DBHW Chapter 55

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Qin Yao did not know why he came here again, but it felt like he was cutting his own heart with a blunt knife every time he did, tearing heartlessly through his old scar that had yet to fully heal, until blood finally flowed from the seam.

But he did not wish to forget this pain. This was the only thing way he could feel that he was still alive.

During this time, when he thought of that person, he would also occasionally remember Gu Yan inadvertently.

When he hears news about Gu Yan, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from caring.

He couldn’t help but wonder, if that person was alive, would he also be the same……?

Today, Qin Yao had seen Gu Yan’s interview on the programme. Seeing the host’s tricks and Gu Yan’s confident and uncompromising answer, a long-lost pain rose up from his heart, and also……Anger towards all of this.

Why was this world always filled with malice? Gu Yan’s life was already hard, why did he have to suffer such tricks and defamation?

If people could have more trust and goodwill for that person at that time……Would the tragedy not happen?

But at the end of it, these were only his wishes that would never come true……He hated how weak he was at that time, hated that he had come too late. Even if the sky was to fall down onto the earth now, avenging him for everything that grieved him, it would still not bring him back.

A world like this should just be destroyed, what worth was there in protecting it?

These were the thoughts that Qin Yao sometimes had.

But he……was always reluctant to disobey the wishes of that person.

If he really did that, then that person would definitely be very disappointed with him, right?

As long as the possibility of that comes to mind, he would feel immeasurable fear.

And so, after all these years, eh had always stuck to his commitment towards that person, not changing even the slightest bit.

Before Qin Yao came out, he had made a phone call to make sure that the host who tried to trouble Gu Yan would never be able to appear on any other show any longer. How could a lowly person like him without any morals be qualified to be a mouthpiece of public opinions?

With the position he held now, there was already nobody who would offend him. Rarely would he commit such acts of bullying through the use of his power, but he did not hesitate to do so today.

He did nto want Gu Yan to be slandered by such people, and they should pay for their actions.

He thought about Gu Yan again. He wondered what he was doing right now, would he feel angry and upset……?He wanted to know Gu Yan’s current situation, and wanted to show his concern. These uncontrollable feelings were tugging at him, but he could not take a single step.

He told himself that he should not do what he shouldn’t.

Suddenly, panic broke out in front of him. Qin Yao frowned. He passed through the heavy crowd and saw a man kneeling on the ground. The man was supporting himself with one hand on the ground, and another tightly clasped around his head as if he was suffering a great pain.

Perhaps this person had an illness that was suddenly acting up.

Qin Yao turned around indifferently and was ready to leave, but he suddenly saw him raise his head.

That face was as pale as a sheet of paper, and his handsome face was distorted by the pain.

……In that moment, Gu Yan’s face seemed to overlap with that person’s……

Why did Gu Yan appear here? And why was he in this condition? Qin Yao did not even think of these questions, his actions were already a step quicker than his thoughts. In the blink of an eye, he passed through the crowd and came in front of Gu Yan!

Gu Yan was holding his head tightly in his hands.

His vision was blurred, and could only see the flickering figures around him……

With all his effort, he was able to retain his last shred of consciousness so as not to expose his demonic form under the influence of the pain. But he could not even move a single step. The pain was crashing down onto him like a great mountain, ready to crush his spine, and break his limbs, destroying him completely! So that he could never be able to be reborn for the rest of his life, forever unable to free himself!

He needed to leave this place……he had to leave……

But he could not do it……

For him to be so powerless, and in so much pain. This……miserable situation of his, was the first in his long life.

Even in the cruel and vicious world of the demons, he had never felt this sense of pain and despair.

He could not escape, he could not leave.

He may not be able to persist any longer, but he will hold onto his consciousness that would allow him to continue hiding his true form, and preventing the humans from killing him ruthlessly. Or……He might not even be able to hold on for an hour. Before that, he would’ve died from the torture of this incessant pain.

The people around him were avoiding him out of fright, or they just watched him at the side, none of them came to help.

But it was understandable, he must appear to be very frightening right now……

Give up, no one will come……It has always been this way……Just die in despair.

Gu Yan raised his head, and revealed a strange but terrifying smile.

What was so scary about death?

He did not care in the least.

He was just bitter, bitter about failing this way……

Suddenly, a hand reached out to him.

Holding him into their embrace.

Then, his legs left the ground, and his whole person had been lifted off the ground.

After leaving the ground, the pain had instantly eased by a lot. Gu Yan sighed from his numbing oppression, and focused his gaze, seeing the person in front of him.

The person who reached out to him in his despair……Was Qin Yao.

Qin Yao looked at him, revealing a look of anxiety and worry in his eyes. He asked,”What happened to you?”

Gu Yan did not answer, this all felt very ironic to him.

At the time when he had given up……The one who held out a helping hand to him was actually Qin Yao who hated demons the most. If Qin Yao knew the truth, he would definitely find this as ironic as he did.

But at this moment, he would not let go of this person who could help him.

No matter who it was, it was fine.

Gu Yan’s body collapsed into Qin Yao’s arms, and he spat out several words with difficulty through his gritted teeth,”Take, me, away, from here.”

Qin Yao nodded, and responded to him in a grave tone,”Nothing will happen to you.”

Saying that, he took Gu Yan away as fast as possible.

After leaving that street, the overwhelming pain he had just suffered disappeared in an instant.

Finally relaxing from the tightness, Gu Yan could not hold on anymore, and lost consciousness completely.


Gu Yan had the same repeating nightmare that night.

In his dream, his body was torn apart, again and again, repeating endlessly……

He opened his eyes and found himself in an unfamilliar room.

His consciousness finally returned to his mind. It was Qin Yao who appeared in the crowd at that time, and took him away from there.

Which means, this should be Qin Yao’s residence……

He sat up in bed and looked down, finding that he was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday. Even though it felt a little uncomfortable, he still felt a sense of relief. Thankfully, Qin Yao was not the type of considerate person who would change his clothes for him, otherwise he would discover the scars on his chest, and his identity would be exposed.

Gu Yan opened the door and went out. The place had the historical and traditional style, its appearance was like that of the home of a monastic old man.

Sure enough, Qin Yao was as stiff and boring as ever, even his place was plain.

He lived in a villa with only one floor, but the area was large. From the windows, you could see the scenery on the outside. There was dense greenery flourishing in the woods, and the place was very quiet. A little path broke through the ground, entering into the depths of the forest, and not a single could be seen anywhere.

Gu Yan did not intend to stay in Qin Yao’s territory any longer than he needed to, it would be too dangerous.

He was prepared to leave directly.

But unfortunately, he bumped into the returning Qin Yao as soon as he opened the door.

Qin Yao was dressed in a black Tang suit with a pair of cloth shoes, appearing very casual. He observed Gu Yan and revealed a light smile, asking,”Do you feel any better?”

Gu Yan paused for a moment, but he nodded. He did not know how much Qin Yao knew about him……

“I’ve checked your body, there’s nothing wrong. If we go by reason, that should not have happened to you.”Qin Yao then said,”Do you know what happened yesterday?”

Hearing this, Gu Yan sighed in relief. It seems Qin Yao was not able to figure anything out. In fact, he did not even think about what happened last night at all, and even less did he understand why that would happen to him. But he would definitely not tell Qin Yao this.

“Perhaps the pressure on me has been too big recently and I felt too stiff.”Gu Yan put on a plain smile, his face appeared to say that he did not care, and that it was nothing big.

“It seemed serious.”Qin Yao observed Gu Yan.

“It was slightly hard to take at that time, but I’m fine now. Thank you for yesterday.”Said Gu Yan.

Qin Yao was silent for a moment. He pondered on it before speaking,”I saw the programme you were on, you shouldn’t mind it too much. An innocent man will eventually be cleared of suspicions.”

But now, Gu Yan really felt that this was quite unexpected. Qin Yao actually watched the programme he was on and even tried to comfort him.

If one did not understand the inner workings of a human cultivator, then they would feel that it was nothing different from a greeting like ‘nice weather today’. But he was very clear what sort of virtues a human cultivator had, and they were all old-fashioned and strict people who had their minds pure from all desire, even to an insane degree. Of course, there were small numbers of them with more ‘personality’, and were independent, special. But, he did not think that Qin Yao belonged to that minority. He was practically the standard example for all human cultivators, he truly displayed the suffocating life of a human cultivator to the extreme. And so, something like watching an entertainment programme really was too unlike Qin Yao’s style……

Gu Yan raised a brow and started to feel an impulse to tease him,”I really don’t think it’s a big deal, if you don’t have haters in the entertainment circle, then you’re not popular enough, I’d say it’s a healthy thing to go through. But you on the other hand……I didn’t expect that you would actually watch my programme, it’s truly quite flattering, I’m shocked!”

Qin Yao’s handsome face had always been stiff and emotionless. If he had any emotions then you would generally not be able to see them. Like right now, his embarrassment was covered up very well. Actually, he felt slightly regretful now that he had said it. It felt like some little thoughts of his were being pried into……He paused for a moment before saying:”I saw it by coincidence since I generally only look at that station.”

Do you think I really couldn’t see through your disguise?! Gu Yan almost could not help curling up his lips into a smile.

Who made him such a bad little demon?

As long as he could shake him once, then he could do it twice, and thrice, until you are no longer any threat to me, and would allow me to play with you.

Gu Yan took a step towards him naturally and turned his head to the side, revealing to Qin Yao an indifferent smile. From this angle, his pale and exquisite face revealed some reluctance to admit his loss, as well as a shred of weakness that was heavily concealed. He said,”Do you know why I don’t care about what they say? Because I believe that someone out there trusts me, and supports me. With these people, even if I have to face this gossiping, I still have the courage to face them. I believe that humans are good by nature.”

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    2. “During the Chen dynasty, this was the downtown area of those days and was very prosperous……Generally, prisoners who were found guilty were executed here……After several dynasties, the location still did not change……”

      “Gu Yan smirked. The two seemed almost to have reached the centre point of the two streets……”

      “Qin Yao did not know why he came here again, but it felt like he was cutting his own heart with a blunt knife every time he did, tearing heartlessly through his old scar that had yet to fully heal, until blood finally flowed from the seam.”

      Pretty sure the place Gu Yan’s episode occurred is the place he died in his previous life. Presumably he was executed publicly(right near the center, where everyone could see), likely unjustly. And there’s a 99.9999…% chance he’s the person Qin Yao is hung up on.

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