RWSB Chapter 132

I think you all know how terrible my luck is by now, i was hyped up and ready to TL but my internet died, and it killed my computer too lmfao, but everything’s fixed now, again.


Shu Heng eyes were very cold like the bone-chilling winter winds, as if he was going to gobble something or someone up. This was normally how he was, so indifferent to everything that he had no warmth, like the deep waters of an ancient well that does shows no ripple. But Shu Ning was his lover and got on very intimately with him, naturally he could understand that the coldness he felt from him at this moment was different from usual. Was he angry? Who offended him?

If it was anyone else, it was unlikely for him to have such a reaction.

For Shu Heng to be like this, it proved that the person was me. In his gloom, Shu Ning thought of Szeto Dong. It seems that relationship between this father and son pair is quite intriguing.

Shu Heng pulled Shu Ning into his arms as soon as he sat down, lowering his head down for a passionate, and focused kiss, heavy and rough as if he were trying to recover what he had lost.

Shu Ning felt that this was unusual, could his father be a bad guy? Then, Shu Ning immersed himself in this sweet kiss, and could no longer pull himself from it. The porridge was warm now, and the kiss ended. Shu Heng nudged his forehead against Shu Ning’s and the atmosphere between them was warm like spring, and they were both feeling worked up, but it’s currently the middle of the day and their dad is right in the office next door, even if the two little ones had their sperm crawling up tot heir brains, they still didn’t dare to actually pa pa pa here.

“We should eat, I’m hungry,”Shu Ning felt weak, his brother was way too strong, if he played his cards wrong he may have been met with a swift execution.

“Leave this to someone else in the future, it’s snowing and it’s cold outside, so I’ll be very sad if you get sick.”

“This is nothing, I like doing this. And besides, the snow fluttering outside is so beautiful that I almost want to take a photo of it.”

“Dad will be sad too.”

“……”A knife sunk right into Shu Ning’s weak spot. With a slight cramp in his mouth, he replied:”Alright then, I’ll do as you say.”

The veins on Shu Heng’s forehead bulged out for a moment, but nobody noticed, he was jealous of his father. Recently, Shu Ning would become docile every time his dad was mentioned, but it wasn’t straight since Shu Ning really squeezed Shu Yao away after all. That little baby knows how to cry and make a fuss, with his pink little face he was very cute but just too naughty, even the nannies had their faces scratched, destroying their beautiful innocence, leaving behind a bad mark.

Shu Cheng knocked on the door before entering:”You’re this old and still eating all huddled up? What’s wrong, feeling cold?”

Shu Ning froze when he heard the door, it was Shu Heng who avoided an embarrassing situation by letting go, and letting him slide off his legs. Shu Cheng was used to seeing his sons so intimate and close so he didn’t think too much about it. He opened up the lid to his portion of porridge and smelled the wonderful aroma, smiling in satisfaction:”Ask the secretary to buy it next time, they’re our men so you can use them with confidence.”

This was to remind Shu Ning that he was surrounded by people he could trust. Naturally, the food consumed by Shu Cheng, Shu Heng, and Shu Ning must never be delivered, who could they blame if they died because their food had been tampered with? Under the situation where they had so many opponents they even had to bring bodyguards when they left the house, it was natural that they should pay more attention to trivial matters, they can never be sloppy. Shu Ning went out to buy food personally, so perhaps they wondered if he didn’t trust the secretary or something of the like. Shu Heng had thought so too, so he had brought it up earlier.

“I know, who’s the sad one if I catch a cold, right?”Shu Ning showed a naughty smile, instantly improving the atmosphere.

What a clever little sweetheart. Shu Cheng couldn’t help extending out a hand to give Shu Ning’s powdery white cheeks a little squeeze. Seeing this scene, Shu Heng’s lips curled into a smile for several seconds, it was not very easy to make him smile. Shu Ning’s mouth twitched and he deliberately huffed before eating his porridge, who care about them? But in truth it was just something he did out of convenience, it wasn’t his plan to see Szeto Dong anyway.

Meanwhile, after Szeto Dong had waited for several days, he had to leave first with his regrets. After all, he was quite the busy man.

After the New Year’s Shu Ning was now seventeen. The halls of the ancestral home was brightly lit with many guests walking about filled with enthusiasm, but this only served to worry Shu Ning, everything had been passed over to Shu Heng so that Shu Cheng could rest. The two men were befuddled with all the work but because they pampered Shu Ning, they could only follow through. Only when those at the level of the old head of the family came would Shu Ning dispatch Shu Cheng out to greet them, which was rare.

Shu Cheng didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry, for the same of cutting down their responsibilities, even Shu Yao had been thrown out to greet the guests. As he talked and laughed, it was natural that a child would be able to attract the attentions of the elderly. And besides, Shu Yao was born very pretty and cute, while the elderly all liked to pamper the young ones, they didn’t think that naughtiness was any issue, and praised the third grandson up to the skies.

Shu Ning scoffed with his figure completely hidden behind the large bonsai plant, while Shu Heng stuck close from behind:”What are you scared of?”

“I’ve been having a lot of nightmares recently, I’ll be honest I am quite afraid.”

“Dreams aren’t real,”There was no use worrying about one’s own imaginations, but Shu Heng would never say that, he agreed with anything at all Shu Ning wanted to do.

“I know.”

“What did you dream of?”For it to scare Shu Ning to such a degree, this dream may really be quite scary. Shu Heng touched Shu Ning’s little face, his heart aching with pity:”Can you tell me? He’s my dad too.”

“You know, it’s funny saying this but for ten days straight, I’ve dreamt that during work, dad he……He got tired, and after laying on the table for a short rest……”

Although he did not say the rest, how could Shu Heng not guess with how smart he was? Perhaps he may never have awoken after that. This nightmare seemed calm and serene, but it gave one goosebumps. Since Shu Ning was so bothered about it, it was natural that Shu Heng would care for him to the end. And so he came out from behind the large bonsai to the center of the crowd, allowing Shu Cheng to go for a rest.

Although everyone was quite curious, they still praised Shu Heng with a smile for how filial he was, for Shu Cheng to be able to pass the baton even though he was still so young, placing all the stocks under his eldest son’s name .Other than the ancestral home, he had given him virtually everything he could, it was unreasonable. But if they knew that Shu Gao had given his own private set of shares to Shu Ning and Shu Yao, they would not have thought so.

It was the same whether it was Shu Cheng or Shu Heng who now had the rights to entertain the guests.

Shu Yao was playing with the little kids and had already made a few of them cry. All the girls were already sick of this but they couldn’t act up, he was the third young master of the ancestral home after all, he’s the treasure of the family! And the ones had been hit still had to bear with it smiling. If they cried, then they would be losing their family’s face.

Take for example the kit who was currently crying, he was only eight years old, older than Shu Yao but crying like a fountain. Many of the elderly ones said that he was even fussier than a girl, in the future he would definitely be this and that, the remarks were spoken very obscurely but it was hard to bear nonetheless, they might as well have just said it directly, sarcasm hurts the most after all. And nobody here was a fool, hearing those remarks the mother of that boy felt her heart being twisted but she beared with it, and did not cry. Such a big toy had been thrown over, hitting him on his face which was now left with a big bruise, why don’t you let an adult try it out and see if it hurts!

Shu Yao was a small little tyrant overlord, he did not think that this was an issue at all and was currently pulling at another little girl’s hair very imposingly.

He was the young master of the ancestral home, if everyone took the other kids away and left nobody to play with him, that would mean they didn’t give Shu Heng any face, his big brother was sitting right there, not saying anything. Shu Ning saw the scene and he really had to give him a thumbs up. Not saying anything, not caring about anything, he could only watch over the situation. Now look, annoyed by the crying noises of his eight-year-old cousin, Shu Yao deliberately ran over to push him to the ground. If the maids did not stop him in time, he would’ve spat on his face.

Shu Ning’s forehead knitted into a deep frown, he did not dare to just stand and watch anymore. Sending out a text message, he asked Shu Heng to end everything early. Those children that were being hit and bullied were still Shu Ning’s little cousins or niece and nephews no matter what, it didn’t matter how they grew up to be in the future, they should not be abused by Shu Yao like this. Shu Ning had actually worried too much, because even if he had made the proper arrangements, Shu Yao had itchy hands. He was already used to hitting the maids, so what were these big kids to him?

And now everyone had left. Shu Ning looked towards proud Shu Yao with a grim look, with his level of intelligence he should not hit him directly:”Why did you hit your cousin?”

Shu Yao pouted, and did not speak.

Shu Ning wouldn’t take any of this from him:”Think about it clearly, and if you don’t you’re going to the old house.”

Shu Yao’s complexion changed instantly, he was, after all, a child of only five years old:”He was reciting poetry, and everyone praised him.”

“You can do that too, didn’t the teacher teach you?”

“……”With his lips pursed, Shu Yao was about to cry:”I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Yeah yeah, you didn’t let go on purpose, the toy just flew and happened to land on his face. That’s some good aim, you practiced a lot didn’t you? He doesn’t learn the good when you teach him, but when he sees the bad, it comes natural. Shu Ning felt a headache from this, some people are just born with their brains wired differently from the others. There were always strange ones like this around Shu Ning, and he didn’t expect Shu Yao to ever learn either.

Several maids were standing far away, trembling. They were afraid that Shu Ning would clean up the little young master but Shu Cheng had given his order before going upstairs, they had to make sure to take care of the young mster and they had to make sure not a single hair on his body was hurt.

Shu Yao thought that Shu Ning had gone soft and believed him, and he stopped crying, lifting up his smiling face instantly:”It was useless for that kid to be so tall, he’s dumb.”

At eight, a child was already sensible, he would never hit his little brother in public, and even if they were very hurt they would never bawl.

Shu Ning smiled very lightly:”You’re right.”

Shu Yao was overjoyed. Shu Ning turned around and went upstairs to call his relatives, asking them to send their child over for the reason that Shu Yao liked him very much at first glance. And on the second day, they let their child play with Shu Yao, just the two of them. Let’s see how the big kid will deal with you, but the results could be expected.

When his cousin left in the evening, he said goodbye to Shu Ning with a big smile on his face while Shu Yao was crying so hard his throat had gone hoarse and his eyes were swollen, he was no match for an eight year old kid at all. Heh heh, Shu Ning hid the truth so well that there was not a single leak. With Shu Heng protecting Shu Ning, he could even mobilize their confidants, it was easy to hide this from Shu Cheng.

During the night, Shu Ning threw Shu Heng away and grabbed his pillow, slipping into Shu Cheng’s room while rubbing his eyes.

Shu Cheng hadn’t slept, he was leaning against the headboard of the bed in his pajamas with his blanket around his waist:”Hello little sweetheart, did you miss your daddy?”

“I’m not young anymore.”

“So you say, but you’re still here to crawl into my bed?”

Shu Ning quickly turned to leave while Shu Cheng hurriedly rushed over to pull him back, stuffing him into the blanket:”Don’t be angry, it was just a joke. I heard you sent Shu Yao over to the old house, did he make you unhappy again?”

“Mm, I can’t get along with him at all,”admitted Shu Ning very calmly. If he had said something good about him, he reckoned that whoever heard it would be suspicious and creeped out instead. Shu Ning yawned and snatched away the documents that were still in Shu Cheng’s hand:”Mr. Chairman, aren’t you ever tired? You should just leave this to brother, he’s capable enough.”

“What about you?”Shu Cheng gave Shu Ning’s face a little squeeze before petting his head, looking at him with eyes that were incomparably gentle:”You’re this old now, do you think it’s time that you help your dad out a bit as well?”

“Aren’t I doing well now? Even the butler said there’s nothing more to do.”

“You’re the young master, so there are things a young master should do,”Shu Cheng had just reached that topic when he suddenly recalled Shu Heng’s warning. But of course, that included the matter of Shu Ning and his unease with his recent nightmares, and so he changed the topic:”Your dad is healthy, I can go for a few decades more, it’s nice too if you’d like to have fun for a few more years, you should just be happy, that’s how my children should be.”


Dragging his words now, it didn’t sound as cute as when he was younger, but now a hint of seriousness had been mixed in with it. Shu Cheng laid down properly and covered himself up with the blanket:”Did you have fun investing in movies?”

This was Shu Heng’s investment and it was no secret, Shu Ning had never thought of hiding it from Shu Cheng either:”It’s just small stuff, brother has already weighed out the pros and cons for me, it’s doable.”

“Who are you talking about?”

Both Shu Ning and Shu Cheng turned their heads at the same moment, Shu Heng was standing at the doorway with a pillow in his hands!


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Maybe you need to light incense to the computers gods? Shu Ning is trying to hold on to Shu Cheng for as long as he can, bless him. The story about the dreams was inspired. The fact Shu Heng is joining in to pamper their dad is sweet, even if some jealousy is involved.

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  2. this. big. vinegar. jar.
    hurray for shu ning, that was good discipline, not hitting shu yao since he has a light hand, but letting him be bullied too, like he bullied people smaller/weaker than him
    who does he think he is, just a small devil who hadn’t done anything in his life
    i feel so sorry for the maids …..
    please don’t come true, dreams! Shu Gao was already too much for me
    please let SC live long healthy life!!

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  3. I don’t believe Shu Yao can’t be taught to have good morals and conduct. I myself have raised my baby brother basically from infancy most of the time because my parents were busy. I’ve had to teach him how to walk, change his diaper etc. Observing other children as well, it’s how the parent reacts to the actions of children by scolding them for doing the inappropriate thing. For example, if my brother says something hurtful to someone, I will tell him for doing so because it’s insensitive and rude. Through that, he learns that behaviour like that is unacceptable and will not do it again. It’s quite disappointing to see Shu Ning so confident in his evaluation of Shu Yao. His mother obviously is arrogant and negative. QZZ has such a huge influence on Shu Yao by being his mother. This increases the likelihood that Shu Yao will learn from his mother.

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    1. I forgot to mention that Shu Cheng isn’t properly reprimanding Shu Yao, allowing to do whatever he wants because he feels guilty. This adds to the false image that Shu Yao is ‘inherently evil’

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      1. I see your point of view and I definitely agree. I’m just sad that Shu Yao will most likely not learn his mistakes and continue treating people so worthlessly.


  4. Wow! Little devil should be teached in old house. I feel lovely when Ning Ning go to dad’s room and Heng Heng finally get pillow to sleep with them, really warm. 555

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  5. Hehe Shu Heng has arrived to join the party _(:3//)_ Thanks for your hard work! The internet here has also been bad, it took me ages to get to this chapter… And I haven’t submitted my assignments because of both the internet and me taking my time to download offline pages hehe. //It’s how I survive in this internet-crisis time qwq


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