RWSB Chapter 135

is it just me or is this getting worse and worse because what the hell


Shu Heng was stunned. His mind went blank and he couldn’t come back to his senses for a long time!

And it was Shu Ning who finally sobered up first. It was Shu Heng, the one pressing him down was Shu Heng. He’s done it this time, he actually called him dad, he could imagine how angry he was right now, perhaps even the sun wouldn’t be able to shine in the shadow left in his heart, what to do? At this crucial moment, Shu Ning could bend and he could stretch. He curled his two legs around his back, but……The sausage had gone soft.

The two had been together for a long time and this was the first time they had encountered such a situation. Shu Ning was shocked. Seeing Shu Heng sit up, he took away his legs and wanted to get off the bed, this made Shu Ning so scared that he quickly pounced over to hug him around his waist:”I was sleeping on dad’s bed earlier and you didn’t come, so naturally when I suddenly woke up I thought it was dad, don’t be angry, okay? It’s not my fault.”

Right, it’s not your fault. Shu Heng’s brows were knotted in a deep frown, he didn’t want to get angry at Shu Ning.

Shu Ning knew Shu Heng’s character, he would always keep everything to himself:”I know you’re angry, please tell me, it doesn’t feel good for me too if you keep it in your heart like that.”

At the end of this, Shu Heng still cared very much about Shu Ning’s feelings:”It’s nothing.”

Nothing? But you even went soft? It wasn’t that easy to dismiss Shu Ning:”Is it because I’ve been sticking to dad too much recently? Okay, I’ll change from today on, is that enough?”


“How many grievances are you actually nursing in your heart?”


“You’d only ignore me when you’re angry,”Shu Ning tried to coax Shu Heng and landed kiss after kiss on his back, moving his hand about to caress him, to touch him. Shu Heng was after all a young man of twenty-two with strong firepower, naturally the passion rose in his body when he was teased by his beloved in such a way, he had a feel for it instantly. Shu Ning sighed in his heart as he stuck close to Shu Heng, blowing against his ear.

In the next second, the sky turned upside down. Shu Ning had been pressed down under Shu Heng’s body, and he once again took him.

After a night of being tormented on the bed, on the floor, on the table, on the sofa……They’ve done it on every surface in the room, and the throbbing pain felt like his waist had broken in half, it had been a long time since he had a taste of being unable to get off the bed. Shu Heng is so vicious, does your dad know this? Shu Ning cried tearlessly as he laid in bed, he would rather wait to grow moldy than get off than to show his face.

Thankfully, Shu Heng’s ability to command his army was powerful, he had gotten his overseas company to sent out a tax early on to make sure dad was busy in the office. But of course, Shu Heng had also followed. He had breakfast with his dad and went to work together, leaving Shu Ning alone in the empty room. At this time, Shu Ning began to reflect, the feeling of being alone wasn’t nice.

Shu Ning had been sticking with his dad every day, did Shu Heng feel as desolate as what I’m feeling right now?

If you put anyone in his position, they would feel the same. Shu Ning couldn’t move his body but it was no problem if he were just moving his fingers. tap tap tap he sent out a text message to tease his top. He loves me so much that he wouldn’t do it again tonight, he really wanted to see how Shu Heng would be like if he wanted to do it but couldn’t, scratching his head, walking in circles.

Shu Heng was too calm and good at enduring, so if he wanted to see it, it would be more realistic for him to just go to sleep and dream about it.

At night, neither Shu Cheng and Shu Heng returned, they had went somewhere else for work. Shu Ning had been sleeping a lot in the morning so since he couldn’t sleep at night, he went out for a jog, and as a result of that he bumped into Shu Yao.

The little guy was shocked at first, and slightly afraid, the hand that was holding onto a little stone tightened its grip.

“What are you trying to do?”Shu Ning’s eyes were indifferent.

“Hitting the bad guy!”

“I’m the bad guy?”

Shu Yao did not speak. He pursed his lips and glared at Shu Ning as if he would run if Shu Ning were to come close.

Shu Ning raised his hand and a maid immediately came over in a bow. Shu Ning felt quite suspicious, and he wouldn’t be at ease if he didn’t ask:”Did someone new enter the house recently?”

“Three people, one is to accompany the young master, one is a chef, and the other is to take care of the young master’s daily needs.”

“Who called for them?”

“It was……”

“For get it, you should return to your work,”Shu Ning didn’t want to hear that name, it was Shu Cheng, why? To prevent me from dealing with Shu Yao? The maids had all been carefully selected and were absolutely safe, there was no need to suddenly add three more. Humph, he had never prepared such things for me in the past, someone has definitely been chirping about something to him.

These three were probably Shu Yao’s confidants trained especially by Shu Cheng for him.

It was the same for when Shu Heng was little, Shu Gao had carefully trained many people so that Shu Heng could use them with confidence.

Shu Ning had grown up outside so he did not receive such treatment, and right now he had his own power outside, there was no need for Shu Cheng to lift a finger at all. I was just overthinking, this was what Shu Ning told himself.

“Go away!”yelled Shu Yao fiercely as he stood akimbo, he was huffing in anger and was still holding the stone in his hand.

Shu Ning frowned:”It’s cold at night, bring him back.”

Who’s going, you dolt? Your wings haven’t even grown fully yet and you dare to be fierce at me. No, your wings won’t ever get that chance in this lifetime, unless you have no interest in the family property and start your own business. That’s not right, dad’s men wouldn’t talk badly about me, there was probably someone else. Shu Ning called the butler over at once, telling him to investigate thoroughly.

Shu Cheng immediately found out about this. He frowned faintly as he looked at his table in a leisurely gaze, why did Shu Ning care so much about this?

“Dad, what are you thinking about?”

Shu Heng was looking straight at him, this was something Shu Cheng was already used to:”I was just wonder why Shu Ning didn’t like Shu Yao.”

“I thought you know.”

“I thought I did too,”Shu Cheng didn’t know what to say to Shu Heng, but there was nothing that would be difficult for him to bring up:”It’s not possible for me to stay with him forever, Shu Yao is his brother so wouldn’t it be great if they could take care of each other when they grew up?”

“Dad, if he likes him then he does, if he doesn’t, then he doesn’t, fate, his mood, and how he felt about him were all indispensable, why do you have to keep such matters in your mind that are impossible to solve?”When it came to Shu Ning, Shu Heng knew everything about him:”Shu Yao has his own life, too much of a mother’s love can spoil her child, it rings true for the father as well, the more you treat Shu Yao like this, the more Shu Ning would feel uneasy. Men are strong-willed, Shu Yao has his own dreams too. And besides, the shares left to him by grandpa is already enough for him to live his whole life, if he wanted to start his own businesses like Shu Ning, Shu Yao also had the Shu family’s network, the funds, and the resources. Dad, the more you worry about him, the more you’re going to stunt his development, isn’t it tiring?”

Shu Heng had said this much but the only thin gin Shu Cheng’s mind was when he mentioned of Shu Ning’s unease.

Did he fell unease? Shu Ning was indeed quite uneasy recently, to the point where he wanted to sleep together with him at night. Shu Cheng felt that he was a failure. He put down his documents and brought his phone over to the balcony to make a call. When Shu Ning received his call, he didn’t feel surprised by it at all, the only thing that was out of his expectations were the contents of their conversation. His dad didn’t mention anything, he was only worried about how Shu Ning was doing alone at home, and whether he was used to sleeping alone or not.

No wonder Shu Cheng had never felt suspicious of Shu Ning and Shu Heng, it turns out Shu Ning didn’t like to sleep by himself. After all, he was a child who grew up by his grandmother’s side without his father’s love, so he didn’t feel safe. Just like that they chatted~ And talked for nearly forty minutes. After the call ended, Shu Cheng massages his brows and as he returned, Shu Heng had already settled all the work.

His children were so outstanding, it would be best to just let them develop as it is now. As for Shu Yao, he would just leave him to nature as well, Shu Cheng did not insist on taking care of him anymore.

Shu Cheng and Shu Heng returned the next evening. They had a rich dinner as the family sat around the table, eating harmoniously.

When night came, Shu Ning and Shu Heng were doing the pa pa pa pa whilst Shu Cheng was standing silently in the old house. Shu Ning had still made a move, two of them were fired. Shu Cheng stood with his hands behind his back:”You don’t have to tell me about the second young master’s orders in the future, an older brother is like a father, it’s normal for him to take care of any issues surrounding the third young master, do you understand?”

The servants responsible for taking care of Shu Yao nodded immediately:”Yes.”

These servants had a thought that they should not be having, Shu Cheng hadn’t seen anything so naturally they understood, and changed the one in charge.

Shu Ning was very tired as he laid in the bathtub, looking at Shu Heng with narrowed eyes. He curled his mouth into a smile, after their pa pa pa, he had become like a precious, lazy little cat. Although the smile disappeared, his lingering charm was even more alluring now. Shu Heng drained the water, then he crouched down to look at Shu Ning:”Did you have fun?”


“How many little mice did you catch?”

“Five!”Shu Ning stretched his arms, out hooking Shu Heng’s neck in so that he could land a kiss by the edge of his mouth. To put it bluntly, he was asking for love~

Shu Heng picked him up and pinned him to the wall:”You charming little incubus, do you not want to get out of bed tomorrow as well?”

“But I don’t feel well.”

Fine, he actually used the words Shu Heng would use to deal with Shu Cheng to be used against him instead, this little brother of his really was too cute. Shu Heng liked it when Shu Ning had such a deep look, it was exceptionally tasteful:”If you think she’s troublesome, I can……”

Tapping a finger on his lips, Shu Ning narrowed his eyes:”I want her to be alive! I know, she was just too bored so let’s give her some things to do.”

“Yes, your highness.”

Shu Ning was still smiling a second ago, but he frowned his pretty little brows in the next. That thing was too thick, and when pushed against him his legs were nearly coming off the ground. Shu Heng was very dauntless in such matters. Shu Ning felt it a bit hard to take but he was afraid of death, so he bit down on Shu Heng’s ears. You may be fierce but I’m even more so! We have to be together forever in life, no matter what.

When they came out from the bathroom, Shu Heng was carrying Shu Ning. Shu Ning was too sexy so it seduced Shu Heng into doing it three times, and it was easy to guess the results of it. Putting him down on bed, Shu Heng landed a few light kisses on him in loving pity, but Shu Ning was sleeping like a dead person with no response at all.

Shu Heng took his phone out and dialed a number. The other party promptly accepted the call:”Is she behaving?”

“Yes, she’s been sitting on the rocks by the sea every day, looking into the distance.”


The man was sweating, could something have gone wrong? Young Master Heng was not a man without a target, so he immediately responded:”Your subordinate has neglected his duty.”

“As long as she hasn’t escaped, then you haven’t neglected your duty. Find some things for her to do.”

“Yes, understood.”

From the second day on, many dolls appeared in Qin Yu Zhuo’s room. The servants there actually asked her to put eyes on the dolls.

Qin Yu Zhuo was shocked, what was the meaning of this? She thought that eating and drinking everyday, admiring the flowers and the grass, facing the ocean with her freedom lost was already the worst to happen in her life, but she would never have expected that Shu Cheng would actually have her earn her own keep? Oh heavens, this isn’t a funny joke at all, I am the mistress of the Shu family! The young lady of the Shu family.

Qin Yu Zhuo destroyed the dolls, and as a result of that she had to go hungry for three days. She couldn’t stand it anymore at night, and slammed the door incessantly, pleading for mercy.

During the fourth morning, half of the room had once again been filled with dolls. While trembling, she worked for her keep, but unfortunately she was a newbie at this so she wasn’t able to do too many. From lavish meals she now ate bland porridge with salted vegetables. This was Shu Ning’s favourite in the past, Shu Gao liked him so even if Qin Yu Zhuo looked down on that behaviour, she did not say anything.

Right now, the only thing she could do was mix them together and eat them. During the quiet night, Qin Yu Zhuo who thought she had already dried up her well of tears, washed her face with them. At most it would take ten years, then Shu Yao will grow up and come to get me! Qin Yu Zhuo was having a sweet dream, up until several decades later, she died in the island without ever seeing Shu Ning, much less Shu Yao, all alone for the rest of her pitiful life.

But that was the afterword. In the beginning, Shu Ning had only wanted to trap her there for a lifetime, and he would have never guessed that she still had ways to get her confidants to do evil, slipping people in by Shu Yao’s side. If not for the icy guard in Shu Yao’s eyes that caught one’s eyes, Shu Ning would never have noticed that those people had been resurrected. With the help of Shu Heng’s men, he did another cleansing, throwing them into jail, and there were no troubles after that.

When Shu Ning rushed over to the capitals to meet up with his friends, he received a piece of news about Tian Jia Hui.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Didn’t she have a bunch of little sleeper cells she left behind to cause damage? Ning Ning managed to subvert the main one to his side, but it looks like a few slipped through.

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  2. I think the author’s rushing to complete the story? That’s why everything’s so….messy. I mean, even my middle school nonsense was more understandable than this chapter.

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  3. “Icy guard in shu yao’s eyes”

    I feel bad to shu yao, afterall he still a child 😦 back then it’s QYZ fault thats why he became like that,

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    He has that eyes ofc because he know Shu Ning doesn’t like him and maybe he feel insecure when see him thats why he give icy guard in his eyes Q_Q)

    I hope Shu Ning forgive him and mold his personality, afterall if he become bad like the first reborn, Shu Ning can revenge/dispose him easily right?


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