RWSB Chapter 133

Good night!


“Well, what brings you here?”Shu Cheng knew, but he still asked, a playful hint of emotion glowing in his eyes.

Shu Heng felt extremely gloomy at heart, he was jealous.

Shu Ning and Shu Cheng were father and son and their looks were about one-third in similarity. Now that they both had their heads turned to him, blinking together with the same movements, it really was quite……hard to describe.

And what do they mean by bullying someone over the limits? What did it mean to swallow a hit silently?

My dad wants to sleep with my wife and he’s still asking me what brought me here? Heh, Shu Heng’s face was very thick. With one hand holding his pillow, he walked calmly over to the bed step by step, dug around, bringing Shu Ning closer to the inside of the bed so that he had some space. Thankfully, Shu Heng was a very calm person, if not he would definitely have slept in the middle to separate the two.

Shu Cheng had to make space as well, laying down by the other side of the bed. He took a look at his older son before looking over to his second son. Thankfully, the bed was quite big, if not it definitely wouldn’t be able to fit three men:”Now what is up with you lot, all coming over to sleep with me. You can’t do this anymore if I ever get a wife in the future, she may get jealous.”

Saying that with his smile showing even in his eyes, it meant that Shu Cheng did not really believe that in his heart, because he liked it when his kids squeezed into bed with him. And the chances where he would be able to do this were not many, if he missed it in the future he could just carry Shu Ning over, and naturally Shu Heng himself would follow. Thankfully, Shu Cheng was born and raised proper so he bore no evil thoughts in his mind, if not he may have found that this pair of Siamese twins were unusual.

Shu Heng laid sideways with one hand supporting his head, and his profound gaze set on Shu Ning whose face was slightly red:”Honey……”

Shu Ning’s body went stiff in an instantly, quickly covering his mouth with his blanket. He was in a panic and his big eyes turned, it felt great!

Shu Cheng’s heart jumped, was Heng Heng finally enlightened? He had introduced so many to him and yet he was not interested in any of them, perhaps he may not even remember what those ladies looked like anymore. Some time ago there was someone who worked in the company who had been pushed off by Shu Heng overseas to lead a team overseas. Really, it was……There really was nothing he could say about that. For him to actually say honey, it meant that Shu Heng had started to think about that issue so he had to quickly strike while the iron was hot. Shu Cheng had also turned his body sideways, supporting his head with one arm:”So you’ve met the young lady of the Guo family, what do you think?”

Hey now, you went for another blind date behind my back? Shu Ning narrowed his eyes, staring at Shu Heng with an unkindly gaze.

But who was Shu Heng? How would he be scared of that? With his free hand, he gave the tip of Shu Ning’s nose a squeeze:”Like that, I guess. No feeling.”

Really? Even that was a no? But she was so excellent? Shu Cheng wanted to put in a few words for the girl:”That girl is very assertive, she’s doing her university courses within the country and while she’s studying, she has been starting her own business while taking care of her family, it’s really rare for someone to have both the smarts and the filial piety.”

“I don’t like her,”Shu Heng was thinking to himself, was it filial piety to start a business? But she wasn’t as good as being filial as Shu Ning.

Shu Cheng’s eyes brightened up and recalled someone else:”The second young miss of the Wang family is not bad as well, she returned after pursuing her advanced studies in an overseas school of music, her temperament is outstanding and she’s a sweet and cute girl who’s great at the arts of music, chess, poetry, and drawing, and even cooks up a good meal. It’s hard to find a lady like her these days, very rare, do you want to see her?”

Shu Ning cocked his head to the side full of warning, you dare? I’ll castrate you!

Homely type? Shu Heng’s eyes were extremely gentle, she was not as homely as Shu Ning, he can make sure the entire house is in order, and even great at taking care of his dad.

Seeing that his son did not speak, and only liked to tease his second son, Shu Cheng was somewhat lost, but it was indeed interesting to tease the second son. With his free hand, he had also started to touch Shu Ning’s face:”Zhu Yao’s daughter is not bad as well, she’s in the army, and I heard she just got promoted again. She’s got a strong personality and just so happened to be on her holidays, so she’s back visit the secretary. How about I take you over for a visit this weekend?”

“You know, Dou Chang Gui’s three daughters are all slim, graceful, warm, generous, and noble, Director Dou would always praise his daughters, he tells me they’re as beautiful as paintings, there’s going to be a party next month so I’ll take you there.”

Oh my god, from starting a business to being in the military? What else? Shu Ning’s heart felt tired and he wore a long face. If he were going to be harassed by both his dad and his brother at the same time, how was he to live?

“I like the gentle but mischievous type,”After Shu Heng went silent, he had suddenly declared such a sentence.

Shu Ning was now in a wonderful mood. He glanced over to his brother and pursed his lips, quietly feeling happy by himself.

Shu Cheng was spirited again, even his tone was a tad quicker:”If that’s the case, the daughter of Y City’s mayor is about twenty now, I heard she’s gentle and pretty, how about……”Bla bla bla~ It’s been hard on Shu Cheng, he had to be the father and the mother, and he still had to play matchmaker for his son, he’s really working hard!

Shu Ning couldn’t help himself and a chuckle leaked from his mouth, interrupting Shu Cheng’s long-winded prattle:”Dad, this isn’t necessary is it? You’re slipping down further and further as you speak, it’s not like our great Heng Heng is unsatisfactory! They say a man’s at his best when he’s thirty, what’s the rush? He’s only twenty-two! It’s still not too late even if he starts at twenty-five. Dad, you should just leave brother to himself, you can rush him if he’s thirty and still unwilling to find love!”

“I think so too,”Shu Cheng actually responded. He sighed:”I don’t know why, but I just want to see him settle down, even if he’s just getting himself engaged.”

Shu Heng was silent. His wife was right next to him and his dad is prattling non-stop about introducing ladies to him, wasn’t he pulling the rug under his feet? With Ning Ning’s character, he reckoned that he would chew him out for at least two days. As Shu Heng was thinking about that, he couldn’t help but lower his head to give Shu Ning a kiss on his forehead, his lips, and his nose, and this shocked Shu Ning so much his soul had flown away, immediately turning his head to see what his dad was doing.

Shu Cheng had just turned around to grab his phone, damn it, my heart nearly fell out.

Shu Cheng was too amazing and smart, Shu Ning was afraid that he might see through him, so he decided to just cover his face up with the blanket. With a light hum, Shu Cheng pulled down the thick blanket:”Are you cold? If you are……”

Before he could move his hands and even before he could finish speaking, Shu Cheng was depressed. Shu Heng’s hands were too fast, he had already pulled Shu Ning into his arms so they could sleep sticking together. It must be comfortable for Shu Ning to use Shu Heng’s arm as a pillow, right? This was what Shu Cheng thought. When he was young, Shu Gao had also held Shu Cheng in their sleep, it was very warm and very nostalgic. Seeing Shu Ning rubbed his eyes, Shu Cheng turned off the bedside lamp thoughtfully.

The room was so dark that you couldn’t see your fingers if you stretched them out before you, so his senses were even clearer now, to the point where Shu Ning could even hear Shu Heng’s heart beating. What should I do? The more he wanted to calm himself down, the more he couldn’t, he wanted to sleep with his dad but his brother had come too. Shu Ning who had been turned into a sandwich wanted to cry but no tears came. He gave the meat on Shu Heng’s body a good squeeze before he felt better about the situation. But……He seems to have underestimated Shu Heng’s courage. If you’re going to touch me, then I want to touch too. His big hand moved here and there, front and back, and even went as far as to touch his opening.

Shu Ning’s body had gone soft and his body was trembling. While Shu Heng’s arm was moving around, the blanket moved with it as well, how could Sheng Cheng not feel it? Shu Ning was so scared that his soul had flown off and the colour was gone from his entire being.

Shu Cheng yawned:”What are the two of you doing?”

Shu Ning was petrified, and thought to himself I am still alive……

Shu Heng’s face was the same as usual, but regardless of who he spoke to he still had a poker face:”Rubbing his tummy.”

“Mm? Is Ning Ning not feeling well?”Shu Cheng stuck over and a hand a large palm that was even thicker than Shu Heng’s came over to rub him. Every so often Shu Heng’s hand even touched Shu Cheng’s. Shu Ning’s belly was very soft, it was delicate and smooth. Just like that, they all fell asleep while rubbing him gently. And Shu Ning? He had been downed in battle a long time ago.

The next morning, Shu Ning had woken up but he was just too lazy to open his eyes. Subconsciously he arched his back and accidentally knocked into a man’s jaw.

“He he he……Lazy little kitten.”

Um, my nose is being pinched? Shu Ning’s entire body shivered, this voice was not right, it was his dad’s. He sobered up and opened his eyes in an instant:”Dad, good morning~”

“Mm, Heng Heng went out for a jog, what do you want to eat for breakfast?”

“Me? I already arranged for it last night, it should be ready in the kitchen now, should we go downstairs?”

“……Thanks for the hard work,”Shu Cheng felt very touched, this boy was only seventeen this year. Thinking about how Shu Heng liked to kiss his forehead, he also wanted to try leaning over to give Shu Ning a kiss on the forehead. Although he was big now, he was still soft like when he was young, it was great:”When are you going back to school?”

“Not for now.”

“You’re not taking your exams?”

Shu Ning was very calm:”It’s nothing, I can just do a re-test. I’m not too bothered about the results, I’m satisfied as long as I pass.”

“Remember to tell me when you need your dad for anything.”

“Mm,”Shu Ning had already arranged everything at the art school side. Qin Ming was very capable after all, he handed the business model over to Shu Ning and he felt that the entertainment company was quite profitable. Qin Ming had originally specialized in this field so he was very knowledgeable, and he also understood very well all the rules and regulations there. Shu Ning knew that he was not a man without target, he had the motivation and ambition, and it was rare for him to be such a wholehearted person, so he wished him well.

But of course, this was just one side of it. Shu Ning had also brought up some names to Qin Ming, telling him to find ways to dig them out, they were all going to be big stars in the future, but as for now, they still didn’t know which nook they were in. It was not difficult to get them out, it just depended on Qin Ming’s capabilities now. Actually, Shu Ning didn’t care too much about his entertainment business, the investment power was just so-so, the big one was naturally Shang Zhou’s movie. The entertainment company was mainly to facilitate the cooperation between the two parties, Shu Ning had also planned to invest in Shang Zhou’s other movies in the future.

To be safe, Shu Ning had also sent several people over from the head office in the capital to assist Qin Ming. Naturally, things would be going smoothly with these people working together to check and supervise each other.

After becoming the acting president, the first artist to be dug out by Qin Ming was the king of the silver screen, Liu Xiang, but he didn’t dig for Zhong Ru because she had her own backing, it was not too convenient. Shu Ning knew the young king of the silver screen, Liu Xiang, he knew that it wasn’t impossible for him to become the top. Anyway, after the release of Shang Zhou’s movie, he would once again take down another trophy for the title of the king of the silver screen.

“Ning Ning?”

Shu Ning raised his head to look at Shu Cheng:”What’s wrong, dad?”

“It’s nothing, it’s fine as long as you’ve got everything planned, it’s time to wake up.”

Shu Cheng was not Shu Heng. Although Shu Heng had deliberately left Shu Ning in Shu Cheng’s arms before he left because he was afraid Shu Ning would get cold, because halfway through the air conditioner had broken down, and Shu Cheng accepted him undisturbed, putting the sleepy little baby into his arms, treasuring him. But that did not meant that he was willing to hold him after he woke up, it wasn’t as if he were a child.

Shu Heng returned very soon, he actually had some things to deal with. Shu Ning was washing his face and brushing his teeth together with Shu Cheng, and they came downstairs together. Shu Heng once again saw them doing the same thing, with the same expression, turning their heads at the same time……The feeling he felt at this moment was a bit hard to describe.

“Wash your hands, let’s eat,”Just as Shu Cheng finished speaking, his phone rang. He walked over to the floor-to-ceiling window and picked up the call.

Shu Ning winked his eyes at Shu Heng, and Shu Heng followed him to the bathroom. After closing the door, Shu Ning’s little face turned serious:”What’s with you? Why didn’t you wake me up when you left?”

“What’s wrong?”

And you still had the face to ask me that? Didn’t you know I nearly got frightened to death when I woke up in dad’s arms? If Shu Cheng hadn’t spoken up first, Shu Ning would’ve went over for a kiss, and he nearly exposed their relationship:”You sure are confident.”

“You’re the one who wanted to crawl into dad’s bed.”


“What on earth happened? Did he kiss you?”



Shu Ning pouted, and quickly pointed to his forehead. Shu Heng smiled warmly before holding Shu Ning’s face with his two hands, while Shu Ning closed his eyes with a blushing face and a quickening heartbeat. He raised his hands up very naturally, curling them around Shu Heng’s waist. The atmosphere was great, warm and romantic, and right when Shu Heng was about to land a kiss on Shu Ning’s forehead, the door……Opened!

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