RWSB Chapter 134

The door made a sound as it opened.

As long as you were not deaf, you would be able to hear it.

Shu Ning thought in his heart, we’re done we’re done it’s over, we’re dead this time, the only one who would dare to open the door can be no one else but Shu Cheng. Shu Yao was in the old house so it couldn’t be him, and there was a separate bathroom for the maids and bodyguards that were away from the masters of the house. Before the sun shines every morning, they would already have made sure to clean the toilets and wouldn’t simply enter after that.

What to do?

Shu Heng……It’s all up to you now. Shu Ning eagerly hoped that Shu Heng would be able to settle this, he was afraid.

And about Shu Heng? What was he thinking?

He stuck up his lips, and Shu Heng started to blow! Then he stood straight, rubbing Shu Ning’s snowy white forehead with his thumb, exerting some slight force. Shu Ning frowned subconsciously and this made Shu Cheng who had seen the scene think that Shu Ning may have gotten hurt so he entered immediately, speaking with some urgency in his tone:”Let me see what’s wrong.”

Shu Heng moved away so that Shu Cheng could come over to see, his second son’s forehead was just slightly red:”Here I thought it was something big, wash your hands, let’s go eat.”

Shu Heng felt dizzy. Shu Heng winked to him while Shu Ning was holding his forehead in realization. After Shu Cheng washed his hands, he gave it a rub before pushing his two excellent sons out for breakfast. The sharp-eyed Shu Cheng caught Shu Ning stealing a peek at Shu Heng, was he angry? Perhaps he was angry because Shu Heng accidentally made Shu Ning bump into something.

Their meal was like a roller coaster, it was exciting. For the sake of concealing his guilty conscience, Shu Ning had to speak as he usually did, and he couldn’t be too fidgety. The moment to test his abilities was here, Shu Ning felt that he got full marks in this aspect because Shu Cheng did not doubt that there was anything wrong. When a smart man sees something, they’ll end up pondering about it later, perhaps Shu Cheng had already thought of a reasonable explanation for that scene, and he never had any doubts for his kin at all.

Sighing a breath of relief, Shu Ning stepped on Shu Heng below the table, see if he still dares to rut around everywhere, making him miserable. He had great guts, calm as Mount Tai even in the face of danger, but Shu Ning couldn’t do that, he nearly got frightened to death. Actually, Shu Heng didn’t feel too good at heart either, Shu Ning would always worry so much, and had so many concerns……

He really wanted to come clean on everything. All their subordinates who had made contact with Shu Ning knew of their relationship, so what use was there in deceiving yourself?

But Shu Heng respected Shu Ning’s feelings, if this is how he wanted to do this, then he would do as he wished. Love relates to two people, he couldn’t just go by his own will. Shu Heng’s eyes darkened as he raised his leg, and stepped downwards……Shu Ning trembled, he actually got counterattacked. He narrowed his eyes and shot a nasty glance at Shu Heng, just you wait!

Shu Cheng watched the two and felt that it was great that his children interacted with each other so much. Sadly Shu Yao was too young, so it was impossible even if he wanted to join in. If not for Qin Yu Zhuo’s prejudice, Shu Ning wouldn’t have hated Shu Yao. But speaking back to it, Shu Yao’s character really was unacceptable, it had to be changed, if not then don’t even mention Shu Ning, he himself and maybe even Shu Heng may not be able to like him.

Just like what Shu Gao once said, dad won’t be able to stay with you forever.

Shu Cheng had never thought so before but now he felt the same, he had the feeling that he would never be able to stay with them all the time. The harmonious scene in front of him seemed to be slowly pulling further away from him, he wanted to join in as well but it was far beyond what was possible for him as he now found that he was unable to open his mouth. When Shu Cheng got on his car, he specifically told the butler that if he were free, he should let Shu Yao appear more often in front of Shu Ning, but leave no traces.

The butler was one of Shu Heng’s men, so while he agreed, he had just pretended to agree and didn’t make any arrangements for it.

Shu Cheng had never once doubted Shu Heng, if not for the fact that Shu Ning had learned to be a good boy this lifetime around, he would never have gotten that bit of fatherly love. In his eyes, the heir of the company had always been Shu Heng, it was impossible for Shu Ning to continue it. Shu Cheng felt very gratified that Shu Ning had his own businesses outside of the family, and he would support him. If it comes around that Shu Ning had the heart to snatch away the company, how would Shu Cheng react?

It was very obvious.

For a large family like the Shus, there were many things that needs to be done every day, and it was impossible for all of them to be done in good conscience. Slowly, day repeated after day, year after year, his heart eventually turned black. You would know just by seeing the story of Wu Mei Niang and how she treated her kids. THen there was Qin Yu Zhuo, Shu Yao was her son but did Shu Ning not come out of her as well? So what if he was her son? When she had personal gains dangling in front of her face, and in the face of that whom she loved, everything else had to make way.

Shu Ning knew where Shu Cheng’s limits lay, so that was why he tried his best to steer clear of it. Don’t say that a soul at age thirty would not need his father’s love, he still treasured very much what he couldn’t obtain in his past life, if it was good then nobody would want to lose it. Shu Ning was too bitter, he had already died at such a young age so only in this lifetime did he live with such great care. He may seem like he didn’t care for much but he actually wanted to have everything.

Right now if you don’t count in all his immovable property, Shu Ning’s wealth went up to nine digits in just fluid property alone. He had the love of his father, a lover, and even controlled the lifeline of the Shu clan’s ancestral home, he was the real winner of life.

Shu Cheng only saw Shu Heng come over after a while, and he smiled. He was very happy that his son was so outstanding.

Shu Ning stood by the door, watching the three cars as they left before heading to the living room. The butler walked behind him and whispered to Shu Ning of Shu Cheng’s idea. Shu Ning smiled:”If that’s the case then do as he pleases, has Shu Yao’s tutor been working hard? If not, change him.”

“naturally, after all the one we hired is one of the best.”

“So, it’s reasonable to say that……Shu Yao shouldn’t be so stubborn if he’s tried his best?”

“Perhaps he was born that way. Young master, it is normal for a child to misbehave, the young master is already six this year, he should slowly be starting to become sensible.”

“That’s right, it will be fine once he grows up:”Shu Ning raised an eyebrow and looked at the butler:”At what age do boys start acting sensible in general?”

“That……varies from person to person, girls tend to behave at a younger age, it took my uncle’s child up to age six before showing signs of sensibility, when asked not to touch his mother’s cosmetic products when he was five, he would still touch them, but when they disallowed it after he turned six, he really did not touch them anymore, he is a very good boy.”

Shu Ning frowned as he thought about things. Shu Yao seems to only have started to behave willingly when he turned seven, and by ten he was even more obedient like an angel. Shu Ning smiled but his eyes were profound:”That’s right, it’s no use even if you bring in a commander when dealing with a naughty child.”

The butler laughed and lowered his head, leaving Shu Ning’s sight. A hint of wickedness glowed in Shu Ning’s eyes. How unlucky you are, Shu Yao, by the time you learn to behave, your father is already gone, it really is quite a pity. The trajectories of many things had been changed, and Shu Ning knew what would happen to Shu Cheng. As much as possible, he would show him love and care, and hope that he could live a long life.

When it reached a day before Shu Cheng’s death, Shu Ning was in much unease. At night, he and Shu Heng were linked many times, being held tight, and his eyes were red and swollen from crying.

Shu Heng had also noticed that something was off with Shu Ning, but thinking back to it things have been off for several days now, Shu Ning had only pretended it was nothing, and Shu Heng was willing to cooperate with him as well. But when he is being so uneasy as he is now, he could no longer pretend he didn’t notice:”Something’s bothering you.”


“Alright then,”Shu Heng kissed the top of his head, he was very worried:”Sleep, I’ll keep you safe by my side.”


He agreed but his eyes never closed. Shu Heng sighed and got up to prepare the bath water, then took Shu Ning in for a bath. Looking at Shu Ning’s eyes, there were dark circles forming from his worry, and with pain Shu Heng took Shu Ning, and went for another round, letting him faint directly in exhaustion, only in this way would he sleep like a good boy, it really grinded at him.

The next day, the alarm had sounded loudly. Shu Ning sat up in agitation and this made Shu Heng jump in fright, but he concealed his feelings so there was not even a tremble on his eyes. Shu Heng wanted Shu Ning to have more rest so he turned off the alarm on his phone on purpose. He didn’t think too much about it because Shu Heng understood Shu Ning’s habits, while Shu Ning understood his as well. They knew that today was an important day, so they went against what they normally would, and this caught Shu Heng off guard.


I want to come to work with you,”Shu Ning quickly got off bed, and because he had moved too abruptly, he felt a bit dizzy and by the time he opened his eyes, he was already in Shu Heng’s arms.

“Don’t be so stubborn.”

“Mm,”Damn it, no matter how he tried to pretend to be calm, he couldn’t do it, and Shu Heng being as wise as he was definitely noticed. Ah forget it, Shu Ning got off of him, not caring what he had to say, and pulled his husband over to do their washing up.

Shu Cheng had been unable to sleep since the later part of last night, he was thinking about how Shu Ning hated Shu Yao and hadn’t seen him in two days, and so he first went to look at his third son. The little ball was sleeping soundly. He had about a twenty percent resemblance of Shu Ning, and fifty of himself. Shu Cheng waited for the sun to rise before coming downstairs. He took a glass of milk that Shu Ning would normally drink, it was just out of curiosity. There was sugar inside, and the taste was not bad.

Shu Ning had come down with Shu Heng. It was a sunny day today, a good day. Shu Cheng narrowed his eyes, and he felt……that the sight of the two of them together felt like deja vu, it was thought-provoking.

Shu Ning smiled sweetly:”Dad, I’m going to the office too.”


Shu Ning was especially obedient today. After they reached the company, he hung about the chairman’s office and only followed Shu Cheng around, never walking too far away from him. When Shu Heng came over for lunch in the afternoon, he felt slightly worried, for Shu Ning to act like this, it seemed as if something was going to happen, but what was making him so nervous? But it wasn’t that Shu Cheng had noticed their relationship.

Time passed minute by minute, and Shu Ning’s nervous mood finally eased. Shu Cheng was fine, he was fine even after they returned, and he was fine before he slept at night, too. Shu Ning took his pillow and slept next to Shu Cheng, but after Shu Cheng really fell asleep, he sat up instead, watching his dad as he breathed as if he couldn’t relax. Then the sun came out, and the dazzling sunshine meant that today would also be a good day.

Shu Cheng’s eyes moved, and he woke up. Shu Ning quickly laid down and closed his eyes, pretending very convincingly to be asleep.

Shu Cheng didn’t die! Shu Ning could finally relax. And as he slept, he ended up sleeping until the afternoon. Sitting up abruptly, Shu Ning immediately gave Shu Cheng a call. After the call went through, he awkwardly asked why he didn’t wake him up and whatnot like a charming child. Before hanging up, Shu Cheng told him “you’re like my little wife” and this caused Shu Ning’s cheeks to turn red.

Shu Heng was right beside him, and the nerves on his forehead were already bulging.

Dad! Sleeping with my wife is enough, why did you still need to call Shu Ning wife……

For a week, Shu Ning had been staring at him with much pressure. Shu Cheng was doing well, he had always been, he was healthy and eating normally!

Shu Ning was sleeping beside Shu Cheng at night, and the door opened. Seeing that Shu Heng had come, Shu Cheng thought that he wanted to sleep together, but in the end, Shu Heng held up a finger, not allowing Shu Cheng to speak, then……picking up Shu Ning, he wanted to withdraw! Shu Cheng was stunned, and hurriedly sat up. He moved his mouth but fortunately the room was dark, because Shu Heng’s face was even darker.

His dad had actually asked: Where are you bringing my little wife?

He couldn’t stand it anymore! Shu Ning was unfaithful to his husband, so Shu Heng had to exercise his right as his husband. And then~ One could guess what happened next.

When Shu Ning was entered, he woke up seething in pain. No matter how careful he was, it will still hurt a little when entering. He stared with hazy eyes at the person above him:”Dad?”

ζ­¦εͺšε¨˜ Wu Mei Niang – The only female emperor of China, Wu Zetian, she killed her own child (unsure whether for personal gain or out of jealousy) and a lot of other wild stuff, she also married one of the emperor’s other sons and became the empress, and later emperor in his death.

also wtf “my dad’s dying so im going to have lots of SEX” what

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  1. This is great! NN is going to be in so much trouble! So, can it be confirmed that SC had something done to him by Qin Yu Zuo or SY….maybe? Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. What. Wait. Lots of sex? What????

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