DBHW Chapter 66

I know this isn’t a Chinese song but that nostalgia got me itching. Besides, it fits lol


If not for Wang Duo’s sudden appearance today, Gu Yan would never have thought about this matter. But for him, it did not matter whether Wang Duo came or not. Because if this was the place he chose to stay about in, then nobody can make him leave.

Right when Gu Yan was thinking about how he was going to deal with the problem without leaving behind a mess, the people from the crew had already reacted to the situation.

The director quickly rushed over and frowned at this scene. Instantly, he felt his head throbbing with a headache. This group of rich kids who idle about all day only know how to eat, drink, and have fun, can’t even achieve a single thing in life……But when they were looking for trouble, they were all experts, you could not just offend them easily.

And each of them had their individually profound backgrounds, so if they really wanted to mess with him, then even if the advertisement was done, e could make it so that it never sees the light of day. And if they took this more seriously, it would even affect the sales strategy of this entire brand in the country, making it hard for you to do anything at all.

So, the director did not dare to offend these people.

You could tell with one look that the prim and handsome youngster at the very front was their leader. The director paused for a moment, then he approached them with a smile.

“Hello, is anything the matter?”

Wang Duo took a drag of his cigarette, not even sparing the director a glance before he spat out two words:”Scrap it.”

Behind him, all the colourfully dressed young princes rushed out with a yell, with several of them surrounding the photographer, and soon, they destroyed all the cameras! There was even one of the staff who secretly took pictures with his phone, and even he was not spared, his phone had been thrown on the ground and crushed under their heels. In the blink of an eye, all the video equipment was destroyed! All the beautiful ladies were shouting out with excitement in the car, turning the scene into nothing short of a carnival!

The director quickly tried to stop them, but was hit a few times under the chaos. He muttered in pain and he was so scared his face had turned pale. These equipment were all very expensive! Such a huge loss……If he asked them for compensation……

Faced with such a situation, both his fear and anger intertwined. The director pointed a finger at Wang Duo angrily:”You, you, you!”

Wang Duo returned the cigarette to his fingers and looked up, as if he had just noticed the existence of the director. He smirked,”I’m here.”

“What you’re doing here is illegal!”The director was so angry that he was starting to feel light-headed, even his tone was no longer kind. How could anyone be so lawless! Coming to destroy everything without even saying a single word! Isn’t this too unreasonable?!

“You can call the cops on me if you want to.”Wang Duo raised a brow, and his voice held a slight hint of mocking.

The youngsters all around him echoed in laughter as if they had just heard a huge joke.

Which police officer dared to catch them? Without any cameras, witnesses, or evidence, what could they do to them? The fearlessness of having thought this out was clearly written on this face, and their lack of care was easy to see.

The lips of the director trembled, but his words would not come out. But after a moment, he returned to his senses and could feel nothing but that tingle on his scalp.

If the equipment was destroyed, then that was the end of it, it was just a matter of money. But what if he got himself beaten to death?

He could not help himself from stepping back……

Gu Yan looked at this scene with full indifference.

He did not have a care int his world what these people wanted to do, what did the video equipment have anything to do with him? Did he have to offer his body and take responsibility for it just because he was the cause of all this? What a joke, that was something only righteous people with nothing to do would actually do. Why would Gu Yan care about the lives of others?? He only cared about himself.

But as for how he was going to deal with this trouble, Gu Yan was not fully without worries.

Take for example the arrogance of this group in front of him. THey had the backing for them to do that, and the backing was the power of the families they had behind them. Those behind this group were practically the representatives of the most deep-rooted powers within the country. Perhaps they may be some rich kids with the least power in this world, and did not do anything on their usual day except for fighting with each other. But if you killed them, the forces behind them would definitely not let this end peacefully.

So killing them was easy, but the consequences was not worth doing it. That would easily turn all that he had achieved so far into dust.

Gu Yan sneered.

Since he could not kill them, then he could only deal with this using methods between silver-spooned princes.

Wasn’t it easy to just clean up a bunch of ants among trash like these?

When they saw that u Yan was unmoving, they even thought he had gone silly with fear. They started to snicker and point fingers at him.

A scorning smile was revealed by Wang Duo’s lips, it really was hard to even keep his eyes on an incompetent rich kid like Gu Yan. Not only did he feel nothing if he stepped on Gu Yan as he was now, he might even be suspected of bullying. He thought it was better to just forget about him since he had left the capital at that time, and gradually, he even forgot what Gu Yan looked like.

The great Young Master Wang had seen too many people in his life, Gu Yan was as insignificant as an ant to him.

So at first, he did not know that Gu Yan had returned.

This matter had been told to him by Zhang Qin just yesterday. At first, it was due to that pianist that Zhang Qin ended up in a big fight with Gu Yan, and ended up with bitter grievances. The Zhang and the Gu family had also been in a sore spot, they were both competitors in the same business. Since Gu Yan dared to come back, Zhang Qin definitely would not let him go. There was no need for him to do anything at all when they cleaned up that Gu Yan at first……

But Zhang Qin told him that not only did Gu Yan come back, he even returned with glory. Not only did he get to star in Director Zou’s movie, and became famous throughout the entire country, Song Shan had even ended up driving his niece away because of him on Gu Zong Han’s birthday after a great display of his!

As for the thing with Qin Yao, you could not blame Zhang Qin for being so unclear about it. Qin Yao’s identity was a mystery as firstly, those who saw the scene did not dare to just talk about it outside. And secondly, they simply did not know what to say. Finally, the limelight of the banquet had ended on top of the heads of both Song Shan and Gu Yan, many different versions of the story had also been made up as it got passed around.

With the Song family’s support, Zhang Qin did not have the confidence that he was able to deal with Gu Yan right now, so he could only ask Wang Duo to do it.

Wang Duo was very clear on what Zhang Qin was thinking, but he did not mind. He didn’t care for the Song family, and did not think that the Song family would dare to go against the Wang family for the sake of Gu Yan. Since this was a matter between juniors, they could just settle this by themselves, the elders would generally not make their moves so easily anyway. Zhang Qin was one of his men, and he could have just let it go if Gu Yan had returned with his tail between his legs, but for him to appear in such a high-profile manner, didn’t it mean he was afraid of Gu Yan if he just ignored it?

This was definitely impossible. He, Wang Duo, had grown to this age in his life, and his will and position was greater than both heaven and hell, he had never once been afraid of anyone.

He did not care about Gu Yan, but he cared about his reputation.

So when Zhang Qin proposed they come, they came.

Wang Duo dropped the cigarette between his fingers and put it out with the soles of his shoe. Then, he started to approach Gu Yan.

Sitting in front of his deep blue car, Gu Yan kept still the entire time, as if nothing that happened in front of his eyes had anything to do with him.

He saw that Wang Duo was walking over, and his cool and clear eyes turned slightly to look straight at him.

Wang Duo did not get a clear look at Gu Yan since he stood too far away earlier, but now that he saw him up close, he could not help but feel a start.

This Gu Yan was not the same as the one in his impression.

Even though Gu Yan had also been handsome before this, he looked like a hollow shell from all his alcoholism. He was stingy, liked to bully others, but jumpy when faced with someone stronger. He had listless eyes with a face that was easy forget, and he even found it hard to remember for a while, he just remembered a rough outline of him. But the Gu Yan right now was like a sharp dagger even if he was just sitting there without moving. He exuded a fierce aura with his deep, profound black eyes, mixed with his indifference when faced with all this. It was hard to forget, as if it was carved deeply into his heart.

It was the same person, but it did not seem the same.

Wang Duo wasn’t someone who had yet to see the world, he had also seen his fair share of people with strength and imposingness. But even amongst them, Gu Yan was extremely special. This Gu Yan……Did not seem like he was afraid……

Wang Duo’s eyes turned deep. Silently, he looked at Gu Yan and gently knocked on the hood of his car. He leaned forward, and with a deep voice he spoke:”You’ve got guts.”

He watched Gu Yan closely, and his words were laced with both probing and intimidation.

He wanted to see whether this Gu Yan was just pretending, or was this really him……What did he have to fall back on now?

Gu Yan was also sizing up Wang Duo.

Wang Duo was very tall with long, straight legs. He had strong, sharp brows, eyes as bright as stars, deep, three-dimensional features, bronzed skin, and sturdy muscles looming beneath his T-shirt. He did not look like a rich kid who drowned himself in pleasure, instead, a cool and strong soldier. And these were things the original Gu Yan had never noticed before. He did not know who Wang Duo was, he just knew that he had accidentally end up getting beaten due to his eyes being blinded by love, and brought great disaster upon himself.

But the original host had still heard much of Wang Duo’s legends. In the original host’s mind, Wang Duo was simply a monster who fucked ten women a night, drowned himself in alcohol, and had great power. He was the goal of all the rich princes in the capital that they all wanted to follow. The image of him was so demonized that he could not help but laugh.

Gu Yan thought it was funny, and he actually ended up laughing. The sound of his laugh was very soft, but it was a very striking sound in the quiet night.

“You flatter me.”He said.

Wang Duo stared at Gu Yan, and the look in his eyes became dangerous. The curve of his lips had now formed a straight line,”I’ll give you once chance, leave before tomorrow morning.”

“And if I refuse?”Gu Yan gave him a look from the side of his eye.

Wang Duo was silent for a moment. Then, he spoke with a cold voice,”Are you sure?”

Gu Yan nodded. Not a single hint of fear was present on his face. No……It should be said that there was no expression present on his face at all.

Wang Duo suddenly realized that Gu Yan really was not afraid, this was not an act.

Zhgng Qin had been paying attention to them this whole time. He shouted in a cheer,”Young Master Shao, just give that idiot a good beating and he’ll know his place! If playing nice doesn’t suit him, then just lay it on him straight out!”

“Yeah! For him to even dare to refuse Young Master Wang, does he think he’s some big shot?”

“What are you still wasting your time with him about!”


“Alright, alright. What do you guys know? Who do you think Young Master Wang is? Do you think Young Master Wang needs to bicker with someone like him?”

“Kick him out, kick him out!”

“Hey come on, Young Master Wang, just let us deal with him! Why do you need to do it yourself?”

Gu Yan swept his gaze over with scorn. He could kill these drunken fools with the wind of his breath if he wanted to. If not for those behind their backs, why would he even bother?

“What do you plan to do if I stay?”Gu Yan turned back to look at Wang Duo, his eyes ripe with provocation.

He did not have the interest nor the patience to clean up each of these brats. As long as he settled Wang Duo, nobody would dare to even speak back to him.

Wang Duo revealed a look of interest in his eyes as he watched Gu Yan, this made him think.

If this was the previous Gu Yan, he would probably have already been crawling on the ground in fear. But the current Gu Yan looked as if everything was just a farce in front of his eyes. It really was such a dazzling sight that it was hard to look straight at him……Even he could hardly ignore the urge……

Of course, this Gu Yan……Was worth his time to give him a good look. Since he was asking for a fight, what reason did he have to not accept?

They just happened to have some great conditions on hand right now. Wang Duo leaned over and smiled:”Then let’s go for a race. You win, we write off the thing. But if you lose——I’ll make it so you can’t ever stand straight in the capital. How about it?”


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  1. Seriously?! A fcking race?? I wanted to see some asskicking!!! But then again, this is the safest way to humiliate them without causing too much trouble…. *sigh* I guess We’ll just have to see the a-hole lose a race…..

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