DBHW Chapter 67

For some reason I kinda want Wang Duo to be ML4, am I the only one?

“Sure”Gu Yan quickly agreed.

When they heard that Gu Yan agreed to race Wang Duo, Zhang Qin and the others looked at Gu Yan as if he was an idiot. They all had smug looks on their faces as if they could already see the look on Gu Yan’s face when he loses the race, and had to leave the capital.

How amazing was Wang Duo?

Wang Duo was a very capable guy. As a silver-spooned prince, you basically had a variety of a single toy if he liked to play with it, and racing was one of his favourites. But he just had to be different from those other silver-spooned kids……Some people are born pampered by God, and even in envy, the gap between you and them would feel too great for you to even begin catching up to them. And Wang Duo happened to be that type.

He excelled in everything he did, always going up and above all the rest, and would always come out first in a race. If he tried to gamble, even the casino would kindly ask him to stop……Wang Duo’s ability in racing was world-class, but he did not actually mean to bully anyone when he proposed a race.

He did not think it was anything, nor did he think he was that amazing either. He just thought it happened to be convenient at the time.

And the Gu Yan in front of him did not seem like a person he should look down on.

If he looked down on Gu Yan, he would regret it——Wang Duo had a hunch.

Unconsciously, he had already started to regard Gu Yan as an opponent who was equal to him. Even though this thought felt ridiculous even to him, it was a fact.

Wang Duo pointed to the front,”We’ll go from here to the petrol station about ten kilometres at the front, then we’ll turn back. Whoever reaches here first is the winner, you got any problems with that?”

Gu Yan shook his head indifferently.

Wang Duo nodded:”Then let’s start.”

He returned to his own car and got in. The moment he put his hands on the steering wheel, his eyes instantly became focused. He drove a white Koenigsegg, nicknamed ‘Ghost’. This was one of Wang Duo’s favourite cars, and had accompanied him as he sped through the roads on breakneck speeds for countless times.

Gu Yan had never gotten down his car from the start to the end of this entire ordeal. He started up his car casually and a roar came from the deep blue sports car.

Wang Duo looked over to him, and all he saw was Gu Yan’s sharp profile.

After a moment, he retracted his gaze.

Zhang Qin had already long been standing ready at the side. Seeing that both of them were already ready to go, he gave a loud yell:”Go!”

Both the white and blue cars sped out like two flashes of lightning!

The director and the crew could do nothing but watch at this moment. And at this point, they have all already figured out that this all happened because of Gu Yan. All the good impressions he had of Gu Yan previously was now gone like the wind. Facing the competition between these rich kids, they did not know whether they should stay or leave.

Later, when one of the staff members tried to sneak away, they were stopped. When they tried to force their way past them, they ended up getting beaten up instead. Seeing that, they all got rid of any ideas they had, and hung around obediently. It seems like it would be best if they did not have any fancy thoughts before this race ended.

Zhang Qin sneered and looked in mocking at the crew.

Originally, they could’ve just ignored the crew. Just destroying their equipment was enough, but they just wanted to see Gu Yan in a tough spot. As long as he could make life even a little bit harder for Gu Yan, he was willing to do it. With this, it would be hard for Gu Yan to even stay in the entertainment industry in the future.

Everyone knows that those who provoked their Young Master Wang would be driven away from the capital!

If you didn’t want to end up like that, then you should stay far away from that plague Gu Yan!

But strictly speaking, Gu Yan had only gotten his driver’s license for less than a year. According to the regulations, he was not allowed to even use the expressway, much less something like street racing. But nobody here cared about any laws in the first place. Their speeds were already hitting 200 miles per hour and it was still constantly on the rise.

Besides competing in speed and reaction time, street racing is also a test to see whether you feared death or not. Fortunately, not only was Gu Yan not afraid of death, he also had great reaction speed. The numbers on the speedometer were constantly rising up, and the scenery on both sides had already turned into mere lines. He was going so fast that you practically could not see anything.

But Wang Duo was even faster.

Wang Duo had been playing around with the cars at home before he even reached adulthood, and he became even wilder when he got his driving license. At the end of all this, normal cars could not satisfy him anymore, and he gradually got into race cars.

For him, a car was already something that blended in with him as part of his identity. When he was in his car, it felt like it was part of him. And he had never cared for his life when he raced on the streets. None of those lackeys of his ever dared to race with Wang Duo.

After a long time, Wang Duo also started to feel bored. But he would never have expected that Gu Yan would actually give him a hard time today. Instantly, Wang Duo had to give it his 120%.

Stepping down on the accelerator, Gu Yan’s car made a roar as it strove to catch up with Wang Duo’s car. Soon, with Wang Duo at the front and Gu Yan behind, they both reached the petrol station.

Wang Duo made a beautiful turn, losing almost no speed as he did, and started to head back. Gu Yan followed closely behind him, but he fell a little behind at the curve, and they ended up a car’s length apart. If you compared their driving skills, Wang Duo was indeed the more skillful one. He had spent more than a dozen years of his time and effort on this. But for Gu Yan, cars were something he had only came in contact with just after he came to the human world. Driving every so often was fine, but he could not be as familiar with a car as Wang Duo’s car was to him. The one thing a strong demon felt the most familiarity with was themselves, not some tool for transportation.

Despite this, Gu Yan’s skills could already sweep the floor with the majority of the humans. But when compared to an expert who had gone through countless races, he was a tad behind. This actually made him feel slightly displeased, just like how an adult human could easily pinch an ant to death, but ants were considered one of the more hardiest creatures when you compared them with everything else in this world.

Gu Yan’s pupils sharpened as his car started to drift bit by bit away from Wang Duo’s car.

He can’t lose.

In the distance, Zhang Qin was craning his neck and looked nervously at the front. Even though he felt that Wang Duo would definitely win, it still scratched at him if he did not see it with his own eyes. After a good while, he finally saw the figures of the two cars that were currently driving back.

What he saw was extremely different from the scene he expected of the blue car being completely out of sight. The two cars were very close to each other with only the width of a car of space separating them. Even though Wang Duo was at the front, it wasn’t an assuring distance, and it even seemed like he was unable to shake him off!

Zhang Qin was shocked. He knew Wang Duo’s level, and it was definitely at the level of a professional’s. Nobody dared to play with him in this circle, even the famed expert in their country was nothing to him. Winning Gu Yan in a race was supposed to be something unsuspenseful, but he never would have thought……

No matter what, he just had to win now!

They would definitely drive Gu Yan out of the capital this time! Zhang Qin’s eyes were determined.

Seeing that they were only a few hundred metres from the goal, winning would come in just the blink of an eye at their speed!

In the eyes of the others, the outcome had already been fixed!

But Gu Yan did not think so. A sneer curled up his lips.

Suddenly, he pressed down hard on the accelerator, and turned his steering wheel to the left! It was very dangerous for him to make such a turn at this speed! But Gu Yan did not care. The blue car instantly hit the side of the white car!

Everything happened very quickly. Before Wang Duo even realized what happened, all he could feel was a shocking vibration!

Gu Yan’s car smashed the side of the white car, directly pushing the white car towards the guard rail. At the incredible speed of his acceleration, he pushed the white car over a distance of more than a hundred meters, emitting a harsh screech of friction! Spars were flying everywhere! And the guardrail was bent in!

Then, Gu Yan stepped on the brakes abruptly, pulled the hand brakes, and forcibly stopped the two cars that were sliding along the guard rails. The back of his car spun around, and finally stopped!

Since he had crashed into Wang Duo’s car, the bumper of the blue car had practically fallen off, and the tail of his car had surpassed the white car by about a dozen centimetres. When the car stopped, it just happened to land on the line!

Zhang Qin and his group as well as the director was dumbfounded at the sight, their hearts jumped in their chests so hard it practically reached their eyes.

Is this the real life The Fast and the Furious?

What did they just see? For Gu Yan to actually hit Wang Duo at that speed, was he insane?! Is he tired of living?! Was he trying to kill Wang Duo? Zhang Qin could only feel a cold breeze tingling at his heart. What a lunatic, he was suddenly starting to feel afraid……Their lives were precious to them, it was not worth it to die together like that……

The director could only feel his legs shaking. Even though he did not know who Wang Duo was, he knew one of the younger members of his family. That kid had an amazing family, so it was not hard to figure out Wang Duo’s identity……If anything happened to Wang Duo, even he would probably be dead……

After thinking of this terrible consequence, everyone held their breaths. It felt like the entire scene had been paused, nobody was moving.

At this time, Gu Yan was the first to move.

He opened his car door, but since it was a bit bent out of shape, it was stuck. He used a bit of force, and the car came off with a ‘crack’, finally making way for him.

Gu Yan fixed his collar and stepped out with his long legs, taking step by step over to Wang Duo’s car. He said:”I win.”

Wang Duo’s vision dimmed. The suddenly impact was out of his expectations, so there was nothing at all he could have done. Even if he was able to react to it in time, he still would not be able to do anything…… He was secured in place by his safety belt, and his car was hit so hardly that even his airbag had popped out. The back of his car was completely deformed from the crash, and if not for the extreme safety measures installed in this sports car that was worth over a dozen million yuan, he would’ve already died.

But now, even if he did not die, he was still in a very bad condition.

He forced himself to open his eyes and saw Gu Yan standing right in front of him. That cold face without the slightest hint of an expression was looking at him, and he told him he had won.

The brains of Zhang Qin and the others seemed to just have been turned on as they gradually started to react to what had just happened. They rushed over in a swarm, quickly trying to save Wang Duo!

If anything would’ve happened to Wang Duo, even they would not have gotten out of this easy!

Thinking about this point, they were all starting to feel scared.

But since Wang Duo’s car was between the blue one and the guard rails, the damage it received was more severe. That group of people all had thin and lanky arms with no energy, and even after a long day’s work, they still were not able to open the car door with their weak arms.

Several of them stood around the car door and struggled with it while some had already taken out their phones to call for emergency.

The remaining few looked at each other, and all swarmed Gu Yan as if a spark went through all their minds at the same time. They were all onlookers to what went on today, but Gu Yan was the perpetrator! Since Gu Yan dared to do such a thing, he shouldn’t even think of running away. It would still be alright if Wang Duo was fine, they could leave Gu Yan here so he could vent when he was out. But if anything happened to Wang Duo, Gu Yan would had to remain here for his family to vent!

Amongst them, Zhang Qin felt the most afraid. Wang Duo had come under his suggestion, so if anything were to happen to him, there would be no way he could escape from the Wang family’s rage. They definitely had to pin the blame firmly on Gu Yan’s head this time, and make sure it sticks!

“What are you waiting for?! Get him! For him to actually dare to go for Young Master Wang’s life, we definitely can’t let him run!”Zhang Qin yelled out fiercely.

Everyone’s thoughts were just about the same, and instantly, they all rushed towards Gu Yan in a group!

Gu Yan revealed a mocking grin. He spread his arms and went towards them like a tiger entering a sheep’s pen! In just a few simple moves, he sent this group of pampered rich kids all falling tot he ground! This fight ended with no suspense at all, and everything came to an end very quickly. He controlled his strength very carefully so he did not actually hurt any of them. There was no need to listen to how much they were screaming, it was just a small flesh wound. But he took special care when dealing with Zhang Qin, that injury was enough for him to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks.

Things would be no good for Gu Yan if they all ended up in the hospital, but it was no big deal if only one of them ended up in the hospital. When these rich kids fought, some of them would end up with just light injuries, and sometimes they would end up with worse injuries, this was normal. Besides, nobody lost their lives, you win some you lose some when you gamble, it was justifiable.

Gu Yan stepped on the chest of one of the guys closest to him, and leaned over slightly. He looked cheerfully at their angry and pained faces, and after waiting for them to be done hurling their insults at him, he slowly said:”if you want to, you can call the caps on me too, no?”

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  1. haha i thought i was the only one that felt that way about wan duo!

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  2. YESSSS!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡
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  3. Thanks for translating! Pft, dumb a-holes are just asking for death~~~~ But what the hell is GY gonna do now? At first he didn’t want to cause too much trouble, but in the end the result is so much worse than if he just smashed their faces in! ( ・◇・)?What’s my baby gonna do now???

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  4. I agree. If he didn’t almost get killed by him he’d be ideal.

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