RWSB Chapter 139

If not, how else would you say that the student becomes superior to his master?

What kind of person was Szeto Dong? And what about Shu Cheng? Two of such powerful men can’t even make a move on Shu Heng. But of course, this was related to their familial relationship as well as misgivings, how would they worry if it wasn’t because of love, right? Shu Heng calculated everything very clearly, tying them together so that he could deal with them together to avoid and endless stream of troubles.

He said that he wanted to give Shu Ning the best. He was only seventeen now and he was the fruit of Shu Heng’s many years of labour, he treasured him very much and put him in the most precious position in his heart, it was natural that he wouldn’t be willing to see him hurt or worried, he would pave the entire length of road in front of him. It’s not easy for a man to be together with a man, and there was no guarantee it would go well either. Shu Heng had never thought that he would fall in love with a man, but even after falling in love with Shu Ning, he had no regrets.

As for Szeto Dong, he had closed himself in his room, smoking after being quiet for quite some days. He was smoking incessantly, and his mind was riddled with worries. Noticing that something seemed off with him, the old man came to visit him, and just as he entered through his door, he immediately withdrew. The room was filled with smoke, is he trying to become immortal? Is this even a place fit for a human to stay in? What happened?

After the two had a discussion, the old commander instead slapped Szeto Dong on the back of his head:”So what if he’s not going to marry and like men, what’s there to be bothered about? Modern medicine is so advanced, isn’t it enough for him to just surrogate a few children? Give one to the ol’ Shus, three for us, or give them three and we can have five, Shu Heng barely has to lift a finger, we’ll raise the kids ourselves. If he does end up marrying a noble girl, she wouldn’t admit it if the baby didn’t crawl out of her, so this is better, it’ll be no problem at all no matter how many children comes.”

Szeto Dong’s face was filled with black lines:”……”As expected of the commander, powerful and unconstrained, his mind is so open!

The old commander sighed and hugged him around his shoulder:”That boy, Shu Heng……We owe him too much, so we should compensate him however we can. He is already a good enough man, our family doesn’t have a need for him to get married either, he can like whoever he likes. Whether it’s you, or me, we’ve given up more than just love for the sake of this family and our position. Ah Dong, Shu Heng’s mind is decided and won’t change, let alone us who have no place in his heart, we’re in an awkward position here so just let him go, if you really insist on doing something, the only thing that will do is to cause that child to go further away from us, you’d be losing more than you gain. You’ve already lost one child, you should learn to cherish it.”

Szeto Dong understood what his dad was saying, he had been too strict with his son before and was cold-blooded and ruthless. But after his son’s death, Szeto Dong regretted it immensely, now Shu Heng was the only one left so who else would he cherish if not him? Szeto Dong nodded:”I understand, dad, I know what to do.”

“Don’t worry about things on Shu Cheng’s side.”

Szeto Dong chuckled:”Mm.”This was such a great chance to get on the good side of his son so it would be a waste if he didn’t jump on this chance. Ah, his man-loving son, that likes men, ah.

When Shu Cheng received Szeto Dong’s call, he thought he had thought up a good idea but he was actually the first to accept it. But Shu Cheng couldn’t agree to this, this was an illness and needed to be cured! Szeto dong blabbed and blabbed, from preaching the reasoning to their relationship, then from their relationship it came to life. Shu Cheng understood but what’s so good about a stiff man?

And surrogation……

Is it good for them to be without a mother?

What were they going to tell the kids if they ask why they have two dads?

Not only would they lead the kids astray, the impact of it wasn’t good either. If they were just a normal family then it was whatever, but they were a wealthy family after all, everyone would find out in ten minutes even if you were just farting.

Szeto Dong was a very wise man so even if it was irrational, he could still argue and made it sound at least plausible. Shu Cheng sighed as he listened to him, how could he not know what Shu Heng was like? He watched him grow up. Forget it, he can do what he likes. Although Szeto Dong senpai’s words were straightforward, it made him feel bad, but indeed, the Shu family still had two kids, he agreed even though he only had one kid to begin with, if I don’t agree, I’d just be making things difficult for my children.

And Shu Cheng agreed very much with Szeto Dong’s words, life was a fickle thing, you could like men one day and perhaps you may like women the other. Shu Heng was already a grown man so he knew what he wanted.

Just like that, both Shu Cheng and Szeto Dong told Shu Heng about their decision for him to find his own partner. It was fine as long as he liked him, but he had to have children, surrogacy was their final compromise.

Shu Heng was silent, though he did not agree, he did not disagree either, and this made them feel uneasy, not knowing what Shu Heng was thinking.

While they were in their deepest pits of despair and disappointment, Shu Heng deliberately revealed a single thing. It was hot during the summer so it was normal for him to take off the top button. After Szeto Dong saw the ring on his neck, his pupils shrank, but quietly he pretended not to have noticed it. After that, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that something wasn’t right, there was nobody by Shu Heng’s side, and nobody outside either. So he decided to once again contact Shu Cheng, hoping he could find the owner of the other ring.

After seeing the fax, Shu Cheng jumped from his chair, he really did.

This……Yes, the rings were a pair, there was no doubt about it. One was around Shu Heng’s neck, and the other around Shu Ning’s, the design was very simple and there were initials engraved on the inner section.

Oh heavens, it’s impossible……Shu Cheng was raised proper from birth so when he saw the rings around his son’s necks, he nearly had the same one made secretly for Shu Yao as well, but he had just forgotten because he had been too busy. Now that Szeto Dong mentioned it, Shu Cheng had a massive headache, he really felt that they really were together, but there was no way he could accept that.

He immediately called Szeto Dong to ask what he meant.

Szeto Dong was silent for a while but he immediately thought of one person, was it Shu Ning? If it was him, then that would be wonderful, if not, then Shu Cheng wouldn’t be so enraged.

After both sides calmed down, the atmosphere had turned very strange, and silent, the pressure made their heads hurt, and they were short of breath. After three days, the Szeto Dong talked about this topic with the commander, and they both accepted Shu Ning because he was the child raised personally by Shu Heng, he was very excellent, a steady and good child, he was the best in every aspect. The boy was very close with Shu Heng, and they knew of his birth and origins, he was born of Shu Cheng’s seed.

Shu Heng was, after all, raised by Shu Cheng so he owed him for taking care of him, and right now he had fallen in love with Shu Cheng’s son. Getting to the end of it, Szeto Dong’s family owed the Shu family, they’ve really taken advantage of them big time, this thought made them sweat……

Shu Cheng felt very bad these few days, thinking back to how Shu Heng acted when he slept with Shu Ning, and Shu Ning’s eyes. The two were always together and every time anything were to happen to Shu Ning, Shu Heng would lose himself and rush over as soon as he could, that sort of care……had already gone beyond simple brotherly love. Shu Cheng didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry, after all, it took him till now to understood now, wasn’t he a fool?

He owed Shu Ning, and loved Shu Heng too much, what should Shu Cheng do? Thankfully, Szeto Dong was here to bear the burden with him, persuading and comforting him.

Finally, Shu Heng won. Both his fathers loved him very much, and also respected the one he loved. The moonlight was stunning tonight, Shu Heng held Shu Ning, but he had no way of speaking out the words in his heart because it was too inappropriate to do something like pitting against his fathers, so it was better to just forget about it. Shu Heng’s eyes were warm and gentle, as he lowered his head to kiss the top of Shu Ning’s head.

Shu Ning felt that the Shu Heng of today was rather strange, something good definitely happened so he secretly observed him, but was left confused.


“Mm?”Shu Ning’s heart jumped, and he swallowed his saliva with a blush on his face:”What’s up?”

“I love you.”

“That’s so corny.”

“I’ll only say these three words to you.”

“What about dad?”Shu Ning didn’t believe that Shu Heng had no love for Shu Cheng.

“I’m being serious with you but you’re playing around, do you want me to eat you up?”

“……”Since his face wasn’t as thick as his, Shu Ning bowed down to his superiority and quickly changed the topic:”What star is that? It’s so pretty!”

“The moon.”

“……”Amazing, alright then, I am a fool.

Not long after, Shu Ning fell asleep. Shu Heng carried him and gently brought him back to the room, touching the ring hung around his neck. We can finally wear our rings on our fingers, when you’re eighteen, we can go overseas, and we can register for marriage. Shu Heng had planned everything out but he still had to plan the little things, and let Shu Ning choose a place before they can make their wedding preparations.

Shu Ning slept like a dead person so he didn’t even know what Shu Heng had done for him.

Early the next morning, Shu Heng left after eating breakfast with Shu Ning, while Shu Ning had his own things to do as well. He bumped into the passing Szeto Dong right downstairs the company, uncle, we’re really fated to meet everywhere, how many scouts have you been sending over to stare at me! They met in three different cities, isn’t it a bit too obvious to call it a coincidence?

“Oh my, what a coincidence, what brought you here?”Szeto Dong showed a dazzling smile as he got down his car.

This was like the wolf calling wolf. Shu Ning went along with him:”Oh I had some things to do around the area, what brought you here, uncle?”He gave him a dazzling smile. They were just acting right? Who’s afraid of who?

I have some things to do here too but I’m already done, do you want me to come with?”

“Uncle has friends in the capital too?”

“Mm, I forgot to say that I’m from the capital, and since you’re here, how about I take you out to play?”

“That’s not too good isn’t it, you’re the company commander after all!”What a face slapping, but Shu Ning didn’t do it on purpose, he did feel quite regretful too when it came down to him, he was, after all, Shu Heng’s real father. He’s already come to butter up to you, why can’t you just give him some face? He decided not to wrangle with him anymore, Shu Ning was scared of making troubles for himself:”Oh, I’m sorry but I have to go now, let’s chat next time.”

“This……What about this then, I’ll treat you to a meal either at noon or at night, if I let you go like that then I wouldn’t have played my part as a host now would I. I’ve been in the army for quite a long time so I’m a man who cares very much about keeping up friendly relations.”

“Alright then, I’ll see you tonight!”

Szeto Dong was such a wise man, he took out another name card for Shu Ning, and the two parted aways after chatting for a bit.

Shu Ning worked in the company during the day, then went home two hours earlier in the afternoon. He put the name card somewhere visible on purpose, so when Shu Heng had also returned, and while he was changing, he saw the name card on top of the coffee table, and his pupils shrunk. Shu Ning prepared the bath water, and while bathing with Shu Heng, he brought up his appointment that night, and even tried to ask Shu Heng whether he wanted to go together with him. After all, it was Shu Heng who asked Szeto Dong to take care of Shu Ning.

While Shu Ning was doing his military training, the one Shu Heng asked for help wasn’t Szeto Dong, he had come up to him on his own. Shu Heng knew what Szeto Dong wanted to tell Shu Ning, so he found an excuse to refuse. Shu Ning’s mind was befuddled, really, why did Shu Heng refuse? Why doesn’t he just come out and say that he was his dad? What’s the real story behind it?

He really wanted to investigate but Shu Ning respected Shu Heng’s privacy, so he gave up after shaking his head.

Because if there was something wrong with Szeto Dong, then Shu Heng definitely wouldn’t let Shu Ning speak with him. Only after finding out could Shu Ning go to the meeting with his mind at ease.

Szeto Dong had already made a reservation in a very high-end restaurant, it was one that you would have to book at least a month prior to be able to get a seat, so it could be seen how powerful he was, settling it with just a phone call. The decorations in the place were very antiquated, even the tables and chairs were made of mahogany, it was extraordinary. After sitting down, Szeto Dong poured him a cup of tea and Shu Ning quickly thanked him.

When Szeto Dong was pouring himself some tea, he asked very casually:”Xiao Ning, Are you seeing anyone yet?”


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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
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  3. This chapter made me smile, from the first line until I post this comment, I’m smiling because it was such a touching chapter to read. I love it when parents overdone the traditional boundaries of heterosexuality to accept the personal life decisions of their offspring. It’s always so touching and a reminder of just how short and important every individuals life is. With that in mind, I hope everyone understands the importance of living your life happily. We only have 80+/- yrs on this Earth, don’t waste it being over conscience and considered of the people of or in your environment.

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  4. Great translation as always!!! Thanks for your continued efforts in translating this!

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  5. “Shu Cheng was raised proper from birth so when he saw the rings around his son’s necks, he nearly had the same one made secretly for Shu Yao as well, but he had just forgotten because he had been too busy.”
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  6. Thanks so much, Helli, for plowing through the chapters as you did. ☺ I’m starting to understand why you tire of the story, as the ending is dragging. One question though — do you know why Setzo Dong gave up Shu Heng to Shu Cheng? (It might have been explained somewhere, but I missed it?) Was it related to Shu Heng’s real dad?

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  9. Shu Heng grew up fine having two dads so there’s no need for Szeto Dong and Shu Cheng to worry in regards to that I think. Their kids just have to grow up in an open-minded environment and naturally they wouldn’t find it a problem. They may even think their mommy Shu Ning is the prettiest mom in the world hehe. I hope they have kids now…

    My opinion of SH’s grandpa just went up by a lot and feels bad that I don’t remember his name 😑


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