RWSB Chapter 137

im gonna curse each and every oen of u who voted this novel


“Yes,”Qin Ming was a sensible man, making way for Shu Ning. The people that he brought immediately put on a big smile and said thank you boss, thank you chairman and whatnot, they were overjoyed, who didn’t like it when their boss’s treating them, right?

The entertainment centre opened by Hong Rui was the most advanced in the capital. It was incomparably luxurious, bright and colourful, and had deafening music that made the crowd go crazy……

Shu Heng was very strict with him so subconsciously Shu Ning would not come to such places so it was quite interesting. It wasn’t like he was an old man so it was natural for him to enjoy being in these places frequented by youngsters where they had fun together, Shu Ning was not exempt from that either. There was a bunch of alcohol in front of him and rays of colourful light were flashing past around the place, adding a touch of glamour to the night.

Shu Ning extended a hand, wanting to take a glass of cocktail, and Hong Rui didn’t notice. But as soon as Shu Ning’s hand turned, he picked up a whiskey that had high alcohol content. Hong Rui couldn’t take that sitting down, but he just didn’t show it on his face. He smiled very deeply:”Young master Shu, do you want your big brother you haul you back? Oh~ It seems you’re planning on staying here. Well that’s true, this place is one of my best money spending spots after all, it’s normal even if Young Master Shu feels inclined to not leave.”

it was useless to use radical methods, adding on his age from his previous life, Shu Ning was older than Hong Rui. But he had already achieved his purpose, Hong Rui had been paying attention to him, it proved that he had something to do with Shu Heng. Shu Ning’s mind was very clear in this lifetime, it was natural that he wouldn’t drink:”If that’s the case, thank you for your hospitality,”Shu Ning picked up a glass of orange juice and took a sip, looking leisurely at the outside.

This so-called “spending spot” was not an exaggeration at all, there was probably a minimum consumption of ten thousand yuans here in Hong Rui’s place, pretty much all the beauties here were at least a meter and seventy centimetres tall, each with a slender body and their own merits, they were drop-dead gorgeous, they had that air around them, foreign language skills, academic qualifications, and everything else without a single one lacking, the ones who worked here were all girls who liked money, good girls wouldn’t appear here. Any smart person would know that you come here to have a good time, not to get emotional. While the girls would naturally kiss up to the rich, then they wouldn’t have a want for anything for the rest of their life. After all, there would always be several wealthy men who were willing to believe those sweet words and their tragedies, abandoning their wives that truly loved them and marry himself a whore.

Shu Ning waited, and he waited, tapping his fingers on his legs on purpose. Hong Rui narrowed his eyes and called the manager over, said a few words in his ears, and after leaving for a long while, the manager received again, speaking about something at Hong Rui’s ear. Hong Rui was an extremely wicked man, but they were all protective measures, nobody could tell what he really thought, but Shu Ning could guess a part of it. He reckoned that the problem lies in Wang Cong.

Hong Rui specially brought Shu Ning over to see them, but he wasn’t brought out, wasn’t this just a face slapping?

Shu Ning kept his head down calmly and took a sip of alcohol, no matter why Wang Cong did not get on the stage, his days had already reached its end.

Actually, Wang Cong’s self-respect and pride had already been beaten to dust a long time ago, don’t even mention asking him to dance, he was even willing to crawl to his customers’ legs and give them some extra service.

With what Wang Cong had, it was no problem for him to be popular for a year, there had been countless wealthy men who wanted to buy him, but Hong Rui wouldn’t allow it, he could only mingle amongst the endless stream of customers. But if you were popular, did you think other people wouldn’t want the same? They say that women stir up a lot of trouble, but the tactics used by men were even worse. This was Wang Cong’s big day today, he was the spotlight of the day, but since he came out with everyone from the dressing room, the lights suddenly went out. For a while everything was in a mess, and nobody knew who pushed who, but they had all pretty much fallen down, the ones who didn’t fall had also laid down on the floor for fear of getting into trouble.

Wang Cong had been tripped over by someone, falling heavily on the ground, but this wasn’t the end of it. Nobody knew who it was that was so sinister that they stepped on his ankle, and at that time he couldn’t help but scream out in pain, it hurt every time he touched it and it was so swollen that it was shocking. The light was back on, everybody was stumbling. They helped each other up, comforting each other, while Wang Cong had been sent to the medical room on the fourth floor because of his injury.

The medic they had hired shook his head after checking him:”Your bones may be broken, let’s send you to a hospital.”

Wang Cong’s face had turned even whiter. Who on earth was the bastard that did this to me? It was done very neatly so he didn’t even know whether there were any witnesses. Wang Cong sunk his head down, and his eyes were very disconsolate. Right at this time, the manager suddenly brought a person over:”Don’t go just yet, carry him and follow me.”

Wang Cong was stunned and he didn’t understand what was going on, but he could only suppress his unease, keeping his mouth shut, he was already accustomed to following orders.

Hong Rui has been seeing Wang Cong only quite rarely these days, and even seeing him now, and Wang Cong didn’t feel anything anymore when he saw him now. Was it hate? Maybe not just yet, but when he saw that Shu Ning was present in the private room, he immediately stood up in a forbidding manner and walked forward, not caring about his foot injury. But he was given a hefty slap by the manager, throwing him to the ground, what he scolded him about after that, Wang Cong couldn’t hear, he only wished to speak with Shu Ning.

He was no fool, the reason his life was what it is now was all Shu Ning’s doing, he had to ask why, didn’t he?

The crowd outside of the transparent pane of glass were filled with enthusiasm, swaying madly, the atmosphere in and outside of the private room was like heaven and hell, it even felt slightly constrained.

Hong Rui raised his hand, signalling the manager to stop. He picked up a glass of red wine, turning it in his hands, he really liked this scarlet shade, it was just like blood.

Wang Cong finally had a chance to speak, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he spat out a mouthful of blood that showed very clearly against his snowy white teeth, it was ironic, the manager actually hit him so hard that he lost a tooth, it was terrible. Wang Cong was ashamed, but when he stood up with the help of the coffee table, trembling, a glow in his eyes showed his unwillingness to bear this grievance. The hatred spread in his heart and his eyes were bloodshot from anger:”Shu Ning.”

Shu Ning did not even look at Wang Cong.

“Why are you targeting me?”For Wang Cong to fall to this point was related to his own doing, but it was related to Hong Rui as well, Shu Ning really hadn’t laid down his worst, but Wang Cong seems to have pinned all the blame on Shu Ning, he wanted to get rid of him. As for Hong Rui, Wang Cong wouldn’t even dare to think about it, he was too strong. Wang Cong gritted his teeth and shot him a sharp glare:”What on earth have I done that you would do this to me? Say something!”You rat! Shameless.

Only then did Shu Ning raise his hand, looking at him with indifference as if he did not take the person in front of him seriously at all:”No reason.”

“What?”Wang Cong was stunned, he couldn’t accept this.

Shu Ning shot him a tender smile:”I just didn’t like looking at you.”



“Don’t you think this is too much? Do you know how I’ve been living? I even……Shu Ning, you’re inhumane.”

“But the one who put you in all this pain is Hong Rui, wasn’t it?”Shu Ning shook his head sarcastically, he was quite pleased:”I look like an easy target, don’t I? If not, why don’t you go and hate him instead?”

Hong Rui laughed loudly and suddenly came close to Shu Ning, a dazzling light glowing in his eyes:”That’s because he doesn’t know your power.”

Wang Cong didn’t know where the courage came from either, but he felt that it was a chance when Hong Rui spoke with Shu Ning. Nobody was paying attention to themselves, and in an instant a bottle of XO flew towards them. This bottle was quite heavy so even if you didn’t break your skull from the hit, you would still get a concussion, the tragic end of it could be imagined. Two men suddenly stood up from behind Shu Ning, and one of them extended their arm. Only a “smash” could be heard right when the bottle burst into pieces, while the other man took of his coat, covering Shu Ning’s front with it. All the pieces of glass fell to the ground and they were unscathed, the two bodyguards did not make eye contact and they did not speak, but they cooperated silently with each other. These were the men assigned to Shu Ning by Shu Heng, they were top elite professionals in the country, so naturally they were out of the ordinary.

But……No matter how well they worked together, he had still received a fright from it.

Although the bottle did not hit Shu Ning, the sound of the wind could be heard and the impact blew his hair up, for an instant Shu Ning thought that his face would be cut by the glass to quite a sight, though he felt very gloomy in his heart. But Shu Ning did not even blink, he was as calm as Mount Tai, even his voice was as still and charming as usual:”If you don’t pull out the tiger’s teeth, they’ll end up hurting someone.”

“Tiger? Where? That’s just a little mouse,”Hong Rui’s face was dark for a moment, Wang Cong could be considered capable for him to be able to put a change on his face. Hong Rui smiled but it was very dark and terrifying:”But Young Master Shu is right, I am learning.”

The manager was used to such sights so he immediately understood what they meant, and ordered someone to take Wang Cong out, he didn’t need to appear on stage anymore in the future, it’s better for him to just do some special work. Some customers liked new things better, and during their play, the things they would do were even more plentiful and strange. Naturally, if you were doing business, you had to cater to what they wanted, Hong Rui wasn’t a good man so it was no burden to him at all earning money from such things, he was completely different from both Shu Ning and Shu Heng.

Wang Cong screamed the whole way, and was hauled off after someone covered his mouth and knocked him unconscious, leaving a trail of blood on the floor. On that night, he lost all of his teeth so he could only wear false teeth if he wanted to eat, and his clients wouldn’t have to worry about his teeth hurting their precious anymore when receiving service.

Shu Ning had seen a lot, but the main point was still to give Hong Rui some face. If he left out of angry earlier, it would’ve hurt their relationship. Hong Rui had changed to a different way to make Shu Ning happy, and it wasn’t until twelve o’clock nearly hit that Shu Ning finally left with his bodyguards. Wang Cong wasn’t doing well and wanted to kill him, while Shu Ning’s mind was filled with thoughts, he wasn’t very happy.

When he returned home, the large space was very quiet. It was very difficult without Shu Heng, but just as Shu Ning was about to head upstairs, he was suddenly hugged from behind. He yelped and was pressed down by the big man on the sofa. Shu Ning quickly threw a tantrum:”Brother! What are you doing? Can’t you be a bit more normal?”I nearly pissed myself don’t you know?

“Are you alright?”Shu Heng had also gotten a fright, he flew over immediately as soon as he received news of Shu Ning’s attack, but thankfully Shu Ning was fine, if not he didn’t know whether he would’ve gone mad or not.

Hearing his words, Shu Ning had now become quiet. He pressed his hand on Shu Heng’s chest, feeling the intense heartbeat of the man. Even someone as strong as Shu Heng would still have fears, he actually rushed over to see him out of worry as soon as I came into danger, Shu Ning was very touched and quickly rushed over to nudge Shu Heng’s chin:”I’m fine, you can touch for yourself.”


Shu Heng was a doer not a dreamer, he knew that Shu Ning didn’t like making sounds in the living room so he quickly carried him upstairs and pulled the curtains shut. After taking his clothes off piece by piece, he checked him carefully. Shu Ning’s skin was snowy white and as clear as crystals, it was tender and supple to the touch with not a single part that wasn’t beautiful, there were no bumps on his body, it was slender and perfect.

He was relieved. Shu Heng sighed and picked up the bashful Shu Ning to the bathroom to wash up. Shu Heng didn’t let go even after getting into the water, and his voice was very husky:”Don’t go to that sort of place anymore in the future.”That place stank of cigarettes and wasn’t safe, if you wanted to look at a pretty boy, then you just have to look at me.


“Don’t think about him anymore.”

“Okay,”Shu Ning knew that Wang Cong was who Shu Heng meant, it seems that Shu Heng was going to make his move, Wang Cong’s end was definitely going to be a million times worse. Shu Ning can finally rest assured:”Brother, you’re the best.”

“If you know that then stay with me forever.”

“Mm, you have to stay with me forever too.”

“Forever, I’ll come for you in my next life, and I won’t let you suffer even a little,”Shu Heng wasn’t joking, he was very serious.

Although he didn’t know whether he would have a next life or not, but Shu Ning had still heard Shu Heng’s heartfelt words. His face was slightly red and his heart was beating fast, he was very emotional:”Brother, love me!”

If y’all don’t drink alcohol and wondering what XO is, it’s a famous brand of cognac/brandy usually bottled in really fancy but super heavy bottles with thick glass, you could throw it half across the room and it may not even crack fully it’s tough stuff, don’t try it I”m not cleaning your floor for you (as for why it broke i dont think the author has seen a bottle of XO in real life)

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  1. I love this series.. but.. Shu Ning is too much.. like he literally involve in this whole fiasco of destroying those people lives. Like I get why you hate them so much. But they didnt even hurt him for this lifetime.. he is evil imo.. and it leave a bad aftertaste imo.. dont hurt me its my opinion 🙆‍♀️

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I’m agree

      After all it’s the past life fault, not this lifetime people fault

      Ofc they feel confused why he do that to them . And thats make him more inhuman 😦

      Why now i feel like if it’s transmigation novel like FOD i feel like Wan Cong and TJH become best people for Yun Sheng tranmigation to them and punish Ning Ning 😂 (omg why i feel like this 😦 ) but ofc it’s hard 😦 Shu Heng so powerfull (for me idk)

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  2. Lol Helli. Thank you for the treats. I actually feel really bad for Wang Cong. But not Tian Jia Hui, I really wish NING NING would have just ignored him this life. We can also evidently see that Hong Rui still some type of feelings for Wang Cong since he won’t let him run off with a rich customer like Tian Jia Hui. It’s a bitter realization.

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  3. So, his friends abandon him in his last life, big deal!!! Even your parents do that if they lose a little face in this damn world, come on Wang cong was his boyfriend for 10 years without getting any, so he was greedy and calculating, like he was an exception the greed overflowed everywhere, the damn older aunt deserved a lot more at least she did mistreat him in both lifes, the other thing, why did Wang cong that didn’t have any need to do it went to prison to announce his new relationship just the disappearing act was enough, I even think that coming clean was the right thing to do, all this shit was so out of proportion that forced me to side with the slag boyfriend so thank you abusive writer what is the deal with having an unsimpatetic protagonist?, don’t you know that you may lose readers?, not me I still like it… But now with a little distaste an a lower overall ranking

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  4. I just want to say I really appreciate you translating this novel. I normally don’t comment and I’m sure there are plenty of others out there like me, but I swear that we really do appreciate it. Thank you for the chapter and please take care of yourself. Dress warmly, have some food and get some sleep. Don’t rush yourself because people I’m saying that your godly speed of translating is still not fast enough.
    Thanks >///<

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  5. I pity Wang Cong actually.. Because in this life time he don’t do anything to Shu Ning yet… And Shu Ning could just ignore him, or make Wang Cong work a real work to support his mother

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  6. I just want to say I imagined Handa-sensei from Barakamon when I readed you would curse us… that’s all.

    Actually, this novel is pretty intense, why am I still reading? Nevermind, let’s just keep going.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it’s not even that, it’s about how senseless the plot progression is, the writing also makes me really mad lol, I have high tolerance with abuse and face slapping but this isn’t even good face slapping

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Lol, Helli.. You probably should translating novel that you really love, so that you will be happy while doing it.. I’m sure gonna read it if it danmei,lol.. If you needs a break then do so, as long as you happy, it’s important to be happy so that you do things with a light feelings..

    This novel, the fluffiness is over the top and especially when SN still in his early teen, but the revenge, the karmas the bad people get is too much to me tbh, the second aunty, SN’s bad friends, SN’s ex, they got too much with only little they did bad in this lifetime to SN, that’s why they wondering why..

    I especially didn’t like much if the revenge is to be put into prostitution, it’s better to be killed or be beaten to death or even turn into a pauper or lost someone by accident and got into jail without rape..

    But aside from that this novel is great, and you doing great translating it to almost completion.. That’s awesome.

    So thank you so much for that.. 💞💞💞

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    1. True, WC is another story, but his other friends’ crimes were for not helping him in time of need and using him for his wealth (then you go look for friends who don’t salivates over your money, duh) so I feel like getting them to trouble/conning them to jail– whilst pretending he’s available to help and then ultimately ignoring them is fair enough… all this torture to make their life a living hell…. sigh well at least you’re happy, SN

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  8. Thank you for your dedication and hard work also suffering, Helli-chan!

    Pls don’t curse me, I want to publish at least 50 works before I die. (Although I don’t remember if I voted for this or another novel? Damn bad memory)

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  9. You have work hard Helly I love the story, but if it’s making you unhappy take a long break to rest, or read another novel to refresh your mind.
    I can see your patience running short for the novel and characters
    I send you lots of patience and a couple of hugs😆

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I’ve never commented before, but thank you for your hard work! Also, take a rest if you need it. Your pace is extremely fast as it is.
    Also, I hope you finish the novel soon so you don’t have to deal with it anymore. (16 chapters to go!) Hope the next one you translate will be one you enjoy.

    On another note, once I thought about it, I realized I don’t really feel that much attachment to this couple, and I just got used to reading the novel. Honestly, I’m more interested in Shu Ning’s business ventures than the romance or the revenge.

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  11. woahh I know the taste of revenge it’s not always good, but but…
    damn, I hope nothing is gonna happen to SN coz chinese ppl always believe this sentence about “too much happiness bring us sadness”, I’m afraid….. I hope it’s going to be a quick chapter if it is…


  12. I am aboslutely appaled by Ning’s behavior. Though i understand that he suffered a lot in his last life, it does not give him the right to ruin someone’s life for something that might not even happen in this lifetime. Too overkill, imho. Even the way he’s treating his biological brother is atrocious. 😦 humans dont change easily, but it doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen 😦 i understand why helli is suffering a lot while translating this…so we really do appreciate you hanging in there. It might be insufferable atm but the end is almost there, so hold on toght lol

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  13. So the person who actually jailed and killed him in his last life, and continued to plot against him in this life, gets to just sit around on an island in a big house while the people who were just typical social climbers, but never got to do anything bad this life, gets raped/beaten/stabbed or their teeth pulled out and then killed…..right…… Ning Ning you’re an idiot then and you’re an idiot now. His revenge makes no sense and he made Shu Heng into a twisted murderer. Let’s just hope with WC’s end we can just get over this nonsensical revenge plot and just end it with some fluff and move on.


  14. This novel has turned into one of those that have to get fixed by quick transmigrators the illogical revenge is all out of proportion to the original offense.
    Helli I didn’t vote for this one but I was happy you picked it up so I’ll accept your curse as my due 😢

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  15. Hahahahahaha I will accept the curse with pleasure. And how bad are you how can you say that to the author? jajajajaja in short for me you are fast in the updates so much that I am surprised to see three episodes almost every day these last days. I’m anxious to see the end. Thanks Helli

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  16. Gracias por traducir esta novela y no maldigas por favor snif snif snif.
    En cuanto a las acciones de NN, respeto a su familia materna y madre todas han sido más que justificadas, respecto a sus compañeros de clase… creo que es como dicen el resto, solo debió de ignorarles y solo planear contra ellos si estos planeaban golpearlo, lo mismo va para su hermano menor, al menos debió de darle una oportunidad de crianza mejor lejos de su madre, pero no lo hizo y en esta vida ese mocoso se está convirtiendo en verdadero monstruo… no sé que tan malvado fue en la vida anterior de NN, pero creo que pudo cambiar tales destinos.
    Y… bueno he leído el Manual de Shounfei (creo) y la prota igual ataca por las cosas vistas en la vida pasada, creo que solo su pequeño hermanito fue salvado al ser entregado a su tía.

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  17. The truth i’m uncomfortable to see Ning Ning revenge 😦 altough at first i feel better
    But slowly to see his revenge more inhuman make me uncomfortable :”” but in the end i still read it because curious with this novel ending 😂

    Thank you for your hard work and mutiple update, Helli-san 😍❤

    I can’t wait for your next translation novel 😘 but if you need break it’s alright, we will wait for you. 😊

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  18. crieeeee tbh I thought the moment it became a jailbait wait that the novel was getting a little weird?? But I didn’t predict that this would be the result lololololol. How many chapters of this disaster are left? Thanks for your continuing hard work!

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  19. …my god. This author sucks to the point I’m actually sympathetic towards WC despite his absolute bullshit character. Come on SN shld be less revengeful it’s enough to ruin them there’s no need for such horrible abuse. That’s just cruel


    1. I once heard one sentence from someone: “you musn’t feel hatred, because once you do that. You will still feel unsatisfied and more and more to do revenge , because the hatred you feel will more grown at the same time with your revenge”

      I’m sorry if the sentence look weird 😂 i’m bad at writing and english.


  20. I remember reading another story… where the FL reincarnated and makes all those who cause her death… acted like SN but … the MC in that novel foiled her plan because her action was not justified as those things has not yet happen but you punished them as if its already happen.. and its not right… SN old grievance in this time life is not justified as they has not done anything yet.. and its much too cruel.


  21. Hmmmm.
    A lot of people are defending Wang Cong and blaming the MC.
    But in the MC’s defense. We were told before how evil he was. The whole premise was that he was going to get his revenge. And before. In WC’s chapters in his POV. We saw how he really thought and acted. He looked down on everyone and planned to make it big in the future.
    And in his last life he did. He had SN’s entire help. SN actually loved him and did a LOT for him.
    And in the end, what did he do? Went to prison to mock and belittle and laugh at him?
    SN was already traumatized and bullied by his mother his whole life. His views on friendship was limited.
    He really really hoped that there was really kindness in his friends.
    SN really cared for his friends in his past. Known them all for over twenty years. And in the end when he was at his limits, what happened? They all betrayed him. And turns out. Their entire history was just a sham and a fraud.
    And yes, SN had himself to blame for trusting. But the TIME he spent with them was not his to blame. Of course after a long time, you truly start to love all your friends.
    Imagine such a betrayal.
    Imagine it.
    I would have gotten revenge. I am not a nice person. Especially if they were my friends and lover for over 20 years.
    Wang Cong may not have deserved this.
    But still, in SN past life. He ended up actually succeccful. So if SN did nothing, in the future, he was sure to be a thorn on the road. Since WC really wanted revenge and payback.
    I don’t hate SN.
    I understand why he did this.
    I would too.
    After facing the happiness, only for it to be taken away.
    It is not easy.

    Long ass message. Sorry. But cough I must say.

    I got quite addicted to this story and have been binging this.
    And Helli-sama! Agh.
    I love you! You are so awesome.
    -heart heart heart-
    And thank you for the translations.
    You seriously are amazing. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Shu Ning: Forever.
    Shu Heng: Even in the next life.
    Shu Ning: Brother… what if you born tiger or wolf and i am lamb?
    Shu Heng:….. i won’t eat you.
    Shu Ning: what if we live different place.. you as Orca and i am cat.
    Shu Heng:….. you think too much. (Decide to ban Shu Ning’s access to Discovery channel.)


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