DBHW Chapter 83

Gu Yan did not move, nor did he resist. He looked calmly at Qin Yao,”Do you dare to?”

Qin Yao kept his sharp eyes on Gu Yan’s face, but he did not continue to tighten his hand; but neither did he loosen them, keeping a firm hold of Gu Yan’s throat.

“Kill me, and the him you’re looking for may never return.”

“No matter whether I’m a demon or a human, no matter what I turn into, you have no other choices.”Gu Yan told him.

Qin Yao’s eyes were ice-cold,”So you’re not afraid because you have something to fall back on.”

Gu Yan was silent.

“It seems like your understanding of me is lacking.”Qin Yao smirked, but his eyes lacked any warmth,”This is my last warning to you, don’t try to use me by deceiving me again.”

“There are many ways I can deal with you without killing you, don’t regret it. And don’t forget, you’re nothing more than a demon now, you’re nothing without your memories, and right now……The things I hate most are demons.”

“Just be a good boy, and I won’t mind playing by your tune. But if you play any tricks, you better think about the consequences before you try any.”

Gu Yan looked at him with a straight face, but slowly, he closed his eyes, silent.

Sometimes, being silent is also a means of rebellion, and it may even be more powerful than any claws or fangs. Moreover……it may be time for him to change his tactics soon. There was no way he could get Qin Yao to compromise, no tricks would work on him……If he really got locked up, then he definitely wouldn’t be able to stand it.

It’s not like humans have never tried enslaving demons. Human cultivators have always been great at all kinds of traps and curses, what awaits a demon who has fallen into the hands of humans is nothing short of misery.

Even though he knew that Qin Yao would not hurt him, he still did not wish to let go of his freedom; even if he was angry, he had to admit that Qin Yao’s support was still useful to him. At the very least, he did not wish to take that risk at this moment.

Qin Yao slowly let go as the harsh look in his eyes gradually dissipated, returning to their usual calm selves.

“Go, and think properly about what I’ve told you today.”

Gu Yan shot him a quick glance, and left the car without a moment of hesitation.

Qin Yao watched Gu Yan as he left, and naturally, Gu Yan never turned around to look at him as he walked off calmly, and decisively. It almost felt as if he had a faint glimpse of the past. At that time, when he stood at the doors of the spirit sword sect, that person had also left like this, never turning back.

He did not dare to call out to him, to chase him, or even make a sound; perhaps they had a tacit understanding, because they knew that if he turned back, he would not be able to leave again.

And this time……he forced him to leave with those cold-blooded words of his. Still, he did not turn back, and perhaps there was only disgust in his heart.

That should be reasonable, even he hated this part of himself.

Only until Gu Yan’s figure disappeared completely did Qin Yao put his hands back on his steering wheel, and the aura exuding from his body seemed to have toned down.

This Gu Yan reminded him at every moment of his life his past mistake, his past weakness, and that ugly heart that once plagued him. And the saddest thing about all this is the fact that he was willing to compensate him with everything he could, but the one he wanted to compensate did not need this compensation any longer.


Gu Yan touched his neck thoughtfully. At that moment……He really thought Qin Yao would kill him. But thinking about it now, he felt that Qin Yao would not do that. There was no way Qin Yao could risk it, he couldn’t afford to.

But the force of Qin Yao’s hands, his fierce eyes, they did not seem to be fake……For a moment, Gu Yan could not figure out which of Qin Yao’s words were true, and which were not. This will have a huge impact on his future decisions……Right now, he was understanding this Qin Yao less and less.

But that was that, he had what he had, and he doesn’t what he doesn’t. Instead of risking everything on whether Qin Yao’s heart would go soft or not, he might as well figure out what he was going to do now. It seems he may not be able to use Qin Yao, who knew he would actually come to this……

He thought he was a good chess piece in the past, but now he knows it was just a fluke.

It really was troublesome.

Gu Yan got out of the elevator and took out his keys to open the door. The moment he opened the door, his eyes turned sharp in an instant. That smell of blood was very light, but it could not hide from his nose.”Come out!”He called out in a deep shout.

“My lord, it’s me!”Tong Tong quickly jumped out from the corner. Her whole body was in a dirty state, and one of her arms had even been severed. Holding onto her own severed arm, she looked pitifully at Gu Yan.

Gu Yan frowned at the sight of her,”What happened?”

“My lord, you have to save us. There’s a very powerful human cultivator and he killed a lot of our people. We scattered and fled, so I don’t even know if the others got to escape or not. Sob sob……”Tong Tong’s eyes were red with tears.

Gu Yan took a deep breath, and his tone eased up,”Tell me slowly, what was that person like?”

“I, I didn’t get a clear look, he was too fast……It was a man.”Tong Tong pouted and pondered on it,”Ah……I remember now, both of his eyes are of different colours, one is deeper than the other. I just took one look at him, but he left a deep impression. We couldn’t do anything to him at all……”

With a ‘crack’, the key in Gu Yan’s hand was crushed into pieces.

“My, my lord……”Tong Tong took a few steps back in fear. Gu Yan’s expression right now look way too cold and fierce.

“How did he find you?”Gu Yan slowly spoke.

“I don’t know either, we have already been hiding very well, and we haven’t even been going out recently.”Tong Tong looked fearful.

Gu Yan sneered. This was Qin Yao’s warning to him——There’s nothing you can hide, I can see your every move, and I can destroy you just as easily. It was no wonder, he did not have an objective in the past, but now that he had confirmed his identity, seeking him out is nothing hard with the amount of power Qin Yao had in this world.

Not a single one of his moves could escape Qin Yao’s eyes. Gu Yan’s eyes darkened and he spoke in a decisive tone:”From today on, don’t contact me anymore.”

“Huh?”Tong Tong looked at Gu Yan in surprise.

“Leave Haiyun City immediately, and split up to different places, get as far away from here as possible.”Gu Yan continued,”Don’t call me either, I won’t give you any support in the future, it will be all on yourselves. Be careful while you work, and before the new array is built, don’t seek me out. If you really have something urgent you need me for, make a blood sacrifice to draw a sound transmitting array, don’t use any human tools.”

The world is so huge, he does not believe that it was still within Qin Yao’s power to cover the entire world with his hands.

Even though Tong Tong was confused, she did not dare to question Gu Yan’s decision. She nodded,”Understood.”

“Leave now, tell the others. You have to be more careful in the future when you’re not by my side, not all those human cultivators could be as simple as this one, don’t fail this now, before we open the boundaries——We are the prey.”Gu Yan’s look was imposing.

Tong Tong’s expression revealed her shock, but she still nodded firmly with a worried look on her face.”I’ll be going then.”


Tong Tong turned around and jumped out, disappearing into the night in an instant.

Gu Yan sighed silently as a hint of coldness flashed past his eyes.

Xu Ming came over early the next morning.

Gu Yan looked at the worry on Xu Ming’s face, and asked him directly:”What is it?”

“It’s about the mountain villa.”Xu Ming said,”Didn’t something happen a few days ago? It got turned into a big mess as if the entire place had been struck by thunder. I’ve just been looking for another construction team to finish rebuilding it, but some soldiers finally appeared, saying what happened here involved state secrets. Without even saying anything, they sealed up the place, and now I can’t even get in.”

Gu Yan was calm,”Then you shouldn’t go.”

Xu MIng stared at Gu Yan,”Aren’t you worried? You spent so much money on buying the place. That place is your business by law, but they sealed it up just like that. Are you expecting those people to pay you?”

Gu Yan smiled,”I expect they won’t.”

“And you’re fine with this?! It’s simply too much!”Xu Ming huffed in anger.

Gu Yan raised his hand to stop him,”This is no big deal.”That place had already been exposed, so he had already intended to give up on that place. Besides, Qin Yao had already done easy on him, he had only taken away the mountain villa. If he really wanted to make things hard for him, he just had to reveal his identity and he would have a hard time in the human world.

In the end, whether he took the mountain villa or killed a few of his subordinates, in Qin Yao’s own words, he was just causing a little trouble for him, this was nothing big.

This was nothing, it was just the beginning.

Qin Yao was trying to tell him that he did in fact have the ability to do some things, and since his identity had been exposed, he had been a fish laying under his knife.

Gu Yan laughed. If he wanted him to be his catch, it would not be this easy.

Gu Yan did not plan to look for Qin Yao now either. As Qin Yao said, he was now nothing more than a demon, he would never be willing to offer himself up as a price. Perhaps even if he begged Qin Yao now, he would not believe him, and he would not do something that would become a waste of time. He might as well stick to what he was doing now. Moreover, those demons could do the rest of his work. As long as he can occupy Qin Yao’s attention, he should be able to win some time for their cause.

After making his plans, Gu Yan had some rare free time in his hands. There was nothing he had to worry about, and nothing to care about.

He was just like a normal human, rushing his notices every so often, and out for movies or a meal when he was free.

Things passed in such a way for several days, and sure enough, Qin Yao was here for him again.

Gu Yan was not the least bit surprised, and when you got down to it, there was actually nothing for him to be afraid of. As long as he did not go overboard, he was sure Qin Yao wouldn’t do anything to him.

He just happened to be eating out today, so seeing that Qin Yao had come, he asked the waiter to bring another set of tableware.

Qin Yao looked down at the food in front of Gu Yan. There were only a few dishes that looked exquisite and delicious, and half of it was already gone. A flash of questioning appeared in Qin Yao’s eyes,”You can stomach this?”

“Why not?”Gu Yan raised his eyes,”Even though there’s not much nutrition, and can’t compare to the taste of humans, this tastes way better than demon flesh.”

“And how many humans have you eaten? This place is filled with delicious humans, why do you have to play pretend?”Qin Yao looked coldly at Gu Yan.

Gu Yan smiled,”Sounds funny, but I’ve never actually had a taste of humans since I came here. It’s all thanks to your merits, making me worry even just for a meal. If I don’t play pretend, I’d be found out long ago.”

“Heh…..”Qin Yao chuffed, it was apparent that he did not believe him.

“So you should understand how I feel, don’t you?”Gu Yan continued on, not paying any mind to him. He was smiling, but his eyes were not,”Even though there are humans everywhere, I still can’t do whatever I want. Not only do I have to be wary of being chased by human cultivators like you, I still have to be careful about my disguise. Take for example that spiritual wine you gave me. I know it will burn through my gut, but I still have to drink it without a change in my expression, because I didn’t want to expose myself to you.”

Gu Yan leaned back and smiled,”I hope you’re not thinking that I’m trying to influence you or whatnot, I’m just speaking the truth. I like the human world a lot, but as long as this place has not become ours, we will just be prey no matter how strong we are. Just like last time, we will eventually be wiped out by the humans.”

“This is a battle to the death, there’s no third option.”

Qin Yao looked at Gu Yan, and no emotions could be seen from his cold face, but his hands clenched into fists underneath the table.

“As long as you don’t eat humans or do anything rash, I will be able to keep you safe.”After a moment, Qin Yao finally spoke.

Gu Yan broke out in laughter enjoying himself for quite a while before speaking,”Let me make an analog, you asking a demon not to eat humans is no different from telling a human not to eat meat. No……It’s way more than that, it’s simply like telling us not to drink water, but we still have to sit around a room full of delicious food. So, you’re saying you want a high-tier demon like me to come into the delicious world of humans, and live a bitter life? Are you really not trying to joke with me right now? Do you know how difficult this is? I might as well run off into some uninhabited mountains, at least I wouldn’t feel as bad if I’m not constantly seeing humans all the time……”

Qin Yao’s face was stiff.

Gu Yan knocked on the table lightly, and the look of teasing gradually dissipated from his eyes. He looked at Qin Yao and spoke with a cold voice.”Or perhaps, you plan to tame me and treat me like some slave of the humans? Then naturally, nobody would put their hands on a demon without any threat. Not to mention, this demon has such a powerful master, of course it will be——Very safe.”

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