DBHW Chapter 84

This is the last extra chapter, which means the next chapter comes in 2 days

Qin Yao looked coldly at Gu Yan,”Thank you for reminding me, that is a pretty good suggestion.”

Gu Yan narrowed his eyes, and the look in them were cold and piercing.

“But if I’m not forced to do so, I am not willing to do it.”Qin Yao slowly spoke with a low tone,”I believe you are also unwilling to reach that stage.”

Gu Yan laughed and looked at Qin Yao with a look of mocking.

Qin Yao’s face stiffened, seeming to have considered on his word choice before speaking,”I’ve actually come today to talk business with you.”

“I don’t think there’s any business for us to talk about.”Gu Yan smiled plainly.

“You don’t have to be in such a hurry to refuse me, you can make your decision after you hear my conditions.”Qin Yao raised his hand,”I have a script in my hands that I’m planning to turn into a movie. I hope you can be the protagonist of that movie. You just have to agree to this request, and I will not bother you when the movie enters the filming stage, nor will I interfere with your behaviours. Moreover, I will even help with covering up your identity.”

A look of surprise flashed past Gu Yan’s eyes.

Qin Yao is here to recruit him for a movie? For such a proposal to come from Qin Yao’s mouth was ridiculous. They both knew that movies, and his so-called role as an actor was just Gu Yan’s disguise. Gu Yan had never taken it seriously, and Qin Yao would never care about the entertainment industry……Gu Yan observed Qin Yao carefully, but he found that his face expressed that he was serious, and that this was not a joke. Thus, Gu Yan’s face also became serious as he looked thoughtfully at Qin Yao,”Just that?”

“Just that. You can rest easy, I won’t interfere with the shooting of the movie, nor will I make any other requests of you. The only request I have of you is that you can treat this movie seriously, and the character as well.”Qin Yao responded.

Gu Yan sat up straight and looked at Qin Yao for a while. He really could not understand what Qin Yao was doing this for.

“What movie?”Gu Yan asked after some thought.

“You just have to tell me whether you agree to these terms or not.”Qin Yao responded.

Gu Yan was silent for a moment. It seems like something was off with the movie, and not him. But he could not understand, what threat could this movie pose to him? Does Qin Yao really need to be so serious about it? Could it be, he was afraid of filming a movie? What a joke!

“I agree.”Gu Yan said.

“Good.”Qin Yao’s expression seemed to have softened some as he looked deeply at Gu Yan,”I will get someone to send the script over to you later. Get prepared, and I will come to pick you up the day after tomorrow.”


At night, the script arrived at Gu Yan’s place. It was not so much a script, but rather, a stack of notes.

The narrator described the events that happened to the great general Qin Zi Jia during the 13th year of the Zhaoyun calendar to the 23rd year during the Chen Dynasty in a straightforward manner. Qin Ji Jia could be considered a very famous name in history, he was one of the most famous figures appearing in the late Chen Dynasty. Whether he was good or evil had always been a controversial topic. Even though his existence was able to aid the Chen Dynasty in persisting a few more years during the turbulent years near the end of the dynasty’s life, he had been criticized for many things, so nobody could tell whether he was a good or a bad person. In the end, he was executed by dismemberment on the orders of Emperor Chen Chan, and the Qin family was drowned in history for their involvement.

The notes explained everything pretty simply, and the book itself was also pretty thin. Some things were written with more detail, but others were mentioned in just a single paragraph, describing the life of Qin Zi Jia in the perspective of a bystander. But the Qin Ji Jia written here was a little different from the history books……Gu Yan flipped right to the very last page, and a fine print was written in small letters: Written in the 30th Zhaoyuan year.

The name of the author was not mentioned, but Gu Yan could take a guess who this book was written by, and he could also guess who it was about.

Even though Gu Yan had long understood the kind of person he was in the past, he still did not know who he really was. He did not care about it in the slightest, nor has he ever had the idea of pursuing his own past. He was different from Zhou Yu, he did not care about this.

So he had never tried to understand the him of his past.

Which is why this was the first time he had seen his own name. Qin Zi Jia……This was his former name, his former life, but not a single ripple emerged in his heart after seeing this book.

Gu Yan scoffed. Qin Yao’s purpose for doing this had already been clearly revealed, this was nothing more than asking him to act through his own life. Could Qin Yao possibly be thinking that he could turn him into the person he wanted him to be if he did this?

Then he was really too naive.

After he finished reading the book, he threw it to the side. With his memorizing ability, he could remember tens of thousands of words just by looking through them a single time. However, is Qin Yao really planning to make a movie with such simple things? There weren’t any complete scenes, and practically little to none dialogue with many things brushed off in just a single paragraph. Instead of a story, this was more like a memoir. This can’t be qualified as a script at all, and normally, it would at least require a screenwriter to modify the script and put on the finishing touches before they could begin the shooting.

With such a simple set of notes, and in such a short period of time, how was he going to make a good movie?

Gu Yan smiled leisurely. What was he worried about? He only promised Qin Yao he would play this role seriously, he did not have to care about anything else.

As he expected, Qin Yao came to pick him up on the third day.

Gu Yan went to the hotel where the crew was stationed, and was quite surprised. Qin Yao really did have quite a lot of power in the human world. In such a short amount of time, he was able to invite the most famous director in the country, Yu Lin, and the actors were all skilled and experienced big stars. All of them had extraordinary reputations, and he even managed to bag the best shooting venue in the filming studio, clearing through all the obstacles and obtained the approval. Even though it can’t be said that everything was already ready for the movie, they already had the basic framework, so it was entirely possible for them to start the shooting now. As for the rest of the stuff, they were all already in place.

After investing so much energy and resources into a single movie, this was no more than a game Qin Yao had set up for Gu Yan in the end.

Gu Yan glanced over at Qin Yao by his side, and the corners of his lips curled up into a smile,”I’m not actually in any hurry, you can prepare everything slowly if you need.”

“I don’t like to waste time.”Qin Yao responded bluntly.

“Do you not like to waste time, or maybe……You just can’t wait?”Gu Yan leaned in close by his ear.

Qin Yao turned his head over and stared into Gu Yan’s eyes,”You don’t need to know these things, you just have to do your work well.”

The corner of Gu Yan’s lips twitched,”Boring.”

Gu Yan sat himself down lazily on a chair, drinking his tea leisurely, but the rest of the crew was not as relaxed. For them to take over a movie in such a short period of time was still a great test for them, and this required a lot of resilience and skill in their performance. Moreover, they can’t just be as casual as Gu Yan. Before they came, they have already been informed of the importance of this job, they are definitely not allowed to make a mistake, and they had to make sure they give it their very best. If they could do it, then they could rise up in the ranks, but if they couldn’t, then they would not be able to afford the consequences.

Amongst them, the amount of pressure on Yu Lin was the greatest. Even though the men under him were all strong and experienced, and they were also not obstructed by restrictions and obstacles, even being able to get whatever they needed……The amount of time they had was still too short.

Gu Yan could see that the conference room was as noisy as a vegetable market. Director Yu’s voice was loud at times, and quiet the others, while several other historical consultants and scriptwriters were stuck in their bickering as the actors whispered with each other. It really was a mess.

But it was also hard for them. Holding onto such a thin book no more than the size of a history book, bickering about how they were going to film the movie……

But speaking back to it, compared to a historical biography, Gu Yan had even more confidence in Qin Yao’s book that was practically unknown to everyone. After all, this was his own personal experience. If there was no Qin Yao, how could anyone know the real truth in history? Only, the truth was not what everyone knows to be true, so it was destined to be taken as some unofficial historical story. Maybe it might even be turned into a fantasy story.

It wasn’t until late at night was the crew just about done with their noise, and they all went back to rest.

Gu Yan was just preparing to go home when he was stopped by Qin Yao,”No need to go back, just stay in the studio. I hope you can put your full attention to this job.”

Gu Yan looked at him, and smiled,”Sure.”

With respect, the crew member at the side passed Gu Yan’s room card to him. Speaking of which, the crew really was rich, they were all living in five-star hotels while Gu Yan’s room was the best suite in the entire hotel.

Gu Yan came to his own room, and just as he was about to close the door, Qin Yao squeezed in from the side.

“What are you trying to do?”Gu Yan narrowed his eyes.

“Did I forget to tell you? I will be accompanying you during this time.”Qin Yao slowly spoke,”For the sake of saving on room fees, I will be staying with you.”

Gu Yan’s look cooled in an instant, and he was too lazy to even play pretend. With a dangerous tone, he said,”Did I agree to that?”

“I have the final say here, I don’t need your consent.”Qin Yao told him.

Gu Yan suddenly grabbed Qin Yao by the collar! Fiercely, he rebuked:”You better not overdo it, there’s also a limit to my patience!”

Qin Yao looked at him with a straight face,”We’re just staying together, do you really have to be this worked up? I said I wouldn’t do anything to you as long as you do your job properly.”

“But I don’t want to stay with you, I can’t sleep when I’m next to you.”Gu Yan did not try to hide his disgust at all.

Qin Yao’s facial muscles trembled undetectably. With a stiff voice, he responded:”No matter, I know you don’t need sleep anyway.”

“Don’t go overboard!”Gu Yan shouted.

Qin Yao slowly caught Gu Yan’s hand, pulling it down,”Rest early.”

Gu Yan’s eyes turned red as if he was about to explode, but he stood still, took a deep breath, and finally pressed down the rumbling emotions within him as his eyes turned back to their original black. He sneered,”Then I’ll just leave you the room.”

Saying that, he got ready to leave.

But before he could even take a step, a pair of hands suddenly appeared from behind him, hugging him by the waist. Qin Yao’s actions were lightning fast, and before Gu Yan could even react to the situation, he carried him over to the bed and threw him down! Then, with a hand pressing down on Gu Yan’s chest, he pushed down Gu Yan who was trying to get up with force!

Gu Yan tried to move, but found that he could not get up. He glared at Gu Yan, speaking to him in an icy-cold tone,”What are you trying to do?”

“Nothing, just reminding you that it’s late, it’s time to sleep, don’t go bothering others, and don’t give the crew any trouble.”Qin Yao said.

Gu Yan ground his teeth in anger, and spoke with his words practically coming through his teeth,”Let me go.”

Qin Yao pretended not to have heard him as he stared calmly at Gu Yan as if nothing had happened,”Do you need any help with your clothes? Sleeping with your clothes on won’t be comfortable, would it?”

“I don’t need to sleep.”Gu Yan gritted his teeth.

“Then, just lay down and rest for a while……”Qin Yao could see Gu Yan’s anger, but he remained patient to it, even revealing a smile on his lips. He put his arm around Gu Yan’s waist and laid directly beside him,”If you’re not tired, I am.”

Gu Yan could feel Qin Yao’s warm breath by his ear, and being held in Qin Yao’s arms like a pillow, his uncomfortable emotions made him felt as if he were sitting on pins and needles. He stretched his arms up in an attempt to push Qin Yao away, and struggled with impatience!

Qin Yao’s arms were like iron chains, none of Gu Yan’s resistance could amount to anything at all. His voice suddenly turned hoarse and his eyes darkened with a dangerous look as his piercing eyes watched Gu Yan,”If you continue doing that, I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to keep my promise.”

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