DBHW Chapter 49

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Qin Yao stopped the door with one hand and leaned close to Gu Yan’s ear, speaking in a deep voice,”I’m talking to you.”

The coldness in Gu Yan’s eyes was already condensing into icicles. He had to use great strength to stop himself from giving into his instincts of shredding this man to pieces. Enunciating each of his words, he said to him:”But I don’t want to talk to you.”

He tried to struggle, but wasn’t able to get his hand out. The anger in his eyes intensified!

“Why?”Asked Qin Yao. He paused for a moment before continuing:”If it’s because of the misunderstanding we had, then I apologize.”

“Did you forget you’ve already apologized?”Gu Yan mocked.

Qin Yao was silent for a moment,”I’m serious this time.”

Gu Yan laughed,”So what? Didn’t I say I don’t need your apology?”

His voice was cold and distant. More than disgust, he showed more that of indifference and lack of care for his feelings.

Qin Yao knew that he himself had always been more cold than one would assume was reasonable, living for such a long time has caused him to learn to disregard these mortals. Moreover……Besides that person, there was nobody else he had cared ever in his life, nor had he ever felt that there was anything wrong with this.

But he would never have expected that there would come a day where he would be shown this level of indifference from someone else.

So it turns out, the feeling of being ignored……did not feel good at all.

No matter what, he was still a man of restraint, he would not pick a fight with an insignificant mortal just because he was a little upset.

But even though he was hated to this extent, why was he still unwilling to go?

Was it because……he could see the figure of that person from Gu Yan? If that person still existed, would he also be like this?

Arrogant, stubborn, but dazzling.

Even if he were hurt or injured, he still would not bow down to reality.

He was so dazzling that you could not help but chased towards that figure with your eyes.

After hundreds of thousands of nights past, he missed him so much it was as if the vines of his mind had grown around the figure of that person, wrapping him up without leaving a single gap, tight enough to suffocate him. That person that had been buried in his heart had long become just a distant dream……A dream that had gradually evolved into greed and extravagant hopes……

If one day he were to be possessed by a demon because of these hopes, he would not be surprised.

“I just, hope that nothing will happen to you.”Qin Yao’s tone gradually eased up.

Even if it was just a little bit of similarity……

He was already strong enough, he had the ability to change the fate of another now. The person he was not able to recover in the past……He did not wish to have any regrets now. It was rare for him to care about the life or death of a person, and since this was something he could easily guarantee, he did not intend to just watch on as a passerby.

“I don’t need your concern, I thought I’ve already expressed myself very clearly.”Gu Yan spoke coldly.

After a short moment.

Qin Yao released his hand and straightened his body once more. He looked deeply at Gu Yan before chuckling softly”I don’t intend to keep worrying over you either, I just happened to see you today, you could say it was fate. And also, there’s one more thing I have to tell you. Don’t talk about what happened today to the outside, just pretend nothing happened.”

“I do not enjoy causing trouble to myself.”Gu Yan raised a brow,”I’ve mentioned this before.”

“That’s good, then.”Qin Yao continued on,”And also, I asked you to pay attention to your safety, but don’t just take it as me trying to scare you. This world is not as safe as you think it is.”

“Such as a murdering devil like yourself?”Gu Yan spoke with scorn.

Qin Yao smiled helplessly.

At the end of it, this was just a chance meeting.

He thought about it for a moment, and slowly took a pendant out from his pocket. Solemnly, he said,”You should bring this with you.”

It was a simple mahogany pendant the size of a thumb, carved into the shape of a lifelike person. It seems to be an ancient military commander with an exquisite and handsome appearance. It could be seen that this item was well-loved by its owner, the surface was shiny and radiant. It could probably be found being held in the palm of his hand quite often.

Gu Yan did not reach out to receive it. The things taken out by a human cultivator were most probably amulets. He himself was a demon, so he might end up with an injury if he was not careful, human’s things were not suited for his use.

“I do not have the habit of accepting gifts from people I am not close with.”Gu Yan responded frankly.

“Just take it, you will need it some day.”Qin Yao looked at him with serious eyes, not accepting any refusal.

Gu Yan looked him up and down, then he raised the corners of his lips,”Actually, I could just take it and throw it away when you’re gone. You wouldn’t know anyway, isn’t that so? Knowing this, do you still want to give this to me?”

The curve of Qin Yao’s lips stiffened, and a hint of anger was finally revealed on his face.

He had to take a deep breath before he could avoid making a scene of himself. What could he say? Should he say that Gu Yan was full of himself or ignorant? Should he use his identity, power, or wealth to make it so that Gu Yan couldn’t look down on him? Or should he simply try to convince Gu Yan that this was just a kindly gift from him?

He was not used to doing such boring and laughable things.

Qin Yao’s eyes gradually cooled down. Perhaps Gu Yan just so happened to have touched the compassionate side of him, but this was already the limit. He could not do something like forcing his goodwill on a person who did not need it. He had already made an exception within his heart for Gu Yan.

The desire to express his goodwill gradually dissipated from his heart. No matter how similar they were, Gu Yan was still not him. That person could never be replaced.

He should wake up.

Qin Yao slowly closed his palm and was just about to take his palm back.

Gu Yan suddenly reached out and grabbed the pendant. With a little sway, he played with the pendant between his fingers,”Regretting so easily? Quite an insincere gift.”

Qin Yao looked coldly at him.

“What? I was just joking, why are you being so serious?”Gu Yan held onto the little wooden doll with two fingers and giggled. He had a willful attitude and spoke with ridicule:”Or should I say, this person is very important to you, to the point where you can’t tolerate any sort of disrespect towards it?”

Qin Yao pursed his lips, but he did not take the item back from his hands.

“So it’s true——”Gu Yan leaned close to Qin Yao and observed his eyes, his voice raising slightly,”Since it’s so important, why are you giving it to me?”

“Or perhaps, you fell in love with me?”Gu Yan’s eyes were as dark as ink.

“No.”This time, Qin Yao had answered very simply, recovering his usual expression.

A look of disappointment overtook Gu Yan’s face, but he smiled:”That’s good, there’s plenty of people in love with me, so it’s better if you don’t. Because——I won’t fall in love with you.”

“As you wish.”Qin Yao pursed his lips, his eyes were locked onto the pendant in Gu Yan’s hands.

“Don’t worry, seeing how precious this is to you, I’ll take good care of it.”Gu Yan raised a brow and laughed,”Well, it’s getting late so I won’t be inviting you back to my house. Bye bye.”

As soon as he was done speaking, he got into his car, and with a roar of the engine, he drove off.

Qin Yao watched as Gu Yan’s car disappeared into the end of the road.

He dropped his head to look at his empty palm, and gradually tightened his fingers into a fist after a short moment.

You’ll protect him, won’t you? This person, is a lot like you……

Wait for me, soon……No matter what I have to do, I’ll bring you back……I will definitely bring you back……


As he drove, Gu Yan played around with the rope supporting the pendant. He swayed it side by side, and a look of contempt appeared in his eyes. For him to give away something so important to freely, that human cultivator really wasn’t all that.

He did not intend to keep this, but seeing how easily Qin Yao was angered, he suddenly changed his mind.

Because he suddenly realized that this must be Qin Yao’s weakness.

And once a person has a weakness, he will have no need to fear them.

Gu Yan curled up the corners of his lips, revealing a cold and ruthless smile. He rolled down his car windows and casually threw the pendant out.

To trample on the sincerity of a human cultivator would not bring him any guilt; instead, he would even feel joyful and excited. He took this pendant——All so he could throw it away.

But after ten minutes, the silver sports car drove back.

Gu Yan got off his car and lowered his head to look for the pendant he had just dropped. Since this was something important to Qin Yao, it would still be of use to him before he kills that menacing Qin Yao.

As soon as he thought about how he could wring a pained and sad expression from that millennium iceberg Qin Yao’s face, he could feel an unrestrained excitement bubbling inside of him.

There will come a day where he could trample on everything he cared about right in front of him! Then he will kill him with his own hands!

Tear him to shreds, and eat him! That would probably be the best taste he could ever find in this world.

Gu Yan had good eyesight, so with a quick sweep of the surroundings, he was soon able to find the pendant by the side of the road. The pendant lay desolated on the ground, and was covered in dust. A young boy drove over with his bicycle at the front, and even ran over it.

An indifferent smile was still curved on Gu Yan’s lips as he bent over to pick up the pendant.

Just a while ago, this thing had just been treated as a treasure, but now it was no different from trash. It looked to pitiful and dirty, just like it had fallen from heaven to hell.

Gu Yan was too lazy to even give it a wipe, shoving it lazily into his pocket. Even though her still had some use for this, it still was not worth too much of his care.

After going through a bout of trouble, it was already 11 in the evening when he returned.

Gu Yan took off his clothes and took a shower, then he took out the pendant and the USB drive given to him by Zhou Yu before her death from his pocket.

But first, he took a look at the pendant, he did not get a good look at it before. The pendant was a vivid engraving of a man, and though it was only the size of a thumb, the carving was very delicate. It could be seen that Qin Yao had put a lot of effort into carving this. The man had a handsome face and was dressed in the clothes of an ancient military commander. As for which dynasty he came from, he could not tell.

Human cultivators generally live very long lives, so Qin Yao was definitely not as young as he appeared. So, is this the person he liked and card about? So, did that mean the reason why Qin Yao cared so much about him, was also because of this person?

They didn’t look alike, so……Was it their personality?

Gu Yan revealed a cold smile, this really was a pleasant surprise. If he did not make good use of this, then it really would’ve been a waste of Qin Yao’s kindness.

Casually throwing the pendant into the drawer, Gu Yan picked up the USB drive and was silent for a moment.

He did not care that Zhou Yu died, she was just a weak little demon, that was all.

Nor would he ever be shaken due to Zhou Yu’s words.

If he really had to describe his emotions, it was probably condemnation, or even disappointment. Originally, he had high hopes on Zhou Yu; but instead, little by little, she ended up ruining her future and her life just for the sake of a little vengeance, she simply did not deserve to be a demon!

And it was because of this that he felt no pity at all that she died……

What libearation?……If living is just suffering, why would they want to exist? What was the meaning for their existence? Perhaps, only a useless weakling like her would feel relief from death.

While a powerful demon could only bring death to others.

Gu Yan’s mouth twitched in disdain as he plugged the USB drive into his computer.

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  1. Hmm…. from what zhou yu said i guess that demons used to be humans who have deep hatred and regrets in their heart so that they were reborn as demons that would also explain why they hate humans so much because they want revenge on what happened to them when they were still humans and I think that Our Mc and that cultivator must have been lovers in the past but a something or a misunderstanding happened so that mc died and became a demon…. it’s only a theory tho

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  2. I really like the president but really, Qin Yao is the only one who moved Gu Yan’s heart (even if it’s out of hate) to this extent.
    Also, about how he may be the same person Qin Yao loved in the past, I just can’t deny their connection :’)

    Thanks for the chapter! 🍀


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