DBHW Chapter 65

Thanks to Director Zou’s great wealth of fame and the strong advertising campaigns they did at the early stages, the seats were packed during the movie’s release, and they even managed to score over hundred million in the box office on the first day!

Through word of mouth, things quickly spread on the internet, and those who saw the premiere all expressed their admirations for Director Zou. As expected of Director Zou, the movie was clearly from a niche genre, but he still managed to keep the attention of the audience the whole way through, not a single person left for a toilet break throughout the entire movie! And not only was the camera and editing work splendid, the actors also performed very well. No need to mention Jiang Cheng, even the flowerpot Xu Qian’s performance was remarkable. But the most striking one was still the newcomer Gu Yan who had never acted in a single movie!

In his first performance, Gu Yan had already landed a high-difficulty role of a villain with multiple personalities, and his performance was also very good. The movie had everything anyone could ever ask for, and countless fans emerged in a single night! It was simply stunning!

Due to news of the movie being passed around by word of mouth, not only did the box office not decline in the next few days, it was even on the rise!

They had already broken through 1 billion on the first week!

Gu Yan’s worth in the entertainment circle practically doubled, and numerous endorsements and invitations were sent to his door. But they were all rejected by Xu Ming, the company would only choose the ones suitable for him.

At this time, the car endorsement they had agreed on had finally entered the shooting stage.

This was a long-established car brand that produced cars of superior quality, and all their sports cars have always been known for their beautiful appearance and strong performance, it was a brand deeply loved by car enthusiasts. Even though the price made it so that only those with sufficient financial strength could afford one, it still did not stop the brand from reaching this reputation and status with their countless fans.

Gu Yan did not know much about cars, but even if he didn’t, standing in front of the dark blue sports car provided by the manufacturer now, he could still tell whether it was a good or bad car.

A deep blue colour not unlike that of the night sky with streams of lines on the frame that made the car look beautifully arrogant, and at the same time, wild and aggressive. No wonder humans liked these things, they could satisfy their interests and show off their style at the same time.

This was the flagship model that was worth millions at the very least.

But Gu Yan had the money, and immediately told Xu Ming to buy him one after his work was done. Even if he was just pretending to be a human, he would still not mistreat himself.

You could not enjoy such pleasures in the demon world, the only thing given to the demons by God was their strength and the instincts to kill. With all that, they were not left with the ability to admire beauty at all. The palace within the territory of the demon world was already considered a luxury, but compared to what humans had, you could not even compare it with a normal building on the streets. The only it could compare with them was its size……It had to be said that humans were not completely without their redeeming qualities.

When the time comes……Grouping the humans up and making them serve him still would not be a bad choice.

Gu Yan pulled up his tie and revealed a slight curve on his lips.

With a black striped double-breasted suit, a meticulously done deep blue tie, pressed collars and cuffs, black, shined leather shoes, his hair neatly combed back, and a cool and stern curve upon his eyes, he appeared just like a mature and elegant traditional British aristocrat who exuded a contrasting charm that was both abstinent yet attractive at the same time.

Gu Yan had a great body with his wide shoulders, narrow waist, and big long legs, his image when put along with the car he leaned of formed a perfect image.

The director looked at Gu Yan with satisfaction, and the final thread of worry finally disappeared from his heart. When mentioning how Gu Yan got this contract, he was 100% sure he had done it through the help of his contacts. If not for the Fu group being a shareholder of this car brand, and how the entrance of this brand was also supported and operated by Fu Zhe Chuan himself, the candidate for this endorsement would definitely not be Gu Yan.

Even though Gu Yan’s appearance was good, there was no shortage of good-looking people in this world. Even so, not everyone had the right aura to endorse this car.

The director was feeling worried since the shooting had been delayed again and again, until the movie 《Sins of the Heart》 was released recently. After watching the movie, he had a big chance of heart in his impression towards Gu Yan. In addition, Gu Yan was very popular now, he was no longer the nobody that no one cared for previously. For them to be the first to release this advertisement was enough to turn a lot of heads, and they were able to occupy a big advantage.

The only worry they had was that Gu Yan might not be suitable for the car. But now it seems that he had been worrying too much.

When put together, the image they created was perfect, and they both complemented each other very well.

It could even be said that Gu Yan’s style was the reason the image of the car improved.

The shooting and design for the advertisement did not take too long since this was just the advertisement for a car, so naturally, it was time to drive.

There was nothing you could complain about with Gu Yan’s driving skills. After a test drive, the director immediately insisted that they would not need a stunt double to replace him, just Gu Yan was fine. Be it shifting, sprinting, or drifting, he was able to do it all smoothly in one go. He was not any worse if at all compared to the professional stunt driver.

Gu Yan sat within the deep blue sports car while the photographers took shots of him from all angles with a helicopter hovering right overhead. After getting shots from several angles, they will all be clipped into pieces at the very end.

The director called for action, and Gu Yan immediately sped out with a step on the accelerator!

With his eyes focused straight ahead and his lips taut, his unsmiling face showed a look of indifference. The hand of the speedometer on the dashboard was turning fast, but he seemed as if he was gradually feeling dissatisfied with the constraints. He opened the rood of the car and allowed the cold breeze to flow in that buzzed next to his ear, and messed up his meticulous hairstyle.

He reached over to pull away his tie, throwing it out directly before undoing the top two buttons of his shirt, revealing a slight glimpse of his firm chest. At this moment, his hair had already been blown into a mess……Messy strands of hair fell on his face, but his sharp eyes were revealed between them. The way his lips slightly curled into a cold smile now showed a great disparity from his previously abstinent appearance, and his look now was both wild and sexy.

The director was watching the footage from the camera, and could not stop yelling his cheers.

The only thing in his mind now was that there was nobody better than Gu Yan for this advertisement, and thank god their company did not reject the candidate provided to them by Fu Zhe Chuan. It seems that Director Fu was not using his power for personal gain, but rather, he could see things others could not.

The shooting was going on very smoothly, and Gu Yan turned the steering wheel according the plan. All he had to do was turn at the front and go back.

But when the car just reached the left turn, more than a dozen sports cars of various models suddenly appeared at the empty road in the front, blocking the road off completely! Ten beams of light shined towards Gu Yan. He narrowed his eyes slightly and slammed on the brakes as he looked coldly at the front.

For the sake of this advertisement, the crew had already called the local traffic control department early on. This was also situated in a very remote area, so generally nobody would come here.

Sot his was definitely not a coincidence.

What’s more, this had the heavy taste of someone picking a fight……Even a fool could feel it.

All sorts of colours could be found in that formation of sports cars, from red, white, to black, all luxurious branded sports cars. Even the lowest grade out of all the cars was worth at least one million. There was the newly released Porsche 911, and also a new model from Bugatti. From appearance alone, you could tell many of them were modified cars. The roar that burst out at this moment was deafening……There were some who came over to enjoy the show, and also those holding their beautiful babes and making out in their car.

At the forefront was a white Koenigsegg Agera, and from it came a young man dressed in a black windbreaker with a neatly cut short crop. As he walked over leisurely, he lit himself a cigarette.

Following his steps, the other vehicles were turned off, and the area became quiet.

Gu Yan pondered on it for a moment before he finally realized that this was someone the original host had known. And thinking about this now, he even seemed to have come with some ‘vengeance’.

The realm of the capital was littered with high officials, and the wealthy were as plenty as the dogs. Of course, you could also not forget that group of rich and lawless young masters. The idlers were plenty, so naturally, all sorts of fights would break out amongst them. But even so, if they had to pick a leader out of this group, then it could be no one else but Wang Duo.

The Wang family stood at the top of the wealthy families in the capital, and were a step further than even the Song family. After all, the old head of the Song family had a weak body, so he had already retired for many years. But the old head of the Wang family was still healthy and going strong, even appearing often in the news. There were also plenty of capable people on the coming generation, so their power was set in stone.

But when it came to the generation of their grandchildren, there was still a single black sheep, and that was Wang Duo.

So even if you only looked at his family, taking Wang Duo as the leader was also reasonable, but the reason everyone submitted to him was not just because of that; he still had his glorious record of running the city for ten years since he was only sixteen years old.

Ten years, that was long enough to start dozens of legends.

Compared to Wang Duo, with Gu Yan’s level among these silver-spooned princes, he, as an illegitimate child who could not see the light, was not even qualified to be a lackey. Take for example right now, if you were to mention the elders of the group of youngsters behind Wang Duo, you could easily be scared to death. Each of them had amazing family backgrounds that were no less than the Gu family.

Therefore, a silver-spooned prince with even bit of brains would know who they could provoke in the capital, and who they could not. Such as Wang Duo, they could definitely never afford to offend him. If you ever bump into this group of people, you would definitely be forced to stand down. A bunch of lawless madmen were scary enough, but a bunch of lawless lunatics with a deep background was only to be provoked if you’ve had enough of your life.

But it just so happened……That the original Gu Yan was a brainless silver-spooned rich boy.

As a simple illegitimate child, he had a limited view of the world. He had also been spoiled silly by Gu Zong Han, leaving him with little to no knowledge of society, and thought himself to be the greatest lord under the skies.

As a silver-spooned prince, he did not have any special hobbies, it was nothing more than eating, drinking, hitting on chicks, and gambling.

It was not like he did not go out much either. For some time, he had been particularly obsessed with the pianist at Tianhe Bar. That woman was indeed quite pretty too, but the original host was so madly in love that he ended up fighting for her affection quite often with other men. Until one day, he ended up fighting for her with Wang Duo.

Speaking about that, it had been quite an embarrassing scene.

After all, Wang Duo was not even interested in that pianist, he still had pretty high taste. But it was by coincidence that one of his underlings heard about the fame of this pianist, so they had the idea to ask that woman over to drink with them. And in the end, they were noticed by the original host. The original host had been chasing that pianist for a good month or so, and did not even get to hold her hand. At the end of all that, he found that the goddess of his heart had been pulled over to drink with someone, how could he bear that? He started a conflict with those people on the spot, and got into a fight.

Wang Duo had been waiting all day long and did not see her appearance, so he went out to see what he was going on, just to find that his own underling was fighting with Gu Yan until they were both bloody messes.

Gu Yan did not know who Wang Duo was either, he just thought he was someone the other party had found to help him out. His mind was so filled with anger at that time that there was no brain juice left for him to think of anything else, so he rushed over with bloodshot eyes. Wang Duo’s guard was down for a moment, and ended up taking a punch for him!

Does he still even have any space to live?!

How many years had it been since anyone has last seen even a single stand of the young master’s hair be touched? What kind of idiot is this, even daring to hit their Young Master Wang? Everyone went up together and beat the original host until he was half dead.

And even told him to get the hell out of the capital!

It ended up in quite a big mess. When Gu Zong Han saw how badly his son was beaten when he was sent back, he could not bear the pain in his heart. But when he heard about what happened, that pain soon diminished.

Don’t even say that Gu Yan was not the one firs tin the wrong in this case, even if Gu Yan was the one responsible, he could also do nothing but swallow his anger. After what happened that day, Gu Zong Han was worried that Gu Yan would be offed if he let him out, so he could only shut him up in the house. But the original host did not appreciate it, he got angry instead. He felt that not only did Gu Zong Han refuse to help him, he even shut him up in the house. And due to how hurt he felt, he decided to run away from home.

With that one trip, he ended up taking himself to Haiyun City and became a small-time star, and in the end, died by someone else’s plot.

Gu Yan raised a brow. He had some idea now after knowing all this why Wang Duo would suddenly appear here.

As the great Young Master Wang who kept his promises, he had asked the original host to get the hell out of the capital before, and he did, but now that he dared to come back in such a high-profile way, then that would just mean a slap in the face for him. How could he tolerate that?


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