RWSB Chapter 138

im not doing extras btw imtoo tired of this lol id drop this now if i could. If anyone wants to tl it you can send me a link i’ll pop it in my project page


Shu Ning was very excited, and his eyes were glazed with mist.

Shu Heng was very excited as well after hearing Shu Ning’s words of love. You’re excited, I’m excited, and as a result……The sun came up, and Shu Heng couldn’t get anything out of him anymore in the end, Shu Ning had also been downed in battle.

It wasn’t until the second evening did Shu Ning finally wake up leisurely, looking outside, the sky had not fully gone dark, he even thought for a moment that it was morning, sitting up abruptly. Shu Ning’s mouth twitched, and he smiled in bliss, falling asleep after doing it so many times, only his waist was slightly numb and hurt a little, it seems that he and I will be blessed in the future, we don’t have to be that careful anymore.

But slowly the sky became darker and darker, only then did Shu Ning realized how unrealistic his idea was. Shu Heng returned, he probably had something urgent to do. Besides, it wasn’t possible that it was for Wang Cong, he can deal with that sort of people with just a single word, why would he have to go personally to dirty his own hands? It was true, Shu Heng had never once seen Wang Cong with his own eyes because in his heart, not even a single mark was left by him.

Tian Jia Hui died, but Wang Cong hadn’t, he had been sent overseas and had become Qin Yu Zhuo’s neighbour. He only had himself to rely on now, it may sound easy but it was actually quite hard to do. If they continued leaving him to Hong Rui, Shu Ning would be troubled if he saw him, so it was still better to send him overseas then he would not have to see him for the rest of their lives. Following how Shu Ning had always treated his enemies, just leaving them alive to suffer was enough.

Shu Ning stood in the living room, watching the man as he bathed in the moonlight, his appearance mysterious like that of an emperor.

Shu Heng came over in a large stride, then putting his arms around Shu Ning’s waist, he lowered his head to give him a kiss before showing him a smile, this caused Shu Ning to become infatuated, his big brother was too handsome.

“Are you captivated by me?”

“Narcissist,”or so Shu Ning said, but he quickly hugged his brother with both arms. He liked the feeling of his warmth, as well as his light fragrance:”I haven’t eaten dinner yet.”

“What do you want to eat?”

“What do you know how to cook?”Shu Ning looked up at him, and his big eyes were very adorable, they were mischievous but also quite cute. Perhaps Shu Ning had never felt that he himself was cute, but Shu Heng had always thought so.

“……”Shu Heng’s face did not change and he did not speak, but in truth……He really did not know how to cook.

“I can cook noodles and we can share?”

“Actually, I’d prefer to eat you instead.”

“Huh?”Shu Ning was stunned for a moment, then his face turned red from embarrassment after he realized. He glared at Shu Heng then headed towards the kitchen.

With a wave of Shu Heng’s hand, the guards dispersed, then the two maids closed all the curtains shut. After making sure that nothing was visible from the outside, they had also left. Shu Heng went to the bedroom first to take out a delicate box. Shu Ning thought that he had bought it from outside so he didn’t think too much about it. Shu Ning had already cut up all the vegetables but haven’t started cooking yet, but Shu Heng took his hand. Shu Ning was very confused:”What’s up?”

“Wear this.”


“Mm,”Shu Heng’s gaze was very indistinct as it shone with a faint but distinct glow of a profound purple that seemed especially mysterious, only Shu Ning was looking down at his apron and didn’t notice.

The apron looks normal, there were just some animal patterns on it. Shu Ning smiled warmly and just as he was about to put it on, Shu Heng stopped him, then……He took Shu Ning’s clothes off piece by piece. It was summer at the moment so he didn’t wear much in the first place, just a few tugs and he was butt naked.

Shu Ning wouldn’t agree to this even if he died but Shu Heng’s hands were too fast, too slippery, and too cunning. In the end, Shu Ning was forced to only hug the apron helplessly, not letting go:”Brother, how am I going to live if anyone sees me like this?”

“Don’t worry, I’m the only one who can see you,”Shu Ning successfully helped Shu Ning put on the apron.

At this time, if Shu Ning didn’t know the man’s intentions, then he really would’ve been a fool. His face was blushing as red as a ripe people, he felt embarrassed, bashful, and didn’t know where he should put his hands. He didn’t even feel as 囧 when he was wearing traditional underwear in bed, it was simply impossible to describe how he felt right now. Under the light, Shu Ning twisted and turned, he couldn’t let his hands go. Occasionally, he would shoot a glare at Shu Heng, not knowing at all how beautiful he was right now.

Shu Heng took a deep breath, and spoke with a husky voice:”Go ahead and cook, didn’t you want to cook noodles for me?”

“Okay, can you go outside for now?”Shu Ning knew too that this was impossible, but he still wanted to try, if he didn’t he wouldn’t give up.

“Be good, I just want to look at you.”

Pervert, he’s actually such a pervert. Ah, Shu Ning’s hand started to shake, but thankfully cooking noodles was a very simple task. Shu Ning took a deep breath and concentrated on cooking. Once he got into it, he completely ignored that big wolf behind him. Shu Heng was staring straight at those double mountain peaks, and if he wasn’t afraid of Shu Ning getting burned, he might even stick over to cop a feel. There was no need to mention how alluring Shu Ning’s appearance was right now, part of his snowy white skin was on display, and every so often you would even be able to see the little sausage sway past, he was blessed to have such a lovely wife. Shu Heng grabbed a cup of ice water to suppress the flames in his body.

Shu Ning finally felt relieved after he finished cooking. The two sat on their chairs looking at each other, and Shu Ning was the one who spoke first because he couldn’t bear it anymore:”If you don’t eat soon it won’t taste good anymore, eat quickly.”

Shu Heng nodded, it was made by his little brother so he even finished up all the soup. Shu Ning wasn’t as fast as Shu Heng, he only had a small bowl but he chewed slowly. Right as he finished eating, his body turned to the side, and he was actually picked up in a princess carry by Shu Heng. Shu Ning just knew that he would not let him go, and he quickly lifted his hand to curl around his neck. His heart was beating like a drum, even his breathing had started to turn messy.

Um, why did we come to the kitchen?

Shu Ning was quite surprised, and wanted to speak but stopped again. Shu Heng put him down and had him stand where he was just cooking at, then from behind he pampered Shu Ning.

It was slightly painful when he had just entered, but it was fine after a few seconds, then came the storm. Shu Ning couldn’t stand properly and just laid his top next to the sink. He was done for this time, that thing was thick, long, and hard, smoothly pulling out and plunging back in. Shu Ning wanted to change to a position that didn’t go as deep, but he could barely move at all, it was useless even if he pleaded because his brother was just like a pile driver.

“Brother……Ahh Heng, slower……”



Shu Ning who had just had a good idea pop up I his head called him hubby many times before Shu Heng turned him around, pressing him down on top of the counter. He lifted his legs, um……This position seems to make it go even deeper……Shu Ning was crying like an open faucet, but it wasn’t his idea to cry, he couldn’t help it. After crying, his face wasn’t swollen like other people, only his eyes were slightly pink, and it was very enchanting when he blinked.

He didn’t know how long he had been tormented for either when he finally came out. Shu Ning felt like half of his life was gone, so he had to reflect. What did he do to make him so excited?


Every time Shu Heng dragged his voice, Shu Ning would tremble, it felt especially great:”Brother, kiss me.”

“Call me hubby.”

“Hubby,”Shu Ning’s eyes were like a thread of silk. He hugged Shu Heng’s neck and closed his eyes, feeling a hot touch on his lips, the two were tangled in a lingering kiss.

Not long after, Shu Heng was asking for more again. Shu Ning shook his head to refuse him, and so his straight, snowy white legs became Shu Heng’s venting support.

Shu Ning who had been sleepy earlier did not feel that much tired anymore after his bath. Shu Heng carried him to the balcony to look at the night sky. It wasn’t cold anyway, and the light breeze felt very nice. Shu Ning narrowed his eyes and handed his whole weight to Shu Heng:”Brother, what did you go out for?”

“I thought you would never ask.”

“It might have something to do with me, and it could be something good, too.”

“Such a little devil.”

“……”Shu Ning didn’t dare to feel flattered, you should be the sexy devil instead, shouldn’t you?:”You know you’ll receive a lighter sentence if you come clean.”

“I just went to see someone else get married.”

Shu Ning’s whole body went stiff, Shu Heng wanted to marry me? Shu Ning raised his head to look at him. Shu Heng’s eyes were as deep as a well, he must definitely have made his decision. Shu Ning had cold feet, what was he going to do? He wanted to marry Shu Heng as well, but Shu Cheng hadn’t died this lifetime around, he’ll definitely absolutely destroyed if he finds out.

Shu Ning rubbed his temples to soothe his headache:”First, let’s……”Slowing down, he wasn’t able to continue anymore.

“Don’t worry, I can wait, I’ll wait until you think it’s okay.”

It was so moving, and he felt slightly pained for him. Shu Ning turned his hand around to hug Shu Heng, sticking their foreheads together he gave it a nuzzle, it was a very intimate scene:”I know how you feel, I do, people think I’m too young to understand, but I understand all of it.”

“I know.”

If not for the fact that Shu Ning still had some smarts left in him, pressing down his desires, he may have to end up tussling about with him again. He really, really wanted it, he was very eager to be linked with him.

Shu Heng’s breath was getting urgent as he rubbed his cheeks against Shu Ning’s fair and tender ones:”Don’t seduce me.”

Shu Ning giggled, sweeping away the heavy atmosphere. He kissed his top’s chin, and bit down on his throat, leaving a big mark:”Who said I was seducing you? I’m very seriously trying to tease~ Aahhh~ I was wrong, stop tickling me ha ha ha ha……”

Shu Ning had too many weak points, so many that Shu Heng didn’t even need to think and he would be able to subdue him, forcing Shu Ning to say he loved over~ And over again~ Only then did Shu Heng stop, holding him in his tight embrace with nary a single slit. Actually, Shu Heng lied. There was a wedding happening every month, how could he feel touched because of this?

It was Szeto Dong, he finally gave him the nod, agreeing to Shu Heng’s requirements from before. For the sake of getting along with his son, even if Shu Heng was to stay alone for the rest of his life without kids, he would still accept it. At the very start, he didn’t agree to it, he even found some finely nurtured people to dangle around Shu Heng’s eyes.

Handsome men and beautiful women, golden boys and girls, the selections were so prime it could light dry tinder in a spark!

But sadly not even a single spark appeared, but Szeto Dong did not let himself be defeated. If these beautiful women won’t do it, then he will try a different approach, but they still failed. This made Szeto Dong feel very bad, but he was not a man who would accept defeat that easily, he still had to do it without leaving any traces because of how smart Shu Heng was, the difficulty was quite high.

Slowly, Szeto Dong started to despair.

What to do? He contacted Shu Cheng, he knew that Shu Cheng had also been introducing partners to Shu Heng, but there was no doubt, they had all failed as well.

Shu Cheng and Szeto Dong were both fathers so it was natural for them to care about their son. Having no ideas left, the two were silent for a while when Szeto Dong raised the idea that was very unlikely to be true, which made Shu Cheng very surprised. Szeto Dong couldn’t do such things however, he was afraid that Shu Heng would hate him, and so they were all done by Shu Cheng.

They found several beautiful men of different types, dangling them in front of Shu Heng. The results were shocking so Shu Cheng, because Shu Heng had looked at them. They may only be a few glances, but if he had seen them, then he had seen them, he paid more attention than he ever paid any of the pretty girls. Could Szeto Dong have been right? It may be possible that Shu Heng liked men! That’s why he couldn’t have kids, and even more so he could not get married.

Oh heavens! It was simply hard to describe how he felt. Both his fathers were unable to accept this, and they felt so choked up that their organs were all in a twist.

Szeto Dong then put out another of his suggestions for Shu Ning to try. He was his junior so even if he said something or done something wrong, Shu Heng wouldn’t blame him.

Shu Cheng had always been very cooperative, but he rejected him very decisively this time.

No matter how the two tried to hide their tracks so that none of it could be found, in actuality, they were all in the palm of Shu Heng’s hand, and it had been since Szeto Dong began to speak, he had already weaved a gigantic spider web, waiting for Szeto Dong to plead Shu Cheng for help before dropping them in the trap together. Did their hopes have to be completely destroyed before they could accept Shu Ning as their daughter-in-law with joy?

SN’s impeccable logic: If I can get railed and wake up early in the morning I have the perfect yaoi butt

Removed a pun because this isn’t going to work, same noodle pun that appeared many chapters back.
“I can cook mian(noodle) and we can share?”

“Actually I’d prefer to eat your xia mian(below)”

“Isn’t it the same?”


If i worded it bad, the purple shine in his eyes is a way to signify deep/profound, a mix of the hot and cold of red and blue, passionate yet cold

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  16. wow … i find it hilarious both dads actually test SH by testing him with guys …. the fact that SH gave them a glance meant he wasn’t as straight as one thought …SN was just the trigger to allow him to bent …. ops …


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