DBHW Chapter 78

Candle-lighting song for FZC, here are the English lyrics so you can all point and laugh at him, you can point and laugh at the singer I linked too because he has an equally depressing story


Gu Yan squeezed his temples. As long as he slept alone these days, he would end up dreaming.

Even though the dreams that kept playing in his head were the same, they were so vivid, not like the strange voices he would hear by his ear……As if it was a broken record that was now paired with life-like sound and video……

Just like a silent film that became a modern movie with sound……

The him in the dream was just like a completely different person. When he woke up, he almost could not even figure out who he really was.

He could not be bothered to deal with this, so he decided to just not sleep in the future.

Besides, sleeping was not a necessity for him anyway.

Gu Yan hung around his house for several days and looked at the news. Not a single bit of news of the mountain villa being destroyed had been broadcasted. On his fight with Qin Yao that night, it was not earth-shattering, but the damage was still great. Now it seems……As if a big hand was looming over, covering up all the news.

And after this many days, no human police had ever come to seek him out. This proved that his identity had not been exposed.

Things could not be going any better, he was not willing to live his days hiding in the shadows.

Tong Tong quickly came to find him with several other demons in tow.

“My lord, it’s wonderful news that you’re fine.”Tong Tong blinked her eyes,”We were all very worried about you.”

Gu Yan was silent.

Tong Tong’s eyes were shining again,”My lord, you won, right? Did you kill that human cultivator? I say, our lord is the most amazing! How could a human be your opponent! You’d definitely win!”

“Enough.”Gu Yan spoke softly, and his hands were clenched into fists.

He was the real loser here……What is there to brag about to win under such conditions?

Tong Tong instantly felt a chill run down her spine.

“Go, and be careful, find another place. Don’t end up making a mistake because you were feeling too pleased.”Gu Yan waved his hand, and sent the demons away.

Fu Zhe Chuan came over on that night.

He had been staying in Haiyun City this whole time recently, and would visit Gu Yan quite often. He was well-versed in the way of conversation and would not bring up things that would make others unhappy, he would never pick a topic Gu Yan did not want to talk about. He was always witty during conversation, never annoying, his way of speaking was completely different from Xu Ming’s endless yammering. Gu Yan did not actually find him annoying at all.

“What do you say to dinner tonight? You’ll grow mold if you stay at home all day.”Fu Zhe Chuan smiled to Gu Yan.

Gu Yan hesitated for a moment, but he agreed.

The two went to a revolving restaurant that overlooks the night view of Haiyun City.

The night sky was a deep blue glittering with stars, so beautiful that it made one want to jump into it.

This was the sky only present in the human world.

Fu Zhe Chuan poured Gu Yan a glass of wine with elegant movements, and started cheerfully:”You should take a rest if you’ve been in a bad mood recently. I’ll help you request for a leave from Director Zou, it’s just a movie, no big deal.”He made it sound very easy.

For a demon, a movie was indeed nothing big; but to a human, this was a big project that took in hundreds of millions in investments, they couldn’t just stop it whenever they wanted to.

Fu Zhe Chuan was always like this, he did so much but he would still understate it.

Gu Yan looked deeply at him, not answering.

“Of course, this was just a suggestion. I respect your thoughts.”Fu Zhe Chuan curled up the corners of his lips and looked at him with gentle eyes.

Gu Yan tapped his finger lightly on the table, his black eyes were as deep as a bottomless pool.

He suddenly spoke:”What do you like about me?”

Fu Zhe Chuan was stunned. Following that, he responded frankly:”Liking someone is a feeling, an attraction, it’s not because it’s something about you. It’s just, you.”As they say, love is blind. If he liked him, then naturally, every part of him would be good to him.

The corner of Gu Yan’s lips turned up, revealing a vague hint of a smile:”You don’t actually know me, the me you know was just an illusion.”

“Oh?”Fu Zhe Chuan raised a brow and looked at Gu Yan with great interest.

Gu Yan leaned forward slightly and looked into Fu Zhe Chuan’s eyes,”Well, let me just tell you. The one you like is the one who extended a hand to you when you were in danger, and saved you, a mysterious and powerful man. And it just so happens that man was good-looking as well.”

“Is that what you think?”The look in Fu Zhe Chuan was unclear, and his tone of speaking was slightly less warm.

“Isn’t it so?”Gu Yan smiled. His smile was very dazzling, but his words were cruel,”If I was a wicked devil, I would never have saved you just for the sake of it, you just had some use to me is all. I can save you, but I can also kill you any time I wanted, and it would not bother me one bit. I am more cold-blooded than you can ever imagine, I detest everything in this world……Would you still like me if that was so?”

Fu Zhe Chuan looked straight at him, and suddenly smiled,”A devil?”

“Yes.”Gu Yan narrowed his eyes.

“If the devil was anything like you, then I’d have to guess there would be quite a lot of people out there a lot of people who would like the devil very much.”Fu Zhe Chuan chuckled softly. But after a pause, he looked at Gu Yan with a serious look,”Do you really believe that?”

Gu Yan did not speak.

“Even though I’m just a normal person, I’m still quite confident in my ability to judge a person. I don’t think that——”Fu Zhe Chuan suddenly stopped.

The nails on Gu Yan’s right hand had suddenly turned sharp, and were stopped right under Fu Zhe Chuan’s chin.

“Continue.”Gu Yan cocked his head to the side and smiled at him.

Fu Zhe Chuan had his head raised and did not move. Gu Yan’s sharp claws could pierce through his head at any moment, he did not doubt that Gu Yan had such an ability.

“Do you have to do this?”After a moment, Fu Zhe Chuan slowly began.

He watched Gu Yan, but not a single hint of fear or disgust was present in his eyes, only sadness.

He spoke:”Do you really have to prove how much of an unforgivable, wicked person you are in such a way?”

Gu Yan’s eyes cooled.

Fu Zhe Chuan slowly continued to speak.

“I won’t make a guess, I’m not going to think about it, nor am I going to make any assumptions. I only believe in what my eyes can see.”

“A person who is truly wicked would not do this.”

Gu Yan laughed coldly,”You just haven’t seen the wicked part of me. Once you see it, you’ll regret how much of a fool you were today.”

“Then let’s continue this when that time comes.”Fu Zhe Chuan told him.

Gu Yan looked at him.

“I don’t know whether I can maintain my stance when that day comes, but I will not comment on something that hasn’t happened. After all, I have my principles. But in the same way, I will not give up on you just because of something that has yet to happen.”Fu Zhe Chuan’s eyes were deep,”Just like how we can never pin a crime on someone just because they might be a bad person.”

“How stubborn.”Gu Yan spat out two words.

Fu Zhe Chuan smiled,”Perhaps……I just want you to know that you’re fine as yourself. No matter whether you’re good or bad, there’s no need to put a label on yourself. The world has its own judgement.”

That’s not how it is. In the past, he had spent so much effort to protect this world, but he was cast aside, and showered with hate. But now, he was protecting this world no longer, allowing himself to go by his own desires. But now, he had ended up receiving the love and admiration from others instead.

People simply aren’t able to see through the nature of a person, they only judge them by their facades.

They are all so blind.

Gu Yan laughed soundlessly. The coldness disappeared from his eyes in a blink, leaving no traces. What is he trying to bicker with this fool about? He took back his hand, and took a sip from his glass.

He raised his head:”You don’t have to request a leave for me, I’m fine now.”

He did not want to think about too much, he did not want to confuse himself, it will be fine if he can find some things to occupy his thoughts. Even though Qin Yao was gone, he still could not undermine the power of the rest of the humans. A group of ants can still fell a tree.

So all he had to do was to do what he needed well, step after step.

These humans can never understand him fully, so why force them?


Gu Yan returned to the crew and explained about how he had ended up seriously ill for a while. There was not much Director Zou could say either, after all, he even had Fu Zhe Chuan to vouch for him.

Fortunately, the shooting for the movie was also nearing its end. All they had to film now was the ending.

The last scene was the scene of the deciding battle. The protagonist and the overlord of demonic cultivation confronted each other in a battle at the edge of a waterfall, and eventually, the protagonist managed to throw him over the edge of it.

The actor cooperating with Gu Yan was a rather new actor who had just become famous not long ago. He had both the looks and the ability, so he was very popular. Dressed in the costume of an ancient swordsman, his white robe fluttered in the wind, and he stood proudly with a long sword swung behind his back.

On the other hand, Gu Yan was dressed in long, black robes, appearing both cool and beautiful.

For the sake of realism, they shot this scene without the use of effects. With supporting wires attached to the two of them, they took on the scene head-on without the use of stunt actors.

The male protagonist pointed his sword at Gu Yan’s demonic overlord, speaking coldly:”On behalf of Heaven, I must kill you today.”

“Then we shall see if you have that ability.”Gu Yan’s lips curled into a smile. With a flick of his black sleeves, the two engaged in battle. The protagonist’s skill with the sword was fierce. Gu Yan suddenly brandished his sword and closed the distance between him and the protagonist, speaking by his ear:”You are not my opponent.”

The protagonist glared angrily at him, and thrust his sword towards Gu Yan with a great shout.

Gu Yan’s performance was skillful and flowed freely with ease, as if he was just teasing him. While evading his sword, he still continued talking to him, provoking him:”Have you forgotten? You were intercepted on your road to the Mountain of the Immortals, and on that day, if not for the fact that I saved you, you would not even have reached that mountain.”

“Not only have you forgotten my graces, you have even come to take my life. Is this what the people of your so-called righteous sects are like?”

“From what I can see, that was no more than a title, ha ha ha ha!”

The protagonist gritted his teeth:”Do not think you that you can provoke my anger, you only saved me so that you can enjoy a good show. You wanted to see how ants like us struggle to survive. You are no more than a cold-blooded demon, I must kill you today!”

Gu Yan scoffed. He had strong magical powers, and he clearly had many chances to send this man to hell, but he did not do it. He would always injure him severely each and every time. He would look at him in his bloodied state, and even mocked him, as if he was just watching a show.

Thus he once again proved that villains always died from talking too much. The protagonist pretended to exert his full power, but once he found an opening, he thrust his sword straight through Gu Yan’s chest.

Gu Yan seemed to have just come to his senses now. He closed his eyes, and suddenly revealed a look of sadness:”You really wish to kill me? Have you forgotten all the time we spent together?”

A look of struggle appeared within the protagonist’s eyes, but he stood firm,”You will not keep my mind captive anymore.”Then, he pulled his sword out.

Gu Yan toppled over the cliff.

Since the scene was shot in an angle that just gave the illusion of him being stabbed, the sword had actually just passed through the spot right next to his body. Gu Yan was sent down the waterfall by the pressure, soaking him wet with water. The coldness of the water seeped through to his skin, and his eyes were wide with surprise.

So many stories to tell, so many words to say, but in the end, justice must prevail over evil.

Last time……They had also failed.

But what about this time?

He thought about it. He should not be one to talk much, but if it was him, he would have killed this man early on before he had become a threat to him, he would not leave him around to eventually become a thorn at his side. He was different, he would not lose, however……

Suddenly……He thought about Qin Yao.

He should have been confident in himself, but doubts suddenly appeared within his heart, and that confidence waned.

At that time, he had also hesitated when he clearly had an opportunity.

So it turns out these things that others would find stupid and impossible, were not wholly impossible, they’ve just never been put in that position. Because only then would they realize that they would not have had the time to think about whether it was a foolish thing to do or not.

Gu Yan stepped up from the river. Water dripped down his face as the wet clothes stuck to his body, with his long hair draped over his shoulders.

He took a few steps, but he suddenly stopped.

Qin Yao stood less than ten meters before him.

You know what, instead of wearing a windbreaker, I think Qin Yao’s actually not that cool, he just wears a black jacket/trench coat, I’m just dumb, so please forgive me.

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