DBHW Chapter 44

His sharp claws reflecting a sharp cold glint within the dark night!

Seeing this scene, Bai Ya had already long been scared stiff, and was unable to move……Was she going to die? She was going to die! She closer her eyes tightly! Waiting for death to come knocking……

But the pain did not come even after some time.

After a while……Bai Ya slowly opened her eyes to see Gu Yan holding her tight. His face was ashen, and his black eyes were icy to the point where you could find no warmth.

Did Gu Yan save her? What happened to that monster? Bai Ya’s eyes moved to Gu Yan’s shoulder. The monster had fallen to the ground, unmoving, and she did not know when he had appeared, but another man was standing beside it. The man was very good-looking, but his differently coloured eyes made it hard for people to look straight at them.

Suddenly, the tightness left her body. Gu Yan released her.

Bai Ya tried to calm down a little, and just as she was about to speak, she suddenly found blood on her hands……Instantly, her face turned as white as a sheet, but……She was clearly unhurt, whose blood was this? Earlier, earlier she was just instinctively holding Gu Yan, could it be……

She raised her head only to see five deep gashes on Gu Yan’s shoulder. The flesh had parted and blood was gushing out of it.

“Yan Yan, you’re hurt!”Bai Ya’s face was filled with fright. She had just been arguing with Gu Yan earlier, and she regretted it so much right now……Even though they argued, Gu Yan still saved her without any care for his own safety. She didn’t dare to think about what would happen if Gu Yan had died then and there. This was the first time she felt this frightened……And this was the first time she felt that she would really lose him.

“Hospital……Right, that’s right, the hospital, let’s go to the hospital!”Bai Ya could care about nothing more, rushing over to clutch at Gu Yan’s arm. And her own hands were shaking……

Gu Yan turned back to shoot her a cold look before shaking off her arm. His thin lips were raised into a slight arc, and he spat out a single word:”Scram.”

Bai Ya was stunned.

She suppressed the sour emotions in her heart and said:”Are you still angry with your mother? It’s mommy’s fault, I’m sorry, don’t be angry, okay? Getting your injuries treated now is more important.’

“Do you really care whether I live or die?”Gu Yan laughed, his eyes still cold,”So why didn’t you come at that time?”

Hearing this, Bai Ya had nothing to refute him with.

“When you gave birth to me, that was just so you could use me as a tool to enter the Gu family. And your care for me now is also because you’re concerned you might lose a tool to get things out of the Gu family. For you, I’ve always been a tool, and when have you ever cared about the life or death of this tool?”Gu Yan spoke bluntly,”I didn’t want to just spit it out straight, but I’m really getting very tired of how much of a hypocrite you’re being. I didn’t save your life today so you could be grateful to me, I just want you to leave me alone.”

Such a clear-cut matter was something only that fool of an original host would not understand, he still held his wishes. But he wouldn’t.

“You……How could you……say that.”Bai Ya’s lips were quivering, but it was unknown whether it was out of anger or sadness.

“Did I embarrass you? Sorry.”Gu Yan shrugged,”The truth is always harsh. Don’t worry, I’m not going to die, you can go now.”

After saying that, he turned to leave without even looking at Bai Ya, nor did he look at the demon or the ground, or Qin Yao who had been standing there the whole time.

Bai Ya watched as Gu Yan took a few steps, but seeing that bloodied figure, she found that she couldn’t move.

What Gu Yan said was true, she had always been as selfish as he said, only caring about whether she was living well or not. She heard that Gu Yan had fallen into the river when it happened, but hearing that his life was not in harm, she did not even care to take the trouble to visit. As for what she was doing……She recalled she was probably just playing mahjong and shopping all day.

She had never cared for this child with any sincerity, nor had she ever cared about his feelings.

But right now, when she thought about how Gu Yan had not hesitated to protect her with his own body, and the eyes he had that cared about nothing and held no fear, that injury on his body……This was the first time in her heart that she had felt regret. She had never fulfilled her responsibility as a mother, nor had she ever thought about whether Gu Yan cared or not……But how could he not? He must have been so hurt, and so upset, that was why he disguise himself with his indifference.

That child……That was her child……

How could she let him leave just like that? That was so cruel.

Bai Ya once again got up, and wanted to catch up to Gu Yan, but she was stopped. The man who had appeared early smiled to her and said:”Gu Yan doesn’t want to see you right now.”

“Move aside!”Bai Ya felt slightly annoyed in her heart, she didn’t even know what happened earlier, things were already this way when she opened her eyes. But right now, she could not care about anything else, all she thought about was Gu Yan. She should’ve been by her side at the times when he was weak……She should be the one making up for his shortcomings.

A faint smile played by Qin Yao’s lips, but his eyes were cold,”I’ll take good care of him, don’t worry. I’m a friend of his.”

“I’m his mother!”Bai Ya glared at him, and continued trying to catch up to her son.

Qin Yao suddenly raised his head and landed a hit at the back of her neck, instantly turning Bai Ya unconscious. Qin Yao allowed Bai Ya to fall down to the cold ground as a look of indifferent disgust flashed past his eyes. He did not even have any intentions of supporting her, how could such a person be qualified to call themselves a mother?

He retracted his gaze and went towards the demon.

On the center of the demon’s chest was a huge hole, clearly, it could not be any more dead than it already was.

Qin Yao waved his hand and instantly, a white flame fell on the monster, turning it into ashes instantly.


Gu Yan converged the demonic energy within his body, not allowing any flaws to be revealed, letting the blood pour out endlessly from his wound……
He did not walk too quickly due to the weakness in his legs. Even if he had strong willpower, and did not care about this degree of pain, his body was still weak in the end. A human’s body……Was just so inconvenient.

Drip, drop, blood dripped along the floor with every step, and he seemed to be getting a little dizzy.

To the point where he didn’t notice that the manhole cover in front of him had been taken off. Seeing that he was about to fall in, a hand suddenly came from behind to grab him, pulling him away from the hole. And because of the strength his used, Gu Yan’s body had practically stuck to his chest.

Gu Yan turned around to see, it was Qin Yao. There was no hint of surprise on his face, nor any anger, his voice was calm,”It’s you.”

Qin Yao looked deeply at Gu Yan before pursing his lips,”I’ll send you to the hospital.”

“Sure, thank you.”Gu Yan chuckled softly. His face was ashen, and his eyes were dark.

Qin Yao was silent for a moment, but he suddenly said:”Your mother……Wanted to chase after you, but I stopped her.”

Gu Yan paused for a moment, but he showed him a smile after a short moment, and with a low voice mixed with a faint sense of complex emotions, he said,”Thanks.”

He turned his eyes to him, and felt that Qin Yao wasn’t as annoying anymore. laughing,”Didn’t think you could be so thoughtful as well.”

Qin Yao’s face was stiff and expressionless.

He wasn’t a busybody, but he really……didn’t want that despicable woman to follow him earlier. He didn’t think that Gu Yan would continue saying such sad words with his indifferent expression and tone.

He suddenly recalled that person. If it was him, would he be this sad as well? But he was so strong and determined, he definitely wouldn’t show it……Or perhaps, it would be just like right now.

Qin Yao tightened his grip, and his eyes softened slightly.

“Oh, that’s right, I nearly forgot to thank you one more time. Thank you for saving us.”Gu Yan smiled faintly,”I’ll have to thank you three times today, let’s just write off any previous grievances we had.”

The corners of Qin Yao’s lips cured up,”Then I’d have to thank you as well.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve always been very clear about any favours and grievances.”Gu Yan smiled with his brows raised, looking at Qin Yao with his clear and cool eyes.

Qin Yao couldn’t help himself from feeling stunned. He turned his head and took off his jacket, putting it around Gu Yan’s body,”The car’s here.”

Sure enough, there was light at the front, and finally a taxi came. Qin Yao helped Gu Yan into the car and told the driver:”To the hospital.”

Then, the two sat together at the back, and the atmosphere was quite chilly.

Gu Yan wasn’t interested in speaking with Qin Yao since he was tired, and Qin Yao wasn’t one to enjoy idle chatter either.

It was rare that they didn’t end up in a traffic jam tonight, so they were able to reach the hospital very quickly. Qin Yao opened the car door to let himself out first, but found that Gu Yan did not follow when he turned back. He frowned and returned to look, and found that Gu Yan seems to have fallen asleep some time ago, or perhaps he had fainted……He leaned quietly on the chair and his body was faintly shivering. Due to how pale his handsome face was, he also appeared to look quite weak, that even his eyes that were usually cold now came with a hint of softness that was hard to come by.

At this moment, there was no sharpness or aggression, he was just a normal person that had received an injury.

Qin Yao pursed his lips and seemed to hesitate for a moment, but finally he extended a hand to carry Gu Yan off the car, quickly bringing him into the hospital.

And very soon, Gu Yan was brought into the operating room.

Though this injury was not fatal to him as a human, it was still quite a heavy injury. The wound was very deep and he had lost a considerable amount of blood.

Qin Yao leaned back on the wall next to the door to the operating room, and was somewhat silent.

He felt that he was a little out of usual tonight.

He had done that on purpose. He was fully capable of killing the demon before it was able to injure Gu Yan, then none of this would’ve happened. But he chose to ignore his duty. After he saw Gu Yan, he deliberately chose to let that demon attack them just so he could see Gu Yan’s reaction. From the very start, he could never bring himself to fully trust Gu Yan, he did not believe there could be so many coincidences in this world.

So when he watched with eyes wide open as the claws of the demon pierced into Gu Yan’s body……He could’ve even continued to be indifferent, simply watching on as the demon killed Gu Yan……If Gu Yan really was a demon, then he would definitely reveal himself. But if Gu Yan was innocent, then it would’ve just……Been the death of a normal human. This was the most logical choice, and it was also his preliminary decision.

Demons should all die, but the life of a normal human was not worth any more to him either.

There was nothing that can’t be sacrificed, this was the world that person wanted to protect even with his death, so he also wanted to protect it.

And to protect it, there would inevitably be sacrifices.

There were too many unfortunate and innocent people in this world, but he could not ware, nor did he want to.

However……When he saw the demon brandishing its claws, looking at its bloodthirsty eyes, the sharp teeth aiming towards Gu Yan……He suddenly hesitated at that moment. If Gu Yan was a normal human……What if he really died, just like that?……And before even thinking about what would happen, he made a move, killing that dirty and ugly monster without any hesitation!

His heart was finally in peace now, he breathed a sigh of relief.

When he saw Gu Yan protecting that woman, even if he was going to be heavily injured, even if he had been disappointed, he still chose to use his body to protect her. He suddenly felt angry, that it wasn’t worth, it wasn’t worth it for a woman like that! But he also felt regretful. Why did he decide to shirk his responsibilities to that the demon could attack them?

How could a person like that be a ruthless demon who only cared to kill? Perhaps he really was wrong.

He had been living for a long time, and had long seen all that happened within this world, there are very few things that can move him now. Perhaps, this feeling had not even shown itself for a long time now.

But what he did not want to admit was that the one that moved him, was actually such a vulgar mortal. Qin Yao’s mouth twitched. Perhaps, he had been missing him for too long, so he did not wish to see a similar tragedy happen in front of his eyes ever again.

This was the only thing he could do, wasn’t it?


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