DBHW Chapter 46

Qin Yao’s eyes were still on Gu Yan, and he pursed his thin lips faintly. It seemed like he wanted to say something, but he never ended up saying it. There was nobody in this world who could truly be that fearless, nor anyone who could really care about nothing, not even him.

Even he……could not give up, he could not let it go.

But at this moment, he did not stop to expose Gu Yan. It was also worth congratulating himself on to be able to feign indifference.

And so he smiled to him,”In that case, I will take my leave.”

There was nothing embarrassment nor unpleasantness, he just spoke to him casually as if they were chatting.

Since he was not welcome, then it was indeed time to go.

He had already wasted too much time here. For him, this was already very rare.

Qin Yao had just turned to leave when he heard a knock from outside.

Gu Yan’s expression did not change when he said:”Come in.”

At his invitation, the door opened. Fu Zhe Chuan stood at the doorway, and was slightly stunned when he raised his head and saw Qin Yao.

“Mr. Qin.”Fu Zhe Chuan nodded politely to Qin Yao, then he went straight to Gu Yan’s side. He looked around the place, and finally placed down his basket of fruits on the ground. He smiled:”I’m not the last one here, am I?”

“Perhaps, if nobody else comes.”Gu Yan laughed softly.

“Well, that gives me conflicting feelings. On one hand, I hope that more people will visit, then I wouldn’t be the last; but on the other hand, I wish nobody would come so that I can be the only one to accompany you.”Fu Zhe Chuan’s lips curved into a smile that reached to his eyes,”Having a chance to be alone with you is hard to come by.”

“Is it?”Gu Yan smiled plainly.

Qin Yao looked at him, then at Fu Zhe Chuan, and finally turned to leave.

He was the only odd one out in this room.

Gu Yan felt that Qin Yao might not be coming anymore, and he smiled. This was the first time he felt that Fu Zhe Chuan had come in a timely manner. Even if his words were possibly over-reaching, Gu Yan did not care anymore.

He was in a pretty good mood at this moment.

Fu Zhe Chuan looked at Gu Yan with his gentle eyes, and his voice showed concern:”Is your injury serious?”

Gu Yan returned to his senses, and his eyes came back to focus. After a moment, he responded:”It’s alright.”

He had exposed to Fu Zhe Chuan the part of him that was different from everyone else, and he was even able to recuperate within three days gunshot wounds that were so serious. But now, he was in the hospital for just a small injury. It was inevitable that he would end up suspicious, but he had no way of explaining everything to him.

If Fu Zhe Chuan started to feel suspicious of him because of this, then it would be a pity……He could only abandon him.

Fu Zhe Chuan suddenly smiled,”Why don’t we go to my hospital instead? The facilities there are quite decent and the environment is better as well, you won’t be interrupted by too many people, and it will be more convenient for you to recuperate.”

He spoke vaguely, but it was still easy to understand what he was getting it. It was easy to hide anything if he were to stay within his territory.

He could provide Gu Yan with an even better cover.

He understood everything, but still chose to trust Gu Yan without hesitation.

A fleeting look of surprise flashed past Gu Yan’s eyes.

Even though he had given Fu Zhe Chuan the slip in the past, he still did not remove the guard completely from his heart. He did not ask much from Fu Zhe Chuan, it was enough as long as he did not betray him. For him to show concern towards him so actively……Was equal to standing by his side without hesitation, but this was not something Gu Yan expected.

Fu Zhe Chuan didn’t know anything, but even so, why did he still have so much confidence in him, choosing to stand by his side without question? Doesn’t he think that his behaviour was too ridiculous?

Fu Zhe Chuan was different from Xu Ming, Gu Yan did not believe that he would have such a strange amount of kindness leftover in his life.

Gu Yan was silent for several moments, but he said:”Why are you doing this?”

“If I have to give you a reason.”Fu Zhe Chuan fixed his glasses, and narrowed his phoenix eyes,”Isn’t it enough just to say it’s because you saved me?”

I saved you? A look of mocking was contained within Gu Yan’s eyes. Was it really that important that he saved him? Wasn’t being ungrateful a tailor-made behaviour for humans? What was the saving of a life worth if humans couldn’t even count on their own family?

And this type of help was not something he had ever asked for.

He did not believe it.

Fu Zhe Chuan observed Gu Yan, and hsi eyes turned serious,”I know you’re unwilling to expose your special characteristics to other people, so I’m just offering you a place to recuperate. It’s not something terribly difficult to arrange, so why can’t I do it? Don’t worry too much about it. Or should I say……Is it really too hard for you to accept help from someone else?”

Heh, an arrogant and self-serving human being.

Gu Yan lowered his eyes and removed that look of mocking from his eyes,”Alright, you can arrange for it.”

I just hope you won’t regret it in the future.

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”Fu Zhe Chuan smiled and gave him a meaningful look.


On that afternoon, Gu Yan was transferred to Fu Zhe Chuan’s hospital.

Fu Zhe Chuan’s hospital was much more luxurious than the usual public hospitals. Gu Yan got to enjoy a large ward all for himself, and the level of comfort of his environments was comparable to a room in a five-star hotel. And thanks to Fu Zhe Chuan’s arrangements, there would be no doctors coming to see him on a normal day save for a nurse that would take care of his daily needs. All the other guests that wished to visit Gu Yan would have to notify the hospital in advance.

For Gu Yan, his ‘recuperation’ days had become easier and more leisurely.

After a month, Gu Yan had finally ‘recovered’ and discharged from the hospital.

Xu Ming picked up Gu Yan and took him home, notifying him of the coming arrangements while they were on the way. Firstly, he was required to go to Beijing to participate in a national entertainment show with Director Zou and the crew. The requirements of this program had always been quite high, and the only people they would target were A-list directors and big name producers both local and abroad. To be able to attend a program like this would have a great improvement in Gu Yan’s popularity, and also helped to reverse the unfavourable image he had in the past. It was not something he should miss.

After the program was completed, Gu Yan was needed in an advertisement gig for a foreign sports car brand. This top-ranking sports car brand from overseas was just about to enter the domestic market, and it was for this reason that they were preparing all sorts of advertisements for publicity. Not only did the company have to exert a lot of effort for him to be able to endorse this car brand, he still had to have a good enough force in the circle. This was also in line with the company’s strategy in creating an image for Gu Yan. They were abandoning everything else and focusing on the high-end route.

Gu Yan listened to everything he told him without making any comments, he had no objections for these arrangements.

After he was done talking about business, Xu Ming immediately switched to gossip mode, sharing with Gu Yan all sorts of recent news with enthusiasm.

The promotion for the movie had already reached its final stage, and both the trailers and stills released in advance had given Gu Yan a lot of fan attraction points. Even though many people had doubts about whether a newcomer like Gu Yan could pull off playing such a role or not, there were still many people who were looking forward to it. Even though not much could be seen from the short trailer, Gu Yan’s performance was still amazing and highly anticipated by people. As for the resulting ratings, that would have to wait until the movie was released. Naturally, Xu Ming was fully confident in Gu Yan, and was waiting for those haters to get their faces slapped.

After he was done talking about things related to Gu Yan, Xu Ming started to gossip about other matters within the circle.

Recently, one of the most popular pieces of gossip around the entertainment circle was that about the national goddess, Zhou Yu, being the mistress of someone. It was said that Zhou Yu had been exposed as being raised in wealth for many years, getting between the marriage of the other party. This ended up forcing the rich man into a situation where he wanted to divorce his wife. In the end, this rich man was even pointed out by name; it was the CEO of Yuanlin Group, Zhong Jian Ye.

Gu Yan finally raised his eyes and his brows were lightly pressed into a frown. Gu Yan would not be surprised if this rumour stemmed from the original Zhou Yu, but the Zhou Yu right now was a demon. It was reasonable to say that she would not put herself into such an unfavourable situation, as this could end up dangerous for her.

“Tell me more about the details.”Gu Yan said.

Xu Ming was stunned. Gu Yan had never paid attention to these types of scandals, he would always show a look of indifference no matter what topic he talked to him about. Why did he suddenly take note of Zhou Yu’s rumour? Could it be, Gu Yan liked Zhou Yu as well? In a moment, many possible scenarios flowed past Xu Ming’s mind, and the flames of his curiosity burned even stronger.

“I heard that this originally came from a post in the forum, of an anonymous user writing about Zhou Yu’s scandals. It was written with great detail and was even accompanied by specific events and pictures, saying that Zhou Yu had always been Zhong Jian Ye’s mistress. You could tell with one look that someone was paid to write that post, so many of her fans went to post hate comments to fight for Zhou Yu for the unfairness. And after a while, everything got heated up.”Xu Ming yammered on,”Everyone just took it as a rumour at first, and thought it would settle after a while……But who knew that Zhong Jian Ye’s wife would jump out and admit to all of this herself! And she ended up pinning the label of mistress firmly on Zhou Yu’s head! Instantly, a countless number of her fans turned against her. There were those who spoke up for her, but now there were the same amount of people who would insult her instead. Tsk tsk……Her situation there is way scarier than what you went through back then.”

“Everyone guessed that the reason his wife took such a huge risk to reveal the situation was because she couldn’t take it anymore. As the crowd got stirred up, Zhou Yu nearly got poop thrown at her by people on the streets, life for her now is really no different from a street rat.”

Gu Yan frowned. Following how Zhou Yu had been spinning Zhong Jian Ye in circles, there was no way she did not consider this risk. Things might not be this simple. As expected……

“But……This isn’t the end of it.”Xu Ming paused for a moment before continuing enthusiastically:”If you think it’s just a simple battle between the wife and a mistress, then you’re wrong! Zhong Jian Ye never showed his face through it all, and didn’t even show any hint of presence, the one who couldn’t take this anymore and spoke up for Zhou Yu was actually someone else! Guess who? It’s the old director of Chenghua Energy, Liu Ling Hui. He stood out and said that he had always been in a relationship with Zhou Yu, and that everything before this was just a rumour!”

“Liu Ling Hui?”Gu Yan repeated this unfamiliar name.

“You don’t know who Liu Ling Hui is, but you definitely know who his ex-wife is. It’s Song Yuan.”Xu Ming enunciated her name dramatically,”Since the Lius and the Songs got married, they’ve been doing their own thing, the two of them had a very close-knit husband and wife relationship. But I don’t even know what Zhou Yu did to get hooked up with Liu Ling Hui, he actually ended up ignoring all the family interests and the other parties involved, and he divorced Song Yuan! And now he wants to get married to Zhou Yu! As soon as Liu Ling Hui divorced his wife, he immediately started to support Zhou Yu.”

“If he was just playing around, nobody would care, but for Liu Ling Hui to do this has caused both the families to become very angry. How could they forgive Zhou Yu? And so, here comes the tea. Zhou Yu isn’t easy to deal with since Liu Ling Hui had a close eye on her, pointing the spear to his own ex-wife, Song Yuan. Turns out the post at the start wasn’t done by Zhong Jian Ye’s wife, it was Song Yuan! This entire fiasco was done by Song Yuan fanning the flames at the back.”

Now there are all of different opinions on the internet. There are those who support Zhong Jian Ye’s original wife and Song Yuan, and also those who stood by Liu Ling Hui’s side, and helped to support Zhou Yu. In short, Zhou Yu had suddenly put each foot in a different rich man’s house each and became a mistress. You know, this really is the peak of being a mistress when she’s come this far, she can die with no regrets.”

“And then?”Gu Yan’s eyes were cold, what on earth was she thinking?!

Xu Ming spread his hands,”I’m not sure what happens after that. Oh, that’s right, I’ve already followed Zhong Jian Ye, Zhou Yu, Liu Ling Hui, and Song Yuan’s Weibo accounts! So I’ll know first thing when there’s an update!……”


After Gu Yan sent Xu Ming away, he immediately called Zhou Yu, but the phone always ended up as a missed call.

This lowly demon, causing such a huge ruckus and she’s still trying to get out of his control? What a joke! A trace of anger flashed past Gu Yan’s eyes. He closed his eyes and silently sensed. On that day, he had given Zhou Yu a drop of his demonic blood. It improved her cultivation, but at the same time, he would also receive information of whether she was alive or dead, as well as her location!

After a short moment, Gu Yan opened his eyes. He had already found Zhou Yu’s location and drove himself over.

She should be located in a mall at the city centre.

When Gu Yan got down from his car, he immediately sensed that something was not right. It was eight o’clock in the evening right now, and people were coming and going from the mall. But there were several men standing at each doorway. Even though they didn’t seem any different from a normal customer, they were all big and tall, and their movements came with a hint of sternness. They might all be undercover cops.

Gu Yan’s eyes focused, did Zhou Yu expose her own identity?

If it weren’t for the humans covering up any news of the existence of demonic beings at this moment, they might not be hoping to corner her secretly, instead, they would be dispersing the crowd right now on a grand scale.

He paused for a moment, and went past the men, entering the mall with a steady expression.

He went straight up with the elevator to the seventh floor.

And the location of his blood……was right here.


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