DBHW Chapter 79

God I hate wattpad, I still do. The only thing I did on there was tell someone to take my translations down and my account has already been hijacked by hackers, and apparently this happened just 5 days after my comment.  You got a grudge kabita_rai? Or is wattpad just a shitty website

Qin Yao seemed to appear fine, save for the paleness of his face.

He stood there quietly, and it was not known how long he had been standing there for, but his eyes were on Gu Yan’s body from start to finish, not leaving him for even a moment.

Gu Yan stopped.

Should he be happy, or disappointed? A certain feeling flashed past his heart, and it went by so quickly he was not able to catch it.

Thus he was too lazy to think about it.

He looked profoundly at Qin Yao. For him to actually be alive after suffering an injury like that, is he really a human, and not some demon with a thick hold on life? That powerful body if his was simply unimaginable even for a demon.

But fortunately, this terrifying human was not a threat to him.

Gu Yan did not even try to continue his efforts of pretending, walking past Qin Yao with a firm gaze forward.

Just like this, he won’t keep him in his heart anymore.

Qin Yao suddenly reached out and grabbed Gu Yan by the wrist. His fingertips were cold.

“Master, do you not remember me at all?”His voice was deep and hoarse, concealing a slight hint of a tremble.

But Gu Yan was destined to disappoint him with his answer.

The truth was, Qin Yao understood this as well. But just like with a man standing at death’s door, you could never let go before you make one final struggle, he had to ask.

Gu Yan turned his head back to look at him, scoffing:”Do you really want to know?”

Qin Yao’s hand tightened, and his gaze dimmed.

“I don’t remember, not a single thing.”Gu Yan revealed a cruel smile on his lips,”Can you let go now?”

Qin Yao did not release his grip. He closed his eyes.

After a moment, he opened his eyes once more. Bit by bit, a bleak smile curled up his lips:”It’s fine even if you don’t remember.”

Gu Yan raised his brows, revealing a look of suspicion.

“You only treated me like that because you didn’t remember, master, I know, none of this was master’s intention.”

Saying that, he seemed to have become even more firm in his beliefs.

As if he had found one last thread of hope, seizing it without a care for anything else so that he would not fall into the endless abyss.

“It’s fine if master has forgotten, as long as I remember.”Qin Yao said.

A faint sense of hope appeared within his asymetrical eyes, as if he had found a reason to live again.

Those memories that have been engraved into his mind were so precious, they were his very own treasures.

Gu Yan frowned. He truly was a troublesome human being, he should have killed him off early on. He suddenly broke out into a sneer as he raised his hand towards Qin Yao’s throat——But Qin Yao dodged him easily with a turn of his head, holding Gu Yan’s other hand firmly in his grip.

A pained and apologetic smile revealed itself on Qin Yao’s lips as heavy emotions tumbled within his eyes. He spoke with a hoarse voice,”Master, I can’t die yet.”

Gu Yan glared at him. He should have known early on that humans could not be trusted. If he loved him so much, then why can’t he just die for his sake?

So, aren’t they all fake?

Qin Yao watched Gu Yan, and smiled with his pale lips,”I thought about it for a very long time, if you haven’t remembered me yet……Then how could I die that easily?”

He squeezed Gu Yan’s hand and yanked it abruptly, pulling him into his arms. he was just under a head taller than Gu Yan, but this tall body of his was curled up just like a child. He held Gu Yan tightly with both hands, burying his head between Gu Yan’s beck. His sullen voice trailed to Gu Yan’s ears:”I’m sorry, but I hope that you can remember me. When you do……I will have no complaints no matter what you want to do with me.”

“You gave me this life, so I am willing to offer it to you even if what you want is my death.”

“Just……Not now, I’m sorry.”

Gu Yan felt out of it for a moment. When he fell into that man’s embrace, his brain had lost its ability to think for a moment. His embrace was strong and warm, and a firm sense of persistence seems to be passing through into his body, and it made him feel a bit stunned.

But that quickly dissipated.

Remember? Remember what? Those painful memories from his dreams? What in there was worth remembering?

It was fine regardless of whether he killed Qin Yao or not, he would never bring up those painful memories just for the sake of a human. He was not afraid that those memories would change him, he just did not want to think about it.

A flash of coldness ran through Gu Yan’s eyes when he lowered his gaze, and he pushed Qin Yao away abruptly.

“And what if I can’t remember, for the rest of my life?”Gu Yan raised a brow at him, his expression cold.

Qin Yao pursed his lips tightly. After a moment, a soft chuckle reverberated through his throat,”That is fine as well, but it is just unfortunate……that I can not allow you to kill me.”

He had waited a thousand years for this person, waiting so long, so alone; but now that he had appeared alive in front of him again, what other hopes could he possibly have?

No……He still had other extravagant hopes, but he should know to be content with his share. As long as he could watch over him, and protect him, he can bury the rest of his hopes within the depths of his heart.

He wanted to live, only when he was alive would he see with his two eyes, to hear with his two eyes, to hold with his to hands……This person.

He did not have the courage to lose him again.

Gu Yan scoffed.

Seems like it will be temporarily impossible to get rid of Qin Yao, but he must never allow Qin Yao to hinder his plans. Gu Yan glanced at Qin Yao. He did not know whether Qin Yao knew of his plans or not……But he did not dare to test him. At the very end, he still could not bring himself to trust this human cultivator completely.

Moreover, he may be that person in Qin Yao’s eyes, but he was not completely him, he may not listen to him.

After all, he was a demon now……He did not know what Qin Yao’s bottom line was.

Gu Yan kept his eyes still on him, and a wicked smile gradually turned up his lips. He said:”I’m hungry.”

Qin Yao was stunned.

“You should know what I want to eat, don’t you?”Gu Yan licked his lips and watch Qin Yao with bloodthirsty eyes, speaking in a provoking tone,”Are you going to stop me?”

Qin Yao was silent for a moment:”No.”

Oh? Gu Yan was surprised. he thought that Qin Yao would stop him, or perhaps……Qin Yao’s tolerance towards him had already reached this extent?

At Gu Yan’s level, it was actually fine regardless of whether he ate humans or not, they were just tasty to him. But he just wanted to probe Qin Yao.

“I can prepare it for you personally, as long as you want it.”Qin Yao gradually opened his mouth and looked at him with calm eyes, showing not a single hint of hesitation or struggle.

He had been guarding all of this all because these were the things Gu Yan wanted to protect in the past.

If Gu Yan wanted it, what couldn’t he give? There were so many humans in this world, there would always be scum that needs to die……With him making a move personally, it was just natural that he could keep the influence to a minimum.

If not for the fact that eh was worried that Gu Yan would recall the past, and feel regret for killing innocent people, he would not care at all.

Gu Yan really was surprised. For the first time, he was curious about Qin Yao’s past. This man was his disciple? He did not seem like a good person either, would a person like this really protect the world? No matter how he looked at it, he did not seem to be that type.

Gu Yan’s eyes flickered. With this, it seems like Qin Yao did not have much of his own beliefs or principles, he had done all of this just because of him. A human like this……Truthfully, they were almost no different from demons. An idea sprouted in Gu Yan’s heart.

If he really recovered his memories, then perhaps Qin Yao may not even hesitate if he got him to open the channels for him.

“Then let’s go now.”Gu Yan grinned, revealing his pearly white teeth in a dazzling smile.

The two had just left the crew when they found Fu Zhe Chuan waiting outside.

He looked rather surprised when he saw Qin Yao, and nodded to him slightly in greeting before giving Gu Yan a gentle smile:”You’ve just returned to filming today and I was worried that you might not be able to eat well here, so I came to bring you out for a meal.”

Gu Yan smiled. He did not expect that there would be so many people inviting him out to ‘eat’ today.

Even though he clearly liked what Qin Yao was offering more, Qin Yao was still more of a threat to him after all. As long as he stayed near Qin Yao, it would feel like a powerful prey had invaded his territory, making him unable to relax. Even if Qin Yao would never harm him……He would still be wrapped around Qin Yao’s powerful pressure all the time, forcing him to heighten his senses at all times.

After weighing the pros and cons, he felt that staying around with Fu Zhe Chuan was more relaxing.

And thus, Gu Yan waved him off:”Seems like I won’t be able to go out with you today.”He had already probed the results from him anyway, he did not wish to stay too close to Qin Yao at thsi time.

Human cultivators in general made him uncomfortable, it brought up his instincts of encountering his natural enemy.

Qin Yao’s eyes grazed past Gu Yan and Fu Zhe Chuan, and his hands clenched tightly into fists.

In an instant, a strong sense of sorrow and vexation washed over him, almost causing him to be unable to remain in a calm state. Fu Zhe Chuan was just a normal human, what could he offer Gu Yan? For him, he had given up so much, and made a decision like that; he was even ready to make himself an enemy of the world……But Gu Yan would rather eat disgusting human food with a human than to go with him.

Giving up on him so easily.

How could he……How could he?! How could he let him go so easily?

Qin Yao had never thought about this in the past. Being immersed in the joy of Gu Yan’s return, he never even thought about it. He did not think that his Gu Yan……Would have stopped caring about him completely.

But at this moment, he was finally clear about one thing. He had to admit——In Gu Yan’s eyes, he was worth less than a normal human.

His knuckles cracked at his force.

He wanted to kill this eyesore of a human, he wanted to monopolize Gu Yan as his own, making him see only him. He could not tolerate this, none of this……The boundless darkness seemed to have poured out from the depths of his heart, wrapping him with disturbing thoughts.

Qin Yao shut his eyes tightly, and took a deep breath.

He can’t do this, he can’t make Gu Yan hate him even more……

“But you clearly promised me first.”With his eyes on Gu Yan, he spoke with a trace of pleading.

“Mm.”Gu Yan responded to him casually,”But I suddenly changed my mind.”

The hope gradually disappeared from Qin Yao’s eyes……

Fu Zhe Chuan took a step forward, putting himself between Gu Yan and Qin Yao. His smile was courteous and gentlemanly, but his attitude was forceful. With a deep voice, he said,”We should respect Gu Yan’s decisions.”

Qin Yao looked at Fu Zhe Chuan as if he were a thorn in his side.

Fu Zhe Chuan, Wang Duo……And all those rubbish who liked Gu Yan, anyone who was trying to get close to Gu Yan should die! He suddenly remembered that night when Gu Yan was together with Wang Duo. If he had not come in time, what would he see in the end? And now, Gu Yan was together with Fu Zhe Chuan, what happened between them?

He could plead day and night, but could never even begin to hope for this man, why could they get him so easily?

He could not even get Gu Yan to look at him a little more.

But these people could……Be so intimate with him.

Jealousy shrouded his heart in an instant.

Not fair, this is not fair……Qin Yao’s eyes were dyed with red, and he suddenly kicked towards Fu Zhe Chuan’s stomach! Fu Zhe Chuan stepped back repeatedly, his back slamming into his car. Qin Yao’s figure flashed, and grabbed Fu Zhe Chuan’s collar, pressing him down with a firm grip. Violent emotions were running wild in his eyes, and his right fist was ready to strike!

Seeing that his fist was just about to land on Fu Zhe Chuan’s face, Gu Yan suddenly raised his hand, stopping Qin Yao’s strike.

Gu Yan’s face was cold,”Enough.”


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