DBHW Chapter 39

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Kevin held his gun tightly to the point where his knuckles were turning pale. His eyes were filled with fright,”What are you?!”

He had clearly shot Gu Yan! But Gu Yan was completely fine……But those eyes, he saw them turn red bit by bit, those were not eyes that a human should have at all……

“You don’t have to know.”Gu Yan’s voice was icy cold as he took step after step towards Kevin.

This detestable ant. Bit by bit, he wanted to tear him to shreds, eat him, and torment him……He wanted him to know what the price of offending him was, allowing him to die slowly in a despairing nightmare……

Kevin stumbled backwards. His instinct that had helped him through countless life and death situations made him aware of Gu Yan’s horror, and he wanted to just turn and flee. But he was not a normal person after all; he knew that if he ran, then he would definitely be forfeiting any chance he had to live! Desperation emerged in his eyes instantly. He grabbed the assault rifle from behind his back and fired it desperately at Gu Yan!

Gu Yan’s figure suddenly flashed, leaving behind a string of residual images, closing in at lightning speed! He spread his demonic energy over his skin, and that easily allowed him to stop the attack of the bullets! He managed to avoid most of the bullets, but the ones that did hit were no different than just scratching an itch……

Seeing that his bullets were about to run out, Kevin’s face revealed a look of desperation as that terrifying man was about to reach him.

What kind of monster did he actually end up provoking? Recalling his earlier actions, wasn’t he courting his own death?! Stiffly he still held onto the trigger, but he knew that the chances for him to get out of here alive today were extremely slim……

However……That terrifying man suddenly stopped. A dozen holes were densely packed around his chest area with blood oozing out. He seemed almost in disbelief at this progression as he lowered his head to touch the wounds. Seeing the blood on his hands, he had gone into a trance.

Kevin was stunned, and instantly, an expression of pure joy overtook his face! He did not know what happened, but his bullets suddenly started to work again. But if he did not run now, then there would be no other chance! He turned and was just about to run desperately towards the roads, he did not care about anything else anymore!

Gu Yan looked dazedly at the blood on his hands.

For a moment earlier, the golden spiritual energy that had been staying quietly within his body had suddenly gone into a rampage while he was using his demonic energy. His control waned for a moment, and it immediately broke through the bindings within his body, rushing out madly. He had no choice but to reroute all his demonic energy towards it to suppress its rampage; and while his body had lost the support of the demonic energy, he had been covered with holes in just the blink of an eye.

Even so, he did not feel any pain, it was just some minimal damage to his flesh.

But the blood he lost caused his body to feel rather weak……

Gu Yan raised his head and saw that the man had already run quite a distance away. A cold smile curled up his lips.

Even if he was hurt, it still would not take much to make short work of an ant! He reached out towards the air, clenching his fists! And grabbed that man back! Throwing him heavily onto the ground! He stepped on the man’s chest to keep him in place and observed him with cold eyes.

When Kevin saw Gu Yan, his eyes had instantly lost its clarity. The wounds on Gu Yan’s body was no longer bleeding. Right now, dressed in his shirt dyed in scarlet, with a cold smile on his handsome face, he looked like the god of hell. He had sent him flying back with just the wave of his hand, he could not even hope to struggle. This was all beyond what he could understand with human knowledge, only a demon from the legends could have such abilities……This was a terrifying oriental demon!

In the next moment, pain surged through his body……Kevin screamed out in pain!

With a tug, Gu Yan tore down one of his arms! But as if he was still unsatisfied, he then tore off the man’s left arm, as well as both of his legs! He had turned him directly into a human matchstick! The man had already fainted from the pain, but another shock of extreme pain had brought him back again.

Gu Yan listened to his wails with his blood splattered all over his body. Seeing how his body had now been reduced to pitiful scraps, he could not hold back that tyrannical urge within his body! His eyes had burst into a red glow as his demonic energy fluctuated. Feeling the suppression of the demonic energy coming loose, that golden energy started to rampage again! It wanted to break away from its bindings……

Gu Yan’s eyes suddenly recovered its clarity and turned black again. With a step, he crushed the neck of the man, severing it.

He was just an ant who irritated him, he was unimportant. But what really was important was……

He slowly turned around and saw Fu Zhe Chuan standing quietly behind him, looking at him with a look he could not comprehend.


Gu Yan looked coldly at Fu Zhe Chuan, his eyes gradually revealing his intentions to kill.

He had followed him just to protect him, but now that things had developed to this stage, the only thing he may be able to do now was to kill him. He could not reveal his identity, nor did he feel that Fu Zhe Chuan would treat him the same after seeing this violent side of him.

Humans and demons can not coexist……

Gu Yan took step after step towards him, his head turned at a slight incline. It was a pity, if he did not have to, then he really was not willing to kill Fu Zhe Chuan.

Fu Zhe Chuan looked into the eyes and understood his intentions. He slowly started to speak:”Are you going to kill me?”

Gu Yan observed the man standing before him; he had a calm expression, showing not the least bit of fear. He was tactful when it came to gratitude, treated him well, and not many faults could be found from him. Only, he was unlucky to have found out his own secret……Gu Yan’s face softened. With a smile, he said:”Don’t worry, it will be over in a second.”

Seeing how obedient this human had been this whole time, he would grant him a painless death.

Fu Zhe Chuan shook his head, putting on a faint smile on his lips:”I’m not worried. Can I ask you a question?”

Going against his usual nature, Gu Yan offered him some of his patience and tolerance,”Go ahead.”

“Are you going to kill me because you don’t believe that I will be able to keep this secret for you?”Fu Zhe Chuan looked at Gu Yan with gentle and sincere eyes as he spoke.

Gu Yan nodded. Fu Zhe Chuan himself could not pose a threat to him, but once his identity has been revealed, then he would attract the pursuit of human cultivators like Qin Yao. This was not a risk he could take.

“I know I might sound like a coward, but……”Fu Zhe Chuan suddenly broke into a soft chuckle, but the self-mocking and sorrow could be heard in that laugh,”Why can’t you trust me once?”

“Trust? Don’t humans always say that those different from them can never be trusted?”Gu Yan laughed before continuing in a cold tone,”Besides, aren’t you afraid of me?”

Does this part of me not frighten you? Do you not hate it?

Why aren’t you showing me that fear in your eyes; why aren’t you running; why don’t you stay far away from me……Then I would be able to take your life without any mercy……But this was not what happened. Strangely, mysteriously, he could not bring himself to do it.

There was never a need at all for me to have a reason to kill a human.

“Why would I be? You’ve saved me twice.”Said Fu Zhe Chuan, his eyes clear.

“That was because——”You still had some use to me. Gu Yan suddenly stopped himself halfway through his sentence, but this unnecessary hesitation did not conform with his personality. He interpreted this as: Anyway, since Fu Zhe Chuan was going to die anyway, he didn’t have to die with the knowledge of the truth, it was just a waste of effort to tell him.

But Fu Zhe Chuan seemed to have seen through his thoughts and laughed calmly,”Because I have money, and still had some use to you, right?”

Gu Yan’s eyes turned cold, the killing intent once again reemerging,”You knew.”

Fu Zhe Chuan was not the least bit scared, and could not resist the smile curling up his lips,”Why did you believe I was ignorant to your goal? You couldn’t have not known how clearly you were projecting them, right? Besides the time when you needed me for something, or when you needed me for money, you’ve never even looked at me……”

Gu Yan’s face stiffened.

“But so what?”Fu Zhe Chuan took off that smile from his lips, and spoke gravely,”The truth is that you’ve saved me again and again. Just then, you could’ve easily escaped yourself if you didn’t choose to save me, there was no need to reveal your identity at all, am I wrong? But you stayed……”

Gu Yan pursed his lips.

“I can understand that you’re doing this for me……”As he spoke, Fu Zhe Chuan could see the look in Gu Yan’s eyes turn colder and colder, so he quickly added on,”It’s for my money, right?”

Gu Yan nodded, but his face was still showed his discomfort.

Fu Zhe Chuan had control of a large business empire, but besides that his shrewdness and insight of the human mind was also comparable to that of Gu Yan’s. His voice came naturally with a hint of comfort and soothing, like the elegant hum of a deep chello,”But no matter how much this world lacked, it never had a lack of the rich, and I’ve never once been important to you.”

Only now did Gu Yan’s face relax. What he said was true, it would at least bring him a little trouble if he were to kill him, but it was no impossible.

“But……”Fu Zhe Chuan paused for a moment before smiling,”If you kill me, then you would have to find someone as cooperative, useful, and unsuspicious of you as I am, which may not be easy. We have been able to get along pretty well thus far, so you would not gain anything from killing me.”

“That’s right.”Gu Yan admitted bluntly. This was indeed one of the reasons he did not wish to kill Fu Zhe Chuan,”But it’s quite unfortunate that you’ve seen what you shouldn’t have.”

From the moment he made his move, he kept no further intents to keep him alive.

“So in the end, the final analysis is——That you still do not trust me.”Fu Zhe Chuan continued.”Even if you’ve helped me so much, and saved my life twice, you’re still unwilling to trust me, believing that I would bring harm to you, or betray you.”

Gu Yan smiled, not agreeing nor disagreeing.

Fu Zhe Chuan was silent for a moment. He looked Gu Yan in the eye and his own suddenly became solemn. Slowly, he began:”But what if I tell you, that on the day you saved me for the very first time……I saw everything?”

Gu Yan’s eyes sharpened coldly, staring straight at Fu Zhe Chuan.


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