DBHW Chapter 42

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Gu Yan was silent for a moment, and he tried to search for memories of the original host’s mother from his memories. And he had to admit, this hysterical voice really was the voice of the original host’s mother.

This woman named Bai Ya was a mistress that couldn’t be taken out under the daylight, and has been with the original host’s father for more than twenty years. Even after the death of the original host, they still did not get married officially. But fortunately, she had a son, so the Gu family couldn’t just ignore her completely. After a long time, she had also given up on that notion, spending her entire day counting on her son to take advantage of that guy. But it was quite unfortunate that this son was also pretty worthless, while she herself was also one to spend money like water, so her life could not be considered particularly satisfactory.

She had not been a person with very many good qualities to begin with, she had been latching onto wealthy people while relying on her youth and beauty, but was too stupid in the end to be able to get anything out of it. As she grew in age, she still did not have any savings, nor did she know how to discipline her children. When he was young, she would always beat and sweat at him, so they could not be considered to have a very good mother and son relationship. There was only one reason she would come looking for the original host——Because she was out of money. The only time when she would actually recall having a son was when she couldn’t get any money out of the original host’s father.

“Hey! You brat, why aren’t you talking anymore? What were you thinking, playing on going missing out of nowhere! Let me tell you……”

Gu Yan hung up the phone and sent this number directly into the blacklist.

After a moment, another unfamiliar number came calling. Gu Yan simply shut down his phone. Not many contacted him anyway, he might as well change his number entirely. But he had to remember to warn others not to give his phone number out randomly.

Without any more calls to harass him, his ears finally found peace. Gu Yan continued his filming.

This was their last session today, the villain he played would finally be unveiled by the cop who was played by Jiang Cheng, and finally he would jump from the top of the building, choosing to end his life by suicide.

The jumping section was shot with a green screen. After Gu Yan was done with his makeup, he went over. Both Jiang Cheng and the female lead Xu Qian was already there.

After Director Zou pointed them to their positions, he briefed them on the final precautions before calling everyone to their places.

Xu Qian’s clothes were dirty and her face was streaked with years, revealing a soft beauty. As expected of the famous young actress. Even if she was in such a flustered condition, she still had the ability to reveal her own beauty.

Gu Yan had on some makeup that made him appear rather pale, and his hair was a little messy. He narrowed his long, slender phoenix eyes, holding Xu Qian’s neck with one hand, and a scalpel on the other. They stood coldly at the edge of the rooftop, just like two ghostly figures in the night.

He had a beauty that was different from that of Xu Qian’s that felt bone-numbingly cold, but also sharp as a knife at the same time, as if he could harm both himself and anyone around him at any moment.

Jiang Cheng pointed his gun at him, his veins popping up from the tension. But his eyes were still focused on him. He said:”Let go of her!”

Xu Qian gave out a low cry, and her beautiful eyes widened from her fear,”Dad……”

Gu Yan gave a soft chuff, his deep red lips turning up into a sardonic smile,”I like her very much~ So……I refuse.”He turned his eyes to her and revealed a provocative and evil smile, propping up the blade of the scalpel against Xu Qian’s neck, licking his lips with his tongue.

“You bastard!”Jiang Cheng yelled out in anger. As if his body had lost its strength from his sorrow, he threw out his gun and stood there,”Let her go.”

Gu Yan raised a brow in astonishment.

“If you let her go, I’ll play with you.”Jiang Cheng’s voice was deep, bringing about a strong sense of desperation and decisiveness.

Gu Yan show him a scornful smile,”Do you think I’m stupid? Besides……Compared to you, I like pretty little girls more, this isn’t a fair deal at all.”

“Is that so? Do you really like these innocent young girls? Do you still remember what you truly hate?”Jiang Cheng stared into Gu Yan’s eyes,”Your adoptive mother would abuse you every single day, and not only would your adoptive father beat you, he would even violate you when you were just a child……”

“Shut up!”Gu Yan suddenly raised his voice! His eyes were like those of a captive beast, staring down Jiang Cheng with extreme viciousness.

But Jiang Chen did not move,”After your adoptive mother found out about your relationship with your adoptive father, she tormented you in all sorts of vicious ways, and you finally couldn’t take it anymore. You killed them, and cut them into pieces, you ate them, and it took you two whole months to finish them. This is also one of the pending cases, so everyone just thought they had gone missing……”

“Don’t say anymore!”Gu Yan’s hand that held the scalpel started to quiver, and his eyes filled with pain and anger. The horror and viciousness were constantly alternating within his eyes, as if his two personalities were battling each other.

“From that day on, you gave birth to this new alter, and this alter could do everything you were afraid to do in the past. All your resentment that you didn’t dare to act upon, and all your disappointments, all your pains, were vented out through this alter. But you know that this is wrong, you’re afraid of yourself, so you created this alter.”Jiang Cheng looked at Gu Yan,”You weren’t this way to begin with, it’s your unfortunate life that moulded you into this. Are you still going to indulge yourself, to be controlled by your alter even after it has come to this point? Throwing yourself into the abyss, unable to redeem yourself?”

“No……”Gu Yan held his own head, releasing his hold on Xu Qian. It seemed as if he was trying to endure a strong pain that was bursting through his head.

Xu Qian took this opportunity to break out of restrictions, running towards Jiang Cheng!

Jiang Cheng took her tightly into his arms, then quickly, he picked up his gun and armed himself, aiming his gun towards Gu Yan. He focused, he was ready to kill this madman that was ready to fly into a rampage at any time!

Gu Yan moaned in pain as he held his head, and after a long while, his voice gradually faded. Once again, he raised his head, revealing a distorted expression.

Both sides of his face showed a different person; on the left, his eyes were cold and merciless, but on his right, they showed grief and helplessness.

His right shoulder was slightly slanted, but his left was raised high. Every movement and every change in his expression was different from each other.

Xu Qian had an expression of fear and she hid behind Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng’s hand started to tremble, and he was silent for a moment before saying:”Go back with me and turn yourself in, don’t resist anymore.”

Gu Yan kept his eyes still on them, and suddenly broke out in laughter. Following that, he put away his smile, and exchanged it with a strange and inexplicable look.

His eyes seemed to contain countless words, but he did not say anything at all.

He spread his arms, leaned back, and fell from the building.

There was no longer any place for him in this world, only death can end his pain. He was only him, and this……was all him.

His sins had long since been unforgivable.

“Stop!”Director Zou shouted,”Very good!”He moved his eyes from the camera, this scene was completed in one go, it was simply perfect beyond words! Especially Gu Yan’s performance. As a newcomer, he was able to pressure Xu Qian and Jiang Cheng, becoming the main focus of the audience. He had a hunch that after this movie, everyone would remember Gu Yan’s name.

Gu Yan got up from the ketchup on the floor, and Xu Ming had already prepared a clean jacket for him to put on.

Under the noises of the loud cheer, he quietly returned.

Since the filming was already done, there nas naturally no need for him to stay. After all, he did not enjoy such occasions where he was required to entertain. Since his body was sticky from all the sweat and dirt, he was finally refreshed after a shower.

When he turned his phone on again, there were no more calls to harass him. But instead, his phone was filled with messages, and they were all from Bai Ya. The contents were all varieties of accusations and curses.

Gu Yan frowned and sighed. If this was a reliable mother, then he wouldn’t have minded simply maintaining their relationship. After all, she was family. If he completely ignored her, then he might even be found suspicious by others. But for rubbish like this……Would he care?

He wasn’t a boring human with enough kindness to spare for everything.

Gu Yan called Xu Ming over and told him:”Change my phone number for me, and while you’re at it, go and ask around int he company, I want to know who leaked my phone number to someone else.”

Xu Ming didn’t understand:”Why are you suddenly changing your phone number? Didn’t you just change it not long ago?”

Gu Yan shot him a cold look.

Immediately, Xu Ming knew he had said too much, and he quickly scurried off to change Gu Yan’s number for him. As a good assistant, he should do more work and gossip less~

But before Xu Ming returned, an uninvited quest was here to knock on his door.

One of the female staff from the crew came over to knock on Gu Yan’s door. Normally, their male good was always icy cold and hard to get close to, so being able to speak directly with him was an extremely rare chance.

“What is it?”Gu Yan showed a cold attitude.

“It, it’s just, just……”The female staff started to stutter as soon as she saw Gu Yan,”There’s someone looking for you outside.”

Is this a new way to start a conversation? Gu Yan narrowed his eyes.

“She said she was your mother……And she came to see you.”The female staff tried to sound pleasant. If not for the rules, then she would’ve wanted to bring her over directly. Her Adonis would probably be overjoyed to hear about this news, right?

“Tell her to leave.”Gu Yan’s voice was still icy.

“Uh……Huh?”The female staff was stunned. Why is his reaction completely different from what she expected! Does he dislike her qaq

Gu Yan shot her a cold look and was just about to close the door.

Suddenly, an annoying voice came from outside,”My good son, mommy’s here to see you, aren’t you happy?”A middle-aged woman came over. It could be seen that she had been maintaining her appearance carefully, and you could also barely tell she was a beautiful woman. It was just that time left many deep marks on her face. She was dressed in a dark red hip hugging dress with an LV bag by her side. She had on heavy makeup on her smiling face, and her eyes were almost overflowing with concern for Gu Yan.

There were two staff who were gasping for air right behind her. They wanted to stop her but they didn’t dare to use force, and so they ended up with this woman intruding.

“Yan Yan, aren’t you planning to invite your mother in for a talk?”Bai Ya smiled at Gu Yan. She knew that Gu Yan wouldn’t agree to see her, and to avoid her calls, even turned off his phone. So she simply decided she would look for him at the set.

Gu Yan’s eyes were cold. He just stood there, not speaking.

Bai Ya fixed the stray hair around her ear and put on a smile as if it was unintentional:”There’s too many people here, so it’s not convenient to speak.”She looked at Gu Yan with her eyes full of threats——There were so many people here, things won’t be good if they end up in a scandal.

Gu Yan understood what she meant. He pursed his lips faintly and said after a moment:”You haven’t been here for a long time, let me take you out for a meal, I hope you won’t refuse me.”

He looked steadily at Bai Ya, his eyes indifferent, not willing to show any compromise.

Bai Ya was stunned for a moment, but she smiled,”Sure.”

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