DBHW Chapter 95


Gu Yan’s soul had never felt this light before.

There was a violent attraction of his body towards the ground, and he could not help himself from diving into it——This was his original body. Even if he did not know anything before, even if nobody had ever told him, he could still feel it……Because there was no feeling at all, it was a perfect fit.

Everything appeared to have happened through a long period of time, but in reality, only a moment had passed.

Gu Yan felt dizzy, and he could only barely open his eyes. But when he did, patches of darkness started to spring up. Even if this was his own body, being placed down for so many years would still make his body feel unfamiliar. There was no way for him to control it properly right now, recovering was a process.

But no matter what, he had succeeded.

He was human again.

His heart that had long been still has not experienced such excitement as this moment. Gu Yan could not wait to turn towards Qin Yao, he wanted to share the good news with him, he wanted to tell Qin Yao that he had succeeded.

But as soon as he turned over, Gu Yan’s blood ran cold.

Not only has his body not died, it was bursting out with an even stronger force. Both its eyes were glazed through with darkness and its sharp claws had firmly grabbed hold on Qin Yao’s sword, while the other was held around Qin Yao’s throat.

What happened?

Gu Yan was stunned for a moment.

That ‘him’ could feel Gu Yan’s gaze and turned his head over. It opened its mouth and it sounded out in cold laughter,”Did you think that was it?”

Gu Yan met ‘his’ eyes, and the fear made his limbs feel weak.

In that instant, he seems to have understood something. This was a pressure he had not felt before, but it was familiar.

The demon lord……But how was this possible? It’s not possible for him to appear in the human world!

But everything that happened before him……Seemed to be laughing at Gu Yan’s foolishness.

“Go, quickly……”Blood was running down Qin Yao’s mouth. He could not even turn his head at all, he could not see Gu Yan, and all he could do was spit out these two words with much difficulty.

“No……”Gu Yan glared angrily, things should not have turned out like this, he had clearly succeeded!

That body should have died in that instant! Without anything to pin itself onto, the demon lord’s soul should not be able to do anything! This should not have happened……It had become even stronger as if it had finally been stripped of its shackles.

He had to help Qin Yao……Qin Yao can’t take him on……

Gu Yan struggled to get up, but his arms and legs would not listen to him. A body that had been asleep for a thousand years still could not fully obey to his orders. He had clearly wanted to raise his legs, but it took a few seconds before it would finally react, while his soul had been washed up just like how it was when he was a baby, there was no way for it to bring out any spells. Right now, he was as weak as an ordinary mortal, and could be killed just as easily.

But Gu Yan did not want to give up……Bit by bit, he tried to drag his body to the other side……

“Heh……how tragic……”The demon lord looked at him and spoke to him with a voice full of contempt and disdain, as if he was looking at an ant,”Did you think you could get rid of me that easily? How does it feel to fall down again after you’ve reached the top?”

“How could you……”Gu Yan glared at him.

“Did you really believe I couldn’t exist in the human world?”The demon lord smirked,”It’s true, I can’t pass through the barrier, but you can. I was just pinning myself onto your body, but it wasn’t just my consciousness, what came with you was one tenth of my soul. This amount was exactly the limit this world can take, as well as the limit of your soul. Even so, I still can’t act on my own will, otherwise, it would’ve been easy for me to start a catastrophe.”

“Even though you’re extremely weak, I have to admit you’ve forced me to use up all my cards. I would have swallowed you up and restored myself after you open the passage, but you forced me to show myself now. However……If I kill you all today, I won’t have any troubles after that, but even so, it’s nothing too important.”

Damn……Gu Yan’s eyes were desperate.

Why did this happen? Why was God playing with him like this? He would give him a thread of hope, but he would take it away again after that.

How could they possibly fight against the demon lord……

“If you let us go, we are willing to submit to you, and we’ll do your bidding.”Gu Yan closed his eyes and slowly spat out. He looked at Qin Yao’s profile and could feel his heart tighten, how could he watch Qin Yao die? The him right now was no longer the same as him from before, whether the world was fine or not did not matter to him. He just hoped that Qin Yao could stay alive, he did not care if his own people were hurt.

If the price of his life was Qin Yao’s death, then he would rather not have it.

The demon lord looked at him with interest, and there almost seemed to be a hint of surprise within his eyes. He said:”You’re actually willing to submit yourself to me?”

Gu Yan’s voice was flustered,”Haven’t I always been your subordinate? I should not have betrayed you, I was wrong.”

The demon lord paused for a moment, but he suddenly broke out in laughter.

His dark eyes flowed like ink, giving off a strange light.

“No, you’ve never really submitted to me, not in the past, and not ever.”The demon lord chuckled,”When you were being suppressed by that spell all those years ago, I promised you many things, but you would rather have endured the torment, and gave up on ever coming back to life, you weren’t willing to submit to me either. For a human to have remained firm up to this point is really quite admirable……You are different from the others, and perhaps, you could have ended up differently……So, I erased your memory by force and brought you to the demon world, I made you think you turned into a demon by your own self-destruction, and you nearly succeeded……But even then, you still remembered your past, and betrayed me. In this respect, it was my failure.”

“So tell me, how could I believe you”

“Not to mention……I had no such needs anyway.”The demon lord tightened his grip, and Qin Yao’s face turned red.

Was that what happened?

But Gu Yan did not have time to be shocked about what happened a thousand years ago. He hurriedly rushed a few steps forward and pleaded:”Let him go, please, you can punish me however you want. I know that humans are nothing to you, but the passage hasn’t opened yet, the other demons are also either dead or wounded. I’m familiar with the human world and can do many things for you, and you’re the lord of all demons after all, how could you lower yourself to such trivial matters?”

“Are you really willing to submit to me?”The demon lord seems to be pondering on that thought.

Gu Yan responded eagerly:”Of course! I’m different from the past! For the me right now, I have no such need for those attachments. As long as I can live!”

“In that case……I’ll believe you for once.”The demon lord laughed. He stared at Gu Yan with his dark eyes and smirked,”But it’s a pity, I don’t need an underling like you, you’re too useless!”

As soon as he was done talking, he shot his palm out towards Gu Yan. He was going for the kill!

Gu Yan’s eyes turned sharp. The feelings of panic and fear had disappeared from his face in an instant, he had managed to get close enough to the demon lord while he was talking to him just now! He was not surprised at how easily the demon lord had turned to strike at him, he just needed an opportunity.

Gu Yan rushed forward and pounced towards the demon lord’s legs. Even though his power was negligible, he still managed to startle the unguarded demon lord a little. In that instant, the sword in Qin Yao’s hand suddenly emitted a large beam of white light, and pierced through the demon lord’s body abruptly! Cleary, the white light was very effective against demonic energy. The demon lord howled in anger! He did not care about Gu Yan any longer, tightening his grip, he wanted to squeeze Qin Yao’s neck off!

But Qin Yao had obviously been ready for a long time. Both his eyes turned gold and with a swing of his sword, he cut off one of the demon lord’s arms directly!

“Damn you!”The demon lord howled in pain. To think he had been played by these two inferior humans!”I will kill you!”

Flesh slowly sprouted from his severed limb, and it did not even take him a moment to grow a full hand.

For him, this injury was child’s play!

Gu Yan looked at Qin Yao anxiously. Even though the two were able to land a strike on the demon lord with their tacit cooperation, he still did not think they could take on the demon lord. After getting this opportunity after so much effort, they should be running away! But Qin Yao was not budging from there!

“Qin Yao!”Gu Yan called out to him in a hoarse voice.

Qin Yao turned back to look at him, and a smile revealed itself on his bloody face. Both his eyes were bright and clear,”Go first.”

He stamped his foot on the ground, and a passage suddenly opened up beneath Gu Yan’s feet! Gu Yan did not expect there to be traps at all under the floor, so before he even had time to react, he had already fallen in! Following that, everything turned dark. The passage had closed itself!

The passage was very deep, and Gu Yan had been falling straight downward, finally landing on the ground. His entire body hurt so much it felt like his bones had dislocated themselves.

But he did not care about it at all. He looked up above him but it was all dark, he could not see anything, not even a single sound could be heard. Even so, it felt like his eyes stung. The last thing he saw was how Qin Yao had stood there with his body covered in blood, but he still smiled to him, as if to tell him he was fine.

Qin Yao told him, go first.

Go first……

Gu Yan reached up to touch his face, and he could feel something wet.

Did he cry? How could he?

How could he make a decision without even discussing with him about it……

How could he be willing to go first?

Gu Yan got up and probed around the walls in the dark, trying to find some mechanism or a way to get up. He wanted to get out of here, he wanted to help Qin Yao. Even if Qin Yao was not willing to run, he still would not go. Two people should have more odds of beating him than going at it alone……

But to no avail. The walls here were as smooth as jade, don’t even mention some sort of mechanism, he could not even find a bulge, much less something to climb on. It was simply impossible.

Gu Yan banged his fist heavily on the wall, causing the noise to echo in the silence.

“Ah——”He howled in pain, and finally sat down on the ground. He could not even find the strength to move anymore.

It was so quiet here, sitting there, Gu Yan could practically hear his own heart beating.

That sound was the only indication that told him he was alive, so that he would not think that he had already died, or that it was a dream or whatnot. He really came back to life, in his own body, as a human. He could bleed, he could get hurt, and he could also feel joy and sadness……Just like the past.

It was Qin Yao who held his hand out to him, pulling him out from that bottomless abyss, giving him hope in his life.

He hadn’t even gotten the chance to thank him……

He had yet to tell him that to himself, he was different……

Gu Yan did not know how much time had passed, but he still could not hear anything from above. A light of hope slowly ignited in his heart.

If the demon lord won, how could he let him go? He would definitely come down to kill him. Perhaps Qin Yao won. After all, that was only one tenth of the demon lord’s soul, and he was not using his own body, much less the use of the endless source of demonic energy in the demon world. Perhaps, Qin Yao had the ability to do it. Gu Yan did not know how Qin Yao lived the past thousand years of his life, but he knew Qin Yao was very strong. Even in his heyday, he still could not be an opponent to Qin Yao.

So there was still some hope, wasn’t there?

Thinking about this, Gu Yan did not feel as depressed anymore. If he were up there, then he would definitely end up dragging Qin Yao down, and made it hard for him to move. That was why Qin Yao told him to leave first. Gu Yan was not the type of person who could not distinguish between priorities, so he should wait patiently and not make things hard for Qin Yao.

He would wait here for Qin Yao to come.

As he waited, a day had passed, then two, and three……

It was dark down here and it was impossible to tell the time, but Gu Yan could feel that a long time had passed. He could feel his stomach rumbling, and he felt tired.

But Qin Yao still did not appear, there was only silence.

Bit by bit, his hope faded……Gu Yan licked the crack on his lip, and raised his head to look at the darkness above.

If Qin Yao had won, why was he waiting this long to come to him?

Why wasn’t he coming out……

Was he going to die here? Perhaps this was also fine, there was no reason for him to live like this anyway. The demon lord will definitely open the channels, and nobody in this world will be able to stop him. Finally, this world would still end up in flames.

The only person he cared was gone, what else was he going to live for?

He was someone who should have died long ago.

If he died, then he would not feel pain or sadness, he would not feel despair or sorrow. Death is the true path to freedom.

But finally, Gu Yan gradually found it hard to even open his eyes.

He leaned against the hard wall and hugged his knees with his arms. It was cold, he who never knew what fear and compromise was suddenly felt astonished and fear. But what he feared was not death, it was loneliness.

His life had its ups and downs this time as well, but it could also be considered wonderful. Life and death, death and life, perhaps he had finally come to the end.

But he was not willing to go, if there was even a shred of possibility, he would still wait to see Qin Yao come back to him, alive. He will try hard and try to live his life with Qin Yao, they would face this world together.

But after all, this was just one of his wild wishes.

He no longer cared what this world was going to turn into.

Gu Yan slowly shut his eyes. Sleep, everything will be fine when you wake up……

He moved his shoulders lightly in an attempt to move himself into a more comfortable position, his breathing smoothed out, and everything looked serene.

But suddenly, a ray of light shot down from above him.

After being in the dark for so long, this ray of light was so shocking that Gu Yan could not help but open his eyes.

The girl part in the song kinda poked me in the feels, she sings
“What about royalty and riches?(what it’s worth)”
“What rules are you afraid of?”
“Your heart has yearned for me so many hundreds and thousands of times”
“Quick, just take me away into the skies”

“Why recite about goodness and compassion”
“What are you waiting for”
“Let the future turn into dust”
“Let me accompany you in this life instead”

not exactly extremely accurate lyrics cause brO iS THIS A RIDDLE
it’s a song about the relationship between a monk and a girl from journey to the west, kinda reminds me of jx3’s shaolin monk (who’s rly cute btw i want a dakimakura of him LOL)

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  1. He really turned out to be a romantic. Nice QY got a little bit of happiness before things went sideways on him.

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