DBHW Chapter 36

Didn’t know My Fair Gentleman is already picked up so I did a teaser for it yesterday, shows how little I know of what’s happening around me lol, if you’re interested, you guys can get to it through my teaser tab, with the other translator’s version linked in there too


Director Zou had nowhere to vent his rage. After a whole afternoon of fumbling about they could not even get a single scene done. Cooperating with newcomers who haven’t broken into acting yet was just trouble!

But when they started again, everything went beyond his imagination.

After entering the scene once more, the atmosphere surrounding Gu Yan’s entire person had been completely changed. He now gave a splendid display of a cautious man who trembled with fear. Director Zou was stunned for a moment, he could not understand why Gu Yan had suddenly changed so much, but quickly threw this question to the back of his head. He quickly grabbed hold of the current situation and finished the shot in one go!

Fortunately, Gu Yan did not lose his act in the slightest throughout the entire shoot. Earlier, the scene that they were not able to get pass even after several hours of redos were suddenly done successfully in one go.

Director Zou patted Gu Yan on the shoulder cheerily:”You’re not bad, keep it up. Go get some rest first, we’ll continue in the afternoon.”

Gu Yan smiled and took off his glasses, once again returning to his former appearance,”Alright.”

Director Zou left in a good mood, he did not expect that Gu Yan could adjust his emotions so quickly. As expected, he was a young man with some talent, he did not misjudge him previously!

Xu Ming came over and passed a bottle of water to Gu Yan, looking at him with eyes of reverence:”You were amazing, even someone as picky as Director Zou said you weren’t bad!”

Gu Yan looked at Xu Ming for a short moment, and gave a soft chuff.

Xu Ming did not understand what happened,”What? Did I say something wrong?”

“Nothing.”Said Gu Yan plainly.

As soon as Gu Yan returned to the green room, his phone began to ring. He brought his phone to his ear.

Fu Zhe Chuan’s gentle voice came from the receiver,”Are your morning shoots done?”

“Mm.”Gu Yan responded.

“Jiang Cheng called me about what happened yesterday.”Fu Zhe Chuan then continued.

A faint coldness crawled up Gu Yan’s eyes. Are these people really convinced that Fu Zhe Chuan was his backer? Do they really think he’d listen to Fu Zhe Chuan? If even Fu Zhe Chuan himself thinks he could lord over him as well then this human really has made a foolish mistake.

“He told me about the whole process. Even though this may be overestimating myself, I would still like to ask you to……”Fu Zhe Chuan paused for a moment.

A cold smile emerged on Gu Yan’s lips.

“Please, I’d like it if you did not worry too much about me, you should just do what you want to do.”Fu Zhe Chuan chuckled,”Jiang Cheng is a friend of mine, but you are one too. And since you’re both friends of mine, how could I show any preference?”Fu Zhe Chuan laughed,”It would be bad for my image if it got out too.”


“So don’t worry, Jiang Cheng won’t make things hard for you. He had never been a bad person to begin with, he just got a little bit angry yesterday. But he should have calmed down after a night.”Fu Zhe Chuan spoke cheerfully.

No wonder he looked so off this morning……Thought Gu Yan to himself.

“Let’s not talk about this anymore, it’s your first day at the shoot today, how are you keeping up? If you need anything, don’t be afraid to mention it to the company.”Said Fu Zhe Chuan.

“Nothing much.”

“Mm, that’s good then……I’ll be back in a few days, and I’d like to invite you out for a meal then.”Fu Zhe Chuan chuckled before continuing,”Do you have enough money? I’ll prepare some money for you when that time comes.”

Gu Yan wanted to tell him there was no need, but hearing that someone was going to send him money himself, he hesitated for a moment.

Finally, Fu Zhe Chuan said,”Then it’s decided.”And he hung up.

Gu Yan looked at his phone which call had just been dropped, and was stunned for a moment.

A ‘ding’ suddenly sounded from his phone, notifying him of an incoming message. He opened it, it was from Fu Zhe Chuan: You can do it ^_^

Gu Yan: ……


The afternoon shoot was the performance of his second personality.

Gu Yan took off his blazer and loosened the first button of his shirt. After styling up the hair covering his forehead, and setting it in place meticulously to reveal his handsome face. After the makeup artist put on a rather thick layer of foundation on his face, his skin that had already been fair now looked almost sickly. The faint eyeliner applied on his eyes was not eye-catching, instead, it gave him a strikingly distinct flavour of elegance. And with some lipstick, his look was complete.

Compared to his style in the morning, the only thing different on him besides the makeup was the lack of his blazer and his glasses. But even so, the atmosphere surrounding his person was completely different. His current look was just like that of an indolent beast, exuding the aura a provocatively cruel beauty……Beauty like that of a poisonous poppy.

Gu Yan had attracted the fanatical gazes of the crew members as soon as he walked out. Director Zou stared dazedly at him for a moment before coughing,”Mm, not bad, let’s start.”

The afternoon shoot progressed very smoothly at the start.

This personality of his would appear as soon as night came, and would hunt for his prey in places such as bars and so on. After that, he would trick women to follow him home, knock them out, and kill them.

This scene was played with a female actor specially arranged to work with Gu Yan. She played the role of the cameo victim that appeared only for a few minutes since her entrance to the stage.

The female actress was dressed in a rather revealing red dress with a heavy smokey eye look decorating her face. Her four limbs were tied to the bed, and seemed to have just woken up. As soon as she did, she noticed that something was off, but her mouth had already been blocked so all she could do muster were unintelligible noises as she struggled violently.

At this time, Gu Yan came in with a tray in his hands, carrying needles, scalpels, and other tools.

He came to the female actress’ side and sat down, revealing a smile to her. But his eyes showed that he was looking at her like nothing but a cold, dead body.

Under the viewing lenses of Gu Yan’s eyes, the actress did not dare to move anymore. Involuntarily, her body began to tremble as a look of pleading emerged within her eyes.

Gu Yan’s cold fingertips passed lightly over her face, and finally stopped at her neck, holding it gently. He leaned down and looked into her eyes, speaking to her in a voice like that of a lover’s whisper:”Don’t be scared, it’ll feel really nice and really good, you won’t die immediately. Slowly, you can watch as all your blood drains, slowly……Enjoy.”

The actress opened her eyes in horror, her pupils contracting sharply.

“Cut!”Director Zou shouted in excitement, the scene was completed in just one take. Gu Yan’s performance was stunning, crafting the perfect reimagination of the cold and evil character of a sick murderer. The female actress was not bad either, the fear was quite on point. It was quite rare for him to praise a little actress whose name he did not know,”Not bad.”

She rubbed the goosebumps on her arm that had appeared due to her fear. There were clearly so many people around them, but they still could not make her feel safe when she faced Gu Yan. It felt like her life really was in the hands of that sicko! And she was going to die!

The female staff at the side touched her and fantasized:”How was it? How did it feel to act in the same scene as Gu Yan? I’m so envious you got to get so close to him just now~~He’s so handsome ahhh~~~”

“……”The actress smiled awkwardly,”It was okay……”

She looked at Gu Yan and could not understand how they could have such fantasies at all. So what if he was handsome? It was really too scary aaaahh!

She would not want to do this again even if you beat her to death!


After getting into it, Gu Yan could already switch easily between the two states, and so the shooting proceeded very smoothly.

As his ability had been affirmed by Director Zou, as well how his heroic record of successfully receiving Jiang Cheng’s compromise during their confrontation had been passed around, his position was already greatly improved within the crew. Xu Ming would never receive any sort of troubles ever again. And even though that assistant of Jiang Cheng’s had not been driven away, he would still sneaking around in the corners. As soon as he saw Gu Yan or Xu Ming, he would avoid them tactfully.

Time passed very quickly, and a month passed in just the blink of an eye.

The only thing that bothered Gu Yan, was the fact that the frequency of Fu Zhe Chuan coming out now to remind him of his existence had greatly increased.

He would generally call him about once every two or three days for a quick friendly chat. At first, Gu Yan was still willing to play along. But later, he was simply too lazy to even pick up his calls. Or when he did not hear his phone ringing during his shoots, he would still never decide to call him back. But Fu Zhe Chuan still continued to call him constantly. He was a very orderly person, he would chat a little with Gu Yan if he picked up, but he would not call him again either if he did not pick up, so he did not appear to be too annoying.

Gu Yan was watching the news. Recently, Fu Zhe Chuan should have been discussing about a very large merger case abroad, but Gu Yan did not care so much about such events.

It was clear that Fu Zhe Chuan was very busy, and his calls came and went. But no matter what, he would at least send Gu Yan a message every day to wish him a good night or to cheer him on; Gu Yan had never replied to these messages, and he never even cared about them in the first place.

Gu Yan was getting a little tired of Fu Zhe Chuan’s behaviour. At first, he did not intend to get too close with a human, so he had portrayed a character that was cold and hard to get to. But he would never have expected that there would still be humans rushing to get close to him. Xu Fei was one, and Fu Zhe Chuan was one.

He never had any intentions of making friends with humans at all, alright?

After work was done today, Gu Yan sat under the awning for a short rest. Two of the female staff were noisily chirping away at the side in conversation.

“Ah, look, Gu Yan’s resting. He’s so handsome, even with his eyes closed……”

“Yeah, it’s worth all the tiring work that I get to enjoy eye candy everyday.”

“I’ve decided that Gu Yan will become my god, that what, XXX guy? He can’t even compare with Gu Yan in the slightest.”

“Count me in as well! Ah, being able to see Gu Yan everyday makes me feel like I won’t even be able to swallow my rice if I had to look at that one in my house! So sad, I’d be perfectly satisfied even if he could have one tenth of Gu Yan’s handsomeness. When I look at Gu Yan, I’d enough appetite to eat three bowls of rice!”

“You should just forget it, that loyal dog in your house treats you so well. Not only does he call you everyday, he even greets you every morning and night, and would even cheer you on in work. If you called him and told him you were hungry, he would even send you food no matter how far you were. It’s understandable if he was like this while trying to get you to be his girlfriend, but now he’s still the same after so long, you better not let go of a good man like him.”

“Hehe, I’m just joking……”

Gu Yan opened his eyes expressionlessly. What noisy humans!

After a short moment of chatting, the two female staff members left. But before he could even get a moment of peace, he saw Xu Ming rushing over, gasping for air. With a mysteriously excited tone, he told him:”Guess who’s here?!”

An actor’s lounge is called a green room since they were green in the past, but the name stuck even though not all of them are anymore.


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