DBHW Chapter 92

This time, Qin Yao did not push Gu Yan away.

A firm look of decisiveness flashed past his eyes, and he reached out firmly, slowly, holding Gu Yan in his embrace. The two kissed with all their force, and under Gu Yan’s acceptance, this was no longer just wishful thinking from one side, but rather, the passionate entanglement of two.

“Don’t regret this.”A hint of repression could be heard in Qin Yao’s voice, but his deep eyes were glazed over in the darkness of desperation.

“Stop joking……”Gu Yan scoffed,”What’s there to regret with this?”

The final thread of reason finally snapped in Qin Yao’s eyes. Lowering his head, he pressed his lips aggressively on Gu Yan’s, blocking him from saying anything more. Their endless emotions were overflowing, leaving them nowhere to escape.

Qin Yao took Gu Yan back to the room and threw him heavily onto the bed before climbing over him, shrouding him with his tall body.

A hint of amusement could be seen in Gu Yan’s eyes. When he was not talking, he was more alluring, and not as detestable as he was usually.

Qin Yao looked deeply into Gu Yan’s eyes.

This was the man he dreamt of for the past thousand years, the one he could never hope to obtain. But now, he was laying right under him, and his body was welcoming him. There was no reason for him to refuse him now, was there? Besides……This was the current Gu Yan.

That’s how it is.

Since he decided to tie himself to this life until his death, what else was he afraid of?

There was no way he would let go anyway.

The moment Qin Yao entered, Gu Yan suddenly recovered control of his body. That strange force had quietly faded away.

He was only startled for a moment before he tried his best to relax, allowing his body to accept Qin Yao.

Perhaps he could not bear to refuse Qin Yao after they have come to this stage, and hurting him again, so he just allowed him to do as he pleased. Gu Yan grunted in discomfort, it really did not feel too good, the pain of this inexperienced body echoed clearly within his mind.

Even after living through these two lifetimes, he still had not ever imagined he would be pressed down beneath a man in such a way.

This was not something he would do, yet he did not push him away, even if he was only passively enduring it.

Perhaps he just did not wish to hurt this man even more than he already did.

Gu Yan’s eyes gradually turned hazy.

The pain slowly subsided, and finally, it turned into pleasure that was drowning him completely.

In the midst of fog, it almost seemed as if he could hear a distant voice in his ears.

It was a deep whisper that said: Master, master……


By the time Gu Yan woke up, it was already the next day. Thanks to the great resilience of a demon, his body did not feel much discomfort, and it was also cleaned very well. But as soon as he closed his eyes, the scene of madness from last night would resurface in his mind without fail.

At first, he was only bearing with it like a dead fish; but later……Gu Yan covered his eyes, he simply could not believe that the person yesterday was him. At that time, he was not being controlled……

Terrible, how could that happen?

Gu Yan’s face changed, he could hear Qin Yao’s footsteps outside.

Even he had always known how Qin Yao felt about him, Gu Yan had still never felt that it was hard to face it in the past. After all, for him……it was just the affection of a human, there was nothing hard about it to accept. Besides, their relationship had never even been certain. The people who liked him were simply much too many.

But now……How could he tell himself to face him calmly? To think he was actually……Actually done by the child he had once raised with his own hands.

He was simply mad to not have resisted him.

The results of his moment of weakness was simply unthinkable.

Gu Yan closed his eyes, and opened them again, concealing the feelings of embarrassment and complication within his eyes, once again returning them to their usual calm, no longer to be seen.

Gu Yan supported himself up the bed and sat up to look with a straight face at Qin Yao.

Qin Yao’s eyes met Gu Yan’s, and he could not help but stop in his steps as the smile slowly faded from his face. He stood there for a while, and did nothing more than stare at Gu Yan. After a moment, he finally mustered up the courage to go over,”You’re awake.”

“Mm.”Gu Yan hummed lightly in acknowledgement. He still had not thought about how he was going to face Qin Yao.

“Do……Do you want to eat something?”Qin Yao hesitated for a moment before he slowly asked, but a flash of unease could be seen running through his eyes. There was actually no need for them to eat, but for Qin Yao, this was a classic example of not knowing what to say.

Awkward, Gu Yan sighed.

What was he thinking so much about? He could not blame what happened yesterday on Qin Yao. He had always been restraining himself, and what happened yesterday was not his initiative, otherwise, they would not have……Instead of getting caught up on such irrelevant things, it would be better for him to quickly explain to him as he was not being controlled right now. There’s no saying he might not lose control of his body again in the next moment.

Gu Yan shook his head,”I have something more important to speak to you about.”

“What is it?”Qin Yao looked seriously at Gu Yan.

“I think you should kill me.”Gu Yan spoke with utmost calmness. He was just the puppet of the demon lord, if he really wanted to completely eliminate any risk, he could not leave even a single demon in the human world, and this included him.

Qin Yao’s face turned white in an instant. He kept his eyes firm on Gu Yan and did not move, while the air around them had cooled to the freezing point in an instant.

After a long moment, he gradually spat out a few words as he reached out to grab Gu Yan, pleading to him in a soft voice,”Don’t do this……”But before he was able to reach Gu Yan, Gu Yan had already moved away. What was left of his words had also been shoved back down his throat, never to see the day.

Bit by bit, his hands clenched with so much force, that he was almost about to draw blood from his palm.

Gu Yan had moved away out of instinct earlier, but seeing Qin Yao’s movements, he thought back on what happened last night and his whole body felt uneasy. It felt to him that as long as he was touched by him, he would end up remembering the feeling of their skin touching last night, and really could not help but shudder. He was still not prepared to face him yet. But when he saw Qin Yao’s expression now, he knew that he had perhaps been misunderstood. His face could not help but go stiff, but……Was he going to explain to Qin Yao that he really did not mean to move away from him because he hated it?

Gu Yan could not say it.

He decided to pretend not to have seen it, and continued to speak.

“My existence is a threat, you have to kill me. If not, you have to shut me in forever, and you must never let me out.”Gu Yan’s face was grave,”I’m serious.”

A sorrowful smile turned up on Qin Yao’s lips.

Gu Yan frowned. It seems like Qin Yao would never believe what he says anymore, he would just think he was throwing a tantrum. He sighed, and decided to tell him the truth,”I will——”His body had been controlled. Gu Yan’s mouth was opened, but no matter what, he could not continue the rest of his sentence.

He suddenly felt anxious, was he being controlled again?

But after a while, he found that he could still move, he was not being controlled. Then……His speech had been sealed. The demon lord would never allow him to say the truth.

Gu Yan massaged his own temples. How could he never think of something as simple as this? As expected, after his mood had been fluctuating this much, even his IQ had gone offline.

“I, may not be acting much like myself recently……”Gu Yan slowly pondered on his words, and spoke to him bit by bit. He found that his words were not stopped, so he continued,”No matter what I say or do, don’t trust me, because I’m such a terrible person I can no longer be saved.”

“Please, no matter what, don’t trust me.”Gu Yan told him,”Can you promise me that?”

Qin Yao looked at him, and that rueful smile on his face slowly widened as the clarity gradually faded from his eyes, a veil of darkness was pulled over his pupils,”Master, am I being punished right now?”

Gu Yan choked. After saying so much, it was still clear that Qin Yao did not pay attention to a single thing.

“Time and time again, you give me a little hope, but you always destroy it without mercy, letting me sink down deeper and deeper. Does it make you happy to see me in pain and despair?”Qin Yao stared at Gu Yan, and laughed:”Tell me, does it make you happy to play with me like this?”

Gu Yan pursed his lips, and did not speak.

What should he tell him? That the one playing with his feelings was the demon lord, and not him?

“Was that not you yesterday?”Qin Yao suddenly came close to him, and observed Gu Yan with cold eyes,”You were still enjoying yourself beneath me last night, how could I just kill you so ruthlessly the next day? Has what I’ve done really disgusted you so much that you’d rather die?”

Gu Yan’s face finally changed.

Qin Yao grabbed Gu Yan’s hands, not allowing him any chance to escape. He put his hands above his head and pushed him heavily down onto the bed then, he put his handsome face by Gu Yan’s ear, speaking to him in a teasing voice,”Didn’t you still like me a lot yesterday? But you suddenly hate me so much you could die, aren’t you changing your mind a little too quickly?”

Gu Yan’s heart jumped, he could not refute him. He could no longer conceal the look of embarrassment within his eyes, and a strong sense of oppression washed over him. Gu Yan’s cool shell was cracking bit by bit, and an almost undetectable hint of panic could be heard in his voice,”I don’t hate you, yesterday……I just felt bad……”

“You felt bad?”Qin Yao raised a brow and scoffed,”You can still feel bad? I thought your heart was made of steel. If you felt bad……Then why don’t you feel bad now? So you don’t feel bad when you say things like telling me to kill you?”

“That’s because I’m dangerous, you don’t understand……”Gu Yan sighed, but Qin Yao suddenly bit down on his neck.

Qin Yao’s bite was so heavy that he had even drawn blood. He licked his wound and said,”Continue, I’m listening.”

“You——Let me go.”Gu Yan gritted his teeth.

He pretty much knew now. It was because of his own softness that created this situation now.

“Master, you’re speaking nonsense again.”A low chuckle rumbled in Qin Yao’s throat. As he spoke, he did not stop teasing Gu Yan’s neck with his tongue. Gu Yan could not help but shudder, and the feeling of their touch last night had surfaced clearly in his mind again. His body still deeply remembered everything Qin Yao gave him that night, it was that profound.

“You clearly know that I can’t let you go.”A flash of coldness emerged within Qin Yao’s eyes. He laughed,”And didn’t you say I shouldn’t trust you in anything you say earlier? So maybe you’re not really telling me how you feel, maybe you don’t actually want me to let go.”

Gu Yan speechless, he glared at Qin Yao. No matter what he said, Qin Yao would probably never get it in his head.

So this was probably the demon lord’s decision, wasn’t it? As expected of the source of all evil, he was an expert in playing with people. With barely any effort, he had already pushed him into this situation. But Gu Yan hated himself even more. He was the one who did not do it right, sometimes, the best way to show Qin Yao his kindness was to show him no mercy.

Because he had nothing to give, so he might as well have given him nothing at the very start.

Gu Yan sighed and gathered the emotions in his eyes. Everything he said now would just be adding fuel to the fire, Qin Yao needs to calm down.

“I want to be alone for a while.”Gu Yan spoke coldly,”We have plenty of time anyway, you can take your time whatever you want to do, but you should at least give me some space, shouldn’t you? What do you take me for?”

Qin Yao paused for a moment, but he suddenly put on a smile,”Wow, you can actually say some pretty pleasant things now.”

Gu Yan had a start, he was a little confused now how Qin Yao’s mind was wired.

You’re right, we have plenty of time, more than plenty.”Qin Yao laughed, and let go of Gu Yan,”Get some rest then.”


Gu Yan watched as Qin Yao leave, and only came back to his senses after a long while. Plenty of time……That was just some nonsense he had randomly spat out, how did it suddenly end up dealing with Qin Yao who was so close to snapping……?


It wasn’t easy for Gu Yan to send Qin Yao off, even after racking his brains for a while, he still couldn’t think of any ideas. He could not just tell him the truth about how the demon lord was controlling his body. Once he gets any of such thoughts, or tries to do anything relating to that, he would temporarily lose control of his body.

But if he did not tell him the truth, there was no way Qin Yao would believe him. But Gu Yan had more worries……Even if he knew the truth, Qin Yao still might not kill him.

This was simply a big headache for Gu Yan. At the very least, he should make Qin Yao raise his awareness up more. Otherwise, he might even end up dying some day. There was no way the demon lord would be as merciful as him, as long as an opportunity showed itself, there was no way he would let Qin Yao go. The only think Gu Yan could feel thankful for now was the fact that the demon lord could not bring out his original abilities, he could only use the basic strength of a demon. And with just that, he could not defeat Qin Yao.

As long as Qin Yao stays vigilant, then even if his body had been taken over, there was nothing much he could do.

Gu Yan had some peace to himself for the day, but Qin Yao came again at night.

He was just like a beast who had learned the taste of meat, getting started as soon as he pushed Gu Yan down, without even leaving him any space to say anything. Gu Yan had learned his lesson now, and resisted him desperately, but it was no use. Because, Qin Yao would not believe anything he said……He thought he was just putting on an act, and playing hard to get.

Once you’ve called wolf one too many times, people would not believe you anymore.

Gu Yan really felt very regretful, because he realized that he was almost close to being bedridden at this point.

Qin Yao would leave every morning, returning at night, and he would always send him off to hell before bringing him back up to heaven every single day. Even if he was a demon with a strong ability to recover, he still could not adapt to it.

At the very end, Gu Yan realized that resistance was futile, so he just stopped resisting him altogether, allowing Qin Yao to do as he pleased.

Just like that, several dozens of days passed.

He had also tried bringing up what he said before these days, but as soon as he spoke, Qin Yao would immediately turn aggressive, tormenting him with even more force.

Gu Yan felt that this was not going to be the right way for things to go on, so he just told that Qin Yao that this wasn’t going to work. If they changed how they got along, he might still have some hope.

Going up against Qin Yao in this way was not beneficial to him at all.

So, when Qin Yao came over on that night, Gu Yan shot him an unprecedented smile, and catered to Qin Yao’s actions.

Even though he was only complying with him a little, it was still enough to push Qin Yao even further to the brink of insanity. Gu Yan suffered for an entire night, and all he could feel was the soreness of his body that almost felt like it was going to fall apart. Was Qin Yao not going at his full force before this? Gu Yan’s face had simply turned white……

He waited until Qin Yao was done before he tried his best to keep his weary eyes open, holding Qin Yao’s waist, and told him with a husky voice:”I have something to say to you.”

The instant he spoke, the temperature around Qin Yao cooled in an instant. He stared coldly at him.

Gu Yan knew that Qin Yao was going to get angry again, but he did not intend to add fuel to the fire this time, telling him to kill him or whatnot. Gu Yan quickly spoke up,”The last movie I played in should be out, right? I want to take a look.”

They had everything from the TV to newspapers here, but they didn’t have any phones or computers. Only because Gu Yan had seen the news occasionally that he would know that the historical movie from before had already completed its editing stage, and was ready to be released.

Gu Yan had no other way, so he could only bring this up.

But this excuse was too hypocritical……Gu Yan looked nervously at Qin Yao, his heart was thumping with unease.

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