RWSB Chapter 144

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Just as Szeto Dong bent over to put down the glass of milk, the door opened. Shu Ning’s pink and tender face carried a pleasant smile. Um, this is awkward. Szeto Dong had been acting in the past and had been trying to get Shu Ning to feel sorry and be nice to him, but now this really was awkward. He was still holding the glass of milk and he quickly straightened his back and coughed:”I brought you some warm milk, drink while it’s hot~”

“Thanks dad,”Shu Ning gave him a lot of face. Without closing the door, he gulped it down bit by bit.

The commander who was watching this scene from not far away, hiding around the corner, was very happy. Shu Ning spoke a bit more to Szeto Dong before returning. Szeto Dong walked helplessly to the corner, looking at his old man with a bitter look on his handsome face:”Dad, you tricked me on purpose.”

“If I don’t trick you into doing it then what, you want me to pull out my pity card? Xiao Heng is still mad, he has to vent somehow,”The old commander sighed and his gaze softened considerably:”But you know, that child, Shu Ning, he really is too sensible and kind, I can’t stop feeling like we owe him for all this, you better treat him well.”

“I know, he’s my son now.”

“Oh, that’s true, with this I guess your life is finally complete.”

Szeto Dong only smiled in response. That’s right, he has two sons now:”Dad, Xiao Ning likes to eat chicken drumsticks, you should make some braised chicken legs for breakfast tomorrow.”Then he turned to leave, walking with a flair in his step.

Commander:”……”He had fallen to his son’s tricks~

In the room, Shu Heng was sitting as still as a mountain as he leaned on the headboard, watching Shu Ning bleakly. Shu Ning had already gotten used to his still gaze, they had no intent of any harm in them at all. The two were thinking of their own separate problems. Previously, he had already felt that Shu Zi Xuan was a phoenix amongst men, he was such a handsome and smart guy, but actually, he couldn’t even keep up for a single match against Shu Heng.

And the people from the Szeto family are of even rarer breeds. Each of them were outstanding, you could feel that they are very nice and sincere people just by seeing their smiles, what did this prove? That they are amazing people whose emotions do not leak through to their expressions, so deep and reserved that it was simply impossible to analyze what they were currently feeling by their body language alone. Even if you were to catch a flaw, they may just be showing it to you on purpose.

“Come over.”

Shu Ning returned to his senses. He walked to the bed and got on Shu Heng’s lap, then letting himself go, he laid on his chest.

“What are you thinking about?”

“I was just thinking, the people from the Szeto family sure are scary,”Shu Ning was very blunt, this was probably the reason Shu Heng wasn’t too fond of them.

“They won’t bring any harm to you.”

Shu Ning frowned and raised his head to look at Shu Heng, where did this confidence of his come from? From their relationship? Well so sorry but Shu Ning doesn’t believe in that kind of thing this lifetime around.

Shu Heng’s eyes were extremely deep, and very serious:”There is a rule in the family, if you harm someone from the same clan then your entire bloodline will be executed with you.”

“Not leaving even a single person……What a cruel set of rules, it’s not like it’s…….”The law, even dealing with this privately was illegal. Shu Ning was surprised and slightly anxious:”What other rules are there? Tell me all of it.”

But Shu Heng did not speak, he stuck out his tongue and licked away the trace of milk on the corner of Shu Ning’s mouth. Shu Ning’s face started to blush after being stunned for a moment:”Don’t be flippant!”

“Then it’ll be fine if I stop being so.”

Shu Ning didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he would always be flippant with him whenever he was trying to be serious with him, but if Shu Heng really did get serious, then Shu Ning really would be given a reason to cry:”Alright my great top, it’s my fault, okay? I like it when you’re flippant! I like it.”

“Let’s talk about the ancestral rules.”

“……”When Shu Ning’s love was finally starting to flow, a big ice bomb had been dropped on him bY Shu Heng. They say you can’t offend a petty person, but Shu Ning wasn’t so sure about that, the real people you don’t want to offend are the smart ones like Shu Heng. He listened to his endless talk obediently, but he could feel his eyelids starting to droop. Naturally, Shu Heng had done this on purpose, he had his own reasons for it.

It wasn’t until he was put into the warm water did Shu Ning finally sobered up, what’s going on?

“Did that scare you?”

“Brother?”Shu Ning sprayed some water at his face, and was more sober from it:”Where did we leave off at earlier?”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

“How could I not?”

“We won’t be staying with the Szeto family, you don’t have to deal with them. In two days, we’re returning to C City, and everything will be the same as before with no changes whatsoever.”

“Mm,”Shu Ning understood, it was all just much ado about nothing:”In that case, we should quickly surrogate some children so those great gods can stop trying to curry up to us!”

“How unvirtuous!”

“How was that so? They can’t wait for it to happen,”Shu Ning wasn’t trying to covet anything of the Szeto family’s, so since they wanted it they should just give it to them. How was it possible for him to not feel sad? It was his own child after all. And besides, for the sake of Shu Heng the Szeto father and son pair have already compromised to such a degree, they’ll definitely cherish the grandkids a lot when they have some, Shu Ning was very at ease with this idea:”We haven’t asked dad yet.”

“If there’s no comparison then there’s no room for harm, he will like our children.”

Shu Ning was too pleased with his words, his children in the future will definitely be sensible and cute, Shu Yao……wouldn’t be able to come out on top in the future anymore, wouldn’t he? Ha ha ha, Shu Ning suddenly held Shu Heng’s face and felt pleased with watching it no matter the angle:”You’re the smart one as expected, here~ Let me give you a kiss~”

“How is one kiss going to be enough? I even ignored dad’s other kids for you.”

“Then I’ll kiss your whole face!”But who was Shu Ning? He quickly stuck out his tongue and let Shu Heng have the experience of his whole face being washed with spit, ha ha!

“You’ll pay for it if you’re naughty.”

Then……Shu Ning regretted it. Before he even started……Shu Heng actually……His feelings were hard to describe.

Shu Ning thought that he would die, really, but he never expected that other than the bit of pain he felt when he had just entered, he adapted well to it. Oh heavens, he really did have quite the talent. He covered his face weakly, gasping for air. He didn’t feel any burdens doing it in the bathroom at all, Shu Ning was very open and even his calls were quite loud, exciting Shu Heng so much that he put even more effort into it.

After changing into several different positions, Shu Heng fished him out of the water and pressed him to the door, even a sturdy door wouldn’t be able to handle this one. Shu Ning was truly afraid that with all the banging the door was going to break, how was he going to answer if the Szeto father and son pair were to ask tomorrow? Shu Ning could only plead for Shu Heng to take it elsewhere. After getting his fill, Shu Heng would naturally switch, what’s the rush?

Holding Shu Ning around his waist and raising him up, the mighty Shu Heng did not exert much effort at all as he rushed steadily back into the room, setting him down on the coffee table before lifting up his legs, and thrusting straight into the depths in one go. Shu Ning screamed and his face was red as he endured it. It was a very passionate night, Shu Ning was constantly lingering about heaven until nothing would come out anymore.

When Shu Heng came out early the next morning, the Szeto father and son duo who had been whispering to each other quickly spread out. They had a gentle smile and a bright look in their eyes, they probably found out about everything.

Shu Ning liked to call out whenever he was excited, Shu Heng was pleased to hear it too. The Szeto house is built with special materials for sound insulation so even if the father and son pair were to stick their ears on the wall, they would still hear nothing, Shu Heng had confidence about that, so walking straight over there were no changes on his face, he wouldn’t fall to suck trickery at all.

Seeing that Shu Ning did not come out, the commander turned around to follow Shu Heng. Szeto Dong went to the kitchen, leaving behind two chicken drumsticks for Shu Ning to eat when he wakes up.

After their breakfast, the commander didn’t move when Shu Heng was walking upstairs, but instead it was Szeto Dong who came in a quick stride to follow up:”Xiao Heng, I have something to say.”

“We are leaving tomorrow morning.”

With one word, Szeto Dong’s entire body ran cold. Had he been feeling too full of himself because of how successful everything was going recently?

If they didn’t make a move on Shu Ning, would Shu Heng not be angry today? His temper was just like his old man, Szeto Dong had been through a hard time but he found it hard to speak out about it, but he still pulled Shu Heng’s arm:”He is still young, and a growing boy, so you should take it slow.”

Shu Heng narrowed his eyes:”Now you’re feeling sympathetic?”

Why didn’t he feel the sympathy when he was trying to take advantage of Shu Ning’s kindness?

Is everyone else a fool just because you are smart?

Although Shu Ning didn’t care about the kids, he was after all, only seventeen! How could you bear to just make him agree to such a thing? Even Shu Heng himself didn’t dare to bring it up, what right did they have to do it? Relying on their age to gain his pity, not knowing when to step back, Shu Cheng is the real father of the two, only he had the right. Shu Heng’s gaze was incomparably cold, and it made one shocked to see them.

Szeto Dong is a man who has seen the waves rise, and was very sensitive to malice, but the one exuding such murderous aura to him right now was his own son. His chest felt extremely uncomfortable but he had to endure it no matter what:”I will apologize to him.”

“He will only blame himself, don’t put those ideas in his head.”

“I……I was wrong, don’t be angry. You can do whatever you want to in the future, I will not interfere again.”

“You have been an outsider from the start.”

Szeto Dong:”……”

The old commander who was standing at the corner felt as if he had aged several decades in an instant. A hint of grievance flashed past his gaze, he was angry, angry at his child for giving up custody of his grandson, for allowing him to be raised in another man’s house, he was angry at himself for not investigating even though he clearly knew that his son had a girlfriend, angry at himself for being too busy, not taking proper care of his son, mismatching a couple and making wrong of their whole lives, angry at himself for not dealing with his enemy immediately, hurting his own grandson. Now that everything was in peace, Shu Heng instead was unwilling to forgive them. His arrogance was indeed the same as the characters of the Szeto family members.

“Dad, you heard everything, what am I to do?”

The commander patted his son on the shoulder:”It was my idea but you were the one to carry the burden.”

“Shu Heng knows everything, he just didn’t want to take it out on you. At the end of it, I was the one who gave up on him, who else should he yell at but me?”Szeto Dong saw everything clearly, and a difficult look flashed past the emotions on his face:”I should just show my love to Shu Ning more, I won’t be able to hear him call me dad anymore in this lifetime, I’m satisfied as long as Shu Ning is willing to call me dad.”

“Mm, that’s right, as long as Shu Ning is willing to give us time out of his day, then he at least won’t just give us the cold shoulder.”

They were two men who had such power in this world, and yet they had such a bleak past, and they were such desolate men. For men to be so pitiful, there were definitely things about them that garnered them such attention.

Shu Ning didn’t wake up until it was the afternoon again. It wasn’t the best idea if he kept doing this in someone else’s house, but Shu Heng wouldn’t let him go downstairs in the afternoon. This time, Shu Ning didn’t refuse him, he stayed in the room like a good boy. Shu Heng felt much pity for obedient he was, he sang a song by his ears and it had to be said that Shu Heng did try hard, for his singing was both affectionate and moving, washing away all the uneasiness in Shu Ning’s heart.

The next morning, Shu Heng took Shu Ning’s hand and went out while the Szeto father and son pair saw them to the door solicitously. When they came here, they came in the Szeto family’s car, but when they left, they left in the Shu family’s car, it could be seen how cold their relationship had become. Shu Ning smiled and waved, and his eyes were very pure, though lacking of some affection they had received in the past, this made the two old crafty scoundrels quite uncomfortable, they truly did feel bad this time around.

The two ate at a restaurant, Shu Heng was not allowed to go hungry at all. Then Shu Heng met up with a person before quickly bringing Shu Ning to the airport back to C City. Shu Ning sighed, what had to come will come, how are they going to face Shu Cheng? This was his kin, his father. Shu Ning’s insides were trembling, he hoped that his dad wouldn’t be too upset.

Shu Heng took Shu Ning’s hand, it felt so cold, it seems his calm exterior was hardly true to his feelings. Shu Heng gave Shu Ning’s snowy white face a kiss:”Don’t worry, I’m here.”

“Will he hit you?”

“He won’t,”Only you could bear to hit me, added Shu Heng in his heart.

Their last hour has come, there was no use being afraid now, they should just stay strong and face it together. Shu Ning took a deep breath then walked in with Shu Heng to the living room! As expected, Shu Cheng was waiting for them. The smile on Shu Ning’s face was slightly awkward, but Shu Heng was very calm.

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