RWSB Chapter 130

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King Liu of the silver screen was a powerful actor, it was an easy matter if he wanted to make an impression on someone, he had acted through many roles from police officers to emperors, there were even interstellar pirates. He could be fierce, cruel, sunny, or gentle, and aren’t they all at the tip of his finger? He can changed his expression as he liked and with what was proper.

For example, coming towards the RV now, he had his assistant knock on the door. Shu Ning had his own assistant too called Xiao Wang, who opened the door with a cheerful smile:”Oh my, what brought the great king of the silver screen here?”

He spoke very nicely but he did not show any intention of moving away from the door.

To be able to stand on his position, Liu Xiang had to have the ability to observe the situation. But he had only smiled when the assistant by his side immediately spoke:”Our Brother Liu said the weather is hot today, so he wanted to treat everyone to some shaved ice. On the way we just happened to pass by so we wanted to ask what flavour Shu Ning likes.”

A few points of sincerity were added to Xiao Wang’s smile:”Oh, that’s wonderful of you, Assistant Director Shu enjoys strawberry flavour, thank you very much great king of the silver screen.”

Liu Xiang nodded and walked forward while the assistant quickened his steps to catch up with him:”We didn’t even get to walk through the door, isn’t this Shu Ning too aloof? As expected of the son of an investor, he’s high up.”

“It’s enough that you know, you’re running your mouth again, I say sooner or later you’re going to regret that habit,”But the Great King of the Silver Screen Liu was not disappointed, it was normal to be snubbed if you didn’t show sincerity, he was already used to it.

While they were filming at night, on the intimate confrontation between Liu Xiang and Zhong Ru, they slowly came closer, and kissed, ending the filming for the day. Everyone thanked each other for their hard work as they cleaned up the set, ignoring the two in the center.

Zhong Ru spoke quietly:”Brother Liu’s shaved ice was delicious, it was so sweet I could feel the sweetness in my heart, too. I wonder if there’s more tomorrow?”

Liu Xiang managed to hear the ridicule in her words, wasn’t it just to kiss up to Shu Ning? At that time, he had only asked Shu Ning what flavour he liked, and not anyone else, it was easy to find out this fact as long as you were interested to know, but it did not prove anything because Liu Xiang had asked since it was on the way, but unfortunately there were not that many coincidences in the world.

Liu Xiang was, after all, a junior, so he could pretend to be ignorant, but he had been getting heat recently with no projects to back him up, even girl with a small backing had dared to climb up over him, it really was unpleasant. Liu Xiang put on a smile, and looked at her with a gaze as gentle as stars, this caused Zhong Ru’s cheeks to blush and her heartbeat to quicken, but the words he spoke caused her complexion to turn instantly.

“Some rumours have been drifting around, and had reached me recently, and since you trust me enough to call me brother, I shall have to kindly remind you. He is only sixteen and does not have much experience, but everyone has sharp eyes. No matter whether you were accepted or not in your pursuit, more attention will be paid upon you. You are, after all, putting yourself out as the pure type, if any scandals start coming up then that would be quite troublesome.”

“Thank you Brother Liu very much for the reminder, I just think that he is quite cute, but oh my, I did not expect for such rumours to appear, I will pay attention.”Zhong Ru played the good girl, and left.

After returning back to her room, displeasure appeared on Zhong Ru’s face. She would never date a sixteen year old boy, but she was only trying to put on an ambiguous allusion so that she could make a good impression on Shu Ning. From the second day son, Zhong Ru had started to watch herself. But on the other hand, Liu Xiang has started to become active, it was easy to see who was the stronger one amongst the two.

Shang Zhou was having lunch with Shu Ning, and he lowered his head to ask Shu Ning about how he felt about the two stars. Shu Ning understood immediately, and only replied that his heart already belonged to someone else.

He was very calm, but some people weren’t. He had already found a ‘friend’ after only a month?

Shu Heng immediately rushed over int he middle of the night, and had his subordinates break down the door. He rushed in and immediately pressed Shu Ning down beneath him, and after some XXOO there was OOXX.

At first, Shu Ning was shocked silly, where were the bodyguards? How did someone actually manage to break in. But a familiar feeling wafted over him, and how could he not be able to recognize his lover? As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and this proved true. Shu Ning was very initiative in putting his arms around Shu Heng, presenting his lips, and entangling passionately with him, showing his eagerness for the other.

When he entered, Shu Ning took a deep breath to relax himself so that Shu Heng could enter fully and unimpeded.

Shu Heng couldn’t stop his movements as he kissed him again, and again. A red glow glazed over his snowy white skin, and the smell of strawberries on his skin pulled him in. Feeling that he was just about ready, Shu Heng began to enjoy the body of his lover. Shu Ning bore it with faint sobs, and in his excitement, he even curled his legs around the body of the other. Shu Heng grunted, and plowed the fields with even more effort, his sweetheart really was a little incubus.

Shu Ning did not appear the next day, and Qin Ming seems to have spoken to Shang Zhou about something. Zhong Ru was very curious but she did not ask as she knew her place after all. Liu Xiang saw her actions and had a chuckle in his heart:”Hey director, is Shu Ning not coming?”

“Oh, yeah he has something to do today,”Shang Zhou was dismal, what’s with the male and female lead? Shu Ning who had been kissed up to did not commit his position, he was high-hung, but now the two had instead become enemies? You can find strange ones every year, but there were extra this year. Shaking his head, he decided to ignore them, it was fine as long as the film was done well, who cares what they were fighting about in private? But Shang Zhou did not expect that rumours of their conflict had slipped out into the open, and even became hot news.

How on earth did this happen?

This was Qin Ming’s work, he was just helping the waves along. This was great for Shang Zhou, and both the male and female lead could only take a photo together, telling everyone that it was just a rumour, and they were all good and fine with each other.

With just this things were heated up for two weeks, this caused Zhong Ru and Liu Xiang to see the benefits of the event, and they stopped fighting with each other.

Shu Heng came very suddenly and without any warning, Shu Ning didn’t ask what was wrong with him either. Instead, he had curled up very happily in his top’s arms, skin sticking to skin:”Brother, I missed you.”

“Mm, I missed you too,”With a mellow gaze, he tipped up Shu Ning’s chin:”Did you have fun?”

“I did,”Shu Ning spoke the truth, but for a certain someone, that wasn’t the case anymore.

“Was the female star beautiful?”

Hey now, did he fly over from jealousy? Shu Ning grabbed Shu Heng’s face and looked him left and right, then gave his sharp nose a lick:”And here I thought you missed me, I guess I was just overthinking things.”

“Oh?”Shu Heng raised an eyebrow, then turned around to press Shu ning down beneath his body, the look in his eyes becoming dangerous:”You seem quite proud.”

“No no, I wouldn’t dare,”He may have said that he didn’t dare, but he better not laugh. Shu Ning was sincere, he wasn’t trying to make Shu Heng angry on purpose:”I like it when you’re like this, it proves that you care about me.”

“Are you making me angry on purpose?”

“How could that be possible? Trouble happens wherever there are people, no matter whether you try to seek it or not, you can’t run away from it. But for a man as wise as my big brother to actually have such moments of unrest, I feel quite honoured!”

“Naughty,”Shu Heng had been appeased, they were only several photos taken of Shu Ning and the female star in the same frame, he really had been making a big deal out of a small matter:”It’s not that I don’t believe you, but you have to pay attention in the future, things will get messy if the media manages to get a photo like that.”

Only then did Shu Ning realize:”That’s true, it really is quite troublesome how the paparazzi are crawling about everywhere.”

Then for the next few days Shu Ning did not go over to look at the progressions. Shu Heng stayed for a week and the two went into the city during the day to play, then made their way to a nearby hotel at night. Jouncing about on the bed, large beads of sweat rolled down their bodies as they stuck together as if they had not seen each other for a decade. Shu Cheng called every day and asked for a video call so he could look him up and down, he thought something had happened to Shu Ning, if not his older son that had always been so calm would never rush over in the middle of the night.

Although it was a false alarm, Shu Cheng’s worry was real, and he sent several people over to protect his son.

Shu Ning received them gloomily, but he sent them outside. Now there were only two in the room. Shu Ning’s eyes swept towards Shu Heng’s incomparably handsome face, did he do that on purpose? It must be, I can’t do as I please with dad’s men here, I’ll definitely be stopped short. I’ll sleep obediently at night, I won’t go get drunk and of course I wouldn’t go out to pick up girls. Shu Ning touched his chin and the more he thought about it, the more he felt it was possible. Shu Heng’s expression was impenetrable and mysterious, it wasn’t convenient for him to send someone to watch after me, but dad’s men were suitable.

But this was just a conspiracy theory, right?

He was only on his feet because of the female star’s pursuit, and had been overthinking things. Shu Ning smiled and sat on Shu Heng’s lap, initiating a kiss.

Shu Heng sighed a breath of relief, his little brother was becoming more and more skillful, he nearly got exposed β†’_β†’

The scenery in L City was picturesque with many places of interest. Shu Ning went out with Shu Heng every day to enjoy themselves, taking many photos and even shared them with Shu Cheng. Shu Cheng liked Shu Ning and Shu Heng so much that it was possible that he may just fly over, and Shu Ning was not afraid of him interrupting their couple time, it was quite fun to bring his dad around to play. But sadly Shu Cheng didn’t come, he was too busy.

“Do you miss dad? You’ve requested for a long-term leave anyway and you don’t have to go to school, so why not return to C City with me?”

“No, I still have some things to do.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I’d be lonely?”

Shu Heng actually said that? Shu Ning raised his head in surprise. The gaze in his brother’s eyes were gloomy. Oh heavens, Shu Ning quickly hugged his waist and nudged his chin:”Alright, I’ll go back with you.”

Ah, I’m such a spineless person, bending in compromise with just a little push, Shu Ning was gobbled up easily by Shu Heng.

After their pa pa pa pa session at night, Shu Ning felt so lazy that he was unwilling to raise even a single further. Shu Heng fed him a bite of porridge and looked at him with a gentle gaze:”What are you thinking about?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, I was just thinking about how great you are.”

“Mm, me too.”

Shu Heng didn’t know, but Shu Ning had taken the opportunity when he left to collect his hair. Shu Ning felt very complicated inside, and he didn’t want to do the test because he was afraid that Shu Heng would be unhappy, he was afraid that he may touch on some of his deepest scars, and he also worried, what would happen if I didn’t know what intentions that man had? Even if he would never reveal it, it’s better to find an insurance.

When they got on the plane, Shu Ning wrapped the little bag where he kept the hair around some trash, leaving it in the airport. After everyone left, Qin Ming walked over openly and took it away while throwing some trash. It was easy to match a child to his parent, and in three days time, Shu Ning’s mind went blank when he saw that the tests came out to a 99% match. They were actually father and son!

No wonder their eyes looked so similar. At first I thought that he may have been an uncle from his mother’s side, how dumb could I be? Shu Ning was secretly vexed, he reckoned that the manw ould still appear.

Shu Cheng returned. Shu Ning ordered the kitchen to make tons of food that were delicate and delicious, they were all favourites of the family of three. A big smile hung on Shu Cheng’s face, he was overjoyed. If he could be any happier he may have taken Shu Ning into his arms and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. The cold look on Shu Heng’s face warmed up slightly. He sat on his chair, picked up his chopsticks, and first picked some fish for his dad before passing a chicken drumstick to Shu Ning.

Shu Cheng did as he had done, grabbing some aubergine for Shu Heng, and another chicken drumstick for Shu Ning. Shu Ning was filial and he immediately picked some red braised pork for his dad before getting some aubergine for his brother too. Their meal was had with much joy and harmony while they talked about cheerful topics. After dinner, Shu Cheng brought Shu Heng to the study, while Shu Ning opened up his laptop in his own room. Both Qin Ming and Pang Qian had sent him some news, and unexpectedly his uncle had also sent him a message. He had just learned to use a computer not long ago so Qin Yu Fu was still a novice at this.

Shu Ning looked over them patiently and replied them simply before going to the bathroom to prepare the bath water so that they could take their bath when Shu Heng returned. With a faint blush on his face, his mind drifts to how Shu Heng had been doing more and more unconventional things, he enjoyed his indulgence boldly, so much so that Shu Ning couldn’t stand some of them, he would always be tormented until he pleaded incessantly. His body started to heat up slightly as he thought of this, his face was flushed red and his heart was beating quickly. Oh no, I’m over, Shu Ning felt as if he had become lewd.

The door opened and Shu Ning’s body stiffened up in and instant. He turned his head over slowly, and his eyes met with Shu Heng’s deep gaze. With a swoop he picked up Shu Ning whose heart was undulating with the callings of spring.

Spring = the season for SEX according to china

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