Happy 2 year anniversary!

Hey guys it’s been 2 years, and 2 years of being scolded has helped me learn that people don’t care how shitty a novel is, the translator better be damn good or get outta here.

So it’s finally happening, I’m gonna edit RWSB(honestly retl will probably be faster LMAO).

Now why on earth is the translation for RWSB so god damn bad to begin with? Well I’m actually an idiot and I thought from reading a lot of other translated novels that this was the preferred way to go, the “as direct as possible while sacrificing smooth reading” way. (Yes I kept in misused idioms and typos too for that very reason)

Gotta keep that Chinese feel miright (no)

I’m also switching from British spelling to American so there’s that too.

I will also update you guys on the situation with several other novels I’m working on.

7men – continuing hopefully next month if I rage on and finish NMD(stockpiling, will release daily once I’m ready)

TOIC – Currently in the talks, very uncertain situation. If deal fails, I continue here.

Thanks for putting up with my shit for 2 years ๐Ÿ‘ Watch out for edited chapters on the TOC by the asterisk (*)

5 thoughts on “Happy 2 year anniversary!

  1. HEllo!! Thank you for the update !!!

    Take care always and keep safe !
    Hopefully you will not stop translating for more years to come !!

    Yay ! It’s already 2 yrs ! Even though I think I’m still in just 1 year yet since I read your translations, I’m very glad I’m with your journey this one year !

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  2. Happy anniv.
    I still understand the first chapters of RSWB tho it’s not that smooth. Well anyways I still read and understand it and didn’t mind it before.

    Thanks for continuing to translate, tho I’ve been out of wordpress for months now, I’m still checking your works on other sites.

    Thanks and stay safe.

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  3. Wow what an amazing treat for us readers! I know there are a TON of badly written stuff out there so I usually donโ€™t mind it that much because TL is already pretty hard as it is and Iโ€™m just thankful for being able to enjoy the story. But your dedication to us readers and RWSB is making me so damn excited to read it one more time!!! Thank you so so much for your hard work so far and hope it goes smooth for you~

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