RWSB Chapter 142

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This couldn’t be a remnant from the commander’s wife commander, could it? Shu Ning started to sweat and wet the back of his shirt in an instant.

“This ring has been around for a long time, it has been passed down since my grandmother’s generation,”I had been passed down to the women and not the men, and this ring had been passed onto the wives of their boys, and not their daughters. Right now, the only blood-related grandchild he had was only Shu Heng, while the one Shu Heng loves was Shu Ning, so this “wife” would have to be the man, Shu Ning. The commander spoke with him in a gentle tone:”Keep it, then in the future, you can it to Xiao Heng’s daughter-in-law.”

This was a hot potato! It was just a light thing but now it was heavier than a mountain, this wasn’t the type of pressure one would normally face!

But Shu Ning accepted it, and thanked him solemnly. Shu Heng was his, he wouldn’t give him to anyone else, and since this item was a sign of his status, then Shu Ning would not give it up!

The commander nodded in satisfaction. This young man was still young but he was responsible, and knew what he wanted in the future as well. Much of Shu Ning’s information was piled in Szeto Dong’s room, and the commander had already looked over them carefully, not even missing a single notation, he knew that Shu Ning was an excellent child that was hard to come by. The old Shu family had raised Shu Heng to become to outstanding and he even came with their son that was so remarkably excellent that it really seems they owed them now too much.

But Shu Cheng had never lacked for any sort of compensation, so he simply left the compensation to the old Mou family that Shu Cheng had been taking care of, it was a joyous event for all.

“Ning Ning, can you call me grandpa in the future?”


“Good boy~”The commander was such a calm man but he still couldn’t help himself from feeling excited. A hand as large as a cattail leaf fan scratched his trousers, he wanted to give everything to Shu Ning and quickly stopped himself, he might scare the child away:”It’s getting too late, so you should stay here tonight, I’ll have Ah Dong arrange a room for you and Xiao Heng.”

He nearly couldn’t hold himself back in time, the sky is still light outside is this really alright? But Shu Ning respected the old commander thus he still chose to nod in agreement. Facing the hero of the country, who could have an unmoving heart? He couldn’t bear to see him disappointed. As Shu Ning thought about it, he wondered whether Shu Heng would hate him if he were to find out in the future. Perhaps he would, that guy would do him for an entire night if he could find the chance to, he was completely unrestrained.

The Szeto household was very quiet in the evening, you could hear the sound of a pin drop in this large space, there actually weren’t many people. But in truth, the place had been cleared out because Szeto Dong wanted to get along well with Shu Heng and Shu Ning. The old commander had the same idea in mind as well, and not only that, since they weren’t able to personally prepare a meal at noon, this father and son rolled up their sleeves tonight and holed themselves up in the kitchen, preparing all the dishes they were adept at, filling the table with food!

Taking the opportunity when nobody noticed, Shu Ning took out his phone to snap a photo, this was the meal prepared by someone at the level of a chief, who else could receive such a blessing!

Shu Heng was very casual, and because Shu Ning was in a good mood, he was also willing to respond to Szeto Dong’s questions with care, in terms of the progression of their closeness, this was a big leap forward.

After their meal, Shu Ning wanted to wash the dishes but Shu Heng insisted on helping no matter what. They atmosphere was sweet like honey, and they were surrounded by pink bubbles.

Szeto Dong and the commander was very envious, how great it was to have a wife. The commander narrowed his eyes:”Do you want to look for another one?”

It wasn’t as if his wife died, she had shorn her hair and became a monk in a Buddhist temple after her son’s death. They they were married, love was not involved, it was all done for the benefits of their family. Szeto Dong had thought of treating her as well as he could, even having respect for each other was better than treating each other with scorn, but her family would always bury needles in the haystack, inciting unrest. At the end of it the only thing he could say was that they were not fated to be together, she regretted not being able to see through the illusions of the world at first and leaving her home of her own volition to the temple, and they would still have considered to have let go of each other. Szeto Dong shook his head but there were no fluctuations in his mind:”Now, the only thing I want to do is to watch over Shu Heng……as well as Shu Ning.”

“It’s my fault,”The commander sighed. It it was not for his efforts in the past, his son would not have fallen into such misfortune.

“No, these are the repercussions of my own choices,”His lover married Shu Cheng as soon as she turned away from him, hiding her pregnancy. Szeto Dong was also a victim, but what was he to do, take advantage of his power and force the two to divorce? If Shu Heng’s mother had not been so proud in the past, and so callous, perhaps if she had even a shred of hesitation, the two would not have to hide this remorse in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

Shu Heng’s mother had loved only Szeto Dong in her whole life.

Szeto Dong had loved only her just the same.

Shu Cheng and her were childhood friends with a deep bond, even if he were to find that the other party bore the child of another man, he had still willingly chosen to marry her in resolution, making a vow to treat Shu Heng well his whole life, giving everything he could! Even if he were to have Shu Ning and Shu Yao in the future, Shu Heng’s place in his heart would still not be shaken. It could be seen to what degree Shu Cheng’s love for her had reached. Choosing Qin Yu Zhuo and even falling in love with her, and mixed within that was the presence of Shu Ning and Shu Yao, his love for her was not strong so when Qin Yu Zhuo started to fan the waves, Shu Cheng may have felt sad and very sorry for it, he had still dealt with her.

The atmosphere between the father and son pair was slightly heavy. When Shu Ning and Shu Heng came out together from washing the dishes, Shu Heng helped Shu Ning dry his hands with a towel. For the Szeto father and son pair, this scene was just like a painting, it was fine even if he were a boy, as long as they could continue on like this forever, that would be fine.

The room they stayed in at night was very new, it should have been renovated just recently. Shu Ning swept a glance around his surroundings and felt the room to be very warm and comfortable, this couldn’t be dedicated for Shu Heng would it?

“This is my room, but I’ve never stayed here in the past.”

Shu Heng could guess what Shu Ning was thinking of so he spoke out directly, this instead served to make Shu Ning blush:”Why did this make of a bridal chamber?”

“Let’s hear it.”

“You’re so smart, you really don’t know?”

“Tell me, it’s not like I’m a god, how could I guess everything?”Shu Heng spoke very seriously as he lowered his head to look towards Shu Ning. He looked like a child asking for help, listening very seriously.

Shu Ning blinked and slowly responded:”Well, you see, this is a double bed, and the pillow……”If he never mentioned it, he himself would not have noticed, but as soon as he did, he received a surprise. Almost everything in the room came in pairs, and Shu Ning felt a sudden enlightenment. These were added on after knowing of my existence, Shu Heng had come to this house once before and with mischief he pretended to be ignorant. Shu Ning released himself from Shu Heng’s hand and sat down on the sofa.

Shu Heng chuckled, and this truly was a rare sight. Shu Ning couldn’t get himself to feel angry at him, and immediately turned around to look back at him, but he felt slightly surprised.

“I’ll go and prepare the water.”

“……”Shu Ning’s mouth twitched, and he growled:”I’m not doing it!”

“Every minute of our wedding night weighs as heavy as gold, what else are we going to do in the bridal chambers?”

“……”Shu Ning was speechless. He could feel a shiver run down his body, this brother truly was too admirable, ah. Whether he had to pretend to be sick or uncomfortable, he couldn’t do the XXOO in the Szeto family house now could he? It would be trouble if he wasn’t able to get off of bed tomorrow morning. He took out an old box from his pocket and opened it, the emerald was exuding a fascinating brilliance, it really was very beautiful. Shu Ning didn’t understand gemstones, but even he knew that the quality of this object was excellent, it was a significant treasure. Slowly, Shu Ning who was appreciating the ring finally calmed himself down. Shu Heng was right, a little something should be happening in this night, tonight could be considered the day he was officially recognized in the Szeto family.

Shu Heng prepared the bath water, and Shu Ning had also finished making his call. Shu Cheng knew that they were staying in the Szeto family house and did not have any reactions to it, with some undertones in his speech that showed his understanding of the matter, he even told Shu Ning to behave himself, reminding him to show piety towards the Szeto father and son pair. This made the hair on Shu Ning’s body stand on edge. Could it be……Everyone already found out? I was the only fool kept in the dark!

But Shu Ning was clever, he laid down a few traps in his speech, but Shu Cheng was wise, carefully using a roundabout tactic to make Shu Ning understand, yet did not expose himself. This child was thin-skinned and shy so they should mutually show each other some face. Shu Ning held his phone and looked towards Shu Heng without speaking. What is going on? This was a good thing but he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“What did dad say?”

“He told me to show piety towards your dad and grandpa.”


“Brother, what did you do?”

“They love us, so naturally they will accept us. You don’t have to worry about this, all you have to do is cherish me properly.”

“Do you still have any shame?”

Shu Heng picked up SHu Ning and he subconsciously crossed his arms around his neck, cooperating with their tacit understanding. Two pairs of eyes met with each other, sparks flew, and passion erupted.

Outside the door, the old Commander Szeto was pacing back and forth around the door, and not long after, Szeto Dong had come as well. He looked at him with a slightly unkindly gaze:”Dad, you should be sleeping.”

“Mm, I came to bring them some mosquito repellent, what are you here for?”The commander would not fight a battle he did not have confidence in. He held up the mosquito repellent in his hands and dangled it.

Szeto Dong sighed and seized his old man’s shoulder, forcefully pulling him away:”They have some in the room. Since you’re still awake, I’ll play some chess with you.”

You do not need to explain deeply to a wise man, the two already knew!

The old commander looked back in his unwillingness to leave, looking at the closed door, then he left with great regret. They say that the older one got, the more they regressed to become like a child, there was some truth to that saying.

After a night of passions, Shu Ning had only woken up in the afternoon the next day. His face was blushing as scarlet as blood, he didn’t even know how he should face his seniors anymore.

Shu Heng understood what Shu Ning was thinking about:”Don’t worry, they’re very happy.”

Happy about what? Happy that the battle prowess of the family’s next generation is very strong? This was their first time here and they’re already doing the pa pa pa pa. Heh, as Shu Ning felt flustered, he felt happy as well, his heart was twisted into a knot.

Shu Heng sent out a text message and the father and son pair arrived soon after, especially Szeto Dong, he had personally brought over a bowl of porridge and some side dishes!

He even knew what he liked to eat, this……Shu Ning quickly tried to get up but the old commander extended a hand out to stop him:”It’s alright, don’t move, you should just rest if you are not feeling well, we’re a family so you don’t have to stand on ceremony.”

“Thank you grandpa, thank you……”

Szeto Dong peered at Shu Heng, and deliberately put on a slightly flustered and disappointed look:”You can call me uncle.”

Shu Ning couldn’t bear to leave it at that:”Thank you dad.”

“Oh my!”Szeto Dong was cheerful, he was wrapped in joy. Watching Shu Heng set down the small table, he quickly put down the tray:”I still have some business to attend to so you should have fun, stay here a few more days if you want,”Pulling his old father who still had a lot to say, Szeto Dong escaped.

After the door closed, Shu Ning sighed and looked at Shu Heng with a gloomy look:”Look, you’ve scared them off.”

“Dad asked you to do that, right?”Shu Heng sat by Shu Ning, and picking up the spoon he blew on the porridge. Feeling that the temperature was cool enough, he brought it to Shu Ning’s mouth:”Eat, you should be hungry.”

Shu Ning had his food before speaking:”Mm, when I called him yesterday, dad said you had a knot in your heart and since you weren’t willing to call him that, it was the same even if I were the one to call him that.”

Even Shu Cheng agreed. Naturally, Shu Heng would not object to this, he was a very filial man and Shu Ning was his sweetheart, of course Shu Heng would not refute if the two agreed to this:”It’s fine as long as this doesn’t feel like a burden to you.”

“Have you eaten already, brother?”

“Mm, open your mouth.”

Shu Heng had already woken up early on, and went downstairs for a walk. There were many members in the Szeto family, and now all of them were keeping out of the way. It could be seen how much effort the two had put in for Shu Ning’s first time here, and it was hard to blame Shu Ning for liking them so much. It was only because Shu Heng understood that he was willing to eat breakfast together with the Szeto father and son pair, the atmosphere was very good.

In the evening, Shu Ning had come downstairs to join them for food. The four of them were joking and chatting freely with each other, Szeto Dong had also took the opportunity to take out a gift. It was a pair of watches, but these weren’t just any normal watches. Shu Ning understood, he first put his on himself before taking Shu Heng’s wrist, helping him with the other watch. He looked it left and right and felt very satisfied.

Szeto Dong coughed and covered up the joy in his heart:”Xiao Ning, there’s no time better than now, we should put your name on the family tree!”


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