DBHW Chapter 50

There was only a single document and a video within the USB drive.

Firstly, Gu Yan opened the document. There was only a single address written within. He memorized the address and opened the video.

The video was recorded by Zhou Yu herself. She appeared without makeup, and dressed in the casual clothes she wore at home, appearing just like a normal human girl. She adjusted the camera a little before she began talking.

“If you’re watching this video, it means I’m already dead.”

“I don’t know whether I will have the opportunity to hand you this, but if I did not get to, I will destroy everything within this drive before my death.”

“Actually, I hesitated a lot before recording this video. But in the end, I still decided I would do it.”

“Perhaps this will be the only trace of my existence I will leave behind in this world.”

“Without any disguise, no resentment, no pain……I am just me.”

“I know that in your eyes, this weakness is not even worth mentioning. But even if I’m weak, I still have my own thoughts, my own feelings, even if my heart was filled with dirty, ugly, and negative emotions……This just proves that I’m a living being capable of thought, I’m not just a zombie that only lives to kill.”

“I even thought that……you would probably laugh if I say this but. I feel that if I used to be a human being, perhaps, I might even be a good person. I definitely wouldn’t be like I am now back then.”

“But of course, these are just my thoughts, I’m very clear about what sort of existence I currently am. I will not wish for what should not belong to me.”

“If one day I will have to walk towards my death, then compared to being eaten by other demons in the demon world, I think it is very fortunate for me to be able to walk among the humans and get what I want.”

“To be able to meet you is also one of the greatest blessings I’ve ever received.”

“You’re different from the other demons, I can feel it. The reason I’m willing to work under you is not only because I fear you.”

“No matter what you plan to do, I hope everything can work out well for you.”

Zhou Yu looked sincerely at Gu Yan, and revealed a smile. She had a clear and clean smile, not at all like that of a demon’s.

As it reached this point, the video stopped.

Gu Yan was silent for a moment. He took out the USB drive and casually threw it into his drawer along with the pendant.

What an inexplicable woman, isn’t it better not to meet him? Is it really a blessing to be under someone’s control? Though she was still pretty obedient, it’s just a pity that she was never able to achieve anything.

Nothing was mentioned in the video about what the address was for.

Gu Yan frowned, but still decided to head over. No matter what was left, or whether it was useful or not, it can not fall into the hands of the humans.

Thinking up to this point, he did not feel the least bit tired, so he simply took his keys and left.

The location of the address was in a relatively remote area.

It took him more than an hour of driving before he finally reached an abandoned warehouse int he suburbs. The warehouse was visibly abandoned for many years and there were weeds growing all around it, practically nobody would visit here on a normal day.

Following the notes of the address, he reached the warehouse labelled No.13.

There was a lock on the door of the warehouse. Compared to the locks on the other warehouses, this lock was brand new. This was probably where Zhou Yu left her things.

Gu Yan did not have any keys, but such a lock was simply nothing hard for him to get past. With just a light tug of the lock, it came right off.

With a loud creak, he slowly pushed the door open.

There was no electricity and it was the dead of the night so it was pitch black within the warehouse.

Gu Yan’s footsteps were sharp and clear in the quiet night. Suddenly, he heard a ‘crack’, he seems to have stepped on something. Gu Yan lowered his head and saw a bloody bone. He could not tell what animal it came from, but there were mottled teeth marks on the surface……

A red glow suddenly appeared in the darkness, then a breeze. Gu Yan quickly raised his hand to block! And the muffled sound of a collision rang out! After that, something seems to have fallen to the ground!

Gu Yan’s eyes turned cold, several holes in the markings of teeth were now adorning his right sleeve. He turned his head to look.

A child was watching him with menacing eyes.

She seemed to appear to be around her mid tens. She had soft, wavy hair, a puffy face, and features that looked like that of a doll’s. She also wore a sweet and lovely white lacy dress. If not for the red glow of her eyes……As well as the blood on her face, she would definitely be cute enough to make a person scream, and could turn famous on the internet at any moment.

But it was a pity, because this was clearly a demon. Not only that, it was even a demon with considerable strength, seems to have just reached the level of a mid-tier demon.

She opened her mouth and emitted a low growl with her two hands supporting herself on the ground, staring with her bloodthirsty eyes at Gu Yan.

Gu Yan gazed down at her and released a small thread of pressure. With the release of this overwhelming pressure, she was pressed to the ground in an instant, and couldn’t move!

The demon finally understood that Gu Yan was a terrifying existence that she could not dare to provoke. Her entire body started to quiver as the red glow of her eyes dissipated, revealing her original eye colour that was vividly blue in colour. She appears to be mixed in race. She revealed a pitiful expression as she looked at Gu Yan, so scared that she was almost in tears.

If anyone saw that look on her face, they would probably feel unbearable pained with pity. However, Gu Yan felt none of that at all.

He did not even spare her a glance, only saying in a blunt matter:”There’s one more, come out.”

As soon as he spoke, a black dog slowly came out from the corner.

On the surface it looked like a common mountain dog, but its stature was extremely tall, and had a stronger body than that of other mountain dogs. With a body covered in glistening black hair, this dog appeared fierce and unusual; but in front of Gu Yan at this moment, it could not be any more docile. With its tail between its legs, it laid down next to the little girl, not moving even a single inch.

Gu Yan went over and looked at the girl and the dog on the ground.

The girl’s face was pale with fright as she looked at Gu Yan, sobbing quietly,”Mercy, my lord, spare me……”

Gu Yan looked at her expressionlessly,”Why should I spare you?”

Towards a demon who dared to provoke him, he would never show any compassion.

The little girl probably understood the situation she was in, and her body was trembling. Even so, her demonic instincts for survival made it so she would not give up so easily. She pleaded softly:”We will be of use to my lord!”

“After Zhou Yu found us, she put us here and told us to look for other demons and demonic zones for her, she says she is also working under a lord. You must be the lord she was talking about!”

“We’re very useful! Blacky’s nose is very sensitive! No matter how subtle the trace of demonic energy is within a thousand kilometres, it will definitely not escape its nose. It can find other demons and demonic zones for us! And it can even find information for us! And I can communicate with it. Please spare us my lord, we will definitely do our very best for you!”

She stared at him with her watery blue eyes, looking hopefully at Gu Yan.

“What I’ve said is all true, Zhou Yu can testify for us. Please spare us for our loyalty, my lord……”

“Zhou Yu is dead.”Gu Yan said frankly.

Instantly, the colour drained from the girl’s face. Her voice was anxious:”She……I do not know how she offended you, my lord……”

Gu Yan shot her a glance,”I didn’t kill her.”

“Oh……”The girl sighed in relief, and gave him a flattering smile:”Then she really is unlucky.”

She spoke with a carefree tone, clearly not at all affected by the death of Zhou Yu. The only one she cared about was herself, completely ruthless.

This is what a demon should be like.

Gu Yan smiled. As expected, a demon like Zhou Yu was an exception. Demons are demons, what difference did they have with humans if they had all these unnecessary emotions? He looked at the little girl in satisfaction, this is good.

And the shred of disappointment had disappeared completely from his heart.

“You better be as useful as you say you are.”Gu Yan’s eyes were filled with coldness and indifference,”Otherwise, there will be no need for you to continue existing.”

“Don’t worry, my lord.”

The girl looked at Gu Yan with unease, almost being tempted to beat her chest and vouch for their reliability.

Gu Yan nodded. He cut open the tip of his finger and took out two drops of demonic blood, shooting one each into their foreheads,”Don’t try any tricks on me, or you will die horribly. Understand?”

“We understand.”The little girl didn’t even dare to move, allowing hid blood to seep into their forehead. A look of excitement and joy appeared on her face.

Only then did Gu Yan smile,”What is your name?”

“My name is Tong Tong, and this is Blacky.”Said the girl.


Gu Yan brought Tong Tong and Blacky home. The dozen or so carcasses of the pigs in that warehouse were clearly prepared for them by Zhou Yu, and they were nearly done with them these days. Both the girl and the dog were not very particular with their appearance, they were covered in blood and appeared quite terrifying.

Gu Yan carried Tong Tong by her neck in disgust, and threw her into the bathtub, ordering her in a cold voice:”Clean yourself.”

Then he went out to give Xu Ming a call, asking him to bring back several sets of girls clothes.

Two hours later, Xu Ming came over with two big bags of clothes in hand.

He gave the clothes to Gu Yan in confusion, and couldn’t help himself from asking:”What do you need these for so early in the morning?”

Gu Yan was too lazy to even pay him any attention.

Seeing his reaction, Xu Ming scratched his head in confusion and turned several laps around Gu Yan. Quietly, he asked:”Could it be……You have an illegitimate daughter?!”

“That’s not funny.”Gu Yan shot him a cold look.

Xu Ming;’……”

Gu Yan took the bags and threw the clothes into the bathroom.

Turning back, he could see Xu Ming trying to probe and look inside……

“Heh……”Gu Yan let out an implicit laugh,”I didn’t think you were a perverted old uncle.”

“I’m not!”Xu Ming refuted.

But just as he did, he found that the door to the bathroom opened. Instantly, he could not move his eyes away! Ah! What a little angel! Soft, curly black hair, wet on her shoulders, crystal clear skin, big blue eyes, and her tender pink lips like flower petals……Dressed in a pink organza dress with a little white shrug draped over her shoulders, she looked as if she had fallen from the sky!

Xu Ming’s vision was covered with pink bubbles, he could no longer control the instincts of his inner heart! He rushed over and carried the little cutie in his arms!

Too cute, too cute, she’s really too cute!

This is simply the daughter of everyone’s dreams!

He was so excited in that instant that he completely did not notice how the face of the little cutie had stiffened up instantly, nor the red glow in her eyes as well as her exposed fangs……

But Gu Yan saw it, and stared at her coldly.

His face told her that: if you dare to mess up, I will kill you.

And so the little girl took back her fangs, and her eyes returned to their original colour. She pouted, resigning herself to her life of being swung around by Xu Ming.

She was losing all interest in life……

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