DBHW Chapter 43

The two sat face to face within a private room at the restaurant.

Seeing that nobody was around, Bai Ya immediately reverted to herself. Her brow wrinkled and she cursed,”You little bastard! Running off to another city without even saying anything, did you even plan to call home after so long? Are you trying to play at being a missing person?! To think that you would even dare to ignore my calls! Do you really think you’ve grown a pair of wings?!”

Gu Yan leaned back slightly and narrowed his eyes.

“What on earth did you think you were doing, not telling anyone? You should have some limits even if you’re throwing a temper tantrum. You better go home and apologize to your dad.”Bai Ya scoffed,”How much money could you earn from acting? I can’t even remember how many times I’ve told you, you should’ve stayed at home obediently, and curried favour with your dad, what are you making a mess for? You would not have to be in this damn condition if you were just a tiny bit like those two brothers of yours, you’re making me lose face as well!”

“You barely even pass off as a mistress, and you think I’m the one to blame for your losing face?”Gu Yan sneered.

Bai Ya slammed her hand on the table abruptly and stood up. She could feel the fire rising up her head when she saw Gu Yan’s eyes, she extended her hand and reached out for a slap!

How could Gu Yan let this woman hit him? With a scoff, he turned slightly and avoided it.

“You’re really too much!”Bai Ya had always appeared very soft and gentle in front of the Gu family, but she had a distorted character behind their backs. Ever since he was young, she had been hitting Gu Yan very often. After growing into this habit for so many years, she did not expect for Gu Yan to actually resist her. Not to mention how he was acting when they came in, she was so angry her lungs were about to blow up! She really wanted to give him a good scolding!

With a ‘crash!’, the glass in Gu Yan’s hand had been squeezed into a fine dust! The transparent glass shards fell on the table, making a bunch of noise……His eyes were so cold that you could barely find any hint of warmth in them, and his thin lips parted faintly:”Enough.”


Bai Ya looked at Gu Yan stiffly. Her mouth was still half open, but looking at Gu Yan’s eyes, she could feel suddenly a chill running up her spine.

His eyes were so unfamiliar, and so terrifying.

And finally, there was peace.

Gu Yan raised his lips. Dealing with a crazy woman like this, he had to show her the consequences she would face if she provoked him. Otherwise, he would see no end of her. If not for the fact that he was considerate of the kinship between the woman and the original owner, he would not end that crushing that glass earlier, he would crush that woman’s throat instead……That way, she would never be able to wag her tongue in front of him ever again.

But despite that, he still did not intend on tolerating an ant that would challenge his patience incessantly.

“You’ve come at a good time, there’s something I want to make clear with you.”Gu Yan’s voice was cold, and his eyes were sharp like daggers,”Don’t come looking for me in the future, and don’t even think about playing any tricks. Otherwise, I won’t be reserved.”

Bai Ya looked at the glass shards on the table, then to Gu Yan’s expressionless face, and her face instantly paled. It felt that she had only just realized that this was not the same Gu Yan as the one she could easily pressure……He had turned into a dangerous and unfamiliar existence.

After a moment of silence, she put out an ugly smile, speaking with a voice that had suddenly gone soft,”You’ve misunderstood me……Mommy was a bit impulsive earlier, but that’s because I care about you. You’ve been gone for so long, everyone’s worried……”

“Worried?”Gu Yan’s lips were curled into a mocking arc.

Bai Ya nodded hard in an attempt to convince Gu Yan,”You wouldn’t know, but your mother was so worried about you this whole time……Even though your dad has a harsh tongue, he still couldn’t help himself from asking about you quite a few times. Your brothers are very worried about you too, and as soon as I saw the news, I came to look for you.”

“Only now you see news of me?”Gu Yan revealed a meaningful smile,”I was quite popular a while ago too.”

An unnatural expression flashed through Bai Ya’s eyes and she laughed dryly,”Your mommy’s getting old these days, so I don’t really look at the entertainment news, so I really didn’t hear about you earlier. But you’re very famous now, I see your pictures everywhere and people are even asking me about you.”

Seeing this, how could Gu Yan still not understand what she was getting at? The original host was swimming in scandals, so there was no way Bai Ya and the Gu family would not receive any news of him if they were really interested to know. When the original host got hurt, not a single one of his family members appeared, he didn’t even receive a single phone call. If one didn’t know, they would’ve thought that the original host had no family……Heh, Bai Ya had been indifferent towards him before, but now that she came, it was definitely not out of care.

“Even your dad found out about you. He’s actually been worried about you this whole time, but you just trying hard enough in the past. He’s also coming on in years, he’s always hoping that he would be able to see the whole family in harmony, and that you could also live a good life. It’s your dad’s 70th birthday next month, he’s hoping you could come.”Bai Ya finally revealed her intentions.

Gu Yan raised a brow. Following what he knew based on the original host’s memories, he could just about tell what was going on.

Within the original host’s memories, even though Daddy Fu had always been very strict with him, he was always very reserved even though he was actually very concerned about this youngest son of his. But unfortunately, this youngest son of his was just an illegitimate child that never got the chance to grow up by his side. It wasn’t until Daddy Fu’s former wife had died did he finally bring this child back, only to find that the original host had already been raised into a piece of useless waste by Bai Ya. He was so angry he could have a heart attack, and gradually, his favour of him had also lessened.

A year ago, the original host had received a great scolding from Daddy Fu after he got into a car accident. He had actually been very unhappy within that family. Both his brothers were many years older, and were both smart and capable people. He was an illegitimate child and always stirring up trouble all day long, he already felt very stressed, and finally left the house after an outburst.

After running away, he came to Haiyun City. And since he had a good appearance, he just so happened to be discovered by scouts and signed to an entertainment company, becoming an artist under Zhu Huan Wei’s name. Finally, he ended up as an unpopular small-time celebrity, eventually being possessed by him after an accident.

With this, he could tell that everything had been properly arranged from when the original host stepped into Haiyun City.

From how that guy has been trying to ruin his reputation and even trying for his life, there was about an eighty percent of possibility that this came from internal pressure within the Gu family. Though, such actions were simply redundant with how the original host’s moral virtues were, he was already the self-destructive type to begin with. But after all, he did not know who that person was, and what their goal was……But Zhu Huan Wei was definitely clear. It was just unfortunate that he had escaped. Otherwise, he wouldn’t mind conveniently pulling him out of the picture, but now……

Regardless, Gu Yan cared little about such matters. As long as they don’t bring the trouble to him, then he was not interested in avenging the original host in some face slapping plot.

He also had no interests with blending in with his family. Even though the Gu family was rich and powerful, they were still a little off from Fu Zhe Chuan’s level, and it was not convenient to use them either. The original host had practically no position within that household at all.

For something as troublesome and worthless as this, there was no need for him to spare any effort on it.

Gu yan narrowed his eyes and looked steadily at Bai Ya,”I’ve made myself clear earlier——Don’t look for me, and don’t provoke me.”

“Ah, this child, still throwing a tantrum.”Bai Ya was vexed:”Mommy will apologize to you, okay? What you want to do is your own choice, mommy won’t mess with your affairs. But you’ve been out for so long, taking one trip home every so often is not too much to ask, is it? Your dad is already so old, he might even be leaving us soon……”Speaking up to here, she even pretended to wipe her eyes,”Just listen to your mother once, alright? Hm? Go back and apologize, try to coax your dad. He’s always liked you very much, how could he bear to throw you aside? There has always been your part in the Gu family……”

What a boring and ridiculous joke. These ants will be like this forever. For the sake of some money, power, and some benefits, they would even sell out their own family. They were so selfish that compared to demons, you could say that the demons were better. At least the demons wouldn’t be such hypocrites in terms of selfishness.

Now, for the sake of money, she was even willing to treat her own son this way, would she send her son to death in the future for the sake of wealth as well?

Regardless, in her eyes her son was just a tool……

Gu Yan stood up with a cold smile, he had no interests in staying here any longer with this woman, he was afraid he might end up wringing her neck.

With a bang, he slammed the door open and left.

It was already late at night. For the sake of not attracting any attention, he had specially brought Bai Ya out to a rather remote restaurant, so there was practically nobody out on the streets.

He had clearly already come out, but that woman’s hypocritical and fake screams were still ringing in his ears.

Gradually, these sounds seem to be overlapping with other sounds, to the point where he couldn’t separate them anymore.

‘Why don’t you just die, why don’t you just die! You should have died alone, why did you have to drag us with you!’

‘I don’t have a son like you, you demon! You did this to us!’

‘I knew you were unlucky a long time ago, you curse! I should have never given birth to you, I should have strangled you to death, I should have strangled you!’

‘Then you would’ve been the only one dead, ha ha ha ha ha……”

‘Wealth, honour, prestige, admiration; but at the end of it you were simply nothing……’

Gu Yan quickly covered his ears. His eyes had turned icy, and slowly, it gradually turned red! Get out, get out! These shouldn’t be mine, get out of my head! A human’s weakness, sensitivity, feelings, none of these belong to me!

I! Am! A! Demon!

Suddenly, someone pulled his arm……and brought him back to reality.

Bai Ya ran over and hurriedly spoke through her wheezing,”What did you run out so quickly for? Could’ve waited for me……”

The red glow dissipated instantly from Gu Yan’s eyes. He shook his arm abruptly and threw Bai Ya to the ground, looking at her with cold eyes. Bai Ya felt blank as she looked dazedly at Gu Yan.

Gu Yan turned to leave, but before he even took another step, he suddenly stopped.

A man had appeared from the corner, dressed in a long trench coat and a hat. He couldn’t see his face, but he was walking very quickly. His footsteps were staggering, he seemed to have been injured. When he was less than ten steps away from Gu Yan, he suddenly raised his head to reveal a stiff and ferocious face……And his scarlet eyes.

It’s a demon!

When he saw Gu Yan, his eyes suddenly glowed with bloodthirst and he revealed the sharp teeth in his mouth. He extended his sharp claws and pounced towards Gu Yan!

In a moment, many thoughts ran past Gu Yan’s mind.

This demon was hurt, it had already fallen into a semi-unconscious state of madness, and it needed to feed. Bai Ya was right behind him, as long as he evaded him, then the demon would not hesitate to kill Bai Ya! This way, he could easily solve the issue of this Bai Ya woman, and he wouldn’t get any trouble from it at all!

A flash went past his eyes and he moved his legs, ready to jump to the side! But when he swept his gaze to the side, he saw a familiar man standing firmly on top of the wall! This demon was being hunted——And he instantly understood!

Gu Yan suddenly turned to grab Bai Ya who was still stunned on the ground, and quickly rolled over, evading the demon’s attack!

The skin of his shoulder broke open from a cut, exposing his flesh and blood!

But after failing its attack, the demon became even more uncontrollable, pouncing once more towards Gu Yan and Bai Ya! His sharp claws reflecting a sharp cold glint within the dark night!


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  1. Sorry, I was busy in jail after I invaded a lighthouse and tried to turn it on for FZC, since candles seems not to be working enough.

    Ah.. I personally hate these parts of novels that involves mothers, that feeling that even if she is/was a trash and you have all motives to ignore/go away from her, because of the others you have to pretend to be ok. Just curse her to hell and tell her to f*ck off, goddamn. Really hate it.

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    1. I am probably the only one, at the shore shipping Qin yao and Gu Yao. My ships are always unpopular and never sail but alas, I still remain on the docks filled with hope. One day you shall set sail.


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