RWSB Chapter 143

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Family……Family tree?

No matter how calm Shu Ning was at this moment, he still felt a little dumbfounded.

This cute little look amused the Szeto father and son pair. Together they were sweeping loving glances towards Shu Ning!

Fortunately, Shu Ning was not drinking tea, if he were, it would definitely be sprayed into a waterfall, then the two people in front of him wouldn’t be able to laugh anymore.

Even if Shu Heng was a man with much foresight, he still did not expect for them to act like this. After all, it was impossible for them to publicly proclaim the relationship between a man and another man, and it was even less possible for them to have any status. The Szeto family was a big family, they were among the top of the old families in the capital, so naturally they cared very much about their reputation, never allowing it to be stained dirty. But……with the change of the layout of the “bridal chamber”, it had the low-profile indication of a wedding night despite the lack of red. Shu Heng went with it, and Shu Ning understood as well, only then did they consummate.

With that, Shu Ning was now a family member of the Szeto family.

This was simply something he never would’ve dreamt of, and not only that, they even wanted to properly register his name in the family tree. What kind of joke is this? Aren’t they clearly just taking Shu Ning as their daughter-in-law? This is hard to accept, really! They will definitely be criticized if people were to find out. Although Shu Ning secretly felt pity, but he was not a person who couldn’t tell good from bad. Just as he was about to refuse, Shu Heng had actually nodded before he could.


“Don’t worry,”Shu Heng knew what Shu Ning was worried about, even if did not dabble in political affairs, the Szeto family still had other descendants. For their sake, they had to put themselves in the clear:”Don’t worry, if grandpa wills it, it will never be a problem.”

Shu Ning fidgeted and looked towards Commander Szeto. He was smiling kindly, and seeing this scene, Szeto Dong’s determination was even more resolute:”Don’t worry, only the insiders will know, we can just say that you are properly recognized as my godson if the outside world were to find out. If you allowed your father to raise Shu Heng, would you not then allow me to raise you as well?”One should always keep the best for their own! There was no need to talk about such matters, you can just feel happy about it secretly.

Shu Ning:”……”So there is such a function as well?

The commander nodded calmly as if he were showing much satisfaction to these developments.

Shu Heng took Shu Ning’s hand and gave it a squeeze, privately encouraging him:”Don’t be afraid, we’re just putting your name in the family tree.”

Ha ha, putting my name is a very big matter, alright? Shu Ning didn’t dare to glare at him in secret, so he quietly pinched his hand as his way of venting.

For something like putting a name in the family tree, it was natural that all of the Szeto family members will be notified, only then would this be treated as a serious matter. Today was Sunday and it was already night time, Shu ning thought that they had other arrangements but he never expected that after he nodded, the Szeto father and son duo actually took out their phones at the same time, making calls in glee.

Seeing that Shu Ning’s little face was slightly pale, he felt rather pained:”The ones who are coming are all our seniors, the rest of the immediate family members, the juniors, as well as the side families are not eligible to participate.”

Immediate family is immediate family, and it was so even if they were a junior, why weren’t they eligible? How strange, Shu Ning was also considered a shrewd person so naturally he would not ask. He sat obediently, allowing his seniors to make the necessary arrangements. Actually, Shu Ning was quite happy about all this, and he respected the Szeto father and son pair even more now, and he could now be more sincere towards them.

Even if they were to go overseas to get married, it was still not as formal as entering the family tree! In the future, he would properly become Shu Heng’s wife not only be name. Thinking to this point, Shu Ning dropped his face that was slightly red from blushing. Shu Heng watched his expression, and felt much pity. He actually lowered his head to kiss Shu Ning’s face despite the onlooking gazes of the Szeto father and son pair.

Shu Ning’s head had dropped even lower now……

At ten o’clock in the evening, they knelt in prayer, offered incense, and his name was officially entered into the family tree. Everything was done very simply without publicizing the matter. More than thirty people came, all their elders. There were whose who were shocked, gloomy, as well as those who felt disdain. But since the head of the family, the old commander himself has spoken, they could only accept it. But……For his only son to be married to a man, this was very beneficial for those from the side families!

And why?

For someone as outstanding as Shu Heng to actually fall in love with the child of his adoptive father, who would believe that? And it was even a normal looking man that at most, looked gentle and showed some mettle. To put someone like this in the Szeto family that excelled in all aspects, he was no different than a servant. So seeing it this way, it seems that Shu Ning may not be just as he seemed.

There was definitely something extraordinary about him, if not……That would mean he excelled in that aspect. No matter how strong his wrist was, he would not hinder anyone else, only Shu Heng.

The commander was old, and Szeto Dong will hold up the position. Shu Heng was locked in a death stare by Shu Ning, if you’re thinking of making him the heir then there’s no need to even think about it!

With that, Szeto Dong will have to adopt a child and to raise him personally because Shu Heng was born in a family of businessmen, there was no way he would be good in politics. Here comes everyone’s chance, Szeto Dong was still young so he could go for at least a decades more, no problem. Nobody here was fool, all those with babies were already thinking up ideas, those without babies were also planning to work hard!

Everybody was gearing up but not a single hint of it showed openly, they were in a harmonic atmosphere. The eyes looking towards Shu Ning were the same as if they were admiring flowers, they were very satisfied, sending their good wishes and they all came up to offer gifts! The amount of enthusiasm they showed was just right so it felt like a spring breeze. His chest feeling warm, Shu Ning was after all a man who has lived several decades, he could understand with just some thought.

They were all happy because Shu Heng……was done for? Heh, Shu Heng had never planned to inherit anything in the first place, okay?

Naturally, Shu Ning would not get mad, though every man stands for himself they will not stand condemned by God, let alone such a big family. If they really were in peaceful harmony, then there really would be ghosts at play.

The commander had been staying by Shu Ning’s side, watching the reactions of everyone. He was smiling even deeper now, if you were to call them smart, then wouldn’t the old commander be a sage?

After two hours of jollifications, some of them wanted to stay in but the old commander refused.

For a boy to be so cherished, they all looked at each other but they kept still and did not investigate. When Shu Heng had just arrived, they had already done their investigations so naturally, they knew that Shu Ning could cause no harm to them, so they understood that for the old commander to do this was to give Shu Heng some face. Everybody felt pity for the old commander as well, working so hard his whole life, losing his grandson when he became old, and with only Shu Heng now it was naturally for him to cherish him so much.

Although the Shu family would fight for benefits, they would not harm each other. Shu Ning was wrong about this part, not everyone lacked a baseline like Qin Yu Zhuo who was so inhumane. If you enter the family tree, then we are now family, if Shu Ning were to have any troubles in the future, everyone would definitely help.

While Szeto Dong was discussing something with Shu Heng, the old commander took Shu Ning’s hand and stood in front of a flower pot. There was a deep look in his eyes, but he did not speak.

Shu Ning was smart, he initiated the conversation to comply with the old man’s wishes:”What’s wrong, grandpa?”

“Are you clear about what happened today?”

If he were to say he wasn’t, then he would probably be disappointed, wouldn’t he? Shu Ning lowered his head cautiously:”Mm.”

He did not say anything more, just gave a simple “mm”. The old commander liked smart children like him, he was transparent like crystal and yet he was afraid that his next words may hrut him:”What are your plans?”

“Grandpa means……?”

“if you don’t like it, how about I raise him? Don’t worry, it will bring you no trouble.”

A large fan-like hand rubbed his face gently and carefully. Shu Ning was a bit stunned as he watched the lines of wrinkles that were so close to him, and for some inexplicable reason it made him feel like crying, perhaps he was touched:”Mm.”

“Good child, it’s not convenient for us to tell him about this matter.”

“I’ll tell him.”

“Good, you really are a good child, I’m sorry I have to make you go through this.”

As the old commander spoke, he pulled him gently into his arms and patted Shu Ning’s back just like he did when he were comforting Szeto Dong when he was young. God knew how busy he was, he could count the amount of intimate time he managed to spend with his family on his palm and not even reach a full count of five. The child in front of him had yet to mature into adulthood, he had yet to even develop his future and he had already settled so early on with Shu Heng, to be with him till the end of his life. Really, he was such a pitiful child.

Szeto Dong and Shu Heng had just returned and came upon this scene.

Shu Heng narrowed his eyes. His gaze was dark with gloom as he walked over in a big stride, snatching the little one from the old man’s arms, and without speaking, he took Shu Ning and headed outside. He knew that Szeto Dong had lured him away and only because Shu Heng had some trust in him was he willing to part with Shu Ning, but he never expected that he really made his move.

Certain with Shu Ning’s respect for him, the commander now wanted children.

Shu Ning was only seventeen, how could he agree……Shu Heng walked in front purposefully because he did not want Shu Ning to see the murderous look on his face. Shu Ning could guess the reason, he turned his head back to wave towards the two, and that was his way of comforting them.

The Szeto father and son pair felt uneasy, they didn’t know whether Shu Heng had guessed after seeing that or guessed after leaving, there was a fundamental difference between the two. This uneasy atmosphere spread, and neither of them spoke while a veiled emotion roamed within their eyes, it was stifling. Suddenly, they heard the sound of footsteps. The two turned abruptly to look at each other, the members of their family knew their place so they would not appear again after receiving the orders, then there was only one possibility, Shu Ning and Shu Heng were back.

The two resisted the urge to run over as they walked over to the steps, waiting patiently, their face full of smiles as they looked at Shu Ning, pulling Shu Heng back.

“Good night grandpa, dad~”

“Good night Ning Ning~”

“Good night Xiao Ning~”

Shu Heng was expressionless but his face was dark, while Shu Ning’s lips were curved into a smile instead. How he was able to do this, the two Mr. Szetos did not know, but all they needed to know was that they were thankful.

The commander gave his son a slap:”Quick, go grab a cup of hot milk for Ning Ning!”

“Okay,”Szeto Dong left in a brisk run, Shu Heng’s return was so sudden that it had shocked the two silly.

In the bridal chambers, Shu Ning sat on the bed peering sideways at Shu Heng, watching him sulk, and he spat out a sound of muffled laughter:”What’s the matter? How great it is that they’re willing to raise our kid for us, I’m happy I get my leisure time.”

“Shu Ning!”

It was rare for Shu Heng to call out his name with his surname, Shu Ning understood. He quickly brought himself to his arms, then offered a kiss and nibble on the man’s chin and throat:”Isn’t it just a kid? What are you angry for?”

“You really……”

“It’s not like we can’t afford to raise one? Five it is, three for the Szeto household, two for the Shu household,”Seeing that Shu Heng was about to speak, Shu Ning quickly pinched his lips together:”Grandpa is old so don’t get all tossed up, get the surrogacy over with. Oh, and we still have to ask uncle if he wants to surrogate a child too.”

Do you think this is a game?”

Keeping up his smile, Shu Ning put on a serious face and spoke sternly:”Do you think I’m playing around?”

Shu Heng was speechless instead:”……”

“S Country has already succeeded in creating twins from two men, don’t you want to have children with me?”

“You’re saying……A child that shares both our blood? And not……”

His top was actually befuddled. Shu Ning took out his phone and gave it a few taps before showing it to Shu Heng. Shu Heng’s eyes lit up, or perhaps it was just the light from his phone, regardless they were very, very bright as if a new door had opened for him. After five minutes, he finished reading the web page and seized Shu Ning’s hand in excitement:”We we we’ll take care of it ourselves.”

He’s stuttering? He actually stammered! Shu Ning was very surprised, even his neck was stretched long.

Shu Heng had already calmed down and decided to follow with this plan. He took out his phone and contacted his secretary to arrange the trip. Well darn, hearing all this, Shu Ning felt that these action-oriented people were too……that, right? Shu Ning was pleased. After all, his soul was that of a man in his thirties, he had been paying attention to surrogacy for a very long time since he and Shu Heng had become a pair.

Ding, a text message arrived. Shu Ning took a look and got down to the floor immediately, Shu Heng didn’t even try to stop him.


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