DBHW Chapter 35

One more teaser up because I’ve been curious about that story if you haven’t seen it already.


Qin Yao nodded in greeting,”How are things progressing?”

Song Yun Zheng responded to him respectfully,”It’s all thanks to the information you provided us, our task force has already made great progress and have several of our suspicions have already been confirmed. Um……About the traces of the demonic beings. With the help of an expert from the Qingshui Temple, we’ve successfully cornered and killed three of them. We’ve found another that was relatively cunning and strong, and I’m afraid we will be needing your help.”

Qin Yao hummed in acknowledgement, and spoke:”Did Zhu Huan Wei spill yet?”

“All settled.”Song Yun Zheng quickly passed the interrogation records to Qin Yao. After receiving Qin Yao’s request, he sent some men to look for Zhu Huan Wei but just so happened to find him fleeing. And so, they detained and interrogated him without rest, and finally received this piece of information.

“As expected, Sun Jie had been bribed by him to frame Gu Yan.”Said Qin Yao after he quickly finished looking through the records.

Song Yun Zheng nodded,”That’s right, and Zhu Huan Wei himself had also been instructed by someone else. The one behind all this is Gu Yan’s second eldest brother.”

Qin Yao’s eyes were icy,”Unbelievable.”

Song Yun Zheng suddenly felt a little awkward. He thought against it for a moment but still decided to say:”Even though Sun Jie is dead, many signs still points that he did indeed commit suicide. Although there were reasons behind it, this was still an ordinary case. Moreover, this matter also involves the Gu family from Jing City……It may not be easy for us to intervene……”

If not for Qin Yao’s request for an investigation, then he would never have paid attention to these things at all.

Qin Yao looked at Song Yun Zheng and suddenly smiled faintly:”You don’t think this case relates to our current case in the special investigation team at all, do you?”

Song Yun Zheng’s thoughts had been seen through, and he chuckled dryly. He really did not see any great similarities between this case and the usual special investigations case. Even though Hong Qing and the rest had disappeared without a trace, it just seemed to be a coincidence that the mountain resort was connected to Gu Yan as well. But coincidences weren’t impossible in this world, was it? From the information they had at the moment, they found no connections whatsoever with Gu Yan and the demonic beings.

The demons were cruel beings who despised humans, often enjoying to stay alone. Killing and violence was something set deep inside their bones, so you could still find their trace if you tried harder to seek them out. But Gu Yan……No matter how you looked at it, he had no similarities whatsoever with the demons, and he even saved a person once. How could a demon possibly save a human? Even though there had been some changes in his character according to the investigation, it was still understandable for him to become so cynical after nearly drowning and being betrayed. Not only that, he even had to suffer a tremendous amount of public pressure……After receiving Zhu Huan Wei’s confession, Song Yun Zheng even felt a little sympathetic towards Gu Yan.

But he had a huge responsibility atop his shoulders, and the situation currently was also outside the norm. He really did not want to waste any effort on managing the affairs of another person’s family. If he was not careful, he may even get himself in trouble.

Moreover, he felt that Qin Yao cared so much about this matter due to a personal reason and not because it really had something to do with the case. But he still had to rely on Qin Yao in their current predicament so even though he was unhappy, he did not dare to point his finger at Qin Yao directly.

You had no idea how terrible those demons were, nothing was impossible. Qin Yao scoffed. Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly recalled the scene where he met up with Gu Yan today. A look of complexity flashed past his eyes and the words trailed to his mouth:”You don’t have to bother about this case anymore, It will take responsibility of it myself.”


When Gu Yan returned by himself to the set, Xu Ming had still yet to return.

Those human cultivators were self-righteous people and also quite fussy. If he was not brought down by so many other troubles, then he would definitely never let him go! But it’s also quite fortunate that humans were so cautious in their work, or he may have to face the human beings directly……

Gu Yan shut himself in his room and his face turned as white as a sheet. He had been enduring with his strong willpower for so long, not showing a single hint of abnormality, and he finally revealed a pained expression after he was finally alone. Under the cleansing of the spiritual wine, his body felt like a pane of broken glass. Only after exerting a large amount of energy was he finally able to keep the demonic energy within his body from bursting out!

That thread of golden spiritual energy that remained within his body suddenly sprang up in a rampage as if it had found its saviour, absorbing the spiritual energy from the spiritual wine incessantly, expanding itself by a fait bit!

For a whole night, Gu Yan was sleepless and his body was drenched in sweat.

It was not until the next morning did the spiritual energy finally dispersed from the spiritual wine. But that golden energy that he had hacked away to become just a tiny thread had now thickened considerably.

A cold and vicious light glowed in Gu Yan’s eyes. I’ll make way for you this time, but I’ll definitely cut you up into a million bits next time! I have to vent my hatred!

Gu Yan sorted out his appearance, and finally left after ascertaining that nothing was out of place.

It was not known when Xu Ming had arrived, but he had prepared breakfast for him. Gu Yan did not ask how Xu Fei was doing either as he had never cared about him, and he would have even less care about an ant now that he was in a bad mood.

But without even asking, Xu Ming himself took the initiative to tell him. He started seriously:”Thank you very much for yesterday.”

“Sure.”Gu Yan’s voice was plain and unmoved.

“Really, I felt quite angry when I heard it, but after thinking about it, Xiao Fei may not have given up if you did not tell him that.”Xu Ming smiled,”He’s a very persistent guy, and at the same time he was prideful as well. Even though he’s a little down right now, he’ll get himself back on his feet sooner or later. It’s better to be sad for a short while than to suffer for the longterm.”

“It may have seemed cold, but I know that’s just your kindness.”Xu Ming spoke sincerely.

Gu Yan slammed the chopsticks down on the table and got up to leave.

Xu Ming looked dazedly at his back, not knowing how he had irritated Gu Yan……

As soon as he felt the cool breeze, the violent impulses gurgling within Gu Yan finally calmed down. In his heart, he told himself that this was nothing worth getting mad over. It was true, he had to suffer two losses because of that human cultivator, but this was not related to that ant, Xu Ming. There was nothing he could get out of picking faults with the words of an idiot.

He was needed at the set today, so he decided to just head on over.

But in the end, he bumped into Jiang Cheng without even having to take a few steps. Gu Yan narrowed his eyes and a flash of coldness ran by them. If this human dared to cause trouble for him, then he would not go easy on him.

Jiang Cheng had also noticed Gu Yan. His expression was slightly cold, but he nodded expressionlessly to Gu Yan before walking past him. He had no intentions at all to speak a single word to Gu Yan.

Gu Yan was stunned, but also walked away as if nothing had happened. At least this human was tactful.

Gu Yan’s performing character was that of a man with split personalities. His main personality was that of an honest and modest company employee, while his other was that of a sick murderer. The main way the two personalities were distinguished were through makeup and clothing.

He was dressed impeccably in a white shirt with a black suit blazer, his hair styled with a touch of hair gel, his soft, slick bangs hanging over his face. And to top it all off, a pair of black-rimmed glasses. It almost seemed like all his edge had been concealed, his entire body now exuded a feeling of lameness, attracting the attention of nobody at all.

Director Zou observed him in satisfaction,”Not bad, you’re quite mouldable.”

A good actor should be able to adapt to all sorts of characters, and not covering up the qualities of the character with their own. An actor like that would just end up the same every time. Director Zou had only seen the overwhelmingly wicked side of Gu Yan, and was even worried that he may have rushed his decision at the start. But now it seems all his worry had been for nought.

The scenes he had in the morning were shot in an office set they decorated mainly to show what life was like for the villain in his daily life. Being ordinary, inconspicuous, and an easy target were all qualities of his main personality.

But things did not go smoothly after shooting began. All the qualities possessed by the main personality were the complete opposite of Gu Yan himself. He never knew in his life what it meant to swallow insult and humiliation silently. Even though he had memorized the script, he still needed to act it out according to the requirements. But still, he could not show the forbearance of the main personality. It always came out a little stiff.

Director Zou had been guiding him patiently at the start, but after several NGs, his temper gradually started to rise.

“How many times have I told you! When you say ‘sorry’, you have to show that you’re tense and afraid, you also have to show the contradicting emotions of being both uneasy and dissatisfied, yet not having the guts to resist! Just look at you! Are you even trying to say ‘sorry’? You’re simply trying to project the words ‘you’re looking to die’!”Director Zou scolded him fiercely.

The onlookers couldn’t help but laugh under their breaths.

“What are you laughing about! Get in positions, one more!”Director Zou howled.

Gu Yan’s brows were knitted into a light frown. It really wasn’t that he could not stand being pointed at in such a way. Director Zou did not have any biases towards him, he was just saying things as they were. Besides, this was the character he chose himself. He was just thinking about how he could portray that feeling in his act. He had been living in the demon world for a thousand years, and all the demons there were vicious and unafraid of death. He really could not think of a single role he could learn from.

He swept a glance towards his surroundings at the corner of his eye, and saw Xu Ming with his fists clenched, cheering him on. He couldn’t help but pause.

Really……He almost forgot that there was such a person by his side. The person he had heard the most ‘sorry’s from were Xu Ming himself. It would not strange at all to substitute him as a an abuse-sponging character.

How did he normally apologize to him? And what did he think about while apologizing to him?

Should be……Fear, perhaps? Since he was weak, powerless, and did not dare to resist, he had the fear of having to make compromises in order to secure his survival.

Gu Yan pondered on it for a moment. What is fear? What does fear feel like……It had been so long since he had felt it. Of course……He should probably have felt fear before sometime in his life. When he was just born……He was as weak as the other low-tier demons.

But no matter how weak a demon was, they still had strong instincts of slaughter, and had endless bravado. But they still had times of desperation……

Facing an existence several times stronger than his own level, facing the countless struggle between life and death, facing the supreme demon lord who stood at the very peak.

Fear had once run through his bones……He could not help but give in, feeling the sorrow and helplessness as he compromised in order to ensure his survival.

Yes, he had that once.

Only, he had forgotten about it at this moment. He never had the habit of looking back at his past.

As a demon——Fear was the one thing that should not belong inside of them. Fear turned them weak, and it was nothing but a cancer that brought them towards their deaths.

“What are you thinking about! We’ve started!”Director Zou raised his horn and shouted into Gu Yan’s ears,”Start over!”

Gu Yan straightened up the black-rimmed glasses resting on his nose bridge. His eyes were black as ink, appearing as dark as the endless depths of the deep sea.

And right now, he had to remember the fear he had once experienced, the fear he had long forgotten……He no longer knew how to feel afraid, because he was already strong enough.

And as someone who was strong, he would no longer feel afraid of his past weakness.

He would no longer be shaken by fear.

He could face it all by himself now.


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  1. Hoo.. This chapter was really interesting..
    That’s what I like by reading a novel, doesn’t matter if it’s a fictional, real-life based story, our just a small tale, we always have something to learn from it.
    The ending part, about the fear, and how once you are strong enough you can think about your past and the fears you had in it, without feeling it. It’s a good part to think about.

    Thank you for the chapter Helli.

    By the way, I’m just curious, if you don’t mind. Do you keep being an abusive M? Or you calmed down a little?

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