RWSB Chapter 141

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With no way of spelling over who was bullying who, another round it is then since it has come to this. Shu Ning’s eyes were hazy, he felt that the Shu Heng of right now was very handsome and very sexy, you could look at him all 360 degrees and not find a single angle that wasn’t beautiful. Such a man whose beauty matches that of a god, he didn’t belong to anyone else, he was mine.

Shu Heng’s pupils shrunk, the dazzling radiance of Shu Ning was too a charming, so filled with love, unlike the eyes of a young boy of age seventeen, just like a piece of vintage that had been aging wonderfully for several decades, they were dense yet pure. He loves me, Shu Heng felt it deeply and his head was filled with happiness:”You little devil, you really are, I love you~ I love you~”

“You……Stop trying to charm me.”

“You just look so spirited that I’d be sorry for myself if I didn’t bully you.”

“Do you still have shame?”Shu Ning regretted just as he finished asking the question, Shu Heng’s engines had been fully revved up, and he once again showed him the power of a male god:”Ah~ Ah~”

Before they even finished, Shu Ning had already fallen asleep from how exhausted he was, so he could be played around with however he pleased. Shu Heng gently held him, and bathed him, then landing a light peck on him, cherishing him very deeply.

The weekends soon arrived. Szeto Dong drove over personally to pick them up, and Shu Ning’s face held a smile but his heart was beating incessantly. He had already kept his mind running at three-hundred percent but he had still fallen for his tricks last time, it was useless even if he wanted to be thorough, there were holes everywhere for a smart man, he couldn’t withstand against a man with the heart of a wolf. For a person like Szeto Dong, Shu Ning reckoned that he may not ever be able to win this whole lifetime.

Thankfully, his lover was Shu Heng. With him around, Szeto Dong had to worry about the repercussions of his actions, the one who will come out on top was yet to be decided, right?

After getting on the car, they saw many drinks and snacks prepared within as well as a bunch of bits and pieces. This Szeto Dong really was a considerate man, Shu Ning felt quite warm about it because Shu Heng didn’t need such things, it was clear that he was trying to fawn up to him. Shu Ning quickly gave his thanks, hoping that Szeto Dong would not make it so obvious. If my top gets angry, then I wouldn’t be able to get down from bed tomorrow and the day after that.

The weather near the end of August were the hottest, he didn’t expect that Szeto Dong would be so filial, finding a place for his father near the mountains and water, it was a cool and refreshing area with fine scenery, not only could you fish here, you could even go on a date. Szeto Dong talked and told them about the name of the lake, as well as interesting legends surrounding it.

He showed off his wit, and it was great that Shu Ning was happy, but Shu Heng was afraid that he would slip, after all, it wasn’t easy crossing rugged mule paths, you could see with one look who was closer with whom because in Shu Heng’s heart, Shu Ning was the most important, so Szeto Dong and the old commander who walked in front could only laugh, when would they have a place in his heart? Could they keep their tears from falling if they raised their heads forty-five degrees towards the sky?

After choosing a good spot, Szeto Dong and Shu Heng started to get busy with their separate things, while Shu Ning was sitting obediently on the chair, watching.

It was family time right now so everything was lifted by Shu Heng and Szeto Dong, the bodyguards were standing far away or hiding somewhere so if you looked around, you wouldn’t find a single one of them. The old commander took a seat by Shu Ning’s side and chatted casually with him like an amiable senior, this made Shu Ning very shocked.

There were very few opportunities to even see such a man on TV, let alone talking pleasantly with you. It felt very subtle and interesting because it was, after all, the living and breathing commander, his legends were way more interesting than those of the lake, and more vivid as well. Shu Ning had checked privately on his phone, and although they were just praises, he had taken many great victories……As long as you had a brain, you would know that such victories were not easily won, you had to put your life on the line and work for them.

While fishing, the old commander rolled up his sleeves and revealed some old scars on his arm. The sight made Shu Ning feel pained, especially with how Shu Heng was speaking to him indifferently, his heart felt even more uncomfortably, privately, he gave Shu Heng a jab, and glared at him, then when they went down, Shu Heng did not keep a cold face anymore, he would occasionally speak properly with the Szeto father and son pair.

What a good child, the old commander was overjoyed. The eyes he looked at Shu Ning with were filled with even more joy and pleasure as if they were shining with satisfaction.

Ring ring!

Shu Ning was slightly stunned, the bell of his fishing rod was ringing. He was new, so his rod was the only one with a bell, didn’t he just catch a fish?

What to do now?

Shu Ning quickly stood up while the three other big men surrounded him, the one who helped, helped, the one who went to get the net, brought the net. Shu Heng stood behind him, helping him operate the rod while telling him about the main aspects of it. Shu Ning nodded as he listened, this was a contest, and it was clear that one side was too weak, while the other too strong, the fish had been pulled up! Szeto Dong netted the fish, and after taking the hook off, he presented the fish that was wiggling its tail incessantly to Shu Ning. It was a crucian carp the size of his palm, and this was one of Shu Gao’s favourites when he was still alive.

Both Shu Heng and Shu Ning had thought about that. Shu Ning looked the fish left and right before putting it in the big net they stored the fish it, then lowering it into the water.

Huh? Szeto Dong had actually already prepared another earthworm on Shu Ning’s hook!

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it,”The commander’s wiseness was not like the common rabble, he took Shu Ning over to sit down:”Were you thinking about a relative?”

Shu Ning’s heart jumped but it was no out of fear, and his state of mind was not found out either:”Mm, I thought about my grandpa.”He spoke truthfully.

With just this topic, the two huddled together and blabbed on, and as they spoke, Shu Ning willingly promised the old commander he would visit him more, and even planned out a schedule. They would meet up once every two weeks, if Shu Ning didn’t go over, then he would come, didn’t they say the commander was very busy? Shu Ning didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after reflecting about that but he didn’t show it on his face. As expected of the old commander, what do you mean he doesn’t have long to live, he’s old, and half his body’s already buried in the ground? What was a filial child going to do if he was so good at playing the pitiful part?

Shu Heng was them but did not disrupt them, because Szeto Dong was also sitting with him with his hands around his shoulders and his skin thick. He spoke about some topics that curried favour with his child to take Shu Heng’s attention away, the two father and son pair were engaged in battle at the same time, taking down the hearts of the younger ones. As long as Shu Ning was willing to come, then Shu Heng would definitely follow, this strategy was too successful, they will drink their fill tonight!

During noon, the old commander and Szeto Dong personally cooked, they even brought all the equipment. They washed the grains on the spot, then cleaned out the fish to make soup.

Shu Heng brought Shu Ning for a walk int he surrounding area, walking hand in hand. Shu Ning curled up his fingers, brushing against his palm and hoping he would understand him, did you know that your dad and your grandpa just dug a pit for you? And how could Shu Heng not know? He turned around and interlocked all ten fingers with Shu Ning, and lowered his eyes with a deep gaze.

“What do you want?”

“You’re such a good boy, I want to kiss you.”

“Are you crazy? We’re going to die if they see us!”

“You really don’t know?”

“I know that they probably knew about our relationship, but knowing was just knowing, it’s different from seeing. Ah~ Why are you like this?”Shu Ning held his face, his eyes full of accusation. A kiss had been stolen from him, and he was so shocked his whole body went stiff, even his hair stood up in fright. Subconsciously he looked around, hoping that they hadn’t been seen.

“What are you scared of?”

As Shu Heng spoke, his idle hand was circled around Shu Ning’s waist, pressing him against a tree, and quickly lowered his head.

Shu Ning didn’t dare to yell. He tried to dodge but it was better to just let Shu Heng get what he wanted, then it wouldn’t be embarrassing if he just got this over with quickly. But who knew that Shu Heng actually took about ten minutes or so to get his fill, it really……really was……too much. Shu Ning’s eyes were red and he was very displeased. He bit his lower lip and his lips seemed damp, all from his brother’s saliva.

“Don’t bite,”Shu Heng wiped Shu Ning’s red lips with his thumb and his throat bobbed up and down, he actually lowered his head again!

Shu Ning was dumbfounded! His mouth was half open like a fool and was kissed till he was dizzy, even his tongue felt numb. As for why he suddenly felt so excited, Shu Ning didn’t know. His waist had given way so he could only hold Shu Heng’s shoulder. Even if he were a hundred and seventy-five centimetres tall, he was tiny in front of Shu Heng, he was covered completely by Shu Heng’s tall stature like a handsome little scholar.

Szeto Dong and Commander Szeto was watching them with gusto using their binoculars, the Shu family’s second was very clearly being eaten up by that guy. With his skin flushed red and his eyes damp, he was even pouting his little lips grievingly, really too cute, no wonder his grandson liked only him.

Several soldiers kept a straight face, having the heebie-jeebies as they quickly busied themselves with cooking. Both of their chiefs today weren’t normal, for them who didn’t have a single smile all year long to be so worked up, and would even laugh every so often. They didn’t know what was going on but it was frightening. We hear nothing, we see nothing /(γ„’oγ„’)/~~

After being comforted by Shu Heng, they returned, not knowing at all they’d been seen through.

The soldiers all disappeared together. Shu Ning sat next to the commander, eating the fish Shu Ning caught, while Shu Heng was sitting and eating together with Szeto Dong, it was a harmonious scene, and a joyful one. As they chatted and laughed, the time passed very quickly. They thought they would separate here but he didn’t expect that the commander would say that he had something for Shu Ning. And so they actually went to the commander’s home! Oh heavens, Shu Ning was even more shocked now and he was too embarrassed to refuse, and even more so he couldn’t ask Shu Heng for help. But since we’re here, we should just go with it, it’s decided.

The ones who stayed in these parts were all senior officers, and there were armed guards watching over each and every house, it was solemn but majestic. This was the first time Shu Ning had come to such a place so he was quite curious, but didn’t dare to look around too much. Shu Heng squeezed his palm, and Shu Ning took a look at him, not saying anything. I’m keeping your dad and your grandpa company, don’t mess around.

They reached. Commander Szeto actually took Shu Ning’s hand, and brought him in. The door was very large and there were more armed guards around the house than the other ones. The yard was quite big and from the exterior, it looked like an ordinary villa with a solemn atmosphere, the furnishings within were the same as well, it looked very upright. The old commander brought Shu Ning in, while Szeto Dong brought Shu Heng elsewhere.

What’s going on? Shu Ning’s heart was beating like drums. It seems that they already have some tacit understandings with Shu Heng. He took a deep breath without making any signs, and arrived at the commander’s room.

The old man pulled out a large box from beneath his bed, and Shu Ning helped him haul it up to the table. They sat down facing each other while the old man opened the lid of the box, there were some military medals within, you could tell that the significance was out of the ordinary. What was he trying to do? He wouldn’t be……The commander found a box from the deepest deaths, and it seems to have seen quite the years, at least several decades.

The longing in his eyes were deep. The old commander touched the box as if he were comforting someone, then passed the box to Shu Ning:”Open it up and take a look.”

“This……”Shu Ning did not receive it.

“It’s nothing valuable, take a look.”

“Okay,”Shu Ning felt very pressured. When Shu Heng was around, the old commander was always smiling so the pressure wasn’t as big back then. After all, their might was not like you would usually see, now it was all up to him. He had also chuckled in a solemn manner, Shu Ning didn’t even dare to raise his head anymore out of guilt, the stateliness of the commander was not something he could withstand.

Opening the box……..He found a small emerald ring within! A gold one, you could tell at one glance this ring was for a girl. Oh heavens, is he……is he……giving this to me?

45 degrees looking towards the sky – Dono where the saying is from but some say that if your head is looking up the sky in a 45 degree angle your tears won’t fall

do u guys think SH ever get neck pains or cramps from trying to kiss SN


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