TOIC Announcement

Hi! Due to certain legal issues, TOIC will be going on hiatus until further notice, but you can still expect updates from me. 7Men’s schedule will now be once a week whenever possible, but I will be making another announcement when the next project is ready.

Thanks for reading thus far, and though I have no news for when this will be resolved, just know that I’m working on it.


20 thoughts on “TOIC Announcement

  1. Thank you for translating up to here my friend. You poured so much effort in this, I hope your hard work won’t go in vain. Nevertheless, thanks for the things you have done for us. The thing you do is a great accomplishment already. I hope everything goes well for you =) Take care 🙂

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  2. I wish I’d seen this announcement before I started reading… Oh well, I’m off to abuse myself with MTL while I wait for it to continue.
    Thanks for translating! As a frequent MTL-er, I really, REALLY appreciate good translations.

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      1. Can’t tell ya, it won’t be licensed (at least I have no knowledge of anyone doing it) but I’m trying to survive lol, work comes first. I’ll be able to do it as long as I have time which I don’t since I’m working on several things

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  3. Hi !! I finally got to your site ! I don’t understand what is TOIC though…..

    I’m glad your Ok , because the last time I learned about you is that your sick again….

    Just wondering…. did you drop the novel ” Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do! ” ?


    1. TOIC is another novel I’m working on. I do get sick a lot haha but I think I’m OK for now. I didn’t drop it, I just needed time off to actually do work to survive. New officially licensed story will be out in October so I’ll be able to work on 7men then, hopefully


      1. Thanks for the reply ! So that’s what they mean by 7men ! I keep thinking what is 7men, so it’s just a shortcut of the novel’s name, thanks for not dropping that precious novel, always take care and take your time 🙂

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