RWSB Chapter 89

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…… no I’m kidding.


The car was very stable with the air-conditioner on, but Shu Ning still felt that he couldn’t sit still. His body felt hot, and breathing was difficult……

Annoying, what am I getting all excited for~

Maybe big brother just misses me too much, so he called me out there to play for a day before going home, but even at home it’s still just the two of us in one room, could there be someone he doesn’t want to see? Whatever, forget about it, as long as brother is there my life would be complete anyway.

Finally, the car pulled in to the underground parking lot. Shu Ning took a deep breath before getting off the car, and went up with the VIP elevator. Badump, badump, badump, his heart wasn’t even trying to remain calm anymore, and was beating even faster. After coming out of the elevator, Shu Ning walked forward. There were several bodyguards standing by the room door. Seeing Shu Ning, they bent their waists in a bow immediately, then opened the door to let him enter.

Would his big brother be playing any sort of tricks?

Shu Ning entered and found his big brother standing by the window wall, dressed in a black suit with his hands clasped behind his back, watching the stream of traffic outside. Half his figure was hidden in the dark, making him appear very mysterious, seeming unreal as if he were going to disappear at any moment. Shu Ning took step by step over, feeling slightly nervous, it had been a long time since they’ve last seen each other so he did miss him quite a lot.

Shu Heng saw Shu Ning from the reflection in the glass, and a wave rippled through his eyes, Hong Rui gave him a call especially to tell him that he had been talking about business with the little guy, and the little guy had been using Qin Yu Fu’s name to start companies all this while, and they were even real estate companies that were performing rather well. And that wasn’t the only thing happening under Qin Yu Fu’s name, there was even an internet cafe chain, foreign language center chains, as well as the commercial street and its surroundings that had completed its construction.

Has Shu Ning already learned to fly when I haven’t been watching?

Never caring too much about his “death” he hadn’t ever been able to bear keeping his eyes off him, and loving him. It wasn’t as if he wanted to limit him, but rather was giving him some space to breathe.

Shu Heng did not intend to break through this layer between them, there was definitely a reason why the little one didn’t tell him, such as real estate, his family’s business deals in just that, so Shu Ning must be afraid that if everyone found out, they would get him to enter the company, right? Shu Ning had always been very averse about it and so he started everything up bit by bit with his “red packets”, raised his own business, and opened up another gateway for himself.

There were no men who did not want to start their own businesses, unless they were the rich second generation who had the foundation, and could choose to either start their own company or inherit one, everything was easy for them. Shu Ning did not grow in the Shu family, so his way of thinking was different from everyone, he liked things that belonged to himself, not the family business. While pondering, many thoughts flowed through Shu Ning’s mind that were very incisive.

Shu Ning hugged Shu Heng’s waist from behind, while Shu Heng’s hand drooped down to hold the back of that pale hand very naturally.

It felt so warm, big brother’s body heat was the best. Shu Ning was intoxicated, inhaling the unique smell of his big brother. Shu Heng was unable to see his little brother’s expression at this moment, and his eyes were looking straight outside the window, it was all fine as long as he enjoyed staying with me, and as for his wings, naturally the more beautiful they were, the better. Shu Heng loved Shu Ning to death, and wouldn’t be willing to hurt even a single hair of his.

“Brother~ Why aren’t we going home?”

“Do you want to know?”

How about a kiss? Old rules, Shu Ning didn’t let go of his hands, but turned a half circle around him to his front instead. His brother looked down to him from above, and did not show any intention of lowering his head. Shu Ning arced his head down suspiciously and rolled his eyes, then raised himself up on his tiptoes to land a peck on his brother’s perfect lips. Although it was just a light touch, it was very sweet, and hard to pull away from.

Shu Heng’s eyes had turned exceptionally dark as he took Shu Ning’s face in his hands suddenly, then lowered his head for a deep kiss.

Shu Ning was dumbfounded and called out with an ‘oh’, a tongue actually came in. Oh heavens, how could he be so brazen Σ( ° △°|||)︴

He should push him away but Shu Ning couldn’t bear to do it, might as well just feign ignorance. Shu Heng closed his eyes, he didn’t even know that Shu Ning had been watching him all this while with deep affection, watching him lose himself, intoxicated to this kiss he had absorbed himself in.

Oh no, breathing started to become difficult, but Shu Ning couldn’t bear to just faint over this, the first two times were already too shameful, he felt embarrassed to even say he was over thirty.

The little hand thumped on his brother’s chest, neither too light nor too heavy, ticklish like a little cat paw clawing at his heart, a strange feeling lingered but the atmosphere was form. There was nothing Shu Heng could do but stop, he held the person in his arms tightly and swayed slightly, reluctant to take his hands away. He was turning more and more charming, Shu Ning the little fairy, he always made him feel uneasy.

“Brother~I rushed all the way back, I haven’t even taken a bath yet~”Shu Ning was acting spoiled. He wasn’t trying to, but as soon as he spoke, his words carried with it a slight hint of his grievances. Ugh, that’s too embarrassing. Shu Ning’s little head was buried deeply into his brother’s chest in a tight embrace, he didn’t want to come out of it anymore _(:зゝ∠)_

Actually, don’t even mention that Shu Ning wanted to be touched by Shu Heng, how could Shu Heng not want to do that?

He hadn’t touched Shu Ning in a long time, he didn’t even know how much he had grown, were his arms firmer now? What about the feeling of his thighs? And whether his waist was thinner or thicker, holding him through his clothes, he seemed to be relatively heavier, and had also grown several centimeters, just with that he could tell that this little guy must have been eating snacks at night. Shu Heng picked Shu Ning up vertically and walked into the bathroom.

The hotel wasn’t their house, and everything in the bathroom looked like erotic goods. Pink could be seen throughout the room, there were even flower petals floating on top of the hot water, the hotel was not much different at home and the general design was just about the same. Big brother was very wise, he had already calculated the time and prepared the hot water, he was still so thoughtful towards me, so considerate. Shu Ning was very happy and did not stop Shu Heng’s hands.

Piece by piece his clothes were removed in a very slow process, Shu Heng observed every part of Shu Ning with careful eyes, causing Shu Ning’s face to redden. He drooped his head but Shu Heng caught his chin with a finger, and the two pair of eyes were locked onto each other. One pair had a warm gaze, while a glint was hidden in the other. A red glow spread through his cheeks to his ears, making him look especially cute and beautiful, his face had become more and more refined, and his temperament was exceptional.

Ning Ning……With your glamour shining in all directions, when will you bloom for me?

Shu Heng carried up Shu Ning and put him down on the toilet seat, then slowly took off his pants……

Shu Ning couldn’t bear how his brother looked straight at him, and couldn’t stop himself from holding his face. Shu Heng’s gaze was like a rod of heated iron, studying him, and caressing him, not even letting go of those places of his. Then, Shu Heng turned Shu Ning around, Shu Ning did not move but he lowered his hands that were holding his face, and his eyes had an exceptional glimmer:”Brother, what on earth are you doing?”

“Checking to see if you’re developing healthily.”


“Turn around, let me see.”

“It’s not like you’ve never seen it before,”Shu Ning muttered in a quiet voice, he did not accept this reason at all but he was willing to turn around so Shu Heng could see. As long as he wanted it, I will give it to him.

Under the shimmering lights, his snow white skin was crystal clear, with a tender pink hue, shimmering like a pearl, it was absolutely beautiful.

Shu Heng was observing him, the little butt really was perky, he had to suppress his desire of giving them a squeeze. Shu Heng’s sights were locked onto the center of those two mounds, but unfortunately he couldn’t see it, so he lifted him up vertically. Shu Ning yelped and hugged his brother’s neck, then went into the hot water together with him. When did big brother strip? Shu Ning raised his eyebrows. There were many petals floating on the water, there was no way he could even take a good look at his brother’s sexy body.

However……Even a fool has their times of wisdom.

Shu Ning was pouting, showing his unhappiness. Shu Heng noticed it immediately, could he have gone overboard earlier?

“I don’t care, so what if I want to look at how big brother is developing too?”Shu Ning splashed the water pretentiously and the water flew in all directions, when Shu Heng came close to him suddenly. Shu Ning kept his eyes peeled, staring at the handsome male god that was right in front of him:”Brother~ What~ What are you doing?”

“You’ve grown up.”

“That’s right, how can anyone stay young forever?”Shu Ning raised an eyebrow, then came at him furiously:”Brother, you’re changing the topic.”

“Even your smarts have grown.”

“……”The corner of his mouth twitched, Shu Ning felt that facing against Shu Heng, he would never win, right? _(:зゝ∠)_

“Even your temper has grown.”

“Any more?”

“Of course,”Shu Heng smiled. As soon as this expressionless and aloof person smiled, it was simply even more dazzling than the spring sunlight in March:”I like you even more now.”

Shu Ning was stunned, he didn’t come back to his senses even after his brother had landed a sneak attack on him several times, up until his tongue entered for a lick, and entangled for a moment before retreating. Profoundly, Shu Heng nudged the tip of Shu Ning’s nose with his own:”Your kissing techniques are still so terrible, me too, what are the two of us brothers going to do in the future?”

“……Would we get abandoned?”Shu Ning didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry, big brother’s logic……I want to cry, but I’m willing, no matter what reason he used in the future, Shu Ning would never resist him:”I don’t think it’s bad, if not, how about we give it another go?”

Shu Heng was stunned for a slight moment, he really was.

His big brother’s smile from earlier made Shu Ning go crazy, that was why he requested it. Before he was able to regret it, Shu Heng’s deep kiss siege has arrived! Compared to the previous one, this was even more gentle and considerate, little by little it deepened slowly, with exceptional care. Shu Ning felt a little as if he were a precious gem in his eyes.

Shu Ning had gone soft, and he held onto his big brother’s neck. Happiness isn’t just for one, it’s only fun if they both enjoy it. Shu Ning tried to respond to his kiss and this excited Shu Heng, then this kiss had turned rough immediately, he could even hear the sound of his big brother’s breaths. Shu Ning was excited, he stretched out his soft little tongue and hooked it around his brother’s, every so often he would let out a moan, sublimating each other’s feelings.

Shu Ning waited till he was almost suffocating before he patted his big brother’s firm back, so Shu Heng had to stop. He was slightly satisfied but very regretful, the big hand was subconsciously taking advantage of his little brother’s body, not only was he doing it openly, he even rubbed and squeezed him. Shu Ning’s little face was red and his breathing was rough, even his chest was heaving up and down, he did not stop his brother but he was also curious:”Brother, what are you doing now?”

“Want to do it.”



“Do you think I’m deaf?”Shu Ning stared straight at Shu Heng’s facial expressions.

“I’m human too, and if you were human you would have feelings and desires, I had originally wanted to train my kissing techniques, but I got hard.”

Wa ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) ah! He said it directly, what am I going to do? Help him with my hands? No no, that won’t do, a bottom had a bottom’s rules too, he couldn’t lay his hands on a straight man, that would be a heartless thing to do, and Shu Heng was the Shu family’s only seedling, he had to be kept for breeding! Uh, it’s not like he’s a pig /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

Shu Ning suddenly found himself to be very pitiful, his brother was always the first to make a move before he dared to take up the knife, he was too passive.

“What’s wrong?”Shu Heng hooked up his chin with a finger, and his gaze was as deep as an abyss:”Don’t you want to touch it?”

Σ( ° △°|||)︴Shu Ning was dumbfounded!

“Forget it, you’re still young, you haven’t grown up yet!”

Shu Ning knew that Shu Heng was smart, there was no way he would goad him so childishly, but he really wanted to give it a touch, and find out whether it was very hard, large, thick, and maybe very long?

The temptation was too strong, and Shu Ning followed his wishes. He trembled slightly, extended his hand, and held it!

Wow……( ⊙ o ⊙ )

Shu Heng took a deep breath and his brows were locked into a deep frown, it felt so good, but it was a pity that they should be stopping here, if not things will be bad. Shu Ning had already opened up so there was no hurry. Shu Heng took away Shu Ning’s hand and his gaze was the same as usual, concealing the storm within:”Alright we have to stop fooling around, you can touch your own when you’ve grown up.”

Where’s the fun in that? Shu Ning was satisfied! His eyes were narrowed and were even more beautiful than a crescent moon.

Shu Heng began to give Shu Ning a bath but Shu Ning had lowered his head, raking away the petals floating on the water, bearing with this felt so hard, he really wanted to see if his brother was still hard there!


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