RWSB Chapter 131

This is the shortest chapter I’ve seen in a while the angels smile at my pain, but yeah it still took long bc I had to go out for work today and now my hands hurt but whatever, there are only 20 chapters left and if I’m being really crazy, this can be done in either 2 days, or 15 days, that means it’s time for a POLL which will be at the end of this chapter


Inevitably after such a passionate exchange, Shu Ning fainted in Shu Heng’s arms, but he felt very blessed.

In the blink of an eye two months had passed and Shu Ning had never returned to L City since then. He had gone to the capital to meet up with his friends, but he spent most of his time in the company with Shu Heng and Shu Cheng, ah no, to be exact he had been accompanying Shu Cheng in the morning, and then it was Shu Heng’s turn at night. If that had not been his father, Shu Heng may have already started a revolt.

It was snowing outside. Shu Ning stood by the floor-to-ceiling window and felt somewhat uneasy, his father’s numbered days were coming closer to its end.

Shu Cheng entered and a tall shadow loomed over Shu Ning, and he could tell without even turning back that he was behind him. The atmosphere was wonderful and Shu Ning didn’t want to destroy this.

“Do you want to go down for a stroll?”

“Nah, didn’t you need to go to a meeting, dad? I’ll wait till you’re back.”

“Alright,”Shu Cheng couldn’t stop himself from giving Shu Ning’s cheeks a pinch before picking his documents up in a good mood. Shu Ning took Shu Cheng’s coat and helped him put it on very attentively.

On his way out, he gave Shu Ning’s shoulder a pat before leaving in a big stride. Shu Ning was sighing, but Shu Cheng’s heart felt warm. He had always said that it was his life’s only regret that he wasn’t able to have a daughter, but that actually did not matter any longer since Shu Ning was even more caring than a daughter, he would make sure to send his medicine to him without fail every day, there really was no way he could be more caring than he was now.

With his two sons Shu Heng and Shu Ning, it was enough. As for Shu Yao, the older he got the naughtier he became, even with Shu Cheng’s efforts in educating him, he still felt a little powerless.

Very soon, noon had arrived. Shu Ning went downstairs himself to buy some porridge, and he bumped into a familiar figure on the way. It was the company commander, ah no, he should say that it was Szeto Dong. Shu Ning had Qin Ming investigate before this but Qin Ming had found out without much effort, because he was dealing with a man so great his name resounded like thunder, it was only because his position was so high that the normal masses would never dare to even think of the possibility.

At the very start, Shu Ning still felt rather proud, it was no use even if his dad came knocking, because Shu Cheng was too amazing. If not, he could’ve just run off early on by himself, what would he be coming back with Qin Yu Zhuo for! But in the end he nearly pissed himself in fright, he still had that commander grandfather that stood above him, does he really have to be this powerful?

Szeto Dong turned around and his eyes brightened:”Oh, it’s you, what a coincidence.”

Heh, is it? Is it really? I bet you’re here on purpose, right? But Shu Ning didn’t dare to be cheeky. With a peaceful mind he responded:”I came out to buy porridge, why’s company commander here?”

“I came to see an old friend earlier and I just happen to be hungry, how about I go with you?”


The two walked side by side. Shu Ning had already reached a metre and seventy-six centimetres tall, his appearance was delicate and willowy, holding up a face with fine features and fair skin the colour of snow, even with the beautiful snow drifting across the scenery, Shu Ning’s outstanding beauty still was not suppressed by it by the slightest. Szeto Dong narrowed his eyes, he felt that the relationship between Shu Heng and Shu Ning was too good, to the point that it was quite unusual, but he couldn’t figure out what.

“It’s so cold today, how come company commander is wearing so little?”

“Oh, I left it in my car.”

“Is that so?”Shu Ning’s gaze were leisurely, drawn out by his thoughts:”We’re here, this porridge shop is very famous, if we come here any later we might not be able to buy any.”

“Oh, then I’ll definitely have to give it a try.”

The two entered and found a seat, both ordering the porridge they wanted. Shu Ning met Szeto Dong’s eyes and he shot him a smile, Szeto Dong was too outstanding that he was attracting the gazes of the other customers int he shop.

“Is Shu Heng doing well recently? I haven’t seen him in a while.”

There it is, Shu Ning observed him quietly:”Oh, he’s doing great. He works in the morning and studies at night, dad always gets worried about him working too hard so he would close the lights every night at ten,”Shu Ning giggled very sweetly.

Szeto Dong hung his head and tapped his finger on the table:”A loving father and a filial son, that’s wonderful, what about you? How have you been these days? Weren’t you studying in L City? How’re you back already?”

“I invested in a film crew so I took a long-term leave.”

“That’s not too good now, is it? As a student you should be focusing on the academics, investments are quite risky. It’s still a safer road to obtain more social experience before you start investing. And besides, your family runs a real estate business so you should study up on their relevant topics, as preparation, what do you think?”

On what status are you suggesting this with? Shu Ning felt that it was quite funny but he couldn’t laugh:”That’s true, but my brother’s already very outstanding, I even have a little brother. The world is big, it’s alright for me to branch out, there’s no need for me to fight with my brothers for a cut, right?”

Szeto Dong chuckled and his eyes became even softer and more cordial, as expected of the one Shu Heng cared for with his whole heart, he was sensible, wise, and had good vision. Men should go out and create their own careers, there was no need to rely on what you had from birth. Szeto Dong was aware of Shu Ning’s businesses, it was rare for a boy this young to be so amazing, he was no worse than Shu Heng at all.

Their porridge arrived, and Shu Ning could finally take a breather:”Uncle, I’ll be going first, enjoy your meal.”

“Oh hey, this is my phone number, call me if you ever need anything,”Szeto Dong stood up and stuffed a name card in Shu Ning’s pocket as he explained:”L City is not the same as C City, and your father may not be able to extend his hand far enough to help when you have the need. I have several friends there, so if you have any urgent matters you need help with, I can still find you some help.”

“Thank you, uncle.”

“The roads are slippery, be careful on your way back.”

“Okay, good bye uncle.”

And Shu Ning left. His complexion was the same as usual but his heart was tossing about non stop, he’s so happy that I’m not trying to snatch Shu Heng’s inheritance ╮(╯▽╰)╭ As expected of one’s true father after all, the son of anyone else is still dirt. Szeto Dong watched Shu Ning as he walked until he was far away before he sat down to eat thoughtfully. Suddenly the light dimmed, who’s blocking his light? The bodyguard didn’t come to the front, so it should be his son.

Shu Heng sat down with an unkind look in his eyes:”You should not be making contact with him.”

“You’re a bit too tense about this,”Szeto Dong took a bite of his porridge, the taste was pretty good. No wonder what child came out personally to buy some for his father, what a filial boy, how worthy of envy, when will Shu Heng personally go out to buy this for me? There were no regrets after death, the taste of being unable to obtain something you wished for was too painful:”I’m your dad, I’m not going to harm a single person around you.”

They were clearly father and son but they had to make vows and promises, if not Shu Heng wouldn’t be at ease.

“Remember what you’ve said.”

“Mm, how about you have a meal with me since you’re here?”Szeto Dong’s eyes were filled with expectation.

“He bought three portions.”

Shu Heng was cold-blooded, he was vicious and cruel, if he was unwilling to forgive you then that was the end of it. Szeto Dong was helpless too as he watched his son turn around, the blood in his body started to freeze up in cold and he stood up abruptly:”What do I have to do?”

“……”Shu Heng stopped.

If he didn’t leave, then that meant there was hope. Szeto Dong trembled faintly as he spoke carefully:”Heng, what do I have to do for you to accept me, as your father?”

“Can I ask for anything at all?”


“Are you sure?”


“You’re willing even if I’m without child for the rest of my life?”


“Come find me when you’ve thought it through.”

And Shu Heng left without mentioning the fact that Shu Ning was his lover. He was afraid that if Szeto Dong were to find out, he may take desperate measures like a cornered beast and hurt Shu Ning. Shu Heng was strong, but no matter how strong he was, he couldn’t even bend even a single tip of Szeto Dong’s finger. That man may seem kind and amiable, but that was just what he appeared to be, in his eyes, people were just numbers, they were all the same to him. Before he could be completely sure, Shu Heng would never mention Shu Ning.

After returning to the company, Shu Ning looked towards Shu Heng with a giggle:”Brother, it’s time to eat.”

There are 2 historical novels and 2 modern ones

Demon boss in the mortal realm is a (from what I’ve heard) gorey one but… comedic??? in the entertainment circle, modern.

Ugly Prince is historical about an abused prince who was taught martial arts by the eunuch who takes care of him, the eunuch thinks they’re in a nice brotherly relationship but the prince wants a bit more

My Fair Gentleman has a spoiler thread

Turns Out I’m Crazy is about a guy reborn into the guy he loved and he abused a lot, comedy self-cest

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I’m not so sure about coming out or approved… SD likes the fact the Ning Ning isn’t a threat to Shu Heng’s inheritance, and that he loves his family and is successful on his own. Shu Heng obviously fears what SD might do to his sweetie if he disapproves of their relationship. I’m kind of sad that Shu Cheng really may die soon… it sounds as if he has some long term illness. He’s been on medicine for quite a long time now. And, Helli, don’t strain yourself getting this done quickly. We can wait for you to finish this in a way that’s comfortable for you. It’s amazing you’re churning out chapters so quickly right now!

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        Just asking because it’s been a long time since you’ve updated, and you’re already contemplating which novel are you going to translate next.
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      2. Nope ive sort of mentioned that because i hate this novel so god damn much it’s been exhausting me, and with all the back log and extra chaps ive yet to do, I’m going to finish this up before i can resume what should be a normal schedule for me, which is 7 chapters a week on my wordpress of the current novel, 3 a week for 7men, and one every Sunday of Waiting Upon You (this one is edited so posted on the coming Friday)
        Hard to stay motivated when i hate RWSB this much.

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    1. When u gave the poll I MTLed all the synopsis. I loved My ugly prince. But Turns out I’m crazy is so unique 😂😂 I only read the first and second chapter to get the gist of it and its so good but idk abt future. I think it is tragedy or angst 😥😥

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  2. With his two sons Shu Heng and *(Shu Ning)*, it was enough. As for Shu Yao,
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  6. It’s a bit out there, but i ship Shu Heng’s adoptive dad and his bio dad. i mean, i shipped the foreman and the uncle since their earliest appearance and that turned out well. That said, is Shu Heng’s bio mom still alive?

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  7. Hello, I just wanna say thank you for translating all this time. I really appreciate and thankful. At first your translation was a bit awkward but as you translate on, you get the hang of it and you can translate long chapters quickly. That’s very admirable.

    And about the poll, despite the vote, please choose what’s easiest and less stressful to translate for you.
    Im saying this because im concerned with your health.
    I know you’re very responsible and that’s why sometimes you feel burdened and stressed. And i believe that the novel you choose will have great story regardless. I will keep reading as long as you keep translating. Much love.

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    1. Actually i got slower lol… At first i mostly tl-ed it to match the raws but now i just want it to be mostly readable and i used to tl 3 things at once consistently but now iss just this but so slow
      Thank you very much for reading!
      Those 4 are actually selected based on things im actually interested in no worries 😁
      Thank you for staying for the journey!


  8. I caught up! NN is going to uncover SY hurting their father and {finally} have SC give up on SY. Also, this is a big test for father Dong. I believe that NN will conquer all relatives and make them bow to his cuteness!

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    Honestly believe “Turns Out I’m Crazy” is such a fresh concept from all of the currently translated danmei!

    Thank you soooo much for translating! Like srsly all your projects are favorites of mine! 😄

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      1. Tragedy is fun though! And angst leaves all of us readers with red palmprints on our foreheads which is sure to be amusing to somebody xD


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    How’s ur inktober? I’m in day 10 now.. and I get lazy each days…

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  11. Two days… unless you are so excited to have it done once and for all, please don’t force yourself even more than you already have. D: your health is important!!!!

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      1. I’m at the part where… wait that would be a spoiler >_>

        I still wonder where the plan to give Shu Yao more love while his mother was separated from him went. I assumed he had a mental barrier and just kind of gave up on it and the feeling that I’ll never find out. XD


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