RWSB Chapter 129

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An Yi was a particularly handsome person who was tall, confident, and had a nice smile that was very impressionable. But he shamefully told everyone that he was to be blamed for not being a good leader during their military training, and he wanted to become the class leader in hopes to continue working hard. Several boys interjected with remorse, saying that the squad leader was not at fault, even the teacher felt moved.

How could he not come out first again when everyone’s in such unity? An Yi had a rich character, and not only was he modest, he was courteous too. The teachers were delighted and just as they were about to name An Yi as the class leader……The sounds of discord rang up.

Shu Ning raised his hand, and put forward his own opinion with a plain face:”I think Yao Li Xin is more suitable!”

Yao Li Xin who had been named had a start, he was overjoyed but he did not show it on his face. He had also wanted to become the class monitor but unfortunately his face wasn’t as thick as An Yi who stood up by himself, and his speech even roused such fervor. And so Yao Li Xin who had missed the first opportunity sat gloomily, he had thought it was over but he never expected for a turnaround to appear.

He was very excited, and tried his best to keep himself from looking at the one speaking in case anyone thought he was recommended because they were friends.

The teacher looked towards Shu Ning, and An Yi who had thought he would be able to sit uninterrupted on top of the mountain hadn’t had his fun yet when something happened, and this was hard for him to accept. He suppressed his anger but his smile was stiff and his expression was bad, he was also looking at Shu Ning at the same time, or it should be said that the entire class was looking at him. An Yi was already such a great guy, how could this person say that? Could he have a grudge against him? Those who were envious with An Yi immediately put on a look of high-hung indifference, they were now part of the spectating crowd and were all waiting to see what this young man had to say.

“Teacher, the team led by Yao Li Xin came sixth in the entire school, this proved that he had the ability and good affinity with people, for him to unite the students in a bond of friendship in such a short amount of time, they kept together and none of them had their names taken. That’s why, I think that Yao Li Xin should be a well-deserved class leader. Teacher, it’s good that An Yi has his aspirations but this is a university, not a trial playoff for an online game, how could this be used for practice? I’m from the same team as him and we made mistakes every single day, and so I firmly oppose for him to become the class leader. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Qiao Hai, teacher.”

A big hard slap on the face.

Qiao Hai who had been called out was in a dilemma, but he was an upright person and he too, could not stand An Yi’s ambiguous actions. He appeared to be a gentleman in front but carried swords behind his back. Within their group of ten, seven of them followed An Yi’s lead and took him as a great guy, while Shu Ning and Qiao Hai were the only ones who had seen through his bad personality. But for the sake of student harmony, Qiao Hai stood up seriously:”Teacher, what Shu Ning says is true, An Yi’s ability is indeed limited.”

An Yi was close to getting angry now. He looked towards the few students he had a good relationship with, and so Chen Ming and the rest also came forth to give their opinions, firmly supporting An Yi.

Bla bla bla……The noise had turned into the buzz, and it was so noisy that the teacher was getting a headache. And so Chen Ming said that both Shu Ning and An Yi had brushed shoulders in the past, and Qiao Hai was quite angry about that. The two stretched their necks out and started bickering.

And in the end, the teacher made his decision:”Since Yao Li Xin’s results were excellent, he will take the role of class leader. As for An Yi, you have both care and patience, so you can be part of the student life committee, and manage the dorms.”

The difference between a class leader and a life committee member was day and night. There was nothing wrong with the dormitories, but you had to solve the trivialities and disputes of the students. If they weren’t handled well, you may even pin their resentment on your head.

An Yi swept a glance towards Shu Ning, just you wait! I’ll never forget this!

Shu Ning had only stayed for the earlier parts of noon, then during noon itself he went in search for his teacher in the offices after class, and it wasn’t until they spoke that the teachers finally found out that this new student had to enter a film crew. Capable young man, but they weren’t sure how far he could go. After saying his farewells to the teacher, Shu Ning walked with a hop in his step, as for An Yi? Who’s that? ╮(╯▽╰)╭

An Yi was so furious that he had lost his appetite for lunch, the look in his eyes were gloomy but he still had to force himself to smile when he bumped into anyone, it felt terrible. But he had already found a way to clean Shu Ning up. it was simply delusional that a sick sprout like him would think that he could walk over my head, humph, just you wait and see, in four years time I’ll let you have a taste of what it’s like to live in a world without justice.

But in the end, he found that Shu Ning was missing. An Yi thought that his body was unwell so he had to go to the hospital.

But then came the second, and third day, Shu Ning still remained missing. Only then did he find that something was wrong with the situation, nobody knew what happened to Shu Ning, and the teachers didn’t mention it either. It was useless to ask, he could only thicken his face and ask Yao Li Xin:”Hey, class lead, Shu Ning hasn’t been coming for a few days now, and everyone’s getting worried.”

It was possible for everyone to worry but you, scary, you could only pray that you could get the chance to bite him to death, right? Yao Li Xin was not a simple person, he had a bright and handsome appearance that brought with it a slight hint of bookishness:”He entered a film crew for Director Shang Zhou’s new film, I heard it’s coming out next year. Shu Ning’s the first in our class to come out on top, amazing, isn’t it?”

The first?

He he he.

The noise that had originally been rowdy quieted down, An Yi could keep his smile up no longer:”Shang Zhou? Shang Zhou’s previous film got pulled off the cinema just a few days after its release……But of course, I’m sure this one will be a winner, Shu Ning sure is blessed.”

“Blessings are a capability too, Shu Ning has an outstanding temperament, I just knew that he would definitely come out on top, ain’t that right, An Yi?”

“Yeah, that’s right, I was once in the same team as him, how could I not know how outstanding he is?”

Grieving, being flustered, or feeling so repressed you can’t breathe, An Yi didn’t know how he had brought himself to his seat and sat down, how he picked up his pen, and what sort of mood he had when he wrote down Shu Ning’s name, but when he came back to his senses, he was so shocked that his heart skipped a beat, and he quickly calmed himself, scrunched the paper, and tore it to shreds.

I won’t take this!

The next day, bad rumors about Shu Ning sprang up about how he relied on connections, about him being an investor, that Shang Zhou was the god of plague in film, a poison to box office sales and whatnot were spread everywhere.

These rumors did nothing to harm Shu Ning at all, he had already entered the crew and was having a great time, filming with the director every day. And the director even thought he would put out his suggestions, and was quite worried, but he would never have expected that Shu Ning remained as when they met for the first time, he was cordial, unfathomable, and eager to seek improvements, as they say you have to trust the man in position, Shang Zhou had a new experience working with Shu Ning.

Take Qin Ming for example, he was very outstanding and Shu Ning trusts him very much, he gave him the power to handle all sorts of trivial matters, he had the makings of a great general manager with many under his lead.

Since the star used by Shang Zhou was the king of the silver screen, as well as the newly rising queen, the media paid a lot of attention to the film, and if they could they’d wish to slip inside to take more pictures, and get more content. For a director who had been rolling in the mud to actually find such a big investor, and even hiring the king and queen of the silver screen, it was simply unbelievable, he was too badass.

Shu Ning didn’t pay attention to all the noise happening in the outside world, just as he finished his lunch, the queen had come over again.

This woman had done quite a few idol dramas, she looked pure and cute and was great at playing the naive part. She knew that Shu Ning was only sixteen, and was Shang Zhou’s nephew who was very interested in the process of filming, so she brought out all her good points, told him about some of her experiences, trying her best to curry favour to Shu Ning. Shang Zhou was too high up and hard to get close so she could only go the other route, and the results were still pretty good, at least there was a scene that had to be redone eight times, and the director actually yelled at someone.

“This is the cake I brought from my hometown, it tastes very good, give it a try,”The beautiful woman’s smile was very dazzling, and her large, pretty eyes were glazed with a hint of mischief. Her healthy black, soft, and shiny hair flowed down her hair like a shawl, glistening a bright luster, she had a fair complexion with exquisite features. With a long, white skirt around her waist, it made her look even more graceful and charming, she was alluring and pure:”As expected it’s more cool here, feels nice.”

Isn’t it? There’s air conditioner here as well as the RV parked right outside, you could rest anytime, he was treated even better than the king of the silver screen, but she just didn’t know that these belonged to Shu Ning himself. Many people speculated that him being his nephew was just an excuse, Shu Ning was probably the young prince of an investing business who just so happened to study in an art school, and only then did his father invest in Shang Zhou so his son can have some fun. The best evidence to prove this was Qin Ming, the agent, he showed a lot of respect towards Shu Ning.

“I’ve just eaten lunch so I’ll have some later, thank you.”

Zhong Ru’s expression did not change, but secretly in his heart she felt that this little kid was still quite smart. With a turn of her eyes, she sat next to Shu Ning:”I’m twenty-two this year, what about you?”

She knew but she still asked, Shu Ning lowered his head to look at the script:”I’m sixteen.”

“Oh, you’re a high school student! When I was still in high school, I still haven’t debuted, I was quite silly unlike you, you’re amazing.”

Shu Ning laughed blandly and continued to flip through the pages.

“I’m a few years older than you, how about you call me big sister? I think we can consider it fate that we can meet here, we’ll be part of the same circle in the future so it’ll be nice for us to take care of each other. Here, how about we exchange numbers? This is my private number, you can call me if you have anything you need in the future, and if I can help you I definitely will.”

Shu Ning knew that she was bright and was well-received, so after receiving her name card, he smiled:”Thank you.”

It’s really hard to get through him, why does this feel even more difficult than Shang Zhou? The female star Zhong Ru knew that Shu Ning was starting to get annoyed, so she stood up, but the smile on her face was still perfect as before:”Well, I’ll be going off first, if you’re ever bored, don’t forget to look for me.”

And thus she left, then Qin Ming spoke:”Young Master Ning, she’s interested in you.”


“If you like her, you can try dating her, she’s the queen of the silver screen after all, and her reputation is good, she’s not caught up in any nonsense or scandals,”Qin Ming wasn’t shooting at random, and neither was he charmed by that woman. From the time when Zhong Ru had the intention to approach Shu Ning, he had already begun investigating this clever woman, and she really was pretty good. Not only was she beautiful, she doesn’t mind hard work, if not how could she still take down a trophy after she had become the queen? Qin Ming added:”Her father is quite capable.”

“My heart already belongs to someone else, refuse all advances for me in the future, sorry to disappoint.”

Shu Ning had already spoken, so Qi Ming knew what to do. In the future, if Zhong Ru was to come over again, Qin Ming will invite her out, and say a few good words to her in the corner, that wouldn’t hurt his image. Zhong Ru was a self-aware person and had an interest in love affairs between a brother and his sister, but since Shu Ning feels that he is still young and is not interested in dating, then naturally she will give up, and leave a good impression, at the very least they could still become friends in the future.

Compared to how initiative the female lead was, the king of the silver screen, Liu Xiang, preferred his peace and quiet. His assistant’s mouth twitched:”Zhong Ru has achieved her goal, that little boy must feel that he owes her, if he chooses to invest in another film she will definitely be chosen as the heroine.”

Liu Xiang frowned in displeasure:”It’s fine if you know that but watch your mouth.”

Knowing that he was unhappy, the assistant still chose to speak:”Brother Liu, are we not going? We should at least leave him a good impression, if now he would think that we were too aloof, then it’ll be hard for us to collaborate in the future. Director Shang had struck it big this time, landing himself such a big investor, the publicity will definitely be crazy in the future, and the script was so good, it’ll hard for this not to be a hit!”

Liu Xiang understood that, just last year he hadn’t the luck to be chosen as a nominee for the male lead, so he couldn’t stay silent anymore, he has no right to speak if he has no work to back him up, and his fans will forget him soone ror later. The title of king of the silver screen……was not all-powerful. Liu Xiang stood up, sighed, and walked towards the RV with the most amiable smile he could muster.

It’s almost as if everyone’s mouth starts watering at the sight of a sixteen year old in this novel

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