RWSB Chapter 90

Boy this story really hates it when I sleep, the long chapter is back again.


It really was!

Fuck me~

He was too strong, Shu Ning was shocked, he can endure even this? As expected Shu Heng was a god among men, he never takes the path most travelled, does he not have to loosen up?

Aaaah, so embarrassing! Really want to see him exposed on the toilet with his legs open (◡‿◡

Shu Ning was completely submerged in his filth for a moment, and naturally Shu Heng knew that his little brother was doing. He wanted to lean over to see what sort of expression was on the little face, and to figure out what he was thinking, but……Naughtily, Shu Heng stood up abruptly, and that thing stuck to Shu Ning’s face and brushed past……Shu Ning was dumbfounded, by the time he came back to his senses, his brother had already gone out.

There were other washrooms in the room, he’s probably gone to deal with it.

But……But……That hot and hard thing poked my face just now, it touched, Shu Ning didn’t know whether he should be furious or should he cry. He rolled his eyes and submerged himself under the water, he could only relieve the thrill of that moment by holding his breath, right? His blood was still rushing, big brother’s that thing could become that big when he gets excited……Will his future wife be able to take it?

He shook his head hurriedly, Shu Ning refused to think about it.

Shu Ning finished his bath leisurely and came out with a towel wrapped around him. Shu Heng had also just come out from the other end, the two of them saw each other, and it was still Shu Ning who felt slightly embarassed, the “dark shadow” of that thing was too large in his mind, Shu Ning felt that Shu Heng had done that on purpose, he was using that on purpose to punish curious little children.

Although……he had gone a bit overboard, but it was common for boys to make jokes between them, but wouldn’t it be too strange to poke their faces with that?

“Did you have a fright? I didn’t do it on purpose,”Shu Heng came over in a big stride, and touched the left cheek that he had touched previously.

Shu Ning was slightly out of it, so it was just a coincidence. He should be feeling relieved but he didn’t know why he felt even more depressed. Shu Heng peeled open the covers and crawled in, then patted the spot next to him. When Shu Ning was crawling up the bed, Shu Heng pushed down his big towel very naturally, and picked up the normal towel he had prepared early on to help Shu Ning dry his hair.

Shu Ning was already sixteen this year, and was already 165 centimeters tall, he wasn’t small like he once was, so now he just bared it all. Shu Ning who felt slightly shy extended his hand and pulled the blanket over to wrap around his body. Shu Heng moved his hand over to get rid of it at once, and even hooked Shu Ning’s chin over, his gaze exceptionally deep:”It’s hot, don’t mess around.”

What the fuck, am I messing around? Am I? Really?

Shu Ning was starting to feel skeptical about life. Shu Heng was aloof and the big hands of his were gently moving about Shu Ning’s hair. A little rub on the left, then a swerve. Shu Ning sat very obediently, the joy in his life already gone. With a hook from Shu Heng’s finger, the two pair of eyes met with each other:”If you continue being so dispirited I’m going to kiss you.”

“If you kiss your little brother you won’t be able to find a partner.”

“How so?”Shu Heng was interested, what was he thinking about in that little head of his?

“I’ll tell you! If you keep kissing your little brother you won’t be able to find a wife!”Serious face.

“That’s alright if I can’t, the Shu family doesn’t lack any heirs.”

“I’m talking about this very seriously, brother, think about it, this kind of thing is very effective, I heard about this story where this guy kept sticking to his little brother, and what do you think happened to him in the end?”


“He turned gay!”


“Scary, right?”Had a fright, didn’t you? Ha ha ha~ Shu Ning had a smile on his face, but secretly he thought to himself that for him to pull such a trick, I must be drunk. In the end, the one that felt bad was still himself. But what needed to be said still had to be said as a way to ease him into it, a million possibilities wasn’t scary, what’s scary was hitting one in a million. Shu Ning couldn’t take that bet, and didn’t dare to take love as a joke:”Brother, aren’t you afraid?”

“Did that guy fall in love with his little brother in the end?”

“……”Σ( ° △°|||)︴ That’s not right, his response was like a sharp blade, stabbing straight into Shu Ning’s heart.

Shu Heng was very serious, he was expressionless and his eyes were colder than outer space, staring straight at Shu Ning:”Silly, how could anyone compare to you? I won’t fall in love with anyone, the only one I keep sincerely in my heart will only be you, it will now, and it will be forever.

“Brother~”Shu Ning was very touched, really, it was hard to open up your heart to your wife, brother was too pitiful!

Shu Ning’s thoughts had gone to the side, his brain circuits were connected wrongly so he couldn’t do anything about it. Shu Heng who was trying to suggest things to him was not disappointed, he could take it slow, since this little one could hear about such unreliable rumours, could there be a gay person insinuating things to him? Shu Heng narrowed his eyes and the look in them were very dangerous. His hair was dry, and he took him into his arms overbearingly then rubbed his back, and gave it a scratch.

“Brother~ I’ll stay with you forever.”

“Sure, you can be my wife!”

“He he he,”Shu Ning laughed, and he laughed very happily, the heartless type of laugh:”Sure, since we’ve already kissed anyway, if big brother really turns gay in the future, I’ll make the best of it and take you in!”

“Do you want to pinky promise to that?”


Shu Ning straightened his body and stretched out his little finger, and Shu Heng did so as well. They hooker together, and gave a little tug……Two pairs of eyes met with each other, and they were both smiling.

“Brother, you look so good when you smile.”

“Your smile looks even better,”Shu Heng moved his hand over to touch his little face, and even gave his little ears a squeeze. Shu Ning retreated backwards because of how ticklish he was, Shu Heng picked up the flow and pressed him down:”You’ve really grown up, you even dare to become my wife now!”

“Who said I’m going to be your wife? You’re the one who mentioned it first, brother, I say, I aaah……Brother……Aaaaahh……I was wrong……Ha ha ha ha……”

His armpits were too ticklish, how could his brother do this? Ah, he laughed so hard his stomach hurt, whose fault was that? How come I’m always the one int he wrong after discussion? My IQ really was very bad _(:зゝ∠)_

After messing around, the two held each other and layed down on the bed together. Shu Ning was panting with his face red, and his eyes misty, it was a very wonderful sight.

But Shu Heng did not stay idle, his palm was soothing the little one’s back:”You’re not allowed to date young.”


“We’re going home tomorrow, sleep.”



“You’re poking me……”→_→ A certain object has gotten hard bit by bit, stabbed right between his legs. Shu Ning endured it and didn’t move, first off he didn’t want to light the fire, and secondly he was also quite selfish.

Shu Heng pitied Shu Ning very much, the little one was trembling and didn’t dare to move anymore. Shu Heng extended a hand over to touch his own thing as well as Shu Ning’s inner thigh, and right when Shu Ning was about to move away, Shu Heng turned and got off the bed, then headed over to the washroom. Facing the one he liked and he could only get hard, but couldn’t eat, there weren’t any other gentlemen in this world like Shu Heng.

Shu Ning cupped his face, the feeling of clamping down on that thing was very wonderful, and it even bounced. Maybe big brother wasn’t strange, but rather I like him too much. Shu Ning didn’t want to admit that he was low, rutting to his own dear brother, deliberately pressing half his body against his, deliberately lifting his legs to coil around him, deliberately sticking close with no space between, Shu Heng was at the age where he was full of vigor and easily excited, he couldn’t stand the provocation. Naturally a big uncle grade demon like Shu Ning had an idea on how to enjoy himself.

And right now he had succeeded, but his big brother didn’t take advantage of him, wasn’t he very cheap?

Shu Ning continued to hold his face, and tried to adjust his thoughts. While Shu Heng was currently struggling in the washroom, is this what the so-called loving and killing each other like?

When Shu Heng returned, Shu Ning had already fallen asleep, he was exceptionally cute, his body was bare so the scenery was completely unobstructed, he really had no defences up at all.

Shu Heng leaned over and gently scooped him up into his arms, then he landed countless pecks on his face that was as light as a dragonfly landing on water. I love you so, so much, when you’ve grown up and have your own responsibilities to bear, and can face stepfather with me, only then will I confess my love to you. Stepfather hasn’t had an easy life, he’s raised up someone else’s son so wholeheartedly, and now, this unfilial son was going to snatch his stepfather’s treasure away……

Shu Heng was extremely filial and unlikely to cause him any troubles, but if he liked him, then he liked him. Ning Ning, grow up quickly, and learn to love, If you didn’t end up falling in love with me, what cards am I going to lay on the table for stepfather? How am I going to repay the Shu family for raising me? What reason could I use to imprison you for a lifetime? If there really comes a day where you wanted to get married, perhaps I may do something I can’t even imagine myself doing.

Ning Ning, I love you so much, I love you so, so much.

Holding on to this taboo love and deep desire to spoil him, Shu Heng closed his eyes and welcomed a new day with Shu Ning.

Shu Heng had the habit of waking up early, whereas Shu Ning had the habit of waking up late. The sun was already high up in the sky but Shu Ning still hadn’t woken up. Shu Heng curled his mouth into a smile, and with a finger he gently traced the outlines of his little brother’s face. Only when he reached the tip of his nose did Shu Ning showed any signs of waking up. So ticklish, with a slap of his hand, he seems to have hit something!

Um……( ⊙ o ⊙ ) It’s big brother!

Shu Ning opened his eyes hurriedly and all the sleepy bugs had flown off, he was extremely shocked.

Big brother was still sleeping, he actually didn’t wake up? That’s just an act, right? After affirming that fact, Shu Ning started to torment him. First he squeezed his nose, his nose was the most perky and raised, then he pinched his eyebrows. Shu Heng wasn’t a god, so his head couldn’t help but retreat. Naughtily, Shu Ning took this opportunity to press down on him, then continued rub and knead his face, let’s see how you continue pretending to sleep! Hm~

Hah, do you think apologizing will help? You’ve already done it. Shu Ning curled up the corners of his mouth:”No can do, big brother is the one touching me normally, so I have to get my money’s worth today.”

“Alright, let me pick up a call first.”


After Shu Ning got down, he was stunned for a moment, did the phone ring?

The phone vibrated, Shu Heng picked the phone up to see, it was from Shu Gao. He picked up the call immediately:”Good morning grandpa.”

Shu Ning wanted to come over, so Shu Heng also had his bout of wickedness. The long arm extended a palm over, and pressed on Shu Ning’s head. Shu Ning’s little hand slapped and smacked~ Swung and waved~ But he just couldn’t escape the bullying of hat hand. He really wanted to talk to grandpa:”Brother!”

The short little hand couldn’t even reach the phone after stretching it straight, he he, so cute. Shu Heng narrowed his eyes:”Be good!”

Shu Gao squinted and asked with a deep smile:”What’s wrong? Is Ning Ning throwing a tantrum?”

“No, I’m the one bullying him,”Shu Heng said it directly. Shu Ning blew up, if I can’t solve it with force then I’ll play with bombs. There were many pillows in the hotel, I’ll throw and I’ll throw, and I’ll throw, didn’t work but there’s still a blanket, he’ll cover the entire thing over, and let’s see how Shu Heng’s going to deal with that! Shu Ning had done it as soon as he thought about it, so what if it was childish, I’m only fifteen so who am I going to be scared of?

Shu Heng’s tall body was buried under the blanket and the pillows, but he was still on the phone. Shu Gao asked very curiously and Shu Heng spoke with full detail, telling him about all of Shu Ning’s atrocities, while Shu Ning was hard at work looking for things to stack on top so he didn’t hear a single thing. And so this created the scene where everybody would laugh thoughtfully at him when Shu Heng took him back home.

What are you laughing about……Can the great god please explain?  ̄へ ̄

Shu Ning wrinkled his brow and had a look of pondering, this caused the three inscrutable men to laugh, eating breakfast together and whatnot, how great!

However, something that didn’t fit the harmony came out in this warm moment, a little tod ran in a pittle pattle over to the living room, and was coming towards the dining table. His hands were full of dirt and he was even holding some flowers, yelling sweetly with his mouth:”Grandpa, grandpa~ Daddy~”

An entourage of nannies followed behind, looking nervous, none of them dared to catch him so they all just surrounded him, they were scared of him tripping over or getting hurt, scary, but the real scary thing is getting a complaint about them right?

Although Shu Ning had only cared once, he had still heard the news of the ancestral home replacement of quite a few nannies.

The little one finally reached the dining table, there were strangers? Shu Yao blinked his eyes, then asked in a baby voice:”Are you the new teachers? Come play with me!”

Shu Cheng did not move, Shu Gao did not either. Shu Heng was eating his food in an aloof manner smoothly, whereas Shu Ning’s entire person was petrified! He was holding his chopsticks, his eyes staring at the food, just like a statue.

Shu Cheng and Shu Gao extended their chopsticks at the same time, putting some eggplants in Shu Ning’s bowl. At this time, the black and white Shu Ning who seemed to have lost all colour finally regained life, he lowered his head, ate his food, and didn’t care about any worldly matters. Shu Gao was still the one who spoke, he had the servants bring Shu Yao out to play, and to bring him over to the old residence to live for a few days. Shu Yao had grown up, so he was not that easy to deal with.

The three-year-old baby ran around the table and expressed his opinions in an aaaah:”I’m not going I’m not going, why do I have to go as soon as the two of them came back!”

Shu Ning:”……”Little devil~

Shu Heng continued to eat and did not react to it, until Shu Yao picked up a bowl on the table and threw it towards Shu Ning, then Shu Heng brought him into his arms and protected him, and the bowl landed on his arm. To say the truth, it didn’t hurt the least bit at all, however, who had ever laid a hand on Shu Heng in all these years of his life? Shu Ning’s complexion changed on the spot, and Shu Cheng was immediately upset:”Xiao Yao Yao is too insensible, what are you all looking at, carry him away, quickly!”

Only then did the servants dare to forcefully make their moves, and carried the crying little young master off!

Shu Yao was so angry that his face was flushed, and yelled out:”Daddy is bad, grandpa is bad, I want mommy, I want mommy, sob sob sob……”

Ah……It pierced through Shu Cheng’s heart instantly. Seeing that it was just about right, it should be time to bring Qin Yu Zhuo back since she’s been passing her days very well and innocently on the island. Shu Cheng looked at Shu Gao with an euphemistic gaze, and Shu Gao didn’t hint at him through the eyes either, it was clear that he didn’t agree, they’ve been passing their days pretty well now, so what are they going to bring a fox demon over here for →_→

As everyone knows, Shu Gao looked down on Qin Yu Zhuo, while Shu Cheng was filial, so they were in a dilemma.

It was still alright during when they just split up, it wasn’t too lonely. It was unfortunate that his previous wife died,  Shu Cheng was then single and could sleep with anyone. But he had a wife now, so naturally he couldn’t mess around outside, Shu Cheng was a man with limits. The longer you were separated with someone, the more you can remember the good things about them. At least when Qin Yu Zhuo was around, she cared about him in every possible way she could, any men could enjoy that. At that time he had only gotten married to her because of the kid, but right now Shu Cheng liked her, he sincerely did. And actually, as long as Shu Ning was willing to talk about it, nothing would be a problem.

After their meal, Shu Cheng shoved Shu Heng away. Shu Heng felt very resentful in his heart, and very gloomy.

The second son’s room was furnished with a very warm atmosphere, the colour theme was all warm so it was comfortable to look at. Shu Cheng’s gaze landed on Shu Ning:”Is everything alright at the capital?”

“All’s good.”

“No matter how good it is, it can’t compare to being with your loved ones!”Shu Cheng patted Shu Ning’s shoulder, and wanted to continue, but stopped.

Shu Ning understood, but he did not agree:”Dad, I’ve grown up, I like training outside and I also have more friends now, my eyes have seen the wider world, so if there’s always someone there to look out for me, wouldn’t I become a useless person? When your son’s grown up then you should set him free! Dad, I’ll come back to visit often, at least set me free until I graduate from university!”

“Alright, you’ve grown up and you have your own views.”

“Dad, is there anything else?”

This was the first time Shu Ning had rushed Shu Cheng. Shu Cheng was a wise man so what was there he didn’t understand? When he left, his figure looked so desolate, and leaning on the door outside was the eldest son. Shu Heng was just about to enter when Shu Cheng stopped him with one arm:”Heng Heng, why does he hate Shu Yao and his mother?”

Three feet of snow doesn’t form in one day, a human’s heart was complicated, Shu Heng had also only understood a little:”She gave birth to him and didn’t take care of him, and even ended up harming him, while Shu Yao had received everyone’s love since he was young, perhaps……the sight of it just made him bitter.”

His eldest son spoke towards the good, and thinking about it now, he really was protecting his second brother, then what about his third brother? He’s also Heng Heng’s little brother. Shu Cheng retracted his hand, confused, while Shu Heng walked in, and closed the door.

Shu Cheng walked thoughtfully up to the fourth floor. Shu Gao took a look at him and did not care, he was playing chess with Sun Lin.

His son had become a sculpture for as many rounds as they played. What’s the matter, what’s there to stop him? Is Qin Yu Zhuo really that good? Shu Gao didn’t want to trouble his son too much, and besides Shu Yao had also grown up, and Shu Ning didn’t like coming home, so that’ll be that then:”Ah Cheng, bring her back during the new years, she’s recuperated, she can see her sons now.”

Shu Cheng was really surprised, he stood up:”Thanks dad.”

“The blisters on your feet come from the own steps you take, and you know yourself the feeling of warmth and coldness, I can’t stay with you forever, I can’t offer you my thoughts forever, nor can I cheer you up forever, my grandchildren are grown so it’s time to toughen them up.”

“Dad means?”

“If you understand then bring her back, if you don’t forget it. And the old saying comes first, you have to divorce her, and five years later if nothing happens, you can remarry. The bridge dad has walked is longer than the roads you’ve walked, I won’t harm you, it hasn’t been easy for any generation of the Shu clan so I can’t hold sand in my eyes. Shu Heng’s matters, you and I know, but she doesn’t, if you could do it then don’t blame me for making a move.”

“Dad……Wouldn’t that be too harsh?”

Ah Cheng will always be immersed in love, Shu Gao understood, but he was also too lazy to blame him for it:”If you don’t divorce her, that’s fine too, let her sign an agreement to give up the property. It’s not like I want to nag you or anything, but you really have bad judgement of people, I’ll jump off a building if she really was willing to sign it.”


Sun Lin was also anxious:”You’re getting more worked up as you speak, it’s time to leave the children to their own, if you nag them too much it may hurt your relationship.”

“Hmph,”Shu Gao was upset, okay, I’ll water my flowers, alright?

Ahhh, the dirt was being washed away, he’s becoming more and more like a child. Sun Lin was helpless, he hinted at Shu Cheng with his eyes, then Shu Cheng nodded and left.

The second floor wasn’t at peace either. Shu CHeng had just gone off when Shu Heng’s long arm stretched out to cradle him up, then carried him to the main bedroom.

Shu Ning was unhappy, Qin Yu Zhuo was about to return. As soon as she returned, she would be harming Shu Heng again wouldn’t she? That’s not right, I’m still here. Shu Ning understood Qin Yu Zhuo’s shitty character, she appeared to be virtuous but would she reward him with a slap behind? If Shu Ning were to plead, then perhaps she could come back earlier, she was definitely look forward to it.

After all, Shu Yao was too young so he wasn’t very sensible.

“Do you like this pot of flowers?”

Mm? Shu Ning looked over and there were some bonsai on the balcony. The smallest of the pots were some pink flowers in bloom, like Qin Yu Zhuo’s face with her constant tender smile.

Shu Heng picked it up and turned it in his hand:”Don’t like it?”

Shu Ning knew that Shu Heng wouldn’t speak nonsense, what was he trying to do? And so he followed his flow and nodded.

“If you don’t like it, we can destroy it, I don’t like this plant either, it’s too dazzling, it’s fine if it’s gone too.”

“It’s best we just put it there, we can look at the ones we enjoy, there will always come a time when it will wither.”

Shu Heng understood, Shu Ning can’t bear to do anything to Qin Yu Zhuo, she was after all, his mother. Actually, Shu Ning wanted to keep Qin Yu Zhuo around for the entire lifetime, he wanted to watch her aspiring for what she could never get, living bitter days together with Shu Yao, wouldn’t that be wonderful. This was his biggest grudge, how could he end it with just one death? If she were to have an easy end, wouldn’t Shu Ning be sorry for himself?

“What are you thinking about?”What a gloomy look, Shu Heng caught the little one’s chin:”If I give you a kiss~ Will your mood improve?”


The corners of Shu Heng’s mouth curled up, and he smiled very handsomely. He was born very handsomely after all, so with this one smile, Shu Ning’s soul had just about flown off. He pulled the curtains shut. Shu Heng was a very cautious person and wouldn’t let a single drop leak, then he turned back to pounce onto the bed. It was too sudden and Shu Ning had no time to exclaim when he was pressed down, and was caught in an endless siege!

This kiss was sweet like honey, lingering, and lasted very long, so long that even his saliva had dripped out. Shu Heng followed the trail down to his neck and licked it very greedily.

The pupils of Shu Ning who called and moaned shrunk, he was suddenly sober! Did brother have desires for me? It can’t be wrong, Shu Ning had noticed it. For a moment, crystal like tears flowed down his cheek, as if a chain of pearls were cut and let loose. Shu Heng had a sudden fright, and didn’t continue to move anymore. He tidied up his little brother’s clothes, and buttoned his shirt up. He didn’t go overboard, even his pants were untouched. What happened to his little brother? Shu Heng carried him up and wiped his tears away with his thumb.

Shu Ning did not dare to open his eyes as he leaned into Shu Heng’s arms, his heart was terrified.

He told a story to Shu Heng previously, telling him about how a brother had kissed his little brother too much and turned gay, and right now it was like he was struck by thunder. Big brother couldn’t……really have fallen for me, could he? A wave of memories billowed through his mind, Shu Ning had a terrible headache. He rubbed his temples, it wasn’t possible, I’m over thinking it.

This is Shu Heng we’re talking about, how could he have fallen for me?

You silly fool, Shu Heng just thought I was fun to play with. From the very start, you raised me in your room, and you even sent a big, realistic doll to be placed in my room, so that I could look at it in the morning and hug it to sleep at night, just like big brother has never left. Was this pity or was he pampering him? Or was he just having fun? Just like a little pug, both cute and lovable, just like that big brother said, I like you, but like was different from love.

Shu Ning’s eyelashes were wet, and his tears flowed out again.

Shu Heng was anxious, he wanted to lick them away but he didn’t dare to make any moves. His thumb finished wiping the left side and went on to wipe the right, his little brother’s tears were like an overflowing dam, it made his heart ache and it was hard to bear:”What’s wrong?”

Shu Ning felt vexed, big brother’s voice was extremely hoarse, he must be worried sick, he……for him to do that to me, he was just one step away, he wouldn’t know, maybe one day he might just teeter over the edge! Shu Ning held his face and cried terribly. He didn’t know what Shu Heng actually felt for himself, and did not dare to ask either.

The two just huddled about in the room together, and the entire day Shu Ning was feeble. His eyes turned and turned, and occasionally he would steal a glance at Shu Heng to study him, and daydream, but he did not speak. Every time Shu Heng looked over, Shu Ning would turn his head immediately like a frightened rabbit, he was very nervous and his complexion was pale, his mind a jumble.

Shu Heng came over to sit by Shu Ning’s side, and immediately Shu Ning’s body had turned stiff. Shu Heng was very smart so he did not come and closer.

【Small Theater】

Big brother definitely likes me!

How can I make him confess to me?

And so Shu Ning and Zhao Dong put up a good show.

The wedding march had played halfway when Shu Heng came down from the sky, stepping on some colourful clouds, the look on his face was anxious and with a swish of his hand, scandalous photos rained down like snowflakes during winter.

Zhao Dong’s mouth was cramped Σ( ° △°|||)︴ This is too much, even the stormy debts of my past life have been dug up~

Shu Ning was extremely touched. Shu Heng came over abruptly to catch him by his shoulders:”Sister, he is a scumbag so you can’t marry him, sister……Sister……”

Shu Ning……Fuck

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