DBHW Chapter 37


“Guess who’s here?”Xu Ming stared at Gu Yan with excitement.”It’s my idol, do you know who my idol is?”

Gu Yan glared at him coldly, and responded unkindly:”I saw him too.”

“Mm?”Xu Ming could not understand.

Fu Zhe Chuan slowly walked over from behind Xu Ming and smiled to Gu Yan,”I’m back.”

Behind him were filled with people pointing towards them in awe, whispering to each other in amazement as if they had just seen a big superstar.

Not even Jiang Cheng received such treatment usually in the set.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were glued on the two, the flames of gossip already raging fiercely.

“What did you come for?”Gu Yan’s tone was cold.

Fu Zhe Chuan did not mind, he smiled:”I said I would take you out for a meal when I came back.”

“Not hungry.”Gu Yan recalled the private chatter of the girls earlier and his eyes turned even colder. This stupid human better not have any unnecessary thoughts.

“What a coincidence, I’m not hungry right now either, so I might as well stay until you’re finished, then we can go out for dinner together, how does that sound? There’s a newly opened farmer’s restaurant nearby that’s quite unique.”Said Fu Zhe Chuan cheerfully, his voice still as gentle as usual.

Gu Yan narrowed his eyes faintly.

His listening was too good, and so the gossip being spouted at the side entered his ears without missing a single word.

‘Ahhh turns out the benefactor behind Gu Yan is Fu Zhe Chuan! This, this……!’

‘This explains why his backing was so strong.’

‘No……what? I’ve never heard that Fu Zhe Chuan liked men! Oh my god, my heart is breaking!’

‘Is this how my luck is? One’s handsome but the other’s rich, and they’re both together! This world is too depressing!’

‘Hey hey, aren’t you going to take a better look? They don’t really look like they’re together, Gu Yan’s face looks so cold I swear icicles are about to fall off it soon.’

‘When you put it that way…..Could it be……’

‘Fu Zhe Chuan is trying to court Gu Yan?! Oh my god I can’t take this, this is big! I need some chili to calm myself down!’

Gu Yan’s face turned darker and darker, and he stood up abruptly,”Let’s just eat now.”

If he stayed there any longer, he really did not know to what extent this situation would develop in the minds of those idiotic humans, he did not wish to stay here and be gawked at.

“Mm? Sure.”Fu Zhe Chuan did not show any changes in his countenance; it was as if nothing else existed around him. In his eyes, there was only Gu Yan.

Gu Yan stood up. When he walked past Xu Ming, he suddenly stopped before giving him a thoughtful look. He laughed softly:”Let’s go together, isn’t he your idol? It’s hard to get a chance to interact with him so closely like this.”

Xu Ming’s eyes brightened up. He looked at Gu Yan, then at Fu Zhe Chuan. Though Fu Zhe Chuan’s face retained a polite and welcoming smile, he had never opened his mouth to invite him verbally, he only stood quietly at the side. Instantly, he understood……

Tears dropped down in his heart, his idol did not welcome his presence. Xu Ming said to Gu Yan:”No no no, I shouldn’t, I still have some work……”

After that, he scurried off as if he had just been burned.


Gu Yan turned his eyes away, lazily throwing a glance at Fu Zhe Chuan before saying in a leisurely tone:”Let’s go then.”


The restaurant chosen by Fu Zhe Chuan was located at the outskirts of the city. The place was decorated very simply, and the environment was very peaceful and quiet. There weren’t many choices to choose from in the menu, but they were unique. It was said that this farmer’s restaurant was quite well received in the upper circles.

The two sat face to face. Fu Zhe Chuan picked up the purple teapot and poured Gu Yan a glass of tea before smiling gently,”I felt that you might like this place more than western cuisine.”

Gu Yan looked coldly at him, his face blank.

Seeing his reaction, Fu Zhe Chuan smiled and put down the teapot,”It’s hard to avoid gossip in the entertainment circle, not even I have escaped endless slandering, but why should I care about their gibberish? It’s fine as long as we know the truth, don’t you think so?”

Gu Yan kept his eyes still on Fu Zhe Chuan for a moment, and suddenly put on a smile,”And what is the truth?”

Fu Zhe Chuan was silent for a moment before slowly starting:”Don’t you know?”

“That you’re now my benefactor for example?”Gu Yan curled up his lips.

Fu Zhe Chuan smiled helplessly. Looking at Gu Yan felt to him like he was dealing with a child in a temper tantrum. He shook his head.

“That I’m the little star you’re raising as a pet?”Gu Yan then said.

Fu Zhe Chuan still shook his head as before.

“That……”Just as Gu Yan was about to continue, he was cut off by Fu Zhe Chuan.

Fu Zhe Chuan looked seriously at Gu Yan,”You know it’s not like that.”

“Did it matter whichever way it was?”Gu Yan’s eyes showed great contempt and his voice was coldly indifferent,”I’ve never cared about the thoughts of others.”

The smile gradually disappeared from Fu Zhe Chuan’s face. He looked into Gu Yan’s eyes, and even his voice was now slightly downcast,”Then……I’m the one you’re bothered about.”

Gu Yan raised his brows and looked at Fu Zhe Chuan with a smile, not responding.

You finally understand!

Fu Zhe Chuan played with the teacup in his hands, and finally revealed a bitter smile after a short moment,”Actually, I’ve already expected it.”

Such as how he never picked up his calls, and his cold, distant attitude.

“But I still wanted to give it a try.”Fu Zhe Chuan turned his eyes to Gu Yan,”I’ve never tried to pursue anyone else in the past either……So I’m very sorry for bothering you.”

Great that you understand! Gu Yan nodded.

“……”Fu Zhe Chuan was stunned for a moment, and suddenly he held his forehead and broke out in laughter,”Can’t you comfort me at all? It’s not like I’d pester you if you’d just told me ‘it’s fine’. That’s cold, what about the feelings of the one who just got crossed in love?”

Gu Yan’s mouth twitched. He nearly ended up laughing.

Crossed in love? The feelings of humans really are cheap……

Fu Zhe Chuan noticed and looked seriously at Gu Yan,”Do you not believe that I really have feelings for you?”

“I’m not interested in having that question answered.”Gu Yan responded.

Fu Zhe Chuan shook his head faintly and mocked himself:”It’s fine, I’m afraid all my self-confidence may be destroyed if you continue, I hope you can leave me some face.”

Gu Yan scoffed.

“Even if we can’t become lovers, we could still at least remain friends, right?”Fu Zhe Chuan fixed his glasses. He had already calmed down and now had a warm smile on his face, his eyes full of sincerity,”No matter what, you’re still the one who saved me, and being ungrateful is something I could never do.”

“We can.”Gu Yan smiled. He better not be ungrateful, or I’ll have to make it so that he regrets ever living.

“Thank you.”Fu Zhe Chuan smiled.

And thus ends the progression of that topic. Fu Zhe Chuan was a man of his word, and did not bring up any matters of pursuing Gu Yan ever again, he was merely here for a simple meal and a chat with him.

When on the topic of work, Fu Zhe Chuan emitted the air of a person you couldn’t help but trust, he had a great leadership presence. At this moment, you could really see that he was indeed the president of a large international business group, and though he was at the peak, he did not tyrannize those around him. Clearly, he was a very literate and intelligent man.

Gu Yan had little knowledge of the world of business, and his understanding of the human society still barely touched only the surface. In short, it was barely enough but not overly lacking. But he did not intend to study on it seriously either.

If someone else was lucky enough to sit here before Fu Zhe Chuan, they would definitely learn a lot from him.

But for Gu Yan, he could only come to a single conclusion: Fu Zhe Chuan is really very rich.

But just that alone was enough. If Gu Yan was to build the summoning circle, then he really did require money. Things would be easy if just Fu Zhe Chuan was enough, that would be quick and convenient, he would be able to save on some effort on dealing with other humans as well.

But if not……He would’ve already tried to drown this little ant who dared to have any ideas about him.

Their meal lasted nearly two hours, and consisted mainly of Fu Zhe Chuan speaking to prevent their meal from becoming cold and desolate.

“Let me send you back, if we stay any longer, I might receive Director Zou’s call of complaint, you’re his precious prodigy now after all.”Fu Zhe Chuan joked.

“Alright.”Gu Yan responded plainly.

Fu Zhe Chuan was already used to Gu Yan’s indifference. He had practically never seen any hint of joy appear on Gu Yan’s face before. In a gentlemanly manner, he opened the car door for Gu Yan and drove him back.

It was a few minutes before four at this moment. Though the sun had yet to set, not many cars could be seen on the winding road. The place was noticeably desolate.

It took about a half hour’s drive before they finally reached the bottom of the mountain, and at a toll both.

A man’s arm reached out from the toll booth, and a cold voice rang out:”Hello, please stop your car.”

A slight change appeared on Fu Zhe Chuan’s face, and he suddenly stopped his action of pulling down the window. This voice was not right! It’s not the same person as the one who was there when they came!

Gu Yan did not notice the change in the person manning the booth, but his eyes started to glow with a cold aura. There were at least five to six people surrounding the area. Those people were all hiding in the woods or a nearby shelter, and were slowly starting to gather.

“Twenty yuan.”Seeing how Fu Zhe Chuan had stopped halfway, the man started again coldly.

“Sit tight.”Fu Zhe Chuan suddenly spoke, his voice grave.

At the same time, he stepped on the gas abruptly! With a bang, his car broke past the gate and rushed out! The huge impact caused Gu Yan’s back to be pressed tightly on his seat!

Fu Zhe Chuan was a refined and elegant person, but he still had his decisive and straightforward moments!

After crashing through the gates, his car still did not slow down! It continued to speed across the road! The pointer was quickly reaching more than a few dozen over a hundred miles per hour!

His eyes were glued to the front, and as the car took a turn, his pupils suddenly contracted! His expression changed! And he stepped heavily on the brakes!

The road ahead had been blocked off by a dozen of thick trees that had been felled. If he really crashed into them directly, then he would’ve definitely totalled the car and got the both of them killed!

But fortunately, his car was hardy enough. Fu Zhe Chuan held his breath, stiffened his face, and stepped down onto the brakes to the very end! The tires made a screeching noise in their ears, and finally stopped just as they were about to hit the trees!

Fu Zhe Chuan quickly undid his seatbelts and faced Gu Yan:”Let’s go!”

At this time, there were indeed people watching over the front, and there were also people chasing them from the back. A thought came up in Fu Zhe Chuan’s mind, and decisively, he decided to run towards the mountain at the side!

Gu Yan’s eyes turned dark. He paused for a moment, but finally he still ended up following Fu Zhe Chuan.

The mountain was dense with greenery, and in just a moment, Fu Zhe Chuan’s exquisite suit had already been ruined, and his bangs were falling down over his face, causing him to appear slightly disheveled. From the start to the end, his face remained stiff, but his eyes did not waver. As they ran, he dialed a number.

His phone sounded for a moment before someone finally picked up. Fu Zhe Chuan was just about to speak, but he suddenly stopped.

Before them was the dark muzzle of a gun pointed straight at Gu Yan.


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