DBHW Chapter 54

Gu Yan did not originally intend to see Bai Ya. He had practically forgotten all about Bai Ya since what happened last time. He would never have expected her to suddenly seek him out.

He really did not expect that this woman still had some skills, that she was able to find out where he lived.

After all, she was the mother of this body. Actually, as long as she did not come to provoke him, Gu Yan still did not mind allowing her to live. But if she intends to latch onto him in this way, then she would better not blame him for being impolite.

Gu Yan’s eyes turned slightly cold.

Xiao Hu invited Bai Ya to enter respectfully. Even though he felt very curious, he knew that it was time for him to excuse himself, so he closed the door and left.

Bai Ya looked a bit sloppier than she did previously, and she did not seem to have dressed up at all. She had a plain appearance, that though appeared a little old, made her seem less frivolous.

For the sake of saving her on that night, Gu Yan ended up injured. She had wanted to catch up to him on that night, but she had been knocked unconscious by that strange man. By the time she woke up and wanted to look for Gu Yan, she was not able to find him no matter what. It felt as if someone had covered up Gu Yan’s tracks completely.

She stayed in Haiyun City for some time, but still she could no thing but give up in the end. She returned to the capital, but she still kept her eyes peeled for any news concerning Gu Yan.

Until she finally saw the live broadcast of the programme.

She had been staying in the capital for many years. Right now, there was no mistress in the Gu family, and her position as the illegitimate lover with a child had also risen after the madam’s death, and was barely able to enter the upper circle. Even though she still understood that the other rich ladies of the upper circle still looked down on her, she still persisted in appearing indifferent. Now that she knew that Gu Yan was in the capital, she could not care about her face anymore. She immediately made use of her contacts, contacting the wife of a deputy director, putting on a smile and pleading for her help, eventually managing to find clues of Gu Yan’s foothold.

When she saw Gu Yan again, her mood was complicated.

For the past twenty years, she had not paid much attention to this son of hers. But now, she regretted it, but this child did not need her any longer.

“What are you here for?”Gu Yan gave her a faint glance. His inside voice was thinking that if this woman still did not know her place, then he would not mind letting her enjoy the same treatment Li Wen Bo got.

Bai Ya opened her mouth. There were so many things she wanted to say, but finally, what came out of her mouth was:”I just wanted to see you.”

Gu Yan raised a brow and a look of mocking appeared in his eyes. So she’s switching up her tactics now?

Bai Ya watched Gu Yan’s expression and felt a pang of pain run through her heart. Was the her right now really not even the little bit trustworthy? But who could she blame? It was all her own fault, she had never once paid attention to her child’s feelings. But right now, she knew to look at everything in Gu Yan’s angle, she knew that Gu Yan was truly unhappy in the Gu Family, and knew that Gu Yan had suffered a lot. She had never cared about any of this in the past, only what she could get for herself. But now, she did not want to go on with that anymore.

No matter Gu Yan believed her or not.

This was her son, the child she had in her for ten months, was there anything that could possible be more important to her than him? How could she ever sacrifice him for such irrelevant things in her life……How could she be so obsessed with all of that before? Did she really have to reach the end of the line before she can finally understand what was important to her?

She thought about a lot of things in this time, but there were some she still could not touch upon in her thoughts, lest she end up unable to sleep at night.

“I know you don’t want to go back, so I won’t force you anymore.”Bai Ya’s smile was sullen and her lips were pale,”Besides, you have two brothers there anyway, you don’t have to worry about your father’s birthday feast. You’ve also grown up now, and you’ve got your own life to live, it’s fine as long as you’re happy.”

“Really?”Gu Yan looked at Bai Ya and laughed.

“Mom knows I’ve done a lot of wrong in the past, and I don’t expect you to forgive me at once……”Bai Ya looked at Gu Yan, and her eyes were slightly sour,”It’s fine even if you can’t trust me now, but please give me a chance to make up to you, okay?”

Gu Yan was slightly silent.

He looked at Bai Ya. Her eyes were clear and sincere, without any hint of fakeness. If she had been putting up a false front, then her acting ability would really by unimaginable.

Could this woman really have found her way back?

When Gu Yan came to this conclusion, he suddenly felt that this was very ridiculous and sad. The original host really was a pitiful bastard. For him to care so much about his own mother, but still being abandoned by her; meanwhile, Gu Yan did not care about this woman at all, but this woman ended up feeling the need to care for him, and giving him the motherly love that he didn’t even need.

Is there even meaning to this belated care she was trying to give?

When something’s happened, then it’s happened, there’s no way to turn time back, or any way to start over.

However……Since she wasn’t here to look for trouble, then he’ll let her off this once, or so Gu Yan thought.

He felt that this was a rare chance for his generosity.

“If you’re only here to say this much, then I got it.”Gu Yan looked at her, and spoke plainly.

Bai Ya’s eyes brightened,”Are you willing to give your mom a chance to make it up to you?”

“There’s no need.”Gu Yan’s lips turned up into an uncaring smile,”The one who needs it is already gone. I don’t need your care, so there’s no need for you to waste any of your effort on me, all you have to do in the future is to avoid mixing into my life.”

The light in Bai Ya’s eyes disappeared in an instant. She forced a smile,”You’re still not willing to forgive me.”

“I’m busy so I won’t be seeing you out.”Gu Yan stood up.

Bai Ya gritted her teeth. Seeing that Gu Yan was about to leave her, she had a hunch that as long as Gu Yan leaves today……She would lose him completely. Fear swept over her heart in an instant, how could she lose Gu Yan? She couldn’t!

She suddenly reached out to grab Gu Yan’s arm and pleaded:”I’m sorry, please don’t go, mommy misses you so much.”

Gu Yan was suddenly pulled by Bai Ya, and his face cooled. He wanted to shake her off! But when he turned and faced Bai Ya, he could clearly see the pleading and painful sorrow within her eyes in their close distance, as well as that dense affection. As if something had pricked his heart, he felt a pang of pain.

Why regret? Why care? Why don’t you just stay indifferent until the end?

It’s no good to continue on this ugly path.

What motherly feelings……? Were those really important? Are these really shackles that were so hard to shake off? He suddenly felt a strong sense of envy, and the strong, mysterious feeling of envy that had crawled up within him had wrapped his heart, turning it into a pile of jealousy. He was clearly heartless, but now, he felt a strong sense of sorrow.

He actually felt envious towards the original host. This failed, laughable, lowly ant actually made him feel envious.

The original host still did not have completely nothing, did he? He had just that little bit, that little bit of love that came late……

But he had nothing, he did not even have that little bit of something, he was just a demon.

Wasn’t he who had nothing even more pitiful than that ant?

“Scram.”The darkness broiled within his eyes, and even he could hear that pressure pressing down on his voice.

“I’m not going.”Bai Ya looked at him with a look of reluctance, and gritted her teeth:”Let’s go shopping! Haven’t you always wanted to go shopping with your mom?”


Gu Yan was not sure how he ended up on the street. Surprisingly, he did not kill this woman out of rage, and was instead taken out by her.

Bai Ya did not let go of his hand from beginning to hand, and was holding him tightly as if he might get lost, or was separated from her in the crowd. The care and sincerity she showed made it so that Gu Yan did not shove her off even until the very end.

This woman was so weak, but yet he could not break free from her.

None of this was normal.

Gu Yan walked on the street, slightly dazed. Zhou Yu’s words seemed to be echoing in his ear.

She said: You’re different, I can feel it.

What was different? He’s a demon, what was different? He couldn’t be the same as Zhou Yu, and waste his feelings on those lowly ants, would he?

What a joke!

How could someone strong like him be the same as Zhou Yu!

Gu Yan’s eyes turned even colder, and his reason had once again returned. Now, his eyes when he looked towards Bai Ya brought with it a hint of killing intent.

Those that could shake him……He can just kill them.

Yes, it’s just that simple……

With just a small thread of his demonic energy, he could kill this weak woman without any struggle. It was that simple, what else was there to hesitate about?

But thinking about this, the pressure pressing down on his heart had also dissipated. His hand that held Bai Ya’s hand tightened slightly.

It would only take a moment.

But just as he was about to seep his demonic energy into her body, he suddenly say the figure of a man passing him by at the crowd in front.

Gu Yan would not make a mistake, that was Zhu Huan Wei. That was the despicable little person who kept on playing tricks on him behind his back. Before this, he had planned to look for Zhu Huan Wei and figure out the real controller behind his back. But Zhu Huan Wei was able to slip out a step early, and so he just let it go……But now, it turns out he had run over to the capital.

Since he appeared in front of his eyes, how could he let him go so easily?

Bai Ya could be cleaned up at any time, the one he needed to catch now was Zhu Huan Wei.

Gu Yan shook off Bai Ya’s hands ruthlessly and ignored the fearful look on her face. He chased after him from a different direction, and disappeared into the crowd in the blink of an eye.

While shopping, Zhu Huan Wei felt that something was wrong, so he looked behind him.

As soon as he turned around, his face revealed a look of shock. It was actually Gu Yan! His heart had flown into a panic. He had escaped Haiyun City urgently, but was intercepted by the police in the end, so he could only tell them everything. Then, it took a lot of effort before he was able to leave unscathed, and he also did not dare return to Haiyun City any longer, so he came to the capital.

Right now, he did not dare to be caught by Gu Yan. Suddenly, he started to run towards a direction where there were even more people.

Gu Yan followed behind Zhu Huan Wei at a distance. Compared to Zhu Huan Wei’s panicked state, his pace even seemed calm and leisurely. But no matter where Zhu Huan Wei ran to, he was not able to widen the distance between them by even a little. He was like a hunter leading his prey step by step to his goal, pushing him into desperation.

The two quickly crossed several streets and entered another bustling commercial street.

This place was clearly a famous commercial district within the capital, there was even a tour guide bringing a group of people, walking slowly over the street while he introduced the area to them with his horn: During the Chen dynasty, this was the downtown area of those days and was very prosperous……Generally, prisoners who were found guilty were executed here……After several dynasties, the location still did not change……Right now, this is one of the most prosperous commercial streets in the capital……The number of people who go through this place every day reaches way beyond the hundred thousand mark……

He could see that Zhu Huan Wei’s figure was getting more and more flustered.

Gu Yan smirked. The two seemed almost to have reached the centre point of the two streets……

The game was about to end. Gu Yan suddenly quickened his pace, and the distance between the two shortened at a rapid pace. He was about to catch Zhu Huan Wei. Bu suddenly! A fierce pang of pain struck his head!

A sudden bout of piercing pain entered Gu Yan’s mind! He could not help but release the scream at his throat!

What sort of pain was this! It was incessant, never-ending, it was going to turn his brain into a pile of mush, then leave it to evaporate into the air! Even a demon like him could barely hold on, he wanted to crush his own head! And take it all out!

“Ah——”Gu Yan held his head, and fell to the ground! His pale face twisted from the horrible pain!

Zhu Huan Wei’s figure disappeared from his sight, but he could no longer pay any mind to it……

His consciousness had already been completely overwhelmed by the pain!

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  1. Err, the place triggered GY past life memories?

    After ZY incident, i feels like GY also have past life memories and hope that it intertwined with QY’s, you know the one QY keep talking about.. Ha. Ha. Ha. Wishful thinking?

    Also, a very late comment, can’t this story become a threesome? I pity FZC.. Lol

    Thanks for the chap 💞 💞 💞

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  2. AHH I LOVE THIS AUTHOR TO PIECES… I’ve never seen an “awful mother” getting redemption in any CN ever written omfg… THANK YOU AUTHOR. I love none black/white characters and that people really can change esp after life-shaking events. Plus so annoying how it’s always a woman who’s looking for money or blackmail in novels.
    AHHH i’m so happy.

    Also I just realized, but in the first drama that GY starred in, the actors for the ML and 2nd ML made a joke about why two such outstanding men would fall for an average MC/woman. And then FZC (the 2nd ML) in this story proceeded to court our MC GY and basically be super gentle/accepting/loyal in the same way. #ded# If the author hadn’t written those few lines of FZC’s POV, it would definitely look like the author was making fun of her own story (and multiple other CNovel plots). #ded#


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