DBHW Chapter 38

Can fzc and gy at least hold hands please
also i found a lot of candle lighting songs so let us start the FZC candle festival starting tomorrow until he has to make way for QY lol


The dark muzzle of a gun was pointed straight at Gu Yan.

The constant repetition of Zhang Han’s voice asking ‘hello?’ came from the receiver, but a hand suddenly stretched out from behind to take the phone away from Fu Zhe Chuan’s hands, cutting off the call without mercy before taking out the batteries from his phone.

There were several large and fierce-looking men standing at the front, four of them Europeans, and two Asians. They all had cold looks and were well-trained. They had a gun, and it was not any simple small-caliber gun, but a relatively big large-caliber firearm.

“Sorry for the offense, Mr. Fu.”One of the taller Asian men walked out and mocked,”Come along with us.”

Gu Yan felt a gun being jabbed against him from behind, and a cold voice sounded out from behind him,”Move it.”

He looked down, and his eyelashes trembled faintly, not allowing the others to find the killing intent within his eyes. But the people around them thought he was scared, and even laughed.

Several men took Fu Zhe Chuan and Gu Yan to a car and blindfolded both of them. After thrashing about the car for some time, the two were dragged off the car and taken to a room. They were tied firmly to separate chairs before the black piece of cloth were taken off their eyes.

Their current location appeared to be a rather dilapidated house. The area was very quiet, so the place should be situated in a more remote area.

The only one left in the room with them now was a white man who was quite tall. He had a burly body and was nearly two meters tall, the arms he had revealed outside of his clothes were rippling with muscle. With an unkindly gaze, he stared down both Fu Zhe Chuan and Gu Yan.

Even though they were currently in an awkward situation, Fu Zhe Chuan still remained rather calm. He started to ask,”Who sent you?”

The Caucasian man snorted before taking a long drag from his cigarette, exhaling a white trail of smoke.

“No matter how much your employer is paying you, I can offer more.”While saying this, Fu Zhe Chuan’s voice was straightforward, nobody would be able to find any doubts of his confidence.

The man smothered his cigarette butt with his thumb and scoffed,”I don’t think so.”

“Do you not believe me?”Fu Zhe Chuan’s voice was stern.

“You won’t have a single penny after you’re dead, how are you gonna pay us then?”He revealed a cold smile.

The look on Fu Zhe Chuan’s face had a slight change.

Gu Yan’s face cooled. Seeing how this was progressing, these men did not intend to let them live past this. Even though it had not been long since he came to the human world, he could still guess that if this was not a kidnapping guess,t hen it was highly likely to be an assassination. And now it seems to be the latter; with that, things did indeed become rather difficult.

If this was just a normal kidnapping, then Fu Zhe Chuan would definitely be able to pay up, and he would not need to make a move. But if someone else had plans for the Fu Business Group, then Fu Zhe Chuan will have to die today. But Fu Zhe Chuan was the one he chose, not only would it bring him trouble if he died just like that, he would still have to find another way to get money, it really was not worth the loss. It seems that it was right for him to make the decision to follow him……If not, he could have just walked off by himself.

Getting rid of these people was simple work, but more importantly was how he was going to prevent Fu Zhe Chuan from being suspicious of him……

“I need to use the toilet.”Gu Yan fidgeted, seemingly unable to hold it in. He continued:”I can’t hold it in anymore.”

The eyes of the Caucasian man landed on Gu Yan’s body, and he observed him with his brown eyes. Then, he stood up to go towards him, revealing a wicked smile:”Sure.”

But he did not undo Gu Yan’s ropes. Instead, he brought a plastic bucket over, placing it between Gu Yan’s legs, sneering:”Why don’t I help you out, honey?”

Then, he started to reach towards Gu Yan’s legs.

Fu Zhe Chuan was sitting right beside Gu Yan. Seeing this, anger rose within his eyes. He rebuked,”I’m the one you want, you better not try anything funny!”

The man paused halfway through his actions, and he turned his cold eyes towards Fu Zhe Chuan,”You already have half a foot in the grave, and you still dare to threaten me?”

He had long noticed that the one with Fu Zhe Chuan was a great beauty, so how could he still hold himself back at this moment?

“Let’s see you try. Even if you kill me now, you won’t be able to take a single step out of this city.”Fu Zhe Chuan enunciated his words clearly, one by one. The narrow eyes beneath his glasses showed an endless coldness.

The smile disappeared from the man’s face, and his eyes were now as sharp as that of a poisonous snake’s,”Do you think I don’t have the guts to kill you?”

“Do You? Then why don’t you kill me now?”Fu Zhe Chuan chuffed,”You’re scared of losing your last line of escape if you kill me now, don’t you?”

“If you stop now, I can pretend nothing ever happen, I am still open for a friendly discussion right now. The only one I’m interested is the one behind all of this. Not only will I not pursue the lot of you, I’m even willing to offer you a large sum of money.”Fu Zhe Chuan’s voice was icy,”If not……You could give it a go. Kill me and let’s see if you can leave here alive.”

The man was silent for several seconds, but he suddenly pulled out a gun from his waist, placing the muzzle straight over Fu Zhe Chuan’s forehead!”You’d better not try to provoke me!”

Fu Zhe Chuan did not show any hint of trying to evade him at all in his eyes, he was looking very calmly at the other party.

The man placed his finger on the trigger, and slowly pulled it back……

Gu Yan’s eyes darkened. Gradually, his nails started to sharpen behind his back……

“Scared? Don’t worry, I’ll definitely send you off myself when it’s your time to go!”After having a good laugh, the man put his gun away.

He took Gu Yan’s chin with one hand and turned to Fu Zhe Chuan:”You care about him a lot don’t you~ That makes me even more eager for some fun. The things you rich people have are different after all, huh. I’ve never played with quality goods like this before.”

“Stop!”Fu Zhe Chuan shouted, his chest was heaving violently.

The white man glanced at him coldly, and landed the back of his hand heavily on Fu Zhe Chuan’s head, sending his glasses flying instantly! Blood started to ooze out from a cut on his forehead, leaking down into Fu Zhe Chuan’s eyes, dyeing his vision red.

“You’re too noisy.”The man grabbed a rag and stuffed it into Fu Zhe Chuan’s mouth before giving him a pat on his face,”Sit there like a good boy and you get to watch what I’m going to do to what’s yours, I’ll guarantee I can make him feel better than you can.”

He pulled Fu Zhe Chuan’s chair to one side of the wall before returning to Gu Yan’s side with a licentious grin. While walking to him, he started to unbuckle and pull off his belt as if that giant below could no longer sit still.

Gu Yan seemed ignorant to all that had just happened earlier, watching dazedly as the man came closer and closer.

“Gone weak from being scared?”The man raised Gu Yan’s chin and looked into his eyes. The more he looked at this oriental man, the more he felt that his beauty was incredible. The flames of passion in his heart was already surging:”I’ll definitely show you the pearly gates from pleasure, baby.”

“That so?”Gu Yan’s tenderly pink lips rose into a faint arc. His eyes were dark as ink, and his voice was low as husky, provoking him with the ultimate temptation.

The man could hold on no longer, and went straight for Gu Yan’s clothes! He never noticed at all that the ropes behind Gu Yan had already fallen silently to the ground……

“Kevin! What the fuck are you doing!”The door was slammed open with a bang. One of the Asian men who were amongst the group came in and grabbed the collar of the Caucasian man, yelling at him viciously.

Kevin shrugged,”Can’t you see what I’m trying to do, Dong?”

Shen Dong responded coldly:”If you can’t manage that thing in your pants then I’ll take care of it for you.”

Kevin narrowed his eyes, looking at him coldly,”You may be the boss here but you better not go overboard. You told me to leave that guy alive for now, and I agreed, but this guy’s not part of the package. We can’t let him go anyway, what’s it to you if I have some fun with him?”

“I said no and that’s final!”Shen Dong refused him without hesitation.

Kevin suddenly landed a hit on Shen Dong’s face, sneering,”I’ve had it with you, you’ve been an eyesore since the very start. You think you’re so smart? You’re just a yellow monkey, we can get this deal done even without you!”

Shen Dong was pushed a few steps back from the hit. He wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth and glared at him, viciously pouncing towards Kevin! The two instantly got into a tussle!

Kevin is big and strong, but you couldn’t underestimate Shen Dong either. The two of them were mercenaries that have long been faced with the heat of battle, and each hit was hefty and accurate! Kevin glared at him fiercely and was unrelenting in his offence. It was clear that he had been dissatisfied with Shen Dong since a long time ago. Seeing an opening, he took it and kicked Shen Dong right at the stomach, sending him straight towards Gu Yan!

Shen Dong supported himself up with his right hand and pulled out a dagger without any wasted movements, stuffing it below Gu Yan’s feet before suddenly getting up to throw another hit at Kevin!

The noise coming from the room finally alerted the people outside. Several burly men came in and dragged the two of them off of each other, forcefully separating their fight.

Kevin spat out the blood in his mouth before glaring at Shen Dong with a poisonous gaze:”We ain’t done yet.”

“Humph.”Shen Dong huffed in dissatisfaction, glaring at Kevin just the same without any intentions of stepping down.

Kevin pushed away the person restraining him and walked out from Shen Dong’s side.

Shen Dong gave a profound look to both Gu Yan and Fu Zhe Chuan for a moment before leaving as well, leaving only the two of them behind.

Gu Yan maneuvered the dagger from beneath his feet behind him and pretended to cut the ropes with it, then he walked over to Fu Zhe Chuan and freed him from his ropes as well.

“That Asian man passed this to me earlier, do you know why?”Gu Yan looked thoughtfully at Fu Zhe Chuan.

After a short moment of silence, Fu Zhe Chuan responded calmly:”I don’t know him, but I can sort of guess who’s out for my life, which pretty much explains what’s going on. He’ll help us……”

Gu Yan nodded,”Then he’ll definitely try to delay the others and we can take this chance to run.”

“Yeah.”Fu Zhe Chuan stood up and looked at Gu Yan for a short moment. Suddenly, he said under his breath:”Sorry.”

Gu Yan looked at him.

“I’m the one who dragged you into this.”Fu Zhe Chuan pursed his lips. Both an implicit apology and fearful regret could be heard within his voice.

“It’s nothing.”Gu Yan paused for a moment, but he smiled to him,”Let’s go.”

Fu Zhe Chuan wanted to speak, but he stopped himself, it was not the best time to speak right now. The two quietly broke the windows and jumped out from it. As expected, nobody was around to watch over the back. They didn’t know whether this was an oversight, or perhaps Shen Dong had lured them away beforehand.

The two walked into the forest, and just as they were about to reach a road, a tall man suddenly walked out from behind a big tree.

Kevin held up his gun and chuffed,”As expected, Dong betrayed us.”

Fu Zhe Chuan paused his step, and the hands by his side were clenched into fists.

“Money sure is a big temptation huh, that he’d betray us all like that.”Kevin smiled,”But I can understand, who doesn’t like money? He chose to help you and he alone can get more money than the dozen of us combined. And why would anyone share if they could have it all for themselves? Isn’t that so?”

“I can give you money as well if you let us go.”Fu Zhe Chuan offered seriously.

“No no no, you’ve got it all wrong. I like money, but I like being alive more.”Kevin’s eyes were cold and ruthless,”They’re being turned around in circles by Dong, but if I kill you, I can get all the money to myself. I don’t believe you, your empty promises are nothing, I think something I’m guaranteed to get is more important instead.”

“Alright, I’ve already said a lot, so……Die!”Kevin pulled the trigger at Fu Zhe Chuan!

And at the same time, a black shadow suddenly pounced on Fu Zhe Chuan! Blocking the bullet for him!

Fu Zhe Chuan had been thrown to the ground and he looked in disbelief at Gu Yan who was on top of him. His lips started to tremble……

Gu Yan stood up and turned to Kevin. His eyes had turned red, glowing with cruel and vivid bloodlust,”I thought I’d let you live today, but it seems that’s not necessary anymore.”


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  1. *lights an entire room of candles for fzc* oh great author…why would you make FZC MORE likeable right before you push him out of the picture?? why would you have the mc treat him coldly and then save his life?? this gives us, the readers, way too much unneeded hope!

    thanks for the translation…i also hope they at least hold hands sob sob

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  2. I, personally, don’t like FZC as a ML, he fell for GY, helped him a little and all, but even so I still can’t feel the bond between them that we normally feel between a MC and a ML in other novels. You can criticize me for that, but I really feel like he is better as friend… Maybe food.. Cough.

    Talking about food, seems like GY is finally going to eat some delicatessen..

    Thank you for the chapter Helli.

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    1. maybe not as an ML but I still like FZC as a person more than QY lol(dude barely does anything), as they say the main characters are made for each other and the supporting characters are made for the audience.


      1. Yes, I agree with your last sentence.
        I believe we still feel nothing for QY because he barely appeared in the story, we need more chapters with both getting involved to see stuff happening.
        But FZC… poor soul, let’s pray for him.


    2. Hmm, regarding the bond I do agree. GY and FZC don’t have much interaction, FZC is just infatuated with GY for saving his life. GY could care less about FZC, and the nature of their relationship is hard for things to progress. Like maybe if FZC had started out as friends and worm his way in slowly and corrode GY’s demonic common sense, like XM could, he might have a smidgen of a chance. But unlikely.
      Moreover, it’s even harder for GY to take FZC seriously since he’s a weak human and cant protect himself from GY if he were to be eaten. Hence has a role as the money and food bank/reserves.
      Whereas QY has the lifespan, ability to understand the issues of the demon world, and threat needed for GY to take him seriously. And they have magic and the supernatural in common. (Though he has terrible interactions with GY, as of now, emotionless, hurts GY, suspicious of GY, wanted to kill GY… QY has a terrible track record, as of now… putting 2 people with emotional issues …. how’s that gonna end well…. I’m waiting for future events!!! )

      Though I just feel like FZC is wronged for being given such a hopeless love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;_; He seems sweet and cares for GY … he was adorable in his courtship and knowing that his efforts are in vain makes my teeth itch!!!!! I mean, it’s his first love!!!!!(probably) My baby’s in pain!!


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