DBHW Chapter 56

Qin Yao’s lips were slightly pursed, and a hint of emotion surged within his eyes.

‘I believe that humans are good by nature.’

It felt as if Gu Yan’s face had a mysterious enchantment, he could not turn his eyes away from it. Gradually, gradually……It overlapped with that person’s. Why did he say with such an expression what that person used to say? No matter how badly he was treated by this world, did he still believe that humans were good by nature?

No matter what sort of difficulties you have to meet with, are you still unwilling to change your original thoughts?

God……Why did he have to be this angry……?

Qin Yao knew that this was wrong, but he could not control himself. He had been trying his hardest to control himself these years to do the right thing, the right thing……But he knew deep inside him that the darkness did not dissipate by even the slightest within his heart. Instead, following the passing of time, it had become denser, deeper.

He who was born in that muddy darkness; he whose heart was filled with hate, had already long been used to being rejected by the entire world, and he did not care at all. But……even someone like him had the opportunity to be redeemed, but the person who should really have been treated well was instead abandoned ruthlessly by this world.

You brought me out from that darkness, and taught me what it meant to care about a person; but you left me.

If this had to be the result.

Then things might as well stay as they did in the start, he could just let himself sink further down……

Qin Yao’s arms hung down by his side, and he clenched his hands into fists. His heterochromic eyes were packed densely with his sorrow, but as soon as he closed his eyes, the sorrow disappeared in an instant, once again returning to his usual indifference.

He said:”You’re right, I’ll trust you.”

Gu Yan smiled,”Even if you’re just comforting me, I still feel happy to hear you say this to me.”

“It’s the truth.”Qin Yao’s expression was blank.

“Oh.”Gu Yan raised a brow and smiled,”That’s right, what brought you there yesterday?”

He was never able to let go of what happened last night, there was definitely something wrong there. Perhaps, Qin Yao’s appearance was not just a coincidence.

Qin Yao was slightly silent.

Gu Yan thought that he would not say it, but he had just asked casually without expecting to get an answer. He was just about to excuse himself when he suddenly heard Qin Yao speak.

“I went out to mourn for a person.”Qin Yao’s voice was deep like the hum of a cello.

Gu Yan understood in an instant. Wasn’t it that person he was overlaying with him? But he pretended to be ignorant and revealed a confused expression:”Oh?”

But Qin Yao did not say anything more.

Gu Yan showed a look of understanding,”Sorry.”

“It’s nothing.”Qin Yao responded.

“No matter what, it’s still quite a coincidence. I never would have expected I would see you again so far away.”Gu Yan said.

Qin Yao’s expression gradually softened and he let out a soft hum of agreement. He felt so as well.

“Actually, I went there because I was trying to chase a person. I nearly caught up to him but I didn’t expect that to suddenly happen, and I let him get away, too.”Gu Yan looked annoyed.

“Who?”Qin Yao asked.

I was just waiting for you to ask. Since you’re into me, then you should do some work for me, you could take it as receiving benefits. Gu Yan told him:”It’s my former agent. That time, he……I felt that something was off with him, but I never expected that I wouldn’t even have the chance to ask before he disappeared, and I never heard any news about him after that. But who knew that I would suddenly bump into him again yesterday, so I tried to chase him.”

“Forget it, it’s nothing much anyway, actually.”Gu Yan smiled, but he kept a look of regret on his face that was hard to conceal,”Besides, it’s so big here in the capital with so many people, I don’t think it’s likely I’ll bump into him again.”

But a ripple struck Qin Yao’s eyes,”Zhu Huan Wei?”

Gu Yan put on an unexpected expression,”You know him too?”Heh, I just knew that you investigated me!

“Heard of him.”Qin Yao was calm.

“Didn’t take you for one that pays attention to the entertainment circle. You’re a big fan aren’t you? Tell me, which actress is your favourite? I might even know her!”Gu Yan asked him with a look of curiosity. Heh, I just can’t stant how you keep on putting up an act!

Qin Yao’s face finally darkened,”I don’t have such interests.”

“Oh……Forget it then.”Gu Yan shrugged,”I’ve troubled you a lot yesterday, I should be taking my leave else everyone’s about to start calling the cops.”Saying that, he started to leave.

Qin Yao paused for a moment……Speaking of Zhu Huan Wei, he suddenly remembered the fights going on within Gu Yan’s family. It seems now that Gu Yan was still in the dark about the person who was trying to harm him, he had no idea at all. Last time……He almost lost his life to those plots. But what about this time? Would he still have the luck?

Qin Yao quickly caught up to him and caught Gu Yan’s arm.

Gu Yan stopped his steps and turned back to look at Qin Yao, his voice deep,”What are——”

Qin Yao had also noticed that he was going beyond his boundaries, so he released him as quickly as he could. The expression on his face looked slightly unnatural,”I just remembered that I have something to tell you……”

“What is it?”Gu Yan asked in confusion.

Qin Yao was just about to speak, but found his words stuck in his throat. How should he tell Gu Yan? Saying that I investigated you, so I know who was out for you, that it’s your second brother and you have to be careful……He opened his mouth, and finally spoke in a grave tone:”Didn’t you want to look for Zhu Huan Wei? I happen to have acquaintances in the police force, so I can help you look for him.”

“Really?”Gu Yan revealed a look of surprise, but responded to him feeling slightly embarrassed to accept:”Is it really alright to bother your friends for such personal matters?”

“It’s just something trivial, don’t worry about it.”Qin Yao told him.

“Then, I really have to thank you!”Gu Yan said.

“You don’t need to be courteous, give me your phone number and I will tell you when I find him.”Qin Yao saw the happy expression on Gu Yan’s face, and felt as if he was getting infected by it too. As long as Gu Yan was happy, what was this little bit of work?

“Sure.”Gu Yan exchanged phone numbers with Qin Yao, and smiled to him before he left:”I guess this counts as ‘friendship blooming only after exchanging blows’ for us, right?”

Qin Yao smiled and nodded.

Qin Yao watched as Gu Yan’s figure finally disappeared into the end of the road before he looked away. Even he himself did not notice the softness within his own eyes.

Then, he turned back to his villa and started to make a call.

“Hello?”The call was quickly picked up.

“Mr. Qin, hello!”Within a spacious office over at the other side, the stately looking man quickly straightened his back in a hurry after seeing the call, and received it with much respect.

“Chief Song, I need your help in finding a person.”Said Qin Yao.

“Oh my, you flatter me too much, Mr. Qin, you can just call me Xiao Song.”The chief of the security bureau could almost feel cold sweat pouring down from his forehead. He asked him with some caution,”Who are you looking for?”

“Zhu Huan Wei, Male, he used to be an agent in Shihe Entertainment, now he’s in the capital.”Qin Yao told him.

Chief Song quickly jotted all of it down and responded:”Don’t worry, as long as he’s still in the capital, I’ll be able to find him for you within three hours. If he left, then I will still definitely bring him to you before tomorrow.”

“Mm.”Qin Yao gave him a plain hum of acknowledgement and hung up.


Gu Yan walked about for a bit before leaving. He never expected that Qin Yao still lived a pretty good life, for him to be able to live in such a large area within the capital. Heh, perhaps land still wasn’t worth much when he got it.

Gu Yan ordered a taxi and returned to the hotel.

As soon as Xu Ming saw him, he felt so moved he was nearly in tears,”You’re finally back! I wasn’t able to contact you all day yesterday, and I thought something must have happened to you!”

“I’m fine.”Gu Yan told him,”Where’s Tong Tong?”

“She’s resting in the room.”Xu Ming responded.

“Call her over.”Said Gu Yan after some thought.

“Alright, I’ll get to it now.”

Soon after, Xu Ming brought Tong Tong over. Tong Tong gave him a sweet greeting of ‘brother’, then she sat quietly, waiting for Gu Yan’s orders.

Gu Yan looked at her, and said:”I’m taking you out for shopping in the afternoon.”

Xu Ming, Tong Tong:”……”

Xu Ming had a shock. Was Gu Yan finally enlightened and found out how to take care of children? He was overjoyed!

Tong Tong’s face stiffened. It was so scary when her lord speaks to her this way. She would rather face her cold and indifferent lord! Anything but this unreasonably strange lord!

However, all her protests were invalid.

Half an hour later, Gu Yan left with Tong Tong in hand. He wore a light grey trench coat with a simple white tee underneath, and below that was a casual pair of beige-coloured pants with white canvas shoes. His entire person appeared clean and refreshed. A large pair of sunglasses covered half of his face, but his mouth and chin were still exposed, and both had beautiful curves that made it hard for people to help themselves from wondering how handsome his face was below the shades.

Meanwhile, Tong Tong wore a lacey dress in a light baby blue. Her soft curly hair was tied into two balls, both carrying beneath them a pair of blue fluff balls tied to her hair with ribbons. Her blue eyes blinked cutely, matching her appearance that was dressed in a pale blue theme, truly too cute for words.

As soon as the two went out, they had managed to attract the gazes of countless people.

With such a handsome guy with such a cute little girl on the streets, their head-turning rate was simply ten out of ten!

There were even many people who sneaked a photo of them with their phones.

While holding Tong Tong in tow, Gu Yan walked forth in a leisurely walk, and finally reached the front of that commercial street from yesterday.

During the day, they had a wider view of the place, but there were also more people than before.

He narrowed his eyes. The situation yesterday once again returned in his mind. Even if he had already left, that bone-shattering pain was still fresh in his memories. But why did that happen? Was there something wrong with this place? Did it affect only him, or all demons?

Gu Yan looked at the place for a moment, then turned to take Tong Tong over to a cafe upstairs the mall at the side. He chose a seat next to the window and they settled down. From here, he could clearly see the central location of the commercial street.

Then, he turned to look at Tong Tong:”Do you see that cake shop over there? Buy a cake and come back.”

Tong Tong felt very suspicious and could not understand why Gu Yan would suddenly ask her to buy a cake. But Xu Ming was not here right now, and she did not dare to question Gu Yan’s orders, so she quickly left to buy the cake as soon as she got some change from him.

Gu Yan sat by the window with his lips tightly pursed, watching without any movements as Tong Tong’s small figure walked towards that commercial street.

Was it a problem with him, or with all the demons? He would be able to find out soon!

Tong Tong’s legs weren’t very long, and she did not dare to be too rash while making her way through the crowd. Bit by bit, she moved to the other side, and was immediately about to reach the cake shop……That was the place from yesterday that made him wish he could die!

Gu Yan straightened his back involuntarily, and his face turned cold!

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  1. The possibility that is the place which is connected to his dream and Qin yao’s true identity. I barely grasp the story and I do hope those ideas on my mind was correct till everything is unfold in upcoming chapters.

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  2. I feel like the previous human Gu Yan was a good persoon and then he turned demon-evil, while Qin Yao was maybe a not as good natured person (and some of that still shines through) but he tried to change and take ‘the good path’ after having met the previous Gu Yan. Just guessing though, might be really wrong.


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