DBHW Chapter 51

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Ten whole minutes passed before Xu Ming was finally willing to put Tong Tong down with reluctance.

As soon as Tong Tong was able to break free from his claws, she quickly ran behind Gu Yan, showing a pitiful look of a quivering girl, lest she gets caught by Xu Ming again!

In Tong Tong’s heart: This despicable ant actually dared to treat her this way, but she couldn’t eat him! She doesn’t want to see this human ever again! Uwuwuwuwu

In Xu Ming’s heart: He must’ve accidentally frightened this pitiful little girl, maybe he should bring some lollipops over next time? He should be gentler!

But of course, Gu Yan was too lazy to deal with the two of them. But he quickly discovered that no matter where he walked to, Tong Tong would follow behind him, matching his every step. Her pudgy little hands were grabbing onto the hem of his clothes as she stared at him with her teary, pitiful eyes. Meanwhile, Xu Ming’s eyes was also chasing Tong Tong around the room, just like some kind of pug……

Gu Yan’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. This fool, When will he finally learn to judge a person by their personality and not their appearance?

If not for him, this harmless little girl would’ve already torn you to shreds just now.

But whatever……He was present anyway, who else could actually do anything to this fool? Gu Yan dropped his gaze on Tong Tong for a moment, but his emotionless eyes were fully indifferent.

Even though Tong Tong appeared to be a little girl, she was still a bona fide demon.

She knew that if this went on, she would start to annoy Gu Yan, so she could only release her hands……The despairing look on her little face was simply no different from a sad person on the verge of tears.

In the lord’s heart, her position was actually less than that of an ant!

But fortunately, even though Xu Ming really wanted to pounce over one more time, he still couldn’t bear to scare her anymore after seeing Tong Tong’s expression. And finally, he forced himself to take his eyes off her, then to Gu Yan instead:”I booked a flight to Beijing tomorrow. Take a night of rest when you reach, then you will be going straight to the show tomorrow.”

Gu Yan nodded and said:”Book another.”

Xu Ming’s eyes brightened:”Is she going as well?”

“Yes.”Gu Yan responded.

“Yes! I will do it right now! Immediately!”Said Xu Ming with excitement. Immediately after, he ran off to book another ticket.

As soon as Xu Ming left, Tong Tong instantly sighed in relief.

Gu Yan gave her a meaningful look and asked:”Didn’t like that?”

Tong Tong nodded heavily, looking at Gu Yan with eyes filled with hopes, please let her stay away from that terrifying ant!

She would rather go for a walk in a sea of flames! She didn’t want to be stuck in the arms of that ant ever again! That was simply the most shameful thing you could do to a demon!

“Then you better learn to get used to it soon.”Gu Yan told her plainly.

Instantly, Tong Tong’s eyes turned red……

“When you follow me in the future, you’ll have to deal with the humans. If you can’t even do this much……”Gu Yan leaned down and looked into her eyes. His lips parted and he spat out several words with a cool tone,”What use would I have for you?”

“……”The expression on Tong Tong’s face stiffened instantly. Following that, she put on a big smile and her eyes were filled with sweet happiness, revealing two sweet little dimples on her cheeks. What a disparity this was in just the blink of an eye! She could be as good a girl as you needed her to be!”Don’t worry my lord, I will definitely do as you say, Tong Tong is very useful! Truly!”

“Call me big brother.”Gu Yan eyed her with narrowed eyes as he ordered.

“Brother~!”Tong Tong immediately called out to him in a sweet voice.


After a night of busying about in the police station, Song Yun Zheng finally dealt with most of the follow-up work he had.

He took a drag from his cigarette to freshen himself up. It wasn’t until the sun came up did he finally drag his tired body back home. His wife helped him with his coat thoughtfully and said:”You’re back, Song Yuan was waiting for you.”

Song Yun Zheng was slightly tired, but seeing Song Yuan’s heavy-hearted face, he still sighed and let her into the study.

Song Yuan was his cousin from his younger uncle’s side. That uncle of his had no interest in joining politics since he was young, and was rebellious in nature, so he left the Song family to become independent early on. But his uncle did have some skills, adding onto his already high starting point, he was able to make a career for himself. Now, he was a very famous and wealthy person in Haiyun City. In recent years, his relationship with the Song family had also eased up a lot, and both sides gradually recovered back to how they were in the past.

His uncle had three sons, but only a single daughter, Song Yuan. She had been spoiled from a young age, so she had now grown up to be arrogant and egoistic.

Ten years ago, the two families of Liu and Song were joined in marriage, and both the relationships of Song Yuan and Liu Ling Hui could still be considered pretty good. But Liu Ling Hui used to be the son of a playboy. After the freshness was gone, even if his wife was the great Miss Song, he would still end up going off the rails. But how could Song Yuan accept this? She simply decided she would just raise a little pretty boy as her pet. From then on, they have been doing whatever they wanted, and the more they did this, the more things got out of hand. Besides that marriage certificate that bound the two of them, their spousal relationship was just a title.

The Lius and the Songs had a lot of business contacts, so it was easy to hurt their relationships if they acted too rashly. And so they kept on going through with this relationship, and neither of them mentioned divorce.

Until Zhou Yu and Liu Ling Hui ended up in a relationship.

Liu Ling Hui fell in love with Zhou Yu, not caring about all the pressure people were giving him, and was even resolute in divorcing Song Yuan so that he could take Zhou Yu as his legal wife! Song Yuan wouldn’t agree to it, so they got into a terribly messy fight, to the point where even he had been dragged in. Only then did they realize that Song Yuan actually loved Liu Ling Hui.

Actually, he has not been able to pay too much attention to Song Yuan’s personal actions. Even though they were cousins, they did not grow up together. They were only able to interact with each other after he started working in Haiyun City, so they were not terribly close. But for something of this scale to happen, it was hard for him not to feel a little dissatisfied with Zhou Y’s actions. After all, Song Yuan was his relatively, but regardless it was still bad for a woman to get in the way of another woman’s marriage.

But who knew……

In just the blink of an eye, there was nothing more for the Lius and the Songs to quarrel about, because besides Liu Ling Hui who was better off dead, not a single member of their family was left alive.

The famous actress Zhou Yu turned out to be a demon! Recalling it gave Song Yun Zheng the chills. To think that such a demon had been lurking around him, even walking past him several times, and he had no inkling at all. Does that mean that……There were more of such scary demons residing amongst them?

It seems he will have to correct his thoughts about this situation. Besides the demons with clear differences from the humans, there were still those who were deeply hidden. And these demons hiding amongst human society are the truly threatening existences!

Because you would never know whether they were human or demon, there was no way you could do anything to prevent their attacks!

No matter how fierce a beast was, they will still only be beasts, and will eventually have to surrender to the humans. But what if such beasts were as intelligent as humans? The same intelligence, but even stronger, even fiercer, and even more ruthless……An icy chill crawled up Song Yun Zheng’s heart.

It would be nice if this was actually all just a dream.

Song Yun Zheng gathered his thoughts and took a deep look at Song Yuan.

At that time, when Song Yuan used so many tricks against Zhou Yu, she thought that at that time Zhou Yu would’ve been too scared to resist. But now it seems Zhou Yu was just too lazy to deal with her, you could say Song Yuan really had great luck in life that she was not torn to ripped to shreds!

“What do you need?”Song Yun Zheng asked. He thought that Song Yuan had been quite pitiful these days, so he spoke to her with a softer tone.

Song Yuan had a haggard look to her face, and not even her thick foundation was able to cover up the grey complexion underneath. She paused for a moment, and said:”I just wanted to ask, do you know how Liu Ling Hui is doing recently? He hasn’t been willing to accept my calls for days.”

After learning that Song Yuan was behind the paid posters defaming Zhou Yu, and wanted to send her to the ruins, Liu Ling Hui had cut off his relationship with Song Yuan since then.

Song Yun Zheng sighed.

It had still been just a scene of drama between the wealthy the day before, but now this has turned into a murder case relating to a demon, who would’ve expected that?

But since that was the case, he would not be telling Song Yuan the truth. After all, these things should still be kept secret from the public.

When she heard his sigh, and saw the complex expression on his face, Song Yuan immediately felt a sense of anxiety,”Is he still not willing to forgive me? Why can’t he think of himself! Did he really think I could take this sitting down if he cause such a big mess?!”

“If you really love him, you would’ve done something about it ages ago, what use is it for you to talk about this now! And besides……”Song Yun Zheng suddenly stopped, but he never continued.

“Besides what?”Song Yuan asked urgently.

WHen Song Yun Zheng saw Song Yuan’s expression, he really couldn’t feel angry. In his heart he thought: Might as well just make her forget about him now! Fortunately, he had already thought about a way to explain the situation, so it was fine even if he let Song Yuan see him once.

He paused for a moment before saying:”You’ll understand once you see him.”

“Would you really let me see him?”Song Yuan’s eyes brightened up.

Song Yun Zheng felt a complicated feeling in his chest, but he nodded:”Tomorrow, you can see him tomorrow.”

Song Yuan returned with some reluctance. Just thinking that she would be able to see Liu Ling Hui tomorrow kept her up all night. When she woke up, she saw a heavy set of dark eyebags under her eyes, and she really had to cover it up with more concealer.

After getting ready for quite some time, carefully selecting her clothing and accessories, she now appeared very elegant and beautiful, with an even greater mature charm.

When Song Yun Zheng drove over to pick up Song Yuan, he noticed how carefully she had dressed herself, and his heart felt complicated……He had been very silent along the way there. No matter what Song Yuan asked him, she could not avoid asking about something related to Liu Ling Hui, but he only responded that she will know once they get there.

Song Yuan finally stopped asking, and with a nervous heart, both she and Song Yun Zheng reached the hospital. In her heart, she asked herself: did Liu Ling Hui get sick? Then she should be softer on him when she sees him, and she would try her best to avoid getting into a fight with him. Would Liu Ling Hui change his mind about her?

Very soon, the two reached the intensive care unit.

Before he opened the door, Song Yun Zheng turned to ask Song Yuan:”You better make your mental preparations.”After that, he entered before her.

Song Yuan couldn’t understand, but she followed him in.

There was a single bed in the room, and a man was resting on top of it. Or perhaps……Something that looks like a man. Song Yuan looked over and her eyes widened instantly. She covered her mouth abruptly, or she would’ve screamed!

What is that?!

To put it strictly, the thing that laid on the bed was a human matchstick. He had no limbs, and the only skin visible outside of his bandages was mottled with scars. Only a single one of his eyes were left, the other an empty hole, and one of his ears were missing as well; but what was even more horrifying was the fact that despite such injuries, he actually stayed alive!

Song Yun Zheng had already seen situations more tragic than this, so he was still considerably calm at this moment. One should know that the rest of the Liu family was in an even worse condition. When they were cleaning up at the scene, they would never have expected to find any survivors.

He suspected that Zhou Yu must have done this on purpose. Because even though Liu Ling Hui was heavily injured with all his limbs broken, his body was did not receive any fatal injuries. But he really could not understand why Zhou Yu would suddenly turn soft. Perhaps he was just lucky?

But for him to live like this, he would’ve been better off dead……

Song Yuan held her mouth and her body trembled incessantly,”This, this……What on earth is going on……”

Song Yun Zheng was silent for a moment, but he told her:”A great fire broke out in the Liu family home. When the fire and rescue department reached, everyone had already been buried in the fire. He was the only one we managed to save, but since his injuries were too heavy, he had to be amputated……”

“How could this happen……”Song Yuan’s lips trembled.

“I’m sorry.”Song Yun Zheng consoled her.

The man on the bed seemed to have been woken up by their voices, and he opened his mouth to call out, only mustering a moan.

Song Yuan tried her best to suppress the fear in her heart and walked over to him,”Ling Hui……Do you want to talk? It’s me, Yu Yu, what do you want to say?”

Liu Ling Hui’s one remaining eye widened blankly. The amount he could see from that eye was practically nothing as he looked stiffly at her head, his voice hoarse and shattered,”Yu Yu, I really do love you, you have to believe me, I really love you……”

Song Yuan’s face had turned white in an instant.

Unfortunately, Liu Ling Hui could not see her anymore, he just kept on repeating the same words, over and over again,”Yu Yu, I really love you……Yu Yu, don’t leave me……Marry me, I bet you……”

The flames in Song Yuan’s eyes dissipated a little; they were now cold. Finally, she turned to leave.

Song Yun Zheng followed next to Song Yuan, and slowly started to speak:”If you’re in a bad mood, then take a break, enjoy yourself.”Even though this cousin of his did not have the best personality, this lesson was harsh enough for her. Liu Ling Hui had already gone mad, but he still had that demon in his mind, and not her.

Song Yuan turned over and looked at him with cold eyes:”Where is that bitch Zhou Yu?”

Song Yun Zheng frowned. He was not very happy with Song Yuan’s tone. Could she still be thinking of revenge? Was it really Zhou Yu’s fault that Liu Ling Hui did not like her?

“Zhou Yu has already died in the fire.”Song Yun Zheng told her gravely. He looked seriously at Song Yuan,”I know you’re upset, but don’t be so willful in the future.”

Because your luck won’t be enough for you to pass safely each time. It was just slightly unfortunate that Song Yun Zheng could not be blunt about certain things.

Song Yuan was still a little scared of Song Yun Zheng at the end of all this, so she did not dare to argue with him. She lowered her eyes:”I won’t.”

“The Liu family is already gone, just let what has passed stay in the past, don’t let uncle worry about you anymore.”Seeing how Song Yuan had gone soft, Song Yun Zheng gave her one last word of advice with a heavy heart. As for whether or not Song Yuan would be able to listen, he could not meddle any further.

“I understand.”Song Yuan was silent,”I want to go out and take my mind off things.”

“Alright, if you don’t know where to go, then visit the capital. Grandpa even asked about you last time, so go back home more often if you have the time.”Song Yun Zheng told her.

But what he did not tell her was the fact that Haiyun City now was not safe. Qin Yao had also taken off for the capital last night.

With Song Yuan’s rash temper, it was still better for her to avoid this place for a while.

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