DBHW Chapter 82

As soon as Wang Duo’s lips turned up, his original self started to spill out. With a meaningful tone, he said,”Long time no see.”

Gu Yan looked at him,”Has it been long?”

Wang Duo nodded his head with some force as he nudged over to his right. Practically leaning on Gu Yan’s shoulder, he spoke by his ear,”It’s been twenty days.”

Gu Yan looked over at him thoughtfully and smiled:”I thought you wouldn’t appear in front of me anymore.”

“Why? Did you think I’d be scared of Qin Yao?”Wang Duo narrowed his eyes in his mirth, but inside, his eyes were cold. When he went back, he had been locked up at home for some time by his father. Perhaps he had also found out what sort of person Qin Yao was by then. But he had never been one to stand down, how could he swallow down the great humiliation he had received this time?

Gu Yan raised a brow,”When I look at you now, I have to say you really aren’t.”

“I’ve never known what fear is.”Wang Duo smiled in pleasure of himself.

“But……You should know that I don’t really like you, I only agreed to be with you last time out of convenience. Even if you look for me, I’m afraid you won’t be able to get what you want, because I would get nothing out of you provoking Qin Yao either.”With a bland smile Gu Yan spoke to him with a gentle voice, but his eyes did not share the same sentiments.

“Do you not believe that I’m really in love with you?”Wang Duo seemed a little hurt,”Do I really seem that naive? To look for you just to provoke Qin Yao.”

Gu Yan looked at him without speaking, but his eyes clearly showed that he found him very childish.

“How sad. It’s rare that I’d find an interest in someone, but that person still doesn’t believe me.”Wang Duo spread out his hands in exasperation.

“In my impression, Young Master Wang has already gone through his interests with many people in the past.”Gu Yan’s voice was frank.

“But you’re different.”Wang Duo looked into Gu Yan’s eyes.

“Because I’m the only one you can’t get. Or perhaps, did Qin Yao make you feel that I’m very popular?”Gu Yan smiled.

Wang Duo stared at him, and sighed after a while,”I won’t argue with you about this.”

“Fine with me.”Gu Yan said. Then, he turned his head back towards the stage.


After that, Wang Duo had become considerably more docile. He had also started paying attention to the awards ceremony. Every so often, he would turn to speak a few words with Gu Yan, such as which actor had climbed into his bed, which director had offered him gifts, which type he liked, and so on……Gu Yan barely returned a single word for every ten he spoke. Even if he was being ignored, Wang Duo was not angry. He still continued his usual antics.

Some people who knew Wang Duo could not help peeking over to their side. Int heir hearts, they thought that Gu Yan’s identity really was getting more and more mysterious. Even Wang Duo was so eager to please him, he was definitely someone they should never dare to offend. But none of them felt that Gu Yan was Wang Duo’s little lover. Even though Wang Duo was a generous person, he would never speak in such a servile manner in front of his lover.

Gu Yan acted as if he did not care on the surface, but he was still rather troubled about it in his heart.

Dealing with Qin Yao was tiring enough, but there would always be blind people like these trying to provoke his anger. Seeing that Wang Duo was still eager to step over the bounds, Gu Yan simply stood up. He was planning to leave early today.

Gu Yan put his hand down on Wang Duo’s shoulder, causing Wang Duo who was preparing to sit up to fall back down to his chair,”I’m going to the washroom, don’t tell me you’re planning to follow as well?”

“Oh.”Hearing that, Wang Duo did not move. He just stared at Gu Yan with cheery eyes.

Gu Yan fixed his collar and turned to leave.

The air outside was fresh and cool. The open environment here was way more comfortable than the stuffy environment inside.

Gu Yan put a finger on top of his tie and loosened it, pulling it off his collar. It was the third day today, how was Qin Yao planning to trouble him? Gu Yan sneered. He went straight outside, but just as he was about to reach his car, he suddenly stop.

With his back towards him, Qin Yao was standing right in front in his black jacket. His tall, slender body dragged a long shadow through the ground, and a faint harsh atmosphere could be felt exuding from his body.

He turned around slowly, and the light shining in from the side casted an uneven shadow on his face. The glow of his asymetrically-coloured eyes could make chills run down people’s spines.

“You’re out.”Qin Yao’s voice was plain as he watched Gu Yan with his bottomless eyes.

“What did you come for?”Said Gu Yan coldly. He did not forget what sort of awful thoughts this man had for him. For a high-tier demon like him to actually be violated repeatedly by the desires of a human, how could he tolerate that!

“I’ve been waiting for you to come to me, but you never came, so I had to find you instead.”Qin Yao put on a big smile.

“I seem to remember I’ve already rejected you.”Gu Yan scoffed.

“I was waiting for you to change your mind.”Qin Yao responded to him seriously.

“Go on waiting then, and better yet, don’t appear in front of me all the time.”Gu Yan raised a brow and walked past Qin Yao.

Qin Yao raised his hand and pulled Gu Yan close to him. Lowering his head, his lips were practically brushing on Gu Yan’s eyelashes,”I can wait, but I can’t keep myself from coming. Don’t bother mentioning things that you know I can’t do, alright?”

Being this close, Gu Yan could almost smell the masculinity exuding from his body, mixed in with a vague smell of blood. Anger filled his eyes, this human!

“Don’t push your luck.”Gu Yan’s voice was ice-cold.

Qin Yao chuckled.

“Am I pushing my luck? Now if I’m really trying, won’t you be dead from anger then?”Qin Yao said as he came even closer.

Gu Yan took a deep breath, forcible pressing down the anger within his heart. His emotions were constantly roused up by Qin Yao, it should not be like this. This isn’t the time to butt heads with Qin Yao, he had no chance of winning either. Since that was the case, he could only do it the soft way.

It was not impossible for Gu Yan to show his weakness, but he was unwilling to do so. Showing weakness like a human was nothing short of humiliation for him. But now, he had no other choices.

“Do you have to force me like this?”Gu Yan’s tone had calmed down.

Qin Yao’s movements stiffened almost undetectably.

“Is this what you mean when you say you like me? Can’t you even have a little bit of respect if you like someone?”Gu Yan did not struggle, but each of his words jabbed at his heart,”I don’t see a single smudge of respect from you, just your impatience and possessiveness. I don’t think you can really call this liking someone.”

“You actually don’t like me, do you? You can’t let me go all because of your own obsessions.”Gu Yan’s voice was blunt, but there also seemed to be a hint of sorrow or regret that could not be made out.

Or perhaps, it was disappointment.

Qin Yao felt as if his hands had been burned, and could not help releasing him as his hands now lay stiff by his side.

Disappointment……This was that disappointment and disgust, the one he was most afraid of. In the end, it still happened……Only when it finally happened did he know how much these words hurt him. It hurt so much he almost wanted to give everything up, so painful he wanted to destroy everything.

He did not want to force Gu Yan at all. If not for the fact that he had no other road to take, he would not have forced him.

Qin Yao observed Gu Yan. He was just a demon now. But this could not have been his wish, how could he get Gu Yan to remember? To remember him?

Instead of this, where they both suffered with each other.

“Gu Yan! Why didn’t you wait for me!”A loud voice suddenly rang out, destroying the silent atmosphere.

Wang Duo walked over in a big stride, reaching Gu Yan quickly. To his surprise, he saw Qin Yao, and he revealed a smile that of understanding,”I was just wondering why you’ve thrown me aside without saying anything, but turns out it’s because of Mr. Qin. I thought there was nothing between the two of you, but it seems I was wrong. No wonder you rejected me.”

“But you don’t have to leave without even saying goodbye, you made me wait all by myself inside.”Wang Duo looked at Gu Yan with a smile as if he was completely unaware of the strange atmosphere between the two.

Gu Yan cursed to himself silently. It took so much for him to finally send Qin Yao off, what did Wang Duo come out at this time for?

“The two of you were together today?”Qin Yao looked coldly at Wang Duo. His brow knitted together and coldness was exuding from his whole body.

“We just met by chance, you don’t mind, do you, Mr. Qin?”Wang Duo was grinning. Even though he denied it, it still sounded as if he was trying to cover it up.

Gu Yan’s face turned cold in an instant,”Don’t speak nonsense, Wang Duo.”

Wang Duo put on a look of being wronged,”Alright then, I admit it, it wasn’t a coincidence, I came just to see you.”

“……”Gu Yan.

He really regretted not tearing this kid to pieces before this. As expected, going easy on someone would only lead tot rouble. He could not kill Qin Yao, but there’s no saying he can’t kill Wang Duo. A hint of killing intent flashed through his eyes.

When Qin Yao saw that look in his eyes, his heart felt stuffy.

He nearly got fooled again……

This deceitful demon was always playing with his heart, and he would always fall for it so easily, being led around by his emotions.

He thought he could harden his heart, but it turns out that blockade could fall off so easily when he was in front of Gu Yan.

This could not go on any longer.

This could only make him fall into the abyss together with Gu Yan, and they’ll never be able to get out of it. He didn’t want to make the same mistake again, just once was enough to carve that memory deeply into his heart.

Qin Yao raised his hand and stopped Gu Yan from speaking. He looked at Wang Duo with indifference,”Seems like you didn’t learn your lesson last time.”

A flash of harshness appeared within Wang Duo’s eyes. He put on a fake smile:”Yes……How do you plan to deal with me this time?”

“As for how I’m going to deal with you, I’ll leave that to Old Wang himself.”Qin Yao told him.

The two were clearly not too far apart in height, but Wang Duo could still see the arrogance from Qin Yao’s eyes as if he was looking down on him:”Is complaining the only trick you know?”

“What else? Would you rather I go with bullying the weak?”Qin Yao smiled. He clearly did not have him in his eyes.”Just a single word is enough if I’m to deal with you.”

Wang Duo gritted his teeth and both his hands were clenched into fists. He had never been humiliated in such a way in the past, and if this was before, then he would have raised his fists already, but he knew that he would never be an opponent to Qin Yao. His eyes cooled, but a smile turned up on his lips in the next moment. He turned to Gu Yan,”Mr. Qin is too amazing, I admit my defeat. But I also have to advise Mr. Qin, using your power is easy, but you can’t force sincerity.”

“There’s no need for you to waste your efforts.”Qin Yao responded.

“I’m not wasting my efforts on you, I just feel bad for Gu Yan.”Wang Duo enunciated each word.

“Gu Yan’s matters are none of your business either.”Qin Yao’s eyes were cold.”I’ll give you one last warning, stay away from Gu Yan. Otherwise, I won’t let this go as easily next time.”

After saying that, Qin Yao was too lazy to even spare a glance to Wang Duo. Opening the car door he stuffed Gu Yan in, and drove off directly.

The windows to the car rolled down and a gush of cold air burst in, messing up Gu Yan’s hair. He pursed his lips and looked at Qin Yao’s stiff and cool profile. He couldn’t figure out what runs through his mind, but it’s all Wang Duo’s fault for butting in, didn’t he end up provoking him again? He really doesn’t know what was good for him.

And he nearly succeeded earlier.

Qin Yao drove for a very long time, and finally stopped at a river.

He sat in the car and turned to look at Gu Yan. His gaze started from his smooth forehead, down to his clear, sharp eyes, his straight nose, slowly going down to his tender, lightly tinted lips, then to his beautiful, shapely chin.

This was a very beautiful skin he wore, and even though it was not the same as the person in his memories, the vivid expressions that were revealed on his face from time to time, and those fascinating eyes, his strong demeanour that was sometimes gentle, they were all so similar to that manβ€”β€”Besides those cruel and brutal cold-blooded eyes he would show.

That’s right, he was originally him, so these similarities could be justified; but at the same time, they were not the same. That person would never kill an innocent person, he was honest and selfless even if he would always appear indifferent, but he knew that there was not a single person in this world who could have a warmer heart than him.

And the person in front of him now was nothing short of evil. For the sake of achieving his own goals, humans are nothing more than animals in his eyes that he could kill at his will. Besides himself, there was nothing else he cared about. Beneath his indifference was an even deeper sense of ruthlessness.

It was the same person, but they presented two extremes.

Gu Yan noticed that Qin Yao was observing him, but he returned his gaze without shying away, observing Qin Yao the same way he did him.

He could tell this human was struggling in his heart, but that was reasonable. The person he and the person described by Qin Yao were completely different existences……He was definitely regretting it, that his own selfishness caused him to fall into the demon world, turning into what he was now.

Gu Yan laughed in his heart……This was Qin Yao’s fault, was it not?

“You tell me that my feelings for you are just my obsession, and that I don’t really like you. That is wrong.”Qin Yao began to speak. He was looking at Gu Yan, but at the same time, it seemed like he was looking through him at something distant. Memories turned within his eyes, those were words he could never say in this lifetime. It was like he had finally found the right opportunity to speak out, there was no need to suppress it anymore.

“From a very, very long time ago, you were the only person in my eyes. I was happy when you were happy, and I would feel sad when you were sad. I wanted to stay with you forever, protecting you, and being the onle one in your eyes……Without you, even the world feels like it’s lost its colours. Even after you left, my feelings have never changed for a thousand years, instead, these feelings got deeper, and deeper. Even if the world has forgotten, I would never forget you. If these feelings aren’t like, then they can only be love, they can’t be anything else.”Qin Yao’s deep voice slowly continued,”You can deny everything, but you can’t deny the feelings I have for you.”

A sense of wavering emerged in Gu Yan’s eyes. Even he himself could not distinguish whether this was true, or false.

He was a little confused, as if something was moving clumsily within his heart, telling him not to continue on like this anymore, don’t do something you’ll regret later. Tell him you’ve forgotten something important……But no matter what you do, you can’t seem to remember.

He just remembered who he was right now.

“However……You’re not all wrong to say that I don’t like you.”Qin Yao looked straight at Gu Yan as the longing in his eyes slowly turned into pain and tolerance,”Because you are not him……”

Qin Yao’s voice had become constrained. He continued to watch Gu Yan with a complicated look in his eyes,”You are just a demon who has eroded his soul. You are not him.”

He suddenly reached out and grabbed Gu Yan by the throat, pressing him down on his chair. His grip was very strong, turning Gu Yan’s face as white as a sheet in an instant as he struggled to breathe. Qin Yao leaned close to look into Gu Yan’s eyes, speaking in a way where his words were practically squeezed out between the gaps of his teeth,”Sometimes, I really wish I could kill you!”

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  1. I thought WD would be worse than FZC, but unbelievably he left with only one threat … I think FZC needs more candles

    Thanks for the chapter! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  2. Really want to kill QY. Bullying our GY like that! It really is something other than love. No hint of understanding, but only self-satisfaction, only believing what you want to believe. Just go build an altar and jerk yourself off to that image inside your f***ing head! Don’t go around pinning your ideals of someone onto that someone and getting mad for him not being who you thought he is. You’re not him! Agreements aside, if you can’t accept or even try to understand someone, you don’t deserve to love him. Just go idolize your image and don’t come bother other people. If GY ends up together with QY I really will get mad.

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    1. I was team QY initially because he was indifferent but this possessiveness that is common in BL is creepy and annoying. I wish the trope could go away. I just dropped one where the ML wiretapped the MCs phone, would not let him go anywhere without him and constantly groped and forcefully kissed the MC. What appalls me is people find this creepy behavior romantic. For once we have an MC in Guyan questioning this ridiculousness. QY is really starting to annoy the shit out of me. I am jumping from that ship.

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      1. It’s better than the indifferent relationships people end up in irl I guess, divorce is frowned upon in Chinese society. Though this reminds me I need to make sure people know my blog is for angst and abuse cause you guys aren’t obligated to read what you hate.


  3. I just checked your Patreon and saw that the $15 tier is up. I was wondering, does it also contain chapters for 7 men, or just for Demon Boss? I think I asked this question before you put up the tier, and I just wanted to double check. πŸ˜„

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