RWSB Chapter 140

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Of course he was seeing someone, but Szeto Dong was the one asking.

He may be noticed something or managed to find anything after investigation, if not he couldn’t ask him that out of nowhere. He may seem to just be asking casually but how could you ask a young man that when he’s seventeen? It’s not like he was the twenty-two year old type like Shu Heng. Shu Ning quailed in his heart but it was only for a moment, he was not afraid of Szeto Dong, he was just a man who couldn’t get the recognition of his son.

The smiling Shu Ning did not speak, he only sipped at his tea.

The room was completely silent at the moment and Szeto Dong noted it, nodding in response, not anybody can have such calmness and grace. Shu Ning was not bad, If Shu Heng had to fall for a man, then Szeto Dong gives Shu Ning ten out of ten. In the past, he had buttered up to Shu Ning because of Shu Heng, but now, his impression of Shu Ning had changed subtly.

This was……my daughter-in-law!

Their meal arrived, and Shu Ning was quite knowledgeable as well, but there were at least half of the dishes that were unknown to him, they were new.

He had heard about this restaurant in the past but had never come for himself, and now he had the good fortune to try it. Since his elders have not moved their chopsticks yet, it was natural that Shu Ning wouldn’t start, Szeto Dong gives him ten out of ten in the aspect of etiquette as well. If Shu Ning knew, would he laugh or cry? While the two were chatting, Szeto Dong turned the topic back again.

Shu Ning was clever:”Uncle, is there something you want to say? Could it be……Uncle’s son experiencing a puppy love?”

Who was Szeto Dong? Naturally, he knew that Shu Ning had passed the ball back:”Mm, they were childhood friends who have been together since they were very young, I just didn’t notice at that time, but now they’re in a puppy love relationship. I saw that you were still underage as well, so uncle wanted to know how someone at your age would think.”

“As long as their studies are unaffected, I think it’s fine either way. Perhaps it was just a light crush, nothing serious?”

“It wasn’t just a crush, it was a very deep sort of love.”

“Are you against it, uncle?”Shu Ning tried to ask, but Szeto Dong was beating around the bush. If he thought about it, Shu Ning should not be saying anything but he had to fight for himself, he couldn’t let Shu Heng do all the hard work by himself. Although he looked seventeen on the surface he was already at the uncle stage inside. Shu Ning raised his head and his gaze was leisurely:”Could you be hiding something?”

This question was too wonderful, if Szeto Dong said it was a man with a man, then Shu Ning would instantly find out.

Naturally, Szeto Dong was clear, and he smiled:”The one my son likes is a man.”

No matter how amazing Shu Ning was, he couldn’t compare to Szeto Dong at all, if he really wanted to play some tricks, it was impossible even with ten thousand Shu Nings. Szeto Dong set it down directly, and was just waiting to see what Shu Ning would say.

Shu Ning replied very quickly:”Uncle, do you hate that man?”

Szeto Dong put down his chopsticks, and poured Shu Ning a cup of tea:”Do you think there are no problems for a man to be with a man?”

“People from different generations will have different thoughts about it, in our hearts, there are no barriers for love, be it age, status, or background, perhaps uncle may think that you should find a person that matches you, but if you didn’t love it, wouldn’t it be hard to stay with them for the rest of your life?”

“Even if it was someone you loved, can you ascertain that you wouldn’t get divorced in the future?”

“Yeah, no matter how much you loved now, divorce was still a possibility, then what about someone you didn’t like? Uncle, I am your junior so I should not express my opinions on such matters, I think it is better for uncle to talk with him yourself, after all, you can only avoid misunderstandings if you can understand what they thought, isn’t that right?”

Wise man, Szeto Dong sighed. After taking a sip of tea, he grabbed some dishes for Shu Ning:”You are correct, your kids will eventually end up alright on their own, if he were to like someone like you, then I would agree very much to it.”

No matter how calm Shu Ning was, he would still feel his heart jump, and his wrist trembled, dropping his food on the table. This was a rude an embarrassing situation, but Szeto Dong just pretended he did not see it. Shu Ning had also ignored this event. It seems that Szeto Dong did know indeed about Shu Heng and himself, and even agreed to it, why?”

Just because he hadn’t grown up by his side, he felt that he owed him too much in this life, or perhaps he had any other plans? If not, any normal senior would not agree to such a thing, Shu Ning knew. He continued to eat, chewing slowly as if he was not affected by it at all. Szeto Dong was also eating, and he did not look at Shu Ning. Actually, he was watching his every move, observing him silently.

Uncle, are you going back to L City after your work is done?”

He changed the topic. Actually, Szeto Dong had also mentioned the most important points so there was no need to continue the previous topic:”Mm, I have to stay for a few days to accompany the old man, I’m going fishing with him on the weekends. Hey, are you free? If you like fishing, how about I bring you as well? Oh, look at me, I don’t think a young man like you would enjoy hanging about with a bunch of old men.

He was doing it again, and very clearly too. If Shu Ning did not agree, then that would mean he hated the elderly, and was disrespectful. That was Shu Heng’s grandfather, how could he not be curious? But Shu Ning would not agree to it immediately:”I do wish to go, but I’d have to ask my family. What about this, I’ll give you a call tomorrow if I can go.”

Szeto Dong understood what Shu Ning meant:”Sure, if your family is interested, they can go as well.”

Shu Ning nodded and continued to eat. Szeto Dong was very happy, and his smile showed in his eyes. If he were seen by his soldiers, then they would definitely drop their jaws.

After their meal, Szeto Dong sent Shu Ning home. On the way there, they were chatting about some easygoing topics, Szeto Dong had expressed his like and appreciation for Shu Ning without leaving any traces, and Shu Ning was very happy as well, he never would’ve thought that Shu Heng’s father would be so open-minded, it was simply out of his imagination. This was no simple man, he may even become the next commander.

They reached home, and Szeto Dong had actually gotten off the car as well. It wouldn’t be proper for Shu Ning to just turn and leave after a quick goodbye, so he stopped and stood proper, he wanted to know whether he still had something to say, it wasn’t very clear. With this “ambiguity”, he really didn’t know whether he would fall into misfortune. Right at this time, the sound of footsteps came from the yard, Shu Heng had come out.

The two men of similar heights were exceptionally outstanding, especially their eyes that still shared about a third of their similarities. Should I be excusing myself when the father is seeing his son? Shu Ning shrugged in his heart, and continued to play the fool.

“Thank you for sending him home,”Shu Heng was too aloof.

“It was only proper of me,”Szeto Dong had once said when he had just met Shu Ning that Shu Heng was the one who asked him to take care of him, so naturally he couldn’t pretend that this was the first time seeing him:”So you’ve come to the capital as well, Xiao Heng? We should have a meal together some time, my treat.”

He had turned into a fool after all his time in the military, the only thing in his head was eating, but Shu Heng wasn’t having any of it:”Let’s talk about this in the future, it’s late, you should go home.”

oh dear, he had shown his own father to the door. A faint glow shined in Shu Ning’s eyes, he figured that he should probably run off right now:”Oh I have something urgent to do so, you two should chat, good bye uncle.”

Whether it was Shu Heng or Szeto Dong, neither of them stopped Shu Ning. Shu Ning could finally relax. He quickly got the bath water ready so he could bathe with his brother on his return.

Under the streetlights, the two men facing each other had a glow in their eyes, shining like the stars, deep and mysterious.

Szeto Dong knew how smart Shu Heng was, it was clear as day. But of course, Szeto Dong did not mean to hide anything either:”He’s a good boy, I like him very much.”

“I like him very much as well.”

“I know, I invited him to a fishing trip on the weekend, your grandpa is going as well, you……should come as well, it’s pretty nice to have a family gathering every once in a while, if not he would keep thinking about you when you return to C City.”Earlier, he had just invited Shu Ning verbally, he was not successful at all, but now if he were to agree, it would be the same as if Shu Ning agreed.


Szeto Dong hesitated for a moment, then he took two steps forward, slowly raising his hand, and hesitantly gave Shu Heng’s shoulder a pat:”You should go back, he’s waiting.”

“Mm, take care.”

Although these were just pleasantries, he had never received such words of concern from him, there were even some tears forming in Szeto Dong’s eyes, this wasn’t easy to get, it was all thanks to Shu Ning. As long as he treated him well, his son would give him some face. Szeto Dong nodded, and turned to leave in his car, while two modified vehicles that were stopped in the dark hurriedly kept up with him, giving impenetrable protection to him.

Shu Heng turned back and looked upstairs, Shu Ning was stealing a peek and quickly pulled the curtains shut. His heart was beating like a drum and he quickly rushed into the bathroom, taking off all his clothes and pretended to be a good little baby.

Shu Heng returned very quickly, and started to strip himself when he entered the house as he headed to the bathroom, lifting his long legs into the bathroom. The warm water gushed out in a splash just like the feelings in Shu Ning’s heart that was rolling and turning like waves. What’s going on? He’s not thinking of interrogating me, is he? Looking at the dark eyes of his brother, Shu Ning was speechless. He asked the heavens, was this my fault?

“Did you have a good meal?”

There it is, Shu Heng was just loved throwing tantrums. Shu Ning quickly sat in his arms:”Of course it was, and it would’ve been even better if you could come with as well.”

Hooking up Shu Ning’s slightly pointed chin with a finger, Shu Heng observed him carefully, and the more he looked at him the more he enjoyed the sight of it:”He likes you very much.”

“He……seems to like you even more.”

“If you have something to say, tell me.”

Shu Ning wanted to cry but no tears would come, you’re not saying anything and you want me to spit it out, what are you trying to get at?:”What’s his relationship with you? Your uncle?”

It was a rare sight, but Shu Heng wrinkled his brows:”You left with him without even knowing who he is?”

“Weren’t you the one who asked him to take care of me?”

“Is that what he told you?”

“That’s……what he told me,”Oh no it’s over, Shu Ning was in a great predicament, what on earth happened between this father and son pair? This is too much, pitting people without leaving hints, he was in another league of his own, how is a little shrimp like me going to live? He had actually been forced to the point where there were no gaps anymore, and Shu Ning didn’t want to continue actin gas a little shrimp either:”Then why didn’t you tell me something was wrong with him when you saw me together with him?”

“Did I say there was something wrong with him?”


“You’re overthinking it, it’s not that serious.”

Shu Ning……was downed in battle. But Shu Heng did not idle, he helped give his little brother a washy before having a go in the bath. When he carried him out, he felt that the floor mirror seemed not bad. Nudging against Shu Ning it was like he was helping a little child pee, then he went for another round, a fierce one. Shu Ning subconsciously started to weep and moan, when he came out, he was once again pushed by his big brother up to heaven again. The clouds were swaying, and his waist felt numb.

Returning back to the bead, Shu Ning felt it slightly hard to digest this. Normally Shu Heng would give him a bath before returning to bed after he was done, so this meant that he wanted to continue. Shu Ning pulled Shu Heng’s hand:”Don’t do it anymore, let me go, okay?”

“Be a good boy, one more time.”

“I was wrong!”

“Where were you wrong?”

I don’t know, but I can kind of guess. Shu Ning quickly kissed Shu Heng’s two little nubs and rushed to give his chin a lick to butter up to him:”Hubby~”

“Silly, I can’t resist wanting to get closer to you more because I love you, what were you thinking about?”Shu Heng gave Shu Ning’s pink little lips a gentle kiss before wiping away with his thumbs the tears by his eyes:”I get worked up every time I see you cry.”

“……”So it turns out he wasn’t angry with Szeto Dong, Shu Ning was finally relieved:”Is it fun to bully me?”

“Mm, I’m happiest when I’m bullying you.”

“You- Aahh……”He entered directly and went all the way in an instant. Shu Ning’s pupils shrunk, it was slightly painful but it felt so good.


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