well, let’s go together!”


The two went out of the building together, and only then did Zhang Han put on a smile,”It really is a small world, I really did not expect that you were a part of Shihe Entertainment.”Both his expression and language was relaxed and casual, even revealing a hint of familiarity. Those who did not know may even think that they were very close with each other, they would never have assumed that this was their second meeting.

“I did not expect to meet you here either.”Said Gu Yan profoundly.

Zhang Han had a start, but then he laughed and said frankly,”Director Fu is now Shihe’s largest shareholder, so some procedures will have to be handed over. I’m just here to substitute for Director Zhu, we will be seeing each other very frequently in the future, so I hope we can get along.”

“Oh?”A look of unexpectancy revealed itself on Gu Yan’s face, he really was not aware of this matter.

“The acquisition of the shares had completed just recently, so many people still don’t know about it.”Zhang Han smiled,”But it’s no matter, we will be announcing it after some time.”

Gu Yan was confounded for a moment, the person he had casually saved had turned into his new boss in the blink of an eye? But that would explain why Dai Hong had been so respectful to Zhang Han earlier.

“I’m afraid I will have to be the one to hope that we can get along.”Gu Yan smiled.

“Now I wouldn’t say that.”Zhang Han was very modest,”Are you going home now? Should I send you?”

“There’s no need, my assistant is waiting for me.”Said Gu Yan.

Zhang Han did not insist on it, and he added a few more courtesies before leaving.


Gu Yan came to the parking lot and Xu Ming quickly came over to ask,”How was it?”

“Just like that.”Gu Yan raised his eyes.

“What does that mean?”Xu Ming shifted nervously,”The company has already passed on the message that you’re going to be in trouble, how can you still be so calm about all this!”

“And what are you so worried about? Even if I’m in trouble, you wouldn’t lose your job either. Maybe you can even be transferred to another big celebrity and you can continue your assistant job.”Seeing his jumpy appearance, Gu Yan suddenly felt like teasing this little human, and so he kept a straight face.

Xu Ming paused, what he said was indeed rather reasonable……But he couldn’t do something that unconscionable. He had only thought that Gu Yan would react in such a way because he had received too big of a shock, so he tried to console him:”But I’m still your assistant right now, isn’t it normal for me to be worried about you? But you shouldn’t feel discouraged either, after things die down for a bit, you might still have the chance to turn yourself around!”

How could it be a normal thing to worry over someone else? A complex look flashed past Gu Yan’s face for a moment, and a smile revealed itself on his lips.

Even though both Xu Ming and Zhu Huan Wei’s words were pretty much the same thing, the meaning it represented was completely different, he was still able to make that distinction. But whatever, seeing that your loyalty still remains, I could just let you stay. No matter when or where, you could at least keep your life if you stay by my side.


Dai Hong watched as Zhang Han rushed out to catch up to him, and an uncertain look popped up on his face. Zhu Huan Wei stood nervously at the side and asked in a whisper:”Manager Dai, who was that person?”

Dai Hong took back his gaze and scoffed,”That man is Fu Zheng Chuan’s assistant.”

Following that, Zhu Huan Wei proceeded with caution:”That, you see, I actually didn’t know that Gu Yan had that connection either……”In fact, he had already guessed Zhang Han’s identity from earlier. Even though Fu Zhe Chuan was rich and powerful, it still wouldn’t force Dai Hong to lower himself, right?

“So now you know.”Dai Hong’s voice was cool.

Zhu Chuan Wei wiped the sweat on his fore head,”I got it, I was the one at fault in this matter, Manager Dai, do you……?”

“Heh……This will have to depend on Fu Zhe Chuan’s attitude.”Dai Hong gave Zhu Huan Wei a look of pity,”Since you’ve met him, I’ll just tell you now, Director Fu is going to be our new boss in the future.”

“What?!”Zhu Huan Wei was shocked,”How come I’ve never heard anything about this?”

Dai Hong’s eyes were filled with scorn. What are you worthy enough to know about with your status? Seeing Zhang Han’s attitude towards Gu Yan, Gu Yan definitely wasn’t something as simple as just a normal friend for Fu Zhe Chuan, seems he will have to take good care of this little one in the future. He will have to discuss about this matter quickly with Liu Wei and see how they were going to redeem themselves. As for Zhu Huan Wei? What was he worth?

“You better watch out for yourself.”Said Dai Hong flatly, and he turned to leave.

Zhu Huan Wei looked at Dai Hong’s departing figure and a flustered emotion revealed itself in his eyes. Seeing Dai Hong’s treatment, he was obviously mere firewood now to him. Things would be find if this matter was brushed off just like that, but if Gu Yan were to come to him with trouble, Dai Hong definitely would not be standing up for him! With that thought, a glow of resentment revealed itself immediately in his eyes. I’ve worked under you for so long, even if I don’t deserve any credit, I’ve still worked hard, but you turned your back on me as soon as I’m faced with a little thing, do you really think I’m that easy to bully?


After Zhang Han left the company, he drove straight to the hospital. This hospital was the best private hospital in Haiyun City, and it was home to a great variety of high-end equipment and top doctors, their level within the entirety of Haiyun City was at the forefront. And because of the luxurious facilities as well as the meticulous service they provide, it had always been regarded as a hospital for the noble, catering to the wealthy, and this hospital was also one of Fu Zhe Chuan’s many businesses.

Fu Zhe Chuan’s ward was an independent suite with heavy, soft carpets lining the floor, baroque leather sofas furnishing the living room, appliances like a TV, refrigerator, and whatnot, it was comparable to the suites you would find in a five-star hotel. Seeing Zhang Han enter, Fu Zhe Chuan put down the documents in his hand,”Is everything settled?”

“Yes.”Replied Zhang Han respectfully,”And also, I bumped into Mr. Gu.”

“Oh?”Fu Zhe Chuan raised his hand to prop up his gold-rimmed glasses. A glimmer flashed past his slender phoenix eyes.

“It was just a coincidence, if I’d left just a step too early, I may have missed the chance. At that time……Mr. Gu had met with some trouble.” Zhang Han continued.

Fu Zhe Chuan’s expression cooled,”Continue.”

“It’s like this……”Zhang Han retold the matter succinctly and clearly without any added details, and finally he said:”Considering the fact that he is your saviour, Director Fu, I stood up to put in a word in his favour.”

“And you’ve made the right choice.”Only then did Fu Zhe Chuan’s expression calm,”Continue to take note of him, don’t let him find out that I’ve been investigating him.”

“I know what to do.”Zhang Han nodded.

Fu Zhe Chuan took a piece of paper out from his stack of documents and handed it over to Zhang Han, saying:”Give this crew a reply, tell them they can allocate and rent a part of the building for their use.”

Zhang Han received the paper in surprise, this was the application letter for the crew of 《Waiting Upon a Sunny Day》, and they wanted to rent one of their company’s newest business centres as their shooting venue. Director Fu never had the hobby to care about such matters, but what was so different today? And looking further down, surprise had turned into relief. Gu Yan was actually the third supporting male actor of the crew.

“I will work on this matter now.”Zhang Han quickly spoke, it seems he has still underestimated how highly Director Fu looks upon Gu Yan.


After returning home, Gu Yan’s phone was ringing incessantly. Firstly, it was a man named Liu Wei who gave him a call. He spoke very courteously and introduced himself as his new agent, as well as expressing that he will try his best to help him with his repackaging efforts, and to not worry about the public opinions of him on the internet. The company had their own special crisis response mechanism to deal with such public opinions on the net, so he can enter the shooting process for the new series with ease. He had also called the crew for a greeting, so there was no need to worry about anything.

Just as this call ended, Director Zhang’s call came. Firstly it was to praise Gu Yan heavily, saying that he knew all along that such a talented man like his old brother Gu would never be left for burial, and he told Gu Yan that their shooting venue had been fixed so they could start the shooting in advance, and for Gu Yan to show up at the crew to report in tomorrow.

After Director Zhang’s phone call was over, it was then Zhu Huan Wei’s call which came, but it had been rejected ruthlessly by Gu Yan. But then he continued to call him for another three times, but he continued to reject them, and finally……peace.


Xu Ming stood at the side and looked at Gu Yan with a very strange expression. His mouth was gaping,”You……How……”

“How what?”Gu Yan raised a brow.

“Didn’t you……Ahh you lied to me!”Xu ming glared.

“What did I lie about?”Gu Yan looked at him calmly.

Xu Ming was stunned for a moment, and he put some thought into it. Indeed, Gu Yan did not say anything, all of those guesses he made had all come from his own mind. But……But why would he say such easy to misunderstand words! Xu Ming felt so stifled that his face twisted,”When I asked you what happened, why didn’t you tell me directly? I’ve been worried about you all day!”

“I didn’t know you were worried at the start.”Gu Yan pondered about it, and he suddenly chuffed:”But now I do.”